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REVIEWS OF Frisbie Memorial Hospital IN New Hampshire

lynne porter

Have been an inpatient 2times. Wonderful professional staff in all departments.

Lisa Payeur

I had surgery with some complications in September 2018. I awoke from surgery and began vomitting, and developed aspiration pneumonia, after having experienced unexpected kidney failure and other issues. I was admitted to a regular room briefly before the aspiration and then transferred to ICU for five days. I had such WONDERFUL care! The nurses assigned to me, especially Donna, were so attentive and comforting! They gave me bed baths, washed my hair, continually checked in on me not just matter of factly, but with kindness, conversation, and explanations about what was happening. The most difficult part for me was the fear associated with breathing difficulties. Respiratory therapists assisted me with this. Daily, doctors visited me and did testing and updated me. The MOST comforting person to see was Dr. Mueller! She was involved in my surgery, and every time I saw her kind face, I felt it's going to be okay. After 5 days in ICU, I was transferred back to the first unit I was on. Donna came to see me! The nurses on the unit were coming in to hug me, saying they had been so worried about me! The OT helped me to take a safe shower! I can't say enough about the wonderful care I received!!

Vivien Grace

I visited Frisbie Memorial Hospital two years as a patient, and was impressed with their friendly and efficient staff. After having been to another facility for the same medical issue a few weeks before, I was relieved to have straightforward service and advice from the people I dealt with. They were knowledgeable and comforting, and the facility itself is beautiful.

Jordan Wallace

I had come in for a piece of fiberglass in my eye and the female doctor was kind and she numbed it and took out a big headache that I had

Robyn Halliday

Sadly to report, after 3 weeks inpatient under the care of Dr. Jodi Marshall, I received a call to grant permission for initiating hospice. During my mother's stay in attempt to stabilize a sudden onset of anxiety common with Alzheimer's disease, I noted bruises, excessive increase in pelvic restraint use, and a demonstration in staff suggestive of lack of knowledge working with a patients diagnosed with dementia. From experience, I would agree with several reviews that inpatient geripsyche should at all cost be avoided if your loved one is diagnosed with dementia. As an example, during one of my visits I was immediately bombarded with negative comments about my mother and a demonstration of unrealistic expectations in working with a patient diagnosed with Alzheimer/s disease. At some point, I interrupted the nurse and as a result she apologized and reported she was not having a good day. Although it's unclear what ultimately contributed to a sudden switch, I speculate that detoxing patients off of medications without the use of comfort meds(increase in pain for Alzheimer's patients,), an overly aggressive and inexperienced staff(unrealistic expectations), an environment that offers zero stimulation of pt. suffering with Alzheimer's, and a falsely advertised team-oriented approach had a negative correlation on my mother's physical and mental health. In all honest, I feel the overall inpatient geripsyche credentials need to be reviewed to insure entire staff is capable of delivering appropriate care to patients with dementia.

robert de

My wife went to this er and they didn't help..there reason they had was due to the drug addicts in the area ..nice very nice .. don't go to this hospital they will not help u ..

Canna_bro_grow 2

They were nice but they don't know what they're doing I have a major ear infection my balance is jacked up and have been passing out I went to ER and the doctor sent me home and told me to take Sudafed so now I'm dizzy passing out and under the influence of a drug that's amplifying those effects meanwhile my ears are still infected and they are refusing to get me a prescription for drops to get rid of it they then told me if it's infected it's imperative that I set up an appointment and get it fixed as soon as possible I told them two weeks before I can be seen they told me there's nothing else they can do. The ER lady that answered the phone was also very rude and short with me when all I'm trying to do is get answers because I have children and a job and responsibilities. She says if I pass out to call 911! Sure I'll make sure I do that as soon as I go unconscious!

