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REVIEWS OF Concord Hospital IN New Hampshire

Gary Ladd

Had to go to the emergency dept last night - everyone was great, addressed my needs quickly and professionally. I was then admitted and taken to 5 East for further diagnosis and treatment. The many nurses cared for me as if I were one of them, with huge kudos to Alana for her stellar care and warm personality. From the folks in the Lab, to the pharmacy, and throughout, I could not have hoped for a better experience in all areas! Thanks Everyone - I’ll not forget how great each of you were with me last night and today!

Lorraine Aucoin

R Belair

Always get great medical care along with keeping some dignity.

Amber J

Very unpleasant business office to deal with, even when you pay your bills... Long wait in the emergency room.

Vicki Cunningham

Staff always pleasant and helpful.


The emergency department is NOT the entire hospital - I encourage those who seek to review the emergency room to specifically go to review the Emergency Department. The ER is SWAMPED from about 9 PM to 3 AM. It will usually be a while depending on the day. I've been there too. They only have the resources they have. Write your senators, and be glad you aren't dying convsing in pain on the Dartmouth ER waiting room floor. I was born here, and haven't had a problem with them since. They do not over- or under- prescribe opioids, which I really appreciate in the current crisis. Their network of treatment teams, clinics, and specialists have been very helpful to me, with refreshingly few quacks and rude personnel. They're genuinely very compassionate, in my experience.

Anthony Vandeheiden

Dr Chodosh and Dr Lockhart are Amazing Cardiologist's, they saved my life ! I will always be Grateful to the Doctors and Nurses for their care !

ashley Landry

This is probably my third time here in a year. All for emergency visits. The front desk people are too busy joking around talking about God knows what and when it comes to patient care there is no compassion and no care. One lady was literally vomiting and the front desk people seemed to be very focused on their discussion of their vacation. The wait is 5 hours long and not worth it as you could probably die in the waiting room and that will be their next discussion. I just moved to the area not too long ago so this is a bit crazy and from what the man at the desk said, something that is normal now. If you have an emergency, my suggestion would be to find another hospital or call an ambulance


My first day i wasn't given any food for breakfast or lunch, when i braught it up a few times i finally got a tray of food that i could not eat due to not feeling well. I mention this they said "just wait for dinner because it will be soon", come dinner time I don't get dinner.

Kevin Krug

My wife went to this hospital and was diagnosed with a UTI. Her doctor then went on to tell her these are often transmitted by unfaithful spouses and this could have been the cause of her issues. I have never been seen at this hospital myself however this has cause as you may guess allot of issues within my marriage. People trust doctors and to say something like this is highly unprofessional and all my requests to talk to this doctor or anyone at the hospital in reference to this have went unanswered. I have even went as far as to reach out to HR and the leadership of the hospital and all have went unanswered.

K Whitelaw

The prefix to my original review reflects the fact that the billing depertment came through and fixed this. It took a long time and many calls, but this was finally processed through insurance and I'm no longer in the hole with out of pocket expenses for what should have been covered. Increased my rating from 1 star to 3. Hopefully future experiences will let me keep increasing this. Previous review text was: Medical service is good.... good luck dealing with the billing department unless you plan to pay cash. After 15 months they still couldn't negotiate an insurance claim and failed to turn over an itemized bill so I could process directly. I've been on the phone with them a dozen times trying to get them help and they turned over to collections when they still hadn't done their part to properly process this.

Michael Brisson

Prem Gaz

Only name is emergency but the services is not like emergency. Everything's are slow. This hospital needs more improvement.

Angelique Rodriguez

The emergency room wait will make you want to go home and die instead .

matthew greeenwood

Best doctors. Slow service. Long waits but bwtter than most. Thry have soecilast for every part ....

