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Elija Rodgers

I am saddened that I'm not the only person that believes Kindred killed their loved one. My fiancé's uncle had a quadruple heart attack and a stroke. He miraculously recovered at Sunrise. He was in very good spirits and getting better everyday. He was brought here and then his health began to decline. They made one mistake after the other always giving unjustifiable excuses. Then today they call us to tell us that he needed to go to another hospital without giving a reason even when we pressed them. So we just told them to send him to Sunrise so that they can fix their mistakes. He was in a very bad state when he got there. Sunrise said that he was extremely ill taken care of and that he got a septic infection there. Kindred always tried to keep us in the dark and never told us what was really happening. It was only at sunrise that they told us everything. They took him off the heart monitor two days and he suffered two heart attacks and was left in the room unconscious until they found him. It was unbelievable the stuff Kindred kept away from us. We found out that he was brain dead from Sunrise!! They realized he was going to die under their care so they rushed him out so they wouldn't be to blame. They wouldn't have been able to look us in the eyes when they told us the bad state he was in and was due to them. He was so happy and excited to come home when he left Sunrise. And I repeat Sunrise said that he died due to ill care! That's all I can say. We had a nurse and a doctor tell us how bad a hospital it was. I can say so much more about this hospital, who have proven that they are lazy and incompetent over and over again. We knew by how the staff moved around that they were extremely bad. DON'T BRING YOUR FAMILY HERE! It's not worth it. It was our mistake to leave him there and not petition him to go somewhere else when we realized how bad they were. Don't make the same mistake if you're reading this. He would have survived and been well had he not gone to Kindred. It would have been easier to handle if he had just died by himself. But the fact that it was due to someone's negligence makes it so much harder to take.

Mark Van Kempen

Horribly under-staffed which interferes with patient care

Kathy Kafo

I was warned but, for multiple reasons could not heed the warning. No communication (only after you practically stomp up and down), Laissez Faire doctors, nurses and generally overworked staff. Don’t risk it. Go anywhere but there!

Dave Morales

Very friendly and clean facilities. Staff are very helpful and knowledgeable in aspects of patient care! A must visit facilities.

Melissa Welsh

Steve Brandonisio

I have been here 2 weeks. Never again..I wouldn't send my dog here. This place is horrible....stay away from this place..

Tara Emmons

I have to say I greatly appreciate all the staff here, you don’t realize how much your nurses and CNA’s do... they seriously do everything for you!! But.. then you get the ones that shouldn’t. Be working here at all, which I’ve addressed and the uppers took care of right away! I’ve been here a really long time, and don’t think I could be in. Better place, i do want to go home though..,. Lol! It thank you Kindred staf/family you guys do mean a lot, thank you!

Mike Quinlan

Went here for an emergency. By far THE WORST hospital I have ever been in. There's not one sick person in here and it seems like everyone is allowed to meander back and forth between the waiting and emergency rooms.

Angela Miller

I am grateful for all the services and attention that the kindred hospital is giving my mother the staff are do caring and loving the doctor are very caring and attentive, The ICU Unit is taking very good care of my mother I give 5 Star rating.A. Miller( daughter).

Leonard Jones

Michael Andrews

Terrible place. Filthy floors in my moms room. Trash on the floors. Tried to get assistance for my mom to use the restroom. 15 minutes later she was laying in her own excrement.. 10 people at the nurses station all playing on their cell phones. Nobody came in to release my mother to be taken to her group home. The transport guys just loaded her on the gurney and took her. She had IV needles in her arm and was released without her meds. The nurse at the caregivers home had to call for the meds and she had to remove her IV needles. I could write 10 pages on this dump. The only thing they have going for this place is the staff in the rehab debt. Caring and dedicated

Marie Holley

I'm only giving one star because I can't post if I don't give at least one. I just heard that my father was having blood drawn and about to be given medication for his heart, when he's there for his kidneys! The tech who was doing this, who works for Quest Diagnostics, just rolled his eyes at my dad and was rude to him. The hospital let him lie there for hours without bringing pain meds, (he's in excruciating pain, and he is someone who refuses meds because he's terrified of addictions). His catheter bag had burst and he told the nurses but he had to lie in his own urine for an hour before anyone did anything. My sister is afraid to complain because the family is afraid the staff will retaliate against my father, who is helpless in his current state. What to do? I want him out of there but they've been told that if he leaves he, and not his insurance, will be held accountable for the bill. Is it lawyer time?

J Curran

My mother was transferred from St Rose Siena on Friday night. Have YET to speak to someone to even find out what room she is in. NO ONE picks up the phone, you get cut off after 5 rings, and if you go during the evening (only time I can) to visit there is NO ONE there to ask any information. St. Rose and this place are really dropping the ball on this one. I'm her caregiver and not a single person had/has the courtesy to provide needed information. This is EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL! SERIOUSLY PISSED THE HELL OFF!!!!!

