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Julie Hemingway

Nature for my sister for 2 days for very well and plus I have never been to a hospital that have 24 hour visiting it was real nice very convenient however they need to put more lights on the sidewalk by the bus stops right in front of the hospital and also going north across the street from the hospital apparently the bus driver didn't see me or at least that's how he acted because two bus drivers went by meaning that a commute that could have taken the only an hour to get home to paradise and Harmon took me 3 hours into the wee hours of the morning and it felt a little dangerous being out there by myself in the dark otherwise it was a nice Hospital need to take great care of my sister I go there myself anytime

Cali Love

My Mom would have to be rushed via Ambulance what seemed like once a month back in 2003. She passed away in 2004, the Dr's & Nurses were familiar with her medical history, from being there monthly. She would go in kidney/renal failure at the age of 56yrs old. It'd take them 3-4 days before they'd figure out the issue. Even though she'd he there monthly. All the rest results would always come out the same as before. It'd be nice, if they'd be more familiar with the same patients that arrive there monthly. Rest in Paradise MY BEST FRIEND & MY MOM

Christopher Miller

The person in charge of making the schedules apparently hasn't got a clue as to how to accomplish setting schedules. They even called and made sure she didn't forget her appointment, when she gets there, she's not even in the system!???. Let alone the fact she had a seizure at the medical center. Gabe jer too much medication and had to inhibate her and out on a life support machine because they overdosed her to the point she coukcouleven breathe on her own?!?. Then after being givne all of her information, like "she has a port for the medicine, and what she's allergic to, and how much medication she's taking and what kind, THEY STILL OUT ANOTHER PORT ON HER?!?!, and then realized she had one?? "Whoops much"? I have never in my life seen such ignorance and carelessness concerning the life of a patient, that college graduates with doctrites and dedegre can't manage the simple task of NOT OVERMEDICATING SOMEONE?!?!. What the actual F#@$!!!! Them after calling (at 7:10) to see if she's ok or can respond to visitors, I'm told by the nurse on the phone to call back at 8?!?... It seriously takes so much time out of your day to just ask the nurses assistant or RN on duty as to how she's doing??!!?? Good to know that shift change takes priority over family needing to know the condition of their loved one. Apparently multitasking isn't taught in colleges anymore. Perhaps all the doctors that graduated were taught common core patient care. This place is a joke. And should be either shut down or half the staff fired and replaced with intelligent people rather than having to deal with the absolute ignorance, stupidity and all around insensitivity of these less than qualified individuals.

Theodora Sunfire

Don't even want to put a star at all wish I didnt have to my mother has a lot of health issues and this people thought my mom and me where lieing about what my moms health issues where who would lie about there health issues on top of that there staff members are very rude and dont even help people when they first: need to go to the bathroom our second: when they need help/medicines this hospital is way to smelly and cold and people have to continue asking for things they need and probably wont get and doesn't help when my mom are me cryed they where laughing/ asked why were crying but not talking to us but to there coworkers

Natalie Savage

Valley Hospital has the most caring staff, the care I received was excellent! I would not go anyway where else for medical treatment! Thank you Valley Hospital for serving our community!

Jessica Enriquez

The food is horrible and my roommate was always someone who wanted to keep the at a sub tropic temp and since I was on the side of the window I was screwed because what would be comfortable to me temp wise didnt seem to matter.

Eileen Obryan

I cannot say enough about the caring staff at Surgical ICU. The high quality care by the nurses, especially Mona, Donni and Stephanie is admirable. Also the head nurses were attentive and hands on, especially Pam. Thank you to all the good care!

Michele Dodd

Went for a colostomy Oct 5th Out Patient Surgery Unit. All the staff were wonderful. Caring and extremely Professional. Thank you for your Exceptional Care. Michele R Dodd

marilyn chavez

Nurses were so nice always checking in on me just crazy patients were out of control. They tried to makes me as comfortable as possible. Mona is the most sweetest down to earth nurse I met.

Jannet Hisspers

Very clean hospital, nurses were super nice and on there toes Non stop checking on everybody great hospital

alexandre nieto

I went overthere cause I had a strong pain in my chest within an hour they found exactly what was wrong with me... the lady that took care of me was nice too

duane allen

Absolutely awful. From aron n check in on. The worst customer service ever. They r rude n obnoxious. Who discharges someone at 330 am?

Nene Washington

The service was great although it did take a minute for them to come to the room, the nurses and doctor made sure I was good and informed me about everything I needed and wanted to know.

Matthew Walker

From intake to nursing care after surgery, I had an amazing experience at Valley....amazing attitude from everyone there, felt very well taken care of.

Dave Butcher

If I could give this hospital no stars I would. My fiance was sent to Valley Hospital by her primary care doctor and we went with many reservations that we had voiced to her doctor. When we got to the ER the emergency room staff was very good and she was gotten in very quickly. The nurses in the Emergency Room and the Emergency room Doctor that took care of her were great. They admitted her into the hospital with orders for a GI Consult and work up. The attending Dr. Andrew A Gyang saw her one time and then said that he was going to have a GI Consult. That never occurred and she was discharged without any kind of followup with another doctor, additional tests, or even coming in to see her. As the RN was getting ready to start another bag of fluids he was called out of the room and was informed that the doctor was going to discharge her and that he felt there was nothing medically wrong with her. We received copies of her test results and you can see that she had a UTI and that the cat scan show some inflammation of the gi track. He did not prescribe any antibiotics nor did the fact that she has stage 2/3 kidney disease seam to concern him. He could not be bothered with coming in and talking with her before discharging her or going over the test results with her. She is still sick and still not able to keep anything in. We saw her primary care today and they put her on antibiotics, not the doctor in the hospital. I tried to contact the Hospital Administrators office and was told that the hospital Administrators office cannot be bothered with complaints that I would have to talk with Lita in the Risk Management office. I still have not received a call from this office. I plan on contacting an attorney and seeing if we have a case for medical malpractice against both the doctor and the hospital. I would not recommend this hospital or its staff to treat a hang nail let alone something that could be life threatening.


I would not recommend this hospital to anyone they admitted me pretty quickly but had terrible service they ran about 5 test on me putting IVs in my arm that were not secured correctly when they took it off and put the cotton with the bandaid on about time i got home and took off my jacket my arm had bleed out they also would not let me eat for hours because they were waiting for my results I got admitted around 2 and did not leave until 8 p.m. after all tests were completed they could not figure out what was wrong with me and they sent me home they still did not feed me and they lost my shoe and offer to give me a sock while I had to walk home with one shoe they gave me a CAT scan that had my body have a funny reaction to it causing me to almost throw up you put me through more pain just to tell me that you couldn't find out what was wrong with me I would not recommend this hospital to anyone all they do is run test like you are a lab rat and cannot figure out the solutions to your problems definitely need a new medical staff

Stefan Anguelov

Great service with helpful and friendly people ! Thank you very much ! Keep doing it the same way !



Sandy Boday

The staff at Valley Hospital were great! From check in to check out. They were compassionate and did a great job of putting me ar ease. However, the same can not be said about the beds and toilets. I have a herniated disk in my back that was communicated at check in and again after I got to the surgical floor. The bed was horrible! For 3 days i never got more than 20 minutes of sleep at one time. Memory foam would have provided a great deal of relief. The toilets are certainly not ADA compliant!! Anyone with back or knee issues are going to have a problem the toilets that are so low to the ground. Are hospitals exempt from ADA regulations?

