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REVIEWS OF North Vista Hospital IN Nevada

Naomi Jacobs

Soooo I actually almost didn’t take my husband to this hospital because of the poor reviews it got. It was an emergency too. That’s... yeah. The hospital itself was fairly empty on a Sunday night about 9pm. We were seen almost immediately. The place is dingy and dirty, to be honest. The staff was great. I want to give our nurse Charles R? 5 Stars. He’s truly the only reason this place didn’t get 1 star review. The really major bummer was the $1000 bill we received. I was shocked as my husband when he lady came and asked how we wanted to pay. I almost laughed. Well, the bill came in. We have HPN. So, maybe it’s out of network? I don’t know. I think I’ll drive the extra few miles next time. Ugh. That sucks to say, but they suck. Charles, thank you again.

Nicole Smurf

Literally the rudest hospital I have EVER came in contact with. The staff are so unfriendly. We are genuinely concerned about our family members and staff gets an attitude when we ask questions. I’m sorry for asking questions but that is how I LEARN WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY FAMILY!

Justin Kerr

My fiancé had gastric sleeve surgery last night. The dr was great, and the nurses were amazing. Thank you for taking care of the woman I love. It may not be in the greatest part of the town, but everyone was quite professional.

Jaime Girard

05/22/2018 > Clean, comprehensive, detailed, accurate, and very kind.

Rafael Ramirez

“Am pleased with all the people that I meet at North Vista Hospital and am so grateful that we have these quality providers so near to home. Thanks for being there.”


Wow, I was stunned how smooth and fast my visits to ER were! I was in and being treated within 20 minutes after driving there. (Two separate visits within three days! And I have lousy Medicare plan insurance!). Staff was fantastic! Doctors were busy but courteous, professional, to-the-point sharp. I was amazed, and would use this hospital anytime over others in this city!! North Vista Hospital is a little treasure in a big city where "healthcare" (sort of an oxymoron) has become a nightmare to actually have access to, let alone actually get. NVH gave me a little hope if I need ER medical help.

Carley Hemingway

Michelle Hermann

SERIOUSLY?! My surgery was in April of 2016 and you're just now billing me????????????

Rev. Ronald LIvingston

It's Christ who brought us to repentance.

Brandon Kelly

Absolutely terrible. Wife in pain for hours in er waiting room. And I thought the VA was bad, damn blessing compared to this.

Tera Grotjahn

Don't waste your time. They wasted all day on my mom who was having chest pains and arm pain. They ran tests but then discharged her before they came back because they didn't accept her insurance. Seems like they could have either said that from the beginning when she gave her insurance card or at least waited til the tests were back. Follow up doctor that was recommended since she doesn't have a primary wouldn't see her even though she's on the discharge paperwork? So apparently chest pains and arm pains aren't really serious. Not sure what these people get paid for.....???

elizabeth Pearson

I've called three times and was hung up on because I wanted to know visiting hours. They were rude, snappy and acted like my call was a bother. I feel so uneasy that my friend is in this hospital as I type this message. This place is a joke. It's rated 1 star for a GOOD reason!!!!! Do not go here. You're betting off admitting yourself to a hospital far away from this place!

Reiniel Lezcano

Peor hospital de las vegas, aún dudo de que me hayan sacado la apendicis me dieron 35 puntos, lo cual fui diagnosticado primero por vesícula me mandan para la casa sigo con dolor y me regreso y me dicen que es apendicis. Me pregunto ¡ será verdad que era apendicis o la vesícula aún estoy confundido lo cual me preoboco una hernia además del mal trato.... nadie da una respuesta ni se hacen responsables de nada, aún no entiendo por qué está abierto este lugar


I have had some very good things happen and i can not say enough they work very fast for what they deal with we have had several family member saved here as well as a few surgerys and 2 grandchildren born here i see a much more professional staff comeing on in the last few yrs i also would love to see maybe some of the aromatherapy stuff brought into north vista as far as esential oils for calming henderson has been doing this offering ot to family and surgery patients and trying to relax waoting rooms with the sliced lemon water i believe if people can be more relaxed and try and just keep a open way then drs and staff can help so much more i personally have not had any bad experience try people try and breath in more good and if there is a problem then address in a different way you get more response from honey

Zeus Papi

Latoya Davis

How did any of these people get jobs? I came in with a patient who has disabilities and they was so rude to her and loud . from when i got there to how they told me i had to leave was unprofessional. This hospital with be seeing state soon..

