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REVIEWS OF Elliot at River's Edge IN New Hampshire

Lisa Masse

Went to Urgent Care last night with my son because he suspected he broke his hand at work. The doctor REFUSED to provide any worker's comp paperwork to include discharge summary, what his injuries were, when he can return to work and in what capacity. Plus they kept us waiting in a room from 6:30 pm to 10:00 pm. They were just rushing us out because it was time to close. Terrible care and the Doctor could use some training on bedside manner such as: introducing himself, answering questions in a pleasant and not hostile manner, and when asked for paperwork, such as results of an x-ray, he should HAND them to the patient, not THROW them at the patient. His behavior was outlandish and unprofessional to say the least.

corduroy a

Nurses are very hit or miss. Some seem disgusted that I'm taking their time and like they cant be bothered which is seriously off putting. One got into a political spat with me for no reason right before a procedure! Had 2 very stiff, uncomfortable ultrasounds here which is difficult during invasive tests. Dr. Dimitry Martin is a great, very caring gastro surgeon. Recovery floor surprisingly has the best gluten free cookies I've ever had. Had an awesome cardiac tech who was really great to talk to. Urgent care is lacking, I had to go to the hospital from there and they made me take an ambulance when it wasnt necessary and the bill was huge.

Tina Hollis

Adam Vermokowitz

Went there for some pain around 430 was seen by a doctor. Was told I needed a ultrasound but that they had no one on staff there and no one on call. They transferred me to elliot er got here around 6pm and am still waiting in the waiting room.

ryan joyce

Seeing as though i came into the urgent care with an eye injury i believe the sign saying ti fill out form and put into the box could easly have been missed but the attendent taking the poeple that c ame in after me before me saying next time next time put your paper in the box well there goes customer service!!

Synical One

This will be my last visit to this establishment due to a security gaurd hurassing and disrespecting me while I was taking my wife to urgent care. It is bullshit that anyone should have to deal with that.

Barbara Jester

I was treated with courtesy and respect. Excellent medical care.

The SmartShopper

I live in state and have been here quite a few times. Every time I go in get amazing service. The staff is very nice in the front office. The nurses and doctors are too. They are very thorough and always figure out the problem. As I said, I have been here quite a few times and have always had a good experience. I have nothing bad to say about them. I never feel rushed either. You know how some urgent care facilities treat you like a number, that they just want to get you out the door? That has never been the case at Elliott at River's Edge.

Benjamin Lee

This was my first visit. Normal wait for a hospital but the staff was clear, direct, and professional. I would definitely go back to this urgent care.

Tim Sullivan

Posted 5 min wait. 25 min and counting without acknowledging me. Urgent? CARE?

Steve Cole

Quick to be checked in. Staff was very pleasant.


I have two surgeries at this place and lm happy with their work .

Chris Gaughan

Melody Lynn

Do NOT go to Elliot at River's Edge for physical therapy! They are not transparent about their charges. We have been to other physical therapy centers (e.g. Northeast Rehab) that charged us just a $40 copayment per visit. Before bringing my son to Elliot, I called my insurance company to verify they would cover physical therapy 100% after a $40 copayment. When we arrived at Elliot for our appointments, I asked to pay my copayment and was told "oh, we don't collect it will be billed." We were shocked when later we got a bill for $700. I spent months calling, emailing, and sending letters to dispute the charge, but I always got the same answer that as the patient I was expected to know the charges. Here's what one of the Elliot reps finally admitted: it costs MUCH MORE under most insurance plans to go to physical therapy at a hospital than at a standalone facility (like Northeast Rehab). So, save yourself money, time, and hassle by stearing clear of Elliot for a standalone facility. To be fair, we really liked Erika, the physical therapist we saw...but I just wish she worked somewhere else. We do not plan to go back to Elliot.


This place use to be in and out and loved it now you gotta wait just as long as a ER... Crazy ... Well you know how Manchesters. Is now ..

Stephen chilafoe sr.

