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Sarah Rain

Their front office staff are completely incompetent, some of the worst I have ever encountered in my entire life. They are reluctant to schedule appointments for you on your way out, and seem to have issues modifying future appointments. I called three weeks ago to change an appointment, they confirmed it was changed, and then they said it wasn't changed when I went in for that appointment on 11/14/17. Total waste of my time.

Amanda Jones

I have been seeing Joseph for about 2 years now. Him and his nurse are EXCELLENT! Joe is a straight shooter and very thorough. He is sure to have/find answers to all my questions. It sucks to see the practice has such crummy reviews. I've only ever seen Joe so i cant speak for the rest - hes great! * I want to update my review. I really wish Joe would go to another practice because I only deal with the stupidity of Anette, their referral person because of him. I've had to have ultrasounds and blood work redone because Anette can't seem to get her head out of her ass long enough to do her job. In the 3 years I've been going to FFP there has not been ONE referral I haven't had to hound her for. I leave her voice mails with no response. When I do finally get a hold of her she says she will get my referral then it's silence until I have to start hounding her again. I've been waiting on a referral for 6 months. Yes, I have been hounding this woman for 6 months for a piece of paper! I'm not sure who's she's related to at the practice that she still has a job she's clearly incapable of doing but she's don't doing their business any favors. Joe, please leave so I can too!

Eric Pinheiro

Frank Brown

They promise to call back and never do

Michelle McNary

Diane Graham

Daisy is the worst...If she give you a hard time tell the doctor or the staff.

G Cimino

The administration staff here is terrible. I called to ask a wait time and was told between 30-45 min. It took them an hour to process my co-pay and now I am to wait the 30-45 to see the doctor. What a joke. Save your self the time and headache with this crap office and go somewhere else.

Anthony Curtis

Dr Etli is absolutely one of the best, most understanding, and compassionate doctors I've had the privilege of meeting. He knew exactly what I was going through and was very quick to remedy my illness. I will forever be in his debt and wanted to thank him in every way I can. I spent almost a month in absolute crippling pain and discomfort. So much so I flew from Texas to see him. Spared no expense and have no regrets doing so. Dr. Dominic Etli from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU!

Laura Snell

I was a bit reluctant to visit due to the staggering number of bad reviews, however, I have to say that I had a pretty good overall experience. Yes, it is a busy clinic and they work at a frantic pace trying to accommodate as many patients as they can. It isn't the Ritz, however, if you are sick and need to be seen asap they will do their best to accommodate you. I thought the staff was friendly. A little unorganized in some aspects, however, they took care of me and I got what I needed when I needed it. All in all, not bad. I will go back if need be.

Deborah Deveroux

Well I'm glad you read the reviews , before I made an appointment here. I guess I'll keep looking for another doctor,

Michelle Fasbinder

This place deserves negative stars. I want once in 2013 and waited an hour and half past my appointment time. Second last fast forward to 2015. I just received a bill for 15 bucks. Now I know it's a small amount but seriously two and half years later you send a bill for 15 dollars. The rude lady on the phone says she sent me a bill in April 2013. I say yeah and apparently I paid 15 dollars. How is it my fault that a month after the appointment date you sent a bill for the wrong copay and now 2.5 years later you send a bill for the other 15. I guess this place needs every penny because the service and treatment is pretty terrible. So glad I am out of vegas.

Chris Williams

I used to love this place and I referred so many people to this practice and now I regret that! Now if I want a simple refill of my blood pressure meds I have to make an appointment just to get that! It seems like they're getting a little money hungry! Avoid this place at all costs! The nurses at the rainbow location are horrible!! The head nurse acts like she runs the place! Time to go elsewhere!

Evan Allen

I go to the Cheyenne location and I love this practice. Everybody is nice and helpful. I currently see Dominic Etli. He is super nice, very helpful and takes the time to listen to me and explain things. They also have a quest on site so you can get your blood work done right away; the phlebotomist are nice too. I've been going here for a year and half and gone to see Dominic a number of times now and had blood drawn a couple times. Never had any bad experiences.

Shiloh Base

Horrible wait times, haven't had any pleasant visits here.

Doug stark

Horrible service I am a client for 8 years and have gone through 7 doctors as they all quit.. I was admitted to the hospital last week and my primary Doctor wanted me to get a referral and it is like pulling teeth.

Marc Ellington

Dr forte & de Yudez mare the best doctors! Only ones who have been able to get my diabetes & hypertension under control. I’m forever greatful!!!!!

Sabrina Tambakis

Steve Hughes

Dawn D. The front office manager is very customer service oriented. I work in a customer service industry and I don’t often leave reviews, but she listens, and ensures her patients are heard. Thank you for caring!

