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Thomas Agee

Staff was very professional and courteous. I was in shock/nervous when I first arrived but the staff in my wing were awesome. I thpught they were friendly, they treated me and everyone else with respect. It was clean enough to not be grossed out the entire time. Therapy was 50/50, some things we did were meh and kind of useless (imo) but others were actually helpful. I never had an issue with making calls. Communication could be a bit better between the case worker and my wife but the case workers I interracted with were always friendly so we'll call that one a wash. There were other patients that were having harder times than myself but staff always stayed calm and diffused situations before they became anything more than verbal disputes/meltdowns. Food wasnt horrible, I've had a lot worse but its edible and comes out fine. Water was available and we were also afforded snacks. Cant spend all day in your room, which was fine for me as I was able to interact with other patients in the day rooms. I was fortunate as my wing was filled with great, respectful people just down on their luck just like myself. Interacting with others helped me get comfortable with the situation and the environment. Nurses were always friendly and professional. They were attentive to my issues and needs. Beds werent horrible, each room had a restroom and shower. I was able to shower twice a day and was given toiletries when I requested them. My roommate stole all my underwear (true story) when he discharged but was hooked up with some state issued types that were new and kept things situated and happy downtown. As far as the doctors go, my Dr. was friendly and attentive. She didnt rush me and listened to all i had to say. I felt she understood my needs and addressed them. Every member of the staff I interacted with had a great attitude and were friendly. Their positive attitudes made my short stint enjoyable and I hope I never have to go back.

Ashlyn Falzarano

The staff were very attentive even though the place was max patients. There was only one doctor ( not mine) and one nurse that there were problems with. Keep in mind I was on the West Wing. They actually seem to care and are involved in your treatment and recovery. The food wasn’t too bad either.

Resa Brown

Would put a negative star but wasnt a option this is the worst place to go to get REAL help go anywhere but here...they aren't real groups nor real dr and they like to violate your dont see drs on time asking for a house supervisor was a joke as well this place likes to push patients in and out just for the money if you are seeking help find another intake place

Steven May

While the staff are generally pleasant, their business practices are clearly focused solely on billing your insurance carrier rather than patient care. This is overwhelmingly made clear in how people are treated. The therapists are all quite competent in their own fields but in a high turnover environment such as this, only so much can be accomplished in the time a patient is in their care. Whether motivated by the profit margin gained by billing your insurance or simply a fundamental lack of empathy, a patient is never really made to feel like they are where they need to be, nor aware of how long their stay will be, until the day before they leave. The M.D. on staff was fantastic and took ample time to understand his patient's needs and followed through on the appropriate care. This however is as far as concern for a patient is exhibited. From this point on the psychiatric staff decides your fate and whether by whim or fancy, they push their own agenda for care with a one size fits all mentality. For those unfortunately here against their will, whether needed or due to an over zealous third party, you are simply stuck as nobody will care to hear the truth of what you are telling them. Remember, you have insurance and that is the reason you are there. You are sized up, diagnosed, and put on medication immediately. Even though you may not need a particular medication, exhibit no symptoms to warrant a need for say as an anti-depressant, you have little choice in the matter and your refusal to start this new regiment of pills will result in a confrontational approach to your care and the length of your stay will be increased. For patients who know their rights, and the authority these Doctors have, you can expect a condescending conversation sprinkled with half truths in an effort to ensure you understand their demands are absolute. The day is filled with group sessions straight out of the text book and the therapists do very well in disseminating the information. The cuisine is sub par, even more so when the billed amount is considered. You would be surprised how much powdered eggs are billed at. The accommodations are more suited for a halfway house rather than a treatment facility designed to make you feel human again and comfortable in your own skin. Make no mistake, the facility is a business, a profitable one to be sure, and patients are a commodity. As such, you should not expect the moon when it comes to your care. Expecting that only what is needed to meet the legislatures operating requirements be performed for your care would be a better investment of your time. To be clear, the nursing staff and patient care specialists in each ward are pleasant and respectful but I suspect the constraints, to which they are bound, prevent them from really exhibiting the level of care they wish to provide you. Can you be a patient here and get a level of care needed to pull you back from whatever brought you to their door, yes you can. Can you look back on the experience and feel you got everything you paid for, and most importantly, everything you needed to be successful afterwards, from what I've seen, no you can't. Take my review and discard it as nonsense or consider it when deciding on where to seek out your treatment, either way I wish you success, strength, serenity, and sincerely hope you find what you need.

