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REVIEWS OF Northern Nevada Medical Center IN Nevada

Lynn McCartney

Excellent service and care from the time I walked in for my operation...friendly staff...quick to answer calls....


Dr.Anderson and his nurse are the most compassionate people. I went into the ER thinking I had a miscarriage, they were so fast and efficient, even though I was in the ER. They did not make me feel rushed at all.

Nancy Mora

Worse experience.

Elsie Russell

Ann McGuire

Emergency room check in and stay was excellent. Once I was checked into the hospital, communication between doctors and nursing staff was poor. As an example according to what I was told my stress test was cancelled at midnight by the doctor and it was not communicated to the nursing staff. The issue finally got corrected by the Echo technician.

debra salvini

I have many health issues and been hospitized at northern Nevada many times. I am also an out patient for Lab testing and have been treated with respect and kindness. Because of my frequent visits I know many of the people that work there by name. My husband recently passed and the nurses and doctors that were with him and my family were thoughtful and caring. I would recommend Northern Nevada medical center to my family and friends. Thank you to all that work so hard to care for their patients.


pete Lehman

Horrible service and personnel after treatment have no clue about the other administrative offices.

David Skoglie

This facility has the most qualified staff. They are kind and caring. This was my second experience at the facility. I highly recommend it!!

Valerie Mulari

I was admitted through the ER with bilateral pneumonia, respiratory failure & sepsis, along with a few other diagnosis'. I spent the first 5 days in ICU and then the next 9 days on the 5th floor. My nurses were great, my aides were attentive. My food however was never what I ordered. I do not eat red meat or pork, yet most mornings I would find bacon & eggs instead of the got cereal that I ordered. I asked for orange juice & 2 bottles of water every day with every meal for 2 weeks, yet I received cranberry juice or coffee or milk. Lunches & dinners were the same. I never knew what I would find under the lid. Most meals I sent back & would wait for the next surprise meal. Yes, I spoke to Roberta & other kitchen staff about my meals, yes I filled out my meal ticket & handed it in to a live person. Other than my meals my stay was great considering I was very, very ill & coughing my lungs out. Whenever I wanted to walk I was presented with a fresh O2 tank & if my husband was there he would walk with me. As hospitals go & my background in the medical field dating back to 1982, this hospital & staff were great! My room had a million dollar view of the valley, which I enjoyed everyday. So kudos & thank you to everyone involved in my care, you know who you are-Lenora, Sarka, Linda, Octavio just to name a few. I loved their sense of humor & the care they gave me was 5 Star Treatment! Thank you all so very much, Val M., Greg & of course Maverick

Caroline K

My experience at the hospital was actually quite wonderful. I went for an MRI but have horrible claustrophobia. The X-ray tech was so great, she got me through the entire thing without crying or having a panic attack. The reason for the 1 star rating is their billing department. I received a bill 12/15/17 for my copay due 01/02/18, 5 days later (12/20) I receive a second notice demanding I pay immediately (again- my copay was not due until 01/02/18). Since 12/20 I've received calls non-stop demanding payment. I received a total of FOUR notices and countless collection calls all before the due date. I will never use this 'hospital' again. They should be ashamed of themselves.

Kourtney Guthrie

Went into the ER because I was having trouble breathing and that I’ve had a panic attack on the way there and was still not in the right mind set the doctor proceeded to tell me that I might have a blood clot or heart attack that could kill me at any moment I’m 22.I had an x ray and an ecg done the doctor labeled me as a high risk patient I’m sorry but this is the worst experience I’ve ever had in a hospital i ended up getting discharged without even getting told if there was any type of treatment for my breathing problem the doc said nope and walked away real HIGH RISK am I right. Long story short he was not helpful in any aspect, I ended up leaving without any information about why I even came in. I asked what my ecg meant and his reply was oh 8 years of med school “haha” I will never return to this hospital.

Melissa Philio

Great friendly staff, and the ER is quick! My husband came in with severe abdominal pain. They had us in the back in no time at all. He ended up having his gallbladder removed. The surgeon and nurses are very attentive and helpful. They even went out of their way to insure my daughter and I were comfortable during our visits. This is easily the best hospital we've ever been to, and that says a lot because we're from Houston where they have a "top" Medical Center. I don't have a single complaint. My only suggestion would be to adjust the cafeteria hours to open a bit sooner and close a bit later, but that's a minute issue. Overall this was a very pleasant hospital experience.

Lillie Maddox

dale reitz

My experience with Northern NV Med Center was very good.

Gabriel Bonnet

Angel Romano

when to get physical therapy not only was it extremely expensive but it was useless. It was a waste of money and time.

Annahi Avery

My mother has been to the Emergency Room over 3 times for the same diagnosis and they did not treat the problem or give her a referral. This place is terrible don't take your family members if you love them.

Steven Anderson

BEWARE!!!! If I could give them ZERO STARS I would, but I HAVE to give at least one star so I can leave a review so here it is... If your in pain and need to be seen at a hospital GO to Saint Mary's Reginal Medical Center. We were sent from the Urgent Care because her vitals were terrible and they said she needed to be admitted. So We went to Northern Nevada Medical Center's ER with paperwork from the urgent care a second time this week and both times they sent us home saying there was nothing wrong. We even tried to get my wife a doctor's note to be excused from work so she could rest if that's all they were gonna do, but ER Doctor Kim told us he saw no reason she couldn't work. My wife was barely able to walk because she was in so much pain. I asked him what can we do so that she could stay the night so they can watch her and he said they don't have enough beds for non emergency situations. I guess her high white blood count, Low blood pressure, fever of 102.7 and heart rate of 150 wasn't an emergency to them. So getting nowhere with Northern Nevada Medical Center and her symptoms were getting worse we decided to try Saint Mary's Regional Medical Center. We arrived at their ER and they immediately got us into a room and started Tests. About 30 minutes after the CT scan they came in and said they were calling a Surgeon to see of they wanted to operate to remove the infection and they admitted her to the Saint Mary's Reginal Medical Center. We were so relieved that the staff at Saint Mary's were so nice and very professional.

James Holman

Top shelf service "the best!" the emergency room personnel was very experienced and thorough and did a fantastic job of keeping pain at its minimum during procedure

Maria Hernandez

all staff, was very courteous, professional, knowledgeable. Very friendly. from the front desk, the Nurse, Doctor Kim, Techs, Scan tech. Thank you for the Fast response and I was not there for many hours. I was looked at very quick. I will continue going there for any emergency, or care, and will refer people there.