Jessica Sheppard

Amber Rose

If you need a referral to a specialist, go somewhere else. They never do anything with referrals. They will tell you they submitted it and are waiting. I have never waited weeks or months for urgent referrals at any other doctors office. Even after talking to the head of the referral department nothing happened. This has been a problem for myself and my 2 year old daughter. I had a referral in August, then they said it wasnt submitted. They submitted it in September and then it expired before anything came of it. I've had 2 appointments about the matter since (with the same issues that need to be addressed) and they have forgotten to submit the referral. Then my 2 year old needed a referral to a specialist. It has been 20 days and nothing has happened. My daughter has been to the ER for the issue since and referred by the ER to another doctor because there is no reason for it to take 20 days on an urgent matter. Dr Forte's office has been a nightmare when it comes to needing results on tests and referrals. It is a nightmare. Go to another doctor's office if you can.

Mike Jays

The doctor is wonderful but Kimberly is complete TRASH she does not return calls lies to you. Very rude !!!

Sarah Lanctot

Very disappointed. They never answer the phone and wait days to return your phone call. They are uneducated and can't figure out how to send a referral properly. I keep getting told different things from various people. They are not very pleasant either to talk to and their office is not very nice. I will definitely be changing my provider and will not ever return to this office.

Justin Carrico

DO NOT go to this practice! Worst front office staff EVER! I took my wife and witnessed them violate HIPPA laws and embarrass her. Highly unprofessional and unorganized. They advertise "walk-ins" but will make you wait over an hour before processing your paperwork. Oh and don't forget, they'll ungratefully ask for your co-pay before taking you back to see a NP (not a doctor). Save yourself, your family, your money yourself the embarrassment and don't go see Dr. Forte's practice!!! The definition of a total lack of point of care.

Janice Smith

My husband is under the care of Dr. Yudez. He has been wonderful and has been available for his health issues. However the office staff is terrible. charging incorrect amounts for co-pays. Not returning calls. Unable to get referrals in a timely manner. Even calling the office manager gets no results. Even with the wonderful physician care we will end up changing practices because of the terrible office staff,

Vicki Gibson

The staff was the problem here. This location is the farthest from my home. When I would inquire about going to the one closer, they'd come up with some excuse as to why I couldn't. I talked to the office mgr. And she took care of it for me. Thx.

Jill Allen

AWFUL! Visiting from out of town and needed care for my child. Joseph Eafrate, PA, was the worst. Rude, unprofessional and scared my child to tears.

Hailey Atwell

If you are needing a referral ANYWHERE do not use this practice. Since December 18th, I have been waiting for my referral to a dermatologist. The referral department (who is just one person) does not answer her phone during business hours, but is quick to email back. After letting her know that my date of birth is correct with my insurance, she didn't do anything to fix my incorrect date of birth at the office. After 4 weeks, I finally got a hold of an office manager who vowed to fix the problem, however, I was never notified when it was fixed. About two weeks after that I had to call them and inquire about the new referral. Finally, 9 weeks later, I called the dermatologist to schedule, but they are fully booked for the only time I could do an appointment. The only reason I go is for the N.P. Cyndi.

blanca gutierrez

This is sucha horribl office.There front office customer service is the worst. Theyre always so rude and seems it hurts them do their job.They always treat you with attitude.Its been couple times where the copay i had to pay was wrong or insurance not verified when i went in.They dont know what theyre doing. I have to look for a new dr, because the wait time is horrible too.

Angie Michael

I had a great experience yesterday when I came back to the Forte Family Practice, after 4 years. The wait to see the doctor was only 20 minutes after my appointment, which in the past was more than an hour. The staff was friendly and efficinet. Dr. Naoimi Purdy was excellent. She really looked at my records, did a detailed examination, and took the time to answer my questions. She provided suggestions for vitamins I needed, and the medicine she prescribe is working well. I highly recommend this Practice, and specially, Dr. Naomi Purdy. Thank you for a job well done! Angie

Chris Hernandez

Regular patient of Doctor Gardner now. He's awesome. Takes time to listen. Ask him a question he will answer it perfectly. Love this place. Never going anywhere else!!! Worth the wait.

Flippity Floppity

i like it here. much better service compared to other vegas offices ive been to. yeah u may wait 15 plus minutes for an appointment but talk to staff and find out when their good hours are. vegas doctors offices are ALL crazy busy. They even have some cute nurses here. I've always gotten the scrips i need for my issues. they are good about referrals

Tanya Switzer

Had An appointment they asked us to arrive a half an hour early and then made us wait two hours after our scheduled appointment time. So inappropriate our time is worth much more than that!!!!

Seth Holliday

Much improved service! The front staff was friendly and FNP Cynthia really cares about her patients! There was a long wait at the end of the day, but I was given updates as I asked the front desk in a friendly and courteous manner.

Blake Bunker

A terribly unorganized and unprofessional practice. They change policies at whim. The phone is never answered. Their head APN reeks of cigarettes. The good doctors they do employ (Dr. Wendy Martinez) all end up leaving. The nursing staff is clearly understaffed and overworked. I've been seeing doctors at Forte for years, and I couldn't be more disappointed with the overall experience. The location is nice (northwest). The care itself is acceptable. But that's about it. Save yourself the headache and find another, more professionally run family practice.

