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REVIEWS OF Southern Hills Hospital and Medical Center IN Nevada

Mike Grider

Doctors wrote prescription one writing the other signing NOT VALID called and decided not to fix this and wrote another blood thinner to the one I already have. Do you think the pharmacy could fill a script that would threaten my life. NOPE. Good thing the pharmacist is smart

E Wagner

First rate. Nothing but good things. Would recommend.

Naomi Fullmer

I had my son there in January. Made me wish I had my daughter there. Great staff and the food is pretty good too. We were given two pretty champagne glasses as gifts. Great staff all around.

Trencha Trencha

The nurses were very kind and helpful. Every one went out of their way to see that I was comfortable. I would rate the hospital 4 stars.

William Schuhart

On three occasions I have been to this hospital. First October 2016 emergency room visit. Second Jan 2018 admitted for pneumonia. Third time colonoscopy and endoscopy. All three times the staff and doctors were excellent. Wonerful hospital!!

Paul Rothman

Staff is helpful and friendly. It makes you feel more relaxed and hopeful of a successful outcome. Facilities are modern and up to date. I am confident that I am receiving the best medical care possible.


I needed to take an ambulance ride to another hospital as you didn’t have a urologist on staff. Ridiculous. I’m sure that will cost me. Otherwise the visit was fine.

Aamiyah Dyer

The entire staff catered to my every need and made sure that I was taken care of the entire stay. The concern they had for my health was something I haven’t come across before. I was sent into surgery right away. I wouldn’t go to any other hospital because of the treatment I received here. I thank everyone that was by my side. Very clean environment and home like atmosphere.

Ludmilla Lima

Great Stay! All the staff was very friendly and made me feel taken care of. I recommend if you want to give birth to your baby in Las Vegas.

Dana-Elaine Middleton

These five stars are for Kelly the CNA on the eighth floor last night (1/29/19). She is absolutely the best! She went out of her way to help me more than once! She is professional, and kind. I felt cared for when she was on shift and grateful for having her after what I’ve been through. Can’t thank you enough!

Dennis Nash

Excellent care and the staff was GREAT! I love this hospital.

Tammy Schoeck

They were very kind to myself and my mom. My mom has arthritis and every staff member would help her. They went above and beyond to make sure we were all comfortable.


Very kind and helpful staff throughout the entire process. Was treated in the emergency room and had a cardio procedure performed at Southern Hills Hospital. Everyone who assisted or had a hand in the entire process for both visits were very kind and helpful. They all were genuinely concerned and wanted to make me feel at ease at all times. Special shout out to Rachel in the ICU. Thank you sooo much for taking such great care of me while I was there.

Celina De Nunno

Aside from surgery, the food and bed were extraordinary. I felt there could of been more dialogue from doctor. It's been 12 days since leaving the hospital now, under the influence of morphine when i was discharged, my $4,500.00 hearing aids were left behind. I live in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Ive called the hospital multiple times since pleading for someone to please mail those hearing aids to my home since I live far far away. I was directed to contact the ortho director tomorrow because thats who has my hearing aids.

Vanessa Morrish

I went to this Hospital due to severe stomach pain twice. I went to this hospital for the same thing. They were helpful in making sure that my pain was taken care of but besides that their surgical team was not helpful whatsoever. On my first visit I was scheduled for surgery for my stomach and then 30 minutes before I was to go into surgery to fix the problem the doctor decided he didn't want to go through with the surgery and sent me home. The second time that I went to the hospital because I cannot take the pain anymore all they did was put me in a hospital room and not come up with any kind of resolution. Because I discharged myself against medical advice they refuse to give me anything to go home with for pain. I'm still in severe pain nothing's being done I can't seem to get help from any of the Nevada hospitals in the area. I truly hope that I can find a surgeon that will be able to figure out what is wrong with me and fix it so I'm no longer in this daily agonizing pain.

MaryEllen Costanza

Had a total right knee replacement on 7/2 by Dr. Nick Liu. From the joint replacement class I attended a month before surgery to pre-admission testing, through the procedure and subsequent days til I was released on 7/4, each and every staff member: environmental services, CNAs, RNs, PAs, and especially Nick from PT were absolutely amazing! Thank you all for the wonderful care!

Gary Healey

This was the best hospital I have ever stayed in and I have stayed in a few over the last 2 years. Everyone was great and the service was 5 star!

Lee Ferry

Never received food, had to ask for it, but never received! Ask for Kleenex but never got any, ask for Neosporin did not have any! Wondering if patient was in hospital or homeless shelter. This was brought to the attention of several staff.

Gary Bauer

great staff, friendly and helpful Sadly I didn't have a Google account and was almost unable to provide this feedback.

Vernon Born

The facility is state of the art. But the biggest asset is its staff. They all were congenial and even anticipated my needs and desires. I will not hesitate to use their services whenever I have the choice, even though it's a long drive from my home passing three other hospitals. Vern

Kevin Reid

Everyone was fantastic. The nursing staff, the CNAs, the physical therapists, all treated me fantastic and with apparent concern for my well being. I was extremely impressed with the care I received asst the hospital.

Jodi Jones

Took my kid in due to having a fever. Got prescribed antibiotics, left in 30 mins and got a bill of $2973!! And WOW !! Try calling the billing department... What an adventure that was... I couldn't get a word in over the extremely rude & severely annoying employee who would talk over me every time Id ask a question. Incompetent ! I ended up with no help or answer, only frustration. Who hires these people? You deserve a medal ! I WILL NEVER GO HERE AGAIN AND NEITHER WILL ANYONE I KNOW!

Bishop Daniels

This HOSPITAL is TOPS in this city. Every one was attentive, responsive & immediate with the level of care; which should be available at all hospital's. Myself, I couldnt have felt more at home with this staff. From all the care I received I almost forgot. IF ANYONE CAN FIND A BETTER HOSPITAL. YOUR A VERY LUCK (BLESSED) PERSON. BECAUSE HERE THE BAR HAS BEEN RAISED......