Jennifer Garcia

Had to visit the ER Saturday night. I want to say that 1st off i was really scared and was thinking the worse possible as many people do who need to go to the ER. Randall S was the nurse who assisted me. I hope this gets to him. Mr. Randall, thank you for your kindness, for your attentiveness and for your reassurance. My husband and i were very pleased at the care and humanity you displayed the whole time you were attending me. I know you were helping 2 other patients in beds beside me and i was taken back by what a remarkable nurse you are. Thank you, God bless you tremendously and continue to give you wisdom to and favor.

Jane Hayes

Two stars for the one nurse that was really good. The rest of the staff of ICU was loud, indifferent, and very unprofessional. The hospital was very rundown and unclean. At one point, the hallway was so cluttered with equipment that I had to turn sideways to get through. I don't recommend this hospital to anyone.

Allison D.

My loved one had surgery here. As family, I had to wait in the “waiting room.” This room is no way to treat family. Just finding the room in this bizarre maze of long undifferentiated hallways is ridiculous. The “waiting room seems to be a random space they decided to utilize for visitors- unplanned, no design, absolutely no care. The bathroom was out of order. The sink for the bathroom can’t even fit inside the the toilet room, so it’s out in the waiting room! The room is too small and cramped, crammed with old, cheap furniture and vending machines. This terrible, ugly room made my waiting experience more anxiety-filled. I do want to add that the people working here seem friendly and nice. It’s just too bad the environment is not people-friendly

Chris Rembrandt

Andrea Coleman

The paramedics here are complete garbage, they are very rude and disrespectful and treated me like trash. I had my first severe panic attack and they couldn’t figure out what was going on with me, I feel too dizzy and nauseous to react when they were being disrespectful. But when I was at the hospital I was fine and could recall the way they treated me. Absolutely atrocious service from them. The hospital is a bit slow, I waited there for a very long time just to get told something and then for them to leave and make me wait more to tell me something else. A lot of people who work there have this look of not wanting to be there. The doctor was very nice and told me what was wrong. There was only one nurse who was actually in a good mood.

nola Taday

Horrific and I will dispute charges with my insurance. I’ll update this later but staff unprofessional, bathroom had paperbags of feces for trash can, womans dad died nobody comforted her, misdiagnosis my way, rude nurse, doctors, phlebotomists. Unnecessary test such as drug test. Literally dont do drugs or take pain meds, i have a heart defect. Came in for swelling! Left doubled over after an injection of lasix

Marilyn Corbin

Bath room was not clear. Staff was unprofessional . I wil never go there again. The person's in charge do they know what going on? Or do they care

Juan Jose Nava Acosta

(Translated by Google) From my entrance to the hospital to the exit of the same I received excellent attention from all the staff that assisted me. All without exception showed their respect and professionalism. I must highlight the names of Mawy, Amanda, Lisa, Shakema, Theresa, the staff of the infirmary and reception that received me and Doctor Mustafa Ahmed. We wish you all future successes, Juan J Nava and family (Original) Desde mi entrada al hospital hasta la salida del mismo recibí una atención de excelencia por parte de todo el personal que me asistió. Todos sin excepción mostraron su respeto y profesionalismo . Debo destacar los nombres de Mawy, Amanda, Lisa, Shakema , Theresa , al personal de la enfermería y recepción que me recibió y al Doctor Mustafa Ahmed. A todos les deseamos exitos futuros, Juan J Nava y familia

