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Okay so realistically most emergency rooms take hours. The reason I have three stars because the Doctor, surgeons I had were awesome! Out of all the nurses two were professional, attentive and very kind. The other nurses forget it. Lazy and wanted to be praised just for their title! I was on the surgical floor and I have to say alot of those nurses need to be retrained. The LNAs were great and very attentive/ helpful. It's sad to see and hear when nurses can't help you out of bed and have to wait for an LNA for that. Nurses just talking in the halls about random stuff well your call light is on for help. Three stars for all the medical staff who were kind, attentive and caring. Too bad 60percent of nurses are just TERRIBLE. So if you can ignore that and get your surgery done do it. I was lucky enough to have a great nurse after my surgery to take care of me and not neglect me. Yes you will be waiting in the emergency room for a while.

Jeniffer Oxford

Got extremely lucky with timing and had an almost empty waiting room. Was taken to be seen is less then 30 minutes. Every person I encountered was great. The lady doing the ultrasound was the sweetest. Made a painful time for me bearable.

Kevin Rondeau

I was treated very unprofessionally by the staff at the Oral Surgery Department. First, I was asked to sign three separate times on an electronic pad and not allowed to review the electronic documents. I was also not provided with a copy of these documents. I was not asked to provide my NH Medicaid information in order to ensure proper billing to ,my insurance. This will very likely cause me to be wrongfully billed instead. My six year old needs surgery. She was seen on the 12 of August, 2019. As of today (08/30/2019) she has not been scheduled for surgery. Last, I have telephoned the department for over two weeks to express these concerns but they have refused to answer their phone. This is completely unacceptable.

Kerstin Dumas

6-9-19 1 pm. My son had a possible clot in his arm and he laid in the emergency room bed for an hour and a half before anybody made any contact with us (which I initiated because we needed someone to acknowledge us). At an hour and 40 minutes waiting time, someone came and registered us. Still no contact from any other authorized people to tell us what was going to happen. After another hour and 45 minutes, someone came to take my son for an ultrasound but didn’t know why no one had spoken to us. “We are busy doing our job.” Was what she told me. There is little to no urgency in the 10-15 employees walking around or sitting. We were told it was a slow day. Others came and went, apparently our situation wasn’t serious enough for someone to come talk to us. 3:50 pm, doctor has come to see us and is pleasant and knowledgeable. Waiting on results of ultrasound.

Ashley Porter

In the NICU, babies cry with no attention from nurses for quite a while. Don't even think about showering without your belongings, people or nurses tend to go through your things and when you ask about it, no one knows who was in the room or what happened. Short staffed in NICU and over hauled with babies who need tending. If you have a child here, please make sure you have the ample amount of time to spend there, to get your baby home as soon as they're healthy!

Tatjana Austin

Came from urgent care to do ultrasound on a leg, 3 1/2 hours in a waiting room and another 2 hrs to be seen by the doctor, another 1 hr for ultrasound person to show up. Yet million and one nurse, assistant, etc working. No sense of urgency, longer they keep you, more $ they make off of you. This hospital no longer runs properly. It feels like how hospitals ran in third world countries and communism. Unless you are on a dying bed, don't go to Elliot Hospital.

erica Rose

Lily Yang

Laura D

I went to River’s Edge urgent care when the right side of my face suddenly drooped and the right side went numb. They told me to go to the ER for tests. At the ER, I got a bracelet and was seen within maybe 15 or 20 minutes and brought back to a room. From there I stayed overnight in the clinical decision unit, and the doctors, nurses, imaging techs, and LNAs were all so kind and helped me feel as calm as I could. They quickly got me MRIs, an EKG, labs, and a CT scan, and I got to see a neurologist in the morning. This hospital has really good record keeping and a really good online portal that makes it easy to view your labs and send them to other doctors. When I was there, I didn’t have a primary care doctor yet, and they even worked with me after to help send all the records over and coordinate follow-up care. ERs have got to be incredibly difficult places to work, and that it’s probably so easy to feel burnt out. I was so grateful for the dignity the staff treated me with, the speed of their care, and their thorough investigation to try to find out what happened. They made a really terrible, scary day of my life as OK as it could be. I just want to say thank you to everyone who helped me that weekend!

Jeraldini Santana

Bring your charger, snacks or money for food, comfortable clothes, and patience.