Wailyn Leong

All the nurses, staff, and doctor's were very attentive to my newborn son and I. The lounge played a huge convience part which very was helpful to have for our family as my husband started with us in the hospital from delivery date to discharge date. Thank you to all the staff for all the helping hands.

Joan B

Satisfied with everyone from checking in to being wheeled out. Procedure went as expected. Thanks to doctors.

Russ Bonner

Best in Vegas, very clean and the staff 5 star, I wouldn't go too another hospital in Vegas given a choice!

Kit Rose

If surgery can be a positive experience, it was here. Very caring and responsive team.

David Appelzoller

Best hospital in Las Vegas!!! Clean hospital everyone of the staff were friendly helpful and provided the extra care and service to earn the Five Stars!!! Great job!!!


Everyone was super nice, very helpful and considerate. I wish I could say I would love to go back but I don't ever want to see another hospital again. I love this hospital and it's emergency staff.

Maya Beaudette

The nursing staff was caring. Check in was painless. The surgery schedule was all over the place , I waited about 6 hours past scheduled surgery.

Kara Levy

I had a wonderful stay aside from having to be in a hospital. They treated me great and always accomodating

Queen Buttafinga

I had surgery and yes my doctor was there and with the help of the great doctors, and nurses did a wonderful job on my surgery. The hospital took very good care of me after my surgery was over. All the nurses and staff members were fantastic, oh and nice. The hospital was very clean!

Hortencia Hansen

Excelent service. Profetional nurses.

Cathy Farrell

I was very pleased from beginning to end. Everyone treated me very professionally. Very pleasant, they were informative and told me every step as well as introduced themselves. Very clean environment. As a professional myself I was very impressed with the staff and service I received. I recommend Southern Hills Medical anytime. Thank you to all for taking good care of me.

Cassandra Espinoza

The staff was great! Super friendly, which made my visit that much better. John, the RN was my absolute favorite! Aside from being warm and caring; he was very thorough, extremely knowledgeable, he had an awesome personality and just enough sense of humor to put my pre surgery jitters at ease. After my surgery all the recovery room nurses were great! Extremely patient and very comforting. Nothing but great experiences at Southern Hills Hospital for me. Thanks guys, you’re doing a fantastic job! :)


The hospital was very clean and quaint. It is a smaller hospital, which affords more personal service. The staff was really nice in each area that I visited. Be sure to visit the coffee kiosk in the admitting lobby! The drinks are divine!

Joe Karlsen

(FULL NAME IS JONI CARLSEN, just in case i get a response from some office manager claiming they have no record of my visit) This review is in response to my ER visit on 9/20. After being belittled not only by the lady at the front desk but also the nurses about my vape use (which had no relation to my visit in the first place). I left with no answers, only 2 prescriptions for drugs I will not take, because one interferes with a current medication and the other is Ibuprofen which i have been taking at home, and a “referral” I was told would suffice so I could call an orthopedic surgeon, but in fact I have to call, schedule an appointment with my primary, whom cannot see me for a week. I specifically asked if this was a legitimate referral to see an orthopedic doctor and I was told bluntly “YES” and no other information. 1. Your nurses have no right to belittle people for their life choices when they work amongst people who would rather pass out drugs than find the root of the problem. 2. They do not need to be spreading false information about vaping. They are basing their lies on less than 10 MEDIA reports that have not been verified for all vape products, on top of that, they work in the medical field and they have no idea that almost half a million people die from tobacco products every year? Come on... 3. I was NOT asked what medications I was currently taking and the “Doctor” prescribed me Robaxin which cannot be taken with Baclofen which I have been taking for over 4 months. I was seen at this exact hospital at the beginning of this month & gave my current medications, so they should absolutely have a record of that on file. I have had nothing but good experiences at this hospital up until last Friday. Your staff needs to have a refresher coarse on keeping their personal opinions to themselves when they are not licensed Doctors. It was unprofessional and unnecessary to insert their opinion and did not help my situation whatsoever. Thanks for not bothering to tell me to contact my primary first (verbally or anywhere on the discharge paperwork) and that the “referral” that I was given is actually meaningless. And thanks to the nurses & other staff for belittling me and not helping at all. EDIT RESPONSE: I was not vaping on the property, they asked me if I smoke or drink during intake, and I told the girl at the front desk and the discharge nurse that yes I have a vape pen at home, and they continued to belittle me and go on saying "OMG haven't you seen those reports in the news?? You should really stop doing that!". If you don't have a legitimate medical degree, you are in no position to be giving out lifestyle advice. It may have been coming out with the best intentions, but it actually came off as invasive and extremely judgemental and I did not appreciate it at all, when they werent the ones treating me. Their job is to relay the information that was written down for them by the real medical professional and move on to the next patent.

Chelsea Ritchie

The labor and delivery nurses, especially Pam were amazing! As for postpartum unit, Sabrina was the only nurse I cared for, she was amazing as well and helped me with my baby for breastfeeding. The day time nurses I had didn’t take me serious, I waited 20 min to have someone to come into my room, they acted like my two year old was in the way(for whatever reason), and this nurse was Cindy. Otherwise my experience was amazing and I’d do it again, just with different postpartum nurses.

Melissa Dallmann

I am from Arizona and was visiting my friend in nevada. I needed an ER and took to google to find one. I went to this emergency room solely based on the reviews and I am thoroughly impressed. I was taken back right away, within five minutes a nurse showed up to start an IV, within another five minutes the doctor came and got medication ordered right away. The nurse and doctor were super thorough and even discussed medication options since I am medically complex. When I am home, I go to the Mayo Clinic and this hospital was definitely the best alternative for being away from home. I’d recommend this hospital to anyone in the area!

Kathleen D

Great hospital. Efficient, kind, friendly, competent, and they care about their patients individually. This was the second experience I have had with Southern Hills, and both were the same - as good as you could hope for a hospital experience to be.


Wonderful nurses here, and Dr's to, always friendly and helpful, want to go the extra mile for you. I had a procedure done here. No complaints.

