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REVIEWS OF University Medical Center IN Nevada

Jeffrey Alt

The staff was excellent top down! Care was spot on. Only bad thing is that it's a very dirty hospital. I recommend a professional cleaning crew to get in there.

Jerry Connelly

Admitted 8/15 with congestive heart failure, they diagnosed. Went on back burner for 2 more days. Finally left on the 17th. I just walked out no better off. Several interns came in to visit, not interested in my health, only how they are to get paid. I'm still struggling at times to breathe and the swelling in my feet and legs makes it difficult to go to work. Save your life, this place is all about money and to understand the DR's you may have to have spent some time in India. Worst experience ever in a hospital.

Brandy Roxas

The main problem is the parking even if you have handicap there will be no valet and no parking. Limited handicap parking and next closest parking is equivalent to 3 blocks away. Don't think you can use the parking garage here because nope you need a code. More than likely only available to Drs who care more for their cars than the handicap people not being able to park close by. The ones probably paying their income for living. Thank you.

Reggie Moore

One of the worst hospitals in Las Vegas. You are better treated in Henderson, Centennial or Southern Highlands. Worst bathrooms. Crack heads and drugs addicts all in the lobby and hanging out front. The staff customer service is horrible. I will never bring or allow my mother to visit again.

Denise Dale

This place should be shut down. Several years ago in the emergency room they told me I had water on the lungs and Congestive Heart failure. They admitted me and ran a lot of expensive unnecessary tests only to tell me I don't have water on the lungs or Congestive Heart failure! They just wanted to run up a bunch of expensive tests and screw my insurance company and scare me with false diagnosis while doing it. This hospital is a scam. The doctors purposely misdiagnosis. It is a money trap less than honest organization.To the owner.. Why don't you really do something about this sub par hospital and shake it up from top to bottom? PS, Stop hiring so many foreign doctors.

Andrea Cecilia

Worse hospital ever! Lack of organization. My mom had a surgery 2 days ago, while her bedroom was getting claned she was under observation. After few minutes the staff said "we would take her to a private room". So they did it, once we got there the room was NOT cleaned yet. So they took her back to the recovery room!! She got her room after 2 hours.

Catherin Torranto

This place is remarkable! We took our grandchild for a broken wrist! I loved the way we were treated, very promptly and urgently without panic they made our little girl comfortable enough for her to relax! !

tina Bradford

This place is the worst 5 hrs no drs no rooms it's a joke. Take your $1000.00 co- pay to a better hospital. Other hospitals has a check in time not this place..

[EnVy] St0Rmz

i was there For My Brutha 2pac

Jasmine Lopes

Went into labor and ended up here by chance. Honestly had the best experience the staff in the baby section of this hospital are amazing. They treated me so well and made giving birth to my daughter a great experience. I was so scared but they did everything to make me feel comfortable & reassured. Even after giving birth my baby was taken good care of. And the 2 days I stayed there was very clean

Janette Woodman

Excellent surgeons and nurses in the Trauma center. There are minor inconveniences with dirty bathrooms at times but it is also a county hospital, so no fluff here.

Matthew Kanode

according to the reviews its no reason tupac died

stoners united worldwide

I wish I could give negative stars, if o could o would give -200. Staff are rude, nurses take more time to care for meth addicts than people that actually need help. It is 1:02am on July 7th and we arrived at 8 pm the previous night. My husband came by ambulance for severe chest pain and weakness in his legs and they have made him wait in the waiting room the whole time we have been here. He has been treated poorly the whole time, he has almost lost conciseness 6 times, he has only gotten worse since we have been here, and no matter how much he begs to be helped they prolong his wait time. Over 7 groups of people have come and gone and he still hasn't been given a room. I would NEVER recommend coming here even if your life depended on it. NEVER AGAIN WILL I COME HERE!!!!!

Robert Stevens

After 5 days of my son being in this hospital I have mixed reviews. Some of the staff here are very friendly and caring and deserve metals for having to put up with the incompetence of the administration here. A hand full of other nurses were just terrible to work with. One of them actually complained about having to do her job and take care of my son. I have seen several different doctors and none of them seem to be on the same page. My son has unique medical problems but was getting treated like another sheep in the herd and no one seemed to know what his needs were until I told them and then would act supprised like they had no clue what was going on. Than I was told multiple times that my son would go home in a day or two but in reality he needs to be here for 4 more days. Another thing, my son has had this condition for over 12 years and I have been taking care of him, but some of the staff would argue with me about what he needed and treat me like I had no clue what I was talking about. I will be asking to talk to someone in charge of patients satisfaction/complaints and will make my concerns known. Very very very unhappy with this experience! I could go on and on but I fear everything will add up to be a novel.

Haley Proctor-Lehman

Due to the poor reviews, I was a bit hesitant about going here when my husband needed an emergency room for a foot injury. However, we had an excellent experience. The staff was efficient, friendly, and knowledgeable. My husband was treated as a person, not as a patient in an assembly line (as has been our experience at another ER on a different visit). Thank you for the great care.

Nancy Rad

Have super rude nurse in burn center on 3th floor Emily and Maria and.....

I 'A M' U

I Got 7 stitches and broken jaw in 2 places. i went to spring valley because of my history with them (lobotomy). They have given me morphine and stitched me fairly fast and told me my jaw was broken in 2 places and i need to go to UMC and gave me all the papers and said they also transfered it there. Once i got to UMC and got to the nurse, i heard her call the specialist and he told her he wouldn't come i have to get there to their office when they open on Monday so here i am waiting 2 days with a broken jaw in 2 places barely able to speak can't eat.....So they told me that my copay for coming in is 300$ gave me 20 percocets 5mg and said that was stretching it and no antibiotics for my lecaration....Horrible place with doctors who got in business for money and not out of heart!

Justin Page

Takes forever for you to get attended to and plus you can come in hours before other people and those other people would STILL get served before you shameful.

Maxwell fart knocker

The ICU staff were tremendous treating my wife in her last few days. Great people

Chance Salaz

The waiting room smells like cigarette smoke. The place looks like holding at the county jail which to be honest is probolly cleaner. I was sent there by my doctor to have a test run and I ended up walking out because it was disgusting.

Debbie kelly

Had to go to UMC ER this week. I've not had to go to an emergency room for myself for many years but have had a lot of experience in them because of previous job as a EMT in Cali many years ago. Due to my work history I was worried about having to go a County hospital. Although I was there just about 12 hours (many patients coming through) my medical needs and test were done pretty quick after arriving considering the patient flow. The majority of waiting was for a bed for a more thorough exam. Since my health issue was non-life threatening I had to wait a while for the bed. I really don't have any complaints and I thought the staff ran the emergency room very effective. From registration to ER staff everyone was helpful. The experience has definitely changed my mind about County hospitals. I appreciate the care I was given.


Great experience ! We went to the ER on a Monday night and were attended to within 2 hours. The staff and doctors were extremely patient and tended to all our needs. FYI we were internationals visiting Vegas.

