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Jim Hardy

Horrific experience. I don't know what kind of place is called an "emergency" room that makes people who have actual emergencies wait 4 hours to be seen. Add the fact that there are children and pregnant women who are suffering, you've got a great way to spend a Friday night...or even morning, cuz that's probably when we'll be seen. Go to Elliott, go to Dartmouth Hitchcock, hell, go to your mom's house to be taken care of. ANYPLACE but here if you're looking for treatment.

Melissa Bolton

Came in with HEAVY bleeding at 12pm. Didn’t get seen for over 2 hours. Left before I even was seen. Go to Manchester.

Jonathan Rogan

Not happy with some of the ER Nursing in particular. Inattentive to my legitimate requests like Tylenol for my chronic back and neck pain and lunch (no water either)! by the time lunch did arrive (over an hour wait) I was released and asked to wait for my ride in the lobby:(


Transported here from urgent care after having a stomach flu last over two weeks. Was getting sick in the waiting room for 4 HOURS. Staff was rude and unprofessional. Ended up misdiagnosed. DO NOT GO HERE.

Nikki D

The emergency room itself is slow .... People are right. You will guaranteed wait an hour... I think it took my son who is 3 about an hour to be seen for a bleeding head wound. It took my husband who had lacerations on his hand about 3 hours to be seen ... And the person who stitched him did an awful job. I know they do the best they can do ...but the waiting room both times was not full. Maybe they are understaffed ? It makes no sense... But hey I don't work there it is hard to tell. When I had to go in on an ambulance...I was priority. So if possible maybe go in on an ambulance? I will say the Obgyn is amazing. So don't feel detered by that .. if you are having a baby, you will have a good experience. I had to go through the Er and was seen right away. I think it also depends on what staff is on... Some of them just need to be let go ..and recycled for better people. Sorry but it is true. The hospital is still a business...and they definitely could use some improvement for the money they make a year from people who need them most.

Ry R

I work as a nurse at a different hospital, and the wait here is absolutely ridiculous. I spent over 2 hours waiting for my father to be seen, who has leukemia and a fever. Not worth it.

Caitlyn April

If you value life. Do not support this hospital

debbie d

1 star is to good for this place. I went in with horrible back and stomach pain. After 4 hours of waiting I went up and told them to take me off the list with tears in my eyes I was suffering so bad then sitting in that chair waiting all that time I felt worse when I left. This place is horrible!!! Hire more drs if u need to. Im sure your making enough money off these patients to afford them. Anyone that gives this place a good review must work there.

Dan Beldin

If you can drive the extra 20 minutes to Manchester DO IT

Frank Rizzo

Absoltue joke, complete disregard for people ! My wife sat in ER with our 4 yr old for 35 min with no one even talking to her. This place is a joke and should be checked and or reviewed by the state.


Redicules wait time so I walked out ✌️

John Saunders

Let me start off by saying I have never gone to the ER for myself (thank God). But I certainly have never heard anything good about it.. From my perspective they should call it the hurry up and wait room. My wife was sent here recently with extremely high blood pressure (200/100 range) obviously a high risk for stroke or heart attack. So fine, she had to wait several hours, that just seems like the norm.. I think what bothers me more is the fact that once she was finally admitted the whole place just seems like the right hand has no idea what the left hand is doing. I mean in the time I was there with her I think I heard them ask the same questions a half a dozen times, Why? Do they not have a system to record this stuff for the next person? I mean how many times do we need to be asked about having a will in place? It’s like every person that came into the room asked the same questions. Yet in the 24 hours she was there they couldn’t seem to get her medicine figured out, or even get her basic things like food. They ask you the question then disappear an then never come back, then the next person comes in ask the same question an doesn’t come back, no follow through. It was honestly horrifying. I also find it amusing how when someone comes in with certain medicine they need to take at a certain time daily, you’re at a Hospital, an I feel like they have no concern what so ever if you get what you need on time or not, or get it at all for that matter.. Shouldn’t that kind of stuff be a priority in a hospital? They got her blood pressure to go down with med's but nothing was changed in terms of long term medicine or approach to keep it that way so she was released no better off then when she came in. She refuses to go back an quite honestly I cant blame her..

Patrick Maltais

We arrived at 10pm to a relatively empty waiting room. We were able to get into a room quickly but it has taken almost an hour and a half for a suppository to come for my child. I work in healthcare and this is just too long of a wait. Definitely needs to improve. From now on we'll drive to Manchester to get care.


Very friendly and efficient. From arrival to discharge with diagnosis it took 4 hours. Impressed with the great amount of care shown by all the attending staff Visited today, F. Galus

Wilson Brown

Fast, professional and thorough when it really counts. ER staff (MD, RN, Admin) all were on point.

Edwin Perez

sarah devereaux

Helen Dippold

Casey Goodsell

You would be better off curing yourself. The wait time alone. Even when not busy is enough it make you reconsider being here. This department needs more work then the rest of the hospital combined. And even when you get seen. Ya 10 minutes of seeing a nurse, 2 minutes of seeing a Dr. and then atleast 1 hour of laying in the bed with no interaction. Then they take 10 to dismiss you.

Akshita Reddy

Paige Houston

Several months ago I got a concentrated cleaning chemical in my eye, went to the ER to have it flushed and looked at. Spent several hours here, they barely even looked at my eye, let alone flush it or do anything about it. I ended up signing myself out while my eye was still puffy and angry, and the nurse on duty said "you really should have that looked at" and I had to stop myself from flipping out and saying yeah!!! I really should!!! I went to Horseshoe Pond and was taken care of in a timely manner.

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