Belinda Di Preta

Went in with chest pains and they did nothing for me ended up getting dishcharged feeling worse than what I did when I went in

Dash Dap

I was born here and ever since, I’ve loved this hospital

Antonio D'Orsi

Had surgery on July 10 and everyone from pre OP to surgery has been great.

Melia Graham

Great staff. Kind, prompt, accommodating and made me feel comfortable.

William Dempsey

I can't say enough positive about my wife's 5 day stay at Valley. She went from emergency to Surgical ICU, then to a semi private room. At each location the staff was exceptional. Extremely vigilant and highly communicative. Typically one gets annoyed due to lack of information about plans and procedures for the patient. At Valley I was fully informed about what was done, what was planned and results of the various tests performed. Kudo's to the staff, doctors, nurses, and nursing students who attended my wife.

Queen Ellis

Some of the staff at this hospital should not be working anywhere on this planet. The security officers in ER were extremely unprofessional and the young girl at the front desk (Caucasian) was unprofessional as well. Security officers walking behind the desks when everyone’s personal info could be compromised at any time. I don’t know who hired the security guards or the front desk receptionist but he or she must have been desperate and in dire need of help at this hospital. Because those 3 acted like they were raised by wolves. I thought I was on the set of a tv show the behavior I witnessed. It was depressing, embarrassing, and appalling to say the least. North Vista HR, you need to send people though multiple interviews before you hire people because what I witnessed in May 2019 was atrocious.

Jennifer C3po

This hospital is HORRIBLE! Unprofessional! They don't help you, they have attitudes and just plain make you feel like your a bother. We entered the emergency room to check in and two girls sat there IN FRONT of me for 15min talking about a boyfriend! Then finally when one of the girls finally got off their ass it was to tell me I had to go to the windows. No direction no clue where to go I just started asking every window since there are no signs to tell us where to go, finally when I do find a window I'm greeted with a bothered girl who rolls her eyes and says name then hands me this hockey puck thing that will vibrate when it's my turn. They gave us no instructions or information on what to do. Finally a the man who was doing her test was kind enough to help us. So to him thank you. Other than that HORRIBLE. Never returning nor send anyone here.

glenn den braber

Overall had a good experience. Everyone was very professional. The only negative i had was with the on duty nurses once i was in my room. Nurses are supposed to see you every hour. I was lucky to see them 2 times in a 12 hr period. The only nurse who i was very happy with was my night nurse the first night of my stay. She was very efficient and actually seemed to care, which was the night of 9-3. All of the cna, physical therapist, occupational therapist, and even the housekeeping lady were very friendly and helpfull.

Sandra Chavez

Very professional and caring staff. Didn't make me feel bad. Early morning weekend and got in and out quickly.

Kristy Wyche

When I arrived early for my surgery I had to check in and Ms. Flo was sure a nice spirit woman. Going around to the surgery room the nurses was nice who checked me in. My nurse Ms.Tracey was so nice, her and her colleagues talked to me until it was time for my surgery. I must say, you don't have too many Friendly people out her that gives Encouraging words and mean them. My surgery team I believe did gd because I saw them for about 2 minutes then I was knocked out. Thank You Dr. Cavalla and Valley Hospital Team

Sandra Bee

I went to the emergency room for shortness of breath and chest pains. I arrived at 12 and got discharged at 2:30 while I was having breathing problems.. no, hey are you ok? They had no rooms available which I’m sure that’s the reason they wanted me out and while I was being discharged the doctor didn’t even come talk to me to tell me I’m ok to go home there’s nothing wrong with you.. I had to ask for him to come talk to me which was a big mistake he was being so rude and sarcastic when I was asking him questions and laughing with the nurse as if my question was funny. He could’ve done his job the first time and came to talk to me like he said he was. A lot of people would rather hear from the actual doctor than a nurse that everything is ok! Never going there again!!!

Chris Richko

This is the WORST hospital that I've every visited! The lack of care they provide is immeasurable. If you care anything about yourself or your loved ones, you will steer clear of this Hospital. Hygiene, lack of care, you name it! It's very sad.

Leslie Fender

Always get excellent care for my husband at Valley. Thank you to all the staff!


Incredibly rude on the phone . i was told to come in and thell see me when they see . Really rude i told her how much before i talk to someone . she said idk what you want me to say how does 10 hours sound .

Whitney McIntyre

Everyone was extremely pleasant and made me feel comfortable!

Big Bear

One of the worst Hospital experiences ever the staff was rude and disrespectful,and so was the Security. If I'm shot and bleeding out...I still would Never Go back to this Hospital!! This place gets 2 thumbs down. My wife miscarried our baby on the side of the road because of this Hospital...who refused to help her! And upon leaving, the Gangbanger Security was Antagonizing,and Patronizing us..Wanting to know our address, So he could try to beat us up!!

Gladis Meza

I didnt like this hospital at all. Horrible customer service. Some of the nurses were rude. I would never recomend this hospital.

Anthony Clemmons

the staff at Valley Hospital we're very timely and efficient in my care Vegas strong

caleb cease

Overall I had a good experience. The Dr.'s and nurses were great. I almost felt at times I was at a comedy club which helped ease the tension of having to go into surgery. I didnt like the fact i found out about a 2000.00 deductable i had to pay before my sugery which was litterly 3 days away. However billing worked with me on it and payments were agreed upon but i still had to come up with half of what it was after applying some other adjustments. So it was reasonably tough but i was able to have my surgery. Thank you.

Cat Smith

Terrible, I am extremely fed up and annoyed with all these doctors. Even though my Dr. was nice, I felt like he wasn’t listening to my issues. I came in for car accident injuries and they were quick to rule it out as an “Anxiety Reaction” & simply prescribe me muscle relaxers. Then proceeded to say “Yeah, You Probably have Whiplash” but didn’t conduct any tests to confirm.

Ted Porfilio

From ER to ICU to Intermediate-Care to Discharge professional, knowledgeable, courteous, and caring staff. Thanks Valley, you certainly earned a 5-star rating based on my experience. Keep up the good work; you are a credit to Las Vegas medical care.

Gene Warren

There were some great health care professionals 3 were awesome and did everything they could to take care of me plus balancing their time to make sure all of their patients were taken care of. But.....i don't know if they need to teach a time management class or something or if the work load is to much for the nurses or if the registered nurse is not quifieid. I was left basically in my waste coming out of my stomach, nurse inserted tube down my nose and into my stomach layed tube on top my gown and left saying we had to wait for xray well I started decompressing out the tube every thing that was stuck in my stomach was now coming out all over me my gown, bed, pillows, etc I asked for help to get cleaned up just for everyone to have something else to do so I started just taking everything off keep on mind I have to be very careful with all the muscles in my stomach because that just got operated on. It's like none of the nurses if they are behind will ask for help?? Maybe charge nurse could help? I also voiced what happened just for the nurse I had issues with given to me when she came back from days off so upper management is a dog and pony show just to not produce results. I was very disappointed in my experience but I do need to give credit to the people who really cared about the person getting better rather than just a job and a paycheck. Christina, cathline, stephanie, the nurse in pre-op, and the nurse in recovery room are true health care professionals, Joslyn needs to be retrained, and Jimmy needs to understand that if a patient has an issue with one of his nurses to correct the situation but not take the nurse the day they get back from days off and give that nurse back to the person who complained

Richard Burns

Between the two of us and our adult paraplegic son, we have spent many hours and days and months in hospitals. I having coded (flat lined) in 1993 in Portland, Oregon, then while in SE Georgia being taken to Jacksonville, Florida for 5 bi-pass. Our son now in his middle 40's breaking his back in Oregon in March of 1995 and recuperating in hospitals there for over 7 months. And so it goes... Recently our Son due to an open sore on his thigh spent another 6 month in hospitals here in Las Vegas, Nevada. So when my sweetheart of 51 years had her "mini-stroke" this past week and by ambulance rushed to Valley Hospital, we were absolutely blown away at the care given by Emergency staff, the RN's there and then again up on the 3rd floor the superior service of the Dr's as well as the many RN's that took care of my bride around the clock. The professional attention that continually entered through her door was intent on service and closely ading in her recovery and comfort. AMAZING! This superior service and care was miles above previous visits to other hospitals. What a gift!!!!!!! Thank you. Richard and Carole Burns.

