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REVIEWS OF Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospital, San Martin Campus - Las Vegas, NV IN Nevada

Arch.Khatera D.

The clinic never answers the call! I have been trying for over a month to contact the dr who is supposedly my primary care, without any success.

Brittany Janay

I would never ever go back to this hospital ever, I received 2 bills in the mail one for $832 for a physician's bill, I NEVER received a bill like that EVER with any hospital I been at here in Las Vegas. Then I end up talking to customer care and they said my hospital bill was $1,500 (Mind YOU guys) This is only for a "Sinus Infection", I didn't even get my OWN room. You had a nurse who didn't really do nothing, I seen the doctor ONCE for a split second and when I say SPLIT, I mean SPLIT second. They didn't even give me the right prescription at first. I had to tell the "NURSE". One nurse had to give me a shot in my back side and do you know she stabbed herself with the needle trying to rush and put EVERYTHING together?!?! My fiancé and I were so disgusted. And its this PLUS-Size blonde "girl" working the entrance desk and she's just so rude, UGH. Just the thought of her creeps me out on how rude she is. OHHHHH YYEEAAAHHH, They absolutely lie about charges I sat there and asked the "Discharge" lady about fees and what bills would i have exactly?? She said just the hospital and whatever the doctor ordered such as X-ray. You know my X-ray bill was only $32 bucks?!?! This hospital is FULL with a whole bunch of people simply talking about there personal escapades to other co-workers, and others staring at you like they don't have any sense. The looks of this hospital can truly FULL you. It's nothing like it MAY seem.

Violeta Vranjkovic

The BEST HOSPITAL IN LAS VEGAS. I will never go anywhere else. Quick intake in the ER, caring and very capable staff. I strongly recommend. Great Job this Hospital is the Best. Bellagio of Hospitals in the Valley! You guys are doing a great job!

Miles Hoffman

I went to the ER here because I was having symptoms of something wrong with my heart. The nurse who tried to put in the IV made me pass out after the 8th attempt to get it in, i passed out from the pain. Once I woke up I had such a pain from the IV, I asked if it was okay, she told me that I was hard to get into and that it's fine and hush! Oh nice, I'm in a hospital and I'm suppose to take extra pain they dole out. Took the bruise 4 weeks to go away, it looked just awful. I did not care for one of the Dr.'s that came in, they all seemed very inconvenienced I was there. Don't worry, I'll never come here again. Side note, per the usue I got the bill, my co pay should only be $1,500 and even though this is my insurances hospital, I still ended up with a $3,200.00 bill because they make sure to add things they know the insurance will not cover to screw you! I hate this place and hope is closes down soon.

Ceth Puckett

I went into the warmsprings location a week ago with the worst pain I have ever felt. The staff was so patient with me and so helpful but also gave me the space and freedom I needed in such discomfort. I was in a room quickly and my signs for a kidney stone were clear. Paulo was awesome he got straight to the point and also kept the positive vibe going the whole time. I was out in less than an hour and passed the stone in less than 24 hours. Thank you so much to the women at the front ER desk, Thank you to the triage nurses, thank you to the woman that did the CT scan, thank you Paulo and the man that covered for you when you left. I wasn't accused of being on drugs, I wasn't harassed for being in the GLBT community, I wasn't yelled at for making horrible noises and walking around like past hospitals here in n the valley....I was just taken care of and that's all I needed.... Thank you st. Rose.

john stephens

Got my appendix taken out and they have the best staff to help me heal very accommodating

Travis Hawk

Fantastic treatment and took care of my one year old while in Las Vegas. Took my insurance and received an EOB for the doctor portion. The doctor refused to discount the bill and honor the contract rate with Blue Cross and billed me the entire amount for the visit.

George Henning

adm:03/20/18 Came in with a collapsed lung, put chest tube, started pain management, all good. a male nurse wanted to clean my bandages, I said sure. He cut my chest tube with scissors and didn't do or say anything about it, just let air seep into my chest for 2 days. Now they want to do surgery because (surprise surprise) my lung is now more deflated. If your not careful this hospital will kill you. Please, for your safety and the safety of your family DO NOT COME HERE.