Jazmin Mooty

Friendly staff. Exceptional wait times. Very happy with my experience

Campin' Fishin'

What a nightmare of a hospital! Unless you’re dying and have no other choice but to go to this hospitals ER I would avoid this place. I was seen there for abdominal pain, had a CT scan to rule out an aortic aneurysm, told it wasn't that and to follow up with my PCP. The bill was for over $18,000. They billed my insurances (I have 2 different very good insurances) and they were paid what they contracted for. I still received a bill for over $1800. Long story short, I was told by my insurance company I should not have a copay and that I owed them nothing. Was sent to collections, fought with them, filed a grievance with my insurance company and of course during this entire time getting nasty threatening phone calls and letters from their collection agency. Fast forward, my insurance company decided to pay them the $1800. They have been updated each step of the way, but they never update their system. So when you call them they act like they know nothing, they just tell you that you owe them. If you ask to speak to a supervisor, they throw you back into their phone system where you just wait. Rude, rude, rude people. If you’re on hold more than 9 minutes, you get booted off their system. You cannot wait longer than that in their que. You’ll never get anything resolved and your account NEVER gets updated!!!!!!!!!!!! So as of today, my insurance has paid them IN FULL 100%, but they say I still owe them. I cannot get through to anyone that can help me or gives a damn. If you want your credit RUINED go seek help at this hospital! I have the best insurance out there and I’m still getting screwed. Stay away from this place. They are crooked as hell!! Worst hospital I’ve ever dealt with!


Had a wonderful experience here. Very kind staff in check in and surgery. I wished all hospital experiences were like this

Beverly Knight

Love this hospital! The doctors, nurses and staff were wonderful to me during and after my surgery. I couldn't have received better care.

Carol Kramer

My wife received outstanding care at Northern Nevada. She was admitted on Jly 3 and was discharged on Jly 4. Her physicians, nurses, techs, phlebotomists, et al approach to my wife's care was qualitative and thorough Again, her care was outstanding!!!!!.

Chason C.

Apparently, only one individual is capable to schedule appoints or take new patients. Staff is impatient.

TieOneOn Susie

I just spent 3 days at NNMC after being admitted through the ER with pneumonia. Having never been in a hospital except to have 2 kids years ago, I don't have much to compare it to, but I was very satisfied with my care, starting in the ER, where a wonderful nurse named Ty took care of me. Once on the 5th floor, I continued to receive excellent treatment from a number of professionals, including Dr. Okunola, nurses Theresa, James, Sarka, Sarika and Brittany, my favorite nurses' aide, Will, and the many other technicians and lab personnel who ran tests on me. The hospital volunteers even brought me a small bouquet of flowers and I got a special visit from a Sheltie therapy dog! There are a lot of down sides to a hospital stay. It definitely was not fun, but the staff made my stay much more bearable, and I'm very grateful!

Irv Stark

Without a doubt one of the best hospitals in which I have stayed. Friendly, courteous staff. Room for improvement, however, would be in the food served, some good, other not so. Overall, a very good experience.

Melissa Russell

April Harwart

I would give there ICU a 0 if I could. I not only was assaulted after just having a double spine surgery, but my daughter's both were 86ed for no reason and the lied to call the police. My 17 yr old was trying to help me and was yelled at after she spoke up when witnessed the abuse. My older daughter with my 3 mo old granddaughter drove 4 hours to be with be, just walked in my ICU room as a nurse was SCREAMING at me, and set the baby down to change her and that nurse left and made false claim thst she threatened her... Well upper management sides with the abusive staff and put my minor daughter in a very bad spot in a hot car in the parking lot, as we don't live down here. Home for was 5 hours away. I am filing legal charges, see Northern Nevada your not the only ones that can call the cops. I at least have a real reason. I will never choose this hospital again for anything.

Kevin Shaw

Went there and the staff got me in and out in a reasonable time. Great staff great hospital

Natalie Ede

Don't go here their hospital staff does not care about their patients at all

Andy McNutt

Be very very wary of the ER. Had a family member go here, verified insurance and all seemed well. End result was facility was in BCBS network, but many of the providers are not. If you have to go here, ask EVERYONE you encounter if they're in your insurances network or you may very well have some nasty surprises in the mail.

Misty Martin

Iam very disappointed my ER visit not professional at all I went there because my finger was not getting better and started to hurt so bad.... the ER Doctor did get ex rays she also cut my finger open to see if anything comes out. Referred me to Dr Christensen at the ROC The funny part is he was on call and she said so.... why didn't she call him.... I saw him Thursday Jan 25 and was wondering why he was not called to treat me.. I might loos the tip of my finger. She thought I had cellulitis sent me home with Tyleno and Antibiotics. I went to Dr Mito and he new right away its Raynaud disease. So Thank you Dr that needs to go back to school and a nurse who asked me if I injected somthing in the tip of my finger what is wrong with you. I will no longer be going to that hospital ever and iam goin to smear your name let people know about how unprofessional and inconsiderate your employees are. And if I do loos my finger tip you will be held accountable... Dr's Orth Do no harm "This will certainly not be my last post you can believe that Sincerely Misty Martin Well I did loos my finger not just the tip half my finger. The surgery was done there, the hospital that misdioenoed my condition, Raynaud's disease not Cellulitis. Reno orthopedic clinic did a awesome job. Northern NV I will never be the same because of 1 ER Doctor that should of done more then send me home with Tylenol & antibiotics. Thank you so much for all you didn't do for me. And the owner please comments about this insadent tell the truth don't apologise for your Doctor's bad behavior thank you. Misty

Rene Baker

My husband is a cardio patient .

George Tackett

I was a bit surprised that the ER staff didn't even clean or treat my scrapes and abrasions from falling on asphalt pavement. They just told me to shower and gently clean with mild soap after I ask. Otherwise the more serious treatment was fine.

Jusst Jess

My younger sister has been in tears everyday for the last week due to increasing back spasms. She has also gone to the ER 3 days in a row, as the medications she has been given aren't helping. My sister never needs to do Doctors visits, she never (usually) cries and is a pretty tough lady. All this aside, she was driven back to the ER and was convinced to go to Northern Nevada. Dr. Catts was very unprofessional and rude the whole time, even said to my sisters face to stop with her dramatics. Seriously?! I'm sorry, but if you need to go to the hospital the long wait somewhere else is better than this place. And if this is the only place you can go ask for a different Doctor if you get assigned Dr. Catts.

jacqui richards

my husband tried to stay in their in house rehab after back surgery. the therapists are outstanding but the room was nothing like they showed us on the tour. he had a shared bathroom with no locks and the meals were family style in their kitchen, food was late. also meds never got ordered and the hospital couldn't provide them for some reason. the big rooms are great but they seem to expect patients to go to bed at 9 and not get up till the morning. everyone tried really hard to help us but I picked him up and brought him home after a few hours later.