John G. Lewis

Excellent care here, and certainly one of the finest all around hospitals in the State. The Doctors and staff are caring, and the service and care received is generally optimal. Yet, just recently, and within the last decade, I have been having issues with the executive staff at Concord. Some doctors, who are additionally on their Board, magnanimously loan out their time on weekends to serve the public (in the Emergency Department, for example), and can develop a somewhat haughty attitude.... Security has increased, and as a result, Concord Hospital perhaps has developed a 'sour' or abrasive edge to what was a very loving and caring institution. I have been having fair difficulty of late relating to some of their doctors and executives, in regard to myself, and care for other members of my family... However, my recent experience with the Doctors, Executives, and Security staff may not have been truly representative. Yet it is still somewhat worrisome. Nonetheless, with the sterling past service record (I have lived in the state for 20 years), and still formidable array of doctors, Concord Hospital still merits a 5 star score. But there are fissures appearing.

Katie Cushing

Horrible experience with the birth of my baby. She came premature and the nicu is just awful!! They expect you to be there every second of everyday so they don’t need to do their jobs. Not understanding at all, and gave my 33 weeker a god damn rash!! Disgusting, rude ass nurses. Can’t wait for this to be over!

Haley Bryan

Susan bellt

I don’t love hospitals but I Love this hospital ... this was the 3rd time I’ve been here for my husband who got hit a year ago by an 18 wheeler and the staff from the ED and beyond was caring and fast. We came here today after being at hospital in Manchester was waiting there for-ever got nothing ....Concord hospital had blood pressure, X-ray of lungs and EKG done within 20 minutes of getting there!!! Thank you


Policies are punitive and restrictive. Web interface is inconsistent. Orthopedic center is a joke! Look for alternatives, you will be disapoined if you don't.


My husband had hip surgery and they were all very caring and attentive.The orthopaedic institute staff were excellent! Catherine the liason kept us well informed and couldn't have been nicer.Five stars!

Ellen Lahey

Thank You to the Emergency Room, especially my nurse,Kerri who took such good care of me. Thank you too to the entire staff who made my visit so much easier.

Riana Conklin

I took my daughter to Concord pediatrics eye care, and Dr.Morse was amazing as usual, and all the nurses were amazing as well. They are quick, efficient and always put my daughter at ease. Totally recommend this place

Shannon Dagesse

My husband has a knee replacement.Dr Wiley was amazing and the nurses, housekeepers, and all the rest were just as amazing.

Elaine Rust

They saved our daughter's life. We are forever grateful for this fabulous facility.

Ryan Palmer

They left my girlfriend with a life threatening issue. She was admitted into the ER for a torn abdominal muscle. Knowing she had an ovarian cyst that may add complications, she requested an ultra sound be done. They told her not to worry and that was not an issue. The care providers refused to even take her concerns into consideration. She ended up having a Adnexal Torsion. Concord hospital had her performing physical therapy tasks engaging the effected area, all the while denying her a second opinion. When she finally received care the cyst had burst, her ovary had no blood circulation and she was becoming septic. At that time she was under a hundred pounds from being a healthy 140 and emotionally defeated before receiving care. She lost half of her reproductive system, and almost lostbher life. Now with the torn muscle from the initial injury She has been fighting to get back to the active life she had before this incident. Concord hospital has refused to accept any responsibility for their obvious negligence. If it is a serious matter avoid at all cost. I wouldn't trust a care giver at concord hospital to tie my shoes.

Peter Twombly

Hope I'm not dying waiting for Dr


Worst hospital I've ever been to. Horrible care and your just another number.

John Theroux

Olga Zhalkovska is the worst psychiatrist on earth. She is unwilling to work with patients, overprescribes medication and tortures people with ECT (electroshock treatment)

Kendall Wilkins

Came in with a friend for abdominal pain. Has a history of cysts on her ovaries. Got in the waiting room at 2:30 went to ultra sound hours later. Pumped her with 2+ bottles full of contrast smoothie for a ct skan incase they couldn't see her appendix in the ultra sound. Come to find out at 830 when we finally get put in a room to see a doctor they did see her appendix in the ultra sound but they gave her a ct skan anyways. Been sitting here since 2:30 and it's already 8:45. They forgot the iv needle in her arm from the ct skan and had it sitting in her full of blood until the doctor said that can come out because they forgot she had it in. Worst experience and I will never recommend this to anybody or come back. Not impressed, disappointed and feeling bad for my friend who feels worse now then she did when we came in. Thanks for nothing !