Allison McGraw

I wish I could give a zero. They are never on time with appointments, constantly loosing paperwork, and never refilling prescriptions when requested.

Scott Schwirian

If you enjoy waiting past your appointment time, seeing doctors that really could care less about you, and incompetent front office staff then this is the pace for you. I have been to both locations and they are both bad. Do your family a favor and spend your money elsewhere!!

Luciana Miller

I would like to give them a zero start, this is a horrible place to go to, I was there today for my very first time and I will never go back, the waiting time is ridiculous, the doctor took forever to show up when he finally showed up he talked to me and then left to give me the referral that I needed and 23 minutes later he was still gone I finally got tired of waiting went to check why he was taking so long and come to find out he was with another patient without letting me know anything no even one of the worthless nurses they have there, which the nurse that I saw was rude and very careless she came into my room did what she had to do and left without even saying hey the doctor will be here in a minute, she just closed the door and left 15 minutes later she open the door demanding me to go to the other room I asked her why and she just kept saying follow me. When I asked to speak to the person in charge of this place they send to me the assistant and she was completely careless about how I felt there and then on the end she was walking me out like almost saying get out of here.

Tim Lindley

Great physicians but you only see them for 25 minutes during a 3 hour wait. In this industry support staff is key and this place is sorely lacking in day-to-day interactions. I can go to extreme detail but won't waste your time (the reader)

Mr J

The only reason I gave this 4 stars is because of Julie dr Waltmans nurse... She is absolutely fantastic!!! She made the whole experience better!!! Blanca the nurse that took blood was awesome too!! As for the front desk staff... They are terrible, rude, and unprofessional

Summer Corsaro

I initially gave a 5 star review and was happy and impressed with this facility for the first year that I went. It has now been about three years total that I have gone here for all of my medical needs. The facility is new, clean and beautiful, but that is where the positives stop. I have tried my best to like this place, but their wait times are always horrendous, the staff and even the owner/md is often rude and unprofessional. You generally get the feeling that no one there enjoys their job, and that the clients are just a big hassle for them. I feel like I gave it an honest try and endured several years of poor customer service. It's time to move on.

Alex Barnett

Where to start. I guess with the Drs name. Beverly Strauss-DiPaolo. Actually a nurse practitioner. Since I was 7 I was perscribed medication for adhd. Usually my Dr would write me scripts for 3 months so I wouldn't have to pay $40 every month and wait 2-3 hrs to get a piece of paper. At my last visit a nurse came into the room talked to me and returned saying I can only get one script bc the Beverly didn't think I needed 3 scripts at once. She made that call without even meeting me. So upon leaving I confronted her and assured her I'm not a pill popper, I've been on the meds for 21 yrs, that I run two companies and am currently in grad school as well. But that I was happy that she could tell that I was just abusing medication. She continued to say it was "company policy" to only do one month at a time. My business partner was the patient before me. He got 3 months worth of scripts for the same med from her. Classic. Then when I took in my meds to Walgreens, she forgot to write the amount of pills to give me. So they had to call. She also wrote the wrong bday for my parter on his. Then when I went to pick up the scripts. She wrote the wrong type of medicine, forcing me to have to drive back to forte and wait 45min for her 3rd attempt at her job. If you're into getting high blood pressure and love your time being wasted by incompetent people. Go see Beverly at forte family practice.

Unforgivable Light

Worst place ever!!! Will be looking elsewhere.

Lippman Media CEO

Dr. Forte is the best!

Alec Morgan

I have had problems with calling and no one answering and thats the only thing keeping me from 5 stars. Brooke and Dr. Yudez are great they take time with their patients. some places make you feel rushed so they can get the next person in i do not get that feeling here.


She only cares about Ibew union workers because they fill out surveys which she gets a bonus from. It’s all about money otherwise. Be prepared to wait. They have two triage rooms but the way the office if set up you have between 3-6 drs sharing one and the other side goes to the 1 dr that’s using those rooms. Patients are seen in 15 mins time blocks and they are always behind because they have to much going on. She will order unnecessary tests just to bill the insurance a little more. It’s not uncommon for them to be an hour behind, specially when she has a full staff of drs working and they each get two rooms but have to share the triage, I seen them fall behind by two hours. If you are a walk in try waiting till Saturday because it will go fastest. There’s usually two drs working and it’s much calmer.

Marcello Coluccio

The worst office I've ever been to. I came here twice and never met with an actual doctor. Just a nurse practitioner and a physicians assistant. I had a sore throat for two weeks and they prescribed me cough syrup for it. Cough syrup.