Ray Boyington

Eh. A lot of locals usually joke about how bad Frisbie is. I myself like to joke that you either die or drive 20 more minutes to go to Wentworth-Douglass. I remember bringing in my accident-prone mother who decided to take a spill onto some asphalt one day. The initial examination completely missed a bruise on her leg because the person doing it (not sure if it was an RN or someone else) was so tunnel-visioned on her fractured arm that he didn't do a complete examination. (We ended going BACK to let them know this.) I read some prior reviews about billing and it makes sense how they seem to be the only hospital that doesn't seem to get our insurance COVERAGE right and sends us bills for every visit. (We have Tricare, so understandably, it is a pain... as I've heard clinics REFUSING Tricare because they are a nightmare for administration.) They also, funny enough, send surveys for us to fill out... usually addressed to my then-two-year-old son or my then-five-year-old daughter. =) However, this hospital isn't completely bad. The staff that we deal with are always polite, compassionate, and professional. There are a few doctors there who are pretty competent and great with us. And none of us have died yet, so that's a good sign. =p However, if you ever need a second opinion or have something more than a bone breakage, I would still suggest you drive the extra 20 minutes to go to Wentworth in Dover.

Jessica Christenbury

While taking my daughter to OT/Speech regularly, they used the wrong code to bill our health insurance on many bills because they "cluster" bill several months worth of bills all at once. All of the bills were bounced back because of the incorrect coding, they preceded to bill me without fixing the issue. I went back and forth between my health insurance and their billing for months all while never getting the correct coding and while doing so, they sent the bill to collections! After calling and making my irritation clear, they pulled the bill from collections and finally found the right code for my health insurance. While actively paying my portion of the bills they sent it to collections again! It was pulled back AGAIN because I called to make a payment and found out what happened and boy, I was not happy. I would rather drive all the way to wentworth in an emergency than to ever deal with them again.

Gage Randall

If I could give this hospital less than a star, I would. Their billing department is so careless and irresponsible. Sending me bills for services by my Primary Care Doctor I obtained that were COVERED BY MY INSURANCE for the beginning of LAST YEAR! Not only have I been hung up on, called a liar repeatedly by staff (and the MANAGER OF THE BILLING DEPARTMENT) my stuff was sent to collections without my notice - repulsive! Literally, 100% covered! I even CHECKED and went over my plan with an insurance agent to be sure! Won’t even bother to try to re-run the insurance correctly! I have tried getting through to them via email, phone, on numerous occasions - most of the time they go unanswered, ignored in fact. I tried the BBB but they flat out called me a liar in that too, unacceptable! I can only imagine how they treat their other patients, and from the reviews, very poorly. I will NEVER go to this hospital or any Urgent Care or FMH Facility EVER AGAIN! I’ll take my chances with Wentworth Douglass!

Nicole Farrar

Been here several times giving this TERRIBLE hospital several times for a chance for something good to say. Yesterday was the icing on the cake. Thought I was having a heart attack yesterday morning. Since my doctors office was closed I JUST wanted to go to the hospital to get my blood pressure taken. If I was having heart conditions I would of signed in. They refused to do as something as little as take my blood pressure without me signing in and ripping off my insurance company. I had several issues with the very rude staff that rolls there eye, dr don't even examine you then you get a huge bill in the mail for things you didn't even do. Then talk about filthy environment. Several times I've seen blood on the counters, floor and sheets that wasn't mine. OSHA really need to thoroughly examine this hospital. Honestly can I get any worse?

courtney rouselle

This place is trash. Very unprofessional

Ryan Mccracken

This hospital is the epitome of entirely usless.

Lindsey Soucy

I would like to give a compliment to Dr. Balofinos. He was the one who helped make my grandfather comfortable until the end, and he was so good to our family during this heart wrenching time. It has been about a month since my grandfather has passed, and Dr. Balofinos still remembered us, and asked how my family and I were. He is an all around great and caring doctor.

dianne oconnell

Went to ED recently, was diagnosed quickly, admitted quickly. Had a big private room with an awesome RN...Stephanie! MRI, CTScan, and ultrasound, all professional and caring.

Elizabeth Stallings

Complicated to make payments online each month for bills.. unnecessary and it’s time to update that..?


Excellent ER visit the other night when I had severe breathing issues stemming from the allergy combined with my asthma. I ended up taking myself as I was already out and the intake person was very quick to get the nurse while putting my information in as this was my first time. I've never had such speedy service even at Exeter Hospital or other medical facility in the past. The whole process from start to finish was in less than an hour to go home. In that time I had multiple nurses, ER doctors and respiratory doctor help me with my breathing as if I was practically dying (which I was more than fine breathing on my own even though my O2 level was low). In either case, I was able to go back to work the next day with some oral steroids in the system and wanted to leave a review for such wonderful and helpful experience. I've never been out of ER in less than half an hour. There was not even five minute between someone coming in, prescribing the meds, getting the albuterol to getting me discharged. I'm planning to establish care here moving forward. Thanks again!