Everyone is so warm and kind and love this hospital

Jennifer L

Staff was nice however we were instructed to see an urgent care doctor for our 2 year old ear pain due to infection. After copay they gave meds only which I was able to do at home. Never treated the actual problem by switching medication which was done 2 days later. Highly disappointed as this could have been prevented.

Shannon Mansfield

Very Compassionate. Would never go anywhere else.


I love how helpful they are, and how fast I get service (it has always been weekends )

Eric Mele

I had a short, but great experience at the urgent care center. While his visit was brief (understandably), Dr. King was friendly and sympathetic and the nurse Caitlin (I'm sorry if I spelled it wrong

Lee Muffin

We went there because my Fiance was really sick, pretty sure it was an ear infection. We got there and had to wait about 10-15 minutes to be seen to get registered. Then once registered and they took our 150.00 hospital fee....we were sent to the room to wait for the Dr. Once the dr. Finally got there, she used the same stethoscope for his ear that she used for his throat! Really?!!? Then she told us that it was not an ear infection that it was a bronchial infection. Then he lost his hearing in his ears, while suffering for over week from the sickness and the pain. Had to go see a specialist for his ear because he lost hearing in his ear. Once that finally cleared up we get a bill in the mail for another 130 dollars. When I called to find out what the bill was for, of course it was a Dr. Fee. For what? She did nothing. ....... then I sent the payment, but it was never drawn from our bank acct over a month later. I call to find out why and was told they had not received it yet. Then days later I get a statement from a collection agency! NOT HAPPY! My bills are always paid and on time and because these people it was not in jeopardy because someone lost my check somewhere. So I had to put a stop payment on my check another fee. when I called to see if they were going to honor this, we were told they don't cover the loss of a payment. Oh, and this took me well over a week to get a hold of someone to take care of this. So, because someone didn't do their job and lost my payment, I was sent to collections and added another 30 on top of my ridiculous bill for a Dr. to do nothing and make us suffer. The customer service is ridiculous as well. The lady I spoke with was completely rude and argued with everything I said. THIS PLACE IS A JOKE! A lot of $ spent for nothing. DO NOT GO HERE IF YOU CAN HELP IT. The only thing they care about is getting paid!

doug souza

These place SUCKS!!! My wife broke her wrist on a Saturday.& was experiencing severe pain. We went here the day after ER visit to try to get pain script changed. They made us feel like we were just looking for drugs. They tried successfully to sway my wife onto nausea medicine instead. They told us to call the orthopedic Dept on Monday which she did. She was told that they had no openings but there was a note that they wanted her seen that day so they were going to call her back with an appointment time. Nobody called back so my wife called them back late morning and was greeted by a very rude receptionist. She told my wife we're still looking for an appointment time and my wife responded with well I I am in extreme pain and what happens if nobody calls me by two or 3 o'clock. I won't be able to be seen and I won't have time to go anywhere else. The receptionist responded by saying well you're not obligated to go here. That infuriated myself and my wife so we did end up going elsewhere and she had surgery to correct the problem. We will never never go to this place again. I'm surprised with such A lack of professionalism that these people are still in business. Absolutely horrible!

darlene v johnson

Amylynn Walker

Fast easy and healing

Jackie Ramos

This place got me here waiting like for 2:00 hours to take Care of my foot injured.. I'm here because my work is paying for this bill!! Never bring you're family here! You just gonna die in this place...

Bruce Biscornet

I had a wound on my shin that would not heal until I went to the wound clinic at River's Edge. I can not say enough about Dr. Huddle and his staff they were all very kind efficient, and knew exactly what they were doing. At every visit I was taken in on time. Thank You Bruce Biscornet

Adam Kanes

BEWARE!!! Went to Rivers Edge with severe stomach pains. Lady at front desk was friendly and I described my symptoms and she collected $150 cash due to my insurance not being covered there and check me into a room. Within minutes another nurse came in and informed me that they could not run any test there due to them not having the proper equipment to run any test and informed me to go to another hospital that could help and run these test. I then left and never asked for the $150 back due to the amount of pain I was in. Went to CMC Hospital and was treated. Rivers Edge then has the nerve to send me a bill for another $500 on top on the $150 I already paid for nothing. Called in 3 times to dispute the charges due to them never looking or treating me and they refuse to remove the bill. STAY AWAY!! Rivers Edge is NOT a real hospital.