John Greene

Great Hospital! Level 1 trauma

Mariah Aldana

I have always hated this place, the worst WORSTTT HOSPITAL IN VEGAS! No matter how many renovations this hospital goes under it will always be crappy. My husband waited 8 hours! EIGHT HOURS. Just for bloodwork. Thats not even including the time he had to even wait before that.If you're in pain and need to go to a hospital. Don't come here. Absolutley disappointing. It's 2019, step it up people.

Amanda Perry

The worst experience ever. I do not recommend this place to anyone. Unfriendly staff who doesn't listen nor have applicable knowledge. We were there for 2 days and they never treated the actual illness. Just gave pain meds. We ended up refusing any more treatment and leaving. Drove across town to Summerlin hospital. Two hours at Summerlin hospital and we were getting blood transfusions. Ended up having 2. Thanks to UMC for not even attempting to try. 4 days at Summerlin to reverse everything they didn't do at UMC. DO NOT go to UMC. It's a money thing not a Care thing.

Scarlett Forcum

Great experience..everyone was very helpful. Their were three of us being seen due to be in a car accident I thought we would be there all night but it was a very quick process. Thank u guys again


I came here at 7:30 am thru ER services and still waiting for a CT Scan because my back hurts a lot, it’s 11:00 am already and nobody has come to me yet to tell at least the floor is busy and I need to be patience. Bad, that’s really bad for customer experience, it shouldn’t be that way.

joseph pearson

Worst ER ever!!!

Jonah Obil

Staff is great! Always taking care of us.

Natty Harris

Only 2 friendly people in the Whole Emergency room. Wasn't packed but Still took 7 hours!

Fernando Rojas

Garbage of hostiptal

Monique Provencio

This place is absolutely horrible! I waited for 2.5 hours and asked the RN what my status was (as I’m bleeding & pregnant but colds appear to be more severe there) and she told me I had already been seen by a doctor that if I left I would be AMA, when I was never even called beyond check in, then to get me to stop asking they placed me in the patient check out area. So I left and went to Southern Hills Hospital by my house after 5 hours of waiting and not seeing anyone! Was in and out of southern hills in 1.5 hours!

Quentin Alberhasky

A very bad place to be a patient. Sat 5 hours in ER , they could not figure how to transport me to TCU. Once in TCU I felt unsafe with the other nasty foul mouth patients in the unit. Visit from Dr. About my treatment once in 6 hours. Do not come to this hospital.!!!

Mary Ann Nuguid

This hospital is probably the worst hospital I have ever been to. It took 3hrs just for them to give me some water. I had 3 nurses ask me if I needed anything each time they took my vitals and each time all I asked was for some water. Horrible. 4/15/2018 My 2nd time being admitted here and not by choice. It was ALMOST a better experience than the first. On 4/11, I was transported here from Southern Hills Hospital due to kidney stones. Just a reminder, I was here last month due to kidney stones as well and nothing was done except that I was given antibiotics and pain meds. Was scheduled for surgery on 4/14 @4pm (I had been fasting since 10pm the night before). 5:24pm rolls around and still nothing. I got up from my bed and walked over to the nurses station to ask what was going on. Nurse tells me that my surgery was postponed until the following day at 12 noon!? Seriously?? Nobody bothered to say anything until the nurse calls for info. Also the bathroom I have been using has been out of paper towels for 2 days now and yes I did notify the staff. Toilet seats had feces smeared all over. Disgusting!

Chad Kreager

It sucks as a hospital. I was in pain and had to sit in the waiting room after I was brought in for pain. They ordered an XRay before I even saw a Dr. The staff is pleasent yes but knowledgeable NO

Bob Doremus

One word describes this emergency room operation “PATHETIC”. Waited 7 hours for lab results, ended up leaving without anything. Nobody was there to inform. Nothing available to drink in waiting area. We Waited all day for nothing, right before we gave up and left without lab results, I flagged down what I think was a nurse, was told they see my daughter on the list and all lab work was complete, they were just waiting for a doctor to become available to go over it with us. If patients are waiting seven plus hours, then they should consider additional staff. We were not the only ones either, everybody spending the whole day there, Absolutely ridiculous..


I am a health care professional who was a patient here a few weeks ago. I received care in the Emergency Department which I describe as not in accordance with standards of care. I wouldn't let my worst enemy go here.

Laura Munoz

Really compassionate ppl

Matthew Zadrozny

Had two experiences in this hospital. One was my daughter, and she was there for two days with an awesome nurse named Paula. My mother sadly passed away in the ICU in August, and the care and treatment was superb. I know this hospital has issues as it's a county hospital with no money, but the care given my family members showed a dedicated caring staff.

Ninwey E

If I had a choice, I wouldn’t even give this place a rating of one star! Came in here with my cousin at 9:30 pm last night and it is now 8:43 am and we are still here!! We worked with the night shift who did not even bother to transfer information or communicate with the nurses or doctors on the next shift. We are being told one thing then another doctor willl come back telling us a completely different thing! The staff is rude and inconsiderate! There is only one or two nurses who understand the frustration of being here all night and not getting any help at all or getting anywhere at all. She was scheduled for a procedure at 7 am this morning and they did not update us until we asked at 7:30 am that they would no longer be doing the procedure. There is a lot of miscommunication in this hospital and I really hope they work on it to make this hospital a better place for people to come.


I know people complain about UMC, but I don't have any. They saved my life, and for that I'm grateful. I have had surgery here also and I don't have any complaints about that either. I know it can be a long wait sometimes, but I was always treated with respect and dignity. I think it's a great hospital. Thanks UMC!

Kiarrah Foxx

2pac died here

Georg Steimel

I got there with Erysipel. It is a very clear visual diagnosis and as well very clear therapy. However they wanted to start selling me an X-Ray Screening which was not needed at all. Then they prescribed Antibiotics. -Good. - Unfortunately it was the wrong one and thus made it worse instead of defeating the infection. - Even amateurs can google the symptoms and find clearly indicated the correct antibiotics for hte therapy. - Not so the university hospital. Am wondering what they are teaching there. Actually they deserve Zero *. Sorry.

Joana Aguilar

I'd give this place zero stars if I could. One of The staff at the waiting room was very rude. We came in here due to some serious health complications and they had us in the waiting room-(who smelled very bad) for HOURS feeling as if I'm literally dying. when we asked one of the staff for a follow up with the lab results or when we would be called back up, they would answer with a simple "I don't know. " or "we are still waiting for the doctor." nobody even bothered to inform us of anything. I will never come here again unless I want to be seriously ill and unattended. Update: The hospital bill came for over 2,000$ we didn't even get to see the test results.

jealyn lizama

I never give reviews, but this place is TRASH. I had just given birth w a 2 day newborn at home & i had severe bloodclots, apparently the staff in the OVERNIGHT ER thought it was funny, i got called to the back checked my vitals & the took my blood & the lady said 'go back to the lobby' 'do u guys need help to find the lobby or' we went back & they said they waited for a bed opening sometimes it takes 12 Hours, we were gonna leave acter waiting 6 hours & they said my insurance would not pay for since i was 'seen' i went to St. Rose & they literally made a bed ready for me within 1 hour & i knew what was going on immediately. Do NOT go here. Its TRASH & IT smells bad & is dirty.