Eduardo Diaz

Justin Moore

Staff was incredibly nice, BUT their ER is slooooow. So slow. Maybe they can take some profits and employ a doctor or two. Otherwise I'd like a rebate on my premiums because there is nothing premium about this hospital .

chris williams

Phyllis Kaltenbach

The Dr. should have know what I was about to experience. I barely here this morning, with every pipe in my body howling, A very croupy cough and feel faint. My chest is howling! I am barely still mobilizing, with a total lack of energy! I really did feel like "If i lie down, I will simply pass way." I have no decongestants in our home!. I haven't had to have a Z-Pac for years but feel as: if the Dr. had ordered one, it defiantly would have helped. I have never been this congested! As it is my husband went to Wallgreens Pharmacy , on Vista in Sparks, and the Pharmacist had an Emergency Inhaler waiting for me that I had just ordered last week. Now I feel as though I am going to "shake out of my skin!" The Dr. should have known that the contents in that little capsule that went into my lungs would have created this kind of havoc! I need help and nowhere to get it on a Friday! I feel half dead and Not pleased with the small amount of help I received!

marilyn neuman

Everyone very caring.

Amanda Whitten

We went here because my daughter was having an allergic reaction and it was the closest to our house. We were seen right away and taken care of right away. I was very impressed with the promptness we received. We have been to Renown for a medical emergency for my dad and also my daughter and both times spent hours waiting. The doctor, nurse and staff were all very friendly too.

Rick Watson

This hospital saved my life. The Doctors and nurses are the best. I went in with a viral infection that shut down my, Liver, and Kidneys, and because of their support and skills in the emergency room and ICU, they saved my life. Today, I am no longer requiring Dialysis, and my liver has come back. Thank you, Northern Nevada. Hopefully I'll never be taken anywhere else. After reading some of the other reviews, I felt a need to say more. First of all, I could not have asked for a better crew of Doctors, and or, Nurses. They were all extremely personable, polite and courteous. My every need was met, and there was nothing I went without. I spent eight days in ICU, and seven days in Acute. I think this qualifies me as someone who has experienced the entire staff extensively. Again, thank you, Northern Nevada.

Chris Skinner

C Thompson

amazing care and nursing staff. I love this medical center...

Nikolas Glenn

I was born at this hospital and have always gone here for any health or emergency needs. I've always had a good experience here, they have always treated me well and always been fair. I'll continue to come to them until I'm given a reason not to. 26 years still good to me.

Harry Bretschneider

Tim Sanders

I went to NNMC as a new patient after terrible lab work record keeping and inconsistencies at Quest Diagnostics. In addition my physician had scheduled a CT scan for me. I could not have been treated any better and the staff was so friendly I was taken aback. I was politely asked to give my medical history then ESCORTED to the counselor who would make my appointments with the lab and doctors. For my second visit, I was escorted from the admittance desk to the lab and then escorted to the radiology department. The personnel were super friendly and knowledgeable in answering my questions. Dr. Bob in Radiology was professional and courteous and explained how and why I was having the CT and blood work done and what it all meant. His assistant was also very accommodating and went out of her way to make me comfortable. 5 stars all around.

Rich Lezama

Very nice people, caring they all deserve a raise

September Jacobsen

I used to go there because their short wait time for the ER. I will never go again because their doctors bill insurance and then try to get paid twice by sending the bills to collections. I have had thousands of dollars sent to collections from frey sierra emergency physicians, and other doctors(at least 4 claims so far). I am working with the Hospital Collections to have these corrected. This is so unprofessional to say the least.

sally jane

Annika Byrne

I went here a few months ago for chest pain. After doing an EKG (tachycardia and arrhythmia), blood sugar (normal) and a blood test (normal), the doctor I had started accusing me of trying to commit suicide (even though I have a known heart condition, that is documented in my medical history which apparently she didn't care to read). I said that I didn't and that I have history of heart problems and she basically told me to leave. To be specific, she said that if all I was going to do was lie to her then there was nothing she could do for me and I should just go home. I was livid. The only good things I have to say about the visit is that the nurses were nice and the wait time was indeed fast; I didn't sit in the waiting room for a second, I checked in and before I could get up they called me back. However, a fast wait time means nothing if you don't get any treatment. The doctors here do not care about their patients at all. Incredibly rude and unhelpful.

Cody Beck

The staff here is awful, every time I go into see my grandfather he is in pain and his health is declining, but the staff have had no idea what has changed, every time we go in we have had to bring these changes to the staffs attention.

Leighan Risso

Sabeen Ali

I had a swollen ankle and leg with pain and I was recommended NNMC by my mom and husband both if whom had visited this ER before and were attended within 15 mins. However this time it took forever! I got there about 7:45 and was called in an hour later. And I was disappointed that they didn't even put me in a normal ER room. I was made to sit on a bed in the hallway! It felt degrading with no privacy. After a LONG 40 mins the doctor finally attended me and ordered labs and an ultrasound. I was further shocked when a few mins later the ultrasound Technician came by with a wheelchair and told me to take my pants off and use a sheet to cover myself and she will be back in a minute! So basically she was asking me to undress in a busy hallway with people walking by and a patient on the next bed! I did not do it and asked her when she returned if she really wanted me to undress in the open. She just kind of sighed and said "I can have you under in the room" you think??? Anyway by the time all the results came back and i saw the doctor again it was already 10:45. He said he is discharging me and he will be send th nurse with the paperwork which was about 35 mins later. So it took a good 3 hours and 45 mins there. The only reason I chose NNMC over Renown was shorter wait times even though Renown is much closer to my house. Also, the male triage nurse who did my vitals and the ultrasound Technician were not friendly at all. On a positive note, doctor and nurse both were pretty nice but I will probably never come here again. If I have to spend 3 hours at an ER again it will be closer to home.

S Robert

If you have an emergency that is not immediately life or limb threatening you should explore every means available before choosing this destination. This should be your last choice, and at admitting, you need to grill, absolutely grill the people there for verification of "in-network coverage". Then, you need to make sure everyone working there that is treating you is also "in network"! On January 11th I slipped on an icy driveway and cut my forehead just above the eyebrow, about 1-1/2 inches long. Three X-Rays, a half ml of superglue, and two steristrips later I have bills totaling in excess of $3,500.00, and that's after insurance. The latest of which I just received, four months later. I know when you're hurting and bleeding issues like this are not on the forefront of thought. But if you or a loved-one are reading this on your way there call your insurance company and get the location of an urgent care facility, chances are your total out of pocket will be just your co-pay. Learn from my mistake!

Allison Bruner

If you think your ER visit is covered because this hospital is in-network, think again!!! I went to the ER with a broken collarbone. I checked carefully on my ride into town to ensure that I went to an ER within my insurance network. I signed in and was told my copay was $350. Ok, that's fine. There's no mention that the emergency room physicians are NOT in my network and are going to bill me separately. I saw the ER doc for maybe 10 minutes....she looked at my x-rays, checked my range of motion, told me told me to wear a sling, and follow-up with a surgeon the following week. Much much later I get a bill for $2,846 from the physician!!!!! That's in addition to the $2,524 bill from the hospital itself that thankfully insurance covered. I later had surgery on my collarbone and my surgeon charged me exactly $2,846 for cutting me open, putting things back in place, screwing it all together with a plate, and sewing me back up. The fact that the ER Doc wants the same amount as my surgeon is ridiculous! I would be very very cautious of returning to this ER again.