Kayla Whitaker

Drew Gould

My fiancé had to have a minor surgery at Elliot Hospital. She needed teeth extraction and due to her medications her dentist felt it was necessary to have it done in a hospital with an operating room. She went to a preliminary appointment well I’m advance to deal with everything that needed to be done prior to the surgery. Well on the day of the surgery they brought her to what we thought was an operating room. Around the time we thought they would be finished they informed us that they couldn’t preform the procedure in a dentist chair and would have to reschedule so they could do it in an operating room. So we once planned her surgery. This time in an operating room. The appointment was scheduled for noon time. We were asked to come in an hour and a half ahead 1030 am. That morning we were asked to come in yet another hour early 930 am because they had changed the surgery to 11am. We rushed around all morning and just barely made it at 930 am. At that point they brought her in and hooked her up to an IV. We waited patiently for 2 and a half hours. Around noon time we asked when her surgery was. They said it was scheduled for 1245. After producing paper documents from the hospital and playing a voice message the hospital had left that morning they admitted to lying and claimed that a different operation had run 1 hour and 45 minutes past schedule. They assured us that at 1245 her procedure would finally begin. The time now is 117 pm and the last nurse told her it was still too soon to give her anything to calm her down so now more than 2 hours and 15 minutes after scheduled surgery they are not even close to ready to move her. If we could give 0 stars we would

Joey Silva

Bill Dufton

My wife waited 6 1/2 hours before she was seen. That is unacceptable

Dominic Silecchia

The worst emergency room experience in history totally incompetent. Not one professional spoke to me in 3 and 1/2 hours just waiting to be evaluated if you advocate for yourself you get arrested the most horrible people I've ever dealt with in my life

mr mister

WORST HOSPITAL EVER !! Was referred here by the VA for upper Endoscopy diagnosing acid reflux. The original consult was fine, the Nurse instructed to call back to get a date for my procedure. I called 3x within 10 days and left messages. NO CALL BACK! NOTHING! Informed the VA what happened and they immediately found me another hospital. STAY AWAY FROM HERE !! L@@K at their matters!

Libby Haidemenos

Lisa Prescott

I would rate zero if I could. There's no reason to have to wait for 6 plus hours in the waiting room. Seems like unless you OD you won't get a bed here. Absolutely BS! Worst hospital ever and don't bother with CMC either. With all of the ridiculous ODs other people have to wait. Great job Manchester. You now cater full time to junkies.

Christiana Adrienne


I really don't understand the E.R at Elliot. I get they're dealing with a big city and have overwhelming problems they need to deal with. But when you have people who have serious life threatening issues, who are waiting 4-8 hours to get treated why is there not a better system set up so that people get help when they need it. I knew someone who had to wait 9 hours, while people with colds were sitting there, who shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If you need to go to the E.R because your sent from Urgent Care to have an ultrasound/blood work done for a serious issue that could be life threatening because they can’t do it, why is there not an area set up for those people? More importantly, why isn’t U.C not able to handle that? That was the point of opening up U.C was to take the pressure off the E.R. Elliott Hospital has fail this city in implanting a better system of care. People have died because of the lack of care in this hospital. Please do yourself a favor and don't go here. I don’t know if CMC is any better, but I certainly don’t hear horror stories from them like I do of Elliot. I would be really afraid of having any major treatment here.

Susan bellt

Don’t go here if you care about your self

Tyler Sanborn

My son was admitted to the NICU shortly after birth (at a different hospital) for complications. My wife and I couldn't thank the staff of Elliot hospitals NICU enough for everything they did for us. They made sure they did everything they could to help and make a stressful situation better. We highly recommend them.

Jackie Ramos

If you want to die quick? Come here they will let you die!! This place suck

corduroy a

Its a trauma facility so the emergency room is always backed up. They always play the news which is the worst when youre sick. Waiting room is always full of people waiting too long, packed full, and all miserable. Nurses are very mean. I went here during a mental health crisis and could hear nurses whispering about how bad of a condition I was in and that I had been at a high heart rate for hours, in a tone like they were expecting me to die. Many people have had similar experience in cases of overdose or suicide attempt. Like wheres the compassion? These nurses do NOT follow the hippocratic oath. Got dismissed as "smoking too much weed", twice, upon seeing a gastro I have been diagnosed with 3 stomach problems and there was 0 imaging done. Do not go here if you have chronic pain, mental health issues. Actually, in any case, dont bother going. I would rather drop dead in the parking lot than step foot in this place.