Cheyanne Grady

I can't thank the ladies in the Cath Lab enough. They have amazing bedside manner, very caring hearts and positive attitudes. Thank you ladies for caring for my mom as if she was your own. I appreciate you girls. Thanks for the positive vibes to further my education as well. This is for Crystal, Chantel and I don't know the very cheerful ladies name who was there and walked us out! Continue your journey and being you.

Cass Meeks

I have one hell of a story. I had my baby in the back of an ambulance after my labor progressed incredibly fast, I was originally going to deliver at summerlin hospital but opted for a closer hospital to have at least a slight chance in hell for a hospital birth. As soon as I got into their care all of the staff was incredibly attentive and caring, from the doctors that got me clean up and stitched to Kym the amazing nurse who checked up on us all night. It was clean just as a hospital should be and they even went to extra lengths to make sure it stayed clean. I'm incredibly grateful for this hospital and their staff and highly recommend it.

Carmen S.

All I got to say is thank you for taking such good care of my mother... I saw a lot of ugly reviews, but as far to our experience the staff was nice and attentative! All the doctors, nurses were super nice to me and my mother and that does make a difference. Thank you for caring!

Kaiya Wray

uncaring staff. Leaves you questioning if the drs even care about their line of work. Other reviews are legit sadly. Rooms are not clean. Dirty.. this hospital wouldn't pass a health inspection audit even if it tried. Would give zero stars if i could.


I was there on Friday 01/05/2018. My child was vomiting, low body temperature and diahrea, pale as a sheet of paper. The nurse was extremely rude( Hispanic, blodeish short hair, glasses.) Had to tell her to take care of my child instead of talking to someone at the nurses station. I started to cry because I was scared for my child's life. He was very dehydrated. The male nurse there was amazing!! The doctor that took care of him was also amazing. The nurse and doctor took care of his vomiting and promised me that he would be alright. The vomiting subsided after the medication and we were able to go home. Thank you.

Martin & Maggie Santoyo

Most horrible hospital and staff. A family member had emergency surgery, while in the recovery room we were treated bad by one of the staff members that came and told us that only 2 people could be in the room, while deciding who would stay and and who will go she came back and yelled at us and threatened to call security to get us out. UMC is not the best, I wouldn't personally come to this hospital but the staff treatment could be better. We need to start practicing humankindness, no empathy so so sad. Things are changing and we have to stop tolerating this type of treatment. I don't think staff works for free. Basic standards should be respect. If you dont feel appacionate for what you do please find something else.

Deemechee Vlog’s

This is the worst hospital I been to. I’m parlayed, they don’t come in the room. My call light keeps falling they put me in a room with 2 double door we’re they could not even hear me. They did not care less. I have to call my mom to get them in the room so she can call the desk.

Bernadette Davis

Came to Vegas as a Tourist, a family member got sick and all I have to say- They are Angels sent from God. Nurses , doctors, all staff are beyond nice.

Amira shyeve

On November 7 2018 my mother was a visitor at this hospital.She exclaimed multiple times that she did not want to take a certain medicine(which I will not state) because of the severe side effects that they cause to her.They repetitively forced the medicine onto her and once she was alone in the hospital room without any of her family present they gave her the medicine in her I.V.And was very quick to send her out of the hospital.I dont think that this is the way any patient should be treated no matter what they are going through.By the way if anyone is planning on visiting this hospital the nurses name was Cheryl and she was a slender asian lady.

Connor Topp

Its really bad No wonder tupac died here

Rhoda Bowman

Excellent cardiac care. Good location and caring staff.

joseph curtis

Had a horrible experience here with my 3 year old daughter who came in after being sent from CVS minute clinic with a 105 fever. We had just flown in from out of town and this hospital was recommended by a family member as a good place to take children. My daughter was incorrectly diagnosed and given medication that could have made her worse but I called my pediatrician back home who advised us not to give my daughter the medication. Thank goodness my daughter ended up fine, but you go to an ER to rule out something worse, and they did not do any testing to make sure nothing more serious was going on.

Rahshay Evans

Horrible place no one communicates, I stayed on the 5th floor having seizures, chest pain, & anxiety attacks they take 20 mins to answer your call light some Philippino nurses barely no English & can't help you. They stay up talking & laughing with other staff & act like your a bother when they need to do there job. Nurse Bella, CNA Tommie ,& the people that bring the food were the only comfort

Michael Boyd

Felt like a damn comedy tv show

M Steel

I am sharing this for my brother that is currently admitted. He broke his hip and femur bone when he wrecked on his motorcycle. They have treated him like a drug addict WITH A BROKEN HIP AND FEMUR BONE. He can be screaming, SCREAMING, in pain and it takes 3 hours for a nurse to even acknowledge him. This is a grown 31 year old man, who is crying and screaming in agony. He cant keep any food down and they do not have him on an IV. I am honestly afraid for his well being at this hospital. He Is normally very laid back and understanding. He feels neglected and cannot seem to get the medical care he needs. No nurses or doctors check on him for hours. This hospital will be reported to the AMA.

Saní Conger

I was brought to the ED at 11 AM. At noon, they told me I would be admitted. I got to my new room at 9 PM. During this time, I asked for water twice. The first time my nurse filled a tiny cup half full, the second she just told my mother to go get it......and gave her directions. This lady literally sat there the whole time. Once I got to my room, I knew I would be sharing, but I didn't know that my portion of the room would be my bed, a recliner that's broken, and that's all. However! My roomate's "half" was easily twice as big as mine and included a working recliner, bed, two other chairs, a nightstand, and a TV. This annoyed me greatly. Last, I fainted and literally everyone but MY nurse came. When she finally did show up, she told everyone else she thought they had it handled. Go to Sunrise.

Tom Boice

I was here for 5 days following back surgery. Great care. The staff was outstanding. The nurses that cared for me treated me as if I was their favorite patient. They were always ready to help.

LaTitia Henley

This Hospital is where my brother passed away at. Worst hospital ever. My brother was declared brain dead, and we his family is from out of town. They wouldn't even let us get the plane tickets, so we can come and see what was going on... So fast forward we were in the process of getting his body home, and it was such a hassle, it been 7 days and my brother's body is still in Vegas do to the fact that the physician that pronounced my brother's death didn't sign the death certificate. The physician and the staff is a mess!!!!

sweet dreams

They discharge hubby now he home in pain didn't do nothing now if he dies then what he's scared to go now

Joanne Wilson

Don't love hospitals. My niece is here and they are taking care of her.


my boy tupac finna dead

Hal Hudgins

Great staff. Professional and responsive.

