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Raishelle Hoover

Everything from the emergency room to the maternity staff was absolutely subpar at best and most of the time deplorable . I've been an EMT for 12 years- worked around doctors and nurses and I've never seen such unprofessionalIsm and horrible care. Seek medical attention elsewhere if at all possible, It just might save your life. I feel bad for the few people that we encountered that we're good at their job-professional, respectful, courteous. I would have given it a half a star

Michael Bail

Ash was Here

The doctors where great. The billing horrible. My insurance paid out $5000 for a four mile ambulance ride and 12 stiches after i was in a car accident. 14 months later i get a phone call at work saying I owe them another $4000 and that i should have recieved and itemized bill. I never gave them my place of employment so wonder how they got it. Also wondering why a local anestic and 12 stiches is $9000.

Melissa Scott

So I had a massively painful ear infection which could not wait for urgent care to open. So my dad took me to the ER. When they got me in, I saw the nurse for about 10 minutes, and the doctor for about 30 seconds. She told the nurse to give me some medicine and send me home. Several hours later, I'm in agony. The meds did nothing, and the urgent care was closed, so we had to go BACK! We get in and I am going into shock from the pain. I get a different doctor this time who was much better. I ended up needing 3 different shots and a different medication. We go to leave and they tell me because I don't have insurance, if I pay the whole thing that day, I get a discount. So we paid the whole thing. Now I would have at least graced them with 2 stars for blunder and then fix, but now all of a sudden I am getting calls from debt collectors saying I owe a lot more money. We called the hospital in confusion because I never received a single bill for the last 4 months. They say that we only paid a portion of the bill due. So now they are reviewing our claim and I'm still getting debt callers every day. DO NOT GO HERE!!! If you can wait it out until the urgent care opens, do it! This has been the most unprofessional hospital I have ever had to deal with.

Jackie Gooch

The fees are steep! Checked in for a CT of abdomen with contrast, was told the cost is usually $8000.00 but my insurance deductible is $6500.00 so my cost would be $6641.92 (?) but I could get a big discount by paying $2656.00 today. Mind you, this was preapproved by my insurance and the insurance has not yet been billed. I made a very small payment, had the procedure and came home to investigate the actual cost of this procedure. Nationwide the average cost of this procedure is about $1200.00 with some places as low as $600.00 and others as high as $2500.00 (many hospitals post their fees on line). I called NNRH and asked them how much they would charge if I didn't have insurance and was told the "abdominal CT with contrast is $5562.00." That's 5 times higher than the national average. I'm not sure where the $8000 came in that I was quoted at registration or why I should have to pay more than they would charge someone without insurance coverage. While I did receive good care today, I'm quite sure the the costs are extremely inflated.

Susan Howe

My family has been in and out of the ER many times. We have had at least 3-4 incidents where a family member had whiplash/hit while riding a bike. Emergency surgeries, heart trouble, stitches, croup, concussions from PE at the high school, just to name a few. I have always felt like the staff was caring and helpful. It takes a while to get all the tests back - CT Scans, blood work, call the anesthesiologist and surgeons, but I have always felt like the doctors and other medical professionals in the ER were people I could trust and were easy to talk to and understand. Thank you from our family!

Mary Morrow

Stay far away. All they care about is the money and how much they can get!!!


They don't even deserve 1 star in all honesty. All I gotta say is if you get nurse Cheryl ask for another nurse. Are experience was to say the least Unprofessional, rude, unsanitary, and much much more Id rather drive to Boise or Twin over this pathetic place any day


Worst hospital I’ve ever been to Doctors that work there are worthless. Oh but don’t you worry they’ll still charge you for not doing nothing. The floors are dirty and the whole facility is run down. It’s like a third world country clinic. You also get three different bills. I would give negative stars if I could. If you can make it to a different hospital. I would go or regret going here.

mike lister

I would like to thank everyone at the hospital for my excellent care while I was there. The doctors were very professional and the technicians and nurses were top notch.Very nice experience if you have to be in a hospital and I would highly recommend this facility.

