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REVIEWS OF The Minimally Invasive Hand Institute IN Nevada

HJ Williams

I was seen by Dr. Sorrell for a consult on 1/24/2019. I don't understand the negative reviews here, especially concerning the staff that works at this office. I just really don't get it. The 3.2 star review is just insane. I believe this office and staff deserves a 5 star review. (IMHO) From my experience, the staff members were absolutely top-notch, professional in every way. Kind and caring and honestly, from the minute I walked in, I felt that I was in good hands! Everyone at this office, from the receptionist to the surgery consultant were A+. As for Dr. Sorrell. Very knowledgeable. In the midst of being on a tight schedule, he was very attentive to my needs, took his time in explaining my condition to me, where others failed to do so. Although this was my first time visiting Dr. Sorrell and his office, I believe I walked in to the right care! Thank you very much for making my experience pleasurable. I feel more educated about my condition and I can't wait to my 100% recovery! All the best, AJ Williams


The medical care might - or might not - be great, but the back office is incompetent. I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Sorelle. The day before, I called to verify, but they had no record of the appointment although they had my name in their system. My only contact with them was the conversation to make the appointment......that's how they had my info. But no appointment. Incompetent. I called Hand Surgery Specialists of Nevada and made an appointment which they honored. I wish I had called them first.

Clark Wilson

Quick and professional employees. Dr Sorelle did an amazing surgery on my wrist and was very gentle. I felt so much relief after the procedure, the pain has gone. Also, a bunch of thanks to his staff that treated us with so much care, love, and respect, and we count it as a blessing. I would highly recommend Dr. Sorelle and his team.

El Toro

Horrible outcome from a botched surgery! Avoid this asinine operation at all costs. Hoped they could help me but the outrageously over priced surgery only made the problem worse. Notice the pictures of how my finger looks. I wish I never visited this scam artist operation. Dumb surgery scheduler kid Jonathan kept hounding me, calling me, repeatedly, trying to schedule surgery, all the while the surgery was a scam. I kept asking Jonathan if the surgery was covered under my insurance and of course he lied and told me it was. Lying seems to be common practice at this place; I talked to the a girl in billing about what my co-pay would be and the final bill was over three times the amount I was was quoted over the phone. Now when I call billing they won't take my calls nor return my messages. In fact I spoke with Sandra the receptionist on 12/30/15 and she assured me that the manager in billing would be contacting me. This proved to be another blatant lie, as no one from billing made any attempt whatsoever to contact me. Shady and extremely unprofessional!! This place will tell you all the lies you want to hear prior to surgery and the reality is after you find out you were lied to and scammed they will ignore you and send you outrageously priced bills. I called the after hours phone number listed on the automated phone recording for help due to being in unfathomable, excruciating pain and left a message for the office manager, some extremely condescending Asian looking dude who told me after an office visit when I asked him if he received my call, "Maybe I did maybe I didn't!" and then he gestured me to the exit door. This demon of a man must get off on the little power he has at this joke of an operation they have the nerve to call a medical practice. This despicable medical office expects to get paid for the botched procedure, well I want my mallet finger repaired. Mr. Sorelle and his staff cowardly took the easy way out and sent me to collections rather than try to correct the problem his greedy hands created. Boy, I can't wait to have my day in court to expose how horrendous this business operates. The stupid Mr. Sorelle knew he couldn't do anything to help me yet he still operated just to get paid and now my finger is all jacked up, deformed looking and left without the full range of motion I had prior to surgery and he couldn't care less, saying to me, "You'll be alright, your going to get through this" yeah right, look at the pictures and you be the judge. Worst experience of my life aside from the one I had at Corvetti orthopedics.

Robin Elsasser

Their billing sucks! Now I'm in collections & never had an idea until I received the collections letter! And 2 years later!! And after Dr. Sorelle himself told me he accepted my Cigna insurance I had at the time. I've tried to get this resolved & the excuse I get is, oh, we have a new billing Dept. Like that is my problem!? I don't think so. I need this resolved asap! And off my credit report!!