Robert Black

I have been going to forte family practice for a few years now. I have had no bad experiences until today. They often have long wait times but that’s expected. If you decide to come to forte family practice DO NOT SEE JOE EAFRATES!! He diagnosed me with bronchitis a couple days ago. Gave me a few prescriptions and said that I’d be better and able to go back to work in a couple days. Was told that if I don’t feel better in a couple days to come back. Well a couple days had passed and I felt the same and worse cuz I developed a fever the night before which I didn’t have previously. So I came back today. He did not listen to anything I had to say. Argued with me about the fever. I also asked for a dr note extending my time off from work. He left the room but left the door open. I could hear him outside the room talking unfavorably about me. Then gave me a note saying I could return to work tomorrow. I tried to explain I needed more time. That I didn’t have the strength to stand for 8 hours and that I worked in the service industry and I couldn’t be handing people food and drinks with congestion and coughing up phlegm. He did not care and refused to extend my note. He said “he had more important things to worry about than my note.” There was a lot more detail about my visit with him that showcases how unprofessional, unsympathetic, and completely uncaring he is as a medical professional. I think this is enough to show you to avoid treatment from Joe Eafrates, I hope.

Carla Simpson


Angela D

5 stars go to Dr. Yudez and his medical assistant, they attentively listen when you have a problem and genuinely care about you. The reason for the two star is because I waited two weeks for my ultra exams and today, after doing one of my exams, I asked the technician and then again the girl at the front that I was also suppose to have my pelvic exam. Turns out, somewhere, somehow along the way I was only scheduled for the exam I did and need to reschedule again for my pelvic exam. It seems to me that they sorely lack service when the doctors aren't in. I've never experienced this much disappointment and never seen it with other patients whenever I go in to see the doctor himself.

Tracy Rohr

Called to have a prescription refilled. No urgency. Very cold and rude. Have to wait a week before my doctor get's back to that location. VERY unprofessional


The office staff is unprofessional. Shana booked my appointment for "Saturday" but had it on the wrong date. I advised that my appointment was cancelled because my son was in the emergancy room and I lost my job. She said "that sucks", then asked me when I wanted to come in. Are you kidding me? When I asked for a supervisor, Jessica said she was on vacation. Also mentioned that none of the doctors would talk to me if I complain. I had blood work done, and never got a follow up call. If you have insurance and have a choice on who you can use for your doctor, save your hard earned money and choose an office that takes their patience health seriously versus hiing unprofessional women who think this is a joke,

Chris Mattingly

I see Dr. Waltman, who is wonderful. The staff are absolutely horrible!! Phone calls are never returned. They never call you to discuss lab results, even though they say they will. You have to wait forever to be seen. If you want to discuss your lab results, you have to make an appointment, drive to the office and pay another co-pay just to go over lab results. The visit lasted a total of 5 minutes, but hey, they got another $30.00 out of me. I recently changed insurances, and one of my medications required a pre-authorization. The pharmacy sent the pre-authorization over to the office 3 different times, and they never responded. When I called, and was lucky enough to speak to someone, they said that they do not deal with pre-authorizations. What does this mean? I had to pay for that medicine out of my own pocket. I called to get a non-controlled anti-inflammatory refilled and they called to tell me the prescription was ready to be picked up at the desk. Their office policy is not to call in any medications. What an inconvenience this is for the patient. This is the worst example of customer service I have ever seen. They treat patients as if seeing a physician in their practice is a privilege. Well, it's not. The patients can make or break your practice. Remember who pays your salary, we do via the insurance company. Be more respectful of our time and make make things more convenient. I am a Registered Nurse and I remain dumbfounded at the lack of customer service this practice provides to its patients.

Christiana Zullo

Inked Professional

I am a Diabetic and I saw Dr. Walton. He didn't even check my blood sugar and wrote me prescriptions without ever telling me to check my numbers. I would not recommend going here if you need diabetes care as they do not seem knowledgeable at all.

Carrie Billing

I DONT even want to give them a star. But I have to to do a review!! They over book and when the book they get schedule mixed up! The office staff is RUDE!!! I have been called in on an emergancy to find out that it was the wrong patient. Pay a co-pay and time off work not to mention the stress of something being wrong. I have made several appoints and the doctor I am scheduled with isn't even the office!!like I said the office staff treats you like you are Beneath them. Really. Do you know what I do? Maybe you are beneath me!!! Dont go go there!!!!!! Stay away from them!!!!!! Scheduling issues, staff attitudes, wait times, wrong results, inconsistent and they just dont give a damn!! Ask them to fix the issues and they look at you like your stupid and tell you I dont know what to tell you. I have been waiting on blood results for 4 weeks now. Well due to their incapabilty to schedule properly and my work schedule I have to wait basically. So now I have to fine a new doctor, pay the copays for office visit and blood work again. Total BS!!! Again staff is incompitiant, rude and inconsiderate!!! Find another doctor office unless you have a lot of time to waste, have lots of patients and can afford to miss time from work and pay un-nessessary copays!! Seriously. Nothing but issues with them stay away. Leave them now. Find anoth et t docror office!!!

Sherri Hultin

I love Dr. Wendy but this place is so unorganized and they do not value your time at all!!! I sat in an office half naked with a gown draped over me for over an hour! Sooo annoyed! They told me the doc had an emergency! BS! It’s a family practice. If it was an emergency they would have gone to the ER!