Adam Jarvis

They don't want to hekp

Veronica Glass

Victor Alzati

Hi my name is Victor Manuel Alzati Trejo . I want to wish everyone a merry Christmas and a happy new year ! 2017. Thank you !

samantha ledon

I just got out today and i can say it was great and the staff treats patients very well and are very kind and understanding

Oscar Mora

Im speaking (typing) as a person who had a family member attend there last week for attempting to suicide. My sister, was welcomed at 11pm from a nice staff who helped her transition to the treatment. I called before my sister arrived to ask questions, they answer the phone on the second ring (at 11pm) a friendly staff was able to answer my simple general questions. Once we all arrived, we were all let in with our sister, they explain to us the process in detail but more importantly they were concern for our sisters' well being. We were able to speak to our sister almost at any time with out any problem. My sister mentioned how she was treated with respect and were concern for her well being. But she did mentioned some technicians weren't so nice with other patients. We never had any bad surprise from the staff or the treatment center. Again, this is not a vacation resort and there must be some discipline but speaking from my sister she understood why she was there and made her realized this place wasn't for her not because of how they treated her but because they place made her understand a bit more about her self.

Filagot Dagem

Elio Challita

I don’t understand the low reviews. Great facility

Henry August Jr

Urine on the floor for two days and not cleaned.

Jan Gines

Zero stars!! They told me my sister could call Me if she wanted to. Not true! They turn off the phones and do not give the patients messages. They’re condescending as hell when you call. I emailed the entire staff with zero response to this day. I won’t comment on my sisters experiences while there, I’ll let her do it herself. It’s really scary when you know someone you love is in pain and scared. and they won’t give you any information or help. I pray your family doesn’t get sent here. She was taken there with no one knowing when, why, or how to get in touch with her. For over 12hours we didn’t know where she was. They had her checked in under the wrong name. When I finally made contact with that stupid ass code she was starving and thirsty. They told me she had a case manager but that’s a joke because they give you the run around so bad! They kicked her off the phone by shutting them down or telling her they would. If you have other resources please for the love of your family member use those! It’s basically a homeless shelter. This place will make the people on the outside have a freaking mental breakdown!!! The patients are more helpful than the stupid staff. They connected my niece by accident to a patient and he gave her more reliable truth and factual Information in three minutes than the nutty staff gave in 12 hours. You can’t have a candy bar cuz you’ll I guess make a shank outta your snickers and Stab someone but you can smoke it up! You can’t have a string in your gym shorts cuz you’ll tie it around your head or your roommates head and die but you can walk around in stockings with hep c n staff and infectious disease everywhere Gah !! If you are not crazy you will be before you figure this place out

Jayne McKenna

B Scher

Terrible staff- I have been trying to get medical records for months to no avail. they seem very overworked and tired and disorganized.

Amalia Turkowski

I went there for my mental disorder and the nurse was not trustworthy. She told me I had to be a inpatient right now. I didn’t want too cause I knew something was wrong. The room she put me and my mom in was tiny and had 1 tiny window like a jail sells. When we went out of the room it was a small hallway but it was dark. The first time we went out there was a girl in a hospital gown in a comatose state. She didn’t know where she was or who she was. She said to me “hi. Are you scared. I’m scared” and we had to go back in the room. They wouldn’t let us see the doctor or therapist. This place is the worst. You will become worse then you already are. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE!!! I also became sick from being there now I’m in the hospital. SAVE YOUR LOVED ONES!! DONT TAKE THEM HERE!!!!

Elizabeth Jackowski

Very rude staff never cared about my needs or anyone less this place should not even get a star..been few times worst place to get help


Staff treats their patients poorly, and the psychiatrist in charge are holding people longer than need be and rush their meetings with patients, while gaining the money from insurance. DO NOT BRING YOUR LOVED ONES HERE.

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Here's the fact's. It's an insurance scam.You leave without your possessions because the lower down employees rob you.That's a fact.Yeppp

Jorge Ruiz

Love it!!!!! Help me alot.