SammyBammy [・_・]

The doctors and nurses are so rude and disrespectful. They are absolutely disgusting. I recommend Goodwin much more.

Kevin Rollins

Donald Omara

I have called their customer service at least six times. It ALWAYS states you are next in line then you wait for 15-20 minutes and it finally says they will call you by the end of the next business day. Well I have been waiting 10 days and still have not heard back.The bill I got is for 8 months ago! I do not even remember if I was there then.

Kimberleigh Gray

The hospital and most of staff are good this is abt a specific doctor. Came into the er with husband for possible broken ankle, short of it is Dr. Benson pulled his sock off not so nicely and pushed me away from doing it myself nicely and didn't care that he was hurting him more. No bedside manner at all, I'm disgusted. I'm not a complainer, but man! The nurse Helen was amazing and kind and even spoke up for my husband to try and get him a more comfortable set up for release. Severely disappointed in Dr. Benson and would request another Dr. even if I came in bleeding.

bLoWiN propane

if i can give this trash hospital a zero rating i would..i am a chronic pain patient with MS..i have never in all my years ever dealt with such a unprofessional ER in my entire life..i spent 3 hours in the ER with a huge laceration to one knee and the other i can hardly move..they gave me a tylenol and said "there is nothing we can do".if you read this take my word, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!! This is a P A T H E T I C excuse for a hospital...-10 Stars..

A Murphy

I went here for extreme abdominal and vaginal pain. I couldn't even walk without sharp, shooting pains going up through my vagina to my stomach. I say this in detail because when I explained this to the woman at the desk, I could barely speak on account of the pain and she was upset I couldn't answer her faster. When I got into the room there were hairs and stains on the sheets and a little rip near the top where you lay your head. I was so disgusted, but in so much pain that I just laid down. When the nurse came in she said she would first give me narcotics for pain, which I did not want because they make me sick, but she assured me I would not feel sick with these. Well, instead of putting my weight in as 145 lbs, she put it in as 145 kg and so when the dosage came, it came for a 319 lb woman and I, of course, was none the wiser, so I took them and almost died! I don't remember much else other than being given a pelvic exam in dim lighting and the woman saying she didn't know what was wrong with me but she "might have read something about this in a text book". I kept telling her something was wrong and asking for help. My husband says he was so worried and upset, but that they said it was a completely normal reaction. Then I was sent home. Shortly thereafter, my husband rushed me to Wentworth-Douglass and it turned out that I had a very serious abdominal infection that had spread to my womb and other organs, as well as an abnormally large cyst on my ovary. I was overdosed and could barely breathe. It took me a month to heal from everything and after requesting both medical records and speaking with the ER manager who literally called me a "liar", I mailed back both medical records with highlighted proof of overdosing on their part and negligence/misdiagnosis telling them I would not be paying for anything they send and that they were lucky I did not sue them. The woman also told me that they take great pride in the cleanliness of their hospital and that it was impossible to have a dirty bed. It's not impossible. In fact, it IS possible because it happened! They mailed me a month later stating that "as a courtesy" they would waive the ER bill. Thanks for the courtesy! Please, everyone, I beg of you to never go here. It's only an extra 8 minute drive to Wentworth-Douglass on the highway! And if it was longer, I'd honestly rather die than go back there. I sincerely mean that. On a good note, I reported the nurse and doctor over to the board of medicine and that is seeming to go well.