Gloria L

I was 5 minutes late for the appointment, i tied to call ahead and warn them and nobody picked up. When I showed up they refused to see me because I was late.

Justin Diaz

Been here 6 visits never cancelled - I had to cancel on visit for a family emergency and they want to still charge me for the visit .. go see another doctor

Scott Pretopapa12

This place has AN AWFUL... and I mean AWFULLLL office staff! BE...WARE! BEWARE! You will need much patience dealing with these people. One tells you one thing, you arrive and another office lady disputes what the other told me. They have 0% compassion for you whataoever. No matter what the case... the doctor seems ok, but the STAFF is the worst! And they ruthlessly put you on hold when you call and let you wait LONG periods of time! Beware! U will need PATIENCE dealing with these people! And they are RUDE!


Took my son here for an infection in his backside (don't know how else to put that). We saw Dr. Forte, she is not a super warm fuzzy person, but she knows her stuff and gets right to the point. I personally like a straight forward person. I can't say she's gentle either. She went at my son's infection like a tiger! However, the treatment was excellent as was the follow up. Like everyone else, I agree, the front office staff are brisk, somewhat unfriendly, and didn't smile much. They bark at you rather than greet you. This place is busy! Expect to wait. Be on top of your insurance information so you know what is covered and what your co-pays are. That will clear up any over charges by overly busy staff who don't really understand your particular insurance. Stay on top of any follow ups yourself. Like most medical places now, everything has gone to clinic-style treatment facilities. Gone are the days of private practice sadly.

Adam Terasa

Agree with most other reviews here. Trash and rude people. Don't expect a call back from anyone. Don't expect any level of quality service.... always waiting hours past your SCHEDULED time. Hey Forte, if you cant keep a schedule, don't fake one!

Wendy Griffin

I have had to wait around 30 min each time I come but they take their time and I felt they took good care of my health issues.

Ariel Duell-Duran

WOW!! I am very disappointed in the Service from Dr.Martinez + Staff.. Myself as well as my Pharmacy called and left several messages over a two week time period in regards to a prescription dosage. All the Nurse or the Doctor had to do was call the pharmacy back with the dosage amount to be filled. This is crazy, I have never experienced such poor professionalism from a doctors office....

vassie gardner

The staff upfront are really nice,the wait times are as to be expected when looking for good care. Dr.Hailstone is one of the best doctors I have ever been to.He is friendly,knowledgeable and spends his time with you ,so you understand what is going on. He cares, plain and simple. I won't go anywhere else.

Lana Olukumi Hanson

Wendy Martinez was my first provider there and I miss her terribly. When she left the practice, I went with Christina Henry and she is wonderful as well. The front staff and appointment schedule are okay, the lab staff is awesome. Billing staff is meh. Good luck if you need a referral, though. IDK if more people need to be hired for that dept. or if there is just incompetence there. It took lots of time,( while I was extremely sick and in dire need of a specialist)phone calls, unanswered messages and finally my husband getting on the phone to make my rheumatologist referral to go through. Wait times are long to be seen, but you'll get that anywhere.

Michael Pape

Sara Galindo

Though, the wait time was a little high Dr. Laura Wells was awesome she took the time to talk to me like a human being and explain my disease, empowered me and gave me new motivation to take care of myself she is the only dr that has done this for me :)

W. Williams

Dr. Forte is a good doctor but her entire staff is HORRIBLE. For example, I had an appointment for a test and after arriving and sitting in the lobby waiting to be called, my cell phone rang and it was the office staff cancelling my appointment - while was sitting in the lobby. I am met with rudeness or ineptitude from the staff at every visit. The staff is rude and could care less of the patients. Forte defends this unprofessional, bad attitude and behavior. This office should be shut down! I'm currently looking for a new doctor. The people who have left 5 starts obviously have not been going to this office for very long.There is no such thing as a return call to the pharmacy when questions arise. Don't they realize what chaos this causes for patients? Trying to get through their phone system is a joke. First they should get rid of the management who allows this terrible treatment of patients to go on. If I could give zero stars I would!

Agnieszka Dziurewicz

Worst customer service I ever experience with Billing and front desk. billing department, they don't even keep accurate notes and give a hard time to the patient due to insurances not billing right away. At the end Luz from billing was amazing and worked to fix the problem.

Dejiree Anderson

Would give zero damn stars if I could. DO NOT GO HERE. Changing my PCP as soon as possible. My insurance assigned them to me and I’m pissed. This place needs to be shut down.

Kawanda Miller


Idiot staff that never answers their phone. I sat in line as "number one in the queue" for over ten minutes. The doctors hardly ever looked at me or showed any interest in what I was saying. Then to make things even more awesome, they did not leave their correct information with the pharmacies that handled my medication, so I was forced to act as a go-between, postponing my medication needs. This happened twice.

