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REVIEWS OF Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center IN New Hampshire

Cheryl Henriksen

My sister who was admitted to this facility several times passed away Monday. She supposedly was shipped there from Keene for a enlarged liver with a mass found. It was stated it had ruptured when she got there and they performed surgery. She continued to bleed into her abdomen and was given many blood transfusions. She was sent home without meds or diagnosis. She supposedly since passed away with panreatic cancer.

Karen M

I couldn't do the "no stars", so for hospital inpatient, they get one. My neighbor/friend had 2 stents put in in her main artery. Surgeon was great and surgery seemed to go well. They do a LOT of this type of surgery. The problem fell with the nursing staff after she was put in a semi-private room...she went through hell. One CNA named Sarah (spell) was horrible to her, ignoring her care, even laughing and joking about the patients outside the room so my friend heard some of it. So if your going through surgery and you get a CNA named Sarah, you've been warned already. An absolute nightmare for my friend. When I picked up my friend the next day, she talked about the lack of care for hours and wasn't the same "Carolyn" I had seen just the day before. I wouldn't wish what she went through on anyone. We hope she never has to go back there for inpatient again. If she has a choice, she WILL go elsewhere. If I had gone through what she went through, they would have arrested me in a patient gown where my behind shows...but that would have been the case with me. Fortunately for her well-being, she's more of a lady than I am.

Smms msmsms

If I could give less than 1 star I would. This place is a huge joke! The amount of "Red Tape" to get an issue resolved and an appointment for something you "Need" a referral for is just ridiculous. None of the Doctors care and see so many patients a day and provide little to no help! Again, a HUGE joke! I called the office and messaged my providers 4 days ago and I have heard ZERO communication back!

Aretina Cash

Cancer patients, BEWARE. If you are in need of a thoractic specialist, LOOK ELSEWHERE. While the office is very clean and the nurses we're great, Dr. Finley and the intern were unbelievably unprofessional with horrific bedside manner. Between the doctor showing up an hour and a half late for the appointment and making rude, sarcastic jokes about my grandmother's lung cancer diagnosis to her (needless to say, she didn't find it amusing), it became very clear that attempting to impress the incompetent, ditsy intern was more important to Dr. Finley than delivering decent patient care. Overall, good facility - if you remove the unprofessional doctors out of the equation.

Charlotte Stevens

Best doctors and nurses and care in the area.Also level 1 trauma center available if needed.

Tackle Box Sarah

This woman doesn't even deserve one star. My mother, who's had back surgery, and been in a car accident in 2014, has nerve damage in her foot so she's been prescribed pain meds to help it. This doctor has not only harassed my mother when she's gone for her visit, but she also lied about my mother wanting all of her medication doses and amounts lowered. Now my mother is without her pain meds AND her high blood pressure meds. Not to mention, she now has a blood clot in her leg and Dr. Luttinger is refusing my mother her medications. In my opinion, you shouldn't be a doctor, yet alone a doctor of medicine if you're terrible with people and understanding their level of pain. I don't recommend going to Dr. Tanya Luttinger.

Rick Walker

Oncology doctors dont care my mother in law being rushed up there by ambulance AGAIN it's been over an hour and the on call dosent call please save (your or somebody you love) "time" and seek alternative facilities

Samantha Paradise

Too many interns and medical students there for visit can be very hectic. Many different faces in and out during a single hospital stay you feel like just a number.

Stratosphere Gugg

The challenge of mental and physical health is one that can only be tackled by properly trained professionals. At DHMC you will find that every single staff member makes it their priority to help make sure your recovery/treatment is as swift and comfortable as possible. Whether it is a routine checkup, concussion analysis, chemotherapy, a psychological issue, or anything else relating to health, DHMC has the resources and connections to help you recover. A small example would be when I had a clean break on my collarbone. I went directly to DHMC and was given two options, one was to attempt to reset my bones back into place using a back stretcher with plates and screws. The other option was a SHORT TERM use of pain killers and a sling, letting the bones heal overlapping one another. I chose option number two because I never expect to be a t-shirt model. I feel that my collarbone may actually be stronger for the way that I chose to let it heal. It is the fact that DHMC will offer you all of the options available that I award them 5 stars. It is just as important to include the patient in the medical process as it is to have the proper professionals there to engage in it.

Ron Stoloff

This the worst medical facility I have ever visited. They treat you like a thing, a money-making pawn, not like a person. The doctors and staff are unfriendly. They make you wait endlessly. Stay away from this place.


Suzette Borden

No one should have to wait 20 minutes in the registration line, especially in oncology! I let three or four people go ahead of me. The MS worker was was great, but the doctor gave me 30 seconds of his time to sign a form. I would never chose this place as a place to have medical procedures done if there were other options.

Tod Ricker

We had an amazing pediatric neurosurgeon, Dr. Bauer, that put my son's broken neck back together. We had positive doctors and a nurse practitioner, Scott Lannon, that helped us make the transition out of the hospital and eventually the trip back to Oregon. We also had good nurses and one named Laura, from 2 west, that treated my son with great care. I am very thankful for the respectful, professional, and kind care we received from all the staff that helped us.

Joan Rogers

I love this hospital very much! Because if it wasn't for the Doctors my Uncle would leave died a lot Sooner! I trust this place! Also Rutland hospital is nothing but a chop!

Shayne Greene

I had recently became a Living Donor and donated a kidney. The entire experience from the first application to post-op bedside care has been phenomenal. I can't stress enough how much my transplant team at 2W took care of me, especially this being my first surgery of any sort. There was no point in time where I didn't feel they were looking for my best interest. An amazing hospital. Thank you all for making this possible. Two lives were changed that day.

Nathan Margolis

My family of four has used Dartmouth Hitchcock as our "go-to" medical support for 20 years! Try comparing that to any review of a single experience. This is an amazing institution that has provided many people we know with top-level care. The staff is professional, brilliant and compassionate. Congratulations to all of you who make DHMC work so well!

Neerja Bakshi-Sharma

Beautiful hospital, very nice staff, super helpful

Ryan B

Routine endoscopy was billed at a rate about 8-10x higher than other institutions. About 15-30min procedure with maybe 1 hour recovery was billed $14k! Same procedure in a different facility was billed ~$1200. Ridiculous.

Tyler Rosen

Maria Dailey

This hospital seems more concerned with racking up patient bills than ordering meaningful diagnostics.

