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REVIEWS OF Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center IN Nevada

Pete Conroy

Very professional Nurses and Doctor's. I was sick and i was diagnosed within the hour. They were fast with my oxygen treatment and my X-ray. These nurse's work hard and deal with alot of attitude from people and I've seen it first hand. This is one of the best hospital's I've been to and would highly recommend if your sick or injured. Amazing staff!!!

Steve Treadwell

rip off for travellers. Scammers that take you for everything and then charge more!!!!!! ZERO STARS

Sandi Magallanes

The young man that did my procedure was so nice, and I didin't feel a thing he had hands like silk. Explained everyhting he was going to do so I would know itr was very reassuring.

Anna Cooper

This hospital was amazing to me and my family, very kind and courteous as my husband had open heart surgery there, they kept us updated often. The staff all great to. Though the cafeteria offered alot of great food, they don't offer meals to patients families prepaid so that the family wouldn't have to leave the patients bedside if they did not want to. Though I went down and brought my food up as my husband was in CCU. Just a thought maybe they do offer but was never asked. Other then that the hospital and staff, from maintence to Dr, nurses, office staff were great. Made my husband's stay of 16 days easier on us oh the valet staff to. Thank you.

Brian E

I had to take my girlfriend to the emergency here were very rude at times. There no for the patients. Just had the worst experience at this hospital. We will never go there again. They refused to me to allow me to stay my girlfriend.

Nicole Foster

This is the worst hospital ever the nurses were beyond rude one nurse literally cursed me out for being in pain the director of the hospital is never available the charge nurses don’t do anything but say “oh that’s not right that should have never happened “ . You will still literally get NO results nothing changes they don’t make sure you are properly cared for . I could have died multiple times in that hospital and they did nothing to try and save my life i had to check out and go check into a different hospital to get better. I only had 2 nice nurses and 2 nice CNA’s at the very beginning of my stay .

Erin Green

Terrible, the entire experience from beginning to end was disgusting. I was in town on vacation, had to get checked in the ED and wish I wouldn’t have elected to go to the hospital.

Richard Wood

All the staff were very happy and friendly. The facility was clean. The nurses and CNAs were very helpful. Great hospital with a caring staff.

Hector Solis

So far I do not have anything good to say about Sunrise. My daughter was transported from our hometown hospital in order to receive "higher level of care". This is a joke, when I asked the RN Alexys what was the plan of care or the next step she simply knotted and said "I dont know, the physician does not tell us anything, and the doctors were in here before my shift started." I then asked her a basic nursing procedure that should be done at all hospitals "if you were not in the room, what was said during your bedside report this morning during change of shift." My daughter had already told me it never happened. But giving the benefit of doubt to the staff the nurse responded, "nothing was informed to me, I dont know why she, the patient, is here." Then I asked her if the doctors wrote something, notes, instructions, something for God sakes give me a life line to restore faith. The nurse stated and I quote, "I already told you, I do not know, those questions you should ask the physician and I dont know when will he be around." The hospital we came from were well informed of the plan of care and continuation of care. Is this normal procedure not knowing the basics. THIS IS SO UNACCEPTABLE!

Ki Sai

Hospital was great, nurses and doctor Growley is super. Stay was awesome eveyone very attentive and caring.

Marcia Lee

The customer service and care received at The Sunrise Hospital Breast Center can't be surpassed. The staff members are courteous and professional. Frances, Judy and Maria are tremendous assets to the facility. Thanks to each of you for taking such good care of me!

Gerry Kulz

I love seeing Maria your front desk receptionist! She is always so warm & friendly. I can trust the Breast center to take care of my mammography each year with reminders and follow ups and to coordinate with my doctor's visit in the same building so I don't have to drive there twice!

Lacie D'Alessio

Everyone was super nice and supportive. I have been to a couple other hospitals (in Las Vegas and in Colorado) and this was the BEST experience I have had.

Rochelle Fried

ER doctor did not document accurately why I was brought to ER by para medics. Said only Leg Pain- why I had leg pain ( experienced a intense electric shock that caused me to collapse at the Las Vegas Airport)or the nature of the pain was not documented. I had abnormal lab results that I was not told about or called about after the fact. Only found out about it today when I reviewed my records. Imaging was not ordered and should have been to rule out a urgent issue with my spine and without that they could not have accurately determine there was nothing urgently wrong. So, I feel I was dismissed and not given good care. And want my chart to reflect what was going on with me on the evening of 5/25/2019.


The aLOT time that 8 had been admitted for 2 nights & 3 nights was awful to say the least. I have a migraine headache b4 THEY KICKED ME OUT. I was told by the charge nurse o4whatever she claimed to be. She told me that if I still had a problem thathatches go back down to the ER and see anarchist could do for me. OBVIOUSLY I have not been there since. My primary care ddoctor going these. He also referred to it as SUNSET Hospital because the "care" hid become so POOR and shoddy.

Jose Anselmo

Thank you very much all of you My grandson is in good hands. God bless you all.

Jasmin Montoya

Currently still waiting to be induced because the lack of communication between shifts. The shift of nurses in the after noon didn’t inform the later shift of my information. I’ve been waiting now going on 3 hours to see what the heck is going on! She misplaced my paperwork and if I wouldn’t of spoke up and asked what was going on I wouldn’t of known ! This is completely unacceptable! And if this was a emergency god only knows what can be happening to my baby and I !!!


Great caring staff, though the night nurses were not very good.

Ticia R

The Neruo ICU team was amazing ! I had my 1st serious operation here and was in the hospital for two weeks. My team of doctors were amazing!! They really cared about my health. The nurses were amazing they were so patient with me. The PT and OT team were amazing as well. Everyone here really tried to keep me motivated and thinking positive when I would doubt myself. I had such an amazing experience. I thank everyone here from the bottom of my heart.10/10 service.

Donna Wille

Excellent care, professionals from check in to discharge from ER!

Teresa Villas

Hospital and Medical Center was awesome. Our Charge Nurse Ann was unacceptable with her attitude

Robert Martinez

This was by far the worst medical treatment I have ever received in my life. The prejudices of staff members left me suffering in the most excruciating pain of my life. After waiting an excessive amount of time and repeatedly being ignored by staff members my stage 4 hypertension was resolved instantly by a shot of Ativan. I saw several patients with similar but not worse symptoms being treated before me yet arriving after me. The staff made judgmental remarks, expressed a lack of caring , and blamed me for my panic attack.

Sean Kilmurray [Dickens ES]

I have had over 30 surgeries at various hospitals and I can say that my experience at Sunrise hospital was the BEST! The nurses were phenomenal! Lorna my intake nurse took care of me and made me feel at ease. She was great with my wife and mother too! She was caring and so compassionate. Every employee of the hospital that we came across during my procedure was positive, kind, and caring. If I could give 10 stars instead of 5 I would! Thank you Sunrise hospital for taking such good care of me!

