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Susie Grantham-McCracken

I have not seen this hospital nor do I want to. I have a very good friend that is a patient there and the only thing I can say and this is just by telephone coversations with the staff or should say lack of staff, the nurses are rude, would not give me any information on the patient even though I am their POA and emergency contact. They never answer the phone at the nurses station you must try numerous times to get an answer. I left a message with the director of nurses, Melody to discuss my issues, no call back. Why am not surprised! Like I said, I have never seen the facility but they definitely need training on how to treat people on the telephone and how to return phone calls. My friend has been there 2 days and I still can not find out how he is doing!! So one star on phone etiquette, one star for rudeness. So I can only imagine how they treat the patients!

Mitch White


This review is really for no stars but you have to choose at least one star to leave a review. Mountains Edge Rehabilitation Hospital is a terrible place... the ABSOLUTE WORST!! If your doctor or a hospital wants to transfer you or a loved one to Mountain's Edge Hospital for rehab, RUN as fast as you can the other way!! I have NEVER seen this level of miscommunication, out right negligence, and utter and complete incompetence in my life!! My mother was there for 3 weeks only to come out weaker, with an infection because of improper wound care, fractured wrist from a fall while there and having not received her prescribed medication at the proper times, which one of the charge nurses even admitted to!! When she fell, no one on duty bothered to call anyone in her family to let them know... we just found out 10 hours later when we came to visit... and it was the patient in the bed next to her that told us she had fallen in the night!!! When we inquired why they didn't call us one nurse said, "Well I asked the night nurse if she called the family and she just ignored me." So that's it?!! She didn't call so you don't follow through and call the family, now that you're on duty??? Unbelievable!!

antrece williams

Wish i could put no stars. Where did these people get their degrees from???


LISTEN TO ALL THE COMPLAINTS. THEY ARE TRUE! Wrong meds almost given. Med that almost killed him. And i have to wash him and change his bed. Let the phone ring 20 times no nurse would answer! Finally people if you need action you have to go to the Director of Nurses to get anything down. Watch what they feed them. He can't have certain things and two times they sent the forbidden food in. The food that makes him so sick he has to be hospitalized! I would love to give no stars. Getting my husband home as soon as i can!

Marquas Coleman Sr.

funshon funshon

Jill Williams

Please do not send your love one to this facility. You need to be with your love one 24 hours a day if you do to advocate for them. 16 patients to one nurse. My dad laid there and got a horrible infection in a bed sore, i had to tell the wound care team that it was infected. I am not a trained professional but the smell of rotting flesh was surely a clue. My mom and I would have to help roll and clean him as there was not enough staff to take care of my dad. My dad would have been dead weeks before he actually died had I not threatened the doctor and the nurse to call 911 to transfer him myself to an emergency room. In order to do this i literally had to scream and yell in the lobby and at the nurses station. Unfortunately it was too late the damage was done. Mountains edge hospital is a beautiful facility DO NOT LET THAT FOOL YOU. They are completely under staffed, completely unorganized, and the doctors and nurses do not know how to communicate. You will wait hours for a simple order to be followed. They killed my dad in less than a month. The worst place ever!!!!!!!

shelley ballesteros

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER!!!!! I wish you didn't have to give any stars!!! My daughter has been here for 4 days treating her gastroparesis and has had to actually get in a shouting match with the nurses! Because sue looks extremely young, they talk down to her when I'm not around.... She's 23! They put things in their computer that were not accurate which resulted in delays of her medicine that she was actually crying while waiting for it! And i had to get a crying phone call from my daughter after i had just got home in NORTH LAS VEGAS!!! I then had to race back over to be her voice as they were bullying her!! The nurses literally do not know what they are doing and do not read your chart before coming on! We had to get the house supervisor involved who seemed to side with us but we will be filing a formal complaint in the morning!

Nats Locs

Jackie Fasnacht

My father was supposed to get better here but kept getting worse and died today, just a week later. I seemed to be the only one taking his decline seriously. My poor father knew he was dying and was afraid of being there without me because of the lack of care. I'm so sorry dad, I love you.