Lucy Heath

Great hospital and drs and nurses are wonderful

Lisa Wallace

I was there for 10 hours, the first 6 hours they didn't give me anything to drink, and I saw 1 doctor the whole time only saw him for 3 minutes then he left, I didn't see another doctors until I was there for 10 hours and told them that if they didn't send in some one to take the iv out I was doing it my self, then a doctor came in and she they were trying to track down nerology to do a lumbar puncture, she was there for 2 minutes as I yelled at her about the poor treatment I've received there and she left I waited another half hour and then pulled my own iv out and left, this hospital is rediculous and definitely does not show care for there patients, I wouldn't send anyone I care about to this hospital

Judi Ann Hafner

Saved my husband's life twice- Rheumatology and Cardiology.Nurses are amazing there. SO lucky to live close to such an outstanding facility

Brady Van Zile

Nice hospital! Been going there for 20 years and the staff is more efficient today then what they were years ago! Get back to you via email!, snail mail or phone better! Always room for improvement!

Morgan Barbour

They had the option to save my grandfather but they took there lunch rather goto apd

Jennie Sutherland

11 hours in the er and nothing. A poorly done spinal tap by a resident who clearly as a child never won pin the tail on the donkey.

colby merk

Dartmouth is horrible. You feel like a number. Also, I was left with a large balance to pay and I was paying my bill monthly (because I could not afford to pay it in full) and they sent it to collections. I've never had a bill go to collections. Ever. I called and spoke to Carla, the supervisor in billing. She thought my plight was amusing. I was in tears.

Robert LeBlanc

We live 4 hours away and travel to be seen here. The Dr.s are the best and their processes are efficient.

Scott Hyde

Worst place id ever been for health care.I came in from another hospital with a broken back figuring that since they were affiliated with my Healthcare provider that my medical records would be up to date not so and the physical therapist they sent to see me probably treats her pets better you would have thought a little compassion and caring would have been in order.

John G. Lewis

I will have to give DHMC five stars, even though I have some reservations. One of the latter is that it is a teaching hospital, and this so interferes, slightly, with the critical patient/Doctor bond. Further, sometimes one wonders whether you are receiving a young learning Doctor, or an experienced, 'lead', Doctor. Additionally, with a hospital this huge, for some patients they will shift them around, and sometimes patient information is lost, or the quality of care changes. However, on the latter score, that for serious cases the hospital will "move you around", may additionally be seen to be a benefit of the hospital, as the patient is transferred from one area of expertise to another, one area of strength to another. With the extreme complication and depth of modern medicine, one may hold that this is necessary and desirable. Loss of patient information in transfer, albeit, is not excusable, even if it is over relatively unimportant matters. Yet... I give DHMC credit for saving my Dad's life a few years back, when he came within a few minutes of death. He lived for another 3 years, and they took great care of him. And perhaps especially in the Cognitive wing: care there was superb, as was all staff, including the RNs.... The whole process was somewhat shocking and amazing, that even at the age of 89 they were able to bring him from the point of death, to life, and with his personality back. He ended up living for three more years, thank God and DHMC (along with other very fine institutions). Perhaps... my main criticism of DHMC is that, though they do this 'disaster stuff' very well, and perhaps are the best in the state at trauma, the smaller matters they can whiff on. Such as their so-called pain clinic. I was very disappointed in this, when I attended circa 2006 - 2008. It was a waste of my time, at best, as they (additionally) failed to really believe me. Treated at the main hospital (not in some out-clinic), they gave me very light meds, were extremely conservative, and eventually told me, shockingly, "You will just have to live with it." Therefore, DHMC can surprise, and in more than one way. The problem, this lack of seriousness, care & rigor at the pain center may have been taken care of in the interim. It also may have been anomalous. Nonetheless, I wonder at the behemoth that DHMC is, and whether I will get the finest care (?) At times with my pain issues, I certainly did not. However, given the talent levels at DHMC, when they want to hit the ball out of the ballpark, they very well can. And so with respect to this, I grant them the 5 star ranking, though they border 4.

Holly Anderson

My daughter Zoey was treated at CHAD for 16 days. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about everyone we dealt with. From the doctors to nurses to the cleaning help to strangers u met in elevator. Everyone was amazing and did everything to make our stay the beat it could be. I want to thank everyone involved and even though they couldn't diagnose her with specific illness they did everything they could to treat her symptoms and did above and beyond to make her and us as comfortable as possible. I thank everyone of you from our entire family for everything done. Amazing hospital with amazing staff.

al king

Even though I had one bad experience with a doctor, it's on him and his staff. This hospital is high tech and almost like going to a shopping mall. I gotta give a shout out to Dr. Eric Johnson ENT, my hearing is far from perfect but thank U for the graft, very gentle with the follow up visits and even my service dog liked U, she laid at your feet while U were putting silver in my ear with that big old microscope TV and controlled the infection that I had near my graft. Great job, I should have had U do my plastic surgery but that's another time and on another review. I wish they had more doctors like U, but most are slackers these days.

Matthew Swenson

Great Hospital

Tracy Bachand

If you want to get the best treatment this is the perfect place

Tony Arsenal

Zhuoman Gardner

Pretty decent services at DHMC.

Melody M

Very lovely, friendly people

Petroula Beck

I was supposed to see a doctor in Endocrinology but for years I was would only see a nurse practitioner...she was very nice but I felt I didn’t have enough time to discuss different options and I was pushed to yet another I figured I’ll change to my family physician and a diabetes educator. I am not the typical diabetic, I am not overweight, so I was tested to see if I am type 1 and not type 2 which test came negative. My doctor’s concern was that I might have some kind of resistance to insulin, so he referred me to Dartmouth and notified them of his concern. At my visit they completely ignored my questions and concern about the reason of my visit and suggested I take on one more injectable medication and follow up with them from now on. When I saw the doctor’s notes I was very upset that they didn’t even mention the reason of my visit.... Thanks Dartmouth for pushing for more medication and looking after the pharmaceutical companies instead of more testing and addressing the patient’s concerns.... :/

Everett Oehlschlaeger

TOTALLY AWESOME HOSPITAL !!! Have had 3 surgeries there over the years and hated to leave when the time came. FANTASTIC staff from the Doctors on down to those with the most basic jobs. Hospitals in general are hardly my favorite places to go to.. but this one is truly exceptional. THANK YOU to everyone there !