Darlene Ulibarri

I came due to signs of stroke. Took over4hrs to get MRI that showed I HAD a STROKE. Was moved to Stroke Unit where KNOWING: I WAS A SEIZURE PATIENT & HYPOGLYCEMIC, NO MEDS, I.V. FLUIDS, PADDING RAILS or FOOD was GIVEN! I was in a private room, left to have seizures. After 11 & 1/2hrs, I asked for: meds, food that's when a Charge Nurse appeared and called pharmacy to make sure they had meds. I ask to be discharged. While waiting for paperwork, a Neurologist entered and told me, "A seizure caused the symptoms I had." He NEVER TOLD ME I HAD A STROKE! I LEARNED about stroke 2 days LATER WHEN SEEING MY Neurologist who told me, "I had an ACUTE STROKE PER MRI AND IT CAUSED SYMPTOMS NOT SEIZURES." WHAT HAPPENED TO "DUTY OF CARE"??? LOST PART OF VISION IN LEFT EYE! Partial paralysis from elbow to fingers & knee to toes on left side!

Sandra Branch

My mother was a patient for almost a month and the staff was absolutely wonderful.

Iris Marroquin

Very upset, I took my baby to the ER this morning and when I entered the room where they check you in, the lady sitting in the computer said to the other three: "I would NEVER take my kid in to a room for that" and I looked at her very concerned about her awkward comment and the other 3 staff noticed I didn't like it, then I tried to look at her name and she covered it so I wouldn't report her...I didn't want to get confrontational because at that moment my child was more important than that unprofessional lady. Anyway, my double insurance covers all my bills (not her, clearly!) therefore she should just shut her mouth and prevent the hospital from lawsuits because thanks to clients like me they have paychecks to take home every month. I hope the hospital director reads this comment and do something to improve their customer service. 9/2/19 11:10AM APN: CHANTAL M LOBO

Randy Williams

Nurses and staff were mainly excellent Doctors were not overly friendly or informative Seemed understaffed My food which was a special diet, left much to be desired Clean room and kept bed clean No hospital visit will be a vacation no matter what hospital The purpose should be to treat your issue and get you better. They did do that, Thank you!

grant carlson

Everyone from admitting to all the nurses, doctors and other techs were wonderful! Polite fast explanation for everything and the best ER visit I ever had. Thanks to them all the are true professionals!

Cassie Redmon

I had the best nurses here, absolutely loved my experience here and would definitely deliver here again

Simon Farias

Worst hospital in Las Vegas our experience was awful. Nurses were lazy and had no communication between each other. They didn’t allow my mother to eat for 2 days and couldn’t tell us why. Finally when her doctor came to see her he told us that he didn’t know why they didn’t feed her. Seems like all the nurses here come to gossip with each other and not take care of there patients. After speaking with some of the people out in the hallways they didn’t say anything good either. If ever needed we will definitely not come here.

Patricia Newman

Excellent service from the moment I came in through to my discharge. Elaine at front desk was fast and efficient in getting my information into the computer and checked in for surgery. Shelly was fantastic, keeping me calm and tending to my needs before surgery. Post surgery staff were excellent too. Thank you to all!


Everyone was great.. from the nurses to the cnas. I was well taken care of

Rao Atluri

Staff is friendly and helpful. Hospital experience is great. Give excellent overall experience

JJ Thames

Great care, awesome attentive and professional staff who communicated well with me, seamless intake and discharge process.

Rose Macias

Been there several times before, even had my child there. Usually I am out within 3 or 4 hours depending on the situation. The staff is super friendly. But on my most recent visit I was only in for a couple test and they had me there for almost 7 hours. I was not too happy and was not feeling well.

Wendy Bartschi

I would describe the ER as sort of organized chaos. Most everyone was very professional and the workup was thorough. The lab tech guy was a little rude and not very gentle. When I asked what sort of labs they were drawing he said "labs to make sure you're alive," in a sort of sarcastic way. Forgive me for being interested in my own health care! I was in a lot of pain and they gave me a pill to help with that, which was nice. Dr. Mcbride (I think was his name?) was a nice guy and briefly answered my questions/provided me with results. The wait was long? Question mark because I'm not sure what the average length of time visit to ER is for a minor issue, but when you're in pain you just want it to be over with as quickly as possible. We got there mid morning and it was fairly quiet, but got busier while we were there. To be fair, I was taken in pretty quickly and all the workup started shortly after I was taken back. I was impressed with that. But after all of the tests it took a few hours for them to tell me my results and discharge me, there was a long period of just sitting in the waiting room. I'm not really sure how long it takes to process labs and analyze CT scan results. 3 hours total we were there. I suppose it could be worse in America. Overall? Nothing incredible, nothing horrible. 3 & a half stars.

Fran Jacques

The Breast Center at Sunrise Hospital is a haven for women. My breast screening is no longer a dreaded event each year. This is due to technology enhancement but also because the staff are just so attune to the needs of their patients. Thanks Maria, Fran and Judy for making my annual mammography so pleasurable. Kudos to Kim Dupuis and her team. 5 shining stars!

Jo Straughn

FANTASTIC /FANTASTIC - EMERGENCY STAFF!! ...........WORST - WORST After care staff EVER!! 86YOF w/dementia and a facial fracture was held in er waiting for a room for almost 3 days!!! and virtually ignored. Instead of helping her to bathroom she was ignored and tied down causing her to urinate on herself despite her cries for help to go to the bathroom. Thereafter she was ignored. I NEVER SAW HER EAT for the time she was there nor did I see anyone try to get her to drink nor de she have an iv to help help her. When I brought it up to the nurse I was told I was rude!! I csalled her doctor and had her discharged ASAP !! NEVER TO RETURN TO THIS HOSPITAL !!

Linda Langley


white monk

Im impressed about how good and friendly the staff is. Just took my mother today for a cardioversion procedure and i'm really proud of this institution. Thanks ivonne, david,and jennifer, your knowledge is well perceived and your happiness contagious . From admission to discharge all perfect. Take my gratitude. God bless you all

AnneMarie Ortega

I was at Sunrise for eye surgery on 7/22/2019. The two nurses that were with me while I was awake was Yvonne Prerie, at the very beginning before surgery. My after surgery nurse was Richard RN Recovery. These two nurses were amazing. Very pleasant and kind and professional. My entire experience yesterday was one of the best at a hospital. Please convey my thanks and appreciate to Yvonne and Richard for their caring and positive attitudes. Awesome. Thank you Sunrise Hospital.

Karen Callanan

The emergency room is very busy. I was seen right away in the trauma unit. I waited over 12 hours for a room but while waiting was in a private area with one other patient. Trips to the bathroom, I did see patients strapped on beds all over the hallways. I was taken into surgery with short notice a day earlier than previously told. Being far from home, this caused a lot of confusion communicating with my husband. The pre-op team was great from the nurses, anesthesiologist and the surgeon. I was aware of exactly what to expect. During my stay, all of the CNA’s were excellent. The nurses were timely and friendly. I never waited after pressing the call button. I couldn’t see the nurses station but I could overhear conversations about patients. Absolutely the worst hospital food I’ve ever had! If you are needing to gain strength, smuggle in your own nutritious food or drink. It was odd to me that I had surgery and never had a follow up visit from the surgeon nor did anyone ever address what was done, how it went, what to expect, etc.


