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REVIEWS OF Kindred Hospital Las Vegas - Sahara IN Nevada

masti e

They have done a great job taking care of my dad. By far the best central in Las vegas

Mark Ohriner

I’ve been very impressed by the friendliness, courtesy, and constant communication and attention afforded my father by the entire staff from administration, therapists, down to the nurses and aides. Having worked in the medical field most my life I appreciate the effort and professional attitude exhibited at this facility.

Rashion Glass

My younger sister Crystal suffers from Multiple sclerosis and is now completely bedridden. She has a lot of respiratory issues, this place has an Amazing Respiratory Team!!!!! Thank you guys for helping me get my sister home. The staff there all caring, Thank you Nurse Racheal my sister said Hello. I would most definitely recommend this place and use it again...

Mike Alber

Fantastic service and staff. Nice to be treated like a person and Not a number.Ģreat food and responce time to my needs. There are too many wonderful people to name them all. It's nice to have someone from administration check in daily.

Rebeca Gastelum

I'm very happy with the treatment I was given at kindred. I was made to feel as if I was home. I'm looking forward to getting home and having a fresh start. I hope no one needs this type of care but if they do I recommend Kindred.

Donald Barrett

It a great place to heal.if you listen to them

Michelle Cellini

Awful, rude cna nurses with a few exceptions. Left in urine and feces up to an hour. Had cna start a fight verbally with me and spouse on last day when not warranted. Family issue. Left cards for good folks and good housekeeping folks that were so kind to me. Upper mgt. Needs to take classes in professionalism. God awful way to run a business. I feel sorry for anyone who eats there as well. Food is so bad, orders never right. Meds never timely. These are universal complaints, so please don't bury mine, will also be filing with state. Mom is an rn retired, notes taken. You need to staff that place, and with good people. It's pathetic how your staff can be so rude and overworked.

Marguerita Van Kempen

Hi, I'm Marguerita van Kempen. My son Mark Van Kempen is back in this hospital. I'm so happy, he was here before, last year. From all the Kindreds ,Sahara is the best place to be. The staff (doctors, nurses and Cna's )are amazing. My favorite is the patients advocate, Ann . She visits every day and she's always so cheerfull and considerate.I'm every day visiting my son. The caseworker is also very nice,helping with everything we need. Your woundcare is outstanding. My favorite is also his doctor Sinai. She takes good care of him. All the doctors are good.CNA Raoul and nurse Sheela are his favoriteson. Thank all of you ,taking good care of my son. Kind regards Marguerita van Kempen

Steven Lu

Kevin Chadwell

I can say this facility is one of the best facilities Las Vegas has to offer. My brother has had bad experiences with other facilities, from the time we walked into the door for orientation they welcomed us with open arms and treated us like family.. I would highly recommend you check out this location before attempting to take your family members or Loved ones to any other facility. I would like to thank the staff at kindred hospital for a good experience and making sure my brother is fully mission capable to carry-on with his life.

dantong guo

Snjezana C.

My husband spent about two weeks at one of Kindred facilities. Staff is very kind and helpful. The care my husband received was very good. He mostly liked the food. Overall, very good experience.

Susan Sweikert

My mother was a patient here in 2010 and received good care, so when my husband needed long term acute care, it seemed like the right choice. We've been happy with the care he has received with one exception. The staffing seems to be short on CNA staff because when patients push the call button it sometimes takes too long for a response. If you need help to sit on the bedside commode, you need it soon not 20 minutes from now. Doctors, nurses, CNAs, RT, PT, OT, housekeeping, case managers and everyone we interacted with were all very compassionate and always tried to be helpful. Please staff a few more CNAs, they are stretched too thin and could use some help.

Mina Martin

Since my husband has been here he is breathing much better and receiving alot of attention.

Michelle Lewis

The care that I have received has been wonderful from the Dr's, Nurses, CNA's, Wound Care and Rehabilitation. My needs to get me back on the road to better health are being met and my questions are always answered. I would recommend Kindred Sahara if you have a family member or friend in need of acute care. I especially appreciated nurses Iliana, Sally, Rome and CNA Liza. The Patient Advocate Ebony has been one of the most courteous, attentive and caring persons that I have had the opportunity to interact with.

Timothy Riley

Terrible. Glad I am not doing my rehab with you. There was real bad communication issues. Not what it should be. Should only be rehab. Critical patients go to real hospital.

