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REVIEWS OF Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital IN New Hampshire

Fatima Zaankik

I had a surgery on the 12 Sep in this hospital done by Dr. James Greenberg . Dr. James Greenberg is so experienced and knowledgeable, he did go through everything that I should know about the surgery, great personality and a positive attitude, his a mission is to provide a care and attention to each person walked to his office I was treated with incredible care and skill by the nursing staff. Nurses Kersi-Ann Morse and Rachel , Ashely and Cheryl , the beautiful Rachelle Jacques that made me laugh:) and the wonderful team of Bernie and Marietta that they helped me take a shower when I couldn't do it by my self and made me smile and finally, The angel Lindsay Bandazian ( NP) very warm and carry person, sweet and nice, she will have a conversation with you every morning about how do you feel and make sure that everything goes well, she is not in rush, she will give you the time needed to answer all your question. This hospital have the right people in the right position. Thank you to Dr. James Greenberg and to all the nurses and their assistances.

Anita Veatch

The first doctor I saw spent an hour listening to me then her superior came in. She spent about four minutes talking to me and was extremely rude and so disrespectful. Total waste of time. I do not recommend BWH Faulkner Headache Clinic.


First visit to this site for the BWH Can't say enough good things about every experience I've had with every visit, the staff were polite, and also helpful

Humberto Sierra Velez

Charles Bosse

The Pediatrics here are great. Used by many of the doctors in the area, so you know they are good.

Taryn Ceurvels

Fanny Jimenez

sheldon yunes

Just had full knee replacement a few days ago. Dr. Fitz and all the services related were wonderful. They treated me like a king. The hospital room was really nice but the service from the nurses to aides and PTs. were great. They explained everything to me and regulated my pain issues. I was walking with a walker right after surgery and could have gone home the next day. Even the food was good (hard to believe). This hospital should be an example of what all hospitals should be like. Special shout out to Tim ,Jared, Erica, Agnes, and all the others that made this very tolerable. I had my other knee done 5 years ago at another place and it was awful . My hat is off to the supervisor who handles the 7th floor South for the way they treat patients and for the hiring the right people. Sheldon Yunes

Kathleen Neilan-Acerra

Selam Rafael

Krista Catalano

Adult primary care is the worst and the receptionist for Dr.Okada was so rude and very unprofessional!

Brenda Donohoe

My daughter had a later appointment but we got there early. They were able to get an earlier appointment.

September Rogers

Just have to know the bus schedule

Bruce Davis

Alyssa McCaw

I received MRI results that needed to be reviewed by my primary care. I called to make an appointment with my PCP at Faulkner and was told she was no longer with the practice. I said I would see someone else. They said they were not accepting new patients. I said I wasn't a new patient and the response was "Your doctor is no longer here, so you are no longer a patient here. We are not accepting new patients". I couldn't believe it.

Michelle Stock

Hospital seems to overschedule outpatient surgeries. A 3:45pm surgery didn't happen until after 5:30 pm. Still sat waiting well after 9:15 pm for someone to update me on the status of my loved one. Absolutely will never allow my family to come here again.

Stephanie Arnold

I've come here over many years for many different things and at different times. Overall I would say the service is very good and the majority of Dr's, nurses, aides, etc., are knowledgeable and helpful.

Alicia D.

Jim LaBrecque - Maciejny

There's no easy way to get in with a big rig. All road say no trucks. Put you have to run them to get there police understand

Rayita Del Sol

mgb mg

Any reviews on this site above one star are misleading - not remotely possible. Your life is in danger... prepare for abuse at multiple levels if you enter "The Brigham." A random selection from the phone book is a better choice.

StanTed ButlerKeane

Excellent care, beautiful facility, wonderful staff - have always received top quality care here.

Dorrie Riley

Been going here for years. They have been making some changes over the past year to make it better and I love what I see. They could use more parking options but it is what it is, sometimes you just have to park on the roof. The doctor offices are very helpful and most people are friendly.