This hospital is a total mess, I came to the emergency room because a pain in the lower back greatly afflicts me, partly due to an accident that I had last year, but two days ago it has been getting worse and today I had to leave earlier from work because I could not stand on my own. So I went to the Sunrise Hospital to take care of my pain. But it was useless, the doctor or who knows who was the one who assisted me, he told me he would prescribe a pain medication, some patches and a gel, which was not covered by the insurance, only the prednisone pills. I asked him if they would not do x-rays, CT Scan or something like that to make sure there was no injury, and he simply told me not without any explanation. The next time I have any reason to go to the hospital, this would be the only one I would discard, even if it is so close to my house. In my opinion, I would not even give you 1 star. I’m so disappointed...

Patti K

Great staff from the lady who checks you in and makes you feel so good to all the nurses, lab and assistants in the surgical radiology department.

Dan Kraft

I was very happy with the care given to me from the time I entered the hospital for my outpatient surgery to the time I left. The caregivers kept me informed, were kind and made me feel comfortable the entire time. Thank You, Dan

Sherri Schiff

Staff was extremely nice and professional, caring and concerned. From the intake staff to the OR nurses and staff, I felt that I was in good hands. I have been in many of the hospitals in the Las Vegas Valley, and this was as good an experience as I could ask for.

Denise Coultman

The staff from admitting to the nursing staff were fantastic. They were very professional, attentive, kind and warm.

Eddie Barrett

Great experience. Just a little cold, could have used another blanket.

William A Cureton


Paul Pasqualotto

The nursing staff was the most professional that I have been around!! Thank you Paul

Blake Forris

Not making the right diagnosis still waiting on paperwork from my attorney to get my money they take way too long The worst hospital ever wait time is five hours six hours before you seen I’ve been vomiting for the last past five days The first time I went into the hospital they said I have a fireable Infection Well how is that when it’s heat related The nurse said it was at the doctor saying something totally different they said that they would use the pokey stick to check my shipping but he never did These are not real doctors with making real diagnosis of you and They don’t make real diagnosis A real doctor diagnoses in for the full us Make a proper diagnosis not the wrong Diamines

Michelle Arndt

Very pleasant Outpatient staff. I was very happy with how I was treated. It had been 29 years since my last visit here when I delivered my youngest son (yes, his birthday is in a few days). Thank you to everyone!

Marlene Simpson

The care I received here was exceptional. Everyone was friendly, caring and efficient! Special thanks to Yvonne, Kim and Sheila. You were all exceptional in caring for me.

Loyd Daniel

Than you and your health staff for caring tor me in my time f extreme need. I had just had a stroke to my right side, mostly my right arm from my shoulder down to my wrist. Of course that wasn't all the damage just what was easy to see. Thanks again for all your help. Loyd A. Daniel/Lake Havasu City Arizona

Mary Meryem La Guera

I had the best care by the doctors and nurses, thanks for all your care and help.

Blaine Mugleston

Everyone was great from pre op to recovery... thank you for taking good care of me

fredrick nardelli

The personell I dealt with were VERY helpful and professional with one notable exception, a nurse named Christine, a pretty, young Flippino lady. Christine messed up inserting my IV to the point that the night nurse who took over for her was shocked at what was found when he "cleansed" the IV to administer the proscribed meds. There were several other minor things that Christine did that none of the other nurses did in that fashion. After 1 shift with Christine I asked the case worker to please not have her assigned to me again and was told no problem, it would be taken care of however Christine WAS assigned to me again and was even worse that shift! Among other things when she re-wrapped my leg so I could be released she did not put on the cast properly, the upper part that was supposed to have been inserted into the main part of the cast was simply laid over the main part and tied down instead of being inserted INTO the main part, this is something that is (as of this writing) still the way she did it, also I was out and out lied to about the timing that the proscribed meds could be administered, what Christine told me was in direct opposition to what every other nurse told me. All in all the care was of the highest degree with everyone else I had dealings with but Christine was at best ignorant about the way things SHOULD have been done and at worst just evil since being under her care was much more painful than with other nurses. Since I was at her mercy at the time I tried to be as pleasant with her as I could and I ,must admit that she seemed happy and pleasant herself so while her demenor was top notch her performance of her duties was exactly the opposite! Thank you for this opportunity to relate my experience at your overall excellent facility.!!!

Annette Kalebic

I waited 7 hours in the ER. I was told by Dr Li that my bleeding wasn't a life threatening situation. Admitted to hospital. Room OU 35 nursing staff - Dawn,Lynn & Becky excellent. Nothing was done to find out where bleeding was coming from. Cat scan showed and obstruction. Clear liquid 3 days. Transfer to 5 the floor at 12 am. Nurse asked me questions n then asked if I had lung cancer n a mastectomy. That whole day on that floor sucked. Plus Dr Tam who was assigned my Dr never showed up. I heard him dismiss my roomate via telephone & then hung up. Nurse had to ask patient what doctor said. Not satisfied with the not knowing & nothing was done to solve my situation

Jennifer Lee

hospital staff all pleasant & very helpful staff on CVTU very caring & took the extra step!

Jacqueline Anthony

Such a horrible experience! I have never been to an emergency room where folks are lined up in the back area with IV's hanging from the wall...sitting in super hard uncomfortable chairs, some moaning, some throwing up, some slouched trying to get comfortable because their pain is great...all within an inch of each privacy, no space, no place to lay down and work towards recovery, just bodies lined up against the wall in an almost circular fashion...breathing in one anothers germs and this really the way to treat human beings...and to top it off make them pay thousands of dollars for the experience? NEVER AGAIN

Summer Knight

I only gave 2 stars because the first night I came to see my dad the nurse and doctor he had that night were very nice and kept me updated on my dad. Now, the last time I visited, the nurse and doctor didn’t give me a single update, they only asked if I was his daughter. I was visiting with him when they lifted up his gown and flashed me and my boyfriend his junk!!! They weren’t even doing anything in that area! They were doing stuff on his arms. They kept the gown up and kept him exposed for almost five minutes. I did not appreciate that at all. I guess all I’m trying to say is some of your staff have to be more mindful of what they’re doing around visitors and to protect the patients privacy.

Judy Bounds

I had to come to Sunrise for an ultrasound on an urgent matter. I was seen the same day by their Imaging facility who worked to squeeze me in between patients. They were so courteous and professional. Hats off to the adult admit team that worked so hard updating all my information and the ultrasound tech who treated me as kind as if I was family. You guys were all amazing!!

Chandra Bloomfield

It is difficult to judge an entire hospital on an interaction with only one or two departments so we will stick with generalities I have noticed. -Finding your way around the hospital is difficult because there is a lack of clear signage and the flow of the place doesn’t make sense when you walk in the main doors. This is also an issue in the parking lot so if it is your first time there it is confusing as to where you are allowed to or should park. -Having been in a few times we always have a problem with the “paperwork”. Usually there is an issue with the hospital billing us for an entire stay/treatment instead of sending it to our insurance first. We always talk to someone who takes the insurance info but apparently they don’t know how to handle ours in particular so they end up not doing it at all. While this isn’t the end of the world, it is something to look out for. -The ER has a great check-in system with kiosks and people to help you in a timely manner -The staff who work with children really do know how to treat them differently because they are children. They do things like get down on a child’s eye level, turn medical tests into games, make funny faces, etc. and are patient with young ones. It makes it less scary for the kids and helps them get better results. -The hospital does have tons of signs up about it being a non-smoking campus but there are lots of people who will smoke in the parking lot and right outside the door. It would be nice if the hospital could enforce what appears to be their policy to help with the health and well being of the rest of their patients and visitors.