Mathew Chase

AinsleyRose S

Ridiculously unprofessional. My mother was discharged with an open head wound, still bleeding, no bandage no sutures, nothing. She is now in a hospital in boston due to their negligence. Absolutely disgusted. DO NOT GO HERE


The wait time was horrible, staff was rude with horrendous bedside manor, and ended up misdiagnosed.

Jeff White

Came into the emergency room this morning with what might have been appendicitis but found it to be an intestinal infection. Great job for figuring that out in a matter of 90 mins. Very unhappy that we were left in the emergency room for over and hour and a half to get checked out, nobody stopping by to give any explanation or reason why it took so long to get a couple anti-biotic pills and to be told to get dressed and leave. Good medical service but poor customer service. I am sure the bill will be at my house within days....even better as a money collecting service. 30 plus mins later.....still waiting to get staff coming to room for any update as to why we are still sitting here. They must charge per minute that someone sits in the bed.

Mateus Dos Santos

This place is a joke, my buddy had a confirmed broken collar bone and the staff took an hour to assist us. The staff is a joke and the training is poor.

Joe Gleason

A few months ago I broke my wrist and ended up in the emergency room. What started out as excellent turned a bit worse and ended up ok at the end. When I arrived (drove myself) I was in a lot of pain. They took me within the first five minutes, got vital signs and basic info. Asked me about the pain level which I described as a 10, worst I've ever felt. Got some ice and a pillow which helped straighten it up a bit. I sat down to wait. 10 minutes later (pretty good time I thought) I was led down to get x-rays taken. Back out to the waiting area and that is where things got worse. No pain relief and I sat out there for 90 minutes before getting in to see a Doctor. At that point I got some pain meds and they proceeded to straighten out the wrist. Got a friend to give me a ride home.

Tim Akerberg

This hospital has the worst E.R. ever! With my wife in the E.R. and she was having very bad chest pains, trouble breathing, nausea, and pains throughout her right side which hindered her movement. They made us wait for almost 3 hours and counting. On top of the fact that we watch people who came in after us who didn't even look unwell get into a room before us. Glad to know they really care about the well being of their patients. When they asked my wife how bad the pain was on a scale from 1 to 10, 10 being the worst, she told them it was above 10. And we still had to wait while others who didn't even look to be in pain that came after us gets admitted to a room. So unprofessional! Very disappointed!

Rachel Ortiz

My experience here was terrible. They were concerned about an aneurysm but made me wait 3.5 hours (I would’ve died by then), a nurse tried to give me another patient’s medication until the computer stopped her, the tech who did the iv left tons of blood all over my arm, and when I had a medication reaction and my heart rate shot up, my monitor alarmed for over ten minutes without the nurse checking on me.

Clarence Welbes

Kendall James-Ferguson

Worst hospital ever. I worked here and was a patient here. This hospital's toxic work and health environment is a systemic problem that will never be fixed. As a patient i now go to Dartmouth where they caught 5 serious diagnosis that Concord hospital openly ignorantly missed. Also if you work on main street youll see their toxic employees openly abusing food service workers. Clearly they are mistreated all day and have to take it out on someone they see as lesser. Also if you review readers have a moment Google search Kirk J. Yanski he was arrested on several felonious accounts of sexual assault but I was told by HR that, 'that's just how he mangages.' When I made complaints about how uncomfortable I was working with him for very personal reasons I shared with them at the time. Including him following me outside of work. Such a sickening environment and employees.