Sussan Coley

I am going to report Dartmouth- Hitchcock to attorney general’s office, BBB, and chambers of commerce in Nashua, Manchester, Concord, Keene, and Lebanon in state of New Hampshire. They are the most unprofessional, unproductive, incompetence, and callus business in the area and it is a surprise that they are in business of healing with so little organization and discipline. I cannot fathom that nobody has put them out of business, yet?!!!! They treat innocent tax paying citizens so terribly and get away with it?!!!! Like other patients’ feed-backs, I was advised to run many tests, but when I called to get the results, they told me I could not have my results because the system did not show me having a primary care physician (PCP), which was a surprise because I was under the care of a PCP who had ordered the test – it was impossible for me to have so many tests on my own. I explained my concern, but was given to a clerk that indicated my PCP was erased due to a glitch in the system and I was to reestablish my relation with said physician. I agreed to go through the process, but because of HIPAA, she could not do it and I HAD to call another number to upload the name of my physician. I agreed. I talked to 4 people and the process took more than 45 minutes with (of course) wait time and not left-hand knowing what right-hand was doing, but finally I was congratulated for successfully being on my PCP’s list. Great? Not really!!! I called the following day to get my results, but was told that they could not share the results because I did not have a PCP and in order to share my information I needed to pick a physician. Unbelievable, to the point of humorous!!! I am NOT making this up!!!! I am sure you agree with me that monkeys can run a place better than these folks. I did have a PCP for years and had gone through this nonsense just a day before. Anyhow, after going back and forth between 4 clerks and couple of nurses, I ended up repeating my painful experience with the Dartmouth- Hitchcock geniuses, again. Mind you I do have a job being an executive for a fortune 100 company and every moment of my time is spoken for, but I had to spend another 40+ minutes to re-register my darn PCP in order to find out what was wrong with my tests and why I was in so much pain. Eventually, someone informed me that due to a software glitch my information was erased. Imagine a healthcare entity that has quadruple copy of every record, erasing patient information?!!!! Just for that they should close their doors and go home because they don’t deserve serving pubic with this level of chaos, incompetence, and unprofessionalism. I needed to move forward, so I did go through whatever they asked me. This time I decided to send a note to my doctor’s office and ask for my results. Guess what! My PCP’s nurse, who has taken my vitals so many times and seen me in my underwear numerous times, responded that she could not share the results with me till I pick a PCP. I responded that I have gone through registering with my PCP twice already, taking close to an hour each time. I asked her to immediately send my test results, and stop playing games because I had it with them. That was 6 months ago. I called customer support team for help, to no success. Then I opened a claim in November. The clerk told me that her supervisor will get back to me in 24 hours, to no follow up what so ever. That was 5 months ago. I think I would have had better response emailing the pigeons on my roof. In the interim, they kept sending me several notices for mammography, tests, and was asked for donations to many of their campaigns?!!! None requested any designated PCP!!!! Eventually, I changed my network and fired this terrible, callus, unprofessional, incompetent team of butchers. My new doctor was able to request my records and I was finally advised of complications and am on my way to health.

john brayshaw

Great physicians!

James Martin

Great place

Justin Creasey

I was in your emergency room on August 23 I was in extreme pain and complained about them taking 2 hours to treat my wrist they threatened not to treat me and to escort me out with security. Is this how you treat people?

Irene Hebert

Friendly people throughout the hospital. Much to see while waiting. They have a dog named Cooper who is a therapy dog that goes from floor to floor visiting patients.

Brandy Billings

They are horrible. Our son has been admitted to them 3 times in the last 2 months. Always with the same issue. His diabetes shot up too high and then he started throwing up. We are checking his blood every 2 hours at this point just to keep it down and it is not working, we are following every doctor instruction that we get and have proof of it all. They still say we must be doing something wrong. They are more interested in placing blame that figuring out what is wrong with our son. We were also told by DCYF that this has happened to another set of parents a year ago and they ended up having to leave the state and now their child is fine now that they got her away from Dartmouth. I think we may have to do the same.

Rafael DA


Richard Drubel

Just waited 4.5 hours in ER with my very sick sister in law before being called to see a doctor by a surly nurse. This place has become just awful. I get they are busy but it's nothing that hiring some more docs and a staff that was at least pleasant would't improve dramatically.

Mary Benash

I was just there over the weekend....the staff from the er, unit I was on even the staff in the or were husband I were very impressed with the drs and nurses....loved my nurses on the neuro science unit....they were all awesome...the only place I'll go to....the best hospital I think in the upper valley

Charlie Brown

Been a regular patient for 5 years have had great experiences and seriously bad experiences its all in the this point I see Dr James stahl an honestly saved my life an im very grateful for it.REMEMBER NOT EVERY DOCTOR GRADUATED FIRST IN HIS CLASS.


The nurses and doctors are super nice.

William Beharrell

The most wonderful hospital I have ever been to. (I have even been to Mass General, Boston) Everyone is so friendly. Most caring doctors, nurses and technicians. The hospital even has a web site that I can access from my home computer to see the doctors notes and my complete record. I drive there over one hour, but well worth it. I had cataract surgery was in and out in less than 2 hours. Follow-ups are also very professional. Recommend to anyone.

raven lavigne

Great experience , my fiancé broke his hip and they put him back together and he was able to go home in less than a week 1/2 the nurses and staff from the orthopedic wing were great even were okay with me staying for nights.

andy grawey

Paul Helfinstein

Extremely well run hospital and medical center.

Peter Haskins

One of the best cancer centers

Brandon Boudreau

Very little time spent with the actual doctor. Our appointment was 2 hours behind. Not impressed


Across the board... rudest staff and providers I have ever encountered in a medical setting. They hang up on you, refuse to review medical tests they ordered, and to top it off the patient advocacy department/relations always sides with the staff. Drive an extra hour to see real professionals

Mark Lowery

The hospital took really awesome care of my mom on her last days in life!! The treated me and my siblings will up most respect and helped us thru with kindness of my mom's passing... Thank You Mark R. Lowery


If you're in fairly good health & can wait months for a visit & do not expect much from primary care it's ok. I'm sure Dr's. are competent but I suspect bureaucracy and sheer # of patients gets in the way of good care. Messaging says they'll respond within 24 hrs. Not true. Not sure what is going on there. Like other reviewer says "sure to miss something." Lack of carry through communication needs alot of improvement. A cog in a massive machine. I even called C.E.O and wanted a return call. Never received! Good luck.

Leslie Collins

I received the best care possible. Very caring nursing staff and doctors. I recommend this hospital to everyone.