C Lane

Had procedure today. Check-in staff at 6:00 am were surprisingly sharp, pleasant and highly efficient. Very fast check-in. (Have been to too many surgery centers in my day). Asked the lady that did the check-in how long she has been with UMC. 25 years. Wow. She is a keeper. All the staff were pleasant and professional. Based on some reviews, a bit shocked how well managed this operation is. All the nurses, anesthesiologist and Dr Outing (sp?) were outstanding. Clear explanations, genuine concern for patient understanding and satisfaction. The facility isn’t world class, but it is relatively modern and clean. The posted electronic board that shows a separate ID # for each patient and where they are in the process is particularly appreciated.

Evan Chapa

This hospital was the worst i was dying in there and the nurses where so rude i have a video of it all can anyone tell me who i can go to to get justice plz they made a old lady cry they draggged a sick person out if u are sick do not go here or u will die

Chanei Phillips

It's somewhat easy to maneuver around the hospital to find the exact place your getting to if your a visitor because it's a pretty big hospital. When I was walking around looking for the children's icu, I happened to find myself wondering into the waiting room where there was a ton of people waiting. Luckily I only needed directions to the icu. Good luck!

Alexander Montekristo

Long waiting time .... When u in ER room awaiting for room it took u forever ... I mean I was admitted at 10 AM and I have to wait for room till 8 PM. It’s insane


RIP Tupac

Patricia Hammond

I have primarily progressive multiple sclerosis and I was in such horrific pain I was treated like I was a junkie and they took forever to even see me these people need to be educated on the fact that some pain cant be seen but I surely felt it. I would not depend on these people to save my life.

Lorelei Rodrigue

I have been to a number of hospitals. The staff here has been great. They are very attentive and informative. I came by ambulance to the ER. So far have been in the ER, 3rd floor, and 5th floor. All the nurses are fabulous as are the residents and doctors. All have kept me informed of my possible prognosis and possible treatments. As hospitals go, it has been a pleasant experience.

Fahm Washington

I was a previous employee. The hospital itself is a great place to work, however the department I was in... Wasnt the best. The people I have worked with stated that their first year of working there was like a hazing smh I dont understand why you would treat new employees that way. However, an unexpected family emergency came up leaving me to resign effective immediately causing to go home to Cali... Attempted to contact all 3 supervisors, and received nothing to even acknowledge they received the message. Smh so if you want experience great place to get it from... If you want teamwork, pick your department carefully...

donte johns

Great service Donte Johns Las Vegas

Chani Avisror

Terrible hospital, terribly costemer services. We've been waiting for 4 hours!!!!

Demetriona Lockhart

Never coming here again!! Staff is lazy


If I could give less stars I would. If this review can encourage just one person to avoid this place I will rest easier. Twice I have been the unfortunate victim of this establishment. If you care for yourself or your loved ones, do yourself a favor and keep driving. I work hard, I pay for my insurance (it's a PPO, so it's more expensive), and I was treated more like an inmate than a patient. I had a BLOWN disc in my low back and in more pain than I have ever experienced in my life. They put Salonpas patches on my back and treated me with general disdain. All I wanted was help. I am not a junkie, nor a criminal. They did lighten my wallet, so maybe that helped my back?! Unless you are unconscious and unable to protest, please avoid this hospital. Read the majority of the reviews, there is a reason they are rated so badly. AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! AVOID! Patronize this place at your own peril.

Gene Souza

My spouse had surgery today at UC Med. Everyone was kind, and professional. Endo- scopic Surgery Center is right on. Thank you everyone there, nurses, surgeons anesthesiologist and support staff.

It's Matty


Stephanie Simpson

Stay away from this place! Unless you like to wait over 10 hours to speak to a Dr about your results!, and still not get them, unsanitary conditions, and your pain ignored. I am a nurse and have never seen such uncaring staff. Go elsewhere! This place is not worth it


If this place is really that trash, possibly if tupac would've went to a different hospital, he would've still been alive.


This hospital exceeded my expectation I'm from Michigan had a medical emergency a with my parents and this hospital did EVERYTHING to make sure they addressed the problem and other underlying issues that had never been addressed! Dr Shah and the other staff here were pleasant, understanding and PROBLEM -SOLVERS! THANK YOU UMC!!!

Brandee Chavez

Worst hospital I have ever had to stay at. It’s dirty, the staff is super rude the nurses don’t care if you’re in extreme pain or if you are freezing and need an extra blanket. No compassion what so ever. And if you have a rare condition that you see a specialist for and think you’re going to come here and get someone that is knowledgeable and will give you the same type of care you’re wrong. And then when you try and tell them what usually happens because you’re used to the condition and this isn’t your first rodeo and try to ask them for things like fluids or medicines that you know actually help they look at you like you’re crazy. I could have went home and been more comfortable them wanting to keep me for “observation” was a joke. I was miserable and in so much pain and they didn’t care. I could have been more comfortable at home and not have had my earrings come up missing or dealt with their rude charge nurse may treating me like dirt. Take your loved ones to a different hospital if you have a choice people trust me this is not the place. Out of all the staff I encountered there was only one doctor that knew about my condition, was caring, compassionate, and for me on the road to recovery. Everyone else just made me feel like I was in hell!

Dre Allen

I was brought in on May 1st after being hit and run over on my motorcycle. I suffered a concussion, 6 broken ribs, fractured clavicle, and some vertigo disorder called BPPV. I think its important to emphasize that I was knocked out in critical condition for the first 36 hours up in 3 West. But once I woke up I was in excruciating pain. I was given very little information about my condition and was rudely told to take my medication and let the pain killers work. In a situation like this I find it is helpful not to return the rudeness with more negativity but to diffuse it and NOTHING I said no matter how sweet got me listened to. There was an utter callous disregard for my pain, my questions, and my personal belongings as my bag that was left behind has mysteriously disappeared. In certain cases I would wear my girlfriend (who is a practicing physician in Las Vegas) on my sleeve to get some respect but I refrained from that in order to get a more organic experience. This hospital is in dire need of multiple layers of ongoing training in bedside manner, compassion, and client...I REPEAT CLIENT experience! This hospital is run like a DMV filled with disgruntled workers who are neither paid right nor are they screened for any levels of human empathy. My experience was both terrifying and disgusting and the world should know in the event that the powers that be care even a little bit about patient experience (which they clearly do NOT). It is obvious from their print materials and advertisements that they rest clearly and ONLY on their survival rates, while impressive, yet they care zero for the mental or emotional well being of those who survive yet are subjected to the sheer impersonal and lonely indifferent treatment given in recovery. I find my experience to be shameful and I hope it resonates with more intelligent hospital administrators that can take the low ratings that they are receiving and transform them into something more attentive and positive. In parting, please do not subject me or the thread to an impersonal form letter directing us to a number or email that will never be attended to. Cheers. Andre Wayne Allen FOLLOW UP: 5/22/19 THE DAY AFTER POSTING THIS REVIEW I WAS RUSHED INTO EMERGENCY SURGERY AT MOUNTAIN VIEW HOSPITAL WITH A PNEUMOTHORAX AND HEMOTHORAX THAT WENT UNDIAGNOSED BY UMC! THEY PLACED A CHEST TUBE WHICH WAS EXCRUCUATING AND I WAS ADMITTED FOR FOUR DAYS WHILE THE AIR AND FLUID WERE DRAINED FROM MY CHEST. THEY ALMOST KILLED ME. I AM IN THE PROCESS OF CHOOSING AN ATTORNEY TO SUE THEM. MOUNTAIN VIEW DID AN OUTSTANDING JOB AT SAVING MY LIFE!