Amy Deschenes

I'm not sure why the 1st 3 reviews I read only speak about the food in the cafeteria and not the patient care experience. I love food also and I want to fit in so that's what I will mention here. I used to work at Concord Hospital (which is a great place to work), but every other Thursday the cafeteria would serve what they call an Italian Grill Cheese. It doesn't get any better than this folks... I loved them so much that my co workers brought in everything necessary to make our own. It is made of mozzarella and provolone cheese, fresh basil grilled up on a glorious panini bread... then they cut it into four pieces and serve it w a side of marinara sauce for dunking. The best advice I could give anyone is to eat as many of these as possible as it will significantly increase your level off happiness!!! And yes , I am a strange one lol.

Shey Provencher

Jonathan Swain

Brought my 90 year old Dad to the Emergency room on Monday at 12:15 pm and they didn't see him until 4:55 pm! I felt like I was in a third world facility. Once they had a bed available for him to be seen in Emergency, the waiting game continued. The PA that came in to see him was nice, but her "white" coat was so filthy and didn't look like it had ever been washed, her pants were ripped on the bottom and she was walking on them - not impressive at all! The halls were all cluttered with stuff everywhere, the janitors filthy cart was on the floor next to items that should be sanitary like white towels used on patients. The girl that set Dad up to do his IV did a horrible job, blood all over his bed and hands, she said oops, sorry! Then she didn't clean him up, I did! It gets better......They come in to do an EKG, took about 5 minutes ( thats fine ) stood back and pulled the wires off him all at once, said that was easy and left the room. They left all the sticky ports all over his body, I removed them before we left. Then an hour of waiting, they come take him to do a cat scan and when they return him no one comes into the room to hook him back up to machine that was monitoring his heart rate and blood pressure so I figured it out and hooked him back up. 45 Minutes later the " technician" came in and I told her I hooked it up, she said, oh no one came back in, nope, I figured it out. She said, you did good. The Doctor that finally came in to see him was excellent, clean, professional, and seemed thorough. Oh, the male technician or nurse that was in and out came in to take his IV out, pulls out some gloves from the box, three fall to the floor ( just left them there ) removed the IV and then threw it in the trash can, not the needle box, and then commented on all the blood on the bed from the technician that installed it. It was quite an experience, I was very disappointed and it left me quite concerned and more motivated to stay healthy! Maybe it all boils down to staffing shortages or just poor management! Someone please help this hospitals ER! -- Good experience in other areas of the hospital I must report, the ER though, wow!

Danielle Carrier

As an RN for 18 years I have never seen such horrific care.. not ever. Do not go here. They also lie to you and your family members. That's never, ever ok. We all as licensed medical professionals, took an oath to cause no harm!!!!... they caused me so much harm. I still cry about it over 2 years later, when I went in of my own free will, asking for medical care. Unreal and unforgivable. I wish for the Governor to step in. She will. I'll make sure what I was treated like, will never again happen to anyone else.

Nicole Mcllarky

If I could leave no stars I would. This hospital was completely unprofessional!!! Er nurses treat the patient like dirt. Brought my wife to er with chest pains. After taking her vitals with a broken machine (heard nurses talking about the malfunction) they did nothing!!! Waited in the waiting room for 4 hours and when I complained to the nursing staff they sent the discharge nurse to kick us out. Thank u for nothing concord hospital!! Sincerely Jake and Nicole McLlarky

K Herlihy

Neurology department staff is a JOKE! INCOMPETENT TO THE EXTREME!! The office there is incompetent and can't even relay a simple message. The nurses don't read charts or files before calling back on the incomplete message! Can't believe no one has complained before!!

chicken head

My mother stayed here for a few days after an unfortunate stroke and was treated rather poorly , she wasn’t able to use the bathroom over the first 36 hours she was there and her bed constantly had alarms going off even with the slightest movement because she wand allowed to leave her bed however, no nurse came in to turn off those alarms for a very long time and I witnessed this first hand when I visited her. She was transported from Franklin Hospital to Concord being told that is where they can suit her needs best when in reality she was severely uncomfortable the whole time she was there.