Kelly James

I used to work in the ER at NNRH as an RN. I took pride in my job performance and did my very best to be a positive embassador for NNRH at all times. Defending it feircly. Then I was struck by an illness and had to leave my beloved profession. I found myself in need of those services on 3-6 into 3-7-18. I've never felt more invisible (except for Travis PAC and Macy RN. But their shift had ended). I won't go into details, as everyone has nightmare stories. I will just say I have NEVER felt more unimportant. Left alone in a room for hours, call light not answered, IV infiltrated. Had to leave my bed to find a nurse, had to use my own vomit bag from my purse, as I was never offered one.(all this is documented on my phone). I'm overwhelmed with sorrow, that my fellow citizens have no other options when emergent care is needed. If you have had a positive experience, that's wonderful. Thats the way it should be.

Jordan Oxborrow

This is by far the worst hospital experience I've ever had, and I've been to many hospitals. To check in for an appointment I had scheduled took an hour, then had another 30 minutes before getting called back for a simple echo. I had to see three different people to get checked in. Then I had the unfortunate need to have a routine blood draw performed there. After another three person, 30 minutes check in process, I waited at the lab for another 15 minutes, all for a one minute blood draw. Of all the doctors and hospitals I've been to, and fI've been to some pretty bad ones, this one has by far the most cumbersome, inefficient patient processing of any. Why do I have a wrist band to do simple outpatient procedures? I'm not laying in a bed unconscious, you can ask me questions, which is what they did anyway.

Sarah Elwood

Silvester Hailey I

Adrian Sanchez

The one place that checking in does mean the 10 people who check in after will get called first!

Garrett Shook

Elko doctors are exceptional. I hope you all understand Doctor report cards before posting negative comments... Does anyone ever actually enjoy the hospital??

e Thack

Wish I could rate a 0 star, was misdiagnosed, told a mini stroke, which gave us SEVERE mental stress over next 7-10 days, until U of U correctly diagnosis. Thanks for that by the way Northern Nevada Regional!!!! Always love life altering stress about medical conditions!!!! Gave saline and 2 aspirin after 9 hours in emergency room was sent home. Insurance has been billed so far in total $14,191 with discounts provided to insurance, without those discounts total is $16,630.70 SO FAR!!! Crazy, also man dying in room/curtain next to me gurgling for hours, staff did not care until Dr said notify family he will die in next hour or so, at which time after family notified, nurses gave him a pillow, blankets, and a shot to stop the gurgling sounds he was making , also a catheter man was there 4 hours previous to that and was given nothing at all, dying, gurgling, sitting in own urine, no blanket, no pillow, THANK GOD man was unconscious the whole time, absolute horrible experience. $14000+ for a horribly wrong and severe traumatic stress inducing mis- diagnosis, will only use this hospital to stabilize and transport to U of U, where they are excellent 10 stars!!! DO NOT GO HERE IF IN NEED, UNLESS YOU DON'T WANT TO SURVIVE OR BE CARED FOR!!!!! Absolute worst medical experience of my life across 5 states multiple family medical emergencies and deaths. UPDATE- Just got bill for a 3 day stay at U of U, total was almost $6000 cheaper than 9 hours in E room here at the NV VET clinic they call a hospital, plus U of U got diagnosis and treatment right!!!!

Valerie Patterson

ER visit with excellent care!

Cameron Collins

Another bad experience all around, from 3 hours in pre-op to the most opaque and onerous billing process imaginable.

Jazzy Ember

Filthy bathrooms. For a hospital who should be hyper focused on cleanliness, the bathroom in the ER was disgusting. Diarrhea splattered on the toilet, sink was dirty, and floors looked as if they hadn't been mopped all day. The person i was with has an immune system disorder. The ER is bad enough by nature, but it is terrible that she has to be afraid of getting sick form the bathroom 's conditions as well. Now we have to keep an extra close eye on her to make sure she didn't catch something from using it.

todd anderson

worst place ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

old Hippie

Basic first aid anything serious gets shipped out of town. Its a "for profit"institution hospital. If you can avoid it, your better off.

Nathan Jones

Did not have bakon cheezberg. very disapoint. 22/77 wouldnt illuminatio conform.

Super Time

We were taken to a room @ 7:20 pm 2-17-16 I'm in extreme pain, vomiting from the pain and it is now 10:10 pm and I'm still in excruciating pain and they will not even attempt to manage my pain. This is awful! I thought they were here to help, but we keep coming back because this is the only place to go. When did hospitals start caring about the money and stop caring about the people?! Its just sad. Do not go here! Go to Twin Falls or SLC for your own sake! My friend came here a couple years ago and she passed away because they Ade a misdiagnosis. Pleasechoose a different hospital for your care!!!!!