Steve-o Allen

Hi Family and Friends... :) I would just like to give out a very special Thank you to Jacki Chase and Debbie and all the staff at Kindred Hospital Las Vegas Flamingo, that has helped my mama(Judy Allen) all these years. Mama has not been home in 4 years as of July 31, 2016 and has been at Kindred almost as long. Kindred has gone above and beyond trying to make my mama's stay there the best that it can be under the circumstances that we have to endure, see mama has a trech in her throat and she is on Dialysis 3 times a week so it is almost impossible for her to come home at this time, but I must say that Kindred has tried to do there best to keep mama's spirits high and some times it very hard to do this. But this weekend Kindred is letting us try something new for mama, See mama misses her kitties very much and at home they were a big part of mama's life and she has not seen them for 4 years and this weekend Kindred has agreed to an amazing thing, they are letting us bring Cuddles, mama's black kitty in to visit mama. Oh my lord, when we told mama this her eyes open up as wide as an owl, I loved it. That made her so incredibly happy and it's been some time sense we have seen real joy in mama's eyes but we saw it today and I can't wait til Sunday we mama can hold and pet her kitty Cuddles again... :) :) Thank you Jacki and Debbie and everyone that takes care of our mama at Kindred Hospital... :) :) Thank you...Thank you...Thank you... :) :) I will post some great pic this weekend of mama and her kitty Cuddles... :) :) :)

Chris Haught

Kindred Hospital Flamingo While my father was in Sunrise Hospital in Las Vegas we had to find a long term acute care facility to meet his challenging medical needs. Our Dr. recommended Kindred. I looked it up online and was more than a little concerned over the amount of negative reviews, learned most of them were for the rehab side, not the hospital side, (which operates independently) and hoped we would not have any problems. As soon as Denise Beaumont came to visit us at Sunrise, I felt a sense of relief and hope. Dad had been in the hospital for over two weeks by then and I had been dealing with his care, doctors, the nurses and the insurance company, alone and far from home. She explained everything to me, fought the insurance company to get him placed and arranged his transfer. Once we reached Kindred at 8:30 at night, I was amazed at the care, compassion and efficiency of everyone there. The next day several doctors came to visit him, introducing themselves, reviewing his chart and started making care plans. The patient advocate, Deborah Cochran, came in with a gift bag (notebook, stuffed bear) and asked if we had any questions or needs, she continues to check with me and quickly acts to answer questions and resolve any issues. I had been staying at a nearby hotel and spending all day in the hospital with Dad for the last two weeks and continued this pattern for the first week at Kindred, then his brother and sister in law came from out of state and spent the day with him for another week. We all felt like he had the care and attention he needed, unlike the other places where I felt like I had to stay in the room all day just to spend a few minutes with a Dr/Nurse/Specialist as they flew by. I could go on about the sad state of the healthcare system, as someone who has spent 25 years in the education system, to me, the healthcare system is just as poorly managed. We have encountered the most wonderful people, all of them doing one of the most difficult of jobs, caring for those they don’t know, and being overworked and underpaid. I talked to several nurses who worked two 36 hours a week jobs. Like teachers, they take no breaks, skip lunch and care deeply. At Kindred, we quickly developed a bond with the consistent staff that got to know Dad and even better, we didn’t have to explain the history and goals plans to every rotation of staff that happens in big hospitals. They have all developed a relationship with him. During these past weeks there was a remarkable improvement in Dad’s health and well being. The only complaint he had was the constant barrage of people coming in to check on him! Everyone we encountered was cheerful and helpful. The degree of medical care he received was incredible, we had been in 2 other hospitals and a Skilled Nursing home in the last 3 months and and have a lot to compare with! There are so many people who make our stay as stress free as possible in these circumstances. Bianca, the young lady who cleans his room every day, the people in the kitchen (food is excellent), the cheerful receptionist, the dietician and the sharp dressed guy who roams the halls making sure everything is clean. And all the Nurses and CNA’s are incredible. I finally felt like I could go home and he would be well cared for. They even give you a special phone number and code to check with the nurse, if they are busy, they are great at returning your call. I left a message on a Sunday morning and Ben was there to help Dad clean up for visitors. Most of the bad reviews I saw were people complaining about having to wait for a nurse, sure there were times that the bell went off for a while, but they all work so hard, but it’s important to remember that if the patient can’t manage their needs, there has to be an advocate there to speak for them. As I walked the halls for hours over the last few weeks, I saw many caregivers treating patients respectfully and professionally. I would highly recommend Kindred. Thanks

Sally Sault

Lee Mia

Don't take your love ones hear .bad place worst thing I ever did was take my father hear

Kathleen McKenzie

My mom was in Centennial Hills Hospital for a couple of weeks becasue she had pneumonia. She also had pulmonary fibrosis. She was getting much bertter and Centennial said that she needed to be in a nursing facility as she could get better care and physical therapy. They transferred her to Kindred Hospital. 3 days later she was put in intesive and 2 days later she was DEAD!!!!! The place was digustingly dirty and even asked the nurses the first 2 days when they were going to clean the filthy bathroom...pee and poop on the seat. If you have a loved one,...insist on them staying right where they are till they can come home. I wish I could give this zero stars!!!?