Illjiji Solstice

dycim canillas

Ronin's Lancet

Adrienne Shaffer

I was transferred to this hospital from St. Rose San Martin. That hospital treated me well and with care. Due to my insurance I was transferred to Mountains Edge, based on the horrible reviews both my family and I were extremely concerned but I had no choice. From the moment I arrived this hospital had been sub par. The best care I received was during the bulk of my stay in a 300rms (based on level of illness). The true standout was RN Amanda. She was one of the only Nurses that seemed to truly care and do her job well and with compassion. During My stay in the 300rms I had a nurse give me a commode used by a previous unknown patient, when I addressed this w my entire care team and my Case Manager she tried to hand me a sheet that basically absolved the hospital of all responsibility. I had asked for a record in case I develop Hep C or any other unknown illness. This is still being worked on and I will refuse to leave until I receive it. There was an RN named Maya on that floor that refused to write down my medications or when they were due because she didn't believe in "Pushing Narcs" (despite the fact that this went against the conversation w My Dr and How other hospitals like St Rose operate. Which empowers and calms patients regardless of whether or not they choose to take them.) When I asked to speak to the charge nurse she originally denied the request and when I insisted in a professional manner to see the charge nurse she became hostile. When I was transferred to the 100rms to be discharged again because of my ins and. Not my improving health the "care" became laughable. Meds were anywhere from 2hrs to 40min late the nurses in charge of the call lights were rude and inattentive. As an employee at the hospital stated I would not send my dog here. I completely agree w this statement. I wrote several compliment cards for non medical staff as they were the most caring and humane. If you don't have a choice but to come here be sure to document EVERYTHING and good luck and God speed.

Chassney Pharr

I was sincerely shocked to see such a low rating for this hospital. I'm usually hospitalized about 10 times a year and I just moved to Nevada. Since I've been here the healthcare has been absolutely horrendous. But my stay at Mountain's Edge was completely different from all the other hospitals I've been to here. Nurse Evelyn was very knowledgeable about the medicine and how they reacted with the other medicines that I've taken. She told me a lot of things that I had no idea about, even with me being in the hospital so often. I very much appreciate her educating me on the medicine that I was receiving. And I was just overall impressed by the passion she had for medicine/ health care. Nurse Deborah was absolutely amazing! Her smile and energy lifted my spirits even when I was in agony and extremely nauseous. She seem to genuinely care about me and her other patients. She had all the qualities that one could want in a nurse. My stay here couldn't have been better I was given the medicine that I needed when I needed it. My blood sugar and vitals were checked constantly and it made me feel very secure here. And lastly, but certainly not least, this place has amazing crazy good food. I ate Jell-O the first couple days I was here. But when my diet was advanced and I was able to eat, I was spoiled by the kitchen. I've had plenty of Hospital meals but this was by far the best food I've had in the hospital. The only downside here is that there's no ER so in order to get admitted in the future I'll have to be transported from another ER. Which can become very costly. However it doesn't matter how much it costs, this is where I'll be spending my time when I am sick. Thank you Mountains Edge for taking such good care of me.

Heyyy Y’all!

Javier Rodriguez

Mandi Munoz

Horrible care! If you have a loved one who is going to be transferred here please fight the doctors and nurses for a better hospital. My father was transferred here for care after a serious infection. My mother and I arrived at the hospital 4 hrs after the transfer. We found my father shivering in a soaked bed with no IV fluids, antibiotics, or even being given the option to eat something. My mother and I lost it on the evening nursing staff. They had literally just put my father in a room and walked away. It took them 4 1/2 hours to check on him and change him, 5 hours before a doctor saw him, and 5 1/2 hours before being given a meal and meds. The charge nurse Kristal acted like she had no idea what was going on even though she had been on shift for 3 hours and during each shift change everyone is informed on who is on the floor and what is wrong with them. I was so livid I had my aunt calling the hospital to complain while my mother and I went after everyone who stepped foot in the room. It got to thw point where I told Kristal to call every other hospital in the city to find a bed for him so he could be transferred asap. The care at this hospital is a joke! DO NOT ALLOW YOURSELF OR YOUR LOVED ONES TO BE TAKEN TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!