On the top floor the 7th floor there is the hospital called Tahoe Pacific that lease's from the Northern Nevada they are Beyond description fact matter be that entire building everybody that works in it other than one individual that would be the social worker out of Tahoe Pacific was unlike anything I've experienced in my 55 years! Tahoe Pacific everybody from the custodian to the doctors that I encountered out of 8 months going in and out of various hospitals around Reno and Sparks for my friend while his battle was being fought was exemplary

Nancy Hale

I was admitted from the ER for a couple of issues. The ER Dr assured me they got my prescription list from my pharmacy. There were several issues but the two most concerning was 1. they messed up my heart medicine. I take it in the morning and at night. When the nurse came in the morning she didn't have my one of my heart medications, digoxin, and said they were only going to give it to me at night. She also was insisting I take a pill without having ate that I'm supposed to take with food. When the Dr came to my room an hour or so later and I asked why he changed my heart medication, he said he did not. He didn't check charts or anything just stood in the doorway smiling like an idiot. I was not there because of a issue with my heart. 2. The other issue was the night previous; the aid read the food label and told me it didn't have artificial sweeteners I ate it and got a migraine. The Dr had not ordered my migraine medicine. The nurse didn't want to disturb the Dr because they already went home. This is the same thing that happened to me when I was admitted 5 years ago and why I was insistent about getting my medications straight with the ER Dr. It was a different medication then, but once I was on the floor the nurse said all medicine would have had to have been ordered in the ER because there wasn't a Dr to order medications at night. They are scarily understaffed, and the some of the staff they do have either doesn't care or isn't properly trained.

John Stampfli

The worst experience i,have ever had at a hospital.. I had a doctor completely walk away from me as I'm trying to explain something her name was Gina Dapra. She had horrible bedside manner and I thank Matt the nurse for talking me down. Gina refused to pass on the so called help she acted like a immature teenager.. I have enough of them at home. DO NOT GO HERE EVER. WORST DOCTORS IN TOWN

Jim Brady

The care and the staff's attitude were great, but the information flow from step to step of the process was HORRIBLE. I preregistered online then at admissions they could not find the records. Fortunately I had the hard copy with me, which the admissions clerk entered and kept. Later in pre op it was clear that much of the info they had was not what I gave to the clerk, but was info that was about two year out of date. So line by line I had to add, modify and delete information from memory. The the operating room nurse arrived and we found more missing or wrong info. My conclusion is there is no process for information flow in surgical cases, or no enforcement of the process.

Holly E. Trethe

I was treated very well. I have been to Emergency Room twice. I was admitted to hospital with chest pain. The nurses and the doctors took good care of me. The cardiologist came back at the end of the day to explain my treatment. I was scared. I will recommend their Center to all my friends and family.

Randy Shaeffer

Tony Zapata

I was very impressed to see the CEO Alan making rounds. The ER staff very very kind, compassionate and caring. Nurse Sarah on nights was the best. I was in 312. She checked on me often explaining her every move. Cody a new Nursing Assistant was excellent. He will make an outstanding Nurse in the future. Bart who did my echocardiogram was thorough, kind, engaging. He is very impressive. The food was good. Room was clean. I was treated with dignity and respect. They managed my pain well. Things to improve: discharge. Instructions were rushed. A Nurse Practitioner briefly discussed my test results did not write a prescription like she said she would and no one assisted me with an appointment like she discussed. They were rushing me out of there to close the floor. I hear everything. When staff are talking about not using the 3rd floor correctly in the procedure room I hear everything. I don't need to hear grumblings. Everything considered I would go back in a minute. Good hospital. There are more positives with some improvements which can be finessed.

Brent Campbell

All the people involved with my stay, were all very professional, polite and supportive. Thank you for a wonderful experience.

S Pat

Phil Matheny

The care and treatment I received at NNMC was excellent and their patient care and concern is/was magical. I have never, in all the years I've had to use medical services, ever come across an organization that demonstrably proves every day how committed to patient care and customer excellence than NNMC. Your people should give training seminars on how to handle customer complaints and problems. Every one there CARED and made you believe it. Wow. From ER to inhouse everyone worked for me. I was made to feel special and now know I am in good hands for my future.

Carina Kroeplin

Haven't had a BAD experience with their actual physical staff- HOWEVER- concerned that someone there is selling personal info to "collection agencies". The "collection agencies" will call you within a few weeks of your service date, before the hospital even supposedly bills insurance. Went through this issue TWICE in a few months... BAD BUSINESS.

eric nordberg

my lady was on 7th floor for COPD excellent care nurses aways came in see how she was doing she felt very comfortable there:)

Nick S

Hailey Silva

So my son has been into accident and broke his tibia they splint his leg sent him home with 10 pain pills told him they would call him and schedule him with surgery with the right doc . Here it has been 5 days later we have called and called left messages no one will respond any phone calls so I took him to renown where they took him right in and schedule doct who called and wanted to see him by the next morning and is scheduled now for surgery meanwhile still nothing from northern Nevada ! I will spread the word if u value your health stay away from northern Nevada! It’s unbelievable how they work ! They sure won’t hesitate to call for there billing but for full care and treatment you will be sent on your way with next to nothing to seek out a real hospital that professionals really do there job to the fullest! And when your dealing with someone’s health and life there’s no room for negligence!