Marneshia Bryant

0 compassion or even the slightest concern for other's sickness and pain. Not to mention it's filthy annnndd the make you wait 2 hrs before your even checked in

Sunshine Love

I was pregnant and bleeding I came in to the ER to see what was wrong. I was triaged quickly but then that’s where the nightmare began. They My blood work and urine and let it sit next to me for over an hour. No one came to pick up my cultures or samples until my husband said something.. then they blamed Dr Houston for it.. I had to call an Uber For my husband to go pick up our youngest daughter and the car couldn’t find him. So I tried to help by going out to the entrance so he can be seen but I wasn’t leaving.. they told me because I was going to check on it I was being discharged!!! I was like I’m just making sure he gets into the car and then I was like... now you want to do your job? They kicked me out without any clothes on

Diana Kiley

the reps were very nice, no long waits.

Angela Longman

Three days of my life wasted. With no answers to my chronic stomach pain and chronic diarrhea. Was given meds to just help the pain now being discharged even though I have watery diarrhea lol it’s funny. This comment is remind me of the lawsuit I’ll be filing against them once I find out from another hospital what is really wrong. I told them over and over that I might have a parasite from my travels. Update: my pain is back in my stuff stomach. Now my son may have what I have mind you he is younger then 2 and can’t go to work still because I can get in trouble if I give them something contagious.

Geraldine Marchand

This is my second time in 3 weeks to have two different procedures done. From registration to all the nurses that took care of me I was relaxed and made comfortable by everyone!! Very friendly and professional and I appreciate all their hard work!! The hospital was very clean also!!

delia navar

I recently moved and im pregnant I don’t have my records will they still attend me when I go into labor ?

Paula Federico

The Doctor's and Nurses at Valley Hospital were extremely professional and kind. They treated me for a Subaracnoid Hemorage , and took wonderful care of me while I was in ICU.

Jim Meacham

My visit was a very good experience. Everyone that I had contact with was very pleasant and efficient.

Sandy Rodriguez

On my visit I was taken care of right away! Everyone was super nice and I felt like I was in the best hands especially with my nurse I believe her name is Heather! She was AMAZING! Definitely the best hospital I have ever visited.


My experience with Valley Hospital was an Excellent One. My blood pressure was Extremely high and they took me right in, I had a Stroke. Valley took real Good Care of me. The nurses were very nice and made me feel very comfortable. They gave me medicine to lower my pressure. Ive been to Valley a couple of times and I had an excellent experience with my care both times. Thank You Valley!

Joyce Griggs

I want to thank the people of Valley Hospitals OPS for the kindness and effort they offered me at the time of my surgery , I also found thoughtfulness and courtesy from the other staff who assisted me through me process. I've heard differently, but my experience was A1 for me. Thank you all

Gabrielle Fischer

I am so grateful for the Dr's staff . They did saved my life. The Dr was Great and so was the nursing staff, But I was moved 4 times without reason. Things were lost in the suffel. Which was very disappointing to me.

Annette Wooters

Excellent facility and personnel. Very personable and efficient making me relaxed for the procedure. Highly recommend this hospital.

Sue Phillips

Staff very caring.

Ericka J

This place was the worst they sent me home still in pain with medicine prescribed that didn't relate to my problem.

Ms Anonymous Biggs

Do not ever let anyone stir you wrong! Valley hospital is the worst hospital in the world. They lie through their teeth because they want to use you as a guinea pig for their interns to work on. Almost every time you go to that hospital you are seen by an intern only and they decide which tests to run and what to do. I don't even believe that they are even getting instructions from real doctors there. I was admitted their a few weeks ago and the guy next to me, a GROWN MAN, was actually crying because he went there with a little problem and by the time they were done with him, he had high blood pressure and diabetes and they wanted him to stay for more tests (to experiment on him probably) but he wanted to go home so they gave him an ultimatum, "you go home you don't get any medication. That's the kind of people you are dealing with over there. One intern in particular there calls herself "Dr. Nahn" she will promise you anything to get you in their office after you leave the hospital, don't buy it, it's just a way for them to take your money and your health. You are paying for them to use you for their studies!

Suzanne Gruchy

The staff was amazing and made me feel really comfortable. Flo at check-in was so warm, caring and sweet. She set a positive tone for my entire visit.

Hesmy Advocate

This weeks ER trip was a bad experience. I started with a nurse Lisa who was great, but I guess they were short staffed. It's too long to type but I asked for a charge nurse when a new nurse appeared to give me medication & was upset by the fact my IV wasn't working or had not been fixed. She rolled her eyes. She sighed, she said alot of rude things very softly; one which was the IV felt fine to her & if she could not go ahead & give me meds now she didn't know when she could get back to me to fix it. So she would just "waste the meds". I'm like, WOW, can I get a charge nurse or someone else? After the head nurse came she said it was ok for her to help me but Amber remained passive aggressive. She purposely began to assist another patient while my meds were already mixed up in the syringe. Here's the issue, she refused to help me after the charge nurse's directive and Lisa volunteered to help me. So Amber scanned the meds as if she was giving them & Lisa came in...but she went towards the top or mid of the IV line & injected the meds. I was expecting her to administer them near my air & explain what was going on...NO ONE TOLD ME WHAT I WAS RECEIVING! I felt a little light headed & I asked to find that it was an opioid & another medication. I was stunned that a med so strong was being handled so callously. I LOVE Valley but some of the nurses can be unpleasant. I left a message for risk management but no one has responded yet.

Linda Duran

When I went to ER for severe pain. Theg took great care of me. I had an infected gallbladder. My surgeon was the best. He was very skilled and compassionate about my needs. He took great care of me. The care nurse was amazing in that I was well taken care of. But their is always 1 bad employee. But it won't take away anything I experienced at that hospital.

Kathleen Olivia Zahl

I had an unusual experience of numbness and tremors in my left arm. Was advised to go to the ER for further assessment. Seven hours in ER...but made as comfortable as possible. I saw two doctors and was admitted for further tests. From 8:30pm to 3:00pm the next day I received great care from the nurses and staff (Britt, Judy and ALL)..but the MRI and Ultrasound took that long to get scheduled. I was finally released to go home at 6:30pm. I was fine, no stroke or damage of any kind...I just felt I should not have been taking up space when someone with serious illness could have had the bed.

damita bonilla

This hospital sucks I thought I would never find a hospital worse than umc but this is much worse from patients up to upper staff they pass the buck to the next person on weekends the only have one person over the charge charge nurse if you have a problem that goes above the chrg nurse if the floor supervisor doesn't feel like it's worth his time to listen he won't come and hear your concerns. This hospital is worse than any county hospital it needs to be investigated by the state. This place the longer you stay the worse it gets rooms aren't cleaned until you say something I was in the same room for at least 7 days and my room was only cleaned 2 times in those 7 days and I was in the surgical rooms. That breeds diseases. It's just sad to see how much this hospital has gone down hill.