Seanet McKamy

Great ...But Need a lawyer to understand admitting paper work...way tooo long..would need 3hrs. to read and more to understand...

shalisse williams

I came to Southern Hills for my first outpatient surgery , the nursing staff was beyond caring, you can tell that this wasn't just a job for them I am so great full for the staff at Southern Hills Hospital.

deborah edwards

The most horrible experience in my life. I would rather be in "One flew over the cookoos nest" I was treated the worst by the anisthologest who needed a shower and class in human decency. I was left for hours without pain medication and when I panicked, sent to ICU and left for 5 more hours without pain meds, for a SPINAL SURGERY!!!!!!!!There's was maybe one nurse with an IQ over 12 and some common sense in those 3 days. Someome ripped the flesh off my face during surgery. Pics will follow in court! Yes I will be suing this joke of an institution!

Becky Knox

I had a procedure done, everyone was very professional and caring to make sure I had everything I need.

Camille Cordasco

They took me in immediately , the entire staff was so quick & caring . I am so comfortable with this hospital & staff. They make you feel like you are number one priority.

Tessalia Keil

Was sent to the ER by my kidney specialist only for the ER DR to tell me there was nothing they could do my blood work was ok that I needed to go home... I became very upset and asked them to make contact with the specialties which the Dr refused to do! She was rude and refused to hear me out! I ended up leaving with out anything thing, only for the specialist to call me the next morning to tell me I had a horrible infection! Thanks for dropping the BALL SOUTHERN HILLS! On a more positive note the nurses there were more helpful than the “Dr.”

Dennis Larson

I was admitted through the emergency room with a blocked esophagus. Both the ER and the hospital staff were concerned, professional, attentive and caring. I cannot say the same for the hospital policies. I have a very bad heart that requires an antiarrhythmic medication every eight hours to prevent my heart from going into arrhythmia thereby causing my implanted defibrillator to fire and, hopefully, save my life. I provided both the ER and the hospital with copies of my conditions and the doctors who attend to each of my health issues. My heart far overrides my blocked esophagus. And yet not only did they not contact my cardiologist but the duty doctor refused to set up a consultation. I had to take my own pills to stay on schedule! I simply cannot understand why they didn't react immodestly at the ER and contact my cardiologist. They put my life at great risk!

sharon harand

I highly recommend this hospital. I have been there 6 different times for different things. The staff is so nice and friendly. Love the place is so cheerful, too, color scheme etc.

brandon blount

An absolute mistake. My wife had a life threatening medical emergency so I took her here. Huge mistake. The first problem was the uneducated doctor who said she was fine. When I explained that the information he gave us about her condition was questionable he still didn't do anything to help. They put her through more stress and worsened her condition. She is now extremely unwell and getting her treatment seems to be nearly impossible. After her visit her state of being worsened significantly. More harm than help. After they effectively worsened her condition they asked for a payment $250 for reasons I still don't fully understand. Cannot in good conscience reccomend this hospital. Ever. Go anywhere else.

Beate Rauch

The timely notification was much improved compared to an earlier visit. It is , however, also a fact that treatment in a hospital entails much longer waiting periods for an MRI because immediate tests for the Emergency Department must have priority in order to arrive at a diagnosis. The treatment was absolutely correct and courteous

Scott Hove

Overall, I have to give Southern Hills 5 stars ... there are some things that could improve but my experience was like that of many I know who have been there. It’s a very good hospital. The needed improvements are related to what happens at night: they (and other hospitals) should provide eye masks (to block out the lights that never go off), staff should close the doors or keep their voices down when they are sitting right outside the door, etc ... little things that could improve the experience that nobody really wants to have in the first place. BTW food isn’t bad at all. Overall the doctors and nurses and staff were great.

Gary Hartman

I was cared for at each and every step of my procedure. I was made comfortable and the staff were professional, courteous and skilled at what they do. I could not have been in better hands.


First time delivering my baby at Southern hills, as it was recommended to me by my OBGYN and I must say it was an overall good experience. Sabrina from the post partum unit was the sweetest most helpful nurse I've ever had, she was extremely caring and always made sure we were good, very patient and caring person. Adriane was also very nice. Thanks for all that you do !

John Malloy

This place is amazing in how their organization and efficiency in going through the service of taking care of patients is like a well oiled machine! They have a system in place for everything they do! Amazing, no waiting for something to get done!

Coleen Norburn

All staff members were very professional, compassionate and kind.

Elaine Robillard

Upon entering the ER April 26, 2019 and confirming my Dr’s admittance I felt the nurses and Drs met my needs! I was moved 4 times to finattlly room 212 was the finale. The care was excellent until 7 days later in the afternoon I was told I was going to be discharged. Nothing previous stated to me? I have pneumonia, septics, right lung has hole, blood clot and fluid build up. A filter was put in my R groin, pick in R arm, and camera down throat showed ulcers that were unknown to me! I never sat up fomeals and not walked at all! I could not breathe and it was very tough for me to get ready. No one helped me! Drs discharges me who were in and out in 5 minutes and never checked my lungs etc? Their were about 7 or 8 who agreed on discharging me May 3, 2019. They never asked me how I felt etc. .. ?? I had to speak up about Home Care because I definitely felt and knew I was not able to get better from the illnesses that were districting my immune system and the right lung is not functional! I was scared upon leaving the care I extremely needed to get well! Had a Drs appt. May 6th Drs appt. requested the discharged papers indicated to take a blood thinner which was stopped because of the finding of the ulcers in my stomach! I had a bleeder I was told and received blood twice! Need I say more?? I SHOULD HAVE NOT BEEN DISCHARGED IN THE SERIOUS HEALTH ILLNESS MY BODY is PRESENTLY FIGHTING AND CONTINUES TO BE IN THE CONDITION!! WHAT happen to the medical help I desperately continue to need???? It failed me at Souther Hills Hospital!!! Elaine Robillard Room #212. There was an extremely outstanding nurse that was assigned to my room 212 who went over and above the call of service! Jorden could not do enough for me and even stopped in to see if I needed anything? You could clearly see and feel that he loved his job and his actions displayed confirmed this statement! Nurses were great and then it went down hill for me!