Richard Friedman

I had a medical emergency and it took about an hour to take care of it. The staff here is great and very professional. I have no complaints.

Scott Dammit

The staff at Sunrise provided my wife with friendly and expedient service, starting with Carla serenading us and getting rid of our jitters in pre-admissions and continuing with Joyce (you can't spell Joyce without "Joy"!)manning the desk in the surgery waiting room, our friends Cherry and Constance in the prep room and that sweetheart Minnie on post-op. There was another nurse with Minnie but I did not get his name- stellar service from him as well. Dr. Wang and Dr. Shirley did a phenomenal job in surgery and they and their staff deserve kudos as well. Thank you all so much!

Vanessa Geserick

Staff was extremely nice and professional, caring and concerned. I felt that I was in good hands. Thanks to nurse Ruth and her Team for their caring and positive attitude! :-)

brenda doe kathman

Ultimate treatment and care from the ER to ICU. Doctors explained things in layman’s terms where I understood. Nurses were amazing and attentive. Renee Dang shined... she made things easier upon my discharge with her effortless compassion. I’ve been in and out of hospitals from military, VA, civilian and my care was excellent.

Jane Reese

The medical staff were amazing and the movement from specialist to doctor to phlebotomist etc all went so smoothly and communication between them all was perfect. The only let down was at the end when it took ages to sort the insurance/payment (and it was 4.30am when we were extremely tired so that didn't help!)

Kelly Gimbel

From the time i first entered the hospital everyone was polite and professional. This helped with the surgery i had go easy.nice job!

Janda Andresen

One specific doctor and case manager seemed to be more worried about pleasing the insurance company and getting patients out without any regard for the overall health of the patient. My mother needs 6 weeks of IV antibiotics for a rare bone infection. If you have a loved one with a serious health issue...heck any health issue for that I would not go to this hospital for the mere chance that you may have to deal with one of these two people. The rest of the staff was amazing. There is clearly not enough help on hand but that's not their fault.

Brett Tucker

Nursing and therapy staff are top notch. Recovery has been much faster and easier than expected. Thanks to everyone in physical therapy department. Only complaint was my medications being changed without my input or permission. One person responsible for this, Dr. Khan. I recommend you communicate your needs to avoid having the same problem.

Michael Beckner

Mind you, going to the hospital is no one's favorite thing; but if they had an experience like mine they wouldn't mind it nearly as much. Everyone at Sunrise Hospital was great. Highly professional, highly skilled and all the while kind and caring. What more can you ask for from your care givers?

Victoria Ochoa

The whole process from checking in to checking out was incredibly easy. The admitting representative was very knowledgeable and friendly and the nurses who took care of me were wonderful. I highly recommend this hospital if one is needed.

Peter J. Caimi

I was brought in by ambulance for a suspected heart problem ,was checked at the entry door by an MD and then was delivered to the ER and placed in a chair where I was left from about 5 pm until about 2 AM when I was sent to some sort of "stand by " area where I was to spend the night. On arrival I was told there were no beds avail. but was given a recliner in which to sleep. I protested and some one found a gurney for me to lay down on. No sheets etc or means to clean ones self up and no food since my arrival and none until the following AM at about 10. Some time after my arrival in this area SOMEONE decided I should probably have a heart monitor and actually placed one on me. The rest of the night was a constant flow of people going and was unable to get comfortable so I remained awake until my regular heart Doctor came in to visit. thanks to him I was released after about 2 to 3 hours and received further treatment and testing at his office. NOT a trip I would suggest any one have. I signed my release paper work and was shown to the hall way where the exit was and it was good by. It seems that since the facility was over loaded they would have sent patients to other hospitals where the services were more avail. to provide assistance. One can only guess why all the above happened. I have a far better experience when a patient there a few years back . Maybe with the new wing being built they need all the income they can get? I will now go to another facility where my Dr. also practices should the need presents itself. Too bad as it was a great place previously.


Very friendly staff and nurses they took good care of my son after his circumcision procedure. Our Post Op RN was the best her name is Dina.

Sally Montoya

Unfortunately I thought this visit the worst. Your Dr. is not there to help he is there to lecture. I told him and the nurses the pain I have is not my stomach and throughout the whole visit that’s all they were concerned about. Even giving him my prescription list he still prescribed me the same medicine. In the meantime I see people there just using the system and getting away with it. I was not there for pain pills I was there so they can find out what is going on. I am still at home with severe pain, throwing up, nauseous and not able to sleep. I guess I’ll just have to wait a month for a doctor to see me. Will definitely not be using this ER again.

Gregory Perkins

Had a cardio/angioplasty procedure at Sunrise Hospital and received superb care. From my Cardiologists Dr. Patel to the Pre-Op RN Candace Wong to the Post-Op PACU Nurse Adria Black. They were extremely well organized and professional in all aspects of my procedure. My Post-Op Nurse called me the following day to check on my recovery. Everyone involved in my visit to Sunrise displayed caring and kind interactions with me and fully advised me as to what was transpiring during my recovery. I was very impressed with all medical professionals (from registration to discharge) involved and would not hesitate to re-visit Sunrise Hospital should it be necessary. My actual medical care during my visit was excellent. Elaina P. Las Vegas, NV

S Porter

I must say, the moment we stepped into the pre op area and was greeted by a lovely lady named Avis, I felt a little more at ease. She is absolutely wonderful and a delight. Then entering for the day of my procedure, the woman at the desk, can’t remember her name but I know it started with a J, was as kind and caring. As I proceeded to the back to get ready for my procedure, my nurse Purula aka Pearl was THE BEST. I am a very nervous person dealing with these situations and thank goodness, I had her as my nurse. Kind,caring,considerate and understanding is what Pearl is about. As for post op, my nurse Richard was the same way. Thank you for making my extreme anxiety end quickly.

Vegas Bum

All I have to say is I wish other hospitals in Las Vegas are like sunrise. The staff there was very caring and so helpful. The technician that did my CTA scan was so wonderful. Can't remember her name but I think it was Rhund. Hospitals here need more people like the staff at sunrise. Thanks again for the hospitality you show keep up the good job.

vic spears

My son had 2 minor procedures there, with all the staff extremely friendly and helpful both times. Just being in a hospital environment can be stressful, and it is very much appreciated when they are aware of this fact. High marks for everything. Thank you!

Libby Friesen

The absolute worst ER I’ve ever been to here in Las Vegas. You don’t get any privacy when speaking to the doctor, you’re hooked up to an IV? Be prepared to be sitting in a waiting room box with 100 other people on IVs. The nurses don’t care and they are rude as hell. I realize it gets busy but we are still people too.

Beryl Forst

A little frenetic at first, because the campus is huge, but once getting acclimated, it's like a village...everyone is warm, helpful and understanding of your apprehension and medical needs. The medical staff is top notch, the nurses and therapists, specifically, are amazing...