Bellalinda Marin

This hospital is the best! From ER to hospital room and security everyone is so nice they dont make you feel like a bother but make you feel you can trust in the. The floor nurses are extremely nice . I have stayed here 3 times and I loved it.

Barbara Comeaux

I was admitted on April 8, 2019 & discharged pn April 10, 2019. Great staff & excellent care! The room I had 352 was very clean. I had a private room! Very clean & well kept. Everyone from the housekeeping to thr dietary to the medical staff were professional, kind & compassionate. This was the best hospital care I ever received. The food was also delicious.

Tony Brunnmeier

That I'm talking about the staff that are taking care of my father, are very good and treat the patients with the up most dignaty Thanks

randy lenox

Hospitality here is great. Anna from ICU has the kindest attitude and knows how to make you feel comfortable. There was also Karen who was with me during the night. Overall the best hospital stay I've had

Lisa Kellybrew

Went in with chest pains. They drugged me and kept me asleep for 4 days! I wake up and call home and find out how worried everyone has been. I never got a diagnosis. Nobody will give me any information. I get dressed to leave & find they have hidden my belongings including my shoes! Nurse follows me to my car & forces me to return since I have no car keys! Doctor won't even come speak to me personally. Calls me on the room phone informing me I will have heart surgery in the morning & I can ask questions to the surgeon! Aw hell no! I have to throw a fit and threaten to call 911 to get my personal belongings! My shoes were hidden under the nurse's desk! Tantamount to medical kidnapping! Avoid at all costs!

Leroy Tate

Dr.Lo was no help at all. I visited the ER with a fever of 101. The nurse verified this and immediately went to find the physician. Dr.Lo came back and proceeded to stare at me as if I was from another planet. He as what was going on and I explained that I was having flu like symptoms. Swollen throat, Sore bones, sensitive to the touch and I felt kind of cloudy. He asked if I took anything and I told him about the dayquil and nyquil. He asked why I was taking that. I responded with because I feel sick. He makes it seem as if im an idiot for taking cold medicine. I had not eaten in almost 2 days because of how bad my throat hurt, I could barely swallow powerade. He looks in my throat and says someone will swab you for strep and give you some tylenol. Dont take anymore dayquil or further explanation no help. I am now home and I feel like death warmed up...hopefully the dayquil and nyquil doesn't kill me however thats all I have because the idiot doctor offered no help. No blood work no overall exam just a a quick peak in my mouth told him everything. I really hope someone doesnt get hurt because of this doctors negligence. Update. I spoke with a charge nurse rebeccah who told me I have strep throat over the phone. She gave out confidential medical information without verification of identity. After about 10 mins of getting no where conversation she then said oh no its tonsillitis. I am shaking and now my joints hurt and I will be seeking help else where. A simple hey im sorry this happened how can we fix it. Or even a hey come back and lets make sure youre okay would have made me feel better however I got a bunch off bull from people who dont care about people as patients...Im sorry I bothered you all at 130AM when your waiting room was empty...I guess you all couldnt be bothered to assist a PAYING CUSTOMER

Cydzette LV

Beautiful campus excellent facility.

George assaf

Nurses with bad attitude! Ignored my grandma for 2 hours while she was begging for water and waited almost 2 hours for her medicine. Horrible hospital. It's very sad.