Bethany Chapman

I am writing this as a patient and former employee. I worked in the physical therapy office at the Sparks location. Four months into my employment there I became ill. Very ill, following symptoms I had been having for a while. During my, (unknown) last week of employment, I was ill to my stomach every day. I decided to get into my primary care physician that Friday since we close early on Fridays. The other front desk worker decided to take an impromptu trip that Friday. And, since she had been there longer than me, and was favored by the director she got to go. I then scheduled it for Monday, but the director then told me I couldn't schedule it for Monday, and to schedule another day. I gave up and went to the ER that Friday after work. They ran many tests on me, then had me come back Saturday for a more involved scan. On Sunday, I went back to the ER because I was not any better and ended up being admitted for observation. I came back to work Tuesday, still very sick. The director sent me home, stating, and I quote"If you are still sick tomorrow, call in." I was, and I did. She called me that day to tell me I was fired for missing 3 days of work(she had sent me home a month prior because I had a cold.) She said, and IaI aga quote,"I hope you feel better from whatever you have." I had solid proof I was in the hospital. As a side note, I had a bad gallbladder. I found out months later. If I had let it go on longer, it could've gone septic. I will also add, a month before that, I started seeing a doctor for carpal tunnel syndrome. They scheduled me for surgery in 2 months. After I got off the phone, I casually mentioned it to the other woman I worked with at the front desk. Within 10 MINUTES, the director emailed me, telling me, I needed to make her aware of any surgeries I might have. I had only scheduled it 20 minutes ago! The director also told me I needed to do occupational therapy instead of surgery. My treatment was none of her business. The physical therapy office is very, "cliquey". The front desk worker and the supervisor of physical therapy would constantly gossip about patients. The director is self centered and egotistical. I contacted UHS via letter in regards to the whole situation. All they told me to do was call HR. As a patient, when I was in the ER, and had all my imaging done, I was NEVER EVER called in regards to the results of my imaging. I didn't know months later that my gallbladder was bad, until I went to a real doctor. And, he saw from the imaging that was sent from Northern that I had a hernia too!! Northern Nevada never even mentioned either one. Also, I was seeing a primary who was part of the Northern Nevada Medical Group. I called them the day I got out of Northern, and asked for a note for work stating I was in the hospital. They called me TWO WEEKS later to tell me they had my letter ready. I would not let my worst enemy go to Northern Nevada Medical for anything.

kenny nelson

Thank you to ED, 5th floor, and everyone else that helped me. You all are very good at what you do. I appreciate more than I could express all of you. 10 seconds of walking in I was being treated. Every detail was explained so I could understand . Again Thank you very much.

Marilyn Clemenza

This has to be the best hospital I have ever been in. The entire staff that I dealt with was wonderful. The hospital itself is so modern and high tech. The information that was given to me for my surgery was very thorough and helped me prepare for what I had to go through. Between having a great doctor (Dr. Paul Y. Shonnard) and his staff, and being in a great hospital--my stay was as pleasant as it could be.

John Lohse

Short waiting time, very courteous people and very professional.

jamie touch

I love going to this hopistal. Supposedly, it is the hospital to go to for stoke-related problems in Northern Nevada. The Doctors are amazing, are hands on, are great listeners, and more. The nurses are attentive, supportive, and fun to interact with. I wish I could attend the outpatient physical program just to get full feel experience. But other than that, you can't go wrong with this hospital

Kristi Irvine

I took my son here to NNMC some months ago when he got a spider bite that appeared to be that of a Brown Recluse. Turned out just to be an allergic reaction to a house spider bite. Unfortunately, my son aquired his first ever MRSA/staph infection while he was here, in his spider bite. Now he gets it just about monthly & will forever be extremely susceptible to it. It's caused a lot of burden on our family & in my son's education & health. Unfortunately, he now has to live like this for the rest of his life, thanks to NNMC. My Mom also got staph here in her arm when she broke her arm years ago. So yesterday my Husband & I had to come here for MRSA/staph in his knee. His knee was clearly full of fluid that just wasn't coming out on it's own, so we came to NNMC to get it drained. They did an ultrasound on his knee & said there were no fluid pockets in there. So they decided to milk our insurance & also did blood tests, urine tests & even chest x-rays! All of his tests came back clear, as we knew they would, knowing they were just milking us. The doctor was not friendly, wouldn't even respond any of the times we thanked him. The nurses did not inform us of the procedures they were performing, just kept telling us to ask the doctor, who seemed not to actually care. I also asked the doctor a medical question about myself since he was there & he was absolutely clueless & said I would have to ask a different doctor. So they ultimately prescribed my Husband Rx Aleve & antibiotics & sent us on our way. When we got home, his knee started pouring fluid. It drained for the rest of yesterday, all night last night & more this morning. So basically, we went to the hospital for no reason, other than antibiotics & a few thousand dollars in hospital bills for unnecessary tests, just to go home & drain it ourselves. We are taking our fantastic milk-worthy insurance & moving to the St. Mary's network for all our future medical needs. I will discourage everyone for the rest of my life, from going to NNMC! NO, an "empathetic" comment in response from NNMC will NOT change my mind or fix any of this! And NO, we will NOT take even more time out of our lives to email NNMC so that they can pretend to care about our "concerns". ACTIONS speak & when it comes to our HEALTHS, no words in the world will ever make a difference. If you actually CARE, you would SHOW it by providing better care to patients! This isn't some retail store with bad customer service - people's LIVES are on the line in THIS place! UPDATE: The other day, my Mom collapsed from a breathing problem & was hospitalized here at NNMC 2 days ago. The staff have been wonderful to her, but I couldn't skip a review on this, after they overdosed her on Fentynal, while going through the contrast proceedure to have her heart checked. She thought she was going to die! She couldn't breath & her temperature spiked to a deathly high. They addressed it & got her through the proceedure, but now she is very sick & her skin is BLUE! When I first walked into her room today, there was an unopened syringe in the middle of the floor & my Mom's bed was wobbly & sitting lopsided. In addition to these things, my Mom has no doctor assigned to her. She has gotten only vague answers from the very kind nurses/aids/staff. We/she have been given no idea on when there would be a doctor for her, if only to get information about her test results & a medical plan for when she goes home. My own family (my Husband & children) & I switched to the Saint Mary's Medical Group after our previous review, before this current update. We have never been taken better care of!

Dennis Brown

First class, Everyone was top flght

Rebecca S

Nurse used me for a pin cushion because she couldn't find a vein but however she did find a nerve & continued to probe my hand hitting that nerve until I yelled stop! now my fingers (3) left hand numb as heck - she was rude even more so after I told her that. She left room came back with another needle as if I would let her try to get it right a third time, NOT, I am a heart patient with many issues severe pain among them NEVER again will I go to that ER - Dr was nice enough but that nurse needs lessons on inserting IV's, needles for blood draws, etc... DO NOT USE THIS ER - I did talk with someone from the hospital once the day it happened nothing since - if your a patient go there only if you have to!


Thomas Price

Mary Brandenberger

Horrible. The 15 minute guarantee consists of someone coming out and asking what is wrong - no assessment. The waiting room was clean and neat but when you get to the treatment area it is filthy and disgusting. It was so dirty with blood spots on the floor and the bed and who knows what the spots on the floor were but I decided to have my husband take my service dog outside for fear he would get sick. After an hour in the waiting room when I was the only one there to be seen, it took another 3-1/2 hours for them to take an xray and put a brace on my wrist. Plenty of staff there, many people sitting around talking but in all that time never had the time to poke a head in and see if I needed anything. Not once in the 4-1/2 hours I was there. They didn't even fill out any paperwork. They asked for my ID and pulled up my info from 10 years ago. Never asked for anything current. I'm waiting to see if they want my insurance info. On the other hand, I don't think they got a current address or phone number!