Shala *

Brought my spouse to ED and received compassionate, attentive, friendly & prompt care during all of our interactions whom we came into contact with. We want to personally thank every single one of the kind, and caring staff members whom provided us with the most exceptional & best quality of care one could ever ask for during our ER visit; Tara B. R.N (in triage), Gabe R.N, & Miles R.N, Nick ER Tech, Rebecca PA, Dr.Hassan, & the friendly Whitney, R.N! Thank you all!

Always Dee

I was treated so well and cared for very carefully at Valley Hospital. The staff of nurses and Dr. Silver attended to all my needs and anxieties about my surgery. This hospital is the BEST! GREAT JOB VALLEY HOSPITAL!

Cheri Ann

Everyone was very nice and all went smoothly. I was extremely happy.

Ryan Jefferson

I was in the hospital for five days they didn’t feed me nothing but ice and on the last day they feed me liquids in the morning and I am feed lunch then discharge me


Very helpful. Professional. Attentive staff. They work as a team. They make patient feel comfortable. From nurses, CNA, transports, administrative ppl.

Futuristic Concepts

In every medical institution you will find pros and cons. Patients that give glowing reports and those that can't be pleased no matter how hard the staff tried. Even after saving the person's life. Valley Hospital is hands down one of the best medical facilities in the city of Las Vegas. From the time that you enter the ER you feel a sense of calm because you know that you're in good hands. Even though at times you will hear patients being rude and somewhat violent to staff, the members still do their jobs with pride and professionalism. Their cardiac unit is top notch and the basic care that you'll receive will astound you. From the initial intake to treatment to dietary to the records department. Valley has more than earned the 5 Star rating. Valley Hospital, saving lives, reparing the broken and renewing hope when all seems lost. You're in good hands. I guarantee it.

Julie Pinckney

I wish I could give more than 5 stars. From the moment I walked in to th ER, to the moment I was discharged from the hospital 5 days later, I was treated kindly, with respect, with compassion, with a smile. The ER staff was impeccable, no long wait, nurses were attentive, doctor was there regularly to check up on me, the radiology staff was excellent! When I was told I was being admitted. I thought for sure, now comes the 5 hour wait for the bed to open! Not at all!! 20 minutes later I was on my way upstairs. The nurses, the CNA's, the lab techs, the housekeeping staff, the dietary staff, and all the other staff in my wing were just as amazing. They all came with a smile and compassion. If ever I had to ring my call button, it was always answered in a minute or less. They were on time with meds, meals come on time every day....and the food is delicious!!! Truth be told, when I was being discharged, I was wishing I could stay a few more days!! Ignore the negative comments on this hospital, I wish I did. I was so nervous because of the reviews I actually delayed my visit to the ER for 2 days!!! That could have been 2 less days in pain!! If I am faced with going to the ER again, Valley Hosputal is my #1 choice.

Chris Wilbus

Staff is excellent, hospital is clean. Could not have asked for anything more.

Jean Meersman

I was in for my second surgery. Excellent care all the way around. Special props to the surgeon Dr. Kushnir and her team. I’m so lucky to have found the Women’s Cancer Center and that group of intelligent, forward thinking, experts in the field of Gynecologic oncology. Additionally from check in to check out everyone at Valley Hospital was professional, kind and super caring. Second floor nurses Jen and Vee gave me exceptional care. Thank you!

Rob Atkinson

Comparing services to what we are used to in the Chicago area, Valley is much more efficient. The staff is very friendly and down-to-earth. I could not be more pleased at how everyone took care of my father.


It's a hospital so kind words are usually few and far between. One nurse stood out among the rest. Julia on the 3rd floor. If you get her as your RN you won't be disappointed. She is an EXCELLENT RN!

Clifford Peterson

I was there for a headache that was going on for a month. I've had them all my life but this was different from those.. I was admitted from emergency and my wait down there was minimal. The staff there was courteous but in overdrive. How they can be helpful and remember all they need to put in their computers and keep it all straight was amazing. I was in a room rather fast and was ordered an CT scan and 3 MRI type exams. CT was done rather routinely but being Monday MRI's were a slow process. I was thinking one day in this place turned into two. There was excuses given but I didnt need them after all it's a hospital on monday morning I'm sure they are playing catch up from the weekend. I got the MRIs done and seen a variety of neurologists and speech therapists and occupational therapists and the RNs and CNAs were in and out my room most of the day keeping me informed of my status. Seen the head neurologists at 5 that evening and the admitting Dr at 6 or so they both wanted one more test much to my dismay but the drugs they had put me on greatly improved my pain from a 9 to a 3. So I got the next test on the morning of the second day and the nurses got the Dr to look at results and got me discharged rather quickly. Except for the delay of the critical test I needed my stay was pleasant and was always kept informed of what was going on and even was asked by the kitchen staff what my choices were for my meals. Seen the charge nurse and receptionist once each day also. I'm a patient person and I was put at ease most of the time I was there.

Edwin Thomas

I've been in many hospitals on my life but your staff of nurses and admitting woman were the friendliest I've ever encountered. My situation that caused my hospitalization was bad, but was made so much better by your staff.

Tracey Torrence

Valley Hospital staff is very friendly and attended to my needs when I could get their attention. Durning my visit, I never recevied a call button in either area that I was in (ER private room or CCU 1st floor); it was hung on the wall and out of my reach. The shared patient restrooms were very dirty and the two that I visited, once leaving the privtate one, had something taped in the toilet as if to catch something before it went down; quite gross. Held overnight for observation, I never made it upstairs. I had to have my personal toiletries brought from home. I don't remember it being this way when I was there in 2016.

Stephanie Hernandez

Came to check on and pick up a relative. Which they will not release because that’s how they gain money. He is being held in an inadequate and unsafe room with other people. No one knew anything and everyone was rude for no reason. We are from out of state and the staff and conditions would be unacceptable. I am really shocked this is even a functional hospital. The state of Nevada needs to check on this hospital. I am scared for people that go here. Edit: I also forgot to mention the dead cockroach in the entrance.

Emily Boyle

Extremely frustrated with the quality of service provided here. I was admitted with pain in the lower abdomen, what I believed to be my ovary. Not only did the nurse and the doctor rudely question why I thought it was that, they didn't listen to me at all. I explained the entire visit I was there that ovarian problems run in my family and that was the cause of my concern. The doctor rudely looking me in the face said very sternly "stop looking at google" multiple times. Not once did I mention i Google symptoms. Then they ran a few tests, came up with nothing. They asked if I had insurance, once they found out I didn't they discharged me and told me to take some ibuprofen. I wasted 3 hours of my time, and tons of money just to be told its "menstrual pain".

Sarah McCoy

I have contacted this hospital multiple times about what happened and no one will contact me back. My grandfather was a patient of inpatient therapy and Michelle, the pt aide, was taking pictures of him as he was hunched over and sending those pictures to her friends, laughing about how he was cold and hunched over. I heard her laughing about my grandfather and about other patients with her coworkers. Absolutely unacceptable. He came to the hospital to get better, not to be made fun of for his condition. This woman should not be working here. Not only did she COMPLETELY violate HIPAA, but she made fun of a man, and many others, who just needed help.