Dvonte Marshall

Mountain Edge Hospital I don't like this hospital at all they are never on time wen u need help at all i no because i see it all the time

Evelyn Jones

Levoi Easterwood

Due to nurse's like Raquel F, Doris T, Belen T and Liz L my week stay has been hell I will be seeing if I f can be transported back to UMC, ASAP do not come to this hospital you will not be taken care of.

key finch

This is the Worst hospital in I’ve ever been too! The staff is rude , it smells bad, and the rooms are dirty!! The nurses have attitudes at least the ones on the third level. That work evening! If your loved ones have to get medical attention you don’t want to take them here!

Keri Nunez

My dad was there for days they never cleaned him and never took care of him only gave him pain meds. The days they figured out they couldn't help him they transferred him and he died hours later. If this place knew what they were doing my dad would of got the care he needed right away. I wouldn't have my worst enemy go here.

Susan Larsen

My father was transfered here after suffering a massive stroke at Spring Valley as he started to improve. Initially the staff were great everything was good he was making remarkable progress after a week..then they moved him to another room without notifying us. A week later he started talking through his treac remarkable. He was stable everything was good on Monday April 4th he was good stable vitals great talking etc. Little did we know that would be the last time we saw him alive. They claim his heart rate went up probably from dehydration around 1130ish and they gave him fluids which brought it down however then suddenly his blood pressure dropped and the medicine was not helping. How?? WHY WERE WE NOT CALLED WHEN THIS HAPPENED!! I recall the nurse saying he was in a little pain so they gave him low dose of morphine like 2mg to keep him they worked on his blood pressure for 6 hours and @5:30am April 5th he suddenly passes away...ummmm how does this work?? I guess we will never know but they can't be trusted it just doesn't seem right!

Traci Rigano

The Joint Replacement Institute is not the same as Mountains Edge Hospital. This wonderful surgical facility is located inside of Mountains Edge Hospital but operates separately. I recently had a total knee replacement here and it was a great experience. Brand new OR's, private patient rooms and a focus on a speedy recovery. This facility takes extreme measures to insure a safe, infection-free surgical area and that's so important! Wonderful experience.

Lasasha. Swain

Lacy Waters

The emergency room was packed but made it through it but will not go back.

Keith H

In the next few days i will post something on here about a nurses that works here that violating HIPPA and talk against the management, please to all the nurse thats work here if you are not happy in your workplace you dont have to stay , find different hospital.. What is my comment about this hospital ive been here twice already i love this hospital, nurses are very helpful and hardwork all the staff are great except this two nurses that violating HIPPA.

Linda Sayavong

The worst hospital. My nurse was rude, hard of hearing, and uninformative. I was brought here from Sunrise for kidney stones and was told they were going to remove them at 10:30am. It is now 1pm I have not been given any information about my stay and what supposed to happen. I have to scream everything to my nurse because she can't hear. I asked her when my surgery was and she said whatever sunrise told me. Well they told me surgery. She days"we don't take kidney stones or here". I asked her then why am I here. She says just to pee it out. I can do that at home. I've asked to see the doctor and nothing. Shame on sunrise for sending me here. I'm leaving



iOccupy TheSky

Dolores Newman

By far the most filthy hospital I have ever been in!! My daughter was transferred there from San Martin with bi-lateral pneumonia. There were bugs on the wall, dried blood on the equipment, urine from the last patient all over the bathroom floor( which took several calls to desk to clean). The nurses who would come in always seemed bothered you called for them, Always had to ask for her medication this went on for 5 DAYS! Could not wait to get her home where it was clean and I'm sure more sterile than that hospital. Seemed the more I complained the quicker they wanted us gone. I would give it zero stars if I could. There is more but I will save it for the administrator of the hospital.

Irma Fajardo

Maria Montano

The only thing I liked was Ben and my cnas they always treated me with kindness and patience this was my first and hopefully I never go back you can only imagine the pa that first saw me when I arrived said to me that he was older and looked better than me and and cririzied me for my poor decisions I made in my past that now affected me I know im paying for my mistakes but I don't think a doctor has the right to judge you and tell me I looked like a ball and starts talking about gambling and alcohol so imagine a hospital has that kind of doctors working their that's the kind of medical treatment you will receive to clarify I was 240 pounds over weight and I am 4 feet 8 inches tall so I deceived back then to have a gastric bypass thats when they first came out due to that surgery I know suffer with a severe malabsortion disorder so this wonder doctor rub it in my face my poor decision making the only thing we all agree is I was happy to leave the hospital and so were they P.S. Did not received proper treatment was realeased had ended back at a different er