Michelle Portugal

If you are giving birth DO NOT GO HERE! Crappy service, Crappy food and double the pay! I delivered my second child two weeks ago and felt tortured. I had my first delivery two years ago at St. Rose Sienna and had a good experience so I thought that since they are both named St. Rose, they would have the same quality care. As soon as I got wheel chaired in, since I was already in active labor, the nurse had to poke me 3 times and kept popping my vain which resulted in a huge bruise on both arms. Right there and then I knew I made the wrong decision. So everything else went smooth and my awesome OB came who barely got any help from the nurse. She even had to clean up and was doing their job after the delivery. 8 hours later I’m still sitting in a pool of blood because the nurse said that two other person came in to give birth. And when she finally came I was breastfeeding my daughter so I asked her if she can come back and she replied, “Its either she cleans me up now or she will have to help someone else and won’t be back for who knows how many more hours. I told her its ok to help someone else. Then that morning, I was STARVING for food and I remember that St. Rose Sienna always had great food, so I was anticipating to place an order, which they do at Sienna. Instead a man comes in the room drops of two trays and leaves. It was definitely not enough and my husband had to go downstairs to the cafeteria and spend $20 to get more food. So someone came in and I complained about the breakfast. They finally gave me a sheet to order from which I was familiar with from Sienna. I ordered my lunch and dinner. Lunch came and it was ok, and then dinner came and it wasn’t what we ordered. So I called the nurse to let them know and the same guy that dropped of the breakfast came in our room with an attitude saying that what we ordered was for the following day??? And that if we wanted what we actually ordered it’s going to take hours. Then how come our lunch came out ok. And we placed it the same time? Anyways, I ended up breaking down and crying because I felt like they were so rude. Good thing there was an employee, who actually work in a different department (social secutrity/admin) who went out of her way and went straight to the kitchen to get our food. After that incident I wanted to run home and get out of there! I made sure I left 24 hours after my delivery and not anytime longer. I ended up leaving the hospital at 9PM because I didn’t want to stay overnight. Now that I’m home I just got a bill from San Martin twice as much as I had to pay at Sienna. Keep in mind I stayed at Sienna for almost 4 days and they served us steak and prawns our fist night as new parents and at San Martin I only stayed for 1 ½ days. On top of that I got another bill stating that their workers are not employees of the hospital?? They are contracted and that there is a separate bill for their care also. UNBELIEVABLE!! I don’t usually do reviews but I thought that it would help other expecting mothers to make the right decision. Giving birth is such an experience that its so important to get special care. I wouldn’t want anyone else to go through what I went through. San Martin SUCK!

Marisela Borquez

This hospital has very rude staff. They treat patients awful talking about the patients in front of them. I highly wouldn’t recommend anyone there. Very disappointed with how they treat the patients. Maybe they shouldn’t be nurses/doctors if they don’t want to help people.

Elizabeth Irena Headworth

Lisa R

I had the worst ER experience ever on October 26th! Please avoid this place if you can. Especially if you have insurance, they will do everything to milk your insurance and never treat the symptom. I saw them allow 1 patient to leave the hospital (i'm assuming that he didn't have insurance) and 1 patient with the same symptoms be held (assuming again because she had "great" insurance, as one of the Dr stated). And what is privacy??? The doctors and nurses speak about the patients out in the open area for everyone to hear what everyone is there for and their symptoms. And they want to yell at you for eavesdropping. And I asked to speak with a hospital administrator and Michelle was the rudest public liaison I ever met, they should send her back to training. Never again, I'll stick with Southern Hills. Take my advice or don't, but consider yourself warned.

Sarah Mack

If you don't have insurance, don't bother coming here. I was treated very poorly by the staff. They didn't even take my paper work or discharge papers. The dr seen me in the ( I suppose you get a room if you have insurance) and said there's nothing he can do for me without having insurance. I feel completely discriminated against and I'm filling a complaint and contacting my lawyer I'd they don't make this right.

Bryan EP

My wife had a seizure around 4:30 September 4th. She was taken by ambulance to Southern Hills Hospital where she received excellent care. However, our insurance wasn't contracted with that hospital for extended stays and she was transferred to Dignity Health's San Martin location. She arrived there at 9:30PM, September 5th. And that was the end of any kind of medical care for her. Not once did a doctor actually bother to come into the room where she was staying. I was with her the entire time. We could hear staff outside the room making fun of us, ridiculing us, laughing at us. Not only was the staff incredibly rude, cruel, and heartless, they were incompetent. At one point, my wife's IV had to be replaced and the nurse on hand couldn't manage the task. She had to go get help to run a simple IV. As if that weren't enough, the floor in our room was covered in a dark gray, grimy film. It was actually sticky, like walking in a messy theater. And where everything is shiny and new at most Las Vegas hospitals, what we saw of Dignity Health was dingy and old looking. The place appeared run down and uncared for. This location should be condemned, torched, and used as a practice site for the fire department. I wouldn't take my worst enemy to this hospital. At 1:00PM September 6th, after being in this hell-hole for sixteen hours, we still hadn't seen any sign of a doctor. I went out to the Charge Nurse and demanded that he get someone into our room immediately to remove my wife's IV. He argued with me briefly but then he must have registered the look on my face. He complied. I helped my wife get dressed and we left those wretched excuses for humans behind. I took her to another hospital and was seen by a doctor right away. Dignity Health should be renamed Indignity Sewer. The place is disgusting, the staff is incompetent, and there is absolutely no reason anyone should ever be subjected to such inhumane mistreatment. The best service this so-called hospital can do for the community would be to hang an out-of-business sign on its front door.