Michael Benedict

My go to Emergency Room. Excellent service and staff!!

Tony Chavira

The staff and doctors took good care I was there for back surgery operated on a Wednesday and out on fri. Cant say much for there food

Angela Alonso

The admitting department takes long to admit patients with appointments. They were so back up that the manger came out and said patients with surgery todays are priority and those here for exams and early registration will wait long. This is ridiculous then why make appointments if you can't take your patients when scheduled. To top it of they did not take take people in order.

Susan Eanes

The staff in the emergency room are wonderful.

Kevin Stephens

Super Staff ! Caring ! Polite.

Rainy Rain

Excellent emergency room staff and fast wait time.

Bernadette M. Jacaruso

Doctors and nurses are very efficient.

Grace Tapia

Nice All Nurses

Sarah DeHart

This hospital saved my fiance's life! He just left there after being admitted for almost a month, and every single staff member we encountered was beyond amazing. Always caring, checking up on him, making sure he was happy. He was taken into surgery very quickly after being admitted, and they saved him from losing his leg. After that scare, he ended up with the flu and pneumonia, which his body couldn't fight, so they had to intubate him. He was very critical for awhile, but they fought hard and made him better! Andrea, the nurse in the ICU, was wonderful and barely left his side. Dr. Wattoo is amazing, very kind and great bedside manner. I wish I could remember all the names, because I'm so very grateful to every person that my fiance came across! Thank you Valley Hospital!!

Tracy Thomas

Our ordeal started at 6 am on July 3. My husband was transported from AZ hospital for a supposedly severe artery blockage. It ended at 9 pm. The ER staff at VHMC were great. Nic and Nataly took care of my husband during this ordeal. They were kind, compassionate, and caring. Waiting 8 hours, in an ER room, to find out the results of a CT, which proved nothing was wrong, was not cool. And one nurse (I didn't get a name) who ignored anyone who came to the desk to ask questions needs to be trained in customer service. But I do not blame ER nursing staff for this.

Terry Crane

The nurses were outstanding the care I was given was very professional with a smile on their face put a smile on my face highly recommend

matt cavaness

The nursing staff and medical team were great. Preregistration is a joke I went in on Thursday and registered them I came in at 7:30am for my 8am check in good thing I was there early. Because I had to fight with them over how much I had to pay to meet my deductible which is paid and surpassed. Again medical staff was great bill sucks

Karen Sumption

I would give this place 0 stars if I could. I've had 30 seizures in 3 days at Henderson Hospital (which is part of Valley Hospital group) spent 30 HRS IN A HALLWAY and then ANOTHER 24 IN AN OBSERVATION ROOM!!! The staff there were really nice however the doctors didn't seem to know how to best care for me and discharged me. They upped my seizure meds and told me if I had any more seizures to go to VALLEY HOSPITAL BECAUSE they have THE BEST NEUROLOGY DEPARTMENT that could better assist me. I had 4 very violent seizures today, had a golf ball size knot on the front of my head, was very dizzy and was vomiting. Now I had 2 of the seizures at the hospital, where the staff witnessed it mind you, didn't even speak to a real doctor but a nurse practitioner who ended up sending me home without seeing anyone from the neurology department when I was told to specifically go the for that very reason!! I also had amnesia for about 3 hrs where I didn't know who I was or who my children and husband were. I only knew what they told me. I have no recollection of ANY OF THIS, fell asleep for like a minute probably while they gave me a CT SCAN. I then woke up alert and didn't understand why I was in the hospital or how I got there... THEN I explained to the Nurse Practitioner the different kinds of seizures I have, but my electrolytes were good (duh because I had been told prior that I could have seizures if i was dehydrated so OBVIOUSLY I've been drinking a lot more fluids!) And that because I hadn't seized again in there care that I should just go home and follow up with my neurology appointment that I have scheduled for Friday because of my stay at HENDERSON HOSPITAL! Now they are all part of the same hospital systems, like I've already stated, and did EXACTLY WHAT I WAS TOLD TO DO IF I CONTINUED TO HAVE SEIZURES EVEN WITH MY SEIZURE MEDS UPPED AND WENT TO VALLEY HOSPITAL WHERE THEY DIDN'T DO A DAMN THING! I have now had 2 MORE SEIZURES SINCE I WAS DISCHARGED!! SMDH AT THESE SO CALLED PROFESSIONALS!! DON'T EVER GO THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH YOU. BTW my discharge papers also said to go back if my symptoms remained the same HOWEVER since I live in HENDERSON AND VALLEY HOSPITAL IS FAR FROM MY HOME, I don't even have enough gas in my car to get back there, WHICH I ALSO EXPLAINED TO THEM. BUT HEY WHAT THE HELL DO I KNOW ABOUT WHAT'S WRONG WITH MY OWN BODY!! SHAME ON ALL VALLEY HOSPITAL AND ALL THERE AFFILIATED HOSPITALS!

Pinky Pink


Raymond Lavallee

You charged me 1,750.00 co payment for my procedure. I call my insurance company and they it was 250.00. That's terrible

Marcie Black

Here we go again, I don't know if this place will ever get it together. My mom was admitted Saturday. She has not eaten all day due to having to take a stress test. BUT ALL DAY, REALLY? She's already stressed and worried and in pain. She already doesn't have much of an appetite but when she does she needs to eat. My mom is weak and fragile. There has to be some kind of an alternative to this test or at least a time as to when she will have this stress test. But they just do it when they get ready and leave patients to starve IN THE HOSPITAL. This place has been nothing but a headache and a nightmare and I hate that my mom is stuck there again. Every time she gets admitted we have issues. My mom just called me at work and she's upset and frustrated. SOMETHING NEEDS TO HAPPEN ASAP. I'm currently looking into getting a hold of some higher ups and finding out why this place cant seem to get it together. it's now 3:55 pm and my mom is just now having this stress test and she hasn't eaten ALL DAY. You only have to fast for a few hours before the test. She has had nothing to eat since yesterday. And after her test they're sending her home.. What happens if the test is abnormal and she really needs to be in the hospital. Guess that doesn't matter!!! The Dr that came in to see her didn't care to hear her concerns or answer her questions and she's left not knowing what her symptoms mean. My mother has a brain aneurysm and she was trying to ask questions about her headaches and he ignored her. THIS PLACE IS THE ABSOLUTE WORSE AND I HATE IT. This might as well be death row. Somebody needs to listen and hear the patients and do something. AND I NOTICED I ONLY SEE RESPONSES TO GOOD REVIEWS...MUST BE NICE!!

Nicole Shelton

Check in for surgery which is located at the ER needs better signage that details steps. The limited staff did not provide guidance. After a few of us figured out to use the kiosk and were then provided buzzers a gentleman got up upset as the only staff present had told to him to sit and wait for her but he ended up being the 4th person after me to be checked in. He was obviously upset. When I got to the actual surgery area the nurse who took me back asked how the check in went as she had been calling down there looking for patients but did not get an answer. I informed her of my experience and let her know there were at least 5 people after me waiting. My surgery nurse Tracie was so nice and friendly. She made me feel so comfortable and I felt as if she was truly a genuine person. Definitely made my few hours of waiting go by quicker. Then nurse that assisted her (can't recall her name...possibly Katie) was also very friendly. They both helped to keep me calm during the nerve block in my neck. The nurses in post op very also very friendly. Patient next to me was giving the nurses a hard time demanding to see the doctor. Not even his wife could get him to stop. His behavior was aggravating me to the point I told him to shut up. I wish the nurses would have asked him to lower himself or be aware of the others coming out of anesthesia that are also having difficulties. Other than that they handled him well. Overall I had a good experience.