Sean Peterson

Elliot System has been extremely difficult to work with, both from health services and the billing dept. Just today I received an urgent message to call the billing department, only to find they were harassing me to pay a bill that wasn't even due yet. If it weren't for the PCP we have, I would be dropping them like a bad habit.

chris francis

Horrible attitudes AMD extremely judgemental. I understand the time we live in but they were so nasty that I feel like I was not diagnosed properly due to their biased opinions I am very unhappy. Also the room I was in was very dirty with food on the tray still multiple lollipop sticks on the floor..ALSO the language and content being spoken of the patients or nurses personal lives was easily heard from room 11 and honestly this whole visit was disgusting My provider was Lisa my nurse was Hannah AMD my LNA was Amanda thank you but no thank you

Andrea Lowe

I brought my 5yo daughter to the one day surgery center to have her adenoids removed. I can't say enough good things about our experience. The entire staff was friendly, caring, professional, and timely. They took what could have been a pretty scary event, for a small child, and made it fun. They have a wonderful child specialist, Hannah, that explained everything that would happen, let my daughter decorate her anesthesia mask with stickers and pulled her to the O.R. in a wagon. They kept me updated on when she was put under and when the procedure was done. She was also brought back to me the minute she woke up, so the total time (that she was aware of) that I wasn't with her was maybe 5 minutes.

Erica Therrien

Flu season, i expected them to tell me to go home and rest but they went above and beyond.. so thankful!

Ray Stef

Melissa Haberman

I called, that was my mistake. I was treated so poorly on the phone when asking a simple question about needing ID. I was very sick and coming from work, I was hoping that since I had been there before, I would not need ID. Rather than just say yes or no, I was told I would have to "argue that" with urgent care and quickly transferred without being able to speak to an automated web of extensions to choose from. I guess the woman who answered could not be bothered with doing her job and answering a simple question.



Melissa Buckley

Susan Carter

Scott Wilkins

Melissa Dunn

Dina Sorto

Jess Gagne

Went to the urgent care on a sunday afternoon. The wait was OK, only about 20 minutes. I went for an ear ache, and they acted like it was the end of the world. No matter what you go here for, they admit you like a patient, hospital wrist band and all. the procedure to fix my ear, literally took less than 5 minutes. I then proceeded to wait 45 MINUTES TO BE "DISCHARGED" which was basically just the lazy nurse signing a piece of paper. I went out to the nurses desk and asked what was taking so long and they just kind of ignored me and told me it would only be a minute. seriously? do you hate your job THAT much that you cant get up and fill out one piece of paper? would not suggest going here unless you absolutely have to.

Papa Joe Gaudet

My son goes here. He says, "They've taken care of me." I like the free parking garage attached to the hospital. Free valet parking is nice also. The staff seems caring and professional and the place is certainly clean. While I am suspicious of the medical industry, this place does seem to try to help folks.

Bryan Blanc

Went in to Urgent Care with a fractured toe. Very professional and courteous. Brittany, Jen, Naida, and Beth were all super professional and easy going. Got me fixed up and on my way in no time. I don’t usually review anything, but they all deserve a thank you.

Amanda Rogers

Honestly your in and out so fast.... great staff

Rae West

Here for my daughter to have dental surgery in the one day center. The hospital staff are very caring and nice. The facility is very clean as well.

Chuck Wigmore

Immediate response even though it wasn't a critical emergency well done

Christos Dede

Denise Robiltaille

I received great and friendly care here 5 min wait time. No more going to the emergency room for me. I will use urgent care again

A rod

Arrived at 3ish and admitted by 3:10p. My daughter was not seen until 4:15p for an extra. I was in room 8 and heard a lot of laughing and conversing from employees. I stepped out to ask when results would be in from an X-ray. Nurse came in and said that it takes a couple minutes and closed the dirt behind her. It is 4:43p. If I haven’t stepped out of the room I feel as my child and waiting would’ve been longer due to nurses and doctors socializing.