Brittany P

The most wonderful hospital I have ever been to. The most caring, educated Doctors and nurses I've ever met. I have seen Doctor's in California and Boston and reside in Vermont, I travel to Dartmouth over an hour each way just to be seen here. I traveled my entire pregnancy because of how much I love this place. I would recommend this hospital and any of their clinics to everyone, including my loved ones. The care and professionalism of this hospital is the best I've seen.

Letticia Hardy

Just an amazing place, from the staff to the visitors.

Carol Boerner

I received terrible, thoughtless care after my car crash, when I hit a tree at 50 mph. I arrived in a neck brace at midnight thursday, hardly a busy time. They did not do a CAT scan of my neck until 8AM the next morning when a "trauma team" saw me. Altho I had fainting spells they did not do a CAT scan of my head until 3 DAYS later when a doctor friend of mine called to ask "why not?" Apparently with this team approach, nobody is in charge and they "forgot" to scan my head, even tho they put the diagnosis of concussion on my record. They never cleaned my room or changed my johnnie in four days either.

John Brady

The doctors and nurses are terrific, but their fees are outrageous. My insurance company called me prior to an MRI to reschedule at another facility for $2000 less. Same procedure, same quality, less than 1/3 the cost i.e. 1/3 the co-pay. As good as medical staff are, administration is horrible. They work in their own narrow silos. Try to resolve an issue with them and they just shuffle you off to the next person. They have this portal MyDH, but when I try to contact my physician or nurse it just tells me my message is too old to allow a response. With what my insurance company pays for a fifteen minute visit there, I should be able to reach a provider with an email!

Judy Gauslin

The Dr's and nurses are wonderful. We had breathing test the several yrs ago prior to going to the VA. Many of our cancer specialists at the VA have trained at Dartmouth Hitchcock and are so Caring and knowledgeable

Brianna Gowen

Brother was born in Dartmouth- hitchhock hospital. Sister was born in Dartmouth-hitchhock hospital. Sister was born in Dartmouth-hitchhock hospital. Me born in Dartmouth-hitchhock hospital. Good.

Thomas Wernig

Paige McKenzie

Is it possible to give negative stars? Horrible hospital. I wouldn’t even bring my dog here.

Liese Howarth

When I called them regarding their practice of using live sheep for ER practice, they told me they use dogs too.

Operator K

Big hospital. Great if you love being just another number. The most impersonal hospital in the area. Simply not the New Hampshire way. They don't care about you, and their staff is rude and unwelcoming. Oh yah good luck getting a call-back of your doctor after a visit.

Jen Mineo

Hope to never have to send my parent back to this hospital. I am a RN with over 30 years experience working in Boston teaching hospital, community hospital and public health nursing. Although my father’s medical care appeared to be addressed the communication was beyond horrible. There were multiple instances of young residents inexperienced in their role. Case managers who appear to be assigned patients but neglect to make contact with those patients or their families until you do your own research and specifically ask for the person. And then, the best.. when you try to elevate to a higher level ( house supervisor) the person listens like they hear you, appears to do nothing and then avoids your next call. All it would have taken is one good communication from a person higher up who got that this was a life changing moment for a family (traumatic brain injury and cervical vertebrae fracture, didn’t even tell us about the lumbar fracture until I asked over 24 hr later) and that family needed some support to bring him home. Don’t expect to talk to anyone but a 1st year resident.

Justin Lufkin

Friendly staff easy to get around

Ricardo Mejias


Diane Lagarto

This hospital not only serves everyone but their Dr.s also work at the V.A. The care we've gotten at the hospital and their staff is far above the average. Grateful to all for caring and care giving.

C Man

Very very Slow. Poor communication. Not very helpful when asking important questions. Unfriendly staff. I Highly recommend finding a different medical facility.

John Warren

Everything, from intake to discharge, was done with efficiency and attention to my comfort and well-being. The discharge was particularly amazing. My doctor, John Hill, pronounced me ready to leave on the Sunday evening of Labor Day. I was sure that with the reduced holiday staff, I'd be lucky to leave on Monday and it might take until Tuesday. No! My wife was driving around to get me within minutes. The level of considerate and respectful care I received and the comfort of my room was was amazing.

chef lee

Massive building full of all aspects of medical care. They are taking over for sure and hopefully for the better. One stop shopping here, even some decent food, and a cute little gift shop with cool items. When you get inside it feels like your walking through a big mall, the open space makes you feel welcome, like a courtyard. It's like Buy n Large from Wall-E built a hospital. Nice to look at from outside and some art decorations to look at inside.

Anne Tallon

David R. Chavez, Pediatric Urologist reviewed by a grandparent and guardian of a young adolescent. Dr. Chavez was disrespectful and insensitive to my concerns for my grandson. I was shocked at his treatment of me and his insensitivity in discussing my child's condition in the child's presence. My child was visibly shaken by the "doctor's" treatment of me. I reported the disrespectful treatment to my PCP in Keene. I refuse to return to Lebanon and will take a referral to Mass General. Perhaps "the doctor" was having a bad day? I expect more. Apparently, a degree doesn't qualify someone to understand these sensitive issues and the manner in which they should be handled. Please be aware of this when you bring your child to Lebanon and request a different doctor.

Jennifer Dillon

We were sent here when my 5 week old son contracted RSV and was having breathing difficulties. It was over an hour away from home, but I'm so happy! The care team at CHaD was phenomenal. Even though I was exhausted, stressed, and emotionally drained, I always felt like part of the team. On discharge, when I pulled my son's records up online, I was able to see all of the medical information and notes from each crew's turnover, which helped me better involve his primary pediatrician.

Shane Archambault

Super duper yo

Rhonda Stevens

D. Burkholder

Aggressive, invasive breast cancer handled with care and compassion every step of the way. I had an extremely complicated surgery performed so professionally I will have little scarring given the extent of what was done. The support of care is first rate.


This place is amazing. My mom works here in the OR and they have tooken 100% care of me whenever i have been a patient please come here if needed they deserve the money.

Mike Delaney

Elaine DeLorme

Had DBS surgery here. My neurologist and neurosurgeon are the best! Great outcome. Always in great hands.

Larry Jones

Tip: If you call and they tell you it will take 30 days to get medical records, you're not talking to Dartmouth. They've outsourced all of thier medical records department to a company in Atlanta called Ciox Health. And they do not care about getting records to you or your doctor until they absolutly have to which is 30 days by law. Insist you talk to an actual dartmouth employee or hang up. Dartmouth has given all your medical records to them. Shame!!