Lorraine Bosque

I am very pleased with the staff n doctors... They were very helpful n caring even though my stay was short ... I enjoyed the awesome staff ... I was totally scared out of my mind... Had my oral surgery done.. They made me relax n said it'll be quick n everything will be fine... Yes it sure was.. Thank you..Lo

George Dudasik

great staff. made my stay very comfortable. thank you all on 4th floor

Santos Tenorio

I had the misfortune of needing Emergency medical care. I had never been to Southern Hills before, but was pleased to learn that it has nothing but professional people there giving upper level care. I met many kind, friendly and professional people doing a great service, I will never forget it. I wanted to recognize one of the shift nurses, AJ, was very thorough, constant and steadfast in his efforts to provide me with professional medical care. He worked the overnight shift. And was very present, it gave me enormous confidence and the courage to sleep that I needed. Thank you AJ, overall I couldn't have found a better group of professionals. Thank you Southern Hills.


Friendly and efficient staff. My surgery wasn't painless, but the process was!

Antoinette Mora

No waiting in the ER, very attentive! Brought me to my room within 2 hours of ER arrival. Wonderful Staff All Around, Very Caring! Beautiful Hospital if ever someone needs to be in one!!!

Alexis de Jesus

All the staff was very friendly! Very nice hospital.

Jessica hernandez

Got in & got what i needed to finally feel better , fast & clean , nurses were very attentive and doctor spent time to talk to me about what was going on , very clean , well kept hospital

Butch Espersen

personal care exceeded my expectations making follow-up procedure less stressful

Russell Hecht

Most nurses were very good. The evening Nurse Supervisor on the third floor was fantastic.

Mike Peckham

This this is a truly service oriented place. From the valet parking, no wait check in, courteous and helpful staff, to the cleanliness of the facility and professional service everything was as it should be and the best experience in a hospital I have ever had. If you have to be in a hospital, this is probably the place to be.

gary hansen

The BEST nurse to patient care I have ever received !!


Everyone was very nice, patient and professional. The hospital was clean and pleasant and the wait times were minimal. The best part? The nurses!!! Such lovely people❤️

Crystal Mishler

They had me in a room very quickly, the staff was all very kind. Only one thing I felt could have been better, my MA came in with crutches and bandages and was ready to apply them but I had never been told what was my injury. MA went to find Dr and said she would come back after the dr came and she came back about 20 minutes late and no dr had been in yet. So she had to get the dr and bring her in to give me my diagnosis... dr apologized and I’m not upset but might be good in the future to not have to chase down the PA or dr for a patient to be discharged. Staff was fantastic!!

Lisa W

My friend went into ICU Thursday Evening. I was so amazed at the care he was provided. He had so much blood loss that transfusions were necessary. The nursing staff (Michael, Steve & Grace) was second to none. Grace even sang while working, which was so sweet. We were confident that he was being taken care of. The physicians were thorough, professional & personal with my friend & us (family). The hospital was spotless, which was incredible. If I ever need to go to a hospital, the only one I would want to be in is Southern Hills. Thank you for saving his life. God Bless.

Kim O'Brien

Everybody was so nice. Very professional, Dr. Frank was great. If I had to go anywhere, glad it was there.

Jean N

I had my child 3 months ago and I am still traumatized by my experience with both this hospital and my Dr (Dr Adashek) who happens to be a resident doctor for its maternity ward. Any expecting mothers reading this, St Rose Sienna is a much better hospital trust me. I arrived at around 3am on the date my scheduled c-section was to take place because I was in excruciating pain and couldn't take it any longer. This was my third pregnancy and with my last two pregnancies I have reached 5-6cm and still never felt the pain I was in at that moment. I get wheeled up to the maternity ward since I couldn't walk and am checked... 1cm. My jaw dropped, and I explained this wasn't my first rodeo and I've never felt pain so severe this early. They check the baby's heartbeat... fine. My blood pressure was high and since I was scheduled for a repeat c-section they decided to keep me and wait until 10:30 to move forward with it. I was given pain meds via IV at first, which didn't do anything. Since they were able to see my blood pressure wasn't getting any better, I was given a spinal block. I kept however getting move side to side which now I've come to find out happens when the baby's heart rate appears to be dropping. My doctor FINALLY gets in and begins talking about trying a VBAC, something I found odd because he was extremely against it when I brought it up in the beginning of my pregnancy. If I was in my right mind, I would have known this was only offered because he had another patient about to deliver at Summerlin hospital as I overheard the staff talking about him rushing between the two. Him and the medical staff all agree it's possible despite my last two being c-sections and having a placenta abruption and preeclampsia in the past. I agree to give it a try. Around this time, the horrible pain comes back and come to find out with all the moving me around the needle in my spine came out. Anesthesiologist comes back and fixes it but this time there's an awful pain not going away. I keep telling the nurses something doesn't feel right. They try to go in a place a monitor on my baby's head since the outer one isn't picking her up anymore and they have no luck locating her. Now it's turned into an emergency c-section. As soon as my doctor cuts open, he sees a uterine window has formed and as he's mentioned how much it has thinned out, my uterus ruptures. Thankfully my baby is alive; I wish I could say this was where the worse ends but it isn't. In recovery, my legs began swelling and in the coming weeks (almost a month later) I would hardly be able to walk, another new experience for me after delivering a child. While in recovery I also contracted pink eye. I raised my concern to the nurses, in which their only advice was "try not to hold the baby". Are you kidding me? I'm in a hospital and they couldn't treat me for it AND I was breastfeeding but expected not to hold her. I also found out they placed me in isolation, not by letting me know but seeing it on my meal paper (also didn't get to choose my food btw). In addition, the hospital claims to be for breastfeeding however formula was basically forced after my baby lost a bit of weight. They threatened to keep her and send me home if I didn't comply. This was also after they wanted me to try pumping and feeding her that way which I was working on, so there was obviously mix communication between the nurses and doctors. When they threatened me, I pointed out the pump machine and the fact that I was given no formula so wasn't even aware this was advised. And guess what? At home I continued to breastfeed, and her weight was completely fine at her 1 week checkup.