Great service and staff, we were super impressed

James A Dale

Everyone on the Medical Team was Absolutely the Best!! Very,professional, and courteous!

Michael Cappello

I'd like to add to all the 1 stars.. I can write a very very long review but I'm not. It's going to be short and sweet. My mom who is 77 years old today had the worst panic attack ever. The reason! She has no medicine for it anymore. Yeah a 77 year old mother is going on a drug induced drug addiction leading her to Jail and Rehab.. ugggh just because the doctors are hearing movie stars overdosing doesn't mean that a 77 year old Mom that NEVER took one more than she needed is going to overdose. She's fine.. ok young interns and doctors that got their degrees online. Thanks and thanks for making her feel like a junky when she was released. You guy's Rock!

David Kingery

Excellent care. Thoughtful, caring staff in both emergency room and when admitted.

Anjanette Arnold

Staff was friendly and the whole pre-surgery and surgery processes was efficient.

Nidz M

Dated July 16, my papa is in the room 24 at the MICU unit 2nd floor around 7:20 pm all of the nurse reported their reliever for changing shift they went to my fathers room we feel terrible when this nurses are just reporting to each other but my papa was like looking at them waiting to introduce themselves these people they don’t know how to greet and inform to the patient who’s going to be the next nurse they don’t even say any greetings like good evening and how you doing just talking about THEMSELVES also Ashley the respiratory therapists is so rude and she don’t even know how to smile to her patient she just do her thing no conversation at all to her patient.

Stacey Garcia

Doctors are vague and don't like to give you the time a day. Case management hung up on me when I asked questions about where my husband was going. They rushed him out because he old and placed in a hell hole. Took me nearly a week 1/2 to get him out. I was just I could bring him because had brain and crazy things. They didn't give me a choice never explained what was really wrong.

Mortie Urshi

As I sit in the Cardiac/Chest ER my recommendation is to go anywhere else. You come here because you're experiencing heart issues, however the actual Cardiologist never comes by; umk comes to mind, an RN named Crystal that snaps at you because you expect more than she's interested in. Crystal I just wanted a drink since I'm parched..why so mad? I'm a patient. It was recommended to me to go to an ER if I had any issues which I did. I will keep that advise, and just not come to Valley Hospital.

Julius Funches

I when i for a minor surgery and everything went well. The hospital was very clean.

Mercy -

This place needs better staff. It’s shocking how some of the nurses that work here are uneducated and lack common sense. I get that you’re overworked, but don’t take your frustrations out on the patients. In just about every field, workers experience the same amount of workload and stress. You’re not alone. But if you’re miserable and unhappy about your job, then consider finding another. It’s 2018. We need actual workers that take their job seriously, that don’t discriminate, and have proper education...I don’t remember your name, but thank you to the one blonde nurse that was actually professional and understanding. You’re doing great.

Dave Klimek

I am Tara K. not Dave K.. I had a procedure on 9/25. It was my first time at Valley Hospital out of many, many surgeries. Everyone was pleasant and compassionate from the admitting people, to the pre op nurse Kathleen, to my nurses Lisa and Tracy. The post op nurse, who sadly I can't name, was just wonderful, right up until she turned me over to the orderly who wheeled me out to my car, and asked if everyone treated me okay. Even under the circumstances, it was a good experience. Tara K

milay emay

Amazing hospital and staff ! Best quality of care that we ever received for our Mom despite insurance restrictions. This hospital puts their patient’s on top priority regardless of race and financial ability. We had our BEST hospital stay in Vegas and staff made sure my mom’s needs were addressed from admission to discharge. No words could ever describe how GRATEFUL we are of all of YOU. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this hospital;))))

Tammy Talley

Everything went great for me that day I was having surgery. The nurse was very polite and understanding I am deaf everyone looked directly to me so I can understand them and read lips u have the best nurses in that hospital I am grateful for their time and I am happy

Yanet Sanchez

This hospital saved my mothers like back in 2013 and they do give food to patients they don't let them starve depends what the doctor request for the client. My mother passed away in this hospital on December 29th 2014 :( for cancer in lungs and kidneys. she fell in coma on december 24th , doctors couldn't do anything cause she was really weak and already dead inside but at least they tried their best. but this hospital is better than UMC Hospital Too be honest.

Lydia Siljak

On 27th of January 2017th I was physically FORCED with 4 people, (One woman and 3 guys) into this facility. All of this WITHOUT MY or My FAMILY CONSENT and WHEEL. see: NRS 433, 471. I WAS physically ASSAULTED and injected something Into my main vain. I fainted and they putted me behind the curtains. When I came back, one Gentleman was holding my hand. He stated to me "that he is not going to let that Hospital, and these CORRUPTED Individuals to keep me there; because I am not a MENTALLY ILL. After that ILLEGAL INJECTED DRUGS I was very sick and confused. Until today I have health problems. They are refusing to give to me my Medical Record. When I went to get it, I was escorted with 3 Allied Security guys. I insisted to see someone in charge. They took me to women, same one who was previously present with 3 guys; and on my question where I was; she Ordered to me to SHUT UP and ADMIT that I am a MENTALLY ILL. When she saw me, she screamed: " O that's you!" Than she threatened me that "if I come again , I am going to be arrested again!" She ORDERED to Securities to ESCORT ME. They did. I have to point: THAT I AM NOT A MENTALLY ILL!!! I NEVER HAD ANY INDICATION DIFFERENT THAN NORMAL!!!. I was 70 years old in that time; and I am good American Citizen Senior; who dearly Love's this Country. The Hospital FALSELY and FRAUDULENTLY took MONEY from MEDICARE. Because of Investigation in this matter, MEDICARE, ( Noridian) did find a FRAUD; and they did take a money back in October 2017. But, this CORRUPTED and FRAUDULENT MEDICAL CENTER again, used force with another Agency (Novitas) and again ILLEGALLY stole a money from Madicare and hard working US Tax Payers in July 2018. I never saw a doctors that they claimed I did. I never gave my blood or urin to be tested. They TARNISHED my life, dameging my good Health, using their Power over 70 years old Lady. I have to point, that I reported to Nevada Authorities, a huge Tax Invasion ( hundreds MILLIONS of dollars for years) with Dishonest and Fraudulent LV Taxi Cab Industry...Momentarily, I became a TARGET and VICTIM of RETALIATION done by former NV Governor Brian Sandoval and former B&I Director Bruce Breslow. Obviously, they (whether) took bribes in their back pockets for personal gain!!! Valley Hospital Medical Center located on 620 Shadow Ln in Las Vegas implicated themselves committing a Huge Federal and State CRIMES.., giving a favors to Agencies that contribute's in their operations. I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN JUSTICE!!! I STRONGLY BELIEVE IN AMERICAN PEOPLE and PATRIOTS OF OUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY!!! I am not going to give up my good NAME, MY PRIDE, MY DIGNITY AND CHARACTER!!! THEY did Intentionally, manipulated my CIVIL RIGHTS as bounded American Citizen! They did terrible DEFAMATION and EXECUTION of my CHARACTER!!! All of CORRUPTED participants in this UNJUSTIFIED CRIMES will be brought to the JUSTICE and be PROSECUTED for everything that they did WRONG!!!