Nathan Hedley

I was a patient in the ED on Friday, January 22, 2016. I was given exceptional care by all the staff members there. I want to thank all the staff that took part in my care: The receptionist, my nurse, Donna in transport, among other professional staff there that day, with a very special thanks to Dr. Freese. He was outstanding, answered all my questions fully, explained to me what to expect. I was treated for my situation expeditiously and with diligence. It was a wonderful experience and thank you all! Sheila Hedley

Ashley Chasse

If I could rate this place as a half a star I would in a heart beat not only we the hospitality at a slim to none but they put my child in a HALLWAY. And we were no the only emergency patients in there. But even the people who were there to be seen at the same time as us who were not there for anything more important then what my child was there for for a room. Why not us. We have insurance. He swallowed a magnet for Christ sakes and they put me in a HALLWAY!! I really just can't stand this hospital and if the weather wasn't so bad I would have went straight to Wentworth douglad. we are people to and I just wanted to be treated like we were important not as a bother. Oh and for the nurses who seem to think that being rude is the way to go you knew what you signed up for when you became a nurse I realize you are tired and work long hours but why are you taking it out on me. Trust me the er is the last place I want to be so keep in mind that we both feel the same way neither of us want to be there but we have to be.

benny banks

Wendy Terry

I think the ER is useless. They don't care about the patients. They just care about getting you out. They don't take the time to even diagnose the problem. I don't believe the staff are knowledgeable enough.

Laura Williford

When I cut my finger and needed stitches late one evening, I went to this ER for help since my Urgent Care facility was closed. I was treated well and my finger was stitched up nicely, although I took the simple stitches out myself a week later.

Basically Bros

Doctor and nurses were great but .. . front desk was not ! Just left my daughters things in the emergency Room and they would not let back in to get it .... Wow thanks for stealing a two years old things Again great nurses and doctors but wow that’s really messed up


Most horrible hospital I’ve ever been into ..a year ago, When I was 18 I got 2nd dagree burns all over my hand, I was considered about infections because I had never had a burn that severe. So I had a friend drive me because I was in severe pain...the front desk was very nice, but the nurses were not only rude to me...they acused me “an 18 year old” of burning myself to get medicine...then they threatened to call the cops on me because I dialed operator on my “in room phone” to forward a call to my mom to tell her I was in the hospital...and when my mom didn’t answer I tryd to repeat the process....and they threatened to call the cops on me for no reason....I walked out and i walked a few miles with a dead phone to my house.

Troy Blattner

The billing department refused to give me an itemized receipt for an x-ray I had. (I needed it because of my HSA.) I called 5 times over the course of two months and each person told me they'd help me but not one did. I finally went in and they printed what they said I needed in 60 seconds, but it ended up still not having enough information for my HSA.

David A

If I could give less I would. Worst experience I’ve ever had at a hospital. They don’t care one bit about the patient Completely ignored the issue and tried sending me home with antibiotics when I didn’t need them. Was there for two hours and never even looked at the issue. Went to another hospital and had it all set in 15 mins. Wouldn’t send my worst enemy there!

Chuck Greene vlog

Chelsea Campbell

Would give a negative review if I could

Daniel Drake

Brought my stepdad there for care of a complication of his diabetes. He still has all fingers, toes, and limbs. Staff was okay, coffee and sandwiches are available in the cafeteria. Both are good but can be expensive.

Steven Wesner

This review is also related to billing. This hospital decided to wait over 7 months to send me a bill, let bills accumulate, and then compounded it into one bill and demanded immediate payment for thousands of dollars. There was no warning given about this situation, and it's absolutely insane. I could've afforded to pay my bills if they rolled out one at a time, preferably on-time, but now that it came all at once and as a single bill, I have a problem. Goodbye Frisbie. Hello Wentworth. Edit: Enter mid-2018. This review was from early 2018. Still got bills super late from before I switched systems.

Kaitlin Perkins

Wish I could rate less than 1. I only had to deal with this hospital for a short time and it was still the worst hospital I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. I call them because my sister in law thinks she’s in labor with very painful contractions and ask them if we’d be able to take her there because she’s 2 hours away from her own hospital (they were visiting us for the weekend). The lady says “umm where is she supposed to go?” And I tell them and they literally say “well I can’t deny them from coming here”. and does not say anything else, making it clear they totally don’t want them but legally can’t turn them away. My family then asks me if they can bring her there. I have to tell them, ‘they can’t deny them from coming here, whatever that means’” since, ya know, they hadn’t explained or told us they could help us AT ALL. So the lady hears and says “well hun, we don’t know anything about her and we’d have to do blood work soo it’d be best if they could make it to their own doctor” AGAIN, 2 HOURS AWAY, and were obviously stressed. so I’m like, “okay.” And they’re like “well, what are you going to do?” So I say, “I guess we’re going to have to take her there?” And she’s like “where?” All rude. I’m like TO YOU GUYS SO SHES NOT HAVING A BABY ON THE SIDE OF THE ROAD. so we get there and they send her on her way even though she’s still having consistent contractions and in pain. They tell us there will definitely not be a baby tonight, but I have no idea how they can say that. In the same breath they’re saying they arent worried that she’s having contractions because she’s so far along so there won’t be a risk to the baby if he comes now