vanessa marron

Clara Harriis

Very quick service excellent care and very caring Drs,and staff

Mark Mraz

Beautiful hospital and super friendly and attentive, skilled staff

Marilyn Zimmerman

Thanks the cath lab team, pre admit ladies, and recovery nurses. You all ROCK. Made me feel comfortable and relaxed. Was in and out in no time. Very smoothly done.

Nick Beez

Emily Phelan

I've visited others in hospitals before but never have I been admitted myself until recently. The care was outstanding. I never felt neglected and they made every effort to make sure I felt like a respectable human being. I also had my own room, the food was decent, and the hospital was very clean despite renovation.

Carol Kittenheart

So far, so good. Personal care, assistance to out of town family, concern for elderly spouse. Medical personnel have incredible pressure and responsibilities, I appreciate their efforts.

Rose Hilton

What a great emergency staff!!! They are the best!!! Especially the doctor who treated my mom along with nurse Carol! St Rose is lucky to have these caring employees.


Had my knee surgery there nice place.

Indie Lux

David Supinger

I had to take my son into the ER the other day during our vacation as he had a bad cough and fever. They quickly admitted him, took x-rays and were very nice and explained everything along the way. I didn't seem to have any issues with the hospital, it was clean and they were able to help quickly to resolve the issue.

Rosalva M Pino

Excellence in all and very warm efficient courteous staff. I feel very relaxed and confident at this hospital.

nita stevenson

I went to emergency room last week twice. My co-pay is $90, if they had taken my arm ultrasound in the first place I wouldn't have had to go back. So now I owe $180. Doctors treat ppl different depending on whether you have HMO Insurance or PPO Insurance. Health Insurance is failing so many people in America.

Michael Calkins

They helped my daughter considerably but did not stand up to their word when it came to helping my family with the bills. Years later their empty promises are coming back to haunt us. Staff cares, everyone else is in it for the cash. I hope they can sleep at night.

jaime flores

taylor chambers

Dr.Chang was awesome! (emergency room)


The doctor was clueless and had to go look for help on the internet. My son went home without an answer and a medication that was not for the problem he had. I wasted $33.88 on the wrong medication because the doctor didn't know what the problem was and refused to call for a more experienced doctor to see what the problem was, I guess was bad for his ego. We left without an answer but Definity a big bill $1897.00 for 20 minutes of useless doctor care. He had the nerve to tell us, that if the problem continued to return to the emergency room as if people had money to waste on bad doctors. That doctor or resident needs to go back to medical school. I followed with my primary care doctor and guess what, that emergency room doctor was complexly wrong. Turn out to be a reaction to a mushroom, that Benadryl took care of the problem for $11.67 and $10.00 co-payment for the doctor. These hospitals hired anyone without experience as long they have a diplomat. I will never return to the unexperienced ER doctors at this hospital.

Lancaster Family

No one on the waiting room upon arrival, sat for 3+ hours and watch the next 15 or so patients come in and get taken care of before getting called back. They did make sure to take my blood, take an EKG, take an X-ray, and bill my insurance though. That was the first thing they made sure to take care of. Meanwhile, syncope and chest pain weren't as important. Left and went to another hospital and will never go back to this facility again. Stay away!

Makenna Driscoll

Kat Kraus

Staff was friendly and we were seen quickly but the charges are a bit ridiculous. $2300 for an hour visit for my toddler to be seen and get medicine for his croup. $2300 seems extreme for a typical visit.

Cristalle Williams

My father was Septic and started having kidney failure(due to a horrible facility) but they were on it! From the ER to the ICU to the IMU the nurses and Dr.s were so professional and kind! They helped my father and treated us like Gold! Thank you St.Rose...