Tony Soltani

Stay away if you want to live. This place is great at spending people's money. Pretty stuff and cool things. But do not expect medical care or decent treatment. Also assume your information becomes published and distributed to all the third world countries when you walk in. The computer terminal and intake area are at the door of the emergency room. I mean at the door and about 40 people just milling around. Don't even think about the quality of medical care! Drive to Dartmouth or down to Massachusetts. Your life may depend on it. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$.

kevin mccarthy

Absolutely the worst ER I've ever experienced in my life. Waited 2 hours. I was there because I felt something in my right ear moving around. This had been going on for 6 months. I sat on the far side of the room in one of there straight back metal chairs. I didn't want to mess up the gurney for an ear exam. PA Smith look at my right ear for a nanosecond said she couldn't see anything. She complained she could barely reach my right ear. Her diagnosis, middle ear infection in my LEFT ear. She never even looked in my left ear. A complete and utter waste of time.

thomas bass

I've been to this Hospital on several occasions since I moved to Concord New Hampshire. This hospital has been great every single time except for the last time I was there. I went into the ER for the same reason severe pain shortness of breath chest pain and ascites from liver damage. I showed up at 6 PM, was not called back after triage until 12 am. Another hour goes by before getting anything for pain, then the ER doctor who is new to the area and is only work there for one week comes in and tells me that they don't drain fluids which I've had drain there for other times but she'll do a sample test to see if I'm septic should have read the instructions on the kit. Cause me the worst pain that I have ever had and then told me that she would give me something stronger than morphine for pain. The nurse comes in says the doctor ordered morphine 20 minutes goes by I'm still in severe pain I'm thinking the doctor did something wrong maybe injured me inside so she gives me another dose of morphine still in severe pain she gives me two more doses of Dilaudid. Still in severe pain still full of fluid they move me to another room a half an hour later they discharged me and have me sleep off the pain medications in the waiting room in a chair until 6 a. M. All this doctor worried about was trying to get talked me into a flu shot because she gets one and so does her kids. I believe this doctor needs to be retrained or schooled on the practices of an ER if you don't know how to do a paracentesis and don't puncture somebody's abdomen for a sample. Furthermore this has been the worst experience that I've ever had at not only this hospital but any Hospital and until this ER doctor is removed I will be going to another hospital.

Natalie M

Jake Smith

This is the greatest patient care facility I have ever been to. The staff will go out of their way to help you in any way they can. Service was received fast and in a professional way. I would 100% recommend this to anyone.

Jocelyn Byrd

Negative 10 stars. Broke my leg 3 months ago and came in for a re-X-ray because I twisted it wrong. Got brought into the X-ray room after 30 min and after taking some pictures sent me back to the ER. I came out of the room at 12am and left at 4am with a broken leg and a X-ray that took 4 hours to get passed from one room to the other.

Jenna Bergstrom

If I could leave 0 stars I would... This is also only the second review I've ever left in my life, so that justifies how upset I am... The ER treated me like I was a 5 year old who had no idea what was going on with my body. I explained to them MULTIPLE times what my pain level was and where it was, yet they completely ignored it and got xrays in different areas. I also told them I needed xrays and they kept saying "youre young, youre totally fine," but after begging them for awhile I finally persuaded them to give me an xray. After my xray turned out negative, I left the hospital...20 minutes after I left, the PA called me and told me that the xray ended up being positive. I was extremely stressed out especially with all the pain I was in and the doctors were VERY demeaning. I would 100% recommend going to any urgent care or really any other hospital before this one.

Amanda Franco

Waited in the Emergency room waiting room for about 3 hours with a dislocated shoulder. Minimal communication in regards to what the hold up was and when I could expect to be seen. Finally got back to a room and the nurse walks in after waiting in the room for 30 minutes stating there are minimal doctors and an extensive list of people to be seen and to expect to be here for a few more hours at minimum. Absolutely ridiculous.

