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tat kat

Very disorganized! Doctors do not follow treatment plans at all! It felt more like prison than a treatment facility!

Letecia Hudson

Of all behavioral clinic we have experience, this facility is by far the worst place EVER to have your child or family member cared for!! There suppose to specialize in caring for patience INDIVIDUALLY who are either suffering from mental illness (of all types), recovering from addiction or adolescent behavior. However that is not the case here. The staff are incompetent, rude and seems to not communicate with one another when there is a shift change each day or evening. No shift change process whats so ever!! They never seem to know or have update on our child's case when asked. They always gave us the runaround or do not have an answer. It takes several phone calls and messages to the nurses station or the doctors to get a reply back. VERY FRUSTRATING!! Their excuse.....NOT ENOUGH STAFF!! The receptionist does not seem to have any knowledge of what she's doing as well. No empathy or care and does not AT ALL make you feel welcome when you come in. As a receptionist working in this type of environment, that should be the first qualification to have when dealing with parents and know how to handle situations. This place doesn't even deserve a 1 star! Upper management needs to take a closer look at their staff and need to improve in their processes and communication skills. Their intake when a patient is admitted and released. We never had a sit down conversation with the DR or case worker treating our child EVER, just phone conversations in which WE had to reach out to get one! And when we finally got a phone call back, it was a few days later......SAD!! When our child was released, NO conversation on how his treatment went or follow up. Just handed our child to us and gave us a few piece's of paper. Our Childs clothing was NOT returned, actually ALL his clothes were as you can say "LOST" somehow! Another form that was filled out from the beginning to ensure we get ALL belongings back, BUT NEVER happened! I can go on and on about the nightmares and mishaps we've experience at this clinic but will take longer to explain. Let's just say I do not recommend this place EVER!! Your loved ones is better off going to Carson-Tahoe BHC or ANYWHERE ESLE, which unfortunately West Hills is the only one in Reno besides the NV State.

Rachael Hammerson

I hate this hospital. I believe it was part of the cause of my sister's death due to an overdose as she'd check herself in constantly just to get the drugs she wanted which ultimately ended up killing her and i went there to get off A LOT of opiates and benzos that I had been on for a LONG time and they discharge me bc of insurance refusing to pay anymore with the Dr prescribing me pretty much nothing for my withdrawals ..I HATE this place!!

emo nypmho

one star, wish I could give it less. my experience there was horrendous; the counselors were unprofessional and didn't seem to understand how the mind of adolescents work. the group therapy is useless, just children in a circle talking about problems and the counselor doesn't even really chime in or help. the only good thing about this place is the food. oh, and after I left I was having way more suicidal thoughts than before. I didnt even have a say in whether or not I should go there, which isnt necessarily the hospitals fault, more of WCSD but that's not important. I didnt even attempt suicide but after visiting the hospital I definitely was tempted. hate this place and its staff, but I definitely hope you people at least TRY to improve this prison and stop treating patients poorly and, dare I say, like actual dirt.

Mariah Marsh

I was sent here in result of me attempting to commit suicide. I suffer from sever depression and ptsd. I stayed here for 4 days. It was honestly what I needed to relax. They gave me medication for both anxiety and to prevent me from getting nightmares. I was in group sessions that they provide to talk about anything. They let you relax and make sure to provide you the best care possible. They truly are concerned for your well being. Of course it's a scary situation to be in and it can be scary at times, but they did help me, and released me after they felt that I was no longer a harm to myself. They set me up with counselors who I could talk to and gave me great tools to help me when I'm having a low.

Addie Portera

Went to west hills in January, and I wouldn't be here today if it weren't for them. There are some good Tech's there , especially Sam!! If you have a child/ friend/ parent with problems out if hand, this is the place to go.

celia Quintanilla

Just took my mom here for detox and she says the staff is very nice and helpful she's had a great experience so far she said there's group meetings, AA, NA, and crafting. They've made her comfortable in the detox process and also with taking her regular medication I was hesitant on bringing her there with all the reviews on here but I'm glad shes on her first step to recovery and West Hills is helping her so much...the only down fall was the wait time to get an assessment done as a walk in was 5 hours but in our case it was worth it

Sean Montgomery

They were very friendly, compassionate and addressed my depression and all my detox symptoms. Facility was clean and food was excellent. I am deeply grateful.