Susan Beck

The dedicated Doctors, Nurses, and Technicians at Sunrise saved my life. Thank you for your excellent care.

Marianne Jaffe

My experience at Sunrise admitting was excellent. The man "Ish" was pleasant and professional. My EEG was fast and efficient. 2 thumbs up!

Kyla Burton

This was my first time dealing with Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center but this is where my breast cancer surgeon is located, Dr. Terhar. I was a little put off by all the renovations and construction but it didn't hamper their service in anyway. Always timely, providing free valet due to limited parking; getting me a golf cart ride from my surgeon's office to the Sunrises's adult surgery check in which had been further sped up via a phone call. Pre registration was a breeze. Minimal waiting to be seen, minimal time registering with a personable and professional staff. My nurses. Villa, Minnie and Trina were caring and efficient. Dr. Terhar and my anasteiologist Rockford Wright were also rock stars. I honestly can't recall one negative thing about my experience except for having cancer. Great job, thank you. I have found if you approach people with kindness and respect it is usually reciprocated. Thank you all.

Dennis Pilgrim

My wife needed to find ophthalmologist on a Friday night, she had just been diagnosed with shingles this hospital has one on call. We walked in ER and seated within 2 minutes Doctors within 6 minutes. Doctor calmed and relieved her quickly we were on way home with relief within an hour When need Er this is place to go.

Paula Mills

All of the employees I encountered were friendly and professional. In particular, I felt very comfortable with the employees who handled the tests that were conducted that day (e.g., MRI and EEG). I was a bit scared at first but everyone put me at ease. Thanks for such an overall great experience!

Kristy M

After trying to go to their ER they refused to accommodate my disablity and I had to go to another ER. Absolutely shocking to deal with this ableism coming from a hospital of all places.

Roxanne Johnson

From the moment when I came through the ER, I was treated with urgency and respect. Was tested to determine my illness and admitted until a clear diagnosis. I am thankful for the medical treatment and medical staff at Sunrise Hospital.

Chachi S

A Real Review From A Real Googler! Not those fake first timers etc... This hospital is below standard and suffers from the too many chiefs and not enough Indians effect. First off this is my first and hopefully last med experience in Nevada. It's not just the hospital or lack of an ethical staff that's the only problem with Sunrise. It's a community out of control with a terrible opioids epidemic and no leadership only punishment that I can see. The lack of skills promoted to patience doesn't even come close to the administer of class 3 drugs. Why an insurance company would pay for bedside service is beyond me. The ratio is simply impossible no matter the code. The only way I've found to make a change is shake the tree and this tree is a money tree. It's also the closest way to investors interest. I brought a book to chart the times and procedures my wife is going through. I'll compare the billing and start my work. I would suggest others do the same. Every licensed professional is subject to investigation or board hearings with proper complaints. It's not a right it's the Law! Not advising, just reciting . Take names and DID you know. It's okay to snap a photo of your care provider Only if they cover their name badge. Name badges must be displayed by Federal Law. No way around it even for the old dogs. If you're wanting to post photos of the facility online. Please only use the outside building. To file a complaint. First Be Committed To Follow Through. Then: To file a complaint about conditions at a hospital (like rooms being too hot or cold, cold food, or poor housekeeping) contact your State department of health services. To file a complaint about your doctor (like unprofessional conduct, incompetent practice, or licensing questions), contact your State medical board.

Fred Baniecki

The sign-in process was fantastic. Two ladies in the check-in area were wonderful, very friendly and getting the information required. Spent most of the time in pre-op with Maricru (preop nurse). She was wonderful and spoke to my level for me to understand what was going on. She was very efficient too. Asking & explaining all the redundant questions required. Outstanding Anesthesiologist! Very friendly and knowledgeable. Don't remember her name but she is great. Laid back but still understanding the importance of the job and information required. Plus, Plus, Plus

V Escariz

The ER is rough around the edges but I was surprised at how quickly they were able to treat me and do all the necessary exams. All the staff I came across was very nice and knowledgeable. The medications I was given and prescribed helped me get better soon.

Mr Discreet

I was in the hospital for surgery last Wednesday and when the surgery was over the doctor never spoke to me or my wife who was waiting in the waiting room. The next day someone called from the hospital to check on me and asked about my experience. I told her that the doctor never spoke to me or my wife after the surgery and I had no idea how many stiches I'd received or how the surgery went. I found out after I was able to take a full shower and get the wound wet that it was staples not stiches. The lady from the hospital told me she would get back to me by the end of the day. Needless to say I never heard back from the hospital or my doctor. I feel that for the cost of surgery and medical services I should have been treated better. I gave two stars only because the nurses in the recovery room were very nice. Respectfully, David Taliaferro

Krista Kate Goodwin

I visited the labor and delivery triage because I was worried about my baby not moving. The nurse, Kimberly, was so sweet and supportive. She assured me continuously that it is okay to come in simply for peace of mind. I really appreciated her not making me feel ridiculous, even though baby was just fine. I hope to have great nurses there when I deliver as well.

Lloyd Sullivan

First off, I'd say that you shouldn't take the negative reviews too seriously. Sunrise is a big, inner-city hospital with a lot of traffic. By and large they do a good job of serving the community and you can expect to get good medical care from them. Like all big companies they do some things better than others. Their emergency room can be chaotic. Too many patients for available staff and resources. But once you ascend to the upper floors you can breathe a sigh of relief. I've been treated twice at Sunrise, both times successfully. I had cataract surgery and post-op care there. And most recently I was treated for atrial fibrillation, ultimately requiring cardioversion (electric paddles) to return my heart to a regular rhythm. Everything went smoothly, the care was second to none. I wouldn't hesitate to go back . I only gave them 4 stars because they could take steps to improve facility-patient communication.

Louise Chailler

I just wanted to express my gratitude, and appreciation, for the fantastic, professional timely care, and medical decisions that were made on my behalf. The Doctor's, Nurses, and Ambulance attendants, demonstrated exemplary commitment. While on Vacation I never imagined I would be needing care. I work as a Nurse in Canada, and I am fully aware how critical, every second counts. I am so grateful that I was here in the USA. Thank you all once again, for allowing me to continue on my much needed, relaxing holiday here in Las Vegas.. Best Regards Louise Chailler.

John H. Russell

This is one of the best hospitals I have ever experienced. The facility itself was exceptionally nice and very well kept. Every member of the staff I met were very helpful and pleasant. The nurses were all so wonderful and happy. They made me feel like I was in a place where I was going to receive the finest care available to anyone! That is exactly what I did receive too! I am so thankful to have been sent to a place where everyone were happy to do anything to make me as comfortable as anyone could!

Jill Cooper

I checked into the ER at 7:30pm. By 11:30om I was in the CCU getting treated for a series of things that were all life threatening. This hospital literally saved my life and the level of care was top notch. Thanks to the docs and the fabulous nursing staff.

Spencer Correa

I am an extremely "hard stick" meaning my veins suck. The nursing staff in the outpatient surgery dept were amazing and found my vein on the second try which is incredible. The entire staff were very professional and caring. This was my first visit to Sunrise Hospital for a procedure and I would highly recommend them to anyone needing outpatient care. Aloha.