Jim K

Southern Hills hospital provided fast and efficient treatment at the emergency room. Inpatient service and treatment by doctors, nurses and staff could not be better. As an aside the food they served was also the best.


Friendly staff and great wellness facilities

Samantha Cano

I got my wisdom teeth done here and they were SO polite. They kept me calm, relaxed, and laughing. My mom had to take me there at 6am and they were quick to provide her with food and beverages. I even got a complementary stuffed animal! Probably one of the best hospital visits I've had

Davina Murrieta

I just had my baby there. Wanted to say the whole experience was awesome. The staff the doctors everyone that check on us was amazing. The rooms were clean. They were all professional and friendly and attentive to us. Had the best and comfortable experience the 4 days I was there. I recommend this hospital no doubt.

Daphne Woods

Southern hills psych hospital states on their website 7 mental health groups a day. This is completely false: theres a one hour activity group a day. & out of 5 days there a nurse did conduct one group. They need to take false information off their website which is misleading & u believe this stuff so u decide to go there and theres none of this therapy as they advertise falsely on website. Very disappointing.

Dan Pejakovich

outpatient , great staff, from the orderlies, to the nurses, to the doctors, all wonderful happy people. Would highly recommend Southern Hills to all! Thank you staff!!!!!!!!!!

Vickie Rastetter

I was very impressed with the efficiency of the staff. I was very disappointed when I received the prognosis from the Dr. He continued to stress that his heart rate goes up when he runs. I'm 67 years old, doubt my heart rate should go up like his. I was asleep when my heart rate went up. Hardly a running senario.The report also stated my only symptom was palpitations. Was he even listening to me. I was dizzy, had pressure on my chest, and totally foggy. He also stated on the report I drink several cups of coffee a day. I had told them I usually have 1 maybe 2 cups before 9 am. That's all. My heart rate has been going up every day when I do something as simple as climbing stairs. 120-140. This night I was asleep when I woke up to a racing heart. I believe their goal of getting me out of the hospital came before truly listening and getting the records straight. Not impressed.

John Curtin

My wife had a biopsy performed there. From the first person we met in the lobby, to the nurses, the radiologist Dr Weismann, the techs, Preop, Post Op... everyone was great! Very professional! Very clean facility, excellent parking and nice gift shop....

Roman's Moments

Hospital is very clean and welcoming. Staff is friendly. Everyone I encountered was nice and made me feel at ease.

Henry Hertel

Very poor not rated A ➕ they can't get there scheduling straight and it takes forever to get a nurse in to see you , want to get some info like pulling teeth will never come back to this place.

Taye Nua

Admit me immediately. Doctors and nurses are nice. Most of all, my room was clean, private and spacious.

Sandra Mahnke

Treated so nicely, all staff were friendly and caring, my room was great and nurses were professional and caring.

daniel peck

I have always felt comfortable and have never been judged by your team. Multiple people/nurses sat down with me and simply talked to me! They made me feel empowered to take a more healthy and safer path. Thank you all for everything you’ve done for me!

Cliff Able

I love Southern Hills for the people and the care. Luckily, I have only been there for outpatient care. The process was smooth and I was fully informed about everything going on. Your slogan should be, “Southern Hills is here to help, because we care.”

Laura Wyatt

From the we got there to the tine we left everyone was so very friendly and professional. Never disappointed when I have to go to Southern Hills!

Georgia Wilson

Everyone was so very caring and attentive! Thank you so much for making my experience as comfortable as possible.

Joseph Nemeth Jr.

Simply one of the best hospitals in the Las Vegas Valley. My wife and I have both had stays in this hospital and found the staff, doctors, and facility impressive. This is our first choice for a hospital hands down.

Tamara Buzzetta

I wanted to leave a review (which I rarely ever do) because I was searching myself for reviews before my visit. I had to decide which hospital to have my baby because I’m smack in the middle of Summerlin and Southern Hills. I also will mention my amazing Doctor is Doctor Adashek. I have to say I chose well! I have had two prior experiences with Southern Hills and was very happy with the service. The first two visits were for my toddler. She went in for a fever the first time and scorpion sting the second. The emergency room was swift, caring and super clean! I just delivered my second child via scheduled c-section. I cant say enough about how great of an experience I had. The check-in staff were very friendly, engaging and encouraging. The nurses oh my goodness the nurses! I had such great, caring and knowledgeable nurses! They made me feel very spoiled and took great care of my fiancé also! My favorites were nurse Nicki who was my nurse pre-op and Paris our post-op. To be fair to the others were equally all amazing. We were checked on often, they had a pantry for food if my fiancé got hungry, a coffee room for round the clock coffee, tea and water and they even gave us a special meal for celebrating! We got to take home some cool swag like champagne glasses, bottle openers, back scratchers, stuffed animals for the kids, a care package with formula to name a few. To me what was important was cleanliness and attentiveness. The hospitality was amazing! They knocked it out of the park! I felt so spoiled! I didn’t think anything could top my first delivery at Rose Medical in Denver and to my surprise they did. Thank you to each person who was a part of this milestone with us. We are truly grateful!

Patrick Ferreira

i loved it there great staff VERY GOOD FOOD IT WAS THE BEST HOSPITAL FOOD I EVER ATE ..the only bad thing is that the bed was very uncomfortable but over all i would highly recommend this place

Bond James Bond

Had a recent bout of food poisoning and was rush to Southern Hills Hospital. I found the emergency medical Doctor, nurses and staff extremely helpful and professional. However, what impressed me the most was the speed by which they attended to me which I found rather surprising and incredibly fast. I was checked it and in a bed in less than 15 minutes. Folks, this is unheard of. I would highly recommend this hospital and this is coming from someone who is critical of hospitals in general. Keep up the good work and thanks to all of the doctors, nurses and staff of Southern Hills Hospital for making a difficult situation pleasant. You guys are AWESOME!