Mark Loomis

Shut it down. I arrived by ambulance suffering from excruciating immobiliczing sciatica. I was released as i came, same pain, and now had to navigate home. A worthless and dangerous experience possible malpractice. 62 year old male, shamful excuse for a hospital. Shut it down before they kill someone... P.S. now finally home, the nightmare of pain i just had to endure to get home will be vindicated in malpractice court. My condition is now much worse than before my visit.

Louis Verrocchio

Spent several day's at UMC on the Oncology floor for Chemotherapy treatment. I can not say enough of the care I received. The staff from admitting to the Nurses, Cnas, housekeeping, foodservers and the team in RADIOLOGY. My stay was very pleasant during my time for this procedure. 10 stars Lou Verrocchio. 7/23/2018

Johnny Rucco

Extremely under staffed. Spent longer in a day here than I do at work! Sanitary facilities were unclean. Hallways had dirty floors. A horrible place to be when you're feeling horrible. Spend a little more time on the highway and go somewhere else. Your wait time will be shorter.


Had both my son and daughter here and I'd have to say they are the best by far. Never been to the adult unit so I don't know about that. My daughter was diagnosed with hydrancephaly here and they provided the best care for her. Sunrise and Mountain View don't compare in my opinion. The NICU is by far the best! I loved the nurses they are excellent at their jobs!!!

Ivonne Abrica Guerra

You know I actually gave birth to both of my daughters at this location and both experiences were completely different and this particular review or rating is not at all based on those particular instances. on this particular day I actually went with my stepdad to assist him with an eye test the he needed to take. the staff was a little slow maybe it was just cuz it was early in the morning but a little too laid-back. the lady that registered Us in order to be assisted took forever but we were very patient and luckily she was very pleasant once we did get up to the correct floor the gentleman assisting us with the eye exam was super amazing he was very knowledgeable very well spoken and had a great sense of humor but most of all he made our visit extremely Pleasant.

jennifer Robinson

Was just here on the 25th because my daughter had multiple seizures, the childrens er was great. My issue is the peds unit. They made us wait forever to have numerous tests done and never actually did an eeg like they said they would, so we were admitted overnight just because we have medicaid and they wanted to keep us there as long as possible to get as much money as they could from medicaid


Rip Tupac

Sharon Chayra

Let me preface this review with the fact I have worked in LV healthcare for decades. In fact, I spent many years at UMC when it was still known as SNMH. Not only have I transported patients to the facility, I have worked with the medical school's faculty and students as well as had all my kids there. That's why this review pains me. I used to recommend the hospital and while the trauma center is solid, that's not what drives revenue for UMC--its the inpatient care, especially by INSURED patients like me. So when I had to have major surgery, I chose UMC. It started with an 8 hour delay to get to the OR. It was only after I begged a stunned RN to get me a status that I was wheeled to OR thereafter. Long story short I had to be a patient for five days and within the first three I begged to be released, pain be damned! First, there was the hospitalist who saw me not even 20 hours post-op that sniffed, "Dilaudid should only be for people who need it." Stunned I asked her if she read my chart and could she use my pain pump for someone else. Nope was her reply before proceeding into a rant on hospital waste. She didn't touch me. The next day and a new hospitalist opened the conversation saying, "boy, does my back hurt." Never once asked me a question or touched me. The nurses were no better and it was clear there was a language barrier so I had a tough time asking them questions related to care even though I was talking as a peer. Worse, their small builds made it tough to move by virtually incapacitated body, an offense to them as I lay in agony. Routinely at 3 AM they'd be laughing at the nurses station, which was next to my room. Once they popped their heads in and said, "Oh, you're awake, can we take the extra bed?" I let them but not without them giggling and manipulating the extra bed disrupting both my nurse call button AND pain pump. For four hours until shift change, I lay in pain with not a soul checked on me. Guess they were too busy cackling. Finally when the CNA came in for vitals, she apologized that she'd "forgotten" me. The rest of that miserable week was hardly better and when I was finally discharged I LITERALLY HAD TO WALK MYSELF OUT USING a walker because they were busy despite the fact I could not feel my legs! To say this was appalling is an understatement. It's utterly disgusting and unacceptable. Calls to their customer service went unanswered until I was in the company of medical colleagues and, as chance would have, clinical staff from UMC. They promised to put me in touch with their patient coordinator Haley to resolve issues. She never followed-up after her vacation as she promised so I continued to make payments on my bill. Since I'm insured it was still a significant amount, hence the payments. So imagine my surprise that despite this I was sent to collections! I have insurance. I had a choice. I chose UMC because I used to be a champion of them. Today, I will use my influence to ensure that not another person will be directed to them. I wouldn't even direct my worst enemy there!

Elizabeth Diane

Staff are friendly. It does take quite a bit of time if you need something like a water refill. I get they are busy but to have to wait 2 hours and ask 6 times for more water is a little excessive. But everyone was friendly, the care is great.


Does this hospital treats KIDNEY TRANSPLANT PATIENT'S???

Bruce Carter

Horrible horrific don't waste your time or money they Absolutely suck!

Freddy Rinstar

Vegas weak! My wife has heart condition and insurance she waited 5 hours her vision went out while waiting no treatment 6 hoirs. ER attendant MATT hung up on me??? I can only imagine his fristration i am away on business just told wife to call 911 so she can get to another hospital now! Death trap uncaring and hang up phone on families begging for teeatment if u talk over them they are true pc i. A crisis . Vegas strong whatever .

Desiree Ford

Just nasty ... Nurses are rude and the inside of the rooms drity and they don't communicate what so ever I've always hated this hospital!!!!

Lonnie Lilly

This place is sssssoooo disgusting!! Where are the janitors? I couldn't even use the restroom because it looks like I'm going to catch a disease just walking in. The staff are super rude! The guy that checked me in didn't even listen to my medical concerns for being here. Just talked right over me. No HIPPA privacy because staff are sitting around talking about patients health issues out loud. I won't be back here. This hospital needs cleaning and training! We come here for help not rudeness.