John Rogers

What a poor excuse for a hospital. My loved one has been in her hospital bed for 2 weeks and no bath has been given. Even the nurses say that the hospital is so bad with health care that they are leaving. Shame on you CEO Todd P. Sklamberg You should be fired!

Beverly Mracek

I would like to give this hospital a negative 5 stars but that is not allowed. Allowing someone (my son) to be in excruciating pain for almost 15 hours is considered torture in most civilized societies. One nurse in the outpatient observation unit showed some compassion, unfortunately she was not his main nurse. As an RN myself for almost 50 years, i have seen a lot, but this hospital, especially the emergency department is by far the worst i have seen. No caring. No compassion.

J Thimons

Excellent communication between staff and patient made a difficult surgery easier to tolerate. Pain management approach was a joint effort as was the decision on when and where to rehabilitate once I was stable. Transition to rehab of my choice was seamless.

James Steenson

After spending 8 hours in emergency getting shuffled around with very little communication at best when I was finally discharged they failed to give me my prescription and gave me someone else's lab results. When I called I was very respectful (I understand everyone makes mistakes) the first woman I spoke to was extremely rude and short with me and then after sitting on hold for 15 minutes the second woman I talked to told me there was nothing they could do and that if I want my prescription I have to go back. I live 45 minutes away. I've never written a bad review before but I'm extremely unimpressed with how I was treated and the lack of professionalism that was exhibited.

Ira Smith

Once in surgical center was directed and treated very professionally staff very helpful nurses very very attentive too. very high expertise.

ron minor

being woke up at 1am in the morn to be moved to another room, which by the way, had a dialysis machine all night for the other patient did not go over well for me. Was told the room needed maintenance, only to find a new patient now in the room I was moved from. Will never come back to Sunrise. Docs and Nurses were great... but who ever runs things there, seems to feel a room is more important than the patient.

Ashley Olivas

*updated review after delivery* I wanted to deliver my baby here I heard really good things and so far I'm not impressed The triage is unorganized and not one person seems happy to be at work (morning shift) The woman working the sunny babies program is awesome! The first lady they referred me to Marsha Goodhead has several complaints against her due to her poor bedside manner. She is thorough with zero tact. I wouldn't refer her to anyone. The second referral for Dr. Kartzinel was great he's drastically different. He's kind and I appreciate his humor. The delivery experience was great Tammy and Bridgett are phenomenal nurses who were compassionate and motivating. I felt like they really cared and Dr. Kartzinel was fantastic. I'm really glad I gave them a second chance.

Paula Dean

Had to go to ER. Thought I'd be there half the day. Was out in less than 30 mins. I was treated so fast, I didn't even know I was done! No one wants to go to the hospital, & I was tired because I had just got off of work. I commend this hospital, every clinic I called with my Humana insurance, were jerks! They would NOT see me, with out the copay! Let's you know it's all about the money! Hospital billed my insurance, made me feel like a respected human being again. Although it's going to cost me more, much more 350$. The quick service, renewd my faith in the human spirit!

Robyn Stein

The Breast center at sunrise is the best. You were treated with respect and I definitely will continue to have all of my mammograms done there

Phil Englert

Healthcare done wrong. The staff were excellent but there was simply no sense of urgency at any stage of my care. Meds were prescribed by ER physician and I had to nursing staff in to the trauma bay 1.5 hours later to ask when they would be given. Waited 4 hour after being admitted to be taken to room. The most common answer was "I don't know" and 'I'll find out" which may or may not happen. I was discharged and told to wait for transportation to the lobby but 2 hours later I walked out. Just no sense of urgency to provide care or move me through the care cycle. Food was not very appetizing. Again, staff were kind and competent but I definitely felt like a bother and not a customer.

Flora Flores

The nurses in the ICU were great as well as the techs on the step down unit. The bedside manner of the neurologist was completely disappointing and made the experience terrible. He insisted I had a headache after being TPA’d and the my symptoms were all caused by a complex migraine. I never had a migraine or any pain at all that I reported during my stay. He misdiagnosed me and dismissed me because of being young and “healthy”. Worst experience while being away from home. I got follow up in my home state and turns out I have Graves’ disease and had in fact had some type of neurological event which caused me to lose part of my peripheral vision in the R eye that was previously fine. His reluctance to actually listen to me as a patient and nurse led him to ignore me and delay my treatment at home. Thankfully I am on an appropriate dose of propanolol now for rate and rhythm control of my heart as well as appropriate medication for my thyroid. As a medical professional myself, never had I encountered such an uncaring provider who was willing to completely dismiss me and blatantly ignore what I was saying.

Sandra Krynicki

Breast center very caring, efficient, and positive.

Ashley Ché Israel

Sunrise is one of the most HORRIBLE hospitals in Las Vegas Nevada, I had just given birth a few weeks prior to me having to be rushed to the hospital for postpartum preeclampsia, my blood pressure was EXTREMELY high and it felt like I was dying. So I'm sitting in the ER patiently waiting my turn and suddenly felt like I was gonna pass out so I asked calmly over and over again for help and the ER nurse kept ignoring me. So then I started to panic and was called a drama queen by the nurse who then continued to ignore my calls for help. I literally felt like I was in a horror movie or something,it felt so unreal how badly I was being treated. I hate sunrise and will NEVER go there ever again. And if you value your life and your loved ones lives you won't go there either.

Linda Reese

While our experience in ICU was excellent, our experience on the regular floor can best be described as abysmal. The hospital "forgot" to assign an attending physician so my husband languished for 2 days with virtually no care at all when he should have been released. I had to discover that there was no assigned doctor myself. Eventually, I had to demand to see hospital administration in order to get release because there was to doctor to take care of that task although there was no medical reason for my husband to remain hospitalized. In addition, my husband was moved to a shared room with an individual who was mentally unstable. This man moved about the room yelling profanities loudly which brought hospital personnel to try to calm him and get him back in bed. Then the cycle would begin again. My husband was attempting to recover from a stroke. When I asked that my husband be moved to a safer room, I was told by the nurse, "If you think this is going to get you a private room again, it is not." We are not indigent - we are full paying patients, but even if we had been there without the ability to pay, this was an unconscionable remark. The hospital proceeded to leave my husband nearly the full day surrounded by this other man's psychiatrists, social workers, etc. although there were empty beds up and down the hallway. Where are the HIPAA laws anyhow? My husband and myself were privy to EVERYTHING about this man's condition, as well as his private information since all that divided us was a cotton curtain when all sorts of exams and information was extracted from him. Is this legal? Only after I finally complained to hospital administration was my husband moved - about an hour before the administrator arranged his release. Although I realize that this review will do no good whatsoever, this hospital stay left my husband and myself shaken and fearful of hospitalization.

Lavern Thompson

The staff were assume.and yes they are short staffed. I wish there was a way I could thank each and everyone there.. Keep up the great work. Agnes, Christina, Nerissa,Laura,Jackie, Marylee,alama. Just to mention a few of you thanks so much. Lee

Theresa de la Vara

I could not believe the efficiency of all team members at this hospital. From the time we got there by ambulance to the time we left. My sincere heartfelt Thank You for the great service and care given my son. I sure wish I lived in Las Vegas as this would be my hospital of choice. I have not stopped bragging about you guys since I returned. That includes all Doctors at Kaiser here in Riverside Ca.