Vince Willingham

Came in with my girlfriend. Parked my car and came in to join her. Only to be told I have to wait because they have 3 people in one room. I been in contact the whole time with her and noone is in the room now, but I'm still sitting here waiting. It's been now over a hour like really smdh


The best most caring professionals and hospital we've ever been to. I would highly reccomend it. A 4 /2 hour drive one way from our house but was worth the travel.

Heidi Adams

This hospital is not as good as the real Brigham, the nurses are rude, do not respect the patient, secretaries act as a gatekeeper, should not be answering questions only a doctor or nurse should answer. As a person that works in healthcare I was surprised by what I saw. I have worked at both Brigham and Mass General and can say management was very competent and people knew what they could and couldn't do . I am a professional in healthcare so can absolutely say competent management is part of the backbone needed for good care. Faulkner has good doctors but support staff could use a lot of improvements.

Aj Akins

The first and worst experience ever!!! My nephew waited almost 2 hours for a Dr. In the emergency department. Not to mention no one works in the reception area.... I didn't understand that at all.

Robert McAuley

nasc90 .

Great care with pleasant nurses and staff. Pharmacy orders took time to get my pain under control and discharge process took forever .... about 4 hours after my doctor told me 30 minutes so my ride had to wait the other 3.5 which was unsatisfactory.


Caution.....Think twice before making your way to this hospital for emergencies. Wait time exceeds 3 hours with only 5 people in waiting room. Staff is rude and the security and secretary attempts to provide medical advice as if they're qualified. They don't deserve the 1 star rating. Worst hospital I have ever visited and in hindsight would go to a 24 hour urgent care facility instead.

Ed Sugerman

In what world is it okay to leave someone in the E.R. for 5 days with no shower? Do you think a lack of self care is good for someone battling depression? Because that's what's happening as I write this to a family member. I hope the head of the E.R. sees this because by the end of today, he will be in a room or released, or I am bringing a media outlet with me. Shame on you people.

Susan Ormont

I have tried all the area hospitals and this is the best service and ease in accessing outstanding Doctors! It also has cheapest parking although not enough for the way it is growing in staff!

Robert Roberson

Very Exellent

Stacey Cox

Management, despicable and treat loyal devoted e.ployees horrible.

anthony morley

Danny Fahey

Medical staff is excellent. 5 stars. The office staff is awful. Wait wait wait while they send you here and there for paperwork. Not very efficient and the staff doesn't appear to care in the least. Kind of attitude that if I have to work here I am going to make you suffer and wait for me. What about customer service?

Kristy Thibodeau

I have been to Brigham and Women's Faulkner Hospital to see their plastic surgery department. The facility is updated and clean with plenty of reasonably priced parking. Dr. Halvorson is fantastic and thorough for a scar revision I needed help with. I was able to have day surgery and go home immediately after. I love how I have the option to be seen at BWH or Faulkner depending on my schedule for follow up appointments. The only complaint I have is the wait, plan on being there over an hour longer than you expect.

John Papandreou

Raymond Maynard

Mark Maass

My wife had surgery here. It was an exceptional experience. The staff, from The woman who checked us in to the nurses and Doctors we met made a bad situation good. Thank you so much!

Deidra Peterson

Not even one star. HORRIBLE! Wouldn't bring my dog there. Unprofessional, incompetent. Friendly staff, but it's a hospital, not a personality contest.

Michael Harkin

Emily Stewart

Such wonderful and helpful doctors and staff.Good Hospital. Good canteen, amazing service!

Walas Dexaus

Faulkner Hospital is one of the best hospital ever. The medical team really car for their patients.Keep it up faulkner

Jonathan K. Fung


Acquired my information from a doctor against my explicit wishes, made an appointment at their hospital without my knowledge or permission (this must be one of their methods to attempt to make money on patients who had not yet decided where to go for treatment of various conditions) then harassed me by both phone and email, until I was furious enough to cuss them out. Even still send me garbage via some email mailing list I never signed up for! Avoid this place, wholly unprofessional.