Effie Glass


Midnight squad

My son had extremely high fever and i rushed him to umc Pediatric ER and the nurses at the desk where rude. Once they brought us to the back immediately my son was taken for an X-ray of his neck and Upon returning to the room we saw all the stuff that they were going to do to my son and one of the nurses walked in the room my older daughter and I very quick to realize that the Caucasian nurse Maria was racist I had kindly requested that they be gentle and compassionate and they both refused and shrug their shoulders and made dumb comments. They begin the process of taking the test for the urine was traumatized my son due to the pain that they caused him and then a few moments later they told me that they were going to put an IV and take his blood and they were very rough putting in the IV and after the fact that it was in they were also very rough with taking the blood out and made my son very uncomfortable and in a lot of pain and the racist nurse Maria swaddled my son but practically was rolling him very aggressively and further traumatized my son. When I asked for them to be gentle and compassionate they both refused I'm practically laughed. I am going to sue them for medical negligence of an infant so if I were you I would not bring your children there not to mention that they got two stars.

Luis Viera

Awesome staff!!! Best hospital I've ever been to. They have good food. Comforting beds, if you're going to spend the night. The staff here is great, I met so many wonderful people.

Angelica Ruiz

There last night, crying with a lot pain in the EMR from 6 to 1 am. Pain medicine they gave me didn't anything to my pain . They say IT is a Nevada law. They send home with antibiotics and motrin but my pain was the there's was no diagnostic in my papers. The staff is so rude, they make jokes,laugh with each other, they don't care about what patients are going through. Ps. After a day home getting worse went to another hospital had 2 surgeries in less than 2 weeks it was miracle that I have survive drs say 1 more we would be talking.

464752 News That Moves

March 11, 2019 This is for record purposes. All photos and copies that have been made are for informational purposes. Photos and details on this site have been recorded for public and private use. The post , as I suggested, was indeed removed from posting. Leanne Riki Cheever PS: Start documenting your own issues.

monzerat ibarra

Took my husband to the ER just last Sunday due to a serious burn they were great helpful and sympathetic. I was impressed by how quick they were .

Jena Jett

My husband was told to seek medical attention at UMC from his Dr. He gets to the e.r. they won't even call.his Dr. He can't even see anyone but a PA.. this hospital is a joke.. I hope my husband doesn't suffer any complications because this hospital ignored his Dr.s advice.

Linzee Brown

Terrible experience. They do not believe in family centered care at all and would not allow me to stay with my husband, staying it was “hospital policy,” when I was not in the way or causing any disruption. Terrible bedside manor and communication from certain nurses and doctors.

Diuris Ross

Just for a question and we wait a long time

Starla Coleman

Dont go here if you want a proper diagnosis. 6 months out of my entire pregnancy I was having gallbladder attacks every other day. I went here multiple times because it was closest, and when you're in that much pain you go to the nearest hospital. Every single time that I went, they continuously told me that I just had heart burn or that I was dehydrated. I was walking in DRENCHED IN SWEAT in tears from the pain and they refused to actually pay attention to what was wrong. At one point a dr even told me that I might be over dramatizing my pain.

Guy Brazzel

Worst experience. Been here a few times always the worst choice.

Gary Swope

This is the worst place I have been to. Wouldn't take my dog here. I have been here for almost two days now with a daughter that was thrown from a moving car. Shattered both hips and has been waiting for 32 hrs basically in a morphine coma for the pain. And was just told it would be another day in till they could fit her in their schedule because she is stable. They flew her here from another state because of the severity of the breaks and this place is suppose to be the best. Best at what getting you hooked on drugs waiting to provide services. I know my opinion doesn't count for much in the long scheme of things. But as a parent do not let your child be brought here unless you are a glutton for punishment. These people give a bad name to the medical community.

Devan Sirls

The worst hospital experience I’ve ever had! I’ve been here for over 6 hours and all they came up with is a referral to another doctor! They didn’t manage my pain and had a number of patients sitting in the waiting in severe pain. To make matters worse, I came from their Urgemt Care and was lied to about them having a doctor available when I got here. I went through the same process dispite having most of it done at the Urgent Care. I will not be taking them up on their referral and risk a third bad experience. This place needs to be shut down for a staff wide training on how to get their jobs done more efficiently.

Pascal Ndayishimiye

im just here because Tupac died in here

Laura Stricker


Floyd Aulres

Good food great staff

Nikki Clowney

I have been to this location only once before. I prepared for my daughter's procedure by bringing her stroller in case she is still asleep while we wait. I knew they had a steep entrance but they have a lift to help people get down to the pit. When i entered this place Suzana and her coworker(black girl) watched me as i waited by the lift. Then patients offered to help me down the stairs. If you dont like your job then quit. I understand its 5am but im here with a 3 year old who is having a milestone procedure done. All i was looking for is kindness and professionalism. These two are the first people you see, makes your whole experience sour.

Rosalva Maesse

What can i do if need wound care today and umc burn and wound is closed every Sunday?

McKenna Rothschild

Worst hospital I have ever been to. I am from Texas visiting Las Vegas and went into anaphylactic shock after eating lunch. Went into the adult emergency waiting room. Where I was going in and out of consciousness. The front nurse would not get help and got mad at me when I couldn’t walk and proceeded to yell because I could not come to her so she could get my vital signs. Then proceed to yell at my mom. Very unprofessional! My entire family works in the medical field. As head nurses and doctors I have never seen anything like this. I would never recommend this hospital and they are getting reported. After I finally was taken back as critical, one nurse would not give me epinephrine until the resident came in and told her I needed it right away. She thought that Benadryl would do it when my passageways were closed. Then that nurse proceeded to yell at my mom when she said the Benadryl won’t be enough to stop the reaction before the resident came in. I have been into many hospitals because of anaphylactic shock and it has almost taken my life multiple times. This hospital does not care about the patient or getting care quickly to critical patients. The resident did a fairly good job but the nurses were the worst I have ever seen in the medical field.

Cory Doyle

There's absolutely no reason I should have to wait 13 hours to finally see a doctor and get some answers in the ER. And of course they reward their patients with wooden plank seats, no cushion or comfortable seating anywhere. I didn't have any complaints for the trauma unit when I was in a few months ago, I guess you have to get shot to truly be cared for because the ER is terrible.