Jay Rosete

The Doctors think they can do what ever they want without considering about what the family or patient wants. They are never on time with anything. I'm supposed to pick up my girl at 730am for release and they are late. I have to be at work at 8 am. They tell me they can get her ride to the house but what do you think I did.


(part 2 to amberthepeng's post - on a different account because I'm not sure I can post two reviews on the same account.) Most kids had roommates, which I did not. I liked it that way - I didn't know any of the other kids and I didn't have the intention to get to know them. But, I did make kind of friends with two kids there, and I was not allowed to visit either of them. I couldn't go to their rooms, and if I did I could just sit there for a minute or so before staff came and told me to get out. I began passing notes under the bathroom door with my friend. Kids had anxiety/panic attacks and I just had to sit there and watch. (I'm very empathetic- so it was very difficult. I couldn't do anything.) A kid got up on the counter because she said she needed to be up high to relax, and after a staff told her to get down a couple times she began yelling at them and swearing, to which the staff decided to start yelling and swearing at her too. One time, a kid began having a breakdown on the floor after hearing something bad over the phone. Kids were surrounding him, in an attempt to help him and comfort him, but staff attempted to shoo them away, even though it seemed like the kids were trying their best, while the staff did nothing. Staff, and the therapists, expected you to open up immediately about your problems. If you actually did, they'd keep you there longer because they assumed something was going very bad. If you didn't, and made it seem like most things were fine, you'd get let out in a matter of days. I stayed there for 7 days and on my final day I was supposed to fill out a worksheet detailing some coping skills, etc. Two kids were in the hall at the time, and I started freaking out because they asked me questions I didn't know the answer to. (I'm a fragile 12 y/o >_<) It was very awkward with the two kids in the hall and the staff did nothing to help me. They told me to go wait by the door so I could see my parents, so I went. I was still crying. We went in the door, I was still crying and my mom wasn't there yet. After a while, I believe somebody asked me if I wanted to go home, and I said something (I forgot- I apologize) that the staff at the time had thought meant that I didn't want to go home. This staff told another staff coming in that I didn't want to go home, which I yelled through tears that's not what I said. The new staff who had come in then asked me very rudely what I had said. She asked me this multiple times before giving up. I couldn't answer because I was sobbing, which she did nothing about. After my mom came, I calmed down slightly. I put my head up and got myself a tissue. I had painted a frog, which we had not found in the stuff another staff had delivered in the door. I asked for my frog and after a while the staff said she'd try to go find it. She brought it back and I snatched it up immediately because it was supposed to be a gift for my parents. You're welcome, she exclaimed rather rudely.

shelby bolton

ITS LITERALLY HELL. ESPECIALLY FOR MINORS. please do not take your children here for mental health. not all staff but most of the stagf could care less if your child is badhing their head into te wall or having a anxiety attack. i watch several kids freak out in diffeent matters and none of the staff tended . there was maybe 3 techs out of the 12/14 nurse and techs on the unit who actually did something out of the almost two weeks i was there . please . i heard the other reno behavioral is better, please please pelase dont take your kids here. AND TO TOP IT OFF IT WAS DIRTY , the floors were never clean. one kid was always cleaning due to his ocd he swepted and mopped with a rag he had to bag the staff for even though he got yelled at by the nurse. he spent HOURS cleaning those floors in the meadows unit. it may be good for adults but for the minors its not good at all. not at all.

Wesley Sudweeks

My mom has gone a lot and she likes it

Storm Lunderville

Its a mental hospital

Mike and Nancy Riley

I must say that the other patients were more helpful then the staff!! I was expecting a totally different experience. I was hoping for a more caring staff. There were a few really caring staff. They made you go to meetings that had NOTHING to do with your situation. They would wake you up to go to these meetings. The beds are very uncomfortable. The only class that I truly enjoyed was the recreation class. It was always a blast. Don't expect to see the "doctors" very much or at all except when you check in and when you check out. I did see a doctor on most days and they would ask, "How are you feeling today? Are you getting sleep?" You would answer those questions and that was it! They didn't seem to want to address any issues that you felt needed to be addressed. This conversation usually lasted a total of 2 minutes. Don't expect to get visitors either. My husband would show up and they wouldn't tell him if I was there (even though her knew I was), and would tell him that there was no visiting because we were in a group (or something like that). He would have to drive 1 1/2 hours to get there. He tried to stay within the visiting hours. Overall, after my experience, I would suggest that if you have a choice on where to go for help, choose the hospital in Carson City. I hear that it is a much more relaxing and helpful experience. PLEASE, IF YOU NEED SERIOUS ACUTE HELP, DON'T PASS UP WEST HILLS HOSPITAL. They will get you to where you need to be, but if you have a choice and it isn't an emergency, go to Carson City.