Rochelle Unlisted

Where do I begin, my sister was transferred to Kindred from Henderson Hospital for extended care due to a trach she had placed. My sister had already been in the hospital for a little over 2 weeks when the transfer happened. We had already read the reviews of this place & were dreading her transfer of care, but had hoped that maybe some of the reviews were just people being a little dramatic. The reviews are very true. This place is ran by a bunch of idiots. Nobody knows what they are doing & the sad part is, none of them have any compassion when doing their job. The people employed here are like robots. Only doing the bare minimum to collect their paycheck. My sister would be left for hours with nobody checking on her. I would show up & she would be trying to yell for help & unable to because of the trach. She also has lost all ability to move so she was unable to call for help with a call button. My sister suffered many hours at this place. They were supposed to move her every 2 hours, but I would sit in her room for 3-4 hrs with nobody coming in to check on her or move her. Not only did she not get the care she deserved, but the people who work here do not ever have an answer to your questions & they side step everything you throw at them. Nobody takes accountability or responsibility for the care my sister received. When confronted about her pain or why nobody has checked on her I only get, "I will call her doctor." Or, "I will get her nurse." Then the nurse comes & says she will get respiratory. It's a vicious circle of a poorly run circus. This facility is old & run down. It appears dirty. It is sad & depressing. I don't even see how this place can continue to take care of patients. I felt bad for the other patients that are not my relative. My mom, my sisters, brother & I were all there to advocate for our loved one which was desperately needed since these people have no common sense or concern for patients. We were afraid they were going to kill her at Kindred with their lack of care & compassion. We had her moved back to the Hospital where she is treated like a person. KIndred..... the very name of the hospital starts with the word kind, but does not exist in this place for the most part. With the exception of Amber's respiratory therapist John & 2 CNA's Chelsie & Regina. These 3 people out of the entire hospital & stay were the only ones that gave us comfort that at least a few good employees work here.

Derek P

So I personnally have not gone here but I noticed the replys about how much they care are the SAME!! My management experience tells me that they don't get it. 'We care enough to respond with an automated message telling you where to call.' Some people's parents!

Sandy Watts

Would give less then 1 star if I could so far my husband has been here two hours not 1 nurse or cna has been into check on him to take his vitals or see if he needed his medication..So far the gentlemen who transported him and the head of the housekeeping department had more compassion than the nursing staff.. If this was early morning or middle of day I could see them being busy ... But this is 7pm where all the staff were just standing around nursing station shooting the breeze. When I walked up to station to ask where the cafeteria was so I could get husband some ice 6 of them literally turned their backs on me an kept bs-ing.. DO NOT TAKE YOUR LOVED ONE TO ANY "REHAB" DUMP

Jennifer Romero

Myra yes he grief even do need bfh

Horrible hospital need to hire more nurses very short staffed always late on giving patients there medications

Valerie Sandoval Sanchez

They are HORRIBLE STAFF AN NURSE ARE RUDE !! I they lie an lazy do not do what they say there going to do to help the patience feel comfortable as well as family members !! I get nurse have it hard if you do not have passion or really into your job then why the hell are you working there???

Nathalie Djabrayan

My sister and I would like to thank the staff at kindred hospital for taking great care of our mother during the final phase of her illness, we are relieved knowing that she was comfortable and surrounded by amazing compassionate people.

Ana Mainwal

Brittany Daniel

Raymond Mitchell

I'm sorry but this place should really not be open!! A really good friend of mine he is a caregiver for this really sweet guy, he was in this hospital for 2 weeks and he was released today but had to go back to the hospital, for an infection and bed sore!! This place didn't get him out of bed, it's there job to make sure there patients are healthy and make sure they are good to leave!! As far as reading all the other reviews and having to do this myself!! This place is sad!! How do you even call yourself a hospital!! I will calling corporate for thiss!! This is ridiculous and just sad!!

Janely Romo

Bad service all thur out


Not sure if this place is professional. Every time I come here no one is in the front so I wonder around until I spit a staff, what if I was some kind of kidnapper?? Also twice I had a meeting with two different people were I show up on time and my on time is 10-15 minutes early okay not everyone is like that so I give them a chance but dam if u call me and set an appointment for 9am and I show up u need to be there or if you say 1230 and I show at 1220 there should be no reason why everyone is looking at me like I have ten heads like umm she left. Also how is that ur staff seeing a random. Stranger who isn’t in uniform wondering around in area and not say hi can I help u or what ever. U ask them a question and it’s like I’m some kind of transformer they have no clue who anyone is where anything is or what day they are on... HOW IS THAT???

Myla Aptimes

For us, it's a great place... caring and friendly staff.... I recommend it to others... Ty.