Sandi Mihailovic

I had a knee replacement surgery, from the time I walked in the experience was like no other I have ever had. Checking in before surgery I was shown to my room, the room was more of hotel accommodations....beautiful. I was able to settle in my room then prepared for surgery. Pre-op was amazing, Tom my anesthesiologist was very thorough in explaining the process. After surgery I had PT explaining the schedule during my stay. There is a patient Concierge that brings snacks and can answer questions of direct them to the right person. Nursing staff was great, they are very attentive and knowledgeable. I can’t say enough Greg was my nurse for three days........Amazing and compassionate. PT staff was incredible and very knowledgeable of my surgery and protocols. Support staff, it’s all so very cohesive Dr. Nevins your an Angel thank you for my replacement experience. What a great stay. Thank you Sandi M.

Margaret Mendiola

If patient treated for infection why rooms and patients not being clean daily?? Very slow to response to help button. HELP!

Andrea Anderson

I want to thank all of the Doctors Nurses and staff who cared for my Aunt Gayle! You treated my Aunt with full care and comfort from the beginning into the end of her last breath! So much care, comfort and patience in each one of your hearts and please never change that! Such an amazing team! Amen to you!

Joann Mason

I'm here right now and i see none of the bad stuff what people are saying about this hospital.they have brought me back from death room is cleaned everyday the food is very good . the night crew are awesome.i have been to just about every hospital in las vegas .may it be with my family are friends since this is my home for the last 62 years. And believe me i have seen a lot of bad stuff . its not at this hospital!!! but you all should give someone a break and mybe you can work12 hour shifts and have ungrateful people post stupid thing about your work place.i did this type of work for years and it is not easy at all .so be glad that there are people that still have a heart to be be here at this hospital to take care of us are love ones...this is joann mason and I'm glad I'm here!! three hospitals prior did not do anything for me .THESE PEOPLE SAVED ME.NOTHING BUT GOOD IS HERE....YOU ALL STAY BLESSED...BECAUSE I AM STILL STANDING!!!!

Nicola Marleen

My uncle recently had an ileostomie at Saint rose and after being treated very well there we got transfered to this hospital. Sadly. Today the nurse left my uncle laying in his excrements for hours and after I told her she responded to me in a very bad attitude that she has other things to do and that this is not an emergency. After a while she didn't come back. I went to the nurse in charge and made a complaint. Hoping that we will get another nurse but nothing happend. Then he came and made me talk to the nurse which then nearly yelled at me over my uncle that she has other patients. I told her she can't talk to me like that and that I myself work in health-care and that I know how it is when you have a lot of patients but this shouldn't happen. Luckily the nurse in charge then got us a new nurse and got my uncle the cleaning and treatment he needed. I wasn't there every day but my aunt said she always had to take care of everything. Additionally they didn't even tell us that he had mrsa nor did they knew when i asked the same nurse I was telling about earlier. She had to check and then told us it was mrsa. Which is unbelievable. They didn't even tell us! Now my uncle can't take it there any day longer and is coming home and stopping the treatment which is very sad as he was doing great before being transfered there. So like another one just posted before: Run from this hospital!

Rekiia Belland

Never never never NEVER will I go back to that place!!

Alexis Hernandez

(Translated by Google) It is the worst treatment I have received in my life 3 days and nobody changes the sheets you call the nurse and never comes is the worst 2 days without air conditioning in the month of August is the worst I do not advise anyone (Original) Es el peor trato que he recibido en mi vida 3 dias y nadie te cambia las sabanas llamas a la enfermera y nunca viene es lo peor 2 dias sin aire acondicionado en pleno mes de agosto es lo peor no se lo aconsejo a nadie