Sonny Wardly

This place is absolutely horrible. I am 35, a father of two, husband, college graduate and a professional in Reno. I pretty much had a mental breakdown when I had a little to much to drink and was taken here from the ER for a 72 hour legal hold. It is nothing but a jail that forces pills down your throat. While you are there you are with people in detox, people babbling and talking to themselves and then also people with depression/suicidal problems. When you get there they give you the rules and then you are pretty much on your own except some useless group sessions that are for the most part lead by other patients and not professionals. Most of the rules are what you would expect and most people didn't have a problem with conforming, but one rule that wasn't followed was hygiene. It stated you needed to shower once a day and easily 1/3 of the people there smelled so bad I don't think they had bathed in a week or more. The doctors were a joke. One seemed more doped up than many of the patients, the other two were just plain useless and there was one that was decent, Dr. Lay (sp?). All psychiatrists and no psychologists. Another rule, might even be a law, was that you were to be seen by a doctor within 24 hours of getting there. This isn't the case either. Most of the patients that were there when I was were very unhappy with the care they received. It's a tough situation when you are suicidal and/or have a breakdown. The ER experience is horrible and demeaning and then they send you here if they think it is necessary. So you may not have a choice, but if you are proactive and seek help before you are forced to get help GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!!! I think the only other choices are out of town, but when I am down and out the last thing I need is an experience like this. Took me a month to get weened off the meds they gave me there that literally made me worse and when I called the doctor with my concerns I wouldn't get a call back for days. I finally just went to Google to read about the meds and to learn how to get off them. This place is so bad it needs to be shut down.


My son was at this facility for almost a month. The care was HORRIBLE. They treat their patients like prisoners and have NO rehabilitative care, nor do they help their patients set up successful discharge plans.The hospital staff are very rude and non-empathetic. My husband and I were scheduled to meet with Allison, the Director of the hospital to discuss the our concerns and she failed to show up at the scheduled meeting that SHE set. My husband made it clear to Allison that he was travelling from out of state to meet with her and that he was cancelling a very important negotiations meeting with an employer to meet with her. She assured him that she and the doctor would BOTH be at the meeting. My husband and I took off work and drove three hours to Reno to meet with them only to be met with the social worker Gina. This was quite surprising since Allison knew that we were wanting to discuss the fact that Gina left a voicemail on my phone prior to the meeting indicating that they were going to have to release my son from their care, because his Kaiser insurance had met its maximum payment for his care there. None the less we gave Gina significant information regarding my son's current condition and our concerns about them releasing him due to the insurance running out. After our meeting with Gina my husband got a call from Dr. McBride and she indicated to him that she was going to motion the court for revocation of my son's rights, so that she could give him medication and stabilize him giving him a chance for a successful discharge. Not even a week had past and Dr. McBride released my son when he was still in very poor condition and was not able to care for himself safely. Dr. McBride was fully aware of his unstable mental state and negligently released him anyhow. She stated that he was given an injection the day before she released him to the street and indicated that he was safe to leave. He was rushed to the ER less than 12 hours after Dr. McBride negligently released him. Dr. McBride released him less than 24 hours ago. I would give this hospital zero stars if the rating would allow for it.

Alex Skyes

I went to west hills almost a moth ago and honestly i had a great experience there. Their therapists were amazing i feel this really helped me in many different way. So if you thinking about going there please do it will help you

Andrea Barbarisi

Olivia Vidaurri

Was going through a hard time in my life and was happy to find the help and support system that West Hills gave to me in my time of need. All the doctors and staff are very attentive to each patient and all their individual needs. A wonderful Detox team, and group sessions. Meet life long friends would reccomend to any loved one!