Marie Ballew

Your facility is superb. We have never encountered such an efficient hospital. Your staff is outstanding. Thank you for such xcellent care.

Aaron Smith

Great, friendly people that got me in quick and I was feeling better within hours, thanks for being there for me.

Neliza Patterson

This place is extremely unprofessional and does not stand by their policy and patient care. My rights as a patient have been violated and the patient confidentiality was breeched. Please be aware, it’s a long review since so many things happened to me under this hospital’s care that I felt was unethical. Ciera, my discharge nurse, gave me an empty discharge paper and when I asked why it was blank, I was told there was a technical error in their computer. I tried retrieving it a couple more times but was denied. The same nurse told me over the phone that it was against hippa to have any information on my discharge papers. I have been in the medical field for over 10 years and know what information any discharge papers contains. It isn’t against hippa if you are the patient, who has the right to these information. On top of other disturbing matters and added unnecessary stress. I was at risk for early labor and was in the hospital for 3 days at 29 weeks. Ciera knew the state I was in and yet I felt as if she had no good intentions for my well being as a patient and as a human being. After having a meeting with Kelli Wray (hospital quality control) about all the incidents- I still felt as if nothing was done and I felt like they just disregarded me and what I had gone through. I told Kelli that I was in fear of delivering at their hospital due to my poor treatment. Kelli informed me that every thing was fine and going to be fine. And if I choose to deliver in their hospital I will not be treated differently. After my delivery and two surgeries later, they took me back to my room in L&D. My baby was born premature at 35 wks so he was in NICU but I was told he was fine and came out with no problems. Their policy was to keep any newborns at 35 weeks and below in the NICU for evaluation for at least 12 hours. Which I understood since like I mentioned I’ve worked in various hospitals and been in the medical field for over 10 years so I am well aware of policy’s and protocols. They were so against me breastfeeding that every time I tried denying the formula they would use their scare tactics about how they will stick needles into my child and tubes up his nose if I deny formula so obviously I had to comply because no one wants that for their premature newborn. But yet they blamed my “lack” of breast milk for his glucose level to go down. I really felt like I wasn’t being heard nor treated as an individual but someone who was unfit to take care of her children. I was only able to feed him 3 times with in the first 24 hours of his life for only 30 mins at a time. Since they only aloud me to feed him every 2-3 hours for 30 mins at the same time supplementing formula. They had told the lactose consultant that I was refusing to feed my baby which caused him to have low glucose. Which again was absolutely untrue. I have never felt so degraded by medical personnel. As one for many years, I would never treat anyone this way. I treat my patients and every patients no matter where they came from or how their lifestyle is or what they believe in, I would treat them with dignity and as I would if they were my family. But being in this hospital I felt like I was being treated like I was uneducated, unfit to care for my newborn, and inadequate to make any decision for my self and my child. I would never step foot in this hospital ever again. As a person who has been in both sides, you just don’t treat people the way I have been treated by your employees. It was already a very scary moment for me having my baby early in his development and the risk factors during my surgeries was enough for me to have to worry about. The last thing I needed was to worry about the people I in trusted my life and my newborn’s life with. I recommend to go elsewhere but here. And to make matters worse, my husband used to work for their ER. So disappointed.

Stacy Sanderson

I gave birth at this hospital 6 weeks ago and I couldn’t have had a better experience nurses are so sweet and very kind and caring they helped me so much thanks to all the great staff service and nurses thank you!

Scott Leavitt

I have been to the ER once and the Endoscopy/Colonoscopy Center twice and I am extremely impressed at the way this hospital is ran. They are efficient, clean and thorough. The staff are on the ball and pay attention to the smallest detail. At my last endoscopy fluoroscopy was being used for the first time. The nurse peeping me preping/transferring to the nurse for the procedure questioned whether or not she should put fluoroscopy in my chart. After a 30 second discussion she added the couple of words that distinguished this procedure from the last. I wonder if others would have taken the time.

Lois Rippy

my husband has very good care at this hospital. The nurses are all so delightful, professional with vast knowledge. The rooms are clean and organized. The doctors check up on the patient daily, listening and attending to their needs. To the staff I thank you.

Tiffany Watson

We had our third baby there a week ago. We had a scheduled induction at Summerlin for 3 months. The night before our 4 am induction, I got a call at 9:30pm telling me they were backed up. And they didn’t know when they could get me in. Meanwhile our children are already with sitters 2 hours away. (We live in Overton). So my doctor scheduled us for southern hills. Let me tell you I am so happy she did. There was not one staff member who was unpleasant. It seemed like very nurse took pride in the care at southern hills. A lot of them asked me how I liked southern hills. Just absolutely amazing, caring, hardworking people. Love this hospital.




I was so impressed with the care given to me by your staff. I live in Henderson but am so glad that I was with family in LV (south Summerlin) when it was necessary to be seen at the ER. Thank you for being there and taking care of me.

MaryLouise Bryan

Fast and efficient, and great service! Wonderful and compassionate nurses and doctors! Thank you❤️

Kasey Holdsworth

We delivered our daughter at Southern Hills Hospital on May 13, 2019. My husband and I credit our fantastic experience to the empathetic, patient, and knowledgeable nursing staff, as well as to the amazing team of doctors we worked with. My stay at the hospital became complicated after I developed HELLP syndrome upon delivery of my daughter, and so the amazing team of nurses and doctors, Dr. Norton, Dr. Caldwell, Dr. Keeler, and Dr. Roberts, were all very much appreciated as they helped my husband and I navigate a very tough few days. My daughter and I are home now, and although I am still recovering, we are both happy and healthy.

Emelee Baldwin

Staff is great!!! Kayla C went out of her way to make sure my issues were taken care of and doctor could verify my concerns.

Jimmie R

I recently had surgery at southern hills hospital. This was by far the most pleasant medical experience I have ever had. I was very nervous about having surgery. Every nurse and hospital staff I had the pleasure to meet with was extremely kind and personable. They did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable. My nurses always had time to just talk with me and answer any questions I had. I would not hesitate to return and will recommend to family and friends.