Never had a bad visit on the many times I've had to go to the ER

Michelle Renee

Abby H

I would give this hospital negative stars. I brought my friend here around midnight and I have been here for over 3 hours and it’s adding. I asked the wait time and the nurse told me that there were worse people off then my friend and multiple people overheard the conversation and soon after 3 people who were waiting longer then us left. One woman who left had appendix problems. There is a woman who made a bed out of chairs. The nurses are extremely rude, the wait time is terrible, if you have a serious problem DO NOT come to this hospital. You won’t get help and the nurses will talk sh*t about you.

Connor Phelps

Probably the worst hospital and urgent care I’ve ever been to. They required a second referral to get paid by my insurance agency but never told me about it OR my insurance company. I had to call them for them to then tell me they were sorry they forgot to tell me about the additional referrals. They also billed me twice for the same service and somehow had to triple check their system that I paid my copay when I first went. 100% do NOT recommend.

Taylor Mitchell

If you like incredibly long wait times (4+ hours) then by all means this is your place. Staff was nice however.

Russell Knee

Horrible wait time after being brought in back. Demanded urine sample but refused to let me have liquids, rude staff and very unprofessional

Dick'n Round At All Dick'd Up

Rude piss poor service. Do not trust any of the services the offer or the billing. Nothing is correct.

Naomi Jeys

The nursing staff are mostly great people and are attentive. And then other times, they don’t answer call bells, turn off alarms, or take your requests seriously. Compassion fatigue has made the doctors here terrible. Dr. Raymon So is the worst doctor I’ve ever had. I had a pulled chest muscles from severe asthma, and he refused to give pain medication. I was up all night crying and wailing. This place is notorious for waking you up every hour on the hour for vitals; and don’t care how little amount of sleep you get, and they get realllll uppity if you happen to be in a sour mood because of it. There are quite a few catty nurses here. Don’t be surprised to hear your alarms going off alllllll night and no one will do anything about it, because they are too busy joking around VERY LOUDLY at the desk all night. And let the old people leave their TVs on all night. Another time, the nursing staff let a dementia patient scream ALL NIGHT for TWO DAYS. No one got any sleep. I have seen them ignore people in serious pain. But you know if it were them in the hospital, they would be demanding to be given the strongest drugs possible. Not child sized OxyContin. Except the old people, they dope them up to the gills so they don’t have to deal with it. They botched my gallbladder/ovarian surgery, and scared the hell out of me. Sent me home with no pain management. I had to spend extra money and time to see a pain management specialist to get proper treatment. Food here is okay, but they mess up the orders a lot. Like a lot a lot. I once got placed in a bed in ICU where they didn’t change the sheets before placing me in the bed. It had blood and various stains all over them. I asked them to change the sheets, and it took them several hours to do so. Overall, it’s the better of the two major hospitals in Manchester. But if a hotel charged this much and gave this level of service, it would get shut down.

Darrin Mottram

Worst hospital ever waited 3 hours with a leg fracture. Ended up giving my bracelet back to the reception and dragged my leg to another hospital never again people laying on the floor try walking around them very unorganized .... never again

Amii Richardson

Nildariz Bracero

Worst place to go when sick. I've been in the waiting room for 4hrs in the er they suckk

Cameron Landry

Sandria S

I think I am done with Elliot. Went to ER couldn't breathe severe asthma excerbation left in waiting room over an hour. Begged for a Neb was told gasping for breath that I had to wait. Tried to decide between driving and call 911 from a hospital parking lot which I told them this as I left. I drove to Catholic Medical Center. Now am so flared up looking at an ABG 1st time in life. I asked 3x for help couldn't complete sentences. I was told I had to wait wasn't even triage. I am a nurse and I will be reporting this. I am now being admitted now at CMC.