Mark McBride

I went there win it was charter hospite it was much better then , and i went there now it is run verry bad stay awhy

Carol Foster

Wish I could give this place 0 stars. This is the absolute worst place. My husband checked himself in for help to get on his medication. Once in they tried to tell me that he wasn't there. Then after 3 days he tried to check himself out. Dr. Nawapa tried to tell him that he was on a legal hold.The staff lied consistently to us when we questioned them. They didn't do their jobs properly until I told them that I had contacted my attorney and he was filling suit and investigating the facility. Needless to say my husband was released the next day. Sounds to me like I was right on track with my attorney and someone should seriously investigate this place. Also Dr. Nawapa seems to have a God complex it seemed to both of us that he seriously gets off on having control over other people's lives. And is one of the most racist doctors I have ever seen. The only good thing about that place was the nurse in charge of caring for my husband. She did a great job and really cared about her job and helping patients. They need a billboard out front that reads BEWARE ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Cesia Plank

Page number 1. Part one of my review

Chris Waters

This is a prison facilty, not a hospital. People come out worse than what they were when they entered.

The Real Racing man

McKenzie Grimes

The staff suck butt n the methods they use don't work at all.

random kid

This is the worst place you will ever go. Never send your kid there. The food is awful. The beds are worse. There is no form of therapy unless you count paw patrol as a coping skill?!?! The nurses and most of the techs are wonderful, but the doctor is AWFUL. His goal is to pour zoloft down every child’s throat even though he has talked to them for at max 5 seconds. There are kids there for beating their parents and then there are kids there because they tried to kill themselves. The two types do not mix well together. At the end of the day the nurses and techs understand it’s awful but there is nothing they can do because the management is the WORST. (we are watched constantly by people through a camera) The adult unit has people throwing s***. DO NOT GO!

OutLawCountry Productions

Doesn't even deserve a star I was there from 3-2 to 3-7.... During those days there it was nothing but HELL.... the food nasty..... Everyone got sick in my unit with possible food poisoning... Including myself after i had nothing but cereal and was fine the rest of the time.... But some were still sick from the food...the people here dont know how to clean..i dont recommend this place ever to anyone Desert parkway is the best to me

Marcus Ingram

Spring mountain treatment center is better than jail



Charles Williams

They never answer they're phones. I can't even speak to my own fiancee.

Lindi Moore

one of my loved ones (we will use the name jane for privacy purposes) was admitted to this hospital. the entire experience was heartbreaking. First, they admitted Jane wrongfully. Centennial hills hospital sent jane to spring mountain with a signed note by a doctor that Jane never met with. My husband and I visited jane last night at centennial and they told us she would probably be let out today, only to find out they transferred her to spring mountain. Then while at spring mountain they had Jane under the wrong name, so she wasn't getting any of our calls nor messages. When I finally was able to speak to jane she told me they hadn't fed her all day and had only given her one drink of water, this was close to 2pm. I told the facility I needed to get her out. That Jane was not supposed to be there. they told me that legally I couldn't get her out and she would be there for 72 hours. I asked to speak to a supervisor in which I was then transferred to craig, a patient. He said to me ..."maam, I'm just a patient and I myself am trying to get out of here." After reading the other reviews I started to feel worried. I called again and asked for a supervisor, again. I was transferred to a Chris, then a jen, then a sue, then was hung up on. I called back then was transferred back to a Chris and then finally a supervisor named ronicka. Needless to say, I spent the entire day on the phone. They finally brought jane a chicken sandwich around 4pm. They transported her at 2:30am, why in the middle of the night? Jane told me that when she first arrived there, around 3am, they offered her food in which she declined because she was tired. Because of that, they told her later in the day that she was already offered food and wouldn't get another meal until dinner. Speaking to the staff here, I feel that they are very incompetent, calculating, manipulating, and just careless. It breaks my heart that Jane has to stay there and there is nothing I can do. Especially when jane has no business being in a facility such as this.

Dennis Carroll

Scared my son and then called CPS on me

Slovak Danny

If you care about yourself and your loved ones you will not send them here. I am not joking the Dr was the worst I have ever had. They bait you out of your room then lock it. Even if your seriously withdrawing they won’t budge. Try Seven hills treatment center or Desert Parkway they will take great care of you. You have been warned!!