Dena Zavala

My mom was sent from Sunrise hospital to this one because she's a cancer patient and when I took her to Sunrise they did a MRI and found out she had cancer in her liver now and from there everything just went down she was at San Martin for more than a week on the 24th of November the Dr called me at work and started talking about hospice and right there I knew it wasn't good so after work when I went to go talk go talk to my mom she already knew and didn't tell me nothing which I understand so we talked and she already couldn't walk pm her own so I had to help her Gordo yo the restroom and when I took her and pulled her underwear off she had toilet paper stuck on her and her panties so when I went to clean her she was do sore that even water hurt her REALLY I know she's dying but come on she still has feelings and she still alive don't you think she was suffering enough Dr and nurses getting paid all that money to do nothing it broke my heart so much to see my mom in pain like that and they didn't even care but you what Karma is a b***h and it will come back to you for what you did to my beautiful Queen just remember everyone stay away from this hospital is no good maybe the hospital is but the Dr and nurses ain't it's already going to be one year since my mom went yo paradise im so heart broken

Mike Mann

ill never go back again

Roger Cooper

Only because i can go no lowwer. My son went on for information and told he can not lrave for 1 or 2 days. For evaluation they said. Make sure you are ready for misd treatment like this.

Nick Winters

Jim M

Great staff - friendly and very modern hospital with great amenities - had surgery and everyone was nice and trained

Jamie Rickabaugh

getu wolde

First off, I am a Doctor my self, and had an emergency visit at this facility, and i came to witness to what my own patients tell me about their unpleasant experience at the emergency rooms which I was sad to witness. I had a scheduled neck surgery, but I was in severe pain where all the controlled drugs could help me, so with the advise of my doctor I went to the closest emergency room and to probably admit me and put me in IV pain meds since none of the pain meds were working to get a relief till my surgery. I gave all the detailed information to the attending nurse from the drugs I have been given to all the attending doctors I am seeing further mentioning waiting of a surgery with dates. I am screaming with pain the whole time, and finally after about an hr wait, the doctor comes in and asks me what he can do for me. Doctor Jason Lasry was the attending nurse, and he has not reviewed at all any of the information I cared to give and must have assumed that I was one of the routine patient who are faking their pain in order to get some kind of narcotic drugs. I find the doctor to be very unprofessional and has the nerve to tell me that he will give me a narcotic for my pain without checking my health history at all. I told me what my profession was and told him that he should be ashamed of holding a medical degree, for not even reviewing the patients health history, and what medications they have been taking, and/or are currently taking, and walked out of the hospital. Four months later after my surgery I filed a complaint against the doctor to the head of ER Doctor, and also mentioned to him that I have received a medical bill for $300 for that day's visit where I didn't get a treatment, but the head of the ER doctor did little to remedy the situation. It has been one of the worst experience I ever had, and would for sure avoid this hospital

Elaine Matthews

Don't do it! Got an appointment at 6:00 for an eye issue. After waiting 2 hours, and listening to nurses and doctors gossip about dates and restaurants, my husband asked when we would be seen. Told "you are next". We heard them being nasty to two other patients (in one case when the patient tried to talk to them, the patient was told they would get security). After 3 hours we left with no care and went to another hospital and got right in and got looked at. The doctor actually said, "do whatever you want". After all of that, I can't imagine letting a Dignity Health physician do anything to me! Be ware!

Beverly Luana Gomes

I was transported to San Marten for Emergency service. Had to have a colostomy done. Everyone has been great until I got Nurse Andrea. There was some serious confusion about my pain meds and four hours later when I asked her about it she proceeded to blame me for it. She then got her chart Nurse Keven to prove to me it was the doctors mistake. She was right but in her process of being right she neglected me her paitient. Is her job not to advocate for me and assist me? Especially since she knew that the pain meds order would not be enough? Yes you were right Nurse Andrea and Nurse Kevin but in your righteousness you missed the point. Oh and real professional Nurse A to come in and point out that you have done what the Dr ordered even though you know you should be advocating for me the patient

Wendy Estes

Best care ever.