Len McKune

I brought my husband to emergency room at another hospital because he was running a 101.7 fever and very lethargic, so after they assessed his condition, I was told by the doctor that he will be transferred to another hospital, which is Mountain's Edge Hospital for he is a Senior Dimentions member and that he will be given equal care but full coverage and less expense to us. It was my first time to be at this hospital so I didn't know what to expect. I followed the ambulance to the new facility and when we got there, he was given full attention by the attending staff immediately! I was so amazed how friendly and caring everyone was! My husband was diagnosed with atrial fibrillation and after five days, he was better but needed to go to a rehab facility for physical therapy. While at this rehab facility, he developed a high fever (103.4) and his heart rate was 147-150 so he had to be taken back to Mountain's Edge Hospital. Again, the new set of friendly medical staff at the ICU worked their hardest to give my husband the best care possible. From the attending physicians, Dr. Dave and Dr. Surapanini, and nurses Becky, Tanya, Nan, Michaela, Eva, Karen, Brooke, Jessica, Luz, Karen, Rey and Kurt, (to name a few) plus the consulted specialists, technicians and CNAs, they paid attention to every detail and took great care during my husband's 23-days stay, not to mention maintaining a clean environment and facility! I couldn't ask for a better place for my husband! Thank you all wonderful team of Mountain's Edge Hospital. Keep up the good work!

karen crump

Can you use a -star this place has got to be a joke I have been holding a the phone for one 10 min as it just rang and rang

Riley Warner

Thing in the hospital anytime isn't always fun but everything else was just fine

Miss Real

ZERO STARS. Worst hospital I have ever been to. I don’t even understand how the doctors are seriously doctors. Yes the rooms are two people each separated by a curtain my roommate literally had a toilet she used by her bed when she was closest to the bathroom it was disgusting. No they do not clean the rooms daily. The food is also horrible I haven’t eaten the whole time I’ve been here. I was in excruciating pain and the doctor would not increase my meds and then decided I didn’t need any when I was discharged which by the way I had inflammation and infection in my kidneys. I will NEVER EVER go to this hospital again. Nurse Faye is horrible so are most of the others they are pretty careless and rude. Nurse Wendy and patty and Michelle are great. Mountain View not mountains edge ZERO STARS. If I get the doctors name I will post it do not go to this hospital. I was crying telling them just let me go home because they were not helping me at all. It was honestly one of the worst experiences I’ve ever had. You go somewhere for help and to feel better and leave the exact same if not worse.

Fundamental LTC

Todd C


Emily Diana

Hello I am currently a patient at Mountains Edge hospital room 309a. Since being transferred here from Valley Hospital, four days ago. I have seen a doctor twice, who really isn't telling me much about why I'm here and what's going on with my health. It is all over my record that I'm allergic to fish and last night I was served fish an and it took the nurse almost 2 hrs to bring me. If I ring the call light it takes forever for them to answer me. I feel like they treat me like trash over here for whatever reason and I'm not gonna take it. I have adrenal gland cancer and stage 3 lung cancer. Yes I'm in pain doesn't mean I'm addicted

Maria Avila

Horrible hospital to keep your love one ! They’ll kill them and make it the worst experience ever !! The doctor in the morning is horrible he will stop people’s treatment just because he wants and will pressure you to disconnect your love one and its a very rude person who don’t deserve to be there ! Nurses are rude sometimes and make you feel unwelcome. Never leave them alone they will let them suffer without medication. If i can i would give 0 stars to this place!

Tracy wycklendt

I went into the ER and this was the best hospital I have seen in a long time! The staff was great and so was the Dr. Everything moved very quickly and this was the best hospital experience I've had so far. I would definitely recommend this hospital!!

Matteagle Matt

Worst hospital I have ever been in they 1 tried to give me meds i dont need cuz i have never had high blood pressure an 2 they tried to give me something I'm allergic to an they were so ride an so rough with everything.I was admitted for an infection in my foot an was told I would be here for a few days an they made me feel so unwelcome like they didn't want to help me or like it was so much to treat me. I will call the owner of the hospital if I have to but somethingneeds to be done. But the one security guy was very very nice he needs a raise.

Stephen Porcher

They need an emergency room

kimberlee percy

My mother had a full hip replacement done here. Nothing but great things to say about this facility!!! Very nice and comfortable room. Every single staff member we interacted with - were super friendly, caring and professional. They really went out of their way to make my mother, Jadora, as comfortable as possible. The food was good as well. The cafe staff were also very nice and accommodating.

Beverly Miller

Very good

Michael Owens

A bit worried. My wife was transported from Mountain View Hospital because of insurance reasons and as soon as we got to Mountains Edge no one knew what was wrong with her. I Will not leave my wife's side even though I've been awake for 36 hours now. I feel that i need to watch their every move. Hope I'm wrong but I'm uneasy right now and I'm not sure what to do.....