Danielle Reimann

Dr. Sorelle is an excellent doctor! After a painful accident he treated both my wrists. I would highly recommend them to anyone

Dunia Lagos

La verdad q yo a este lugar no vuelvo mas. Ase 3 años me opero de la mano derecha. Y me volvió el dolor fui con otro especialista y reviso todo. El problema sigue. El especialista me dijo Qe avía problem Qe porq si ya iban echo la cirugía se supone Qe ya era para Qe el problema se curará y más bien me salió un quiste

Jackie Betz

Long waits on scheduled appointments. Staff not friendly. Failed to advice me on scheduling a post-op and tried to blame me for the failure. Staff is overworked which causes them to reflect such VERY poor customer service.

Donna E

I had a great experience with Dr Sorelle and the staff. They really care about your well- being. Had my right hand done on Tuesday and now I am having my left hand done tomorrow. I feel very comfortable with this doctor and his staff.

F Dayani

Most caring and experienced hand surgeon in Las Vegas. I have never gotten the amount of time Dr Sorelle gave me. Will schedule office appointment and surgery with in a week if needed, great doctor

Lindsay Gorman

I am actually in recovery from the first of two surgeries with Dr. Sorelle, and I have to say, there are a large amount of reviews on here that seem to be from people who had unrealistic expectations. Yes. There is pain. It's surgery. Yes. The recovery is slow. Again, it's surgery. Yes. The receptionists are a bit brisk in the front office. This isn't the strip, you're not going to be there as a tourist, so hospitality should be secondary to addressing your medical problems. The doctor straight up told me in consultation that it wouldn't be perfect, and that he would do what he could. And he has and will continue to do so. If you expect a miracle, go to church. If you're expecting realistic results, then I highly recommend them.

Jerry Nelson

This Doctor...ruined my hands. I went in with a stone bruise and he convinced me I needed multiple surgeries. Here it is two years later and my right hand is nearly useless.

Kaiya Wray

Dr seems ok. The reception not so much. Ive seen them be rude to other patients then try to justify it with an excuse. Should work on the staffs customer service skills they dont seem to care about the patients.

Travis Jones

Sandra Patane

Most unprofessional place I have ever been to I was supposed to have surgery twice now but their office staff obviously can't get their act together so that a person can have their surgery done in a timely manner now it's been 2 months I hope I don't serve suffer any nerve damage due to their negligence.

Cal Alonzo

Stay away this guy just pushes for surgery without trying alternative treatments first. Plus, he graduated from a mediocre medical school which reflects poorly on his competency. Basically wasn't smart enough to get into a US medical school,


The staff was rude , the nurse laughed at my dads pain thinking we couldn’t here , and the doctor was no help at all. Never again going back.

L.M. Smith

My husband had bilateral carpal tunnel surgery one year ago today and we both absolutely loved Dr. Sorelle! He did an amazing job! Everyone we knew suggested he do one hand at a time but he really wanted to just do both and get it over with. Because of this, we were expecting a lengthy recovery with a lot of limitations but we couldn't have been more wrong. He was surprisingly independent even just a few hours after surgery and insisted on going out for breakfast and feeding himself. He had the surgery done on a Friday and was back to work, where he types all day, the following Monday! He needed help with small things like opening soda bottles but only for a few weeks. Other than that his recovery was the fastest I've ever seen someone recover from carpal tunnel surgery and we have no doubt that was because Dr Sorelle is an amazing surgeon! I will be getting this surgery myself soon, I suspect and I will be adamant that I want Dr. Sorelle for it! The photo below is my husband at breakfast less than an hour after being released from surgery.

Rudyard Johnson

I had a clumsy fall that led to a broken wrist and Dr. Sorelle explained his analysis o f the break while looking at the xray result. What I appreciate most was his. The reality of breaking a bone means there will be some pain and discomfort; neither of them tried to mask that. It took roughly 1 hour and 15 minutes to get x-rays, put some bones back in place, apply a splint, and do paperwork. 40 days after the closed reduction (i.e. putting bones back in place without cutting open my wrist), surgery was not necessary, and I'm healing up rather nicely. I'm very appreciative of the care I received here at Minimally Invasive Hand Institute!

Jensen Callie

I had a broken bone in my lower arm and was treated by Dr. Sorelle and the end result was amazing. I also wanted to thank his staff that was incredibly efficient and helpful during the process, they quickly diagnosed the problem and followed up throughout the healing process. Thank you so much! Highly approved!