Danyelle Fay

lucas ellsworth

Sucks, wait time several hours (going on 3+ and still waiting) for a simple 5 minute procedure.

Ron G.L.

Pay no attention to to negative comments. Obviously the younger generation has no idea what its like to need a hospital. (YET). This is such a wonderful hospital. I know, they will treat you for whatever you need FIRST, money comes later. Meaning, your financial situation has nothing to do with your care. They will help you first. I love this hospital. The nurses are caring human beings. It's not easy to smile all day after seeing the stuff they do, but they do it. Doctors come and go, the nurses are the heart of this hospital.

Christine Ackerman

Friend admitted to the 6th floor, horrible care, no one around to answer call lights, no nurse to teach about medicine or care after surgery, poor discharge planning ... what a nightmare this floor is

James Kirk

Clean but the elevator system is confusing

Coralee Simonds

Yellow pod sucks! But definitely did their job and held on to my wedding ring is thought I lost!

Aaron Carroll

Security guard Bruce has a chip on his shoulder! After the concord police call concord fire because of shortness of breath. and taken to the ER . After treatment i told the staff i had no way of getting home they kept saying do not worry we will get you home some how. after the discharge me i asked about the ride and was denied. now i told them had no money to pay. I said i would just stay in waiting until morning and i would get a ride, this was 1:30 am was told i could not stay in waiting room. so i ask , you want a 57 old male with bad heart and pacemaker ? to walk in the middle of the night 4 miles with snow ans ice or the roads? Security guard Bruce said yup. And this place says there care about you! NOT JUST YOUR MONEY


I cannot believe how absolutely rude and unprofessional the phone operator was to me on the phone today. When I asked to be directed, the woman was incredibly rude and refused to direct me and then in the middle of me explaining that I had tried to call myself, she hung up on me and I never was able to place my phone call. Never in my life has someone hung up on me let alone a hospital?! Will be going somewhere else. Cannot believe how disorganized this hospital is.

britany marie Garcia villanueva

(Translated by Google) Very good doctors and nurses (Original) Muy buenos doctores y enfermeras

Ed Serino

Tim Woodward

I had a five day stay here. 99% of the doctors, nurses, LNA, etc...were very very very very kind, polite, informative, direct and just downright helpful. This place is rather large, so don't hesitate to ask for directions. There are several help desks throughout the buildings. Yes... buildings. There are three total. This hospital was exceptionally clean. All hospitals usually are...but this one was something else. The cafe is well stocked to meet ALL dietary needs.

Keith Jennings

I would give this place a half star if it allowed me to

Nick Marcu

Cheyenne B

Derek Mahan

Go in with extreme sciatica and groin pain...Sends me home with crutches for 1 day and back to work 12 hour shifts.

Jillian Trinidad

Went to hospital with my son today for a simple day surgery. While i must admit the nurse staff was excellent as always. the others such as the anesthesiologist was ready to get my son out the door much too soon. Never in my 33years have i ever heard of a hospital releasing a patient before they can even sit up on their own let alone stand. That is exactly what they did. I guess I should've expected this though considering 15 years ago I was a patient there it almost cost me my life and the life of my unborn child. Terrible service doesnt cover what I think...

Alta King

If I could give this sorry hospital no stars I would. My sister went into their emergency Room because of kidney stones that they could not get rid of so the doctor here put a stent and and she had it in for it week. They sent her home with no pain medication and no antibiotics although she was in pain with a 10 or more it's no changes in urine flow, etc. Fast forward to a Couple of days after the stent being pulled and enormous amounts of pain and they still won't put her on antibiotics or pain reliever so she went to another emergency Room where they did a CT scan and x-rays and found that her kidney is 3 times the size as it should be! Now I don't know what kind of medical doctors this retarded hospital has, but it doesn't take a damn brain surgeon to do their job efficiently and competently and find something as simple as an enlarged kidney. If your doctors continue with their medical malpractice I will file a lawsuit especially if my sister becomes septic and dies! so let this be one and final warning to you! I promise you, I will not stop digging until I get to the bottom of this issue. Your Dr's better get their heads out of their a** fast and quick!