Paulette McCarthy-Cloherty

Rene Thibault

A five hour and counting delay in completing a discharge seems a bit excessive. Only one resident on a weekend is not an excuse. There was no difference in cost between a Friday and Saturday but service on Friday was great. Saturday not so much

Ron Red


The wait for allotments is beyond acceptable. In particular at the radiologist department.

Octavia Blake

I went in to the E.R with severe abdominal pain and vomiting. The nurse never asked me what my pain was on a scale of 1 to 10 but did ask me if I had any weapons on me. They never once offered to help with my pain never even offered Tylenol! I've suffered from a chronic illness for 17 years and have had multiple surgeries. The doctor on shift says to me. "If you're really in that much pain we can do a cat scan." As if I'd show up to the E.R at 4am for the fun of it. After doing bloodwork and a cat scan the doctor says to me, " my best guess is you have a stomach flue." Altho I didn't have any fever, fatigue, muscle aches or pains. I know what a stomach flue feels like and that was not it. I suffer from a chronic illness and they completely dismissed that as a cause for my visit. They will discharge you once they feel they've done enough even if that means sending you away in the same condition in which you arrived. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL OF YOU SUFFER FROM CROHNS DISEASE OR ULCERATIVE COLITIS! THE DOCTORS AND NURSE STAFF ARE INCOMPETENT.

Jody Ann

I had a heart attack, 80 percent blockage to my main cad, they misdiagnosed me, took me off my normal meds, that they realized too late it was a mistake, I cried, I was scared, they argyed and fought, Dr after Dr, right to the security, the experience left me traumatized, I will be eternally grateful I was ambulance to Brigham's in Boston, who did immediate surgery to my heart, I'm alive because of them. They moved into action, diligently, competent, with care, and the relief to know i was getting proper treatment without more damage to my heart .it was the most frightful .for a sprained ankle go to Faulkner, if it's life or death, go to Brigham's in Boston

Lex Lutor

Good Hospital. Good canteen, amazing service!

Yenny Rosario de Reyes


Skip this place if you need any type of medical attention. I had to wait for over 2 months for my pharmacy to get clarification on a medication. All because the doctors office (Dr Wang) wouldn't return calls to me, my PCP or the pharmacist. When I made a complaint about the office and staff to patient relations. Dr Wangs office finally answered me when I called and said "if you dont like how we do things, find a new doctor". The front end is more concerned about gabbing with security about their personal life then helping patients. My follow up with Dr Wang was like my first appt he couldn't remember anything about me, my medical treatment, medication he gave me nothing so I have to explain to him what he did 3 months before and what we had talked about etc. He didn't even remember why I was there in the first place.

Bobbie Butz

In what universe does your hospital find it appropriate to turn away a young woman obviously in mental crisis with visible self harm. Not like she didn't want the help,she was sitting there begging you for it. Literally telling you she may hurt herself. Answer "your blood looks good so we dont have to admit you". WHAT????? Isn't that kind of your job? To help people who want to hurt themselves? Or is it to tell people they're not suicidal enough? I pray nothing ever happens to me in Boston, this is nothing short of shameful, borderline illegal, and beyond disgusting.

Molly H

Care team did not listen to family concerns nor patient’s PCP concerns which resulted in an unsafe discharge pan. Doctors and residents did as little as possible to address life threatening issues. Resident or intern would call family member who is in medical field and simply give advice that is common sense and was not a treatment or preventative measure to help with problem. Never going to this hospital again and I advise anyone else to not bother getting help here.

Steven Moquete

Hippie Love

Had a tic attack the doctor rolled his eyes at everything i said repeatedly saying yup but was completely ignoring me. The nurses would also walk by my room and laugh in my face.

Heidi Barnes

Ivelise Meléndez

Mike M

Best hospital ever

Donna Landry

I have to honestly admit, this is the top rated hospitalization experience in my book. My mom has been hospitalized many times in various hospitals and this by far was the best experience. From the ER to the floor she stayed on, all the staff in the ENTIRE building were knowledgable, helpful and so friendly. They made a very rough ordeal much more bearable.

Mariah Williams

Contrary to what some people think this is a good Hospital. I guess it depends on the person's perspective. As for myself I have nothing but good things to say. Keep up the good work.