Lil Buddy

Slow and unfriendly. Not a pleasant experience. Dont go here! Here for a bad car accident and have not had anyone even come to check on me for over 3 hours now, even after hitting my call button repeatedly. Save your own life by finding a different medical center!

Alyssa Hammond

Love this hospital and their staff

Jon Tourville

Went in the other night having a crippling anxiety attack and the doc tells me its just back pain and sends me home. I was not there for drugs and i certainly was not impressed. Next time I will let myself die.

Becky Wead

Saved my moms life

Susan Notte

My doctors are amazing

Robert Graham

After reading some of the negative reviews I was a bit worried but what I found was a completely positive experience. I came in for a heart catheterization and was nervous to put it mildly. EVERY SINGLE STAFF PERSON I encountered was friendly and helpful. From the receptionist to the doctor. All of the nursing staff from every department made my brief stay feel comfortable and made me feel at ease. Would I hesitate to go back to Dartmouth in the future? Heck no.

Kristen Phillips

So far it is going on 2 years of being a patient. I will say it is unfortunate how many providers I had been through within the first year. I am aware it is a "big name" and many Providers and students who who are learning to practice from around the state and farther come here aswell as patients come here and fight for availability. But I will say from personal experience the staff generally are ok face to face but I cant help feel a bit discarded from time to time unless you Express it. In the fall I had a referral put through in August and somehow it hadnt been seen still 4 months later... I called again in December and it still hadnt been seen. It wasnt untill I had called patient advocates and expressed concern that I got an apt. A few months later...

Stephanie Tellier

A great hospital. The birthing unit is great. Loved that the baby doesn't leave the room. Highly recommend using this hospital for birth or any medical condition. The doctors are all highly trained.

April Elliott

Excellent surgeons and staff!!!

online reviewer

Wonderful ER staff and children's unit! My child felt better because of these people!

Himanshi Baranwal

wish I could give a zero. My doctors in India told me the first day the correct treatment and the doctors at Hitchcock delayed my treatment, complicated the procedure. I had to visit another surgeon in the US to rectify my treatment. He mentioned too that the treatment at DHMC was incorrect. The DHMC doctors are either careless/inexperienced or greedy to delay the treatment. It was not just one doctor but the entire team of ortho doctors at DHMC who couldnt or wouldnt tell me the correct action needed... Basically, India, a third world country, has much better medical facilities, more experienced doctors, and more efficient processes than DHMC. Oh and they charged me $~2000 for delaying my treatment post insurance.

Patricia Ford

Phenomenal staff throughout the clinic both in the hospital portion and in the clinics! My favorite place to be seen both for personal health and for Multiple Sclerosis. Great doctors!

Andrew Gentes

This hospital almost killed a friend of mine. Avoid if possible.

Karen Callis

DHMC did a very dangerously unsafe discharge on my brother. They paid for my brother a senior citizen to be dumped in a motel 6 in nashua from lebanon. They drove him to the motel without oxygen or shoes on his feet and had a pharmacy deliver a large bag filled with all his medications . brother was taken to DHMC in Lebanon with cardiac issues. He is a senior citizen that is blind, has copd, has been diagnosed with bipolar and schizophrenia.He can't walk without a walker and needs oxygen to breath. An agency was working on placing him into an assisted living facility. He had just giving up his apartment so he was basically homeless until they could get him in somewhere. Animals are treated better then this . What kind of people do you have working for you DHMC? I called the hospital ombudsman and spoke to Kim she assured me that she would call me back that day before his time ran out at the motel they dumped him in . She never did. Shame on you ! I guess this is how they treat their patients . Very sad. Those people need to go back to school and learn the true meaning of compassion, patient safety, or get out of the healthcare profession. How do you sleep at night

Eric Merrill

Rachel Jeffers is a caring .smart.and kind proffesional,she saved my life i trust her completely,thanks Rachel

Johnny Cab

God forbid you ever have an issue that is not clear as day like a broken arm, although they even might have trouble diagnosing that. Long wait times for routine visits, even worse for specialists, like "we can see you in 4 months" long. My experience with GP is they extremely hesitant to look into any concern you have, had to be examined by 6 doc/PAs and 2 months of bugging them to finally figure out an obvious hernia I have is indeed an obvious hernia, it's been almost 3 months now and I'm still waiting for someone in general surgery to even at least call me to discuss referral. This hospital feels like fast food medicine, the medical professionals go about their jobs like they're assembly line workers or robots and what you have to tell them has to fit into their obtuse machine or else it's simply thrown out and you are shooed out the door. Family/friends that work there are constantly aghast at it's bureaucratic behemoth administration and VPs/managers that muck up the works to justify their own employment. Going to try to transfer to some other smaller hospital once my current medical issues are addressed.

AM Myu

Gail Whitcher

I have a friend over there and trying to get information and updates on his condition is very very very difficult and I am on his contact list with the proper code. I was actually hung up on today. I only call once a day to check in so its not like I call and call and call. I will say the nurse I spoke with yesterday was fantastic and nice. But receptionists who answer the phones are rude, its to bad because people call their to find out about sick friends and lived ones and to be treated that way is not right. Maybe some training is needed.

jim mamos

Extremely impressive and exceptional Hospital. Care pre and post op was outstanding and the continuous follow up calls after is a continuation of their care and shows they are actually concerned about their patients. Next to Boston, this is the best choice and seeing how I'm an hour away from Dartmouth it's worth the trip.

Brianna Inman

we have received nothing but wonderful care for our son. CHAD is absolutely wonderful. The nurses and doctors work together to make sure they are doing what is the best interest for the patient and there family. I would recommend CHAD to anyone who needs pediatric care. Thank you so much