Matthew Swackhamer

Deadass had the thiccest heart nut here

Meredith Trindle

I was in the hospital experiencing a heart attach on 9/8/18 and everyone who I came into contact with was professional and knew what they were doing, from the ER to the cath lab and ICU, I couldn't have asked for better care. A couple gals from the ER and Cath lab came to my room to check on me, which I greatly appreciated. Thank you all.

Heidi Gentry

Awful experience, the hospital is like the hotel California, once you get stuck in there you can never get out. Go anywhere else!

John K

I don't understand all of these negative reviews. I have had nothing but good experiences there. I am on Medicare with supplemental insurance as well and I have never received a bill while going there for six years.

Susan Bame

In 2011 my husband visited the emergency room. Later in 2011 we paid the amount requested after payment by insurance -- $75.. We look on his credit report 6 months ago and find that there is $75.00 due for the same service. After I finally get in touch with someone who has access to the records, I am informed that there was actually a balance of $150.00 and that $75 remained unpaid -- 3 years after the fact. If you have a choice -- DO NOT USE THIS HOSPITAL.

Jenna Lps

Would rate the service a zero if I could. It took forever to be admitted and after a five minute consultation had follow up questions for which I did not get answers to. I was treated rudely by the nurse Sharon and PA chose not to treat me correctly for the condition that I was admitted for. Elko has piss poor medical care.

Janae Stanton

Do not go to Dr. Patel he will tell you that your arteries are clogged and half of your heart is dead which if you talk to anybody that knows anything about him they will say the same thing and then he will all at once give you a bunch of different pills that do nothing for you if anything they will cause you to have a heart attack. Besides that the nurses were very nice and helpful i would go back if they had a better Dr.

shannon fierro

Disregard the sign that states, Everyone regardless of insurance will be treated equally" It is just a decoration, If you do have good non state provided insurance, you might be diagnosed correctly and given the proper medicines. Oh and they defiantly will give you pain meds then. However,if you do not have any insurance or use medicaid, your best bet would be to go to a grocery store and buy a first aid kit and some aleve ....possibly a bottle of whiskey if your thinking of doing surgery....

Sydney Bench

If I could give no stars I would! Worse place to go period! I rather die then go to this hospital. They are outrageous and treat their patients horrible. The nurse I had was very rude. The doctor didnt sign my prescription so of course you know how that made me look when I didnt pay attention and went to fill it. The doctor used a needle and a nurses lighter to poke a hole in my nail to drain the blood from my broken finger and my bill is over a thousand dollars. Of course what did I expect from this ghetto hospital!! Worst hospital I've ever went to, not to mention a rip off!

Kyra Iris Walton

Absolutely the worst hospital. I've lived in rural areas all my life but always had decent health care until I moved to Elko County. I have been horrified to see co-workers and neighbors who were young and strong die due to this hospital's sheer incompetence and emphasis on profit. They don't even have rattlesnake anti-venom because it isn't cost effective. I and my husband were mis-diagnosed and mistreated and had to go to Salt Lake nearly 3 hours away for treatment.

Truman Hensley

Worst hospital around service Is slow at best over priced bad health care

taylor rains

Lived here forever and have never been satisfied with this hospital. Doctors are typically wrong and only give medication and send you on your way. Long wait times typically. Unless absolute emergency I would go to Utah or Reno ( 2 closest big cities )

Hannah R

Worst place to go if you have an ulcer . Immediately they think you only want pain meds and give you Tylenol as if you couldn't buy that. They did absolutely nothing. I have perfect credit but guess what ? Won't be paying these bills . Don't waste your time or money on Americas most profitable hospital .