Rosemary leonetti/finelli

Nurses where very nice as busy as they were. Work like a team. If my nurse had a tought patient call someone else to help me. The very busy hospital . Can't spell but the man who put u under explain everything. If course i am always scared going to Hospital .

angel grande

I brought my aunt on sunday her legs have diabetes infection 1mistake nurses are not checking blood sugar and even they know she was diabetic 2 Mal/practice after she was out the OR was a order to clean her wounds and we found out after 3 days 3 malpractices her MRI order was scheduled from Wednesday and till Thursday 10/24/2019 and she is on the last of the list 4 malpractices after the nurses check her wounds she know the wounds are not healing.and maybe she in on danger to lose her legs. Till she is not a priority for the hospital my Aunt maybe loss her legs because the uncompleted work of this hospital Is not way to talk to anyone here and i just need help and till now we don't know what time the MRI will be done 10.00pm Feel left behind and discriminated hope my Aunt dont loss her legs because the hospital is not taking the right care

Deborah Hillman

It was Saint Patrick 's day 2019. I was rushed to Sunrise Hospital by the Las Vegas Paramedics. In the Emergency Room it was very crowded. I was truly impressed at All the staff there. They made sure that some one was available on the floor to help All of us patients at all time. They let you know right away that it was a busy morning and to bare with them. They were Fantastic! Thank you.

Richard G. Hyte

All went smoothly. Everyone wad a professional. Very friendly people.

Kaydee Aguilar

Come here everytime something seems wrong with my daughter. They help me fast and with care. Staff are wonderful to my daughter I can tell my daughter feels safe and in good hands.They give her food and drinks and stuff animals just because its so sweet, Thank you for Sunrise hospital

Cindy's Gaming

I ran out of my clonazepam so I came in for one tablet to get me by until Monday. It didn’t have to be a full bottle, just one or two tablets. The doctor called me a liar. He straight out said that it was too convenient that I was coming in before the weekend and that he didn’t believe me. I had the prescription bottle with me. I highly doubt that I could party with one pill or sell even one pill on the street. These doctors are getting too crazy with the controlled substances. He did give me Librium so I wouldn’t have a seizure. I was happy with that. Just don’t call me a liar.

Bob Taylor

The staff at Sunrise was very busy, and did not even try to resolve my problems. The followed a basis, very basic, protical, and were too busy to even inform me of their work. They put a laxitive in my IV drip, without telling me, so that when I left and went to the bathroom I shot diarehia all over myself, and the floor, and. had to drive home in it. They left me with a near fatal blood pressure level, and I had to immediately be taken to the VA emergency, I wouldn't refer my worst enemy to Sunrise.

Sal Martin

The imaging team is amazing. Once my lab results came back they had me on the table for my scan. Aaron and Larson tried to make the process go as smooth as possible. I can not be more grateful. Thanks again

Michael Bates

My wife was seen at Mountain View and then got transferred to Sunrise because she needed an ENT. They were so busy, we started to panic. But the doc understood her medical problems and explained he would take care of them. Now mind you she hasn’t eaten or drank anything she has a swollen tonsil and she can’t swallow, this has now been going on for 3 days but her not being able to swallow has only been going on since 7am. The doctor prescribed her an antibiotic that she is allergic to, after they already talked about the fact that she was allergic to said antibiotic. Lucky for her she had a fantastic Registered nurse(Raeann M.) who caught the mistake, she gave her the steroids and the anti inflammatory, and then went to get a better antibiotic she could take. While my wife waited and the swelling had gone down Raeann M got my wife something soft to eat and some water. Raeann M. Thank you. Thank you for being alert today and for taking care of my wife. My wife and I are not upset by the doctors mistake, mistakes happen we are all human, this is not a review to bash a doctor, but to praise RN Raeann M. For everything she did for me and does for others. -Mike Bates -Rebecca Evans

Nora R

Staff are friendly and accommodating, except for one I notice she didn’t even introduced her name . She was probably having a bad day. Thank you to Linda RN who help me with me with my preop and the RN who inserted my IV has very good skill. Most of all Special thanks to Dr. Taylor who did my surgery, I didn’t feel any pain post op. Also to the most wonderful anesthesiologist Dr. Road, Very professional the first time I didn’t have any side effect from my anesthesia, she listened to me when I said I am very sensitive and she answered I will make you comfortable and she did. Thank you Sunrise Hosp. For making my short hospital stay comfortable and pleasant.

Deanna Martin

Everyone was upbeat and kind. The staff treated me with respect. My experience was great! Thank you.

Rosemarie Martin

I just had surgery about 4 days ago. The nurses were fantastic! Very friendly staff. My surgical team was awesome! Very caring and competent. Way to go guys! A class act. Thank you! Everyone from the admitting staff from start to go, was great.

Mary Rooks

I was admitted to the hospital, once again, for ongoing health issues. Despite, a long wait in the ER before I got into my room, I received excellent care from the doctors, nurses and other medical staff. For which I was very grateful. No facility is perfect, just as people aren't perfect. But, I have found that the ER and hospital still maintain an excellent quality of care, despite a large volume of patients and stressful circumstances.

Ted Jimenez

Entire staff was very professional. The staff who were assigned to me were friendly, considerate and caring! The doctors on my case were always making sure that I had the right meds at the right time and answered all my questions and concerns without making me feel as though they ere in a hurt to move on!

Danielle Minnis

Had to go to labor & delivery first due to being pregnant and I did not like the fact of being ignored when I asked the nurse for a blanket as I waz freezing. In all honesty I do not want to give birth at this hospital as I feel like they do not care about the mother as well. Once released from labor & delivery I went to the er to get stitches. They were quick to get me out since I had already been there for 7 hours.

Gene Sironen

My surgery at Sunrise Hospital went very well. In particular, the entire staff at Sunrise was super friendly, efficient, and made sure to understand and accommodate any concerns I had. Thank you so much!

Benedict Von Wintergaard

Birthed my baby here. First, when we did the tour I already noticed compassionate and nice nurses. My doc also said it’s her favorite hospital. During my labor and delivery everyone was nice. Baby never left our sight ever. Procedures were explained well. They also got the best nicu in town so if you need to play it safe. They give you celebration lunch the next day too. I stayed an extra day although was discharged just to chill and go easy on myself. Although birthing is tough, I loved my stay at Sunrise.

Devlin Allistar

The doctor was very professional. The nurses were a bit uninformed, through no fault of their own. The finance department was where my problem lay as my doctor and I scheduled my operation a month ago and the finance department notified me of my financial obligation less than four eight hours prior to admission.

Krystalyn Whipple

Staff was great. No bed tables on the 4th floor. not great.

k patella

All were professional, friendly and competent. AND on time

Jolayne Vigil

Staff in surgery check in friendly and efficient. All surgery is scary, but surgery prepping nurse Keegan was professional and comforting. Before I knew it, it was over. Very pleased, excellent hospital.