Drew LaPointe

Keith Lafond

Lee Follansbee Beaulac

Fast care. Completely accurate on diagnosis. Compassionate staff right up to the doctors. 5*

Crystal Hoksbergen

I came into Elliot Urgent care coughing uncontrollably thinking it was just my asthma turned out I was having lung spasms... The chlorine in the pool irritated my asthma. The staff took amazing care of me until I was sent by ambulance to the hospital. Thank you all for caring for me the way you did!

Kamran Shah

Total waste of time..... Checked in at 7:38 Registration didn't start till 8:05, website was saying 5 mins wait.. Here registration took 10 mins Long story short.. After 2 hours of being diagnosed by a PA, yes PA I was told that it's better to just go to ER... TOTAL WASTE OF TIME..

The Joel


Was in and out very quick

Lisa Kent

Check in is quick, wait time was minimal, nurses were caring, empathetic, information and helpful and Doctors were great about being direct and clear with their observations and assessments. Everyone always asked if I had any questions and asked me if I needed anything to be comfortable. They understand how to care and support in tense scenarios.

Malissa Wike

This review is specific to the lab on the top floor. Their receptionist is always so pleasant and that makes a huge difference especially when that’s how you start your day. The phlebotomists (Juliane?) is wonderful. She strikes up hair dresser talk to distract you from the needle and makes you feel very comfortable. This is my second time dealing with these two and it was a pleasure.

Cameron Bellisle

Was double billed for the urgent care. Said it was for use of the emergency room and urgent care visit. Total charges for my visit were $400 for just a half hour tops with a PA to find out i have bad allergies and get a script. Would not recommend this to anyone unless they dont care being overcharged for basic services. Would give 0 if i could.

Austin Biery

This is my first ever google review, just as a reference to my displeasure. I was scheduled for TWO ultrasounds at the radiology department. After driving nearly 40 minutes, each way, I went to the radiology department and received only ONE ultrasound, unbeknownst to me. I was not notified until my PCP called me at a later time to give me my results... which were that the results were inconclusive as both tests were not completed, only one was. Needless to say I was required to reschedule several days out in order to have the ultrasounds completed AGAIN. Waste of time and money as I was required to drive 40 minutes each way, on two seperate occasions as a result of inability to perform a basic ultrasound as requested by my PCP.

David DuCharme

Quick and accurate medical attention

Melissa Mellor

I went to this Urgent Care at the end of September because I had a low grade fever for almost three weeks, I had been exhausted for the same amount of time, and my throat had been killing me for two or three days. In total, including the doctor and the two nurses, they spent about 8 minutes with me, did a strep test that came back negative so they told me nothing was wrong with me, and they gave me a sample of something to make my throat feel a little better. I went to my primary care doctor two days later and he immediately diagnosed me with mono and ran a monospot test to verify. A month later I get a bill from the Elliot for $400. They charged me a 99203 (new patient visit for seeing the doctor), a 99213 (an established patient visit for sitting in the urgent care room), a couple of lab charges, and a charge for the sample because they used their pharmacy instead of asking me if I wanted to use my own. I have been trying to dispute the new patient charge since it wasn't really a new patient visit because they didn't ask me anything about my health history and since they only spent 8 minutes with me. I just called the billing department and they said that the dispute didn't work and that any future disputes will probably also be denied unless I want to go to the hospital in person and talk to the actual billing department. I will never go back to this Urgent Care again.

Richard Stone

Christopher Johns

Always right in and out. Very nice people. Hear some real horror stories about this place, I have not seen this side of the operation. Hope that I don't because I am happy with the service and with the staff.

Bill M

Great care and convenient. Easy parking. Friendly staff.