Bion Towne

Been going here since it was Sparks Family Hospital for 2 reasons primarily; 1) 15 minute triage policy for the ER. Been less than that always. 2) All rooms are private. No annoying roomies. Last thing I want when I'm confined to a hospital bed, which is bad enough on it's own, is to be forced to share that experience with a total stranger. Another reason I like them so much has more to do with luck than it does policy and accommodation. In 2005 I was admitted to the ER because i was having issues with slurred speech, and balance. They did a CT scan and the radiologist said he thought he saw something, possibly MS. I don't know what I was expecting but MS was not on the list. Later that morning, there was a neurologist making rounds and he did the spinal tap the same morning. By the next day the radiologist was proven right. So NNMC is responsible for the luckiest day of my life. Most people spend years and thousands being miss diagnosed before being correctly diagnosed with MS. I got it in one 4 day weekend. That's lucky. But without the skilled and knowledgeable staff at NNMC, my luck would have been much different.

Tamara Orr

I went to NNMC to have my gallbladder removed (laparoscopic cholecystectomy). The entire process was smooth and everyone from the admittance office to the nurses and doctors made me feel at ease. My nurses were awesome- Nicole, Lorena, and other whom i can't recall only because I was just waking from anesthesia. Dr. Rembetski and the anesthesiologist made sure I was comfortable and aware of how the process would go. Thank you all for taking care of me! And thank you for making sure my Husband was also well informed.

Taj Viper

Rudest receptionist and staff I have ever ecountered. Very displeased and upset.

Claudia Grund

Overall and due to the circumstances, a good experience. Very attentive staff.

Doug Sizemore

Great hospital, people do everything they can to help and make you comfortable while you are there. Surprisingly for hospital the food is quite good. I believe the medical attention is of a superior quality .

Andee Loudermilk

Service was great but had to wait in between services.

Heather Hanley

My mother went to the ER Thursday night for high blood pressure, dizziness. She was not seen by a doctor but a nurse. She was released at a bp 200/95...I can't believe they didn't wait to bring it down. All she was told was to increase your hb medicines double dosage. This is my concern Northern Nevada, your medical staff character and skills portrays disqualifies your image as a genuine hospital. No get her a EKG to check her heart for possible heart attack and stroke. Why would you release a patient without ensuring her bp is in a safe level? Assumption leads to law suit if ppl pursue it, if anything was to happen to my mother. Hire quality medical staff with quality character not just skills and education. Anyone can be educated and trained in any field but character takes a special type of discipline.

hardart kustoms


I had been using the Renown system and found that is was getting worse and worse. I had a TIA (mini stroke) last Friday and even though NN Hospital was further, it was soooo much better than going to Renown. Everyone was very helpful AND nice. It was an unfortunate experience having a TIA, but felt I was in very good hands. I am now in the process of switching my Cardiologist to the NN Medical Group. Looking forward to the bypass being opened, as I live in Double Diamond and it will be that much faster for me.

Marie Suhl

Caring staff with excellent attention to detail.

Peavine Consulting

NNMC may be routinely overbilling its patients. Patients must be sure that they check their statements. I was advised that my balance is $219. My balance was not been updated. Instead, NNMC reduced my insurance pending amount so that it remains at $440. Luckily, I took a screenshot of the original balance before they reduced my insurance payment. They also placed one of my accounts into collection before I could even start payment on it. I already filed a complaint with the BBB, but its more likely that I won't pay them at all. Maybe a class action lawsuit against NNMC would be better? I'm not an attorney, but contact me at yyanbian [at] gmail . com if this has happened to you so that we can unite against this overbilling practice. I have my account statement available if anyone needs proof of this practice.

Cassandra Franks

They have always been great. I don’t know why I ever choice another hospital. They were again amazing. They followed up with me at the ER after thinking we were having a second miscarriage. Staff was amazing. Everyone was caring. I got information about the do’s and don’ts before even getting to see my obgyn. Thank you!

Rodney Moser

Best ER experience in my life. As a medical professional myself, I can be quite critical. No complaints.

April Benamati

Nnott Ttelliingg

I was billed approximately 2,800 because I was transported there (while cognizant) by mistake against my will in violation of the law (I looked up the relevant laws and read the entire 40 pages of the relevant medical law and 14 pages of the major relevant billing law), and they refused to drop the bill. They did not even talk to anyone who was an attorney or had any legal background whatsoever, and refused to look into the laws whatsoever. I never signed any contract with them, which they acknowledged (they said their notes said I refused, but I was never presented with a contract). The bill was for nothing more than a urinary drug test. I'm not exxagerating. The results showed nothing in my system, if it matters. Doctor Albright (a body builder of about 250 lbs), the only doctor in the wing, of the night shift, said to me, "I WILL TIE YOU UP AND CHEMICALLY SEDATE YOU" (sic) (and he said this quite angrily) in response to me finally demanding to either be notified of my rights (which they refused to do) or be allowed to make a phone call (which they refused to do) or allowed to leave. Please understand, also, that this was after hours of being nothing other than polite, that I was already struggling with school and other things, even had a test and homework due the next day, during the 2nd to last week of the semester, as a difficult science major; school-work that I couldn't just "make up." Every time I received a bill, I called or wrote a letter in response, and explained that I did not call them or request service, that their billd was actually illegimate according to the federal billing laws I'd read, and, the times I called, the person I spoke to said "okay," they understood, that they would drop the bill. Then a few months later, I receieve another bill. This happened for approximately two years. I wrote a "letter of dispute," sent certified mail, return receipt requested, which they ignored completely. 3 months after I sent the letter of dispute, I followed up by phone, and they (Kris Trotter, the one responsible for the decision, who admitted she had zero legal background) told me she had decided they DO have the legal right to bill me, and then refused to look into the laws that I quoted for them in my letter of dispute and over the phone. She admitted that she had not read the billing law I quoted in my letter of dispute. Her decision was completely arbitrary and without legal foundation. They sent my bill to a different collection agency for some reason than the one they had originally, and when I explained the situation to them (and told them they might not want to be mixed up in the coming lawsuit), they sent the bill back to NNMC, refusing to take it. NNMC wrote it off as "charity". A number of other more minor things happened, which I've left out. Note, I looked into legalities such as "implied consent," etc. more than any other entitiy involved. Every single relevant law I looked into (including the medical law regarding my situation, the federal billing law regarding my situation, and the legal concepts such as "implied consent," and "unjust compensation") said, clearly, that the hospital did NOT have the right to bill me, and/or that I was NOT responsible for compensating the hospital for services. The CEO, Mark W. Crawford (FACHE) was (finally) made aware of the actions of Dr. Albright, but his response, put bluntly, made it obvious that he had helped in constructing a big lie - while brushing off actually investigating my complaints. Please feel free to share my review.