Karen E. Bledsoe

Over three years ago, my son was treated for a left lower lung infection. The treatment was good, however the billing process has been a nightmare. We paid each bill as it came in and thought that all obligations were taken care of, as we never received any further bills. Then out of the blue, we were mailed a collection statement for funds owed. As we were never billed for the amount we were confused. Attempts to remedy the situation turned from confusion to frustration as we attempted to straighten out the bill. It was a nightmare to get anyone to help and when we did finally contact anyone, we were told they would look into the bill; then we NEVER received any contact back. We faxed them information three times, and were told all was good. However, three years later we are again presented with a collection letter. Now the situation is just plain ludicrous. Again, after making an attempt to inquire about this situation, we were promised a call back and again we have not heard from them. The kicker is, WE NEVER RECEIVED A BILL IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!! What a nightmare!

Jack L.

Unbelievable charges for a simple sinus infection and didn't even receive the necessary antibiotics necessary to get rid of it. Was charged $2,200.00 for emergency room and $700.00 for the doctor. for a total of $2,900.00. It is no wonder that allot Elko people avoid having to deal with this place. It is unfortunate that it is the only hospital in town. Now they have bought the surgery center by the park and have a monopoly on surgeries.

Vince Hendrix

Worst hospital I've ever experienced.

Dawn Smith

They almost killed me and my unborn child. Ontop of physical abuse from an emergency room male nurse. This place is a nightmare. STAY AWAY. FAR FAR AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL

Just Me

I spent eight hours in this hospital. The original bill that I was shown during check out had me pretty stressed. By time I started making payments unexpected bills began coming in the mail. I am now paying double the original cost that I was quoted during check out. I spent 8 hours here and now owe $5,000. I didn't get surgery, pain management or anything major. If you aren't having a major or life threatening emergency then I would suggest you keep driving through to Salt Lake City.

Sherri Marsh

When I tried to check in for simple blood work I sat for an hour to get checked in. The most ridiculous thing I have ever seen. I had to leave because no one came out and I had another appointment. Such poor service!

Megan Miller

HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I could write a 10 page letter about what crap this hospital had put me through. I spare the details. All I will say, if you feel like something is majorly wrong DO NOT go to this hospital. Drive to Salt Lake and get actual care.


L. A.

Worst Hospital ever! Do not go here! I had to get an ultrasound done. They called me and told me to make sure I come in with a full bladder. I show up - 10 minutes before my appointment time and check in. I get back to radiology and check in there as well, they lady at the receptionist tells me to have a seat and that there is one person in front of me. I let her know that I do have a full bladder and don't think I could wait that long, she tell me that she understands but they are behind and they will get me back as soon as they can. After a half hour I go up to the counter AGAIN and ask the receptionist what the hold up is, and that I had seen 4 other people go back. She says that the particular room is being used and that I would be next. Finally after an hour and a lot of pain from trying to keep a full bladder they call me back, the radiologist apologizes for the wait, I tell her that I understand things get backed up but they could at least tell the receptionist how long its going to be so people are not sitting out there in pain. She says that she did tell her. The receptionist never told me anything and acted like she could careless and that you were bothering her when you went to the counter. I have lived here for 10 years and never had any good experiences with this hospital. We had to take our daughter to the emergency room one time because she was sick and was having a hard time breathing, 5 hours and a dozen tests later they tell us she is dehydrated and has strep throat so they give her a shot of antibiotics. 2 weeks later we receive a bill for over $10,000 and not one person could explain why the bill was so high. After a few days of me calling different departments and making a fuss out of it, we magically got a discount. We have good insurance and ended up only paying $450.00 so i paid it that same day I found out. A month later I receive a bill from a collection agency saying that I never paid the bill. After more phone call everything eventually got sorted out but this hospital is awful. Some of the staff is okay but most of them just don't care. This hospital rapes you in rates just because this is a gold mine town and it is a load of crap! It would be a lot easier and less time to drive to Twin Falls, Idaho. Probably cheaper too!! I don't even deserve one star but unfortunately it won't let me leave it blank!

Natalee Cottrell

I had my surgery at this hospital 2 months ago and they did an excellent job and they were all very nice and they made me feel very comfortable and I would like to thank everyone who was there helping

Wayne Juntunen

Christopher Whitted

Worst Hospital on this side of the United States emergency room wise

Shad Pitts

If you can go somewhere else, do.

Michael Lopez

Take my Stank Ass to the vet before you take me to this damn place again!!! We left to a hospital 3 1/2 hours away to deliver our second daughter after the horrifying experience with our first daughter. uncleanliness and untidy.