Michaele Fitzgerald

I actually have a two part review. Firstly, I am currently a patient here on the rehab side, and I can’t say enough good things about the amazing staff. Everyone from the nurses to housekeeping have just been lovely. The therapists are knowledgeable and kind, & everyone has tried their best to accommodate my needs. Even the food is good! I spent 5 weeks at another Kindred campus last spring-same thing, just wonderful, wonderful people. HOWEVER, now the “other” review. The pharmacy that the hospital uses, Omnicare, run by CVS, is horrendous. I have no idea how they even got licensed. At one point, I went 28 hours without one of my pain meds, which I am prescribed to take every 4 hours. It literally took 30 hours for this utter failure of a business to deliver all of my medication. To add insult to injury, when new prescriptions were sent, it happened again. Currently, The hospital has not received medications that should have been started YESTERDAY. This “pharmacy” is in town, it’s not like this stuff comes from Japan or something. Just to make it REALLY special, they have lied outright at least twice in their effort to make excuses. This does not reflect well on Kindred, it is torture for the affected patients, and I really fear that at some point they will kill someone with their incompetence. I am not the only patient this has happened to. Really, there is just no excuse. So, yay hospital and staff, and go f*** yourself, Omnicare.

Jean-Pierre Djabrayan

not sure where to start off!! we have been visiting our mother at Kindred daily for a month now, and all i can say is from ICU back to a regular room the staff was amazing felt like family , we want to thank the administration (Deborah and Cheryl) for the constant follow up, the nurses for their hard work (scean , gary , ellie, veronica, beth, fatima, regina,christine, nelson.... in case i forgot to mention any) not to forget the Drs. taking care of our mothers case.

TINA Bellanger

I chose Kindred Flamingo for my care coming out of ICU at the hospital. The staff took very good care of me. Ray is best RN and Jorlyn had a great bedside manner. The CNA that did the most for me including sponge baths and shower before I could do myself was Jay Ar. Kamieha was also very helpful. She understands the staff is a team. Toni from occupational therapy really helped me get up and work on my daily activities to the best of my ability . If I ever felt pain or if my body wasn't quite ready. Toni adjusted therapy to meet the ability of my body. Each patient also has a case manager that will help you with making Dr. Appointments. My case manager was Kim and she did everything she told me she would. The most important person to me was Debbie my patient advocate. She was unbiased and her purpose was to make sure my needs were met and if I had any issues she would find the answer. I am so grateful I had her help. She always made me feel like I was her only patient when I knew there were 60 others. If there are any pronlems it was due to a breakdown in communication somewhere along the line. Once again that is where my patient advocate Debbie became so important

Fraink White

Like other commentators have mentioned, the staff at the hospital are very lazy and incompetent. My uncle survived a quadruple bypass on his heart, with a 4% chance of surviving. We went to Sunrise, and that's a huge reason he survived because the hospital is so good. All the doctors called it a miracle. He made great strides for a month. Then they took him to this hospital/nursing home and he was dead in three days. He came with a heart monitor and the doctor took it off the second day and he was placed in a quiet room by himself. The nurse came in to find him unconscious and it was a result of a heart attack. That gave him massive brain damage. God knows how long he laid there before they found him. He would have been saved if he had a heart monitor. When we asked for the doctors reasoning for taking him off, he was extremely defensive and walked out of the room!!! Imagine that?! After arguing with us?! Horrible bed side manners. He was an embarrassment to the profession. The nurses contradicted the doctor, the doctor contradicted the cardiologist, and they all contradicted themselves. We asked for the time sheets of who went in and out of the room so we could find out how long he was left alone. He had severe brain damage meaning he was left there for awhile. Once they looked they started aggressively demanding that we show proof that he is our family member and a slew of random things that proved they knew they made a mistake and were trying to protect themselves. Thank the Lord we didn't sign the arbitration papers that they try to sneak in while you're signing all the paperwork in the beginning. We would not have been able to go to court. They killed my uncle, they know it and they have to take accountability. PETITION YOUR LOVED ONES OUT OF THIS HOSPITAL. IT MIGHT COST YOU THEIR LIVES. I'm not the first person to say this on here.

Kristen Sholl

The best place we could have chosen for my mom to go to. Transferred from ICU at desert springs to Kindred we were nervous, but EVERYBODY that I have met has become family. My mom is getting the best possible care and I fully trust everyone who is caring for her. The nurses are amazing and caring and extremely skilled. From the maintenance to the cafeteria workers to the nurses to the doctors to the administration I have felt nothing but compassion and love from this place. Highly recommend to anyone. Thanks for the wonderful job you are doing!!

Kyle Morris

Susan Briare

Does ANYBODY over there answer a phone??!!

Joe James

I'm a patient at kindred flamingo and had the best care last night from my nurse Alex and cna Bernadette it was such a relief in a very stressful Time

JiaXin Tian

My grandfather has been here since his transfer from Spring Valley and the staff here has been so kind to us and my grandfather. They try to accommodate for all our needs and makes us feel confident in their care. Right now my grandfather is still a patient here and we are slowly seeing him make progress in recovering. As a family we are grateful for all the nurses, doctors, and staff members. They honestly try their best for the patient and the family. I strongly recommend you give this facility a try.

Jacqueline Ivory

Kindred Hospital is very well kept and clean. The staff are all friendly and professional. Everyone is very helpful and that makes me feel comfortable for having my love one in their care. Thank you for caring for my Dad!

