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REVIEWS OF Renown South Meadows Medical Center IN Nevada

Gary Gamos

Jerry Jackson

Renown is managed CASH not managed care. Renown owns HHP and they are much more focused on you paying them rather than paying for quality healthcare!


The hospital treatmeant was ok, food was worst I ever had at a hospital. Recieved a call saying I was in collections for none payment then tells me that the bill was sent back to them. I NEVER GOT THE BILL, HOW CAN I BE IN COLLECTIONS FOR AN ADMITTED BILL I NEVER GOT!?!? My address was correct, funny how all the other associated bills found there way to me and was paid, no problems. The collections lady even had the correct address and phone number for me, but they didnt? Seems like some lazy people in the billing department. Thanks for the headache on top of the health problems I already deal with!

Sharon Geishaker

I've just had my 2nd knee replacement in 11 weeks. My surgeon wad Dr. Shukla from Reno Orthopedic Clinic. He is one of the best in the area. Both surgeries were done here at Renown SW meadows. The entire staff from the kitchen to the CNA's to the PT docs to the nurses are amazing. I've never felt so good about a hospital until now. They treat you like family and not like another number coming through. In highly recommend Renown!!

petra saf

I went to urgent care on 12/24 @ 830 am , the staff including Dr. Frey is so so nice and quick .

rey manzanares

breanna Ott

KC Conley

The medical group at South Meadows is AWFUL. I have been a patient there for awhile and I should've left sooner. My first visit I was pawned off onto a student and didn't even get to talk to my new provider. Husband came in specifically for his diabetes check and to order his A1C, they ordered every other test but that one, then tried to tell us that he had to come in again to get it ordered. Way to get another copay out of patients, Renown. Hubby finally had to have another lab draw to make up for their incompetence. I needed two tests ordered. A MONTH LATER neither test was ordered nor did I receive any call backs telling me what the problem was. I was on MyChart with the medical assistant MANY times, tests STILL weren't ordered, it wasn't until I pitched a fit that anything was done. Had one test done, TWO WEEKS LATER I'm STILL waiting for results. They won't call, they won't put the results in MyChart. I have talked again to the medical assistant, all I get are excuses. I asked to speak to a manager, left REPEATED messages, and she refuses to return calls. Unless you want the run-around and people never taking care of your medical needs, I suggest you stay far away from this incompetent office. Renown has gotten WAY TOO BIG to care about patients. You can't even call to talk to anyone, as they have a billion extensions and inevitably you get transferred to the wrong department. This is nothing but an exercise in FRUSTRATION. STAY AWAY!

Michelle Stammer


K7XC Tim Marek

A very clean modern place with an cafeteria called "South Meadows Cafe" that makes awesome food for reasonable prices.

Christopher Stewart

I have called in a few times and every time I did I was met by somebody who was an absolute pleasure to talk to. They are happy and ready to help! Kiesha (I am not an English major so forgive my spelling if that's wrong.) is the most help and happy person I have ever spoken to when calling into a business! She deserves a HUGE raise! I will update this as I have experiences with the doctors and staff.

Carolyn Kuhne

We were visiting family in Washoe Valley on our way to MN for the summer. My husband ended in the emergency room, spent 4 days on the third floor. The staff was unbelievable, friendly, attentive with sense of humors.

Paula d

Best doctors in town.

Aaron Pfister

My father has continued health issues and every time we have been here the ER staff has been curious, caring and very fast in getting him in a bed. Once settled in he has been given great care and we so appreciate that. Wonderful Hospital!!!

Jennifer Burton

At first I was sceptical about this hospital , but as time went by I would have to say this is the best renown hospital in Nevada. they actually treat you like a human being and do not judge you or put you down. The staff that helped my husband is and was incredible. Very nice and understanding . I'm so glad we came here to get care . Definitely would recommend this place to everyone .thanks for making us feel at home and very comfortable . And giving my husband the care he needed.

Mark Halle

August of 2019 I went to the emergency dept. I have heart issues and this day had a serious water retention problem. I have Senior Care Plus Rx Enhanced. I'm not sure what my part of the bill might be but the service was literally fantastic. I was helped mon , tues, and wed, AND Maybe they changed chefs but the food very good. Maybe my insurance is just a little better than other people on here. Hannah,Renee,Melissa,Danielle,Alejandrina,Stephanie,Nick,Marmi,Andres Jaclyn and Alicia were just some of the names I remembered.

Joseph Gonzales

we went to the emergency last night to get my wife seen because we thought she broke her finger when she fell. It was a nightmare. It seem to take an long time to check in and get seen but i guess that is the norm. So we finally got seen for vitals and told the x-ray guy would be out in a few minutes. So after an half hour i went to ask what was going on it had been a while. He said he would find out. So after another fifteen minutes he showed up. Of course the basketball game was on and he was more concerned about the score than doing his job. I got upset and asked him to attend to my wife and quit watching the basketball game. He was here to do a job not watch basketball. Then when he said can you wait a minute as he was watching the game i really was mad and yelling for him to stop watching the game and get to work and do his job. I could not believe it. My wife was in pain and needed medical assistance. That to me is not very professional people go to the emergency room because they need help and are hurting they are not concerned about some basketball game. It seems like there should be better concern for the patient than a game.