Darlene Roberts-Prah

This hospital used to be Harmon Hospital. Same staff, same poor care, just new location. Beware before sending someone you love here. There is a reason Harmon Hospital is closed forever.

Chantal Jorgensen

My 50 y/o mom is currently here after having a tough battle with pneumonia and septic shock with resulting kidney failure at Desert Springs Hospital. She was on the road to recovery and even producing urine, but has recently been exhibiting signs of reoccurring illness such as: low-grade fever, mucus, trouble breathing and inability to eat (5 days!). The doctor in charge of her case seems unconcerned for her well-being, the nursing staff is disoriented and overworked and the lack of communication between her specialists, nurses and kitchen is APPALLING! SHE CAN'T SWALLOW, why on earth bring her crunchy toast??? She can't move her legs very well due to fluid retention, but her bed has no bottom rails on it and when they move her, her legs flop over the side. Furthermore, they haven't even taken a single throat swab, chest x-ray or blood culture to see if the newly diagnosed C Diff bacteria in her intestines is in her blood. I am currently not in Nevada, but will be returning shortly to try and figure out how to get her moved out of there. PS: Don't bother calling, if by some chance of a miracle you are transferred to the right person they will likely deflect your questions and concerns, or tell you they will call you back. There rooms are as cold as the staff. BEWARE!

natasha pearson

Great hospital ! My husband was there for serious health issues that needed close and careful monitoring. Dr. Valera is Amazing ! He really was careful with his care and is knowelagble about what is going on with him even though it is a rare disease. Thank you!!!!

Ben Lewis

Firstly, thanks Maria Montano for the kind words-it means a lot :) It's not a hospital, just another fancy Long Term Care Facility. Except in their case, they can't keep enough patients around (census is usually 20-30, they are calling employees OFF from work on daily basis) so it's really a short term care facility, for employees and patients (lol) 1/5 Stars, fancy place, but the people in charge suck which ruins any momentum they build.

Chase Mangus

E Ri

My dad passed away 6/17 Fathers Day, and I regret putting more faith into this facility than in him. I will always wonder if we had transferred him at the first negative sign of care if he would still be with us. Do not put yourself or your loved ones in the same position as our family. There is no going back. When your loved one is unable to care for themselves you need to help them. If you choose to let them stay at this facility please LISTEN to them. Pay attention to their health and if it continues to decline seek BETTER help. I seen my dad on June 3rd and it seemed like he was on vacation. He was so happy and had nothing but good things to say about this hospital. We even made plans to leave a positive review after he was released. We had my 2 year old son with us and my dad watched from his hospital window as my son showed off his new bike riding skills. My Dad was standing up pounding on the window giving us the biggest smile and thumbs up. That night he had a nurse named Stella & she was his first bad experience. She made him feel like a nuisance. She did not give him the care he needed. I called and issued a formal complaint hoping it would help him receive better care. There was also an incident the weekend of his death. He called my mom early in the morning because he had been sitting in urine for the past 2 hours. He was adamant about us not calling or reporting it. The nurse that was there when she arrived said he came on at 6 or 630 and cleaned him up. He said "I don't know what's going on with the night shift". What makes it harder to accept his death is the fact that he was on the verge of being released 3 times. On June 14th my mom was told he "should be going home tomorrow". He died within 72 hours. It seemed like his health was never a serious threat. He was supposed to be released on Friday but instead he was put on oxygen and given a catheter. Saturday his oxygen was switched to a full mask. When my mom visited Sunday the respiratory nurse said that tomorrow he should be able to be switched back to the nose oxygen and be mobile again. There was no tomorrow. He died that night. The last conversation I had with my dad was on Saturday night. He wanted to leave his phone off the hook and have me record "everything that's going on here." He said "Mommies, I think they're killing me. I don't think it's intentional, but I think they're killing me." My dad was stubborn and hated hospitals. I chalked it up to him just wanting to come home. I thought just listen to them and you'll be fine. I wish this was a lie, or a joke, or an exaggeration. Thelma, the nurse in charge of him, is the one that called and left a voicemail for my mom that my dad had gone under sudden cardiac arrest and was being transferred. Not once did Thelma use my dad's name. The entire message he was referred to as "he" and "him". Well "he" had a name and a family and the least you can do is use it when you're calling to tell us something like this. It seems small but it was so impersonal. They also gave us the wrong hospital. The only reason we found out where he was at was because San Martin called us and told us. He died during the transfer. If at any point my dads healthcare needs exceeded the capabilities of Mountains Edge Hospital they should have transferred him. It seems like they don't know or rather they don't care about the severity of some of their patients, which is why patient health continues to decline while families are given nothing but nonchalant positive feedback. After all of this. Our family is grieving and my mom opened a letter from this hospital addressed to my dad. It was a survey asking him about the care he received. He died in their care and they sent out a survey. The discharge date stated at the top was 6/18/2018. He died 6/17/2018. My review is not the first given about a dead family member. Especially fathers. Get your loved one out of here. Mountains Edge Hospital is also 1 of 8 hospitals that have had their payments cut by Medicaid due to 2017 high incidents of patient injuries.