Stephen K

Mr. Adams.. is the worst doc that lies to you and lets you leave out the emergeny thinking your ok. But is all seriousness he isnt doing anything. The procedure was half assed and makes you feel l iike you gonna be ok. But when you get home . The main lump that giving me discomfort and extreme pain . He makes you think he actually done his job. And when you get home in extreme pain. The lump is still there. When i call the hospital back. I asked him why did you make me feel like you actually did you job? He knew that my lump needed to be removed from a surgeon but doesny say anything. Just make you and all his colleges think he knows what hes doing. And when you get home and ask why is the big lump your suppose to cook out. He said i should of went to a surgeon because he is not a surgeon. Dr. ADAMS is a Con Artist a Cheat and should NEVER have people health in his hands....(lawyers) Question: If Dr.Adams is not a surgeon , Did DR.ADAMS ILLEGALLY try to do his surgical procedure ? Knowing he is not qualified to Cut me open?

Henry Kimball

Brenden Gomez

CharlieThe Clown

I had a procedure here a couple days back and the nursing staff (Paul) and Dr. Bernstein were just outstanding. The facility itself of course could be updated but everybody had the personal approach and that means a lot!

Dominique Dortch

This place is absolutely disgusting & has no idea what privavcy means. I was admitted into the ER and as I am waiting for my ultra sound two random men come in the room and are messing with a machine as I sit here in my gown(For about 30min.). This is the most uncomfortable I have ever been. The nurse has no idea how to take blood, I recommend training seeing as I do work in healthcare. The hospital is ridiculously dirty. I would rather use a gas station bathroom than the ones they have here. This place is not somewhere I recomend to ANYONE. I advise people to stay away and find a better place to be seen. I will not ever return to this hospital & I refuse to pay for something this terrible. If I did pay, I would recommend they use the money for a cleaning service and to provide their nurses with the proper training.


As a employee I have seen a lot heard a lot and I can truly say that the people of NV should not go here or bring there family here unless you want them to get some kind of disease. I’ve seen many nurses aides even docs go into infection control rooms with out gowning up n come out n not wash there hands n go into another PTs room. Even witnessed nurses/aides drop a PT on there head and then laugh and say no one saw that. You go here semi okay n leave with MRSA. Coming from another state then coming here to work omg I miss my staff bc this hospital has nurses that say “I’m a nurse I don’t get paid to clean PT” never experienced this until here. But as a staff member you are paid well and you get a light PT load 8-12PT compared to other states were you get almost 20-25PTs

Jerry Timmons

I had the "pleasure" or "visiting" North Vista Hospital this past weekend and even tho i was really sick and at times unsure of where i was, i experienced first rate attention and care at your hospital. Honestly i had never heard of this hospital but i am certainly glad i was taken there by the ambulance and in the future will "give" them all of my business. First rate staff, first rate attention and a true feeling of being in the right place. Thank you North Vista Hospital.

Grace Vasquez

My Daughter is staying at this hospital.. First off let me say that Nurse Tamara on Tower 1 was awesome. This one star is for Tamara But Gus on tower 1 was kind of sarcastic with my questions.. . He didn't know nothing he sounded confused. All he could say is talk to the doctor. The doctor is busy with lots of patients. That what nurses are for.

reckor onix

Fk north vista Bill's people for non visit after 4 years are you kidding me I never going there worst hospital ever worse.

Sara Zielke

I had surgery here in March of 2018. They demanded $555. It is a rundown hospital. The parking lot is too small. The valet makes it so you can’t use the handicapped parking. The restroom in the waiting room is not handicapped accessible. I was supposed to have another surgery here. The website says they take Medicaid. Also, they offer financial assistance. They don’t take Medicaid. They demand that you pay $555. They will not take a small payment. No financial assistance at all. They are rude about it too. Don’t go here.