Eric Connor

I was recently admitted to the hospital first time ever spending an overnight never mind for 16days I just want to say a BIG thank you to one of my nurses Sheri she mad me feel like everything was going to be ok she went above and beyond each time I had her if I could of requested her my entire stay I would of in a heartbeat. I actually miss her she is such an inspiration. Concord hospital you are so lucky to have an employee like her I truly hope you appreciate her and acknowledge her for everything she does! Hands down the best!!!

Bianca Mitchell

If I could give zero stars I would. They dont have any respect for patients. Obgyn sent me here to be a assessed at 35 weeks pregnant 3 hours later still in waiting room. Mike at check in is very rude. Why ob sends you to the er is still puzzling. Worse hospital around

Celia Cordova

Morgan Lawrence

The staff was patient and hardworking through a very busy day yesterday. Everyone was so kind to us, the rooms were clean, and the wait was not bad. Every person who was with us was AMAZING! I felt truly cared for even in such a hectic environment. I'm so grateful for the level of professionalism this hospital practices. Thank you so much.

CL Moore

I can not even describe how HORRIBLE this hospital is. it is like a circus with a bunch of clowns. incompetent rude and money motivated. everything about it is RIDICULOUS! ignorance is bliss at this hospital. the staff is to busy gossiping to pay attention to do anything. if you want to stay alive stay away from this hospital. you usually come out with more then you went in with. its filthy and full of disease without a doubt. cleanliness scores 0, work ethic scores 0, compassion scores 0, knowledge scores 0, wait time scores -20, gossip skills scores 10, if you are planning to go to this hospital please clear your schedule for at least a week in advance. that is just the wait time to get into a room. good luck and stay alive by staying away from this disaster of a hospital.

Elizabeth Tinker

Rude and disrespectful nurses on the Family Place floor. I am a LNA at LRGH and a nursing student, and even though I may look young and the nurses talked to me like I was dumb and had no idea what was going on. I think they need more training in the respect aspect. You never know who is walking around and overhearing conversations.

Nick Ramos

Jade Rose

Nice people but they are SLOW AS HELL

Transient Curse

Good luck if you don't go in by ambulance. Wait is regularly between 2 and 3 hours, they don't check up on anybody's condition, and the staff is needlessly hostile towards patients in the waitng room. Just doesn't operate like most hospitals. Worth an extra drive somewhere else.

Alicia C.

The hospital is clean and inviting - put the positiveness ends there. First of all apparently they do not subscribe to protecting patients sensitive information since in the Emergency Room there is no privacy so you get everyone's full personal details, medical history and the ailment they are there for all while sitting in the waiting room. Also parading my urine sample in a clear bag through the waiting room was pretty demeaning. The nurses were not bad but you definitely get the "hurry up and a get out" kind of vibe. Additionally my wait time to get back to a room from the waiting room was approximately 4.5 to 5 hours....yeah too long! This hospital could be so much better if they instilled more privacy for patients and addressed emergency room wait times (this seems like a tough one though).

Kate Putnam

Sarah Lounsbury

Wonderful experience at Concord Hospital Day Surgery . My 9 yr son had oral surgery on 8/2/17 everyone was GREAT checking in, all of the nursing staff in pre-op especially Tracy (lead recovery Nurse I believe )and Dr. Mark Scura (oral surgeon). A difficult and stressful day made much easier by all the great staff . One thing that impressed me was how great they all were with my son explaining everything and making him smile at the same time.

Jim Bagiackas

Josh from security is pretty awesome! STEPHEN IS AWESOMEEEEE AS WELL!!!!!