Mike Pearson

I stayed at this hospital and had a great experience the staff was great and Dr. Valera is a wonderful doctor. He truly cared about my illness and is doing very thing to make me better and it's working great and I really appreciate everything him and the staff has and is doing for me. Do to my rare disease if it happens again I well definitely ask to be sent here again

trucker wife

This hospital is the BEST. facility EVER. The. nursing staff from the Charge nurses to the Registered Nurses to the CNA's were FABULOUS. Everyday a Charge Nurse came in and let me know who. they. were and took interest in me. The doctors were very nice and their bedside. manners were superb. SHOT OUT to the Kitchen staff. Every meal I had was homemade and seasoned well and presented on my plate with care and hot.. Over all this was THE BEST HOSPITAL STAY ..

andrea mitchell

Where do I start? Check in took forever as the receptionist took forever getting everyone in(5-6 minutes for each person) First off I have stayed here but this will be the last time. Room I first received had blinds missing and since this room was in a basement type of setting that obviously wouldn't do. Second room was better but previous guest had stolen the cable for the television so I had to wait to get one to my room(clerk "stole" one from a room that was red-tagged because of no air conditioning). The first clerk I had dealing with even though she was slow it was better than the experience I had with "Shelia". Do these people realize they're in the customer service industry? Rings in the nose are ok for bulls, not clerks. Neither are tank tops and hideous tattoos, and these were better than her poor at best attitude. Now add the fact I had to wait 45 minutes for a room to get clean(check out is 1100 and I checked in at 1430) and my check in experience was less than enjoyable. The stairways were trashed with food crumps everywhere. hallway carpets had numerous stains. Pool was in operation. No breakfast, just coffee. Internet is very slow. If possible spend the extra 10-20 dollars and stay somewhere else.

Ya Boi NU

Be aware if your visiting someone here, do not forget anything in the room because on your next visit they will tell you they don't know what happened to it. Things have gone missing from medication, to expensive ointments and creams to cell phone chargers. Thieves!!!

Marcy Konja

Excellent visit at Mountain’s Edge Hospital this week! Beautiful, clean facility with friendly, knowledgeable leadership!

georgelle gregory

My grandma has been here for a week and almost no one on their staff seems to know what they are doing nor do they seem to genuinely care about the well being of their patients. Call light times have been timed have has gone unanswered for 10 or more minutes. Picc line cleanliness is basically unheard of and frightening to think they have people here touching things that they have not been educated on. She has gone 20 plus hours without antibiotics because the lack of training in their staff, she was given food she can’t swallow. My family has done more work to help my grandma than the staff themselves. The staff has been overheard on multiple occasions talking down about their own staff and even patients. This establishment should be shut down for lack of hygiene, lack of educated staff, and unethical behavior from staff. I do not recommend this place to anyone, ever. This is not okay!

Apperance Auto

So my wife was transferred here from another hospital today 8/9/18 . She has been here for 3 and a half hours , and the doctor stil has not came in to talk to us . The people here don’t seem to know what they are doing at all . And this place is as dirty as a truck stop bathroom. I don’t even know how this place exists or how they can call them selves a hospital .

Cora Stockman

Cecil Bullion Jr

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