Karla Cabrera

Mariam El Shahab

Im new here

Jeanne Kent

Although parking is tough, valet service is provided at a minimal fee. Most doctors I've met are caring. Coffee scent greets you in the main lobby. Clean facilities. Efficient office staff. Overlooks the Arnold Arboretum. Sometimes around noon, a piano player in the lobby. Nice if you're waiting for someone. They also have a free shuttle service I used to Forest Hills station. I wish the bus had seatbelts on it when driver goes behind Arnold Arboretum's curving hill.

ed christian

The place seems understaffed. Daughter admitted from emergency room at B&W. That was a uncoordinated group. By ambulance to Faulkner and admitted. In hospital for a day plus and still no MRI despite ordered when admitted. Daughter in pain, diagnosis not complete, may be staff infection tgat can spiral out of control. Residents nice but clearly have zero power. Spent half hour talking about Motrin. Expensive hotel room with zero sense of urgency. They don't like being confronted. These B team doctors seem to have no supervision. Had to ask for water, sheets change...maybe just not enough staff. Thought Partners was better than this.

Anmol mehrotra

Average facility and service

Joseph McCarthy

Lauren Barnette

zico baby

Priscilla Quintana

Ramon Roman

Joel Colegrove

Have been at Faulkner 2x in 2019 for otho dx and bursa treatment. Facility is showing age, but still functional and mostly on time with appointment waiting average under 15 minutes... specialized in orthopedic treatment, treating Dr very precise in treatment and follow up care... biggest problem is wait to see orthopedic exam and lyphadema treatment, average wait 2 months...had to seek out lyphadema elsewhere at MGH Chelsea.

Kevin Foley

Olivia McGrath

The friendliest hospital I have ever been to!

P. Jalbert

Diego Trevisani

Lauren Heiligenstadt

Holly Pugsley

Such wonderful and helpful doctors and staff. Great facility.

Emmanuel Isme

Del Augus

I received good and fast service the one time I went there. I have no complaint. They took good care of me

Mark Horner

The Doctors that are associated with this hospital are great. The Emergency Department is slow...snail slow..the chairs are uncomfortable and it is either to hot or cold.

Lissette Martell

(Translated by Google) I loved everything, the attention, kindness, food, all are very sociable and pleasant, I congratulate them they gave me good attention (Original) Me encantó todo, la atención, amabilidad, comida, todos son muy sociables y agradables , los felicito me dieron buena atención

Eric B

Faulkner truly is "The friendly Faulkner".

Paula C

I recently had an appointment at Faulkner. I like the hospital staff (for the most part). However, I did have a terrible experience while visiting the hospital. People should be warned about the valet service. Unfortunately there is not a lot of self parking options. Therefore many people, if not most, need to use the valet service. I used the valet service. My car was in perfect condition. When I went to pick up my car, they returned the vehicle with the window rolled all the way down. When I tried to roll the window up, it would not go all the way up. The valet broke the window. There was an "investigation" and I use that term loosely. They said that for the initial valet the window worked fine (they admitted it was working!!!). They said the second valet wasn't able to get the window to roll back up. The initial person who took the report said it looked like the window was off the track. (Which sounds to me if the valet rolled the window down (not all the way) and then leaned out the window, it could have broken). When the claims department called me, they said they weren't responsible as it was a "mechanical issue". So now it is a mechanical issue??? And they tried to pass it off as not having any clue when they gave me the car with the window rolled all the way down and they said NOTHING...did I mention it was 10 degrees out and we were getting a snowstorm later that day. So in summation, while the hospital staff may be good, you run the risk of having your car broken and them claiming no responsibility!!!!

Gloria gomez

I've been a patient at Faulkner/Brigham and womens hospital for over 20 years and as of now, I've had no complaints. Dr Monaghan is also my kids physician and she's awesome. Today my daughter was due for her shots, shes 4 and Renatta Morales was the greatest. I've never had such a greAt experience like i did today. My daughter is petrified of needles like any other kid but she made her feel so comfortable while getting her shots. She didn't cry and let her give her the shots with no hesitation. As a parent this is super important because what parent wants to see their child getting shots and having a tantrum to go to see their doctor or even getting shots. I want to thank renatta Morales for having such patience with kids. She's the best.