Carolina Flores

The main nurse was so rude and seem that he was forced to help me and made it seem that I was exaggerating about my health issue.. Don't go to this Hospital they don't care about your health...The discharge papers said that they took my temperature, they didn't. I got home and took my temperature, fever is 101.... Very Disappointed!!

Kaley F

I have a traumatic brain injury and came in for seizures. The emsa, nurses, and doctors were all rude. I had to sit in the hallway on the same stretcher I was brought in on due to it being so crowded.

Sweaty Murphy

This hopital wrote the book on unprofessionalism. A lot of the staff come across like gang members than nurses. There are some bright staff here but most seem to be confused

damita bonilla

If I could I would give you a half of a star this hospital used to be my go to hospital I quit coming to this hospital and wouldn't have come here if I had a choice anytime a hospital or shall a say "represenrative" ie the doctor tells you that they won't give you high blood pressure medicine because you have an infection that they are trying to clear up when your vision goes blurry because your blood pressure is high and you take 3 hb pills at home and someone who is NOT your primary cuts out all your hb pills there's a problem so this hospital would rather clear an infection and have you stroke out there is something very wrong with thatpicture I'll never come back here ever I'll go to umc first and there's something wrong wih that.

byron osborn

Antonio Paredes

Macy the RN is great! She attended us super fast


Frack this place. Based on my experience I’d rather die of a heart attack in the parking lot than be treated by anyone who has set foot inside that God-forsaken place.

Big Moose


kikiugly_ chelsea

Rasheda Crump

Wish I could give it no stars tbh They discharged me even though I was still in pain, full IV and my blood pressure was was high. I go here a lot because it's close to home but I'm going to start going anywhere else from now on.

Ann Marie LaRue

My name is Ann Marie LaRue. It is a bad place to work. They lie. I would save your family and take them somewhere else. Nurse Jill is a liar as they all are. Do not go there.

In it too winn it!

Anonaymous T

I stayed there once, years ago, and I asked to be transferred somewhere else. I was physically attacked by the staff when I first got admitted. I initially wrote a letter to them regarding the issue after I was discharged, but I never got any response nor acknowledgement of the letter. Again, it happened years ago, so I hope those particular staff members are no longer working there anymore. I wish I would have filed a lawsuit then, but I didn't feel that I had anyone in my corner to help me with that. Hopefully, they've improve the quality of their staff by now, but I would never go there again.

Steph B

My experience with this hospital has been a nightmare. They selected an out of network anesthesiologist for my surgery, and I've been battling my insurance and the anesthesiologist for the last 7 months as a result. I had an in-network hospital and an in-network surgeon but the in-network hospital (North Vista) chose an out of network anesthesiologist without first asking me. Now it is bill, bill, bill...appeal after appeal and tons of wasted time. I will NEVER use this hospital for anything again.

lea staker

This place is awful! I was discharged on Friday and was told my prescriptions were sent to my pharmacy. NOT SO. They received only one prescription. I called the doctor and he said the nurse had the prescriptions. There were no prescriptions provided upon discharge. I have chronic COPD and require medications on a continual basis. Tried to call the doctor's office today and got no answer. They just don't care.

Jimmy B

Heather Anderson

alexandria taylor

Michelle Towers

Older hospital but the staff is nice. Doctors are good. No complaints.

Larry Berg

Super surgical staff. Great service and care well beyond my expectations. I readily recommend this facility for outpatient surgery. I did not stay overnight, and did not use their emergency services.

Ron Novoa

Stay away from that hospital worst place in Las Vegas it should be shut down the worst behaviour Health Unit in Las Vegas took over 2 hours to get discharged this place is a joke all they want to do is milk your insurance company you have good insurance stay away if you don't have insurance stay away

Brenda Gómez

(Translated by Google) I arrived badly with a medical appointment and they never treated me, I was better off and there were only practitioners (Original) Pésimo llegue con cita médica y nunca me atendieron, mejor me fui y había sólo practicantes

Rebecca Uribe

Do not go to this hospital- they are severely understaffed and under equipped. My son had a concussion as well as a possible broken leg - first there were no wheel chairs available, beyond that we could get no assistance from security, a nurse, or CNA as we had to go outside (as he was throwing up from the concussion) and although we repeatedly asked for a sheet or anything, we were denied. This is the most unclean, under trained facility I have ever had to visit. Note- we have awesome insurance coverage- we were not asking for anything other than to be seen, get an x ray and perhaps a sheet or a blanket so he could lay down while we waited for the results of the x Ray. Not only were we told no, we were blatantly ignored.. DO NOT COME HERE!