Skyler Parkhurst

This place is just bad. Needs to be investigated.

Antwon Savage

I was there back in September it was alright.

Jennifer Guest

Worst place to send your child....super unorganized with lack of communication from all staff....when you question the doctor or nurses no direct answers are given...staff is beyond rude especially the front desk older lady follow up care or services as they follow through with meetings before someone is discharged per request...avoid this place at all cost

Sailor W

Well it was ok kids where mean I liked the staff but I hated it

Kimberly Goad

Horrible, scary place. Our daughter (21) was admitted of her own accord only to be switched to "involuntary." Kept her there for 72 hours and only released her after threatening to hire attorney. Doctor Jerome Nwokike threatened to hold her longer just by filing in court - if she was getting help, maybe we would have been ammenable to staying for treatment, but there was no treatment. Dr. Nwokike spent all of 12 minutes out of the 72 forced hours she was held. She was given medication at a dosage beyond tolerable and upon seeing 2 other doctors outside of this facility, was taken off the drugs. Terrifying how one crazy, power/control freak doctor (Nwokike) can be in a position to control the fate of those in desperate need of help. Lives are in jeopardy and this is not the answer. So sad...

Cosmic Max

People keep complaining on how bad it was and all that but I been there and it was horrible but you know what it made me not want to go back. It's not suppose to be for your comfort it's literally like a correctional facility and it makes you think about your life when you step locked up .

Stephanie Howze

Rebecca Mikes

This place is horrific, they only care about the money. They will give you no real help. When they tried to take me away it didn't matter what I said they were gonna try to take me away regardless. I do not recommend this place for anyone!

Liz Porter

Samantha Cano

I mean, It's a mental hospital..what can you expect. This was not only my first facilty, but my last as well. The staff were pretty chill. They got along relatively well with the kids. I had a few that I really liked because they were respectful and listened. There were a lot of ants in the adolescent unit though, which is where I happened to stay. The food was as good as mental hospital food can get. Overall, it was pretty okay as an experience.

Joseph Webster

This place sucks ass. They are beyond unprofessional. Staff was alright but whoever runs the place is probably headed to hell. Food was Basic and you get to smoke, but only 4 a day when they say you can. Like baby sitters. Repeatedly ask you if you're going to hurt yourself or others multiple times a day. Bring your own smokes because they buy old expired ones, that burn up after 5 hits, if u do go and are a smoker buy American spirits. 30 hits to a cig

Anonaymous T

As a mental health patient that has been in and out of hospitals for many years, I'd have to say Spring Mountain is the best one! It's not a luxurious vacation stay, it's a psychiatric hospital, and nobody wants to go there! But, if I had to choose, Spring Mountain would be my first choice. I'm thankful for the staff and I appreciate the hard work they do. I would definitely apologize to all of them because I know I was a difficult patient to deal with, (in the mental state I was in), but they handled it pretty well and perfessionally. Hats off to medical staff! You're all awesome!

nicholas kasiotis

Keep your criminally insane locked up they keep coming to local businesses in the area causing problems they can't function in n society

Mila G

This place is no luxury hotel for sure. It's very strict and prison-like. But the structure and oversight are not necessarily a bad thing for this kind of institution. And comparing to others - the communication and response from the staff to the family was very professional, prompt, comprehensive. My daughter was Ok with the food most of the time, even though she's pretty picky. We encountered so much disrespect and downright hostility at other places - this place was tough but professional, and on top of things. And our thanks forever go to Alan Eaks who listened to us and helped us. and made our hell more bearable.