dale baril

I had an unbelievably hard time with Dr. Luttinger, and would like to make sure that no other patient goes through what I did. I was referred to Dr. Luttinger by a physician who was leaving her practice, and although Dr. Luttinger was very new to practicing medicine, I felt this might be ok. I had had one artificial hip surgery, and found out it was a bit short which affected my back and I had significant back pain. Dr. Luttinger worked only two days a week at that time, and had followed up with my other doctor by giving me percocet for the pain…which I had been taking before. It appears that another reviewer has problems with medication for her mother with pain issues Each visit with her was the repetition of the prior visit...there was not one visit where she asked how I was doing with my pain issues but appeared to launch into me about giving or selling my medication. It was brought up to me that she was new, and not very sure of prescribing...That is when I should have switched. I have been a nurse for 45 years, and my husband was an attorney...we always took the time with our clients or patients to develop a relationship with them...there appeared to be no attempt by Dr. Luttinger to do this. It was apparent to me that the nurse in the office might have been reacting to the grilling I received, as I left the last time she kept shaking her head . She was an hour away, so there were times when the weather was bad, that I could not get there for a refill, and she was then annoyed if I commented on that. This physician should never have been working with me with pain issues as she did not have the background or the understanding…. When I finally left, I wrote to Dartmouth telling them that she appeared to harrass me at every as I sought help for my back and hip pain issues. After I contacted a pain clinic, they did an MRI, realized I needed the other hip replaced and placed me on morphine, as they did not agree that percocet should be used in my case. I also shared my experiences with this physician, and they agreed that seeing she did not order appropriate tests, and appeared to harass me about my pain and the medication…she was not apparently able to appropriately treat me…….I had subsequent surgery to my back and now have two hip replacements and am with the Duke System who know exactly what they are doing. As a nurse for many years, in most every field, I have never…not ever treated a patient the way she treated me…..and was very appreciative of her staff who reached out to me after the visits with her. I do not recommend this physician for any patient.

Erika Sumner

We drive almost 2 hours to get here. My moms appointment paper said to be here at 9:45 am she would get her ultrasound at 10, it would take an hour and she would see a Dr at 11. At 10:15 the receptionist told her that the appointment was at 10:30. I run out to the car, to get the paper, and when I get back, the lady said she called someone and they had apparently moved some appointments around. Soooo, shouldn't the patients be notified? Last time, the Dr told my mom he was going to consult with a colleague and would be back. After awhile of waiting, they look in the hall...everyone was gone...lights off. They forgot about her!!! This is nonsense. I wonder how many other people have been through the same.

Alice DeNike

Great care at this hospital. Everyone has been wonderful. Do you think you could possibly run a vacuum in the parking garage elevators once a year though? Not a great way to greet your guests or give a great first impression of the cleanliness of your facility.

Linda Lapointe

The nurses, doctors and all other staff treated me with kindness and compassion during my nine day stay at Dartmouth/ Hitchcock.

Helenft Muller

I will say that the doctors, nurses and staff are great. My complaint is with the billing company. We have two insurance companies. I have one through my employer and my husband has medicare through kidney failure. We were on vacation and had an emergency that Vermont's ER was not equip to handle so they sent us there. The team there was great. I gave all our insurance information and asked about the co-payment, the guy there said there should be none between the two insurance company, okay. With mine alone it would have been only 250 according to the agreement between the insurance company and the hospital. We get a bill latter for over two thousand dollars, but see that they only billed my insurance and not medicare. We call them up and they insure us that it just takes a while to deal with medicare and not to worry about it. We ask if we should pay the co-payment, was told no. We ask about being sent to a bill collector if medicare takes too long, they said they would not do that. We get another bill and again call them. We start following up with them weekly until we get a letter from a bill collector. We call medicare and ask about the bill, to find out they at first did not submit it and when they did it was in the wrong format and they sent it back asking for the correct format. They never did and just sent us to a bill collector instead of telling us on our numerous phone calls to pay the co-payment or doing their job and resubmitting the paperwork correctly. So much for promising not to send some one to a bill collector, while dealing with medicare. Now we have to deal with getting the bill collector the amount over two thousand dollars because we were not sent for the amount of our co-payment. What a dishonest, greedy hospital it turned out to be. They did this all for money and lied the whole time. If I have a choice they will not be one I will go to again. I never had people incapable of handling bills so much in my life. They said it was mistake to send us, but they cannot undo it, which is a lie, you can call of a creditor in the time frame it was followed up on, they just did not want to do the paperwork. What a shock they were too lazy to help someone clear up their own mistake. Apparently paperwork is not their thing. I have never written a bad review before, but I think after dealing with medical companies piss poor billing habits, I think I will be writing more to come. At least the others when trying to get things resolve do not send the person working with them to the collectors. The billing company there should be a shame of themselves and embarrassed about their disregard for others and their lack of abilities to do their jobs properly.

dwight ferland

Big place but great smart doctors and staff that treat you well

marianne marino

I can honestly say this was by far and away the best hospital and the best care I have ever had! Being a retired nurse from Mass. and moving to NH I can tell you this first hand. As good, if not better than the Boston hospitals. The travel is about the same distance and time but prefer to use DHMC over the Boston hospitals anytime. The hospital is immaculate and the staff, both professional and ancillary in every department, were outstanding and compassionate. The doctors, surgeons, and nurses couldn't be better, with the exception of one plastics surgeon that happened to be surly, condescending, and just plain rude. Little to no compassion, empathy, or patience. I prefer not to name names because I will handle this situation on my own. But the best of all, were the short stay nurses and aides that I had. Outstanding professionals with great compassion and empathy. They handled my situation each time with exemplary care. I could never thank them enough. These nurses I'm about to name were from the SSU ( short stay unit). Mary Clifford RN, Barbara Power RN, Maria RN (don't have her last name, unfortunately), Wafia Brooks nursing assistant, and Kailey (? last name) student nurse acting in the capacity as a nursing assistant. I also want to give a shout out to Karen, my OR nurse of 30+ years. And one I can not leave out, Hayley, was one of the prior approval people. Was very very helpful and accommodating. Just a great person! It means a lot to have a staff such as this, that I just mentioned, when being diagnosed with breast cancer. They all made me feel like I was the only patient they had. They made me comfortable as possible both physically and mentally. Thank you so so much. I would recommend this facility to everyone and anyone!

Jessica LeBlanc

The medical staff that has graced my life, have been beyond incredible. Since 2004, I have received only the most beautiful care & understanding. Appreciations to all of you.

Jacob King

The doctors don't care–if they bother to see you. I was actually told my symptoms were all in my head. Only to come in months later, same symptoms, and finally I was diagnosed with Lyme disease. Why would a doctor not take his patient seriously? My only wish is they were more negligent so I would have grounds to sue them, because I would love to take these assholes to court.