Heather Martin

My visit was really great except for one part. My awesome nurses Carla and Maria in pre-op were amazing with telling me everything going on and just talking with me. Plus keeping me inform with when my surgery would start. Jackie in Recovery was awesome being very compassionate with all things I was going with and making me comfortable. I appreciate all there nurses including the few that were not even assigned to me that cared enough to stop by and chat for a bit with me. Then there was the nurses for the operating room which was amazing ... I appreciate all the effort you do plus talking me through everything. Thank you to you all of you. My doctor was great as usual I have had him one surgery before and I would recommend Dr Silverberg to anyone. The one part that I had a problem with was adult admitting on the day of my surgery and it had nothing to do with the staff they were wonderful. But I felt since I was already registered going there for a band cost me to be 20 minutes late cause the machines were down. Which made it where my surgery I feel was pushed back time wise. I didn't get home until 6:30 at night and missed my husband going to work for night. There needs to be a better way of giving the band's to the patients who have already registered for there procedures. Overall I was pleased with my visit during my stay. Thank you.

D. Rüesch

Great place to be born. I was born there 33 years ago and they were super awesome. They wrapped me up all tight in a blanket and were very nice to me.

Rachel Klein

The staff is very friendly, helpful, and caring. I just recently got discharged. I went for really bad stomach pain.

Dave S.

The check-in was friendly and positive and simple. The prep nurses were friendly, efficient and welcoming and accurate. The scrub nurses were friendly, efficient and knowledgeable. My doctor was available, friendly, reassuring and open to my questions. The anesthesiologist was knowledgeably, calming, open to my questions and flexible to adapt to my condition. The post-op people were caring, patient and helpful. In all of my 6 significant surgeries, this was the easiest to recover from and I attribute this to the skill of the physician and anesthesiologist. The overall experience has been excellent, so far. I'm waiting to see if I have any insurance/billing issues in the follow-up.

Janet goodiel

The nurses on the fourth floor were outstanding in every way. We wanted for nothing. The hospital let me stay in my husbands room while he was there. The attending physicians were informative and compassionate. We were glad we were there. My husband is doing great.

Mary Moliterno

Great people work here. I was treated with kindness and compassion. Thank you!

Marvin Wallace

Thankful to have came here the entire staff was very helpful and professional.Thank you Sunrise.

Brittany Boylan

We were visiting on vacation and I had an injury while hiking. I was met in the ED by a very friendly nurse who took my cards and ID checked me in and got my vitals. I was placed in the Rapid Track due to the less acuity nature of my visit. I met a wonderful Nurse Practitioner- Terry I believe was her name. She was kind, friendly and very knowledgeable. I was very impressed with my experience best one I have had! Thank you to the entire team who got me back on my feet so I could enjoy my stay!

Madison Fredrickson

This is a horrible place, it took my grandmother away from me too soon all because one of the staff gave her medication she wasnt supposed to have. I'm extremely angry and even though this was a year ago it still hurts the same everyday. I'm not asking for pity but I just want who did it GONE. I'm not sure which lady it was but as soon as I find out names you're going to hear from me.

Lourdes Cotzomi

I loved the service and attention that each of the doctors and nurses gives you. Security is magnificent.

Lei Naala

Let’s just say, I wouldn’t change my decision. Although, parking was a bit hectic so make sure you go early. The staff on the other hand is what made my visit amazing. They need praises. They made sure we was cared for, checked up on, and took very good care of my son. Thank you sunrise!!!


UNPROFESSIONAL , they did one test and when they found nothing they just prescribed some antibiotics and said “come back if you arent better after the antibiotics” .. a week later, still in pain nothing has gotten better. They are just trying to make more money off forcing you come back over and over again. They rushed me in and out and just gave me some bs pills. Hospitals like this are the reason antibiotics are no longer working, they’re prescribing them when they aren’t needed rather than fining the real cause of your illness. Never coming back here again.

Tyler Corder

I was born here, don’t remember anything but baby me probably had fun. Thanks sunrise!

Yolanda Metcalfe

My experience at Sunrise Hospital was very good. My Dr. Steve Liebowitz is an amazing Dr. the nurses were very good and the male nurse at the recovery room was awesome . Very good experience.

Jeyma Cruz Madruga

I had my first baby a few days ago at sunrise hospital. I can’t be more grateful for the care and the staff. The patience care is excellent. The staff in labor and delivery is awesome, extremely professional. I want to mention the nurse that was with me during labor. Her name is Shakalee, she was a rockstar. She supports me in every step, she explained everything very carefully, she took care of my mom. She rocks. I am very grateful and satisfied with the whole staff of labor and delivery and the newborn area. For sure, I I have a second baby, will be there again!

Anddi Acacya Garcia tv

Had my baby girl here on 9/3/19 and leaving home today they are the best doctors and nurses are all amazing best hospital they treated me and my boyfriend very good and they treated my daughter amazing all smiles from everyone I will be back here to have my next baby in the future

Arniece Clinton

My first night after surgery was great. The next three nights were horrible. The night nurses didn't read my chart and gave me meds(via IV) that caused severe nausea not once but twice. One of the day nurses forgot to give me my meds and I was told that I have to notify them when I want the meds.

Rena Ewing

My visit was good they take very good care of me that was my first time ever coming to Sunrise Hospital thank you very much!!❤

Cassandra Lubic

I had gallbladder surgery at Sunrise Hospital last week and had the best care I have every received at any hospital! From the moment I walked in for check-in to the moment I left, everyone was kind, gentle, considerate, caring, took time to answer my questions and made me feel so comfortable I forgot what I was there for! My surgeon is Dr. Stefan Chock and he is absolutely amazing too! I recommend Sunrise Hospital for whatever you need! Side Note: I’m a Native to Las Vegas and was born at this same hospital many years ago!

Wilden Weihn

If I could give zero stars, I would. Absolutely no sense of urgency with any type of care, they treated my mother like she wasn’t a person, not to mention every employee I had face to face contact with acted like they were on opioids, if you’ve ever seen Zootopia it was exactly like the dmv scene where every employee is going super slow motion. The lack of security for patients is practically criminal, you don’t have to sign in anywhere to see a patient, anyone off the street can just walk in, which is dangerous, and scary. DO NOT GO HERE! If you want compassionate, and timely care GO LITERALLY ANYWHERE ELSE.

Robin De Sapio

I came in with a migraine and the triage team helped me quickly! It was a good experience.

Jennifer Harris

I was admitted into Sunrise Hospital in September/2019, because of my blood pressure being elevated, 190/102. The Staff hospitality, and the food was great! Housekeeping didn’t clean the shower everyday, and I shared a room with another patient who took showers, also. After, being hospitalized for 5 days, and receiving a false blood pressure reading from a Nurse on the 5th. day, who retook my blood pressure and corrected the false input of 130/82, I was released with an elevated blood pressure of 175/108. If, I was okay to be released with my blood pressure elevated, why was I admitted for 5 days under observation, for the same reason? Food for thought! I didn’t receive any blood pressure medication for 4 days after my release, because Dr. Luss wouldn’t return the pharmacy calls. I definitely wouldn’t want Dr. Luss as my Physician again, if I ever returned to Sunrise Hospital!

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Kindred Hospital Las Vegas - Sahara
Kindred Hospital Las Vega...
Hospital - Nevada

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Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center
Southern Hills Hospital a...
Hospital - Nevada

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