Rochelle Moore

I've been in pain since March 4th, been to so many doctors & hospitals & not only was i treated as if i was lying, they could not find out what was wrong with me untill i came here to Valley. The doctors, nurses, & techs were above & beyond amazing, nice, professional, & they found out what was wrong with me & i am so happy they helped me. I feel like they saved my life & i will never go anywhere else in Vegas. Thank you, i wish there were more hospitals/doctors like the ones at valley.

Leonda Mann

I had exceptionally good care while at Valley Hospital. That was not always the case in the past, and thus. I was really leery when my doctor said he uses Valley Hospital exclusively! But you have made great strides in the type of care, cleanliness and overall hospital experience! I have to say, I don’t know how it could have been any better! Thank you. Leonda Mann

Lisa Aldrich

I had a two week stay at Valley Hospital and received excellent care with the nurses, cna's, surgery staff, house keeping, management and everyone else involved.I was very impressed. 10 star establishment!

Patty White

I just had a great experience at Valley Hospital, stroke unit. I had an episode at the Walmart at Lake mead and Rancho...911 and paramedics were called. They took excellent care of me and transported me to Valley. The Stars were aligned for me and my recovery. The doctors were right there, surgery was successful and I came to in ICU. I must say, the staff there was exceptional, in my opinion...Boots and Cheryl, my nurses, were right on point from start to finish. They made what had 'unbearable' written all over it, bearable. Thanks to Valley Hospital for the quality care I received from everyone along the way.

Mike Hedrick

Everybody there was very nice, helpful, and answered all of my questions patiently, insightfully, and assuredly. All of my worries were put to rest by all the staff getting you prepped for my procedure. I think this is now my new go to hospital.

Michelle Horvath

DO NOT GO TO VALLEY HOSPITAL! I can't believe how my husband suffered because of them and their lies! They are all students who don't have a clue! I knew more than they did! My husband recently had a stroke so he was taken to this hospital by ambulance. He couldn't eat or drink anything, not only because he had no appetite, but because he was choking on everything he tried to swallow, his head was hurting so bad he couldn't take it, and he was in so much pain from major surgery he had around 5 years ago where they put two rods in his back, but after the surgery he was in more pain then ever (this is another doctor and another story). He didn't have a general doctor so we were glad when the doctor at Valley told my husband that she will be his general doctor when he leaves the hospital. After two days of tests they told us not only did he have a TIA (minor stroke), but his heart was failing and only working at 30 percent when normal is 65 percent, his kidneys had stones and were starting to fail as well, he also had gallstones, he now had diabetes (which he never had before) and they sent him home with a list of doctors to follow up all in a building on Wellness way (training facility) and a stack of papers with hardly anything documented that they told us. When he got home he was so much worse then when he went there. He was having problems urinating, there was blood in his stools, he could barely stand he was so dizzy, was in excruciating pain, and was terribly nauseous. So I called to make his follow up appointments but they couldn't fit him in until over a week later. By that time he already ran out of the few pain pills they gave him so he was suffering horribly and I didn't know what to do but to wait for his appointments so he could see the doctor. When we went to his appointment they said we had to pay a co payment which we didn't have so we had to leave to get the money and go back. Do you know that they weren't even doctors? They were just interns who conned him into going there so they could use him for training purposes. They couldn't even prescribe him the medications that he needed! When I think about how much he suffered waiting for this appointment and then how hard it was to get there yet we had to pay them, when he could have seen a legitimate doctor and wouldn't have to suffer as much as he did, I am furious!

Alex Ferguson

Extremely incompetent doctors. I came in with sever sharp, shocking type pain in my jaw and ear, that had been going on for 3 weeks and getting worse with no other symptoms. The doctors told me I had a neurological desease realated to MS and to see a specialist. I left frightened as can be. My girlfriend insisted I go see a dentist and sure enough, it was an infected molar. Unless you have a clear cut condition, don’t waist your time or money with tye so called doctors at Valley Hospital.

truztworthe revewer

they good with sharp instruments and knives. almost like real horror movie. go inside at 2am on halloween it is scary, especially when security gaurds chase you around and people are screaming at you like in overwatch. you do a good job doctors thank you do

Edward Madrid

I had good experiance overall , the one thing I wasn't to excited about was that , once I got all checked in 6:30 am , I was told to go down the hall make a left and follow the signs .I've never been there before and walking down these deserted hallways was a little different . I believe someone should have walked me directly back to were my surgery was going to take place , I was already stressed about being there . first impressions are everything . Once I found my way to the back , everyone was outstanding !!!! Customer service , especially in a hospital , should be a must !!!

Michelle Rose

Everyone there at Valley was absolutely amazing! From Admitting, Nurses to Doctors. So attentive and always had a quick respsonse!! Thank you Valley Hospital for the great care!!

Ck W

Valley hospital medical emergency room is the fastest emergency visit I've ever experienced. This hospital is fast, clean, and staff are awesome. I will never go to another place again.

Schkeena Hamilton

From the Pre-admission testing with Debi to surgery with Vachelle and Rosendo and recovery with K.B., then to a peaceful private room in 2 North with Lindsey, Isabel and Anna carefully empowering me on how to take charge of my recovery right away and finally being wheeled down to a Lyft that the hospital provided me by Katelyn S. this has been the most attentive, caring, considerate, clearly explained and restful hospital experience I've ever had. My stay here was better than when I had a baby at Summerlin Hospital and emergency cyst removal at Kaiser Hospital in Fontana, California. I'm so glad I was under the care of the phenomenal staff at Valley Hospital and would recommend their scheduled surgery process to everyone.

Barry Li Marzi

Not good to be left in Overflow for ~84 hours. <-- Process error. Please fix. Good staff and even an angel. Good that they got heart beat under control. Not good that ~12 hrs later it happens again.

Lisa Randall

Everybody from preop to postoperative was incredible. T2 is incredible. Their nurses are very knowledgeable and sweet giving souls. I loved all of them. I was there in room 230 from 5pm Thurs the 17th 0f Sept. until Tues the 22nd of September. Discharge went very smoothly as well.


Wish I could rate no stars! But the ER and nursing staff were great. Once admitted they did many tests due to intestinal and stomach problems. 2 Drs did come in to see me and did nothing but see me. When the test results came back (on day 2) I sat and waited for results. Everything from CT scan to blood work came back normal. Urine was waaaaay off. Late in the day the RN (who was really great) came in and said Drs want to discharge me because they found nothing wrong. So I guess the Drs thought having diarrhea for 3 weeks and losing 17 pounds, not being able to hold ANY food or water in my body was not important enough to check further for the cause. Discharge instructions said to see my own Dr and follow his instructions.My Dr was the one who sent me there in the first place!!! My opinion of the Drs at Valley Hospital is that they are either too lazy to follow through or they are too incompetent to diagnose a patient. STAY AWAY! Beware!! I am now home having the same problems and it is Friday night and may just have to go to another ER and try to get proper care.

Dennis Brewster

Top notch er staff professional communicating with the family member keeping them updated

Francisco Montenegro

the best place they take care my mother super nice from the registration lady to debie endina stacy cristina all the personal was the best thank you so much reall thank you thank you doctors i will give you 1000% positive

Mike Williams

Excellent care for my wife. I was allowed to stay with her 24 hours per day. Nurses are very caring, best ever.