Alicia Egloff

Nothing but horrible experience anytime I have dealt with Elliot. I have only been to their urgent care a few times but in those few visits they have done so much appalling disrespectful things l couldn’t possibly write about all of em without making my review so long no 1 would bother to read it. Stay away is all l can say! Fortunately Manchester is a city with several other options and l suggest that you go anywhere but Elliot. They lie, they sceme, and do everything possible to get appointments they can bill insurance for, but they never get around to actual treatment! There only goal is to see and process as many patients as possible but never do they concern themselves with treatment. They don’t want their patients to get better they just want em to come back. Then once you are there it’s like they take pleasure in keeping you there all day without ever taking a single action that might help you get better

Anyah Merchant

I went to the Er today for a head injury and arm numbness. I was told from Urgent care you need to go to the ER. The secretary from the ER told me oh itll be a short wait we usually get the patients that come in from urgent care in the rooms immediately 3 hrs later i still have not been called in or treated my head and arm getting worse by the minute!!!!! NEVER AND I REPEAT NEVER GO TO ELLIOT ESPECIALLY BECAUSE THEY THINK A HEAD INJURY ISNT IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!! I got to the point i gave up and left because it was ridiculous

John Falzone

9 hours waiting after I was told it wouldn't take long. Watching plenty of other people leaving without treatment or complaining about the service. I was surprised to see that I was right as pretty much every other review is negative. Maybe time to get a new Dept Manager.

Janet Forino

Worse place you want to be if you’re sick or injured. I had a head injury that was very painful, bled a little, headache, and feeling woozy. My primary care told me to go to the ER because I’d need a CT scan to check for a fracture. 4 hours later, I went home crying after the care that I DID NOT get from the ER doctor. He walked in the room and before examining me said that he was tired of seeing patients that should be seen by their physicians. When I asked him why my doctor would send me there if I didn’t need a CT scan, he gave me a lecture of how we live in America and it’s all about protecting ourselves and my doctor was protecting her liability by sending me to the ER. He also said if I wanted a CT scan, he’d order it and it was up to me. By this time, my headache intensified and I put my hand up and asked him to stop. He was talking so fast and confusing me as it was easy to do with my head hurting so badly. He said “I’m sorry I made your headache worse. Do you want me to order your some Tylenol before you leave?”. He also asked me when the last time I had a tetanus shot, I told him it’s been ages ago and he left it at that. Didn’t order a tetanus shot, didn’t tell me how to care for my injury when I go home, he was no help at all. Only thing I felt I was leaving with was abusive heath care because I was feeling worse at this point. I told the nurse how I was treated and she said it was because Elliot Hospital is making a big effort to instill that doctors see their patients before sending them to the ER so quickly. I asked her “so that’s how you instill this with doctors? Abuse their patients and don’t give them adequate care?” She didn’t have an answer for me.

Nitza Navarro

I went last night at 6:30pm and came out at almost 4:00am this morning!

Cheryl Taylor

was rushed by ambulance in severe abdomn pain put in waiting room waited 2 hours before i left they had people in hallways getting medical treatment very unhappy

Bob Lacroix

Jasmine Windsong

I've been here a number of times for medical emergencies that Urgent care or a normal doctors visit could not handle. Every time I come in here the waiting room reeks of cigarettes, urine, and it's always packed. I usually wait about 2-8 hours depending on how they're feeling. In fact I'm currently sitting in the waiting room 3/15/2019 and was checked in at 2:05PM. It's now 4:05PM. It's like they have no sense or urgency or adequate staffing to handle their high volume of patients. You'll unfortunately die before you're even seen here. Went to Derry Parkland Center and was immediately taken in. They didn't bill me for a bunch of unnecessary tests and I was out within 2 hours with no wait time.

Brad Schrank

Been waiting since 12 now 532 keep being told we're next. Done with this place

danielle berry

6 hour wait time, nicely asked the young man at the window for a ETA to be seen... his reply “you have 5 people ahead of you”... I understand this is a emergency room, but this establishment is completely unorganized, and has a complete lack of professionalism...More security guards working than Dr.s and nurses... at least 10 walkouts while I was waiting. Get it together Elliot, this is Flu season!