Daveeda Uditsky

The phone ridiculous. There is no Operator option to connect to a patient's room so you have to figure out what extension will get you a live person. I called 14 times to try different extensions because there is no option to go back, and then finally spoke with someone who connected me to the room. God forbid there was an emergency!!!!

Cornell hall

I was a patient there and I really enjoyed the time I was there real good staff well-staffed any problem you had but take care of it with no problem I wish they didn't transfer me to Harmon I'm going through hell now

Connie Bobroski

I have been a patient at kindred Flamingo hospital for 3 weeks and the care has been very good.connie the might nurse is very good and Latoya is very good and Bernadette and Debbie the patient advocate always looks after me. Thank you too everyone who has taken care of me.

bracken hermansen

Nursing staff is attentive and kind BUT everyone else are very unprofessional. Case managers and doctors do not communicate, do not return phone calls, do not respond to emails, and do tell you what is going on or why. They are frustrating beyond measure! And to top that all off, there was an overflowing garbage in her room upon arrival, crickets in the bathroom, and a freaking used syringe in her bed that the nurse found AFTER she had been in the bed for 24 hrs already. I am furious.

Sherry Muskin

My daughter May has been in a rehab hospital called Eljan where the care was so bad . May ended up with lots of wounds cause they just never turned here and she is autistic so she isnt able to speak . I came here for a tour and was greeting by Deborah Cochran who made new feel so comfortable and she told me she would be in good hands. I can say thank god I listened to debbie because she has had the best care. The wound care has been so wonderful and all the nurses. They sing to her and they dance with her and that just melts my heart. thank you Debbie for always watching out for my daughter . flamingo is a 5 star fir me and my husband..Thank you again.

Dave Retzlaff

Hello My Mom Josephine has been here at Kindred for a few weeks now and the attention she has receives here has been great.Kindred has stepped up to make sure that things are done right.Kindred has been vary attentive to my mother and my needs daily. The staff here at Kindred has taken a lot of pride for their Hospital ,I've seen the CEO of Kindred picking up trash and leading by example also making sure that the staff are well taken care of ,so that the mind set is the same for the patients. If you will need a hospital for your love one, consider KINDRED - FLAMINGO

Marcie Black

My mom was transferred to this place last night. She knew from 10am yesterday that she was being transferred. That means at some point the hospital notified Kindred that she was coming. My mom was transferred between 8-9pm. When she arrived, there was no bed available, the room was not clean, there was god only knows what on the wall, the drawers had not been wiped out, the bathroom was not clean, the floor had to be swept and mopped. The housekeeper just kept telling my mom to call and complain. I find it very unorganized and unprofessional. This is a healthcare facility and it is absolutely unacceptable in EVERY WAY. My mom is so uncomfortable. She is only supposed to be in this place for a few days and I'm hoping this is the case. I really hope this place gets it together or gets shut down. I really can't wait for my mother to get out of this place. If she has to be here for more than a couple days we will be seeking a different facility. -Marcie Black(her daughter)!! UPDATE!!! Apparently it takes an act of congress for patients to get any assistance in this facility. Yesterday I was there visiting my mother and for 13 whole minutes i listened to a helpless patient literally BEG for a nurse to help her. She was wheeling herself in her wheelchair in the hall yelling for a nurse to help her. She needed tissue, water and her pain meds. She eventually started crying and FINALLY a nurse comes and asks her why she's hollering!!! ARE YOU SERIOUS?? She's obviously in need of assistance. I just spoke to my mother and she's still being treated poorly. She had to go to the nurses station to ask for water and ice because there was no response when she pressed the button to call the nurse. They don't come around often at all. I suppose someone could be deceased for hours before some one discovers it. I have never seen a place so unprofessional. I can hear nurses laughing all the way from the nurses station but they don't respond to the call button. I really feel bad for patients that don't have family that visit or check on them often because I'm sure they're being neglected. I will continue to Update this review as I see fit. Every day I go in there and NOTHING HAS CHANGED, I will express it RIGHT HERE. As far as me posting another review to reflect that my mother was briefly pacified.....NOT GONNA HAPPEN! She was simply moved to a clean room which should have been the case from the beginning. I will continue too come in and check on my mother daily and i will report the things my mother has had to deal with in this place. If enough people do the same hopefully this place will get it together or be SHUT DOWN. Either one will suffice. Marcie Black(Her daughter)!!! UPDATE!!! So because my mom has complained about the service in this place and because I've posted a review they feel the need to try and intimidate her. My mother had to change the tissue roll in the bathroom herself because they obviously do noting in this place and she explained to the housekeeper that she could not get it back on the roll and he has the audacity to tell my mother that she doesn't need to tell him how to do his job. SOMEBODY NEEDS TO TELL EVERY ONE THERE HOW TO DO THEIR JOBS. This is making me more angry by the day. CHANNEL 13 is on my line first thing in the morning. I'm sick of this mess!! Marcie Black(her daughter)!!