Suzi Bard

John Saykaly

Pasek 34

Patti Kelliher

Went to this facility to be seen on a Sunday. PA spent less thank 3 minutes with me. Was told strep test was negative and "lungs are clear"; get rest, drink fluids, etc. Followed up with my primary care office the next day. Have bronchitis and pneumonia - doesn't sound like clear lungs to me... I will never visit this urgent care again.

valerie Swormstedt

Receptionist is always helpful and polite

missbeaty101withmichelle pouliot

Food place

Melissa Neveu

Went in to the urgent care and needed fluids because I had the stomach bug so I was super dehydrated. Waited for 2.5 hours and then once the dr came in she listened to my heart for a few seconds, touched my stomach and said "you need to go to the er to get fluids", and was gone within 2 minutes of being in the room. Then the nurse comes in and says they are just too busy to monitor an IV bag and there are people waiting so they need to clear the room....the wait at the er will probably be at least an hour. So why did I go over there, such a waste when you are sick, don't really want to be anywhere but bed and need treatment, all they are doing is keeping you from going to the er for an additional 3 hours!!! Ugh!!! Waste of my co-pay and time, I would have been better off staying in bed. This is not the first time the urgent care has done this to me for other ailments...why are they there!?!?

Robert Scarborough

They take really good care of your here.

Diane Nelson

Efficient and effective

Brandon Bergeron

Absolutely do not go here. They will double bill for Emergency visit as well as urgent care doctor services. Not a huge deal if you don't have a deductible otherwise you will be paying $300+ for an "urgent care" visit. Go anywhere else. Their billing practices are borderline predatory because there are too many gray areas left up to interpretation. THIS is why insurance and medical care cost so much in this country.

tabetha goog

Jennifer Jutras

Spent $150+ and over an hour and half to be seen by a nurse practitioner for less than 5 minutes. Confirmed I have double ear infection, offered to prescribe me Motrin after I told her I had no health insurance. Was told wait 3-5 days and follow up with primary care physician if not feeling better. What was the point of even going?

Robbie Moll

The only thing they really do here is take your money run some tests and send you a hospital.

Sheri Jones

If it were possible to give negative stars I would. I am in New Hampshire from out of state on an impromptu visit after my mother was admitted to the hospital. While in NH I started to feel a little under the weather with a cough and sore throat. Because I have been spending time at the hospital I thought it would be best to have it checked out. Upon entering the registration area I was asked, because of my symptoms, to wear a mask. Ok, no problem. Obviously there is something going around and I don't want to spread it to others. That's why I'm here. During the registration process I discovered that I did not have my health insurance card with me. At this point I was told that I could either pay for the whole visit out of my pocket up front or go to the emergency room where the wait for a non emergent case could be up to 8 hours. I asked them if they could just call my pc's office and get the info. Apparently that is a service they are incapable of providing. Long story short... I was turned away for treatment because I couldn't prove that I deserve it. Isn't that against the whole purpose of urgent care?!?!?

Vanessa Bretton

I was seen at Elliot Urgent Care for a sprained ankle. The check-in staff was very kind and knowledgeable about patient needs and about the facility. She even told me that she had been there since the Urgent Care opened so they must be doing something right with the care of their staff. The waiting room was very clean an inviting and the wait was barely 15 minutes. From being placed in my own private room to see the nurse and the doctor, to x-ray and through to discharge I was there less than 90 minutes. It was the best Urgent Care experience I’ve ever had and the building is absolutely beautiful and very well cared for. There is even a pharmacy right next door. Great place.

Jay Eaton

Kristina Grady

The doctor's and nurse's are always wonderful! We are usually in and out in no time!

Jeffrey Caron

It's ok

Lisa Gonzalez

Not all staff are nice. And if you are 10 minutes late, they won't take you, and to make things worse they send you a letter in the mail saying that you missed your appointment and want to charge you for it. Very next day, they say they can squeeze me in I miss work, which I really can't afford. I show up they said didn't you got our message doctors in surgery he can't take you. which isn't true I didn't get a call?I didn't get a message! I didn't get an email! it was not even on my e chart! still haven't been able to go back because I left in tears and I need to have surgery on my knee but I've been putting it off because of how I was treated.