Kristen Charette

Benjamin Williams

Waiting over 4 hours still waiting while nurses sit ignoring the people waiting when needing things

Brenda Armour

If I could give less then one star I would this place is a joke got taken in by ambulance waited over 4 hours never saw a Dr so done with this place

Katie Krysil

I recently took my baby here because I thought she was having drop seizures. The nurses and intake process was great and we were taken right in which was a plus. When the ER doctor came in, he essentially asks me “Do you even know what seizures look like?” And told me to “stay off the internet, stay off of Facebook groups.” He also decided it was his job to start talking about politics “...that’s what happened in the last election, people trusted Facebook instead of the news.” We followed up with a neurologist the next day, and it turns out my daughter could have a very serious emergency condition that if not caught has a very poor prognosis. Imagine if I actually trusted doctors and took the ER doctor’s word, brushing off something that could be potentially serious for our daughter? Shaking my head.

isabella dubuque

Absolutely the worst care in Er.for our 98 year old Grandmother. Many nurses were rude, compassionate, uncaring..bordering on abuse..neglect. she was shoved in a back room left with no call light screaming for help. She requested a priest. Some witch who claimed she was the charge nurse rudely told her you are not actively dying you do not need a priest. Our sweet Gran knew she was in her final days she only lived 2 weeks after the worst treatment ever. They should not be employed here...rude, incompetent , no compassion at all for patients or their families going through devastation. They deserve minus 20 rating.

Janessa Roberts

I had the most positive experience at Elliot Hospital! My hats off to Dr. Hogan my orthopedist, the nurses, and all the staff in the OR. I currently was admitted for a total hip replacement and was treated with respect and dignity and the most excellent care. I realize that constructive criticism is something that we all learn from but I have not one single complaint about my stay at the hospital. I was greeted from the receptionist, to everybody in pre-op and all the nurses with nothing but smiles and positive attitudes. I truly was amazed because I’ve had many stays at many different hospitals and this was by far my favorite. It’s a tough surgery and they made my experience an excellent one. Thank you to everyone your time and patience and compassion. It is appreciated more than you’ll ever know! Best regards, Janessa Bielawski

Chad Laurent

Over 3 hours waiting with a sick infant. Rude reception staff. Should have went to a different hospital. So angry with elliot.

Karen Parsons

The worst hospital in N.H I will never ever use that place again I got charged 12, 464.30 to ONLY BE CHARGE OBSERVATIONS SITTING IN A WAITING ROOM FROM 9 TO 2 N GETTING. IN A BED TO ONLY GET TOLD ONLY ONE DOCTOR IS ON AND AGAIN BE CHARGED OBSERVATION!! WHEN I SAW NO NURSE OR DOCTOR!!! TILL 7AM AND ASKED IF I WANTED FETANAL!!! THATS !!! HORRIBLE CARE!!!! CMC Is a better choice by far!!! They were so horrible I reported what they said but you see they have lawyers and they never take responsibility I could write a best seller!!! OBSERVATION 2X IS A NO NO WHEN YOU HAVE NOT DONE YOUR JOB!! THEY LACK CARE.. BUTVTHEY KNOW HOW TO TAKE YOUR$$$$ SAID THE STATE DOSE NOT GET INVOLVED MORE WITH THESE ISSUES N CARE

Bill Fernandez

SJ Holmwood

My husband died at this hospital from alcoholism and they treated us very well during this horrible time.

Timothy Leighton

4 and a half hours for stitches and disinfection on a laceration. At 2 in the morning. Noone was there other than workers.

Billy Streight

Fiancee went to UC and was told to go to ER. Waited 2 hours. Did some tests and waited another 4. They sent a letter 2 weeks later saying to call them to discuss test results. They were confused and said they'd call back. 14 hours later they say there's a prescription at a pharmacy we could pick up anytime. They hadn't even heard of it. We call again and they were extremely rude. Terrible place to go.

paige doyle

A Dawn Toothaker

Absolutely horrible wait times in ER and they could care less.

Katie Rivera

Very helpful, kind, generous, and empathetic during my food poisoning and panic attack. I don’t understand these bad ratings

Samanatha B.

My grandmother was there with Alzheimers while they got her medications in check. Amazing! Messes were cleaned immediately, upon visiting her we were put in a private room, the staff is so patient and accommodating, and they did an amazing job of redirecting other patients while talking to my grand mother.

Alex Bartholi

Was here for 6 days it wasn't fun they were they rude to me i waited for 9 hours one thr 1 st day

Caryssa Propfe

I had an awful experience here. I was having panic attacks due to pain and stress, and the nurse as well as the tech were very rude to me, saying things like “this is a very busy hospital and you need to just calm down”. When they took blood it was extremely painful, and there Was bruising, but when I said something, they just seemed frustrated and walked out without a word. They had terrible bedside manner, and were very rough with me when doing things like giving medication or checking my temperature. They had nasty attitudes and I’m really glad I was able to go to a different hospital for the rest of my care.