Matt Gallant

Gale Gallant

Bring a retired nurse I found that the care my mum received at Frisbee was excellent. From the doctors to the nurses aides all were attentive and the staff's skill sets were exemplary ! I was impressed at the level of assessments that caught issues immediately and the steps they took to avoid them were top notch. I can't thank them enough.

niya kyree

I dislike the fact that even at 2 am they make it harder for you to see a nurse. They take there sweet time and they don’t even listen ! Worst experience

Crystal Rossi

I was seen by Dr. Malby after leaving work for a really bad hand laceration and right finger tendon injury. He told me my injury was very serious and I had needed to follow up with a orthopedic surgeon right away. After then telling him there was no way I could ever afford to do that due to having really bad insurance he was kind enough to save me both the trouble and money not to mention my finger by doing a fantastic orthopedics job himself when yet he was only a regular doctor. I was very happy and impressed with his excellent work as well as kindness. He really seemed to care about my injury as well as my well being all together. I highly recommend this doctor with 5 stars. He’s great!

David Lawrence

Went to the Emergency Room for a badly cut finger. No one else was there. They took my information right away and got me into a room. Someone came in, took a quick look and asked that x-rays be taken due to the nature of the injury. So far, so good. 30 minutes later, the x-ray technician comes to get me, which I felt was way too long. Turns out the x-ray dept was only about 20 steps away. No idea why it took so long. X-rays taken and then back to the room to wait some more. One other person in Emergency at that point. After another 30 minutes, the doctor comes in and stitches me up. He did a good job explaining the injury, and what he was going to do. About 2 hours in Emergency and I was good to go. I was told to come back to Emergency in a week to have the stitches removed. So far, I would give them a B. A week goes by and I'm ready to have the stitches removed. Being a Sunday, I didn't want to show up and have it be very busy. So I called Emergency and asked if they were busy, and if not I would come to get my stitches out. The (I assume) nurse said that they are not allowed to state whether they are busy or not per hospital policy. I told her I was only about 10 minutes away and if she said they were not busy and I get there only to find that they now are busy, I would turn around and go home. With that said, I asked again and she repeated the policy and would not say. In this day of competitive hospitals, that was very poor customer service. I could have gone to Wentworth-Douglas in Dover and maybe next time I will. Service there can't be any worse.

Maritza Bagnall

Horrible hospital - horrible patient care - horrible outpatient care and horrible customer service with billing!!! GO TO ANY OTHER HOSPITAL! I WISH I HAD!

Harrison Markey

Okay my friend was there and she was in pain and you people didn’t do anything you made her wait I hope you guys close your doors cause you are the absolute worst hospital ever your service sucks you guys are useless a walk in clinic is more helpful then you you’re a hospital you’re supposed to help people i don’t care your job if someone’s in pain go find someone to help them I will never refer anyone to go to you people for help you people you’re all useless