Maria Avila

Worst place ! Don't leave your family memeber alone they treat them horrible they yelled at them for not being able to walk with no help or if they crying in pain ! The place is very dirty and the nurses don't care ! Through out the first hours i was there with my father i kept hearing a nurse yelled and getting mad at another man for not being able to make it to the bathroom twice and another guy for crying they yelled at him to shut up instead of helping him ! Also a man was asking for water and not onces they went to give him water till another nice lady that was there with her dad went to help that man! If i can ill rate this place a 0! This place shouldn't be here it's trash !


I'm really surprised the average rating is 3. This is my list of what I experienced at this hospital while my 96 year old grandfather was a patient. 1. Extremely unclean floors and bathrooms in patients rooms. My shoes would make a sticky sound while I walked in. 2. Waited 15 minutes for someone to answer the call button and that includes the emergency bathroom one. 3. My grandfather wasn't able to make it to the bathroom in time, because the call button wasn't answered. By the time a person came it was too late. Whoever cleaned up the mess put the soiled clothing and bedding in a bag and left it in the bathroom. 3 days later it was still there. I spoke with a staff member who told me it had only been there since that morning (lie). 4. At times meals were just left on a bedside table out of my grandfather's reach. I continually had to request they put it in front of him as he's weak and can't reach too far. 5. Once I witnessed two nurses loudly arguing with each other in front us. It ended when one called the other a b***h and stormed off. 6. I lost count how times I called and left messages to the management departments and received no call backs. Ironically when it came to signing insurance papers they were right on it. 7. The last week my grandfather was here he received a new roommate. When I arrived this man was screaming in agony and begging for pain medication. He said he had been pressing the call button for 20 minutes. I went to the nursing station and explained this man is screaming. A male nurse, reclining in an office chair, admitted it was his patient and he already knew about the screaming patient. I stared blankly before explaining again that this guy is screaming and needed help now. The nurse rolled his eyes and said he was busy and would get to it when he can. I asked if this is what patients should expect from this hospital. The nurse just turned his chair and put his back to me. I do want to point out I did meet some very wonderful nurses and staff and I don't want this negative review to reflect on them. Because of them I give 2 stars instead of 1. A big part of what I witnessed is an extreme lack of staff. The atmosphere feels like a pressure cooker that's about to lose its lid. NOTE TO MANAGEMENT: Hire more people. Your patients and staff deserve better.


Lets see i can sum it up in that my daughter had to leave a voicemail demanding a reply or she was sending in the sheriff to do a welfare check. The phone system is horrible. The CareMore social worker knows my high risk falls and other cormorbidity conditons yet attempted to discharge me on a Friday after 6pm without contacting my family and advocate. and still having stability issues had transportation to drop me off. Thank Goodness my daughter had my key. Also after having my advocate review the Doctors directive and orders. I needed to be seen by hospice to be released. They are attempting to release me to a risk home environment as I live in independent living and alone. CareMore is pulling some sneaky stuff. The whole committed to giving quality of life.... yeah right til the last day of rehab coverage is over and then out to the curb this elderly frail woman goes.

Tammie Sillers

They have been really good with my mother we dont have any problems with them at all they have really been good to my mother and our familt

Rosemary Stone

A couple of weeks ago I was in Las Vegas visiting a friend of mine that was in Kindred Flamingo Hospital. I was really amazed at the care she received. Everyone was very attentive. When she put on her light someone came within minutes to answer it and to see what she needed. The facility was very clean and did not have that hospital smell. I was really afraid that when I went in there after reading all the negative reviews that I would find her neglected. On the contrary I found just the opposite. I even saw people from administration going around and checking with each patient to make sure they are receiving excellent care. You don’t see that even in the bigger hospitals. My friend was then transferred to the other side of the hospital for more rehab and that is where I realized that the negative postings were about that side of the facility. The nurses and aides are slow to answer the lights and patients are often roaming the halls looking for someone to assist them. My friend didn’t have to stay there very long she was able to go home just the other day. The reason I am posting this is that when you are posting about how bad the care is at Kindred Flamingo be sure you are putting the Transitional Care side is the one that is horrible because the hospital side is amazing.

Kim Salguero

My mom has been in here for 3 wks and half the staff is helpful the other half is lazy, they just yes you and then nvr do what they are suppose to do! My mom cannot walk and they leave my mom in her room alone without checking on her for hrs at times! Understaffed and need to have classes on attending to pts needs!

Daniel Tim

Very rude nurses thay lie me every time I'm here thay call faulty equipmentuipment a safety mechanism I'm currently looking for a different place to take my grandpa this place is horrible


Filthy! You should be ashamed. So disgusting we asked housekeeping to bring us a cleaning cart w/mop n disinfectants and put on gloves to mop up the urine and hair infused black grime on the baseboards n floors ourselves! We wiped unidentifiable body fluids off the walls. I wish I could post THE PICTURES since they would speak for themselves. Other patients without caring family like ours are living in filth.

