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REVIEWS OF VA Southwest Primary Care Clinic: No Emergency Services. IN Nevada

Mark Maneely

elaine Black


The VA system in Vegas is crap and has been since I came here. It has gotten worse, even with the new hospital and clinics. This clinic used to have a pharmacy, now the only pharmacy is the one at the hospital. The front desk staff and volunteers are great. The providers are TERRIBLE. The primary care department is a revolving door at this clinic and the self-medicating mental health department docs don't know what they're doing. How can these docs in the mental health department take care of me when they can't even take care of themselves? As another reviewer said, it takes FOREVER to see a specialty doc. The specialty docs are all at the the VA hospital which is so far from where this clinic is located. The specialty docs are revolving door positions too. None of these docs are trained to deal with war vets. They just don't give a you know what because they don't understand. It's like we're whiny babies to them or something. Terrible. Terrible. Terrible! The veteran choice program is a complete failure as well as they found a loophole around that. If you can't get it within a month they just waitlist you and they get away with it. Sigh.

Cynthia Patterson

Services has improved greatly. Quick turn around. Medical Team (all) is wonderful.

Rich Le

Itz ok

Sandra Wood

Russell Coleman

Kiki Smith

aSkylandSora Inc.


Chris Doss

Dr Garcia is very helpful and professional.

Brad engebretson

I was initially seen at this clinic in the summer of 2016. I was assigned a PCP who immediately decided to cancel all of my scripts WITHOUT notifying me, not based on my medical history, addiction concerns, or current medical conditions. Her decision was based on, according to her, "i do not believe anyone under the age of 67 needs to have painkillers." After contacting Sen. Reid's office, the PCP was removed from my case and I was placed under the care of Dr. Ngyuen. I was seen by Dr. Ngyuen three times. On my last visit, I was upset because I discovered he had ordered urinalysis tests to monitor drug use. He failed to inform me of this during all three of my visits. I have never abused drugs in my life. I have no history of drug seeking or doctor shopping. I asked him why he failed to inform me that one he had ordered the tests, and two, why he did not explain it was a standard procedure for the VA to do this. He immediately recused himelf from my care. Since this time I have been bounced from clinic to clinic, receiving the most basic of care. I have been seen by the VA for over 30 years now. My time in Texas, and Montana were great. My experience in Nevada has been the type we read about in the news, with the exception of my hospital care. THAT care has been superb. If this was a rating of the hospital, it would be 5 stars. But it is not. For my mental health care, I have been seen by three counselors at the SWPCC. All three were, in both my personal and professional opinion terrible. They merely cut & pasted my notes. My last therapist could not even remember my name. I saw her three times. I understand they have heavy caseloads. I was was in crisis twice, one, leading to a serious event; nothing but crickets from the VA. I have since sought outside care, and am doing incredibly good. I hope my new PCP, Dr. GOle, is decent. I meet him next week. It is my sincerest wish to be able to update my review, but for now, if you can avoid this clinic... do.

Michael Angelo Tortorello

I've been using this Clinic for a few years, the services have improved over time.

Daaavid Darley

Samuel Villarreal

Jane Lee Doee

Joshua Willette

Nice staff. knowledgeable and friendly. Always can count on the VA to help me get to where my goals are.

Latrell Clark

Joshua Scott

They really took good care of me there!!!

Monica Rouse

Dr Patel almost kill my husband, can someone give me a good referral of a real doctor from this branch?

Christopher Azarias

Charles Rouse

I would just like everyone to know how wonderfully professional Kandie Sims working at the V.A. Medical Center on West Buffalo is every time I see her. Whether I am processing in or out, she always greets me with a friendly smile! A veteran herself, she is always charming, efficient, professional and kind. She is indeed a "people person" and a credit to the V.A.!!!

Grant David Gillham

The staff is great here.

Scott Harris

Great location in Southwest Las Vegas.

robert stine

Love my doctors at the VA clinic on Buffalo. They are gangster and they keep me alive

Jim Bridgmon

Treatment here is awesome, and on time.