Last Existing

Andrew Armstrong

Incompetent staff, doctors are pill pushers who don’t care to properly diagnose underlying issues. Just medicate symptoms to get you on your way, have to leave town to get quality healthcare.

Cortny Truefeather

Hadden Zaugg

wait is too long, basically no help from staff, doctors act like they don’t want to help you

Ben Megan Moore

Though there are awesome people here, there are far too many that treat patients horribly.

Maryann Lugan

Cassie Kennedy

To who it my consern. I'm still wating in a wating room even after making a appointment for 7am i was 5 min early it was 9 30 am no staff has said why it's taking over 2 hours to just get back in a room and if they did not have an opening why did they scheduled me at 7 I under stand things do happen but it's seems to happen a lot at this hospital.thanks for the long wait with or without an appointment any one that looks at comments I would not recommend going to elko county hospital in my opinion ITS A JOKE the is greg k. A surgery doc did not give any reson why it took tell 11 am to get started thank u for the opportunity to let others know my experience it's not the first time but I'm hoping that this will chang things

L Fallini

For a second time now I have been turned into collections after already paying their bogus discount at the time of check in. If you want to be illegitimately charged for a service you have already paid for over and over again and be harassed by a credit agency in MO then this is the place. Of course I got to pay an outrageous fee for rolling around on their chapel floor in agonizing pain for 4 hours because they could not get me in to deal with a kidney stone. That on top of my Dad almost dying for a diabetic crisis and having a hospitalist (that frauds medicare and sells opiod medications on the side) that did not show up to take care of his patients until late in the afternoon. Other than the devoted and skilled nursing staff this hospital is a complete and total nightmare from the time you go to the time you have to pay your bill for the 10th time.

Joe Harvey

Megg Marie

Terrible services, terrible billing. Frequently wrong billing, over charging, wrongly charged, lost insurance information, using the wrong insurance information, 1st bill and notice bill was sent to collection both arrive on the same day. If you can drive to Salt Lake or Winnemucca or Twin Falls, do it. This place is death waiting to happen!

Cynthia Fauci

I just had a c-section at this hospital and it went so good and smooth. I am really grateful for the nurses and doctors that helped me in my time of need.

Marilyn Castaneda

Wasnsupeensickn and they helped me considerate and iwas scared and turns out nurses were very liable and great to me and all the workers same was sure I was bad sick! Have been for over week at that date .being in Er!I'm still not great but not because for the help because can't take a lot of meds allergic to lot. Ty david white L always a kind man and tries his best to do good by you. Nurses ty . And lab tech same X-ray tech also........appricate the kindness when your down. Marilyn j Castaneda One more thing lady at admitting your great also ty!!!!????? Nite


viktoria starshuk

Horrible service! Seems like there is no communication between nurses and physicians..I basically had to tell them what to do.. because I was sick of waiting in the Emergency Room. The hospital and their equipment is so outdated..Also it was very dirty in Emergency Room, the floor was nasty and bloody, bathrooms weren' t shiny either. I would never go there to get treated again!

Richard Marckstadt


Silence C

This hospital is awful. The woman working the admitting desk is rude and dismissive. A man has been sitting in the Emergency waiting room for well over 2 hours in extreme pain; and still hasn't been seen. He's been vomiting and rolling on the ground but no one seems concerned. They have admitted multiple people (all of whom arrived after him) and the admitting clerk just tells him to "wait his turn."

Elise A.

Wish I could rate 0 stars. As if my reason for being in hospital & surgery wasnt traumatic enough, I was treated like subhuman garbage. Horrible, sadistic nurses. Made me feel like a degenerate for needing pain medication after having emergency *MAJOR * surgery. The night nurse would not give me pain relief unless I asked multiple times and shed take forever, guilt trip me for needing it. Seriously??Suffered anxiety and extreme pain under her "care." The pain was excruciating. It was humiliating. Left me in a filthy, bloody, sweaty gown for days. Judgemental, cold and cruel. I have never left a review in my life for anything until now. Do NOT go here unless you HAVE to. Drive elsewhere. Hell, even the veterinary clinic down the street will treat you better. The surgical team were kind, informative and attentive. I'll give it that. I'm sure theres a few rare good nurses here, but this hospital is terrible from what I have experienced.

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