Dan West


Went to River's Edge Urgent Care, was greeted warmly by a young man. I was registered by an individual named Linda, she didn't show any empathy and I felt as if I was being interrogated through the whole process. Very rude personality, I didn't come to get yelled at... Treatment from the medical staff was great! They took the time to make sure all my questions were answered and I was in and out in no time! My advice would to get someone else to collect my information, I can't imagine how many people she has made upset within her time there....

alexandra lominy

Alexander Glazier

I am a beautiful person . I

Dee Grant

Alexander Mason

The river's edge urgent care WILL bill your insurance company as Elliot hospital rather than URGENT CARE. Get ready to pay your deductible OUT OF POCKET.

Margaret Bailey

Trisha Jette

I went for a fractured foot at about 12 midnight, only to find that they're not even open. When I went back in 2010 for the first fracture, they were open and had me in and out with a diagnosis and treatment within the hour. Such a disappointment that now they don't even stay open to take in patients that have something happen to them after 10pm.

Susan Cragin

Avoid having a biopsy at the breast care center. I'd give that zero stars. But the lung center was pretty good. I'd give that three stars, five stars for the personnel and service, and less for the equipment.

Krissy Caster

Been here many times. Great staff, very thorough and i'm glad they are here. I've never had a long wait time. Great experience all around.

Xitlali Marroquin

Meg Dean

Love the staff and professionalism

Chrissy Coruth

Worst experience of my life. Zero compassion, zero empathy, I was an obvious annoyance to the entire staff. I will never return to this facility, if you need medical help don't waste your time

Robert Widdick

In and out in 30 minutes! Staff was great and was quick to help.

Jill Fleming

I fractured my wrist and visited River's Edge. They were fantastic. Got me in to see a doctor immediately, did a great job with pain management and everyone I dealt with was kind, efficient and professional. A very positive experience in a stressful situation.

Marie Adams

Susan Matta

I went in to urgent care when I broke my ankle and they took me right in. The staff were very efficient and they had an xray and a specialist down to talk with me within 45 minutes. They got me in for surgery that day. When visiting River's Edge for blood work or doctor's visits for my mother or myself the staff is all very professional, courteous and on time with appointments. I've had nothing but great experiences here.


Service from staff was good, no issues with that. However, I was not happy about the lack of transparency when I got my bill, and then another one? One for the facility and one for the provider? I was not told this upfront, seems very shady.

Canned us

Went in today because I have been terribly sick and in pain for the past 2 days. Went into the urgent care- Megan was my nurse and Scott was my doctor (P.A). They were both just so amazing. I dont go to the doctors often and I dont often get sick but going there and being spoken to like they actually cared was great. Thank you guys, I wish you the best! And thanks to you I'm feeling a little bit better today. :)

Belinda Broneske

Great staff and knowledgable Doctors

Katelyn P McNeil

I went to this place in November before going I CALLED FIRST asking if they took my insurance, they said yes have never had any issues then I go give Them all my info my insurance card PAID MY COPAY and then I’m getting bills over over $800 and being told the doctors who saw me don’t take my insurance but they sure as hell knew what my insurance was! Terrible terrible terrible, they’ll take your copay but won’t mention the doctors who will be seeing you don’t take your insurance and you will be billed everything. I would’ve never gone if they didn’t take my very expensive insurance. I’m very upset with this place and will never go back or ever recommend it to ANYONE

cee gee

Second visit within a month for my grandson's wrist injuries. He was registered within minutes, seen within 10 minutes of arrival, xrayed and splinted. We were out the door in about an hour and everyone one we encountered was personable, knowledge and efficient. Excellent experience both visits.


never, ever had an issue here, granted I'm there that often but they always took care of me or my family. thank you.

Nathan Therrien

Austin Trammell

Get there early and wait times are irrelevant. But if it is busy it can take awhile to get checked in sometimes

Shannon Thomas

Horrible hospital care !


I was visiting the area and had an accident that caused a laceration on my head. Went to this hospital and they were great. I was in and out of there in less than 30 minutes. The staff was very compassionate and caring. I picked this hospital using Google and I am glad I did.

Bob Messier

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