Mike N Gross

Went to the ER in October of 2018. My wife’s ER nurse, Bernadette, was probably the best nurse we’ve ever worked with. She was kind, helpful, professional, and the best embodiment of a nurse we’ve ever seen. The doctors actually took the time to listen to her and explain the answers to all her questions. Hospital may not be the newest, but I can’t overstate how good, professional, and timely our trip was.

Ana Lorenzana

Staff has been prompt, RN myong was top shelf level. Thank you.

Teresa Bias

I had the best team working with me starting with the Emergency room all the way to the admitting and my team I had there from the nurses to the CNA’s was all exceptional they gave me great service I am so pleased with everything nothing negative at all

Tammy Carmain

The 1 star is for the ER room only. I would give the nurses and CNAs on the floors a 5 star

Carol Epstein

The doctors and nurses and staff were caring and professional. At the front desk when I checked in, the woman was as cold as ice and made me feel uncomfortable, as though I was doing her a favor for being there.

Stella Elliott

I wanted to tell everyone how Awesome Valley Hospital Outpatient Surgery Department was. I had surgery yesterday my Dr. Was Dr. Bascharon who is so awesome and thorough And professional. My surgery went so smoothly and pain free. I still have no pain the day after. ButI I especially have to Thank my RN nurse who made my visit so pleasurable his name was Jim. Thank you so much for all the laughing we did you are such a great nurse. I needed to let people know how great your Outpatient Surgery Dept. was to me. Thank You All So Much Cheryl Smith

Stacie Salonga

Each and every person from housekeeping to doctors gets 5 gold stars All of my nurses were amazingly patient and professional and kind even after long days they were always quick with a smile and making sure i was comfortable and had everything i needed. Im telling one likes to get sick but if you do take yourself to valley. When you need to get better soon

linda donnelly

Last Friday, July 13, I was celebrating my daughters 21st Bday. I couldnt believe it - one second I was talking and the next I was unconscious! Fainting was far more dramatic than I thought. The EMS worker all the way to every nurse eased my mind and even Xray'ed it (ha ha) So thorough and kind even though it was a busy night. Thank you so very much.

Mary Visty cyronek

My stay at Valley Hospital Medical Center was a great experience. The doctors, RN's , and other hospital staff were very sincere, thoughtful and understanding. Thank you so much for caring.

Patty Armstrong

Had to stay over nite and OMG everyone was great!!! Not a cranky person the whole time I was there. I was taken care of very well!!


I arrived at 8 am, didn't leave till about 1:30 pm. There were beds available and rooms that were empty but everyone was in the checking out area side by side with other patients. They didn't offer no chairs tof anyone. bad experience will never go back again!

Unknown Unknown

I came here on a Wednesday to the ER because I had a high fever and whoever the lady at the ER desk was really really rude and acted like she didn't like her job. I tried to be polite but every question I asked her she made it seem like I was bothering her or something then after I went to go back to sit down she kept staring me down. She was a real LOSER indeed. If i owned that hospital I'd fire her in a heartbeat. By the way I hope she sees my comment because I didn't get her name...

ashley moreno

All staff here was sooooo nice except front desk and my anesthesia dr was 1.5 late. But other than that everything was good

sally owen

The nurses were fantastic! Excellent doctors! CNAs who were so wonderful they made me feel like family! FANTASTIC hospital! Just plan on having friends or family bring you food! I NEVER, not one time, got what I ordered from their menu! I would fill out the menu they put on the tray and they would fill out a different one for me. I even called the kitchen and told them I was recovering from diverticulitis and could not have any raw vegetables, an hour later I got a chef salad for lunch! NEVER what I ordered! What I did get was always cold and tasted nasty! Great place for losing weight! But, I wasn’t there for the food. I recovered quickly due to their excellent care, (and friends bringing me food)

JoeTony Venegas

1-7-19 10:00 shift was lousy rude and lazy. the littlest things anyone can do but seems like they cant.

Kimberly Gross

I am a security guard at Valley Hospital and by working along side the nursing staff and doctors i see how great they are at doing their jobs they treat the patients with respect and with so much love and care. God Bless all of the staff at Valley Hospital. I wouldn't go to any other hospital for treatment.

John Tracy

As always the staff of your facility are above excellent. The nurse's are some of the most pleasant, caring people I have ever seen. The technical people are very professional , knowledgeable and pleasant to their patients. The reason I departed early was because of the individual I was sharing a room with. As a retired 25 year LVMPD Sargent and a Retired 20 year AF NCO , I have been around unpleasant individuals but the young man {A.K.} that was in my room was one of the worst. The language he used on all staff was totally uncalled for. They went out of their way to assist him and all he did was verbally abuse them. I had to leave before I would have said something that would have caused a larger problem. I understand another room was unavailable and appreciate staff for looking. My medical condition was such that I no longer needed to remain in the Hospital itself. So I checked out to prevent an issue.

lisa fiedler

Worst service and help EVER !!!!!

Tammy Rotella

I have been to Valley twice in the last few months. 3 North floor staff is fantastic. I had spine surgery and was there for 5 days, and about 3 weeks after had complication and had to stay for a week. It was great to be put back on the same floor. All the staff from Dr. Steele , the LPN, the RN, the CNA, even the cleans are friendly and quick to repond to your needs. I can't say enough about how much i like everyone. I don't know way people speek poorly about this hospital, i found it to be a good experience. Even my time spent in the ER was handled well by the personal present at the time. I hate go to or staying in hospitals, i have had bad experiences at other. Given the choice i will go to Valley from now on. Thank everyone there for thier care and support during my recovery.

Dale Hatfield

ER was quick and very attentive. Once admitted most everybody was great. They worked very hard to try to make it as tolerable as possible. Doctors were short on availability and you could tell the nurses and staff couldn't really call the doctor's. They had to wait for the doctor's to show up or give some type of feedback which made it a bit tough as a patient because of what I was in for. Once I was stable enough to leave they were quick with the release process which was great. Again, I'd say most of the staff went above and beyond for me. Mostly very nice people. It could have been a lot worse as hospital stays go!

Monique Ochoa

Quick Efficient and very helpful and knowledgeable.

Roseann Kulpinsky

My mom was bleeding from rectum lost so much blood they gave her 2 bags of blood. After doing several tests with no answers where she was bleeding they discharged her. We insisted she remain in hospital but they she no if she bleeds again take her back to hospital. Less then 12 hours later we rushed her to centennial hospital vomiting blood and bleeding from rectum. This is ridiculous. Now their doing same tests. How could they discharge her without a diagnosis. Knowing she would bleed again.


ER staff was excellent, also were the first internship team of Drs. However things took a turn when new interns took over. They don't comunicate, also there are a few ICU nurses that are pretty shady. One in particular named Nancy. Keep an eye on your loved one when she is their nurse.

Wayne Lawson

Everybody was very kind but got sent home without the meds the Doctor promised almost had to call 911 again

john heath

The best hospital in las vegas. Caring and sincere staff. Excellent service.

Judi Adams

I was very pleased with the service I received on July 22, 2019. From the Triage, to the techs that did testing so that the ER Doctor could get to the root of my health issue. I was in and out within a matter of a few hours. Much less time that I have experienced in other hospital ER's. Thank you Valley Hospital team.

kay bay

The nurse's and doctors here are amazing! There leave of care is outstanding!!

Allison Staley

Can't say enough great things about this Hospital and the staff. My mom was transferred in from a smaller hospital in the area. The staff took the time to listen to our concerns, and always kept us updated on her condition. The Hospital was spotless. And the food was delicious. Thank you Valley Hospital for a job well done.

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