Michael Scott

I appreciate the help. My condition was very bad but your staff helped me through it. I have nothing bad to say about this hospital. Thank you

fat gwailo

My Dad was been denied any help and treatment at the previous hospital. The doctor insisted he only about a week because the cancer. They force him out of hospital without efficiency oxygen. However he was transferred to this wonderful hospital safely. This team and doctors treat him with good professional care and service. Now only a week he regained healthy and strength. He should be able to walk out of the hospital in few days! I can’t thank enough for this hospital and the team and all the doctors who have cared for my father in this awesome hospital. Thank you million times!

Mike Malmgren

STAY AWAY FROM kindred hospitals, if your loved one is there do your very best to get them out of there! The place is the dirtiest hospital I ever seen,they lie in there reports,half the time they don't wear gloves or gowns when there supposed to, if u push a call button and need a nurse they will come about 1 in every 5 attemps, and still takes over 20 minutes, if you are unfortunate and don't have a choice bit to be there YOU NEED TO STAY WITH YOU LOVED ONE AT LEAST A BARE BARE BARE MINIMUM OF 12 HOURS A DAY WITH THEM!!! YOU CANNOT RELY ON GOOD CARE FROM THEM, I found my father's trech out multiple times multiple infections mrsa where did the mrsa come from?? hmmmm constant exposed/ gown up! fallen off his bed scratches cuts not cleaned properly liars fake reports? why? billing reasons?? goes on and on KINDRED IS THE WORST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ramiro. Gorilla rodriguez

They are taking care of medical problems in a timely manner ..LOOKING FORWARD TO THERAPY..VERY ATTENTIVE STAFF..KEEPING US UP TO PAR..

Joseph Leisek


Jennifer B

“And Rocky said, Doc it's only a scratch. And I'll be better I'll be better doc as soon as I am able.” My Dad has been away from home for nearly five months. We are looking forward to an undramatic and simple discharge in the very near future. We are pleased with the care that my Dad received at Kindred Las Vegas-Sahara. The staff was friendly and accommodating to our requests.

Hawa Abdo

Rita Christian

The nurses are very polite. My son Mark has improved very quickly. He is off the vent and breathing on his own. Im very shocked at how quickly they have removed him from the ventilator.

James Sibre

My husband is doing better than he was. I'm happy that he is off dialysis and the vent and is now breathing on his own. You all have a lot of patience. Thank you so much

Michael Pawling

My mom received great care here.

Aruna Samarasekera

They took very good care of my husband. Ebony the advocate was very helpful and kind so is Joseph and some of the nurses. I wanted him to stay here instead of going to rehab but unfortunately we had no Chou.

Cricket Cricket

I was just wondering if you train all your employees the same. Good job

Paul Stevens

It's a pleasure and a joy to be here. The des are very competent and explain things in a way I can understand. EVS is doing a thorough job. Thank you for everything

Patrick Anthony

Hello to whom it may concern; I would like to give my account as to how my friend , and co-worker, John Pennington was treated at the Kindred Hospital on West Sahara in Las Vegas NV. It was a long process getting John out of UMC and into a rehab facility but we got it done. When we first got John to Kindred progress was slow but it was very clear that many members of the staff had genuine interest in the patients Going forward as John progressed members of the staff really took an interest in him. Stefanie, Lisa & Ann were three members of the staff that really went above and beyond for him. Ultimately John made unprecedented progress and we , John's friends and family, believe this is partly due to the way the staff at Kindred cares. In addition, we thank them for their part in getting John moved to the rehab program he is currently in. The progress he is making at this point is nothing short of a miracle!! Regards, Patrick Anthony 4797 La Fonda Las Vegas, NV. 89121

Charles Householder

My wife was sent to the Sahara facility from UMC with a trachiostomy and just barely responsive. Kindred Sahara got her off the respirator and breathing "normally" in just a few weeks. The Doctors and Nursing staff were attentive and caring in her treatment and were very understanding of my lack of medical training. They often asked if I had questions, and took their time explaining things to my satisfa. THe facility was always clean and well staffed. We were very satisfied with all the facility did and provided. I would hope to never need use of this kind of care never again, but if I do it will be with Kindred Hospitals.

Califas 47

gladys hartner

The care my husband recieved from the staff was good.