christina abarzua

Super nice place, clean, everyone very helpful and friendly

Kamila Corona

Maria O Estrada


MY BROTHER DIED IN THE ER I HAD TO ID MY BROTHER BODY THEY LEFT THE MASK ON WITH OTHER DEVICE. LAZY WORTHLESS STAFF COULD NOT EVEN REMOVE THE EQUIPMENT MASK BEFORE I HAD TO SEE MY BROTHER'S DECEASED BODY. HE MIGHT NOT HAVE MEANT ANYTHING TO THE HOSPITAL BUT HE WAS MY ONLY BROTHER AND THAT IMAGE REPLAYS IN MY MIND CONSTANTLY. HOW CAN A HOSPITAL BE SO INHUMANE Let’s me not forget doctor patal and dr mohommad internal medicine doctor at this hospital Lied so much to my mother about my brother health they are a big reason in my opinion my brother is dead today they recommends your family to ltac’s but they will tell you they don’t this hospital as in so many other’s in the valley have deals with ltac’s facilities. That why people are sent there regularly after being discharged from hospitals We spent 2 months at this facility there was scarring on my brother right hand from incompetence phlebotomist. This hospital will cover everything up with he fell but it was an accident. I wish hospital staff and doctor were trained tell the truth. Cut the lying out to avoid lawsuits but then again all this is my opinion The only kind soul they have is the valet parking guy nicest guy you will ever meet.

Sim Robbi

I came to this ER after being told I had to wait at Southern Hills, even though I was in tremendous and unknown pain. We called ahead and asked if there was a line here, drove immediately over, and were seen immediately. The staff was friendly and courteous [Although the first Nurse you see is always notorious for not listening to your problems]. They took care of me well and even gave me some inside advice that saved me some money. I'd go back to this hospital's ER again.

Kathleen Love

Kay Behn

Duane Kelson

A friend called to pick him up. They were discharging him and needed to have his ride there to bring him from his room. I got to the front desk and was told they didn't have a discharge for him, and refused to call the room or nurses station to verify. They were very rude. Person's name was Nancy.

Melodie Swartzbaugh

Staff is professional and knowledgeable. We got more accomplished here in 5 hours than another hospital did in a day and a half. Everyone is just fantastic.

Jeanette DeJesus

This place is a joke. I brought my special needs brother in here for an injury to his ear. It is a little swollen and needs to be drained. The doctor came in and was acting like my brother had a disease. Since he looks different and it is obvious that he is special needs. He barely wanted to touch him or look at his ear. The wait is forever and the people that work here are rude.

Ryan. Cooper.

**Review for the Labor and Delivery department** We have delivered 3 children here and each time the care and professionalism is outstanding. Thank you to every nurse that works L&D.

Orlando Perez

Josh Wolf

Horrible service, the doctor got behind in appointments. (Don't know how that happens since every doctor I've been to that's never occurred.) After announcing that he is behind he started taking people who just walked in the door barely giving them time to sit.

Misty Barber

I am very please with the emergency room at this hospital. The wait was only 2 or 3 minutes before I was taken back. The doctor seen me within a few minutes of being triaged. They were very thorough and answered all my questions. I felt like they really cared for my well being.

L.M. Smith

I was really worried about going to a hospital for my surgery because I had done the research prior and realized more often than not, an out-of-network surgical center can be a lot more cost effective but this was the location my surgeon chose and I didn't really have options unless I wanted to prolong my medical leave from work (which I really didn't want to do) so I bit the bullet and went with it. I have to say, I'm glad I did. The estimated cost for the facility was actually a lot less than I was expecting it to be (granted, I haven't seen the actual bill yet) and the facility is super nice! Very clean, the staff were all very kind and took really good care of me. Many of them brought a quiet and respectful sense of humor to the situation because I think they could tell that I was really nervous as this was my first time ever having surgery. I was somewhat disappointed in the lack of post-operative instructions. I received some oral instructions while I was still groggy and woozy and I don't really remember what they were. I know they related to bathing and such but they didn't tell me how soon I would be able to return to work or whether or not I should ice the incision sites to reduce swelling and I didn't receive any written discharge papers (maybe they forgot to give them to me?). However, that would really be my only complaint. They had the pharmacy actually deliver my prescription directly to the hospital before I left which was probably the biggest perk of all. When you've just had someone cut a hole in your belly button and then you have to sit upright in a car for a long trip home from one side of the valley to the other, the last thing you want to do is wait in line at a pharmacy drive-up for prescription filling. Instead I was able to relax and recline in my bed with all of my pillows and my ice water for an extra 15 minutes while waiting for the pharmacy to come to me. That was fantastic. I am originally from Utah where the dominant clinical system is Intermountain Health Care and ever since moving to Vegas I have really missed them! ICH has pharmacies inside their hospitals so you can get your prescriptions filled on-site if you like. San Martin's decision to contract with Walgreens for delivery is about as close to that as you can get and a really fantastic idea that I would encourage for all of their locations if they don't do it already. In short, I was highly impressed with this hospital and their surgical care and would definitely recommend them or return to them should I need any other surgical procedures. I just wish they weren't so far away from where I live. I hope the new Henderson hospital that they're building a few blocks from my house is as awesome as San Martin! As a side-note. Not all St. Rose hospitals are created equal. When my medical issues started I went to the E.R at St. Rose De Lima on Boulder and Lake Mead because it was the closest to where I live. It was a horrible experience. San Martin was a wonderful experience. Go figure.