Jacob Dollarhide

Kirk Schoeb

"Doctor"!!! Are you kidding me? Jonothan Sorelle is anything but a Doctor! And as far as specialist is concerned ,at least a hand specialist that is,I have no clue whatsoever what Board could have granted him the title of "Hand Specialist" Mr. Sorelle performed Total Wrist Replacement Arthroplasty Surgery on my wrist on 11/11/16. This is when the surgeon replaces a wrist that has been damaged so badly or is riddled with arthritis so badly that the best option would be to replace the damaged wrist with a prosthesis. I was informed by John when I asked him during our initial consultation about how much range and motion that I would be able to receive post surgery and post Physical Therapy and was told while looking directly in the eyes, " Sorelles words to me" I am not going to promise you 100% range and motion that will be up to you and how much you put into you physical therapy program, but I will promise you 80% and the other 20% is up to you and how much you want it. Upon those words and not knowing what I unfortunately know about Johnnys surgical track record I jumped right on that proposal because prior to undergoing this surgery My wrist had been fused for the last 15 years but now wear and tear was making even minimal daily tasks extremely painful and there was no doubt that something had to be done. To be honest I was overwhelmed a bit because not only was the daily pain going to be permanently gone but now I was actually going to have range and motion after being without any for so many years. I have a little landscape maintenance company so you you can imagine what getting all this back after so long meant to me. Well my my friends out there who have had the misfortune of be surgically impaired by John Sorelle such as I have, and I am finding out daily that I am not the only one who's life that this man has altered drastically. As the saying goes , a pictures can say what I could never put into words about what JOHNNY did to me! My name is Kirk, I am leaving a phone number that any of Mr.Sorelles former patients that have had a nightmare experience post surgery can contact me anytime 24 hrs a day and I know that there are quite a few of us out there. I would welcome any calls from any of you out there! We are not alone and I know that for a fact. This PUDDINHEAD is not even board certified! Not that it disqualifies one from being able to obtained a license to practice medicine in either he or she's specialty of choice, but is sure does make a lot sense as far as knowing that prospective clients/patients would want to know that you are continually keeping up on your medical specialty of choice through continued education and followed up with an exam that must be past in order to be currently Board Certified. I never thought of checking his qualifications because he was a referral by my PCP. Never again! Kirk at (702) 417-9079 If you need to talk . Thanks

Red Clark

Very Bad all around experience, with everything, I wouldn't Not go to him ever again, and will be getting a lawyer to sue the doctor.

rosemarie johnson

Had a very good surgery. Everything was explained in detail. Healing was very good. No problems at all. Very thankful I was referred to this doctor.

Virgil DeSio

This place is terrible, they will never return your calls, will not get records from nerve conduction studies, and will not provide any information regarding costs for surgery. Sasha and John are just terrible at any type of customer service.

Khemiri Najoua

Really good doctor

Brian Wroblewski

How happy am I to be able to leave Dr. Sorelle and his staff the first Google review! This guy is a certified bottomfeeder. Do not go here. DO NOT GO HERE unless you want to be ravaged financially. Every story is the same on all the review sites: "You need surgery" and "Yes we accept your insurance." Guess what? He is a filthy liar. He billed $3500 for an X-Ray of my hand to my insurance company. Thankfully, the insurance company paid $1000 of the $3K that he billed and his outside billing company says that the doctor "wrote off" the remaining $2500. He billed us $250 for the difference. I can't repeat enough: Steer clear of this guy. He is a SCAMMER.

Nasim Shepherd

I had a great experience with Dr. Sorelle and his office staff. They took amazing care of me today. The doctor's bedside manner is calming and super nice. I can't recommend them enough.

Myrna Goodwind

I had a broken wrist after being hit bit a motorcycle and I suffered a lot of pain and Dr. Sorelle and his staff represent the highest standard of care and knowledge. The whole experience was far beyond what I expected from a surgeon. He was very compassionate and made me feel right at home. I strongly recommend this office.

Natalie Galan

My hands are ruined. Yes, BOTH. I'm only 33, was 30 at the time. Should have been given some options. I am unable to use my hands to the same capacity. Never regained my strength even after having 3 months of consistent 3xs a week physical therapy. This was the worst decision I ever made. I remember how quickly everything happened. No alternative options. I went in on Tuesday and was in surgery Friday. The pressure from the scheduler. Like a meat factory. The staff was terrible then and from what I see in these comments, there has been zero improvement. I cry thinking about never being able to use my hands or carry my newborn daughter.