Only One True Lexi

Where do I start? I started going to this location about 5yrs ago and met Dr. Hailstone. He was amazing, so I dealt with the rude staff. Like most great doctors, he cared. Within a year, he had corrected my asthma, and helped me to lose about 35lbs. Then, my reproductive system starting messing up. He did what was best, ceasing all non vital meds. He made sure I got the referrals needed, and even corresponded with the specialists to ensure my health was priority. Then, he left. I still went to the office, thinking I would still receive the same great care. I was passed through no less than 4 physicians, even having the misfortune of dealing with Wendy Martinez. Not only is she extremely unprofessional, but she should be under review by the medical board for her relentless pandering of Contrave. She does not ask about a persons mental health history, let alone their families'. When you Google the medicine, you will understand. Anyway, I called about an appointment and much like a lot of people who have left a review, dealt with the same rude staff. One woman even insinuated that I was on drugs because I refused to deal with her condensending nature. So, I decided to take time out to drive to the office to make a complaint in person. It was then that I met with Val the Administrator for, who told me I was "no longer a patient". Funny thing is, she made me a final appointment. I have tried to find a new doctor, but nearly no one will take patients from Family Forte because of the "difficulty of getting medical records". This is a direct quote from no less than 3 independent offices. My warning to everyone who reads this post: be extremely careful about this office. If you decide to stand up for yourself, you will be dropped. If you get in contact with Val, you will be dropped. No one, not even other professionals want to deal with this clinic.

Justin Jeong

I agree with this: Call Republic Services, where did you get these staffs? From hilly billy red neck town? The doctors are amazing, the front staff is complete trash. They're rude, uneducated and incredibly slow. I had an appointment for 3:30, showed up an hour early for paperwork only to be told my doctor wasn't listed as pcp, called the number the gave me to call because they refused to give me treatment until so. The person on the phone said they had numerous patients from this office who called and had issues. She even called the front staff uneducated for not seeing me before the phone call I was forced to do. Don't waste your time here unless you want to wait hours to be seen because they couldn't call you ahead and yell you what you needed to bring and or do prior to being seen, and even if you have everything ready be prepared to wait at least 30 min past your appointment time.

Todd Shelly

Nobody answers the phone for appointments. My wife has to go in every time to just make an appointment. Last week she made an appointment and specifically told them to make sure they had results from an Mir she had 3weeks prior. She went for her appointment and they didn't have her results. She is still waiting for results on an ultrasound on her breast (which she had because mammogram showed a lump) weeks ago and no results or calls for follow up. They are the worst practice in the valley. We have to change Doctors offices now because of the inept people who work there and the disregard for the care of the patients that need to be seen. DO NOT GO THERE!

lawrence dargan

Horrible place

James Wheeler

Been here many times. Have seen three different Doctors. Wait times are always long maybe an hour or more with an appointment. But this last time made me upset. Had an appointment at 10:15 with Dr. Del Gardener. I waited for nearly an hour in the waiting room while I heard them discussing seeing multiple walk-ins before they got to me. Supposedly emergencies she claimed. I told her that if they are really emergencies then they need to go to the emergency room. Now last time I was a little late for my appointment. So I think they just wanted ger a little payback for me being late. Yeah thats it punish the sick guy for being a little late. Nice practice. They must have seen 3 walk-ins before they were going to get to me until I complained. Really all emergencies? Not sure why Dr Gardener is listed on their website with no MD after his name. All the others do. Are they giving me the least qualified Dr's too?


Patient KL- I saw Dr. Gardner and Etli. They do not care or listen. They put wrong area for MRI and Etli didn't even examine arm. They do nothing for pain control (no I didn't ask for narcotics) I said motrin isn't working, ok here is more motrin. Then its here is some aspirin by product, it probably won't work like a ointment will. After fixing wrong MRI area, I get results "SEVERE DISTAL BICEPS TENDINOSIS WITH MILD TO MODERATE TENOSYNOVITIS"Arm is jacked up in other words. The thing that really ticks me off about these quacks is over and over I explained where the problem was "lower arm, lower bicep" .No where near my shoulder . why would you order a MRI for the shoulder? And why Etli did you not examine my arm? They don't care!!!

Restore-ology By Holly

Just a place that shows absolutely no compassion to its patients. They forget who pays their wages. What happen to caring physicians anymore, do they notteach this in college. I swear they don't care or listen. The walls are thin as paper and can hear everything the drs and nurses joke about. I miss Dr Hailstone. I saw A. Gifford who has a holyer than thou attitude, plain nasty biotch. I told her that during the holidays I was busy and didn't have time for x-rays and blood work and that I would get it done, next thing I know a nasty nurse came in an said to sign this Refuse medical treatment paper. Wth. I did not say I would not do it. Just read all the reviews. Speaks for itself.

Sophia Bojorquez

I'm giving a 5 star rating based on my face-to-face experience with the provider and his MA. The scheduler and the front office staff need lessons in etiquette, they are rude and short with patients. It's unfortunate that they are the first impression one gets and they poorly represent the providers.