DO NOT PUT ANY FAMILY, FRIENDS, OR LOVED ONES IN THIS HELL HOLE. It's a pitiful place and they treat all the patient like animals, especially if you are transgender or homosexual. They talk to all the patience like they're on a lower level of intelligence and when the psychiatrist goes to meet with you, all they ask is "Do you feel like harming yourself today? Or others?" and if you answer yes or no, they don't answer any of your questions and leave you there and don't let you leave. You're practically held against your will. In example, my brother is currently there. He is very stable minded and he is transgender. He has been forced to wear a bra because they won't allow him to wear his binder and the only reason he isn't allowed to wear it is because a bra is better than nothing. They haven't contacted his primary doctor for his dosage of testosterone he needs and they haven't been giving him it when he is two days over his next shot date. If they keep it from him any longer, he could go through withdrawals. It's also highly illegal to withhold something like that, ESPECIALLY IF THEY ARE TRANSGENDER. THAT IS BREAKING SO MANY CIVIL RIGHTS LAWS. They also won't let him have a roommate and I highly presume it is because most everyone there has a roommate there unless they are highly psychopathic. DO NOT LET ANYONE YOU KNOW OR LOVE STAY HERE IF THEY HAVE TO. FIND SOMEWHERE ELSE OR HAVE AN ATTORNEY MEDICAL FORM SO YOU GET A SAY IN WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR LOVED ONE. THIS PLACE TREATS PEOPLE LIKE HEATHENS AND THEY'RE HOMOPHOBIC AND TRANSPHOBIC. STAY AWAY. FAR AWAY.


Stephanie Toenniges

My fiance went here and i have called and it is always we will leave him a message never gave him the message the receptionist is really nice there was one male staff that went and gave my fiance the message. I dont even know if i can visit

Gustave Keller

This is mental help, of course people give bad reviews it is like jail an it is wow omg not a vacation. Well people are there for mental health hope u got it. Not a place u want to end up. Plz get help if u can from somewhere before a complaint wit free...

angel Lynn

I was in the adaleson unit and I guess you could say that it was fairly ok. Majority of the staff treated you with respect, although a few we're rather rude and up tight. The food was well cooked; although a few meals we're questionable. The environment itself wasn't a walk through the park but I would say that I was kept safe 24/7 at all times by the techs.


This is for the scheduling and assessment personnel. My kid's doctor, which works in this clinic, recommended intensive outpatient treatment, I called and I was told it was better to make an appointment because even if they were busy they will prioritize us, so I made an appointment, well so much for prioritizing almost 4 hours later and still waiting, on top of that 4 rowdy and unsupervised kids were in the waiting room; my kid and others in the waiting area suffer from some condition reason why we are in this clinic I can see everyone including myself were anxious, I asked the staff if she can do something and according to her because they aren't her kids cannot control them or ask them to settle down, these doesn't make sense! But I keep hearing 15 minutes a couple of more minutes. Meanwhile my kids is already angry, crying and frustrated

Julie Childers

Oliver Alfonso-Wideman


Andre G

The police brought my 13 year old daughter here, and they had her in the same room with grown adults. This place is sleazy staffed by perverts, one of the male MHT tried to flirt with my 13 year old daughter! Also the doctors here are among the worst in the country. Very unprofessional, very rude, and just flat out uncaring to my daughter. This place should be shut down!

ashley steffan

G Herbo

Terrible care, unhappy employees = unhappy patients.

Barely Gaming

went there last year and they are supposed to be mandatory reporters yet they did not report the abuse to cps. they also treated me terribly and said that if i kept crying i would stay there do not go here

Anthony Cross-Gould

Colleen Thomas

The reviews on this site are deceiving. EVERY EMPLOYEE at this facility have been nothing but KIND, CARING, PATIENT and ACCOMMODATING. A SPECIAL THANK YOU TO KEN, CHRISTINE, "ELSA" & VALERIE. I have seen (at this facility) and understand first hand the difficulties you endure everyday. It takes a special type of person to withstand and cope with the struggles you are faced with each day never knowing what is about to come your way. Your "job" is a difficult one but I see that you treat it as much more. These patients that come thru your facility are our children and loved ones who struggle with disorders that most are born with and have no control over and us as caregivers get to a point where we are lost and confused with how to help them. It helps us to know they are safe and gives us a little time to figure out the next step in helping them. Again, "thank you" to the whole staff. YOU ARE ALL APPRECIATED!

Mason Daniel

Been here multiple times on the youth and adult side and will honestly say they saved my life. I recommend them over any place else in the valley.