Gena Lipscomb

Dont go here.. if you are here.. find a way to get out.. should be fined and shut down.. in humane in my opinion

Audra Rorick

My sister was recently transferred there from the hospital after having surgery for cancer and blood clots. The staff here is beyond terrible. They didn't do a wound vac for HOURS as they were supposed to do. They refused to administer her PRESCRIBED pain medicine and she had to ask for her blood thinners and antibiotics even though she has a staph infection from the surgery. She fell and nobody even acted like they cared. One of the nurses actually told her that if she wanted the kind of care she needed then she needed to call 911 & have an ambulance come get her. If their own employees are telling you to call 911 what does that tell you?? I feel like this is where they send people to die. So glad she got out of there. If you have ANY OTHER CHOICE besides this place, go there instead.

Jerry Mccartney

Joyce Grant

Sad broke my leg auto accident staff has too many too take of sad no ac feels too hot no fans

L ?

HORRIBLY ABUSIVE NEGLECT! After reading other people's reviews I think maybe they only take decent care of people who are conscious but unconscious people like my father (who's in a medically induced coma) they do NOT care about at all!! they do not take good care of him and they don't want to bother with him for anything! They don't even cover him with the sheets when he moves so he's been left fully exposed sometimes & the staff has admitted to not knowing anybody was in his room for a long time & everybody keeps saying "it's not their job" for several things like bathing him so nobody would clean him until my sister finally lost her temper & spoke with a supervisor. This place is horrible & NOT A GOOD PLACE FOR ANYBODY YOU CARE ABOUT!!!! It's not even good enough for a stranger because they hurt some patients with their terribly extreme neglect

Lilly Villanueva

When we were looking for long term acute care for my husband,we were reffered to Kindred Hospital Flamingo. The moment we came in ,first person we met was a lady from housekeeping who accompanied us to Nursing area,which was quite a ways from her area.Right there and then I felt a welcoming “ vibe”. We met a very nice smiling Nursing Supervisor named Antonia who toured us around Kindred ,was met by also smiling faces from everybody. When we finally arrived at Kindred Flamingo ,we were welcomed by Debbie who introduced herself as a Staff advocate., said hello to my husband and was rewarded by a big smile from him.Right there and then I said this is the place where my husband will have his complete recovery. As days and weeks passed ,I saw the teamwork of the nursing staff,PT,RT,CNA,Nurses helping each other nobody saying “that’s not my job” I am so glad and will highly recommend Kindred Hospital Flamingo.


This is the worst place to leave your family in. These nurses are so careless and layed back they don't care enough about somebody's well being it's more about money. Which is so sad. I had a family member here only for 4 days. The first day I was there I witnessed my relative had a high fever, blood pressure was high, they had the heater on, due to having one unit. If patients are cold it's called blankets. These nurses are lazy and careless. The fourth day comes and they had a "Accident" that made my relative bleed from the tracheotomy tube, and waited 4 hours to call a paramedic so of course my relative fell into cardiac arrest 3 times and died and the heart stopped for 4 minutes. If it wasn't for their carelessness and improper care my relative would of been home by now but is still critical ever since these Monsters had my relative in their stupid care. Then we had this so called meeting with everybody for the clinic happened I feel like nothing was done just a waste of time. This meeting cant take back what they did to my relative and this pisses me off completely and will NEVER COME BACK!!!!! I wouldn't leave any of my family members here ever again with these animals. Thanks to the quick response and actions from the hospital and other places my relative is here today.

andrea mitchell

We made a reservation, upon check- in front desk gave our room way! But stated they had a "Suite" at same price so we agreed! The manager came along said no, charged us more!!! And it was not a Suite the room wasn't ready at all! They were still remodeling, it was a mess and the front desk and manager both females had the worst customer service they are RUDE!

Gilberto Venegas

Ive been a patient at kindredflamingo hospital for the past3 weeks. I want to thank everyone who has taken great care of me since ive been here. Thanks to all the nurses and doctors and my patient advocate debbie for always helping me with questions and just being here for me. Thanks to wound care they ha e helped me alot .

cyia moon

Horrible place so not ever go there ever

Evelyn Philley

1. Nurse button broke 3 times. They don’t care to fix because they don’t want to be disturbed. 2. Had to demand side rails for bed so my mom did not fall out of bed. 3. If you dare ask for something forget about it. 4. The TV they have in the rooms they do not make any more. Zenith went out of business decades ago. TV is so small and far from bed that you cannot see very well at my age. 5. They take the only visitors chair in my moms room because they don’t want to have to move it out of way of bed because their is no good place to put it. Next day when I asked for a chair. They acted as if I should not bother them. 6. My mom asked for water at 5:30am and three other times after that. I came to visit at 9:00am and she did not receive any water at that time still. When I asked for water the lady change story that I said she was not doing her job. I explained I never used those words. I just said she asked many times for water and never received. I said where I I go and get water. Then she went to get herself. But had very bad attitude about it. After express my opinion that i DID NOT say your were not doing your job. She was nice. This is day 2. 7. The lady in the next bed kept asking for help and no help was given in the 2 hours iIspent in room. 8. Found out today 04-26-2019 she had bed sore. Later that day Director of administrator told me when they notice sore. They still just left her in bed without treating it as needed. (Found out by over hearing doctors. They never told us when they discovered) 9. The last straw was leaving her in a poop diaper and telling her she must wait because she had 15 patients. Well bed sores should take number one priority because you must stay dry and clean floor to heal. But that was not the case. 10. They told me they could not do as doctor directed treatment needed for healing. No my mother has a UTI because they kept her in poopy Diapers and urine diapers for multiple links of time without changing this is so sad that we treat human beings this way. 11. My mother was abused and neglected every day that she stayed there. I had to call 911 to get her out of there before they killed him. 12. Please anyone make a decision to go there please read the reviews they are 100% true don’t let them tell you with the nursing home side it’s a lie they told me the nurses only treats 8 to 9 people and the director of nursing told me the tour that they give you with their worker she lied so they should fire that person immediately but they don’t care they just go through the steps of making you feel good even though nothing changes.

