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REVIEWS OF Cottage Hospital IN New Hampshire

Lauri B

Took my brother to the ER. He is diabetic, has a pacemaker, and his medicine was changed a week prior. He started to not feel well, then his foot/leg started to swell. My father had these issues, developed an infection in his leg, and it had to be amputated. So we thought getting it checked out immediately was for the best. Cottage hospital has a bad reputation in town, but it was close by. The doctor working the ER gave my brother grief for wasting his time with an allergic reaction to his new meds. I’m pretty sure doctors are supposed to help all people in need, not just who they deem worthy.

Megan Roberge

Worst place ever!!! Shouldn't even give it a star but you have to write what you need. Went to rowe health center to see an endocrinologist and haha is all I have to say. Call you get results tell you everything is fine 3 weeks later and you get a call saying different and so you go in for more blood work and again 3 weeks later you hear nothing so you call and everything is fine....but the big kicker is they wont give you your results...really???

harry dean brown

Great place. Friendly and efficient from ER to all other services. Nurses sympathetic and blessed with a healing touch.

michaella gibney

Impressively Impressive

Nancy Edwards

Same day surgery staff we friendly, helpful. Very good at starting I vs patient with my husband and me. We were here on 2 different occasions. We will come back if we need medical care

Krystle Blakeney

Intake for my 6 year old was rough and fast and I was asked the same question 3 times cause he wasn’t listening to my answer. Kids are people too!!!!!!! Take a second with them! It’s scary enough they don’t feel well and don’t ever go to the hospital or see those people! Doc was rushing and not listening to my words either. SLOW. DOWN.

Lisy Meyers

Fine hospital. Great personnel. I have had very good experiences & my husband is now there with blood clots in his lung. Professional staff. Also very clean facility.

Stacy Eastman

I recently visited the emergency department with my mother and once myself. I found the doctors, nurses and rest of the staff to be very kind, calming and helpful. Thank you for all that you do!

Bridget Page

Karen Woods

Friendly staff. Clean environment. Many specialist so no need to travel for experts.

Alex Lamphear

Neil Snow

Had a great experience here years ago when my better half's mother had a bad brain aneurysm and needed imidiate surgery. We were in high school when we got the call, and left to go see her. Surgery went well and she made a full recovery with no issues. It's a neat little place. Not sure why it says Haverhill NH though...then you click the map and it's in Woodsville. It is actually in Woodsville, so I don't know why it says Haverhill? Google issues I guess. Should fix that so people don't get confused.

Diane Chase

Susan Bruinekool

One star only because I can't give zero. My husband went in for a shot for his sciatica and the doctor told him to come back in a week if he still had pain. Tried to get a second appointment and they said it was too difficult to get in touch with the doctor for his approval. They would have to fax him and that was too much trouble. Then they wanted my husband to see someone else and go through the process all over again...more $ for them I guess. Talked to another person at the pain clinic and she said she would set it up for him to get the shot. Over two weeks later, got another call saying no, that couldn't be done, he would have to come in for the whole approval process again. Absolutely horrible experience. Finally told them to forget the whole thing. We are going elsewhere.

AppleBlossom Farm

Members of my family have been seen as outpatient, in the ED and even admitted and surgical patients, and each time was a good experience for the most part. One ED nurse, Marshall (probably a few years ago now) was terrible, but the rest of the staff has always been wonderful, the facilities clean, and the bill very reasonable considering surrounding hospitals.

Christopher Balluch

Rhonda Zambernardi

Beau Moulton

Overall a very positive experience. Emergency room staff was attentive and professional. The wait was essentially zero but I chalk that up to good timing. The doctors and nurses were friendly and knowledgeable. The facility was clean and had good amenities. The food was of a good selection and not too bad. Only real issue; maintenance was scheduled for my room the day I was admitted and instead of postponing or fixing it before bringing me into the room, they insisted on removing me from the room for 20 minutes so they could finish the work...Very annoying, especially as ill as I was. After refusing and demanding a manager, I was shocked at how poorly the administrator handled the situation. My wife had to keep the peace because this woman actually told me I could leave if I didn't like it. Absolutely ridiculous for a person in her position!

jennifer Crimmin

I gave one star because it wouldn't let me rate any lower. This hospital has long been considered by the area as a "bandaid" hospital where you go if you can't make it to a real medical institution., tonigjt your ER department hit an all time low. My daughter who just did a year tour in the middle east and is one of the strongest women i know., who always puts herself last and practically has to be dragged to a dr if shes ill came to you because shes had a lingering painful cough and was short of breath and wheezing enough to worry her., and your staff belittles her within hearing distance and say shes "wasting their time" sorry you had to get off Facebook or stop your gossip session to treat a patient. Don't worry you won't have to waste your time on her or any of our family again., but we will be a thorn in your collective hides as we'll spread this dar and wide. Shame on you for making her or anyone else that comes to you for CARE embarrassed and less than worthy! You don't even deserve the title of "bandaid hospital"

Kim Miller

Same Day Surgery staff was very pleasant both before and after my procedure. Surgeon and Anesthesiologist were also pleasant. Staff made an unpleasant routine procedure worth of the discomfort of the prep!

Betty Rogers

My partner, who had Alzheimer's disease, spent a few weeks in the Ray of Hope ward. The staff was very compassionate and caring. I felt confident that he was in good hands while I couldn't be there. The only downside was that the food wasn't the greatest.

Sarah Michelle

Rudest staff ever - worst hospital experience here back in 2013. Avoid coming here if you can.

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