Sgm D

Never had any problems here,

Phillip M. T. Atoigue


Unprofessional staff. Turned away by primary care and stalled out by enrollment. This place is why they find dead Veterans in parking lots. Stop telling us what you can't do, and figure out what you can, that doesn't include passing us off.


Checked in at 0740 as walk in for what is a cold/flu/sinuses. Called at 0800 with front desk and was told the whole staff for walk-ins was in a meeting till 0900. Had to sit and wait till 0905 to be called back. Went through vitals and then told the doctor was in a meeting till 1030. They said there were no other doctors available and handed me paperwork to go to an urgent care. Not feeling well and wasted hours of my day = worst VA experience.

Floyd DeShazo

Under staffed, but VA employees are great.

Darrin Durna

This facility is top notch. Unlike other reviews I have had perfect service from all folks there. No need to worry here.

John Malloy

Good coordination of services

Robert Cook

Jbunny T

Very professional. Usually dont have to wait long after my appointment time.

Elaine Clark

Francis LaMarche

Phong/Jason Nguyen

Emil g jr

Very quick, very nice volunteers.

David Darby

The service here is better than you would find in the civilian market.

Muay Thai Devil Doc

The call system needs different employees that are more educated and not allowed to hang up on Veterans in need when they're rude initially. You shouldn't take your frustrations out on the Veteran and not expect retaliation when disrespectful.

Karen Angel

Blanca Saenz

Sube turned to go YOU. Picture from you

Allan Doherty

Carolyn was very helpful and awesome at the front desk. Adrianne was very nice and awesome taking you in. Nurse Janet was great and makes you feel better. I salute all the staff in the SW VA for keeping the Veterans proud and motivated. Thank you VA staff from our hearts and soul for providing our care.

Anthony Hubbard

Pathetic service. Came in yesterday an hour before closing to be told the staff went home for the day already. Told to come back in this morning at 7. When I arrived I was told the staff needed wasnt here yet and to check back 10 til 9. Now being told they're "not ready" and need to go on a break first. Not only is this a delay of service but an insult to the value of my time. Very dissapointed.

Anthony Guarnieri

VA takes great care of me!

Al Johnson

Terry L

This place does not Except veterans who are an who need help and who are covered they just want dead vets that's their job.... well if the VA is killing vets then we need to start killing VA Personnel.... maybe then they will take Veterans life's seriously and quit leaving them to die in hospital parking lots... I call upon all veterans who've been wronged by the VA rise up

Jonathan Black

Great service and typically a short wait. I go here at least once a month and I don't have to wait more than 15 minutes, but usually 10 minutes. I am happy with the service provided here.

Omar Borroto

Horrible, worst medical staff ever!

jimmy graham

I have never had any issues with mr care here. Staff as ar any Federal facility can always be a little nicer. We so vets can be nicer to them also. They are people to and in most cases vets also. There are things that are out of out control when it comes with the VA. Learn and push is the best was to overcome. To my Vet family stay strong. Love you all

Bedstuy Gab

They say they open at 730am but don’t answer any phones till way after that. This is exactly why veterans die. This bad practice of doing nothing for veterans continue and it’s happening here. Avoid at all costs if you can.

Harlan Richards

great service . Dr Tudla is the best !

Carlos Roberto Lorenzana Calapz

John Galt

No major complaints here. A nice clean, fairly new facility, where I can meet my primary care M.D. who is Board Certified in Internal Medicine

Thomas Bull

Have some kind of infection was told I would have to drive 60 miles round trip to get meds. SW Pharmacy gone! The U.S. gives 150 Billion to Iran and reduces veterans benefits. Am I missing something here?