Laurie Miller

Having a terrible time making an appointment. Can't get anyone to answer the phone. On hold with a repeating message that my call will be answered shortly. Finally I'm asked to leave a message. Last week I left a message with my number, did not receive a call back. Left another message this morning with my number. We will see. --- Adding this 3 months later. Had to call their other office to make an appointment, because no one at the Cheyenne office ever called me back. The office is beautiful, Dr Purdy was friendly. But I have never seen such incompetence in a professional office. They neglected to do a lab test that was clearly ordered and I needed for surgery. I had to make a special trip to give the specimen. Then I got a second phone call saying I had not been in. When I told them I had been in that morning, they did not know what happened to the specimen, because the nurse had gone home. They have also messed up my bill twice, including charging me $300 on a day that I WAS NOT IN THE OFFICE. I will definitely be looking for another physician.

Dinora Suchite

Neal Petermann

Rosa Torres

I am currently looking for a new clinic. My doctor is great but omg the staff are very rude and I watched another doctor belittle a nurse right in front of me and several other patients. The nurse who was belittled was the one drawing peoples blood. She was crying and very upset. Needless to say I did not get my blood drawn that day. Horrible atmosphere.... I felt so bad for the nurse. I'm hoping she finds somewhere else to work.

Kristin Marie

Wendy Martinez is amazing! I highly recommemd her. The office Staff on the other hand and even the medical assistants in the back are so rude! They need to do a clean sweep through and hire people who actually smile, and have patience. Almost every one there seems to hate life, especially their job. Not a pleasent place to walk into. Some of the worst customer service I have ever seen. Hopefully, there are changes made soon becaise by the looks of the other rwviews most people feel this way.

Eliam M. Marrero Bernal AFSP, CSP, FSCP, LUTCF

Dr Hailstone is the only reason I keep coming. It's a wondeful doctor. He respect your time but the staff it the worst I ever seen. Rude, they never set the referral apointment righ. I never seen them smiling. It's sad


The doctors are amazing, the front staff is complete trash. They're rude, uneducated and incredibly slow. I had an appointment for 3:30, showed up an hour early for paperwork only to be told my doctor wasn't listed as pcp, called the number the gave me to call because they refused to give me treatment until so. The person on the phone said they had numerous patients from this office who called and had issues. She even called the front staff uneducated for not seeing me before the phone call I was forced to do. Don't waste your time here unless you want to wait hours to be seen because they couldn't call you ahead and yell you what you needed to bring and or do prior to being seen, and even if you have everything ready be prepared to wait at least 30 min past your appointment time.

randy uballe

I had an appointment with my primary whose put me on anti depressants a higher dose on top of that and i was sent a confirmation for my check up appointment and I wasn’t going to be able to make it so I needed to change my app and I tried to call back and the number was out of service I now am out of my meds and no way to get a refill because my dr is never available and my second dr is now unavailable so now I’m off of my meds which is highly recommended to never happened due to high potential suicide rate now I’m panicked and unable to get in with my dr or get a refill thanks looks like I’m going to just be without again thanks family forte just amazing job

Shannon Marberry

I was assigned this office by my insurance and I've been going there about 10 months. I can't say I would recommend them. Every time I go for an appointment, I wait ages past my appointment time. The last time I was there I wasn't seen until almost two hours after my scheduled time. I would have left but I was desperate. They consistently ignore requests for refills from my pharmacy and don't communicate as to why they are not approving them and when I call no one seems to know what's going on. The last time I actually went down there to tell them I needed this medicine and they told me I needed to be seen by a doctor to refill it and they couldn't get me in for another week. My original Doctor left so I have seen a bunch of random doctors and PAs lately so it's frustrating not to have any consistency. They don't seem to keep great records and they are still using paper charts. I'm currently having a problem that's been going on about 3 months but no one there seems particularly concerned and it seems like they keep doing half measures that work for a few days and then I'm miserable again. I have an absolutely brutal cough that is not helped by otc cough medicine. It is painful and keeps me up at night but they tell me that they don't prescribe cough medicine because it has codeine in it. I understand their caution, but I am an adult with the exact condition that the stuff is for and I'm sure it would probably give me some relief. Anyway, this office is continually frustrating.

Danny Gee

If I could give 0 stars I would. This is the worst medical office I've ever seen. The doctors are fine (Dr. Etli is great) but it's the administration that is, to quote another reviewer, pure trash. And it goes right to the top. The billing is particularly dishonest and unethical. Do yourself a favor and find another primary - you'll do better elsewhere, I promise.

Monique Johnson

Wait time is way to long for a doctor's office. Been here since 10:18 and still have not seen a doctor and it's almost 12pm. I do not recommend this location.