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Excellent Hospital excellent stuff excellent food excellent care

Lonnie Massotty

I had a good experience at Northern Nevada Medical Center ER. They were organized and all the staff was extreamly helpful. I would recommend them.

Rob Nelson

My daughter is from California she recently got a job out here and got sick she started having problems with her respiratory so we rushed her to the ER because she is allergic to a few main ingredients in otc meds. When she got their she seen a old PA who told her it’s a cold and otc will help.She tried to explain her allergies to otc but he never read her medical records . After the weird exchange she’s waiting for discharge papers but to her surprise he orderd a EKG and chest X-ray after he told her she’s fine and was being discharged. This hospital tried to kill my daughter by giving medications she’s allergic to then try to order services to run up the bill. Don’t come here go to St.marys

Sqwherebizz Og

All I know is wonderful people work here

Rick Nettleton

Marshall Lindsey

This place used to be my favorite er in washoe county. God forbid you bring in both of ur kids. They made me have my wife and other child wait in the waiting room instead of being able to stay together which is a huge inconvenience. From now on I'll go to renown so my family won't be split up. The staff has gone downhill as well.

Shannon King

Had outpatient surgery. Staff was wonderful and did a great job. However, it was extremely expensive. Almost 10x that of what is normally charged for the surgery. Prior to receiving services, know your costs and shop around!

Jim Cruthirds

The nurse were great, and the were right on top of every. The food was good. And you had a menu to order from.

Dave Frey

The staff is amazing but i went in for 2 procedures. Both, for whatever reason were unsuccessful. I gotc the incision for the pacemaker but no pacemaker. The angiogram was not concluded.I have lost all faith in the cardiology department I

Rick Reighley

The staff treated me like I was a very important person!

Cindi Fairfield

ER diagnosed my husband correctly (after Renown ER had dismissed his pain as GERD) and saved his life with emergency surgery.

Laurel Barrett

My son was admitted into the ER for a severe panic attack. When I talked with the attending nurse the following day to get answers he was extremely rude. I asked to speak to his doctor for more information and he informed me the Dr. was too busy to talk with me as he had more important patience to attend to. In the same sentenced also informed me he had other patience who were being neglected due to his waste of time conversation with me. He also lied about the visiting hours and time limits. When i asked about his release and what the time frame was he told me they will keep him there as long as he has good insurance. It all boils down to money. I have talked to my son and he says all the nurses and staff have been extremely nice and accommodating except for the one nurse i had spoke with on the phone who ironically was the same nurse who admitted him. I have read other reviews and have come to the same conclusion that one bad apple literally ruins the entire cart.

Cassandra Ervin

If I did my job as poorly as the billing office for this hospital does theirs, I'd be fired. I have to contact them multiple times every time we have a appointment or procedure just to get them to bill things correctly. And the kicker is NOTHING has changed about the insurance. This should not be an issue.

Lynn Sievert

Husband had surgery that went well but recovery room experience left something to be desired. When I arrived in the recovery room husband had not even been out of surgery an hour was already dressed and told he was ready to go home. Nurse did very little patient discharge information and while I was driving my husband home we noticed nurse forgot to take his IV out of arm! Not a good experience!

Kendra K

Josh physician assistant not Micheal

Yesenia Herrera

rita pepi

Everyone was very professional and courteous.

LaRena Fry

Most of us dread going to the doctor or getting out patient services. Often times even if you have an appointment you feel you are wasting your time just waiting to be seen. That was not the case at Northern Nevada Medical Center. Northern Nevada Medical is the hospital located off of Prater in Sparks, NV. There are also medical offices located here. There is a huge parking lot available. So glad that my insurance allowed me to come here to get my out patient x-ray since it is closest to me. You don't need to make an appointment. They take walk in's throughout the whole day. I needed to get an x-ray of my shoulder. I walked in looked up where out patient x-ray located. As it was on the second floor I went to the second floor via an elevator. I went to the check in desk at X-Ray for out patients. I was told by the woman behind the counter that I needed to take my doctor's order to admissions and have them check me in. OOPs. I should just have stopped at the information desk that is directly in front of the entrance into the hospital. FYI: Don't just go to what ever out patient service you need first. First you will need to take your prescription order to admissions. At admissions they will fill out your paperwork and give you the stickers that you will need to get your out patient service done. Carolina in admissions had such a wonderful and friendly demeanor and was able to get me in and out of admissions and on my way in a timely manner. It all depends on who we come in to contact with and their demeanor that sets the stage for the way we perceive how we are treated. I was so pleased with Carolina and her politeness friendliness, and professional treatment of all the paperwork and me. I sure hope that Carolina in admitting gets KUDOS from her bosses. Once I got my paper work I took it to the second floor to get my x-ray. On the second floor I checked in at the x-ray out patient desk. She informed me I would be next. I waited maybe 10 minuets. The technician came and got me. She brought me back to where I needed to go and took my x-ray. That was it. I was done. So from the time I parked my car until I got back to my car was maybe 30 minuets. Well done Northern Nevada Medical Center! WELL DONE!!

Lynne Zastre

I have a large open sore on my arm. My family Dr sent me to the surgery department Dr in suite 205, in the building attached to Northern NV Medical Center. I'm on a fixed income, and maybe I have $20 left over when I'm done paying my monthly expenses. When I couldn't afford the $50 copay to see the Dr. They refused service. This sore on my arm is infected, and is constantly leaking some sort of fluid, and it hurts. I have no idea what to do now. Needless to say I left in tears. When did $50 become more important than a person's health? Especially when they would have been paid by my insurance company for anything they had done. I think I will have to contact my family Dr and have her refer me to a Dr at St Mary's. Due to my financial situation, they cover my copays. Should have gone there first. I have an update on what was wrong with my arm. It was melanoma, and because I didn't get it taken care of here. I finally went to the emergency room because the pain got bad, and I ended up with a fever. St Mary's admitted me to the hospital and put me on intervenous antibiotics for a day. Then I had surgery and thank goodness it hadn't spread. Northern NV Medical Center says on their Clinic and Hospital forms, they will never refuse service to anyone. Guess what, they lie. If you want to get better, don't go there.

Shanna Raines

Prime example of how our healthcare facilities need to change. My 60+ yr old mother was admitted Friday, tests were run Saturday. When my mother was admitted Friday she told the staff that she could not have any dairy as it causes her to go into anti phylactic shock. Saturday hours after her tests were run she was finally going to be able to eat. Three, yes 3 meals were brought in with dairy. The nurse stated that it was not notated in her chart and suggested a cheese burger. After the 3rd meal my mother refused to eat anything not trusting them to bring her food that would not cause her harm. This sever allergy was obviously not a concern to them. Then a social worker came into the room and notified us that she was being released which was a complete surprise since the doctor never came back to go over the test results or to address any of her concerns. Never, even when my brother requested the doctor return the nurse said she could read the test results from her chart. It is unfortunate that this hospital will will get paid for this poor poor service and is allowed to treat patients in this manner. It is completely unacceptable. I would love to see a reply from this hospital just to see how they can justify treating patients in need in this manner.