Toby Robinson

This place is a zombie factory. I did not take any meds during my stay. I was taken in on a 72 hour hold 184 hours later I was released . R

Michael Beckert

Amanda Barrientos

This place is a joke!! The intake guy was super helpful and patient with the patient that was being checked in. The receptionist and call staff was rude and not helpful at all. They give u a patient code but they wont pass u to the patient they take a message and who knows if they really give it to him!!

david esser

I went there for a chemical dependency issue I end up staying two weeks that it's the best two weeks iPad in a long time West Hills Hospital is probably the best hospital in the northern Nevada area

Christina Cardey

Christina Perez

C.V Grimms

Called the police on my criminally insain mom. Staff seems to know the difference between the manipulative psychopaths, who hide behind mine jobs and money in order to terrorize productive members of society, and they guys who act crazy in order to call attention to the sociopathic narsasistic psychopaths.

Dolores Lopez

The absolute worst place ever!! If you or a loved needs help dont take them there. The FRONT lady is absolutely Rude, Uncaring! My son came out of there worse off & that was just 15 minutes of an assessment. So very discouraged & this is the 1 place he was recommended to, for help. Useless!!!!!

Sir Mac Bill

Be well

John Lott

If you love being put on hold or not having phone calls returned,this is the place for you.

Johnnys S

My little. Brother came here and threaten suicide while he was he was in their care. Know what they did? Locked him in a room by himself, knoe what he did,? hung himself with a scarf my father had brought him... Lack of care and thought for patients. Please if you have a loved onr and considering west hills. Co sider anywhere else

Rachel Bulmer

Basically impossible to get anything done through this facility. Operators and receptionists sent me in circles, right before sending me to two dead-end voicemails. Not to mention staff is rude and untrained. I asked for an ROI (Release of Information) be sent to our office so that a client that has been admitted can still talk to her therapist, and I was greeted with crickets and confusion. This place is for CRAZY-MAKING, not CRAZY-FIXING. Get it together.

Joe Sikorski

After I tried to kill myself, i decided I wanted to live. West Hills was a temporary refuge from the world. I felt safe. That was a big deal at the time. I could be honest with professionals who didn't judge.

Phil Woz

I went to West Hills recently for a opioid dependency and the first day was uncomfortable as I was withdrawing bad and had to go 24 hrs without any sleep and was uncomfortable as OH BOY! Anyway West Hills may not be the cleanest hospital or have the best beds or some not all the nurses were kind of crabby. Everyone else and including other patients were all helpful to getting better and on the road to a quick recovery. My stay was short but well needed. I did check my own self in for detox and was the best decision I ever made. My family life is better and so is my mind. If you want to detox from Alcohol or opioids (chemicals) this place will help you get straight and it is up to you how far your treatment can and will go. I opted for the IOP ( Intensive Outpatient program) and am very glad that I did that as well. IOP is also held at West Hills hospital and is helping VERY much for me. I want to be clean and they help you get there. They actually care and will tell you what you don't want to hear even though you need to hear it. I did not give a full 4 star as the cleanliness has to be dealt with badly and the rules of showering and hygiene need to be enforced badly. I am getting better thanks to the friendly staff and the treatment and med management. I would definitely recommend West Hills to a friend in need for either in Patient or outpatient. Thanks West Hills for all your help. You guys actually do a good job and I feel like they cared about how you felt and wanted to get you better and if you were not so they would help you through it. ; )

Ben Massey

Kepler Harrison

I have a loved one who checked into this nightmare of a facility. never has a stranger "girl who answers the phone" been so perverse to me. Now myself, being very sad due to the fact that my girlfriend had just slit her wrist in front of me. I was a little brash, but in no way was i near as rude and nasty as the girl at the front desk. I cant recall her name, but i hope with all my heart she reads this and feels even a small amount of sorrow. Not just for my girlfriend and I. But all the patients, and there loved one's.


A horrible, HORRIFIC place, “group therapy” is a circle where kids run around supervised by one careless counselor. I’m sorry to be the person who just hates but this place is something out of a night mare.

Icy Lion

Nate C

Its ok

Raymond Gonzales

A good place all around, but severely understaffed so the nursing staff can be testy at times. The techs are great; they do their best to provide for your needs but they need more techs. I got to know many of them over many stays during my four year mental health crisis. Food is good but could use some more between meals snacks. They do their best to accommedate special diets and religious or vegan concerns. Outpatient treatment after inpatient is excellent. They provide transportation and food.

Tom S.

West Hills Hospital? You mean Arkham Asylum .