Chris Humphries

The nurses are kind, but it's so BUSY. We've been here for 6 hours, and are STILL waiting for some kind of diagnosis and next steps.

Brandon Coles

This is a nastiest most ghetto hospital I’ve ever been in. We went in at 9:51 PM with only 4 people ahead of us, we where not scene until around 4 in the morning. There is food all over the floor of the lobby, pee and tissue is all over the bath room floor. Security played “Cocaine A Way Of Life” documentary, I literally know how to make crack from the comforts of my own home now. Water was leaking from the ceiling, there was a ghetto ratchet fight outside. The vending machine charged me $4.10 for a bottle of water. Just awful!

Jeremy Jones

If you do not have insurance than do not expect to receive any kind of professional care, the people that work at North Vista Hospital will do everything they can do to get you out of the hospital as quickly as possible. The general attitude is rude and uncaring and overall incompetent.

Sharee Warner

J & J

Worst service ever received at a hospital!!!

Rafael Castillo

Decided to show this hospital some love since most people only come here to complain about it. Been here twice... Once for my lady when she was pregnant and she was feeling really sick and had intense cramps. This must have been two or three years ago. Staff was kind and helpful. Waiting time was kind of long, but that’s life. It was a busy night. The second time was about a year ago, my daughter had an allergic reaction to some medicine. Again, staff was cool and helped a lot. Took us in fairly quick and gave her a shot. They had us wait to make sure it worked and had us go on our way. I’ll agree with most people that complain and say that this hospital is pretty old and dirty looking. But what do you expect? We live in the hood. Anyways, my review is a 3.5 star rounded to a 4 cuz both those nights, the waiting room was pretty bad. I hope they did something about it and upgraded their TVs. You walk into that waiting room thinking its 1995 in some apocalypse movie. D:<

Mark Brown

North Vista Hospital, my wife has been a patient there many times for dialysis reasons. We feel very comfortable going there, very friendly staff and a very helpful admin section. Wife feels very safe and secure in the surgery department where the staff makes you feel very welcome. We have been there so many times they know us by name and we have fun talking about current events. The people that work there have been kind and courteous to us all the time we have no complaints at all. If you go through life treating people with respect it makes life easier. Aloha!

Jan Bahlol

I hope one day the hire a good agents for call such a rude guys there if you call them looks like you call prison rude agents sorry reality

Chris & Liss

My dad has been in the hospital for 2 weeks now. I have contacted the hospital everyday to speak with him and they do not allow patients to have a phone. Then I was told that the patients can only use the phone for 2 hours a day for the whole floor. Also, they have to sign up on a list to use it but my dad has both legs cut off and cannot even walk to put his name on a "list" to contact me. I have also tried to speak with a case worker to help with the issue and yet i just get transferred to a viocemail in which i never get a call back regardless of how many times a leave a message. The nurses are rude every time I call them. This is horrible but yet the amount of money the hospital is making everyday will not allow a family member to even talk to a patient. This needs to be fixed now and allow loved one's to contact their family.