Lianna Nappier

Had to ask for a pillow and blankets. E.R nurse staff kept leaving the room curtain wide open even when I shut it after they left. Nurses never asked me if I needed anything. Rude and cold. Save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else.

Keyana Sylvia

Manuel Bettencourt

Sade ß

Please go to another hospital. They are sloppy.

Jim Q

Excellent shoulder surgeon; experienced nursing staff; attentive care for the 5 days I stayed there; clean facility; very good food!


I would give zero star if I could. My husband has been a patient at their headache center for 7 years. He has had episodal cluster headache ever since he was a PhD student which was 12 years back. When we lived in North Carolina and he had a cluster headache attack, he could always see doctor right away. Once we moved to Boston 7 years ago, we were refer to the Headache center at Faulkner hospital. It's been like hell since. He only saw his main doctor once and never again. Anytime he called, they just kept giving more prescription. And the oral medication never worked. He needed prednisone shot to his neck and head. That was the only thing that healed him. He just called them on 9/30/16 and they said the doctor won't be able to see him tell next year. They asked him to keep calling back and see if other appointment opened up. We did call back every other days and they finally told us to not call again. If you ever have a cluster headache, you would know that it feels like someone put a knife through your brain. He wanted to kill himself anytime the headaches strike. All this hospital people said was that they didn't have appointment availability and that we should just go to ER. I wish these people rot in hell and that one day they have cluster headache so they know how it feels. It can eat you alive.

Juan Benetez

Although there is an unreasonable amount of time waiting to be seen by a Dr. Nurse or any kind of professional asst. The care at this hospital is great

Jim Shea

Shame on what used to be known as a great local hospital to its neighbors in JP - west Roxbury- rosy-Brookline etc. for as of now it appears to be tolerable for a deceased persons (ie my brother Mikes) personal belongings to be removed from the body and lost. Well missing,! God forbid that they were stollen. No one of authority can explain if they have a standard operating procedure for chain of possession for patient belongingings. In this case miraculous medals and more importantly a wedding ring. Married for 32 years and never remove a wedding ring, but someone in this setting removes it and does what with it? Prayers to St Anthony haven’t worked yet, but we’re not giving up! If you have a loved one or friend going to the Faulkner strip them of everything including their dignity before they walk in the door. An always loving little brother

samaher baro

Awhile ago, Planned Parenthood recommended a check-up and a full x-ray for my breast. Based on my address, the nearest hospital was Faulkner. After checking if PP forwarded my info/records to Faulkner, I did book/confirm my appointment. Going to the hospital, I was kind off hesitant as it was a snow-day, I called to check and they were open. Upon my arrival, the receptionist asked me to pay up front before going in; which was a long hassle to find where to pay, most workers did not even know how much x-ray costs. Waiting for my doctor for awhile in an empty clinic, the wait was over 45mins. For its worth, I thought x-ray would be a full screening for my breast in which she had PP's records of me. Yet as soon as she walked in, she asked which area is concerning me. She later talked briefly in an uninformative way and left. It did take her 3 minutes to leave me with more questions and concerns. Few months later, I am doing a full checkup again in another hospital. I did realize that what I had of services and help in Faulkner was not accommodating. Some patients come with small/bigger health concerns and it is the doctor's job to assist and help.

Madd Hatter

Grandote ElCamote

mike m

Always a professional experience

Robyn Windross

Please watch out for the head nurse at this hospital.her name is June.She will have her revenge on anyone who goes over her head. I know, she did it to me. I fell for blood pressure medication changes as in I didn't get any. I was on a bed alarm and that night was taken off. All that night and the next day. JUNE comes in for the night shift back on the bed alarm. Because I want over her head and got it removed. If this is not vindictive behavior I don't know what is. WATCH OUT FOR HEAD NURSE BECKY !!!!! She will have your head!

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