John Pennington

See Patrick' post below. As a former patient this hospital is great! The care is above the normal. A++

lisa bennett

Pattie G

Paula Rodriguez

Penny Baratta

Our sister, Javanne, was a patient at Kindred on West Sahara from January 12, 2015 to March 5, 2015. The hospital staff literally saved her life. Javanne arrived as a trach patient on a ventilator and was in an induced coma. She was admitted to the ICU unit and received excellent care from the entire nursing staff with Roger and Wymee being exceptional stand-outs. When Javanne had progressed enough to be moved to the general medical area, she continued to receive attentive care from the nursing staff. She was being given physical, speech, and occupational therapy that helped her regain her basic skills. Her speech therapist, Hillary, and her physical therapist, Arpak, went above and beyond in the level of progress that they achieved with Javanne. We felt that the entire team was approachable and took time to answer the many questions and concerns that we had along the way. We were welcomed at a team meeting where we were able to meet representatives from all of the various disciplines involved in Javanne's recovery. We would highly recommend the Kindred Hospital on West Sahara - definitely not to be confused with Kindred East!! Thanks to the entire team including case manager, Stephnee Randolph. Javanne is home and well on her way to a healthier life!

Benoit jean charles

WiFi password ( Continue9 ) so far the hospital not bad, very calm and people seems very friendly, and care a lot more about their patient. But then again some are hard core, it's like they do this sort of things so much that they are bored and cease to care about the little things.

Andrew Sneed

(Andrew's sister posting) Andrew came to Kindred Sahara with multiple issues and we knew he didn't have much time left. The staff coordinated his many, specialized treatments with skill and thoughtfulness with an eye toward quality of life. We're now entering his last few days and the transition has been caring and seamless. I am grateful for the expertise and support we have received. Cheryl Sneed

the poof dirt pirate

I had a very strange experience here. Before I went to see my loved one there I checked their website and a couple blogs to see what type of facility this was as I have never heard of it. they claimed to provide specialized treatments, constant physician oversight, and a caring place for my loved one to recover. I got down there and it was cold and empty, couldn't find anyone to discuss my loved ones case with, no treatment plans, no understanding of prognosis. I finally found a nurse behind a desk on her phone who was very hard to understand due to oriental accent who was not familiar with case particulars of my loved one , nor could she tell me where a doctor or anyone of stature might be at that could explain these things to me. I didn't feel welcome, couldn't tell who was doing what or who to speak with about prognosis and treatment, no readily available oversight,it felt like something out of a halloween movie because it was a cold nightmare to have to leave my loved one like that :(

Sabino Domene

Therapy is excellent! care for the patient is excellent and the rooms are Nice and clean. The nurses are good the CNA's also. My medicine is always on time. I have no complaints. When I arrived I felt I might die now I feel Like I Will walk out.

Sharon Franks

My brother is being treated in this hospital. The staff is very nice, caring, attentive and professional. They are giving my brother good care and I am pleased.

Lida Torres

My son has been through a lot at the other hospital I was told 3 times to take him off life support. I was so afraid. He was ventilator dependent and on dialysis. He had three strokes and a heart attack. But now is has improved so much he's off the ventilator breathing on his own. I have faith that God will heal my son completely. Thank you to all the staff here at Kindred Sahara.

Scott Zickefoose

The entire staff at Kindred Sahara was so very accommodating, sincere, professional, and personal to Kim. One of her nurses (James) even sang a song to her! I was very touched and I know Kim loved that also. If I ever need to be in this type of facility, I will truly request to be here. KUDOS TO EVERYONE AT KINDRED SAHARA!

Brittany Turner

Love this place. The staff is great and really sincere. My mom has been here awhile and they still treat her like they did her first day there. Erica in case management is awesome she always popping in or calling to get updates or to see if the family feels the hospital is doing all they can do. I would recommend to anyone. Thanks Kindred

Michael Soto

Great hospital

Kimberly Curnutt

The only reason that everyone else is Happy is because their loved one pulled through and survived, mine didn't and, I wasn't treated well so, I'm sorry but my experience was.different then yours.....

Peggy Osgood

My husband has been here for three weeks and I am very pleased with the care he is receiving. He will be here for a few more weeks and I know the care and patience with helping him will continue. They have helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. Rock on!

Robel Russiane Patricio

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