Kevin Laurent


April Smith

My poor stepfather has been admitted to Concord Hospital several times, in different departments for various conditions, including major surgery and long stints in ICU. He, and his large family of visitors, have all experienced excellent care, as well as friendly and caring nurses and other staff, from doctors to the staff in the cafeteria. All of whom often go out of their way to help, support, explain. I feel so comfortable with this hospital, and so grateful for the compassionate treatment we all received. And, it has always been clean and comfortable! Art a la Carte comes around with selections of prints to hang near the hospital beds, and also books. The food is reasonably priced, tasty, and healthy, with a good selection. There is a nice cafe, and the gift shop has great coffees, teas, and gifts. I even spent time knitting a swatch with materials from a community knitting basket to donate for a quilt that will be gifted to a patient in need. I feel really good about Concord Hospital. :)

Chekeri Byimanikora


Nurses are total jerks I wouldn’t trust my life with such sociopaths.

Mark Weinreb

I had an MRI there yesterday in the diagnostic center. Even though it was a long test, the technicians did a a great job. The technician Jane was particularly empathetic especially when I began getting sick from the medication they injected into me for the test. Warning. There is a lot of breathe holding during the exam so u may want to do some breathing exercises before hand.

Shane Dowsey

uh n hmm.

David Maura

A healthy and unusual stop for a lunch when in town If you're lucky & they have the citrus salmon- don't hesitate. Dig in. It's a friendly hospital, full of really great nursing staff. There is free parking, handicap access, a large inside dining area and a separate but still enclosed smaller room. It's a Heart Healthy diet so choices are balanced for you. The hospital offers this to the public as well to help make prepared, healthy meals available for anyone at reasonable cost.

EthanPeter Richard

terrible. period.

Mary Day

Concord Hospital is one of the finest hospitals in NH. My experience at this facility was scary, and they made me feel very comfortable. I had to have back surgery as I could hardly walk, the day of surgery, waiting for the operation was the worst. Each staff member came to me with a smile and reassurance that everything would be alright. The anesthesiologist promised me that he would have the Chippendales there to help turn me over for the back surgery, and he made me laugh and feel comfortable and secure. My only disappointment was I can't remember his name, and I didn't get to see the Chippendales. DARN. After the surgery, there was always someone in the room, time after time after time, I don't believe I was ever alone. The care was amazing and the nurses and staff were just wonderful. Concord Hospital is top notch, there is always someone to tick you off, but you need to overlook that and move on. Your stay has a lot to do with YOU as well. Wonderful experience.....thank you Concord Hospital for taking good care of me.

Carlo Malaguti

Great Hospital. Fantastic people!

Lucas Smith

Great place. Would suggest it to anyone. Never going back to Lrghealthcare again. Such terrible service there.

Evan Cote

4 hour waste of time.

David McSweeney

The staff are all around just incredible. Extremely kind, helpful, informative and attentive. They literally saved my fiance's life and did an excellent job with the c section and handing the severe bleeding from previa. She was on the verge of bleeding out to death and she was saved! Thank you guys for saving her and delivering our beautiful baby boy!

Daniel Walsh

Great hospital and service!

Calvin Leclerc

Horrible service and didn't seem to care about my son.


After missing my pneumonia then on another visit subjecting me to the most psychotic so-called doctor (Kavitha Kittu), Concord Hospital can take a long walk off a short pier and take their psychotic, inept staff with them.

Shawn Bolduc

Small laceration on daughters forehead. Literally 10 minutes with ER doctor that cleaned the wound and put a butterfly bandaid on it and our bill was $2,000. YIKES! Challenged the bill and was told it was coded correctly. How is this possible I am paying $2,000 for neosporin and a bandaid? Only positive here is they have a finance plan :(


if i could rate less than one star i would. they really do NOT prioritize helping people and most nurses only care about themselves (and probably the benefits their job provides them). i've never seen so many distressed people sit in a waiting room for over 3 hours. you guys need to seriously DO YOUR JOB. this is pitiful.

Kyle Weeks

Pleasant very caring

Quinn Young

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