Justin S

Terry Eldred


I was dismissed by my Doctor. He canx all my scripts. Said come back in a year. He was very different last time I saw him. I don't what happened. He said I was in a fog, because I couldn't remember all my prescriptions. I'm not very pleased with the care I received or didn't receive. Dr Bansal

nicholas spence

The staff at the VA Southwest PCC is horrible, not all of them but the vast majority. If you have a serious medical condition do not go there. Try your best to acquire some other kind of health insurance and find treatment elsewhere. If you have some possible underlying ailment it will never get diagnosed.

marcus watts

Verseless Cooking

Gentian S. Nikoliqi

I moved back from overseas, just so I can get treatments and prescription from VA. I moved to Las Vegas, but it was a mistake not staying in Texas! The difference that veterans get from El Paso VA to the Las Vegas VA is like the difference between the day and night. I don't know why I trusted the doctor to measure my blood pressure with their personal cheap blood pressure wrist unit which is not approved by VA. I got a catastrophic reading and that same reading was recorded in system! Dr. also goes to consult with someone and comes back telling me that's not going to prescribe the medication I was in for 9 years! I asked to go and check the blood pressure with a different unit the VA has there for you, where I get a reasonable readings. When we go back to his office he just says "Well I made up my mind and in not prescribing it."!!! How can a doctor that works in a federal building, a federal employee, suggest Marijuana? I said in my first appointment that I'm not interested in Marijuana even if it was the option, because I'll will not be able to get a federal job after. Today I was asked again! Do you suggest everyone to try Marijuana? If that is allowed in the state of Nevada, does not mean that's right for you to suggest it to patients, especially you as a federal employee! Just go to Palo Alto as someone suggested in their reviews here, or just move to Texas; that's where you will feel that you've done something for this country. They will make things happen. If you're a veteran does not mean that you've died. You'll be treated with dignity and respect. The first day of your inprocessing, they will say that you don't need to move if you don't get the treatment, you can change the provider, but that is not true. From one facility I went to the other one for help, but if you want to see a different doctor, that is not going to happen. You'll get the message through the nurse, which is basically kicking you out. You're "cleared"! Of course your blood pressure will elevate when a 100% disabled veteran in his mid 30s has to go through this Las Vegas VA autocracy. ..and if I had a very high blood pressure, why the ER Dr did not give me a dose of blood pressure medicine, but instead "cleared" me without even meeting me? There are good doctors and nurses, but if the Veteran does not get the help needed, whats the point for having a VA? Anyways, keep covering your @$$ and don't get it up that $1200 Herman Miller chair paid by my taxes, while you get a $$$$$$ digit income. MH department, you're the sadnesses that veterans get, and the shame of the Veteran Affairs clinics in Las Vegas. As for me, I have to seek help overseas and get the medication illegally and pay for it, instead getting the treatment for free. P. S.: Dr Fry, please retire and let veterans get treatments from those who don't need to look and find the key in keyboard. (If you know how to navigate until this section and read what I'm suggesting to you). I mean it.

Ryan Beemus

They don't answer the phone until an hour after they open, and stop answering an hour before closing. Getting ahold of someone at this clinic is nearly impossible. It's a good thing I only needed medication that I ran out of...

Debbie Dunca

Omar Cano

Arrived at 830 am for fasting lab blood test. In 30 mins only 2 #'s were called. I was D27 and it was barely at D13. I have to go back to work, I was fasting and so are all the other elderly vets waiting for the 1 lab tech they have on staff to catch up. This is ridiculous to only have 1 lab tech on duty to draw blood, and a site manager Rosalind Jones that cannot be reached or has a backup manager in place of her absence.

Samuel Frey

A great VA clinic.

Wanda Moore

BeYoutiful Natural

Everyone who works or volunteers there are always helpful and professional.


I always get in and out quickly and everyone is very nice. I love the free water and books. I love having a new facility so close!

Kimbers Raz

Staff is friendly and answered the several questions I had. My initial appointment for a primary care provider was 3 months wait but they took the initiative to call me and get me in sooner when someone cancelled.

Ken M

The personal that work here are wonderful and will go out of their way to do what they can. The wait to see a specialist is far to long.

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