Rickey Kale

The best staff anywhere. I will always use Northern Nevada Hospital!!! Thanks to all of you!!!


good due to poor climate circumstances hospital under bad condition

Pam Pinkston

The patient is the most important person. They jump through hoops to make sure you get what you need when you need it. They are patient and take the time to answer questions and explain what they're doing and why it is necessary. This was from every level of caregiver from lvn to staff doctor. Would give higher rating than 5 stars if they'd let me.

Judi Kriss

Great Staff: efficient, warm and caring. Thank you!

Pax Medicus

Please be aware that northern Nevada medical center has a habit of creating illegal activities. What the recent patient has described as far as being transported against her will and not for appropriate medical circumstances is a direct violation of federal and state laws. I would urge you to contact your local state government officials and indicate that northern Nevada medical center is in violation of a EMTALA violation which will then be reported to the state investigated. If this is true with the patient has indicated northern Nevada medical center should be fine $50,000 in violation of patient civil rights. I was a physician there for quite some time and some very illegal activities that occurred. These will soon be published for patients interests and needs. Because during my time at northern Nevada medical center I have never seen so many patients extorted money illegally and placed in the bankruptcy. I wish you the best in your endeavors

Brittany Drace

ABSOLUTELY THE WORST MEDICAL FACILITY!!! I have been there on 2 different occasions and had the worst service EVER! Our first time going there I had fallen and broken my elbow after getting there and sitting in the waiting room for an hour ( with no one else in there) I was finally pulled to the back where we waited an additional few hours before someone finall told me that ALL the x-Ray machines were down and that I would have to wait a few more hours until they were fixed or go else were, we decided to go else were and we were still billed the full amount of the hospital stay! The second time we went my husband had smashed his finger bad and it was so full of blood that it looked like it was going to split open, when we got there the whole checking in process was easy and we got to the back quickly, while back there we were told the only thing he could have was an ice pack for the swelling (which we never even got), then he was told that there was no option he had to have X-rays (even after asking not to have them numerous times). While we were sitting there waiting for a Dr. to see him we overheard a few nurses laughing and saying it's just a figure it's no big deal! After that we got up and left with out any treatment and were again billed for the whole amount! Save your self the trouble and go to ANY other medical facility in norther nevada!!!

Karen Dague

This hospital has always been amazing!!! They have now done mine and my moms gallbladder removal surgery. They always make you feel comfortable in any way possible.

Alexandria Erdei

What happen to this hospital?? It used to be the best around here, now it’s just as bad as renown’s ER. The last 4 visits have been horrible.. I thought maybe it was just a fluke the first couple but last time I had my one year old baby girl come in for a fever and they automatically wanted to put a catheter in my one year old ... who was having wet diapers just fine! He was pushy on doing it and telling me it’s for medical purposes. What kind of a sicko puts one in a one year old that has wet diapers. We were able to get a sample through a bag.. and by the way no UTI... surprise!! Now this last visit we come in my husbands finger bleeding out, with a cut to the bone on his finger and we had to wait for 2 hours to be seen with blood everywhere. People after us were seen before us, I’m not sure who prioritizes the patients, but they aren’t doing a very good job.. and the front desk people don’t care to do anything but gossip with each other! Most of the staff has no care for their patients.. tired of wasting my money here!

Cari Glass

Francisco Vaquera

Charlene Keller

My daughter had surgery on the 14th of Nov 2016 and I just had to mention it was the best care she has had in all the hospitals she has had surgery. Above and beyond I have to say that 1 of your exray techs went out of her way to see that I the mom of the patient was comfortable. She knew that I was staying with my daughter as I am from out of state and that there was not a cot in the room when she came to do a procedure. I told her the others on her floor said they would try to find me one with no results as I had been there for 2 days sleeping in a chair. She left the room saying she would see what she could do within 20 mins someone brought me a cot & linens. She checked back later to make sure I had received a cot & was comfortable. Her name is Wendy and she deserves to be thought of as an excellent employee to care about the patients & their families

Carl Bialorucki

I’ve never been treated as rudely as the nurse treated my wife and I in the emergency room. And then, to make matters worse I received the bill. I have Medicare and an AARP supplement insurance that should cover all my hospital expenses. So I was surprised when I receive a bill for $101.00 that Medicare wouldn’t cover. One antibiotic pill was dispensed at the emergency room. They also gave me a prescription for a 7 day supply (14 pills). The one pill dispensed in the emergency room cost $101.00. The 14 pills from Walgreens cost $7.66. And our politicians say the pharmaceutical industry is out of control. Compared to Northern Nevada Medical Center, the pharmaceutical companies are cheap. Unless you are dying, do yourself a favor and drive to another hospital.

Joe Colosi

Diane Rossman

Staff in the ER and 5th floor kind,considerate and efficient. Thankyou

Doc Z

I was seen in the ER just a couple days ago. After being checked in I was seen quite quickly but then while I was waiting to be seen I could clearly overhear two staff members speaking. Their conversation was about mixing two stroke patients up, and they did not know where one of these patients was. This went on for about 15min before they figured everything out. Ill omit my medical details but I was seen for a tremendously painful condition that could have been definitively addressed in less time than they wasted in mixing patients up. Three days later and I still can't sleep walk or sit without being in significant pain. The ER physician never actually examined me and the only thing I received was to be offered an ace wrap. I do not believe that the physician I saw made the correct call in my case, and when I questioned her I was literally dismissed. I'll qualify my review with this: I am a retired US Navy Independent Duty Corpsman with twenty years experience. I worked often in very austere environments, but I was true to my oath and always did right by my patients. Additionally: I no longer go to the Reno VA because among other things I was assigned five (5) different doctors in less than two years... I believe that Northern Nevada Medical Centers deliver better care than the VA, but not by much...

K E Oulman

I've used facilities three times in past three years. And there appears to be a constant upgrading and fine tuning of the services and facilities. Small does not mean lacking. NN staff tops the list for caring and concern and full disclosure for procedures. Their effort to make the visit as germ free and provide quick service makes for a memorable and high point to start a recovery. This last visit staff listened to my wishes for handling my prescriptions and didn't rush me to leave after procedure. Hospital scheduling can be a bit uncertain so it was a surprise to receive my lunch at the same time as dismissal. Staff provided a box for a take home lunch :-)


The staff at NNMC treat you to the extreme like family. The Customer care 5 star I want to say Thank You for everything from Edwin Yiannacopoulos

Anastasia Celestine

Television in the waitroom was so loud I couldn't wait for a bed and went home. Very uncomfortable setting. I would rather be uncomfortable and sick in my own bed.

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