Asia Lee

me !

When I first got there, we had really liked what they had said about the place. It seemed like a good fit. But day after day I got hit and punched by the little kids, and the staff did nothing. They'd bring them to the ETO room, but would get let out almost immediately. We had to spend every night in a cold room with no windows and a single blue mattress with a sheet and a blanket. My first night, I was woken up at around 4 AM to get my blood drawn. The nurse woke me up, made me put my arm out, drew blood, and went out. Every day, though, the nurses woke us up rather early to check our blood pressure. It was really an uncomfortable task - I'd have a pit in my stomach as I heard them approach my door. Every nurse who came in seemed slightly hostile, seeming to just want to get the task done as soon as possible. I was never able to go back to sleep after they took my blood pressure, but I suppose it didn't really matter since the little kids would start yelling and running up and down the halls which was a loud reminder to get up. We were not allowed to go to the bathroom by ourselves. Every time we needed to go to the bathroom, we had to go get a staff and ask them to open it. I knew barely any of the staff, and I have anxiety, so it was always very difficult for me to go ask them. We had to watch TeenNick every single day, because apparently either the remotes didn't work or the staff didn't know how to change the channel. Watching TeenNick was really awful though, because it seemed like every show was the same. The only rewarding part of watching TeenNick was that in the night, we were able to watch some old cartoons. Rocko's Modern Life was on first, which I now love. (I will post a second part to this review, I have a lot more to say.)

Michael Williams

biggie 00

Staff was incredible but understaffed but that's more of a management issue.These people see and do stuff daily we will never even entertain doing. All the negative reviews? Remember most people don't want to be here. Like the 24 year old guy that was detoxing for the 8th time all on his moms dime. He never went to one group or activity...just tried to hit on all the female drunks and junkies coming in. They were great for me I participated in their program and activities got out and have been sober since. Feel like a new person. Ps food was good too. ..bed was not. But it doesn't say Hilton on the entry either. If I could they would have 10 stars.

Jasmin GonzalezLedesma

ThatOneYoutuber TOY

This place is horrible! My brother was new, they haven't helped him at all, when we called to talk to him, the staff took the phone from him mid conversation . He's walking around in hospital gown even though we dropped off clothes. This place should be shut down! Dirty, unprofessional, rude . The staff here should be on medication. There's no bedside manor.

Tim D'Ambrosio

West Hill has consistently been one of the best mental health experiences I have ever experienced. I first went there of my own accord several years ago. I was suicidal and having serious issues with anxiety. For a week I stayed and was treated nicely by every staff member I ran into. We had several different group sessions per day, had great meals cooked on site from scratch, and I was given all the space I needed in order to heal and become ready for day to day life. Several years later I am now a part of the Intensive Outpatient Program. They provide you lunch while you are there, and are very kind. I have gone for about a month now, and while days are still tough, I feel like I am making the progress I need to in order to heal and become more mentally healthy. I would not believe anyone who said the staff are mean or whatever else. They have always been kind to me, not too pushy, but just blunt enough to call me out when I was harming myself or others with my words and thoughts. They honestly care about you here. I feel like the people who give bad reviews are people who were violent, put their without their consent, or parents who were taught that their children can't magically be healed and that just maybe they are part of the problem. Suffice it to say I recommend West Hills to anyone with severe mental health issues.

ZomBie _ JuicE519

admitted my friend, she is as delusional and aggressive as she went in 30 days ago.

Kristina Z

Don't ever go here. They won't even take the time to see you, never mind their rudeness and lack of consideration for your condition.

Kiara Starr

Toast Busters

Horrible experience. I was drugged out of my mind and fell asleep for 3 days straight due to a bad mix of meds they gave me. I wasn't even given food or water and I was so loopy I couldn't remember how to talk. I don't remember what else happened. Whatever you do, don't go to west hills. This place should be shut down.

Suzette Routson

Steve Pie

James Is A Rat

im 9 and depressed but when I went there I got prescribed celexa im helped

Leah Bunn


This place is hell on earth they illegaly detained me assaulted me and forced me to stay awake my entire stay 3-5 days , I had a bloody nose in the cafeteria they never cleaned it up and make patients sleep in urine soaked beads

ya boi miles

I hated it there while I was there. But they did help me. I was diagnosed with severe depression and major social anxiety and they sent me here. I was upset but it taught me refocusing and I met really good friends here who understand what I'm going through.