Armand Villemont


Hospital-led Poor Care I was a physician there and found the emergency department largely unsafe and understaffed. The hospital regularly utilizes paramedics to fulfill the duties of what nurses should be doing. The nurses were very talented and largely compassionate as were my colleagues. I found the emergency physicians and PA's there to be very professional and astute. But they are under a large amount of pressure to tow the line of hospital policies and look the other way when lapses in protocol occur. I understand this because they have families and careers to protect and many are young in their careers. The hospital makes it a point to hire young & inexperienced providers they can groom to their policies. I had many occasions where staff members changed my orders, and once where a paramedic added diagnoses to my chart and attempted to discharge one of my patients! When I reported this the administration did nothing. This is dangerous and other physicians know to stay away. There's a reason they fly doctors in from Texas to staff their ER because no doctor worth their credentials would go there and stay given the lack of supoort forn physicians making the decisions. A patient that I was caring for their almost had a very bad outcome because of my willingness to stand up for his right to a board certified emergency physician making decisions on his behalf that were life-saving. I stayed several hours after my last shift without pay in order to effect critical care for a very ill patient. Instead of paying attention to how this patient's care was delivered, the hospital decided they didn't like the way I advocated for my patient and reported me to the medical board. This administration's chief medical officer was also the president of the New Hampshire Medical Society so fighting the issue was not a fight that was winnable. I don't care if this cost me money and jobs. I went into medicine for the right reasons and I do this job for free at times because I love it. If you want a nurse or paramedic managing your care then by all means go there. But it is my belief, that as a patient you deserve to be evaluated and treated by a certified professional without hospital financial policy interference. If you or your family member is critically ill go elsewhere. Trust me...

Denyse Ford

This hospital is amazing, the most compassionate hospital I have ever seen!!


Captian Chaos the Pirate Pimp

This place is not a good place. If I had the choice between dying a slow, agonizing and brutal death on a filth covered sidewalk on a hot summer day, or, go to this hospital... I would choose the sidewalk. Spent most of the evening in the ER with my daughter. The only person that made any sense or showed any compassion there was the nice lady in the ultrasound dept. We only saw the doctor for about 5 minutes, he smelled like he had been "self medicating" and had no idea what could be wrong with my kid. The nurse that came to the room was rude and had the nerve to get pissy with me because I dared to question the use of morphine on my child after she had already been dosed with 2 other pain killers. There were two people in the hall in hospital uniforms that spent a good 30 minutes laughing and joking about how sketchy the hospital was. And the final icing on the cake was the delusional elderly man that kept stomping around mostly naked (his hospital gown was only tied at the neck and that was all he was wearing) yelling all sorts of things about wars, bills, food and how he was a billionaire. No one did a thing to calm him, contain him.. put some underwear on him... anything. So yeah. You would probably have a better time and better luck pouring bleach in your wounds and consulting with a gypsy healer then going here.

cheryl gifford

From check in, through testing, seeing the doctor and diagnosis every person I encountered was really nice, very professional and caring. I'm very thankful for the doctor who was on ordering extra tests or i never would have found out the correct problem, my primary care doctor and myself would not have thought my issue was connected.

Rikki Nesbitt

Sundance Wolf

I have gone to this hospital twice in my life, once for a spastic colon in 1988, the other for a broken pelvis from a horse literally falling on top of me in 2001. Things must have changed since then because I was treated with kindness and respect but now the current administration doesn't care to help people in need. They won't even help contacting a doctor for a potential patient! I wouldn't send anyone to this hospital, not ever! If they cared about people, if they cared about emotional pain and suffering maybe I'd give them a second thought. I will NEVER suggest anyone go here because, maybe the doctors care but you'll never get to see them unless you're severely sick or dying because the administration refuses to help you!

Sho Nuff

Saw Dr Mallaby in the ER for like 2 minutes. Seemed cool but then I got discharged 2 hours later & no explanation about the blood tests or anything. Just from the nurse who just wanted me out. Then when I asked to see the doctor to see what they found they got annoyed. "Ask your primary care doctor" is what they said. Then when I said that wasn't ok they threatened to call security. I just left, no pain meds or diagnosis. I'm reporting this hospital to the state. They deserve the all the bad reviews.

Edward Hicks

I had sever pain in my side, went to ER and my wait time was no more the 5 minutes, Want ot thank Dr. Trevor Eide for the care he gave me, he listened, and I know what the problem is. Wish he was my PCP.

Sarah 20

ER.. I was extremely dehydrated because I had the flu while being pregnant ... They were supposed to give me an IV .. But they gave me three little cups of water.

Punkrock Hair Goddess

Johnathan Hoogeveen

Killed 2 kids of 2 of my acquaintances by gross negligence and sheer stupidity. Would only recommend to the worst kind of people.