Abby Caht

My elderly mother was sent to emergency by ambulance due to bloating. She was admitted in mid afternoon and didn't see a Dr u til midnight. The denied all food/water with only an occasional ice CHIP. SINGULAR. CHIP!! Then Dr arrived said the x-ray was awaiting to be read. Next day....the suspected a colon issue Only allowed water This continued over a week. Yes. A week. No nutrition whatsoever. 89 yrs old and below 100# wt. Nothing. Day before colonoscopy they give my mom her first food. Then that night they make her drink the colonoscopy liquid to clean out her system WHICH WAS COMPLETELY EMPTY FOR A WEEK. The cleaning staff is horrible. The floors are filthy. The caregivers whim change bedding are rough rough rough. My mom ended up needing colon surgery. She sailed through with flying colors for the first few days (5). Drs said she was good candidate for surgery and wouldn't survive 5 weeks without it. After surgery Drs told me she was malnourished so colon was "delicate". Complete contradiction. Rarely could I get ahold of her doctors. The nurses were frustrated with me and the doctors. It was hell to be unable to help my mom. Bed changing people moved her very roughly and acted put upon and irritated that they constantly had to change her bedding due to normal results following surgery. Mom was put back on water juice after the surgery then her first solid people food was macaroni meatballs and potatoes and cookie What the hell??? The food from the kitchen is also horrid. It isNOT what quality is served in the cafeteria!!!!!! Mom then suffered a rupture and was sent back into surgery ending with sepsis an a reversilble ostomy. Why the hell would anyone do a reversible ostomy on an 89 yr old. Reversible means the nornal body exit is left open...another area needing constant cleaning or the skin gets raw..diaper rash. Mom was tortured ignored not fed (she couldn't feed herself jello because she was so weak to lift spoon) The nurses don't know how to properly care for an ostomy. I literally had to teach a nurse. (I had been taught a week earlier by an Ostomy specialist.) My Mom was left with 10 inch diameter open hole in her stomach with drain tubes. It wasn't until her 30 day hospital stay insurance limit (I kid you not) that they put a wound vac on her. Then they ttold me they had done all they could, she can go home . Again...I KID YOU NOT. Due to unavailable beds for respite care of in Hospice facilities ...allowing me time to get my house set up for hospital bed and nursing care..I moved her to Nathan Adeleson where she received little to no care. UMC stopped treating can her hospital induced issues. She ended up dying a very painful death; suffering the entire hospital stay. She died of sepsis. She suffered at the hands of medical treatment from UMC. Beginning to end was 49 days. She was a lab rat for the hospital. Her medical bills were over half a million dollars.

Lisa Black

Dirty and 95% of the staff are rude! Expect to basically do everything for yourself. If they would have let me, I probably could have helped myself to ice cream. This place is a joke and I'm going to be looking for a different Dr after this procedure. Thatis if i make it thru today!! I did take a picture of one of the TWO blown veins but it won't let me post a picture!! I used to think the plastic surgeons that worked with Dr. Anthony Baynosa were nice. Even he was showing the ugly side. It's too bad because I liked Baynosa!

Luis gonzalez

I was at labor and delivery on the 2nd of December and everything was okay some staff were very nice some where rude... but most important to share is that the room was nasty no one would clean it or mop it not even during my stay it was supper unhealthy for baby to be there too long thank god we where able to go home earlier than expected.. worst hygiene hospital ever!!

Sheesh Meesh

Gross gross gross gross. Staff is rude rude rude rude rude!!!! Communication doesn't exist!!! Nor does sanitation practices!!!! Dirty!!!! Unkept!!! Rude!!! Non helpful!!!! Been here 9 hrs for a wound check and they refused to feed me until about an hour ago!!!! Oh I'm still here smh and it stinks!!! Spare yourself don't come here!!!!

Lizzie Mccall

This place is a joke I spent hours waiting for some labs results and still never got called back the nurses just give attitudes when you ask how much longer is the wait the walk away instead of trying to help make sure you get the proper treatment.... I will never come here again

Crystal Perez

If you need emergency care. This place will save your life. The nurses are amazing.

Stephen Dudash

Not bad to go if you

Jackeline Eroza

Literally the worst hospital ever. I would give them zero stars if I could. The whole staff was rude and did not care whether you were in pain or not. The waiting area was very dirty and smelled terrible. Would not reccomend this hospital to anyone. There were people waiting there for hours just trying to get a bed or to even see a doctor. When we followed up and asked what was going on with the lab results they said that it would take around 8 hours to get them back, when they had origally said that it would only take an hour to get the lab results back. And when we told them that we would go somewhere else they still said they would bill the insurance when we didn’t even get any medications, or lab results at all. Instead of leaving the hospital feeling better as it should be, you end up leaving either feeling worse or feeling the same. If you are looking for a hospital I suggest you go anywhere else but here because trust me, you will most likely end up going home because of how long it takes just to get a room.

Alaina Artiles

I wasn't a patient here, but I'm a student for the med tech program and I can only say good things about this place. The people here are very caring and understanding. I can not talk for other departments but at least I can certainly say that the lab personnel here truly goes above and beyond for their patients.

Jasmine Becerra

Everyone was helpful and super nice from the start. I went to the Emergency Room for chest pains around 10pm and they gave me an EKG within minutes. I was in and out within 2 hours. Their team for late night emergencies are fantastic.

Shanna Jean

This hospital is the worst got this crazy nurse bothering my mom every 30 minutes everytime she walk in my mom blood pressure went up thats how much she annoy her. This hospital have a bunch of students practecing on my mom without no consent .she cant poke good she poke my mom 4 times snd say hopefully i get this right .my mom is not her for you to practice.this hospitalis not family orented 8 am to 6pm visit hour end then 8pm to 10 pm it ends then after that only 1 person can go visit from 10-8am insane .hate umc I wish I couldve choose a better hospital for my mom .one of the nurse think shes a doctor she give my mom bunch of meds every 30 minutes,call people to come draw blood this hospital runs by nurse i guess I barelly see the doctors .Will never come back here again worst hospital I am beyond mad .

Brandy Hood

ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE, I WAS INSULTED AND BELITTLED AS A WOMEN ! (Onna) a Korean women who works in the waiting area in the rooms was SO DISRESPECTFUL it makes no sense at all! Then a blonde women who sat in the front checking everyone in ignored me as if I wasnt there after watching her take people’s pulse and blood without sanitizing after every patient. UNACCEPTABLE

BXX Gaming

This place is bad. RIP Tupac.

Eileen Alward

I had my baby here and it was a great experience. They let me try VBAC after a c section and even tho it was unsuccessful I felt like I had a great support system. I didn’t even have insurance and was surprised at how affordable my total bill was. The nurses in L&D and NICU are amazing!


Came to the E.R due to stomach pains turns out my iud was embedded . Staff was great and very attentive. Helped me from start to finish. Thank you umc

Marie Lopez

If I get can put 0 stars I would. Bathrooms are disgusting, I’m pretty sure a pig pen is cleaner than those bathrooms. The doctor I got was extremely unprofessional. I am never going to this hospital again.

Jamie Crafts

By far the dirtiest facility I have ever been in!! Compared to PCH this place is at the jail standards!! In the future I will avoid this place!!

Randy Bune

I have worked in almost every hospital in town.....they all have their upsides AND downsides....but youll never find more caring staff then UMC! period.

C Reynosa

Half the staff is horrible! They don’t look you in the eyes when they talk to you and worse they talk to you like you are a nobody. You are there confused and concerned about a friend or family member and they make you feel like dirt. Shout out to nurse Ann in the ER you are the best thing about his hospital. God bless you.