Eliodoro Cantu

Angela Campbell

G Marie

If there was an option for below poor to fair I would have chosen it. This facility provided the most disappointing and misleading experience that I have ever been witness to. I had to take a friend to be treated for dependency issues and mental health. I went through the initial assessment. We were told that the patient would receive assistance for detox during their stay, as well as treatment for possible depression and anxiety. After the papers were signed and the doors were shut, I was disturbed to find out that they did NOT assist with detox and instead put the patient in 24 hour suicide watch?!?! The patient was NOT suicidal and that was made clear during the assessment. This patient has left the facility without the care that was requested and promised. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone unless they are suicidal and need immediate care. If you are looking for addiction issues/detox go to the hospital, you have a better chance at getting what you need than to go to West Hills.

Carly Lott

Destiny Bryant

Please whatever you do DO NOT take your loved ones here! Please. This place is hell! It may look decent on the outside but it's horrible. The people who work there are very rude. My brother is there and they're pumping him full of meds, to the point were he can't keep his eyes open, he sleeps all day, he's got dark circles around his eyes , and foamed mouth. My dad called and informed them that he's coming to get my brother and they said they can do whatever they want that there keeping him however long they want and hung up and now won't answer the phone. I'm scared for my brothers life.. if you read more reviews they're are multiple reviews similar to mine, some fatal... Please find a better place for you're loved ones..

christian dionne

Joyce Mia McMillan

My mother has been in this facility for not even 3 days and is unable to remember a single thing I tell her. Being halfway across the country and finding out she checked herself into this crazy asylem prison run by crooks. My mother sounds worse than ever. Before she was just a stressed and depressed person, but now she she sounds like a damn lunatic!! We'll see what "good of care" my mother is in once I am back. They call it voluntary but yet she talks to me like she is held hostage. Hostage from the debt they are gonna rip from our pockets!!! No wonder first thing my mom starting saying was if I wanted to sell our homes... Don't worry, West Hills is not gonna get the best of us. I am coming for my mother, and she will get out of there.

A Trewqitty

I had the chance to observe in the adolescent/pediatric unit and was surprised by the degree to which their methods were outdated, even to the degree that it's all paper records, new admitted patients are placed at "zero" level (no CPS training, etc).

Dawn Bowman -Clinton

Tiffany Manning

I went with 5 stars because I've seen the inside of many hospitals and this one is definitely one of the better hospitals in which I've been. Overall, the staff were courteous to me, they were more available than in many other hospitals for things like getting your toiletries or towels, but the best of West Hills Hospital, in my opinion, was Dr. Ellen McBride. I was often rather aggravated with the length of one of my stays in particular, but wow that psychiatrist certainly wasn't there just for a paycheck!!! I live on the other side of the country now but wish she could be my (OUT-PATIENT!! lol) doctor. She is sincere in caring about others' well-being, she is so intelligent, and she did everything she could to help me. I trust nearly no one at all, seriously, and I'm quick to give feedback and reviews as I really see things. This praise is due.

Dave Simmons

This place is horrible. I was taken in for a mental breakdown because of financial struggles and just general stress in life. The treatment was nonexistent. They just shove pills down your throat and check to see if you swallowed it. No talking through things, just drugs to treat whatever you are there for...then you get the $6,000 bill for a 3 day stay and collections after 3 months. Now I have a lot more stress in my life...all because of my stay at this hole. Unfortunately there are no good places in Reno to go to so make sure you get treatment from a psychologist before you lose it and have to go here. Or go to a good place you find that is out of the area.

Jay Miller

Great food! These guys helped me through a serious time in my life.

Suppress This Memory

Staff treat patients like criminals.

Rebecca Brandi-Vanmeter

My husband is dying right now because. Failure to disgnoss and treat. Since beginning he has deteorated fast starving to death and lack of proper care. I find it impossible to get any cooperation. He should be getting medical care for his malnourished state it's left him delirious to weak get up. I CAN'T SAVE HIM I FEAR THE DAMAGE TO HIS HEALTH BEYOND SAVING

Keke No_one_actually_cares

Very unprofessional! I wouldn’t send my dead dog to this place. This place deserves a 0 star. If you love your loved ones please seek another health care facility as they won’t get the care they deserve here!

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