Brendalie Marchand

The waiting is ridiculous. A doctor never see you, just an assistant and they just guessed.

Christina Cormier

Justin Pond

Where do I start.... I was one of 5 people waiting in the waiting room for 3 hours before being seen. Then they sent me back to the waiting room for another hour. Brought me back to been seen by a doctor and my mom did a better diagnosis than the doctor did. I went in because I thought I had mumps and the doctor refused I had it when I suggested it. They kept me in "Rapid Care" in the back and let me tell you it was not even close to rapid. They might as well call it the "Rapidly forget about everyone in this room Care". They took my blood and came back 2 hours later and the doctor told me they're testing me for mumps. DUH...I have a baseball size swollen thing on the side of my face. Little to find out after the 6 hours I was there when I finally got to leave this dump they told me "Well we didn't know how to run tests on your blood for what you might have and we had to call the labs for them to tell us." Then...they told me they would call me the next day with results and I didn't hear from them so I called them and the lady told me it takes longer than 24 hours for this specific test. When I was there my phone was dead and I live out of state but go to school nearby and I didn't have my insurance card with me so they told me it wasn't problem and to just call the next day and they can update my insurance information before it goes to billing. So I called the next day and guess're right they were wrong again. Now I have to wait to get the bill before I can update my insurance information. Not to mention the doctor I had was cocky and judgmental to every patient I had talked to in what they called "Rapid Care". Some of them have had him multiple times and requested not to ever see him again but they still did. It's a good thing my nurse was hot because that was the only positive experience I had at this dump hole they call a hospital. So shout out to Sierra for doing a stellar job drawing my blood and keep up the good work #Sierrathenurseforpresident. All of this being said I would have been better off on WebMD than going to this hospital.

Heather Bell

Great experience in the Pediatric ER. Dr. Roy was awesome and the nurses Casey and Colleen were pros. IV inserted on the first try.

Miss Vega

06/09/19 - around 1:00 pm If I could give zero stars I would. There is no fast way of getting in and out. Took my daughter in for an allergic reaction. Went in at 12:45 pm, an hour later and we still had not seen the doctor. Ended up walking out without seeing the doctor because obviously there was no apparent urgency in her situation. Seems like there are way too many nurses doing nothing, or paper shuffling, or "going on break" and not enough help trying to get people seen and out the door. Lack of compassion is also an item I was not happy with. In the future, I rather go elsewhere for "urgent care".

Leroy Dickey

Treated awesome and wait wasn’t long. Very happy with my care. Mornings are best if going to ER. Recommend going to Urgent Care if you’re sick.

lisa martin

If I could rate this place 0 stars I would. I brought my daughter in because she has a life threatening condition. She was in agony and had to wait 4 hours until I finally gave up and had to go to another hospital. When I asked about how they manage their list of patients they said it was by priority so apparently my daughter who has a life threatening condition is a low priority. I will NEVER come here again.

Frank Guinard

We had to wait a long time before anyone came in and was lacking on paperwork wouldn't recommend.

Josh Gragg

This place sucks , hours and hours and hours and hours of watching the staff sit on there asses doing nothing these people are lazy and don’t give a crap if u wanna die of old age before getting care this is the place to go . Believe it or not your way better off going to parkland in Derry nh they are so much faster and they actually move with a purpose , if they can’t fix u they will send u to Boston . So no need to go to Elliot’s slum hole emergency room , as far as a business goes they should be ashamed they could actually make some money if they could treat the patients before they died in the waiting room .

Kenneth Cournoyer

2 hour of waiting. Well i hear dDrs talk about rhere day thay have with the clerk. Wow #doyourjobs

jonah kenyon

Over the wonderful two weeks I've been stuck in this facility I have had 4 Pneumothorax's, 3 separate chest tubes in 3 separate sites, and surgery to remove air filled blisters from the surface of my lung. Most recently I have had talc powder injected directly into my chest cavity for the purpose of scarring my lung and chest cavity and causing the two to adhere together. The standard pain control method for these operations is a bedside morphine pump to address the excruciating levels of pain that are expected. However as a 23 year old male I'm at a high risk for opiate addiction and am instead being given oral tablets that are well documented to be ineffective. I highly recommend this hospital to anyone who would like to be treated like a convicted felon by surgeons and physicians alike while also paying them upwards of $1500 a day. The so called "Patient Advocacy Program" is an absolute joke as they are unable to do anything to supersede the surgeons discretion. I have spoken with the American Lung Association who have assured me that what is being done to me is tantamount to literal torture. I have never felt this helpless in my life and the source of my distress is a medical professional who blatantly refuses to give me the only medication that works. If I could give this facility 0 stars it would be infinitely too many I would rather stitch myself up then ever set foot through these doors again.