Tink gresel

Deborah Bielak

Believe all the poor reviews, they are true. The building is in poor condition and dirty, the bedside commodes don't have buckets so they offered the pink wash basin that is meant for washing instead, when asking for a wash cloth I was informed that they had been out of them for two days. The nurses refused to answer the call light and my family member had to sit in their own feces until I cleaned him myself. This place should be shut down.

Carol Ferguson

Can't get ahold of nurse. No direct lines. Nobody calls me back on my husband's status. Been given incorrect info. Never informed my husband was transferred to different room. All numbers I received were cell phones which they are unavailable. I tried calling today, told nurse my husband can't hear phone. Please help. She just transferred me. Still have not got ahold of my husband.

Luckyinvegas66 Luckee

Kind red.

Clay Rhoades

My Father had three strokes and has been very well taken care of at Kindred Hospital Las Vegas Flamingo. I have called two times every day to check on my Father.The Nurses are always friendly and willing to find the Nurse caring for Dad. I have found the Nurses to be very helpful in giving reports on Dad's condition. They take a personal interest in the patient and the family. One of the Nurses used her own cell phone to allow me to have a video call with my Father! The entire Staff at Kindred Hospital do a very good job taking care of their patients.

Terry Thomas

This place is super. Clean nice and happy people working here go out of their way to be helpful any way they can. I have been to other rehab hospitals but this is by far the best in Las Vegas. Only been here a little while and I will be happy to be here the whole 6 weeks. Thanks.

Saniko Stoner

I was in the hospital side here. Everyone was very sweet and caring. The nurses, cnas, leadership, rehab techs, doctors all staff is amazing. They also have some pretty good food too!

REEDA Vozikis

i am the mother of annie who has been at kindred flamingo hospital for a few weeks. i want to say thank you for taking great care of Annie . from the Rehab team who has really helped motivate annie to get out of bed and start doing her rehab. thanks To Eddie and RJ for pushing her. also the woundcare team Paul and Angel they always stay on top of her wound. and i really thank Debbie Cochran who always looks after my daughter who allows my daughter to text her anytime and this morning my daughter said debbie boughter her , her favorite icecream . kindred really has very nice people who works here. thank you


Jimmie Eastman

The staff has been very helpful when I use the call light that act fast I recommend everyone to come to this hospital cause they are passionate , all the nurses have been great and have left great empression and the patient advocate has been wonderful, I was told I would be going to a rehab hospital and I hat too leave but that only means I'm getting better, thank you everyone and beenedtte has been great too,

Alysa Spriggs

If i was able to rate this and any other Kindred facility no stars, I would. My mother in law has been at this location for less than 2 weeks. The doctors and physical therapists are not on the same page with rehabilitation. She needed until June, but the doctors thought other wise. So they are discharging her, she's no where near ready to be sent home. There's no communication between staff and patient, we have been getting the run around with everything. Today, the insurance stops paying, the doctor wanted to discharge her Monday and send her to a group home. That would be great, expect the fact that we have to pay $400 a day for it, it's a money grab. Also, the transportation bus picked her up from valley hospital, took her to dialysis and any other doctor appointments but refused to take her home. The kindred on rainbow had no issue doing this the last time. Please, do not give one single dollar to this place.

Terry Stoltenberg

Debbie is a patient advocate at Kindred Flamingo and has made the extended stay there much easier for my wife! She has gone above and beyond to make her comfortable, safe and encouraged! Debbie and the entire staff, including nurses, nurses assistants have been wonderful. Very caring and attentive!


Cindy P

This place was really nice to my mom . thank u Melissa for all ur help u r the first person to help me in the 7 months my mom's has been going thru what she's going thru . ..


I have been here almost three weeks. This staff is amazing. Nurses Karen maryjo,felicia,Lolita, all the nurses in vent wing treated me so wonderful. Now let me tell you about those most incredible amazing CNAS Cheryl,genelou have made me feel so good about my progress. The other CNAS are also amazing but I needed to tell you those two celebrated with me my victories and I felt amazing with them. PT-Chris and Rae and Deb (head of dept) Have made me realize what a strong woman I am. I will NEVER EVER EVER FORGET THEM. Deb from OT WAS ALSO AMAZING! I am still here but I wanted to tell you how I feel. Thanks!

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