June M

I had to stay in the ICU one night after getting my lower jaw surgery and the staff at this hospital is amazing. They are very kind and helpful. They won’t complain if you page them every hour on the hour if you need help. They made sure I was comfortable and taken care of and if I had to stay at a hospital over night again I hope it would be here.

jill haigh

The staff were wonderful, very caring and responded quickly to the call bell, especially Ase and Lynn. Those two deserve an award or at least recognized somehow

Adriana Contreras

Two staff members from the ER were not to my liking. 1 male nurse did not care to listen to what was going on no eye contact. The female nurse practitioner made remarks that made me uncomfortable. But to save this review there were 4 other nurses who were very respectful and kind to me.

Acamy M

I was originally excited to give birth here because the staff during the tour was AMAZING! However, after my visit to L&D last week, I’m not. I went in and the laborist made me feel like I was stupid for coming in to make sure everything was okay with me and the baby. He told to just “leave it to the doctors” and he didn’t even explain what my test results meant - he just told me to let my OB know the results. I hope that when I’m actually in labor, this person isn’t there because I’d rather not deal with him again ever really, but especially at a sensitive time like giving birth. The nurses there were absolutely fine/pleasant, though.

Sara R

Excellent service,all staff was wonderful,thank you

Amber Jade Mez

I scheduled a C section with my second baby at Southern Hills and my experience was amazing. I had the best nurses in Labor and Delivery and then in Recovery. Nicole, Eunice, Stephanie, Lani, and another very helpful nurse I can’t remember her name (I was a little out of it from medicine) was a lactation consultant as well and she was very helpful the first few hours of my daughters life! I’m so thankful that I had all of them to take care of me while I was there. We had Nicole for two shifts and she was so helpful and I felt like she treated us like family by the time we were ready to leave. Thank you Southern Hills for making the births of both my children memorable in such a positive way.

Mac McElroy

I was suffering from heat exhaustion and needed an IV. We chose the ER at Southern Hills due to its proximity to home. Everyone was nice but the ER is dirty. It's concerning.

Rita Sandoval

Caring staff. They help you feel comfortable and check in on you as well. Clean hospital! And also once again very caring staff. Thank you Southern Hills very much. #1 Hospital I've been to ever here in Vegas.

Anna Maria

Everyone was so nice , I felt really safe and cared for !


I love this hospital. They have taken such good care of my daughter everytime we've had to return for her digestive issues. Moving here from another state and not knowing which way to turn. When I needed a hospital the paramedics suggested this hospital and they were so right. This is my familys go to hispital. Everyone on Staff in that hospital needs 5stars. We need more hospitals like this one. Forever Grateful DC

Laurie Wilson

The doctors, nurses and assistants were caring and compassionate, which made me feel confident in their decisions about my care. The food was good and they were able to provide gluten free food. Overall a good experience and recommend Southern Hills Hospital!

Cindy Muyderman

Everyone was wonderful! They were very caring and explained the procedure and what was going to happen next very thoroughly. I was very nervous because I had never been put to sleep before but they made me feel at ease. Also the admitting desk personal was great as well. I would recommend this hospital to everyone.

Aimee Parra

Quick and efficient. Excellent care by all. Thank you!

Laura Flanagan

I was cared for very well by my nurses while i was there. The doctor however only came in for 2 minutes. But the nurses took care of me. They made me feel important and were very caring toward me.

Cathi Ackerman

I was sent in by the doctor at UMC urgent care for a hematoma that developed after a bad fall. The doctors in this ER were great, knowledgeable and compassionate. It was a Friday afternoon, but I was only there for a few hours. The nurses here were very efficient and friendly as well. Not sayin I'm in a rush to go back.

Ann Fettinger

Everyone was concerned about me having the best experience possible.

Jennifer Buckner

The nurse was very nice and caring and the Doctor that took care of my hand was awesome very caring. She did not treat me like a number. She treated me like a person which I loved. Her name is Lisa Ruiz. May God give her strength and continue to bless her.

Ellie Sternquist

Inhumane and bizarre medical /dietary care while in hospital for hip replacement. Worst and least responsive dietary care ever leading to wild diabetic blood sugar swings, a couple of shots of insulation, severe and debilitating hunger, and very little concern for being sure the ice machine was set to work on my incision or that my bed was clean and made.

Sandy Like

You would have had a 5 except it seems that the day time nursing staff has a habit of simply sitting at the desk and gossiping. My CNA was on the ball when the nursed decided to forward my requests. However, one stood out as excellent. Night shift on floor 5 on June 26 and 28. His name is Matt and he was very helpful and polite. He made my stay comfortable even though I was in pain.

Destiny Anderson

I recently delivered my daughter at this hospital. Sabrina was one of my postpartum nurse's. She was very helpful, informative, and caring. Went above and beyond to ensure both mine and my daughters needs were met. From the level of care given I will definitely come back to deliver here again.

Connor Reich

My wife recently had and emergency surgery to have her appendix removed. The staff was amazing and took great care of her. They’re always nice there and willing to go above and beyond to provide for you during recovery.

Annette C

The care for me here was great. I was in the maternity ward. The nurses were so sweet and very caring about the pain that I was in. I didnt have not one bad nurse. They would check to make sure I was okay and trying to get sleep becausr they know how it is for new moms and a newborn baby. They need around the clock care. If I ever decide to have another baby I will definitely be back here. P.s. the nurse who was in the room while I tried to get a spinal tap thank you so much for letting me lean against you and hold your shoulders while I haf contractions every minute

liz laird

Southern Hills has always been great to my mom with dementia. They are kind, caring and smart. From the ER staff to the staff on the 5th (Ortho) and 4th floors. My mom and myself received love and care from the entire team on the 4th floor while she began to severely decline and was transferred to hospice. Stay on top of things yourself. Everyone needs an advocate. Dr. Manny and Dr. Tslenkis in the ER rise above the rest.