Krissy Darling

This place sucks can't breathe but been waiting in the ER for 5 hours I should just walk out n die they don't care why should I?

zoe b

The woman at the reception desk in the emergency room was so rude. As Soon as I told her why I was there she rolled her eyes and her tone changed immediately I felt discriminated against. Then the nurse that checked me in when I was answering her questions honestly she repeated one of my answers in shock and was rude the whole conversation. They did absolutely nothing for me instead of them telling me from the start which they could have done, that I was safe and okay they left me in the bed and did not check one thing. They didn’t do an ekg when I told them my heart beat felt rapid. They literally just did not treat me with respect bc of the nature of why I was there. The doctor however was extremely nice and helpful and one nurse was compassionate and helpful as well. As for those two women who treated me that way I would never go back to that hospital due to their discrimination and unprofessionalism.

Ariel Riley

Waited for 4.5 hours for my one year old and NEVER got seen!!! Worst emergency room EVER!!!

Rick Belle

They have excellent staff who found that my sons back was broken from a car accident and quick response save him from being cripple

Julia De Leon

The absolute worse emergency room I have ever been in. Was there for 6 hours waiting just to never be seen. They literally don’t treat anything like it’s an emergency. Don’t go here unless you want to waste your time!

Kirt Schultz

There horrible

Prank Calling Master

parker Emerson

Marc Laprise

We came to emergency room via ambulance with my father.. No one actually in waiting room. Took over an hour before we saw a doctor . That was at around 8 this morning. It is 3:30 now and have been waiting for a room. We were told room was ready about 30 min ago and still waiting.

Brienne Burbank

If there was a way to give less, I would. This hospital is the worst, and I have bern in the hospital system for 7 years. They have messed up a spinal tap before which caused me to go to another hospital for 8 hours, for a blood transfusion patch. Not only will you wait hours, for possible sepsis, you will find most nurses could care less if you come or die. Its an awful, awful place.

Ophelia Cummings

Waited from 6:50-8:45pm just to be called in to intake, only to be told that he was fine and to go home and follow up with the pediatrician on Monday.

Sarah Gaertner

Some of the nurses were pleasant, but my experience at this ER was overall terrible. At least 4 hours of waiting, during which another patient came up to the window complaining that he felt like he was ready to collapse. He was sent away, and less than a minute later someone else came up to report that he was on the floor in pain. Was finally seen by a doctor who told me "you don't look like you're having trouble breathing." Next time I'll go to my cat's vet.

Philip Allen

They were extremely slow and unresponsive. This visit took 7 hours for a damn ultrasound only to be told that nothing could be seen and we should follow up with PCP. This was very poor quality of care.

Tracy Grady

Most unfriendly nurses ever on the 3 to 11 and 11 to 7 shift in the labor and delivery department on 4/17 -18.

Jennifer Erin

Shannon Thomas


Jaydogg Doggydogg

Wish i could give zero stars for Elliot. I have had chronic pain for over a year. They can never figure out what it is and simply tell me to be on my way. I don't want pain pills. I don't want ANYTHING other than A DIAGNOSIS!! Do i have some strange Virus? Do i suffer from Cancer? Is there something wrong with me? I think they have chalked me up to a hypochondriac but this PAIN IS REAL!! Its a constant ache. It doesn't require any narcotics i have never requested them!! They treat me like that's what i want though and have no problem offering morphine like its candy, but i always refuse. Opiates make me sick. Maybe that's why they hate me? I refuse their opiates??? But im working hard to find out this mystery diagnosis. Its probably the Big C and all these incompetent doctors ignore my symptoms and try to push you out. Once i had to sit in a room FULL of other patients. Hearing one had an enlarged Spleen. The other had Chlamyida. Total violation of privacy. They deemed us "non-urgent" and placed us all in the same room. Very strange practice. ZERO STARS!

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