Sock Sowachowski

I hate that this place gets even one star. I was forcibly admitted in March of 2017 as an adolescent, and my mental health got worse during and after being there. I still experience breakdowns about my stay. The staff were incredibly condescending and rude, on several occasions individuals would be crying on the floor and staff would step over them and yell at them to move. At one point, the head nurse threw away my (colored) contacts overnight and because I had no glasses I was forced to wander without vision. There were three transgender boys at the same time, myself included, and each of us were told to room alone. Other kids were told to sleep in the day room because there weren't enough beds. I remember the nurse screaming "transgenders must room alone!" when a fellow trans boy and I suggested rooming together. Rooms were locked during the day and would not be opened until bedtime no matter what, and if you did not leave your room, your stay would be extended without notice. The food was awful and there were no options for special diets. (including medical based ones) I cannot remember seeing a doctor at any point beyond "Are you going to hurt yourself or someone else today?" without listening to the answer. I was not given the medication i had previously been on for more than a year, and started another medication without explanation. Despite being aware of my rights, I was treated like a child that could not speak. There was a list of patient rights on the wall and staff would violate them frequently. If you are given any choice in the matter, please do not go here. They do not care about the patients, much less the patient wellbeing.


Chuck Fu

Initial admission was in with the really loonies. I was placed on the higher functioning ward after a day. Beds are ROCK HARD my neck is still hurting from the county jail like beds arg! Good psych doc though saw me EVERY DAY and did a good job adjusting my meds. Follow up to be done this week. Hopital had good food too so not too bad. Good medical follow up as well and staff aren't bad. Just KILLER BEDS OUCH

Alpha Choice

I worked there. Can verify toxic meds, incorrect care of humans, very tense and scary environment due to the lack of skill and experience from the DON to the house supervisors to the sexual inappropriateness of the Intake Supervisor's "goings on" with the female staff there. Truly the stuff they use for episodes of 60 Minutes. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

lisa perez

Mom Of Two

This place is horrible. They stole my clothes. A woman was having seizures and hurt her arm. They never got her medical attention. The place is old and run down. The staff needs training. You see your doctor for 5 minutes. They are all about money. Food caused food poisoning in a patient. Very destructive place. Male patients in with female patients.

Dave Nyx

Only facility I've known, But everyone here gives you the run around. They never explain your rights or explain anything for that matter. Prison has more freedom.


they helped me alot but i have many cons about this place. 1. the Food gave me food poisoning 2. the day room was infested with ants for 3 days 3. the sandwiches are hard and cold and has 2 week old chicken 4. while i was there a 19 year old was trying to touch my breast dont recommend

wilbert sorto

I got sent here in 2013 by some lady at my school I didn't know, I was just feeling suicidal and I just wanted to talk to someone, instead they send me here without my consent and now this is the only thing holding me back from joining the military. Plus the teacher like instructor kept bringing me down because of how I wasn't average of intelligence like I didn't need to hear that

Mike Benito

Francine Dalton

my grand daughter has been there a few times and they dont let them sleep except when its bed time or they are not allowed in there rooms till then either. they have to sit in a day room all day and maybe see a dr for five minutes a day. i dont see how this helps them at all. they over medicate them and misdiagnose . ended up after 5 admissions my grand daughters behavior was due to low thyroid and has been fine ever since she has started thyroid meds. did no one think to check her blood level once

Nick Fredrickson

Over all the people were nice but they have no ideas about what patent rights are

Caiden Daughtery

Beth Mathers

U r being sued by many so u know ahead don't go here they treat u like u r nothing they treat u as if u Anrt human no compassion from anyone who works here for real been here few they treat u like u n jail

Casper Sees Ghosts

Was treated back in February of 2015 in the acute ward for adolescents. Inpatient care. I was there for 2 weeks and only went outside ONCE in actual day light. Windows were closed and we werent allowed to look out them. 3/5 of the staff I saw daily were REALLY nice and relatable (at least in the day room I was in) the food was decent, the rooms were pretty basic, it was an alright place. Nothing special but not horrible. As much as they think they know whats going on.. They don't. Kids were stashing medication and trading them off, breaking wall outlets to use the metal to hurt themselves, one kid had actually snuck in razor blades, hiding them in her hair and under her foot. My whole time being there I only saw the actual Doctor maybe 2 times and it was only a basic "how are you? Are you gonna hurt yourself? Are you gonna hurt anyone else? Okay bye". And when I was MOST suicidal and having really bad trouble with psychosis they couldn't even tell and I actually got released. I got better because of my OWN determination. I loved the people I met in there and i actually have very fond memories of them and the place but over all it needs some major improvement.

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