Darnell Coleman jr

North Vista Hospital is very very nasty the doctors do not care that nurses do not care food is nasty what are you up to go to a better hospital around Las Vegas st. Rose Hospital Sunrise Hospital Valley Hospital UMC Hospital MountainView Hospital Spring Valley Hospital Centennial hospital Desert Spring Hospital Henderson Hospital Boulder City Hospital what hospitals in Las Vegas last name is go to the hospital North Vista Hospital do not care you go to the ER do don't care if you go to the back do the lawn care the only got discharged you I'm not lying they need to cost that hospital gown have a nice day goodbye the CEO the problem tell me to come see me at somewhere

Missy King

Had to come in and be checked out. Saturday night. First got there, and was greeted immediately in a friendly way. Dr C and Dr x, were wonderful and calmed all my concerns, and best ever. That is how medicine, should be. It was very clear Dr C , had only best of intentions , and was really trying to help me the most and safe way. And to provide the best n longest help , he could. Nurse Jessica was wonderful on top of everything, and was totally about, doing above n beyond. And totally was an advocate for her patients. The best care, support , and exactly what I am in need of. Skills, care, compassion. All of what the medical field was started for, but what I had began to believe , was totally gone . Would recommend this hospital to everyone. Couldn't ask or find any better care. And nurse Javon , it was so comforting to have your help , and your wisdom , those

Brandy Hood

I’m 2 months pregnant and was told “Everything is fine” and sent home after I came in complaining of sever cramps. I later get home and read my discharge papers and it said they found a cyst on my right ovary, hemmorage and a abnormal sack. THEY DIDNT INFORM ME OF NUN OF THIS BUT TRIED TO DRUG ME UP ! I called and asked questions and they told me “it’s normal” . WHY WOULDNT THEY INFORM ME OF THEIR FINDINGS ? And why not tell me what I should do to heal myself ? Not knowing I’m high risk of a miscarriage !

Jose Noe

Really kind staff, I received help super fast.

Jim Martin

I was transported to North Vista Hospital's ER unit on February 3, 2018, on a NV 2000 order. I was cooperative and scarcely spoke at all. I remember waking up at one point to an imposing, quite obese orderly standing over me in an aggressive posture, which was unsettling to wake up to. Still, I greeted him with a professional tone (I am an IT manager for the school district). The orderly proceeded to berate me, curse at me, and threaten physical force if I didn't 'behave.' This is not how you talk to a half-asleep patient who just attempted suicide. Obviously, I watched him like a hawk the rest of the time I was there, not that I had to. I heard him pretty consistently berate other patients as well. While I understand the need for firmness and even force when dealing with HOSTILE patients, this orderly went above and beyond that. Not an hour went by that I didn't hear this man berating or cursing at someone. Never in my forty-one years have I seen a health care professional act so unprofesaionally. He acted more like a prison an emergency room within earshot of heart and lung patients as well as other patients there on NV2K orders that were 100%. His disgraceful conduct made my stay at North Vista the absolute worst 24 hours of my life. Fortunately, though, he found this review and reached out to me, offering a heartfelt and highly accountable apology as well as a thorough explanation. Still, I'm glad I don't live anywhere near this hospital.

Shaun Williams

Vanessa Reyes

We got lucky with the staff. They were all super awesome from the beginning of a hectic arrival into the ER. Then they moved my uncle to the ICU. I truly believe they did everything possible to make him recover. Once everything was said and done a Hospice came and wanted to take my uncle. None of us ever being in such a place, we hesitated. The Head Nurse David from the second floor very kindly and caring for my uncle, spoke to the family and made them understand that taking him to hospice would be the best choice for my uncle. He answered all their questions and helped them decide what would be best for my uncle. Truly thankful for David and his staff. They even gave my aunt a bouquet of flowers and a card to keep her spirits up, since she hadn't left his side since the 1st day. That truly touched her heart and she felt very thankful that they would do something so nice for someone that they didn't know. David and his team were amazing and can't thank him enough for all that they did to make such a painful terrible moment shine like a little bright star of hope. Granted we all knew the severity of the issue at hand, none the less, this small gesture made her day a little brighter. Thank you David. You brought back my hopes that there's still really good people who do care for others. Thank you.

Mary Collins

Thanks for making my friend John Robertson feel some what ok...thank all ..

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