Emily Hartfield

Thanks to Dr. Sorelle, my endoscopic carpal tunnel was released and I can't say enough about how impressed I was with the quality of care I have received. A++ service! I am now in my 3 weeks of recovery, almost fully heal. Approved!

Lynn Mobley

My husband went for a consult on his wrist in August they took a lot of X-rays that were not necessary since he brought his MRI with him. Also charged our insurance over 500 for wrist braces we never received. And schedule shim for carpal tunnel surgery which he didn't need. We cancelled Beware

Tiffany Probst

Horrible experience the staff was very rude the surgery did not go well or it hurts worse than it did before. I can't get anyone to answer any questions about my after surgery conditions. I talk to somebody on the phone and they just keep telling me in their own words they don't know and maybe or possibly but I never got any answers and I still have a lot of unanswered questions and I can barely move my wrist at all now. WTF? I don't even know what to do now help!!

Katherine Mejia

The office is neat and welcoming, the staff- not so much. They greet you as part of the job but does not feel genuine, they look at you but continue on with their own conservation as if you were not in front of them. Doc checked out my wrist and determined it was a ganglion cyst, he suggested that we have surgery and get it removed. I agreed since it was so big. I had my surgery at the end of June and by November it was back. Now I am left with a very noticeable scar and a regrown ganglion cyst. I called their office and made follow up appointment, when I arrived i was in shock that they would still expect me to pay for a follow up appointment on a cyst that had grown back just months after the surgery. I totally understand had it been years down the road, but the fact that it was only five months after. The best part of my visit the second time, I asked the receptionist why I should I be held responsible for the consult if it was clearly a surgical mistake. The wonderful and well mannered receptionist turns around and says "Sorry not sorry". I was livid but needed to get this figured out, when the Doc checks out my cyst he quickly looks at it and says "ugh it came back, okay lets get back in there and remove it again but there is now a 10% chance it will grow back". I asked if it was because I had done something wrong in the recovery process, his response "No it just grew back, its nothing that you did wrong in the recovery process" WONDERFUL just what I wanted to hear! I would get a second opinion if you're looking to get a procedure done, as for the staff be as tolerate as you can possibly be with some of the rude manner-less receptionist.

Terri J

Dear Doctor Sorelle, I would like to personally thank you for making my hand 99 percent perfect. Pain rarely exists. You fixed my hand a year ago in February 2017.

Roger and Margaret Young

Christina Espejo

My appointment time was 2:00pm. At 3:15 I asked when I would be called and was told next. Two patients that came in after me were then called back before me. Upon asking what the delay was with the appointments and requesting to speak with the office manager, who stated that there was several emergencies and an emergency meeting. With that being said I have worked in the health care field for 15 plus years I completely understand however, good practice would have been to contact the patients advise them of the situation and give them the option of rescheduling or waiting for 2 hours. The doctor is rude. He examined my hand for 15 minutes. I stated I had a complaint about the wait time, he brushed it off like yeah yeah we had emergencies as he was walking into the next exam room. I will not be going back to this place and I recommend no one go to this place.

Leza Harary

Dr Sorelle took the time to explain exactly what his plan was and what I can Expect after surgery. I’ve had several Drs diagnose my condition but Dr Sorelle is the one who got it right,

Eileen Reimann

Scott H

Fixed my mom's hand when no one else would.

maurice jones

Dr.sorrelle and his staff are wonderful my wife is a patient.


Caught the girls at the front desk being rude to my Mom, it’s 10:24 am. Yes that “ crew “. They asked my Mom repeatedly if she was new. My mom told them no, and they insisted on telling her to provide ID and to fill out her paperwork. When they realized their mistake they didn’t apologize......and I checked them. So they decided to have a shouting match with me telling me not to raise my voice. I walked out. Not once did they apologize. The very young ladies in the front need to be taught not just people skills but customer service skills when it comes to dealing with older patients. I was not going to let it slide. Some people won’t believe this unless you catch it on camera and record it. Smh. One of these days someone is going to catch it for you to see and witness, and then you’ll be forced to do something about it. Till then it’s the front desks word against mine.

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