Jen Tong

If I could rated them -10,I would. This is something related to their pre-authorization. I needed a heart monitor and i was on NH Medicaid...Dr. Jayne's office first offered a device firstmedical service located in Andover,MA. I was concerned of the insurance coverage. So i called Ambetter and was told they need to do pre-authorization in order to cover the service. But the device was already sent to me. So i had to send the device back without using it. I called Dr. Jayne's office, explained the reason, requested the paper be done and send me another device. They did get a Zio patch from iRythm this time, but still no paperwork. A month later,I received a 995 dollars bill that was declined by my insurance. I called DH cardiology and was jicking back and firth beteen billing and Dr. Jayne's office, and tge pre-authorization person,Kelly. yeah!!! They appologized, offered me financial assistant program ir not happy about it. They cannot possibly teduce my bill from 1000 to 100. Plus, this could have been avoided if they did their job efficiently. Then this Kelly person told me that "your insurance does not cover this service." Wait!!! That's not what they told me. I knew this zio patch wasn't's not like a one time ECG. That's the whole reason I sent the first device back and request their office do tge paperwork then send me another device. Their pre-authorization office dudn't do their job, resulted in the decline of the claim, but now this Kelly person told me it was not covered by my insurance anyway? So for a 1000 dollar procedure, when you know it's nit covered, you didn't think to mention to the patient at the time of service especially they already sent back the first device for insurancw coverage reason? My medical bills were messed up by DH 3 times, 2 annual physicals and one annual eyes exams that were supposed to be covered by my insurance..but instead, they coded as medical diagnosis and billed me. It took me phone call after phone call for 9 months to solve the stupid mistakes made by these lisenced/certified specialists...when they made mistake, they do not take responsibilities. They blame on patient...I have heard so many people complain of their medical services. But let me tell you, their admin services sucks even Kelly said she didn't do the paperwork because my name was not on the could that be my problem? I called back ,asking specifically for the pre-authorization to be done, but I'm not running the office. I cannot put my name on your list. It's your staff member's responsibility... It is such a shame that such a big hospital not only provides poor medical services, treating patients like no-feeling objects, they also are so irresponaible for their mistakes that caused patient financial all means to avoid this hospital.


This place is great. The doctors and technology they have here is absolutely wonderful. The one thing I do have to say is I always see the staff on there personal cell phones and I think that is completely unprofessional. While walking down the hall at the nurses station, standing right outside of the unit leaning against the wall texting. Like I said it's completely unprofessional I've never seen a work place where that is acceptable, they must have a break room they can use not the public areas or at least a rule about it and they all have pagers on them so I am assuming the cell phones are being used for personal use.

Denise Egbert

Always a good experience. No long waits, top notch doctors and staff

Delores Start

Cannt believe how fast i got in the spine clinic had sugury there 12 years ago worked up until this year now the team im with are great

Clifford King

I have had three experiences with DH. One in Lebanon was fine. Two in Concord at two different satellites was terrible. Avoid DH.

Louis Mudannayake

My family has been affiliated with MHMH for over 40 years.My husband is a physician who says his medicaid patients get better care.While some of the specialties (ortho for example) are very good, primary care is a Disaster.Social services is unconscionable.They refused to send my mother for rehab (I had arranged for her to go to Ascutney & she agreed) after her broken hip operation, sent her home, full of drugs where she fell again and broke her wrist-even though her family had strongly advised against this all in writing.Their response was "get a lawyer".The psych dep't (Dr. Santuli) gets paid by the drug companies & pumps his patients full of off-label antipsychotics.They bill insurance for patient consults when, in fact, they are meeting with the family.I could go on and on.They put me on Halcion when I was 20 simply because I had trouble sleeping!They simply don't care.I have never, anywhere in the world, seen such appalling disregard for patient welfare.

Roger Cageot

Every single time I go there, something is guaranteed to be overlooked. Pharmacy messes up prescription, doctor prescribes wrong antibiotics dosage, nurses leaves for home before giving test results expected by doctor, got a bonus dose of antibiotics moving from 1 department to another. I've gotten in the habit of double checking absolutely everything they say do or write. And then they mess up something else. You'll never hear "Oops, my bad, sorry we almost gave your son double the dosage, thanks for catching it". Very caring people but completely disorganized with a few just plain incompetent folks.

Nasser Alfayez

Cynthia the nurse in the plastic surgery dept is rude and racist to her patients and unprofessional!!

Desiree Plante

I had an appointment once scheduled for 1:15pm. I arrived over 30minutes early. As of 4:30 i still had not seen the doctor i was supposed to see and kept getting told the doctor was running ONE HOUR behind schedule. I walked out.

Sean Lawrence

You CAN get there from here!

William Manny

I live in New York City. While vacationing in Vermont, I had a medical emergency requiring a 5-day hospital stay. The treatment and care I received from doctors and nurses at D-H was top notch, making my first-ever overnight hospital stay not as bad as I thought it would be. Such a medical powerhouse for the region!

Abby/LittleFeet Samoya

I’ve been here in this hospital since I was a child (or teen) and I will always love this hospital too. I had great doctors and nurses. Plus I love the food court and a nice (yet expensive) gift shop and it a great place if you need your walking in. Piano sometimes would play in the main big hall. I would love to come back and see the new extensions of the building they added. So Dartmouth Hitchcock will always be my favorite hospital. ~Abby~

Barbra Brown

Sorry to say that of late the non professional staff at DHMC appears to have developed a rude streak. Doesn;t matter much who I talk to they don't seem to have a smile, or a kind word to say, that is sad. Needs to change.

Sarah Blair

Susan Ball

I had brain surgery, thy but a device in ,that stop seizures from hapenig ,it is like a pacemaker for the brain and it tells seizures not to happen you may have a little aura but I had big help buy it because I was confined to my wheelchair or to a bed and now I can walk do everything like a normal person pretty cool huh

John Caffrey

All doctors take very good care of my health.

Tim Bridge

Waits can run a little long in the waiting rooms. Fortunately the doctors and PAs are generally very good.


Our experience with the Pediatrics has been pleasant overall. We have always been treated with professionalism. The waiting area has a variety of kids games, and display toy sets for their entertainment.

Erika Gray

Awful awful awful ER experience back in February. Doctor and residents were great, but nursing staff was awful! Rude, disrespectful, and would disappear for hours. You definitely feel like a number there. I spent 12 hours in the ER waiting to get an ultrasound when I was pregnant and after I was cleared to eat something nursing staff was not even around or available to bring me crackers! Please save yourself the time and stress and go to Alice Peck Day if you do not need trauma care. Alice Peck Day is wonderful!

Lynda Bango

Carol Levin

my experience with a difficult surgery in 1999 was wonderful.......Thanks to all the staff.

Jeff Baker

Absolutely amazing hospital. The care that my daughter received there was incredible. On a side note, the facility itself is gorgeous!!!