Erica Crawford

Sandee H

Absolute WORST staff EVER. They never answer the phone, ever. Leaving a message is futile and pointless. Send them a refill request from the pharmacy and it will be ignored. Doctor writes a referral but they don't give it to you, have had to go back to correct prescriptions that were written incorrectly and I had my HIPPA rights violated because one of the doctors there decided to scream at me in the hall to take a drug test if I wanted relief for my severe back pain...that I"ve dealt w/ for a decade & put off going to the doctor for pain until it became unbearable. This is exactly the reason. She pinned me as a drug seeker & broke the law because she couldn't control the fact she was judging me based off other people. I have legitimate severe pain & absolutely hate pain medication but it had affected my job so I felt I had no choice. I could go on & on but this is the absolute worst staff and office I have ever been to in 3 states. Just save yourself the drama & find another office...any other office.

Vernon Brooks

There are several decent providers here, but they are unfortunately offset by the absolutely terrible wait times. They seem to have no qualms about making me wait as much as an hour after my scheduled time, with no penalty on them for doing so. I truly feel that there needs to be a patients bill of rights that covers this. They place no value on my time. Maybe if they were penalized the amount of the copay, they would be a little more timely. They also require unnecessary office visits for prescription refills. The only reason I still go here is because of limited options with my insurance.

Denise Delgado

I keep getting calls from staff with different messages and I have never even been here!! I have tried getting it cleared up so they stop calling and leaving me messages intended for someone else, but NOONE seems capable of helping get it straightened out!! Scary thing is they have my first they even have my # is beyond me...

Venus Mercury

Alisa Gifford does not seem knowledgeable and is unable differentiate narcotics from non-narcotics. The first day I met her she came into the room without my files and did not care about my situation. Her attitude is not professional nor helpful. She has no business working in this type of environment. Forte Family Practice needs to get rid of her pronto!

Dayana Thompson

We used to have Doctor Wendy Martinez and she was extremely helpful. Today we went in to see Doctor Gardner and he was extremely rude. He was asking my mom why she didnt speak better English since she has been here for a while. We asked for a yearly checkup and ge completely ignored that request. We will be coming back but we are trying a different doctor. The front desk staff and the nurses are very nice.

Jarred Coelho

Dealing with Forte after Hailstone left was very offputting. If you are looking for him he went over to Southern Nevada Internal Medicine & Pediatrics @ 6252 S Rainbow #110

julia k

I've only had a handful of good experiences with this place. Ever since my primary provider changed to Cynthia (not even an MD!) I have been miserable. She never bothers to listen, she always appears over worked and annoyed and really seems to enjoy giving lectures. I will be switching providers ASAP. I will give the office another chance, but I definitely need another person (maybe an actual doctor?). Plus there is always a long wait, and they conveniently take your copay upfront so you can't leave after sitting there 30 mins past your appointment time.

Ryan Wilson

This place is a joke. I was using this office until my last visit. My work requires a annual wellness exam for our insurance. This is covered 100 percent by our insurance. This wellness exam requires blood work that is also covered 100 percent. After I have my wellness exam and blood work done I go back in to get the paper from the doctor with my results on it and they want to charge me 38 dollars to see the dr to get the results from my FREE ANNUAL WELLNESS EXAM. I should not be charged to get the results of the exam that's covered 100 percent by my insurance. This place scams you left and right for money. Absolutely a joke.

Robin Seabaugh

I have a chronic disease. I get sick fast, and it isn't pleasant. This office charges a $25 fee if you cancel your appointment inside 24 hours. I have never in my entire time with Forte been seen on time for any appointment, regardless of how early I arrive. And let's not get started on the sexist male doctor (Eafrate) who ignores women's pain and tells them they are just fat. Avoid!!!!

Alicia Nielsen

The girl answering the phone and taking appointments, Shay or Shana I think, something like that, is so rude and unprofessional it's enough of a reason to never go back, and so I won't. Also, Dr. Purdy was brusk and didn't answer my questions, sad with her back to me the whole time and almost made me feel like I was faking my migraines that I'd been having since I was very young. Would not go back. I've heard good things about Dr. Hailstone but have yet to be able to get in to see him, and the office staff alone is enough reason to keep me away permanently. Everybody has bad days but when it's your job to be the front line and greet customers and you're giving me deep sighs and can't bothered to be on the phone for 30 seconds I can't be bothered to make an appointment with you.

kimberly cexton

The doctors are always behind and the staff does not keep patients informed.

David Darby

This place is just terrible. Horrible wait times every time. Guaranteed.

KC Crotty

Unhappy workers at the front desk they never smile always rude.Some of the doctors as well I will never be going there again! Money hungry company.

Maui The teddy bear

The black lady in the front has no idea about her job! She charged me for she said its for the labs, but when i called their office billing department and my insurance they both told me what She charged me was for office visit. I didnt see the doctor I came in for labs. They said they have mandatory nurse visit where they take vitals signs prior drawing your labs but the black lady did not know about it! I even asked her 3 times if it was for the labs she said yes its for the labs each time. If i only knew I'm paying extra then I would have went to regular quest. Now I'm paying twice. Office visit and labs. She also have an attitude! That black lady should not be even working up front!

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