Shemika Lewis

Out of my 46 years of life I've never experienced service worst than this. I've been in this waiting room for 8 hours and I haven't even been seen by a Dr. This is the most unorganized hospital I've ever been in. I've seen people walk in and walk out but they say they treat people according to they ailment. It doesn't add up. If I'm not sick enough to be put up front then put me through the urgent care. This is horrible and something needs to be done about this.

tim umphress

Unfortunate to be in a trauma unit but if you have to be in one this is the place to be. Staff qualified and friendly. Let’s hope the billing Dept is 1/2 as nice as the nurses. Amazingly the stigma of hospital food does not apply here!

Nicole Garcia

My daughter was in the trauma side and by far the best care was given. And EVERY single staff member was amazing. And a special shout out to ALL the nursing staff on the 5th floor 7th tower you guys went above and beyond to make my special needs daughter feel safe and informed in a way she could understand. And helped me be less stressed in a four day hospital stay.. Again my deepest thanks to all the medical staff that showed so much caring. Much love Nicole and Hayley...

William Weir

I’m a physician and was on vacation when my pregnant wife got sick. It’s likely a kidney stone, but this was the worst care I’ve ever seen in healthcare. My wife waited for three hours before fluids or pain medications, the only real first line treatments. For reference, sitting in that amount of pain from a kidney stone can harm the fetus and cause preterm labor. No ultrasound, no basic things that should be standard when you walk in an Emergency Room. In my professional opinion this is malpractice and will be reported to the hospital, the state board, and the joint commission. People deserve better. -William Weir, MD

Gernice Finley

Providing one star is too much for this place. Get ride of all the staff and start over. The linen is still dirty; blankets are given to sick people still dirty. Hospitals are suppose to be clean. This place need a lot of work.


To continue, born and raised in Las Vegas 1954. At that time was Southern Nevada Memorial Hospital. Last experience at UMC..June 2014, I had an umbical hernia, my procedure was performed by Dr. Baynosa and her staff, and she just learning, and they did an outstanding job, saved my life. UMC highly recommended.

Jennifer Ranee

Came into hospital for heart failure , after they ran every test i would allow them , wanted me to stay overnight not for test or treatment so they could bill my insurance for a hospital stay, i said no ,they would of given me a buss pass but because i said no they made me walk 9 miles home . i came in by ambulance had no way home .Never again UMC ! ID RATHER DIE THAN COME TO YOUR FACILITY !

jonah yoder

didnt save the homie pac, 1 star

Hope Harmer

This is supposed to be the #1 hospital in the region? It would be shut down in Ohio. Its run down and dirty. The staff has bad attitudes and just flat out rude and nasty behavior. Never in my life have I ever witness such appalling conditions and behavior from staff as I have here. And I have spent alot of time in hospitals having 8 surgeries over 5 yrs. If I could give this ZERO stars I would. In fact it really deserves -5

Richard Drumm

I have to say that I have been to a lot of places with bad service but this is one of the worst. Went in for extreme pain that kept me up for 3 days and left with the same pain about 30 minutes later and no help. I have logged a complaint with the hospital in August about a visit in June. The person that I had complained about I will not mention on here because they might delete this review but she is one of the worst people to call herself a health provider or caregiver. 3 months and I still haven't heard back from their Risk Management staff. Instead I get a collection agency notice. What good does it do to have a complaint department when they don't even follow up. The physician didn't seem to mind charging my insurance $600+ for doing nothing. I am not a doctor but I think the same rules should apply across all professions, if you don't do your job then you don't get paid. FYI Flonase isn't a pain reliever. Update: Told me to contact them to hear the feedback. I sent another email to their PR person and they sent me back a photo copied scan of a letter where they say they didn't find any wrong doing. Their explanation of services wasn't even close to being correct. I will never use this hospital again. I don't recommend anyone else either. More proof of medical over billing for things not even done.

Dorothy Miyamoto

My brother was missing clothes for two days. When it showed up like magic, $200 went missing. Got the run-a-round for the two days prior to clothes and belongings showing up! There was a homeless women in the handicap stall and was actually sleeping on the floor. I had to ask her to leave as I needed to use the restroom. Before she left, she took ALL of the seat covers with her. I could hear the seat covers being taken out!!

Aden Dye

the staff are so shity and rude

Brandon Doody

Their security is bad. Tupac was killed there.

Mike Casas

My Father in law was in town for a bowling tournament and had a heart attack and ended up here at UMC. Still here now after three days. Doctors and staff treating him have been knowledgeable and pleasant. As for accommodations for family..... fuggedaboutit. The waiting areas have chairs that resemble medieval torture devices and God forbid you have back issues, as I do, Cuz if you lie on the floor you will be Constantly asked to either leave or sit in said torture devices. My wife and I left San Bernardino at 430 am on Sunday without so much as a toothbrush and have been at this hospital ALL DAY for three days and I have been chased out by doctors, guards and staff every day. There is not one flat surface to recline on that doesn’t get you harassed. It’s almost as if they purposefully Create a hostile environment in order to get you to leave.

lisa willmett

If I could give zero stars, I would! I visited my friend who was very sick with a bad heart condition. I cna't begin to tell you how unsteady and unorganized and uncaring this place is. Patients would be ringing for nurses and they would never come. Someone here said it seems more like a prison hospital and I have to agree! HORRIBLE!!


Took my 7 week old daughter here because she had fever and we were extremely worried but Doctors and nurses were amazing, very knowledgeable compassionate and caring. If you have kids, this is the place to go for ER not sure adult side I can only speak for what my experience was. My family has been taking kids here for emergencies since 2008 and it’s always been exceptional.

Antonio Brown


Reanna Lunceford

Worst hospital in town. Checked into the ER at 7 pm it’s currebtly 2 am and all they have done is take my blood and urine. I’m in so much pain walking makes me shake and throw up. The staff at the front desk is the rudest I’ve ever seen. Update: I’m still here, it’s 10:10 am they have only ran 1 additional test. I’m in more pain that when I came in. Walking to the bathroom has me bawling. The transport ran me into a door. And they are sending me home because they can’t find anything wrong with me. I wouldn’t take my worst enemy in the world here. This place is TRASH !!!

Jennifer Kelly

1/9 to 1/16: My father was admitted to UMC for a week, and during his stay, he was treated very well. He started off in the ER for two nights until a bed became open, and though the ER was super busy (it's the only trauma center), the staff was top notch. He soon got a bed and received more care and stellar treatment. All of his doctors, fellows, nurses, social workers, and assistants were extremely helpful, dedicated, and eager to improve his health. There was an instance where a nurse needed additional assistance getting to a vein, so she called another nurse, "Saint Francis", who despite being on the way out of the building, jumped into help my father. He even came back to check on him the next day even though he wasn't his patient! People must remember, however, that doctors and nurses are helpers, not servants. A little grace goes a long way.

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