Carol Wensley

Husband has stage 4 cancer and has been given wonderful care here.

Brooks Brandt

Alexis Mardanes

I brought my fiance to the emergency department because he was having a nose bleed for 4 hours straight and the part of his cheek next to it is completely swollen. After 8 hours of sitting in a room being, asked the same questions by 4 different people and the nose bleed still going they say sorry it's jus allergies there's nothing we can do. A 12 hour nose bleed and it's just allergies that he's never had in his life? Wosrt experience ever, it took a whole day and nothing is solved.

Charleen Tiraboschi

I see at least three doctors regularly at Darthmouth and am very pleased with the care they give. The staff, the professionalism, the cleanliness of the facility, the overall atmosphere is all I would expect from a hospital of this magnitude. So thankful for DHMC.

Laura Hearne

Another failure to communicate. My parents are being bounced from pillar to post by Brattleboro Hospital. The most recent miscommunication involved the failure of this hospital to get my father's MRI results in the right hands for a critical examination at Dartmouth–Hitchcock Medical Center. This appointment was a referral through Brattleboro to the wound clinic at DHM. Dispite being assured three times by staff at Brattelboro that this necessary MRI was sent to DHM wound center- it was not there the next day when my parent made the two hour drive north. Neither DHM nor Brattleboro were able in the 4 hours my parents were at DHM to rectify the situation. I ask you- how hard is it to send an electronic file and then confirm by phone that the file has been recieved? The subsequent examination by the doctor at DHM was brutal. Without the MRI she dug into his ulcers in his feet and reopen wounds to make her assessment - My father bled all the way home and by the time my Mom got him in bed his bandages were soaked through. This is not medical care it is torture.

Judith Jarvis

better care then brighams and womens Epilepsy drs are great give the best care

Nick Partridge

I love the staff whenever i go there, I live near claremont, but i was ever to be seriously injured or needed urgent care, i would want to go to dartmouth, i don't care that people say it's a learning hospital or anything else, my favorite hospital in the area. I'm participating in the study and the nurses, doc

David St.Pierre

Had a total hip replacement 2 years ago. When I lay down I notice that leg is longer and bad spasms so I asked the new doctor and he held my knees together from way over in his seat. And said meh theyre the same. Not at all what I expected. Expected a professional measurement not meh theyre the same. Mom had a slight stroke. One night mom was ill and had to go to the ER, We think you have a virus, The doctor yawned oh I'm tired, Mom Had terrible dizzyness so She had to see her doctor. I think you have an inner ear infection, see an ear nose throat doctor, She went and saw one. I think you have Vertigo, Have an MRI etc. Months went by we heard nothing and she suffered with the dizzyness. One day someone called to discuss something or other and they said, OH I SEE YOU HAD A SLIGHT STROKE! Mom was flabbergasted, I HAD A WHAT??? You had a slight stroke. SHE was never informed.. Complaints about all the misdiagnosis only received the response, THAT IS WHY THEY CALL IT PRACTICING MEDICINE. She is stuck with all the bills for all these visits to hear WE THINK. Heck I'd like to get paid to say I THINK and then send you on your way. Asked for prescription refill 3 days still not sent to pharmacy and phone is busy so cant even call to ask about it.

sherrie vance

This has to be the worst hospital in new england. They purposely withhold your prescribe medication and ignore calls from the nursing staff and the residents continuously ignore HIPAA and patient bill of rights. They lie directly to the patient or ignore the patient and the patients other doctors. When the patients primary doctor calls the resident on duty ignores the calls and doesnt return the calls.the system they use the epic system so your outside drs from another hospital can follow the dsyfunctional medical care your recieving at Dartmouth medical facility. The intelligence in the nuerologydept is undesirable and they will try to declare you incompendent when you catch them in a lie. The Dept of Health and human services should cancel all payments to them and the national institute of health should revoke all grants and funds. This is a complete disgrace ro the medical field. The only 5 stars is the rhuemotologist and their dept.and dietary. Stay clear of this place. Another patient actually scream in pain for 4 days and no attention was given to him. Checked out and went to a competent hospital. Reported them to medicare.

Maura Morrison

Second encounter-Monday morning-I had a completely different experience than I had on a late Friday afternoon. Everyone was pleasant, helpful and competent. Call early in the day for best results. (Earlier review-Fri PM-They must run out of the building at 3:55. I called radiology at 3:55 and no one ever answered the phone-there is no way to leave a message. It's disappointing when time is of the essence. )

forrest adams

ER is slower than death...front desk people are worthless and take forever to do anything... hated every minute

me 2

Was giving a referral from my regular dr. to go and see another dr. There which is 2 hours away from where I live but was definitely a visit worth taking.

Lucas Rifkin

This is a bright, spacious, and well run hospital. It is a pleasure working here in comparison to many other hospitals. People at all levels are very capable and tend to have good attitudes in general.

Robert Seavey

My experience with this facility was absolutely abominal. The patient communication and followup is almost criminal. No wonder they solicit everyone to pay in advance for surgery and treatment. They are eager to generate income for tests but no one ever tells you what the results are. You are expected to go to an online to a completely impersonal site to read the results which are not posted for over a week. The results are in medical terms which few can understand. When you try to contact someone to interpret the results for you, you get voice mail and if you are very lucky you might get a call back in a few days. This uncaring attitude should be totally unacceptable for anyone seeking medical help.

Rick Irish

Advice to parents - 1. Before travelling a distance to get there, call ahead THAT morning to verify appointment(s) are running on time. 2. If you need to kill time if appointments are running late or if you get there early, check out Molly's Place up on the 6th floor. Let the check in desk know you're there and they can even come get you if you are having to wait a while. 3. Ask where and how to get to food BEFORE you need it, so you aren't a) scrambling around at the last minute, and b) don't get lost.


Dan Robinson

Awesome place for treatment.

Marlene Handly Stack

Great facility, finding a good doctor has always the trick.

Alice Nichols

I had great care an such a positive outcome for a person with multiple brain tumours. Dr Evans did a great job . An I am feeling great at 4 weeks post-op an I am almost 70.

Barbara H.

I consider this one of the best hospitals/medical centers around - the expertise is as good as a "big city" hospital with "small town" caring. I have never encountered a doctor here who was not excellent. The nurses in the hospitals wards are the tops.

Jayne Smith

Jayne Benson not Smith anymore. Wonderful service's. Thank you so very much.


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