Michelle Valea

wish i could give zero stars. there isn't just one thing that makes me hate this hospital, its several different experiences. i broke my knee and they told me i was fine and faking it, only to go to a specialist the next day and be diagnosed with a fractured growth plate and torn cartilage. they also almost killed my mom after she had her tonsils out when they lost her chart that said she had pneumonia - she was sent home without treatment and the scab came off her throat from coughing and she almost bled to death. then when i went to the ER while pregnant for something unrelated to the pregnancy, they told me i needed a D&C because there was no DNA in the baby sac. was told i needed to go to their OBGYN connected to the hospital... he had me go through the whole appointment and then at the last minute the doctor said that it was likely a mistake. had tons of ultrasounds in my pregnancy with that same child, even one while in labor. they ignored me after he was born when i insisted something was wrong. they let us out of the hospital when he was three days old. i brought him to a different doctor (avis goodwin) when he was four days old and he was admitted to wentworth and then dartmouth with severe birth defects most of which could and should have been diagnosed in my pregnancy. luckily after seven major abdominal surgeries he's doing better, no thanks to frisbie.

Mary Ellen Humphrey

I have brought my elderly friend to the ER several times, and he has been admitted on several occasions. The ER has always been kind and courteous and gotten him in right away. I have no complaints.

Michael Turner

This place is absolutely repulsive. Just got back from having my fiancé getting checked for abdominal pain and there is a patient with mental health issues in the room across the hall who clearly has something personal going on in his life. A nurse walks by drops her clipboard on the floor and picks it up bangs the clipboard off her head three times and says " I'm going to end up in that room" and laughs as she walks away. Right in front of the kids room. How unprofessional this place is actually shocks me. As a human being with previous mental health issues this is absolutely disgusting to me and they should not be working there. For someone to take someone's mental health as a joke or to make fun of is absolutely repulsive I suggest you do not go to frisbee hospital for just about anything considering this isn't the first bad experience with nurses. Last time my fiancé was in she pushed the call button they waited a good ten minutes to get to her while she can hear the two nurses talking outside the room going on a rant about the majority of her patients are drug addicts and then finally says that she should probably go check on her patient. This place is a joke and If you would like to be taken seriously I'd go elsewhere.

Mikayla M.

Do not recommend this place for surgery at all! I have never ever seen such sloppy work done in my life. My family member went here for a bypass on his leg, they had to go through his intestines to get to it and thanks to this “hospital” his colon was basically disintegrated by the time the new hospital in Boston could do more surgery on him (which he needed because Frisbie screwed it up). So now he has to have a colostomy bag for the rest of his life. If I could rate this place no stars I would.

ramon dominguez

Sandra Griffin

This Review is for their Billing Department Only. Dec 22, 2017 I received a bill for them for services received in March of 2017. WHY did it take more that 9 MONTHS for them to send me a bill? They say they "updated their billing software"..... WOW! Very disappointed in their efficiency. If this is how they take care of their billing - I can only imagine how they take care of their patients. My service was for the Ambulance - that took me to Dover. I have to say that the service provided by the ambulance was Excellent. (5 Stars for them!)

erick fallon

Lucas Pitkin

I came to get my appendix removed and the nurses were extremely compassionate and helpful. The surgery was very quick and the surgeons did a great job. The nurses all had great moods and were very informing.


Always a clean professional experience for me. I have had Colonoscopy's, endoscopy's, a trip to ER for rapid heartbeat, and multiple cat scans done here all in the last 5 years and every experience has been impressive. I hear people complain all the time about this place but when you listen to most of them you can get how menial their complaints are or how they could have been easily avoided with some common sense. My only reason for not giving 5 stars is the billing dept. is usually (not always) an unnecessary hassle. This is a very professional, clean hospital that I trust completely.

chris inskeep

If I could give it - 10 I would. Had surgery and though the surgeon was great, the hospital staff was not. I would tell you the ER is fine unless you are getting admitted. Any chance of a hospital stay, do not choose this hospital. I would seriously recommend that you got either Wentworth Douglas Hospital or the Portsmouth Hospital. I have flashbacks of being there and none of them are good and usually end up crying. I did a lot of crying there, my surgeon has dropped them in favor of the Portsmouth Hospital. Please choose any other hospital but this one.

Jason Richards

Worst hospital ever. Every experience I have ever had there has been bad.

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