Brian Uptain



Liudmila Glavinskaya

Michelle Berna

I just wanted to say i had the best team working with me a Big Thanks to Dr. Scott Shepherd nurse Rae and ultrasound tech David thank you all sooo much great team!!!

Vincent Almodovar

Anys Zertuche

Angie Houchins

My husband spent 4 days here after an ER visit. The ER staff was good but after my husband was admitted that's where the experience went downhill and in a hurry. The day time nursing staff was absolutely awful. They spent more time socializing than caring for patients. I literally had to run them down countless times to get answers and forget trying to speak to a doctor. My husband was admitted for over 24 hours before a doctor was even assigned to him! How in the world this slipped passed the nursing staff is beyond me but it is completely unacceptable. Had I not been there as his advocate God only knows how long he would have been there unnecessarily. The food was so bad that I wouldn't even expect my dog to eat it let alone a sick human. So I brought in his meals daily so he could eat. Now, as if this experience wasn't bad enough it got even worse a week or so ago. We received and paid EVERY bill from Renown, or so we thought. My husband gets a call from a bill collector for an outstanding balance of $800 from this same visit. The collector even told him she could see where the original bill was sent to the wrong address and WE NEVER RECEIVED it! But we received every other bill just fine. They made no attempt to resend the bill, call, email nothing, instead sent it straight to collections. Thankfully it's not showing on his credit report because if it was I would be taking a heck of a lot more actions instead of this review. So we'll pay that last bill, and if we ever need health care services again, we will drive HOURS to another facility instead of going to this hell hole.


The wait time for Lab work midday is abysmal. I observed one lady saying she was leaving because she had waited over 1:20 minutes. I’ve been here :45 minutes. The people are professional and nice. They just seemed mythological or bogged down at this time.

Todd Ganos

Roger Tirona

Jim Cooper

Rebecca M

Janet Neal

If you have to go to the ER the staff is friendly an timely. You don't have to wait around with obviously terribly ill people hacking their lungs out, screaming children and people sitting there with blood pouring out everywhere. They can actually pull up your past history if you've had to go ti their ER. Simply amazing!

Sarah Mentzer

nice nurse is wonderful doctors who take care of you

April Parker

I had to go into the Er and was admitted n the staff n nurses and dr were great. I just dont like staying tht long in the hospital. But thnx u South Meadows Renown for helping me this oast month

Matt Wellcraft

Great professional staff and care. Fled from St. Marys after being passed over for 2 hours, no first aid, or even a bag of ice for a head injury. Renown provided appropriate and timely care, was diagnosed with having a concussion. Staff are great and care about their patients.

Jillian Bohach

Had a great experience in the ER. The staff got me in immediately and was super accommodating. My discharge charge nurse, Peggy, explained everything I had questions about and was absolutely wonderful!

Alexa Baez

Had pains in my stomach and was vomiting so I checked in the ER and some guy doctor said my test was a false positive. They took blood samples but it was false, he said they could give me an X-ray but “I doubt we’ll find anything” so I Went to my doctor 1 week later and I was 1 month pregnant. Found that out through an ultrasound

Victoria Sands

Tammy Merrill

I been at the emergency room since 9 30pm today still waiting and it was 1 30am. They told me it will be 1 hour then another lady said 3 hours not include waiting in the emergency room take blood work, urine sample and x Ray as well. I wouldn't be out until 6 or 7am I have five kids at home to take care and my man goes to work in the morning too. They need more rooms and help. I just left at 1 30 am this is the worse place I been too. I can't believe people of Reno gave them almost five stars what have u been smoking this place needs more improvement and fix the issue.

Summer Dawn Ponte-Turner

Robert Christie

Just go somewhere else. I spent 6 days at this hospital last year after an ER visit that I almost walked out of. The nursing staff is rude, the doctors are impossible to get ahold of, the food is so bad I wouldn’t feed it to a pigeon, and the rooms are incredibly outdated and uncomfortable. But that’s just the start. After you get your bill in the mail which you’ve been price gouged on, you would expect some sort of online bill pay that was remotely relevant in 2019 but instead you are given something a 4th Fraser could have programmed. When you call in to pay your bill the automated system doesn’t understand the word “Billing” and when it does and you get transferred to the billing department expect to be placed on hold then a ghost phone answers and you can hear people talking in the background. Not only can you hear people talking in the billing department but you can hear patient information in the background (Makes me want to tell you my info that much less). The payment plans are in no way set up to help you pay your bill. The minimum payments are way too high. I’d rather see some kind of gypsy healer than go to this hospital again. Update 5/22/19 literally the worst hospital I’ve ever dealt with. Not only is it impossible to get an appointment without waiting months to see a doctor but it’s also impossible to renew an order. Can they hire anyone with any sort of competence at this place?

Danette Gaetke

My husband having severe pain caused by a kidney stone blocking urine July 1, 2019. The ER nurse, doctor and nursing assistant provided compassionate Care with competence, keeping us updated on testing schedule and results. He received the same quality of care and communication once he was transferred to the surgical floor. The pre op staff were amazing in offering regular reassurance and updates as we waited for the surgeon, who was late due to an emergency surgery at another hospital. I recommend Renown South Meadows ER and Medical Center.

b Bodin

Fantastic staff, 2TKR surgeries and very positive experience on both admissions. Pre-Op, Post-OP, OR,PT, OT and nursing all genuinely care.. Nothing but praise for this team!!


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