Robert Golenor

Everyone on the staff that I encountered was friendly and helpful. It really helps when everyone puts you at ease during your visit. Even more important was the fact that everyone I dealt with appeared to be thoroughly competent and knowledgeable in their job. I'm not keen on going to a hospital but this one is first class and you can feel confident that they will take good care of you.

Anne Maloney

Excellent experience in the ER. No wait. Expedient testing. Love this hospital!

Ed Leicht

The service that the hospital gives should be the standard that all hospitals should strive for. The nurse are professionals but most importantly they take the time to listen. My wife has many health issue, over the last 20 years and we have been in almost every hospital in the valley. For the last 20 years Southern hills is the only place that I will take her.

Paul Kotoch

Such a wonderful Hospital and the staff was so friendly I just wish it was in green valley

William Thomas

Excellent care from doctors, nurses and CNAs. Awesome crew. I would recommend anyone to visit Southern Hills for their medical care.


They were very courteous and polite. I loved how they keep checking up on the patients to make sure they were fine.

Ronald Weiss

I was at the hospital's ER on August 25th. The service is incredible, highly service orientated. Their ER is the only one I would go to

Susan DeLorenzo

Excellent! Thank you to all who took care of me. From the admitting desk to the OR they all were so caring and made the experience a lot easier. Really appreciate everyone! Thank you. Sue D.

Breanna Wendlandt

I was admitted into the hospital for 3 days and while there, the nurses took great care of me. The room was clean, and the nurses were sure to make sure I was comfortable. The food could have been better however.

Heather Balu

I wish I could remember my nurses name! She was the sweetest

Brittany Gries

the nurses are always helpful there. I had 3 C Sections there and always happy with the nurses helping out throughout the night to keep my pain levels down, helping with my newborn when my husband is getting some sleep, and helping me out of bed for the first time.

Doug Turner

My wife's situation was non-emergent. She was processed very quickly with little wait time. The amount of time spent in the ER was much less than previous visits at other hospitals in our past experiences. However, they were so fast that they didn't listen to all of my wive's symptoms. They microfocused on one aspect and ignored the rest. This led to an improper diagnosis and treatment. We left with no real answers and she was still in a great deal of pain. The doctors in the ER are young and inexperienced. Two of them argued about what the diagnosis was, and they argued with diagnosis and about tests that TWO other more experienced physicians had ordered. They seemed to try to care, but they were more concerned with processing time and getting the billing figured out than they were truly examining the evidence and treating all the symptoms to help my wife find relief.

Scott Van Zen

The entire staff at facility was top notch. I would recommend this place to anybody on the planet

Kylie Wallace

I gave birth to my daughter at Southern Hills and had an amazing experience. All of the nurses in both labor and recovery were fantastic. Labor & delivery, recovery, nursery and the OR for c sections are all on the same 2nd floor so you aren't having to be transported between different floors. Our baby girl was in NICU after an emergency c section for a few days and also had wonderful nurses and doctors taking care of her. They provide so much for recovery while you are staying as well as to take home with you. They provide mom with 3 meals a day and a nice meal from a selection to choose from for both mom and dad. Highly recommend this hospital to delivery your baby at!

Inoui Rain

I have never felt sooo tortured in my life. My OB follow up said they shouldnt have done it the way they did. I get anxiety attacks whenever I remember those two times. I was in horrible pain!

John Lucey

Very nice place , very clean facility. Admitting staff were great , and made us feel very comfortable.The whole procedure went very well !

Kimberly Wiesen

Entire staff were amazing. Everyone took excellent care of me. Top notch.

Learning to mom

I went into the hospital with heart palpitations and fainting spells. They ended up giving me fluids and running an EKG as well as putting me on a heart monitor for about 2 1/2 hours they watched my heart and no palpitations occurred. In the end they ended up diagnosing me with heart palpitations and letting me go. But overall my experience was good my nurse was very friendly and I would go back to this hospital again if needed. The only reason I give them four stars is because they didn’t let me finish the bag of fluids that I was hooked up to you even though I was severely dehydrated.

stewart baum

excellent, best care in las vegas, very clean and everyone was there to help and get any information you needed, I wished all my doctors used Southern Hills!!

Jamie Cornejo

Had to do an Echo cardiogram and the tech was great so was the ladies at the check in guest.

Bbb Bbb

Staff are caring and professional. Best hospital I have ever been to.

David Dennis

I can't say enough about the staff at Southern Hills Hospital. From the phone preregistration folks to the surgical staff, they are AWESOME. These folks truly care about each and every patient and made sure I was comfortable through the whole process. This was my 3rd surgery at SHH and I can't recommend them highly enough. Thank you for everything and may God bless each and everyone of you.

Csrturtle Kirbysdad2004

I went in for a routine procedure and was treated better than the hospital I was in when I had a heart attack. From Christina at check in to every member of the staff while I was there, the people and experience was great. Thank you all for your caring, compassion, and great personalities. You all stand out as the best in Southern Nevada. - Craig and Juanita Rutledge

David Powell

This was my third visit to Southern Hills Hospital, two inpatient (2008 & 2009) and one outpatient (2019). Every stay was flawless from pre op check-in to post op discharge. The hospital staff were professional in every manner and detail. I highly recommend Southern Hills Hospital for all patients medical needs.

Kimberly Ah Soon

ER Department was not friendly and helpful. Doctor never introduced himself and came in to really talk with us about my mom. The nurse was apathetic and nota great listener. Most of the staff in there that day were not friendly nor personable. It seemed as most did not even care to communicate with anyone but themselves

Monique LaBarre

Great service! So kind. Everyone explained every action that took place and kept me informed on what was going on.

Jesse Kibble

Never have I dealt with a nicer staff. Ever. It’s was mind boggling that everyone I dealt with was happy. Southern Hills is doing something right.

Jessie Lofaro

Everyone was really nice and thorough over everything going on. Had a smooth experience from start to finish

shelli abbene

Not only was the hospital clean and beautiful but the employees were kind and considerate!

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