panavegas Williams

Very good installation. The staff no too friendly.

Alisha Rumley

Chaton Fife

The Incompetent Doctor who saw me lacked any sense of compassion. I would not recommend this hospital to my worst enemy.

Jordan Wilson

Went in there for a Cyst removal on the back of the head. Didnt even finish my paperwork and was called to the back and was worked on immeadiately The cpa Josh was magnificent and took great care of my wound and also was available to help me over the phone w some questions i had the next day . This is the example of a great hospital.

Ron Merritt

After reviewing poorly rated hospitals nearby my home, St Rose Dominican somehow was always the hospital reviewers seem to discover was top notch and save them from other local diasters. Therefore, not knowing that St. Rose Dominican Hospital was only 1.3 miles away from my home I was shocked of such a paradise being nearby, and because of my recent relocation to Vegas I knew the day would come that I would have to seek a Healthcare System, not just for appearance sake,but at least at hospital that appear inviting and clean,or have some knowledge to save my life if need be.The St. Rose Dominican Hospital ER team was OUTSTANDING. My name was called before I could print it on the document issued. I am from the Midwest with 10 years experience in the healthcare industry, and this is unheard of. Secondly, the nurse had excellent hospital etiquette skills. Moreover, Roderick Ballelos,DO was the greatest Healthcare Professional I ever interface with. Thanks Doc. All of this happened 57 minutes. If you choose to live I highly recommend St. Rose Dominican Hospital hands down.

Keith Guinn

Staff here, as with the small ER on blue diamond, was phenomenal as well. Some were a bit more social than the others, but overall awesome. I came here with appendicitis and ended up having an appendectomy last night. Dr. Roa and Dr. Rayls were extremely professional and personable. Larissa, Shy, (and I forget a few of the other nurses, sorry was drugged up), were awesome as well.

Carolyne Moffett

Very first, Excellent services caring staffs.

Princess Royalty

I had a bad experience at this hospital. My son was transported to this hospital from Siena. The nurses here have treated me unfairly since my son has been at this hospital. This hospital is doing nothing but making my son condition worse. I need my son moved immediately from this hospital.

Yasmin Cisneros

I had my first baby here and the nurses and all the staff were amazing. They helped me so much and overall had a great experience. I’m excited to come back for my 2nd baby.

Travis Jensen

Unfriendly to work with

Joy Crofoot

They deserve a 1/2 star. Went to ER while in Vegas while on vacation on 3/25. They ran a few tests from the triage area, I never even got to go to a ER room.... They used the waiting room as my ER room. Just called me from my seat to do the blood test, then would go sit back down in the ER waiting room. Was called into the triage area for a chest xray, went back to my seat in the waiting room, etc....After the tests were done, was shocked to hear the PA say we are discharging you, all looks well. Before he said this, I didn't even know he was the doctor in charge of my care. I don't think the only time you see the ER doctor is when you are being discharged. The only time I actually was in a ER room was when I had to sign discharge papers. So so so crazy and backwards. Unfortunately, I was admitted to the hospital in my hometown a week later. I feel they just wanted people in and out of there asap!

Dariel Borquez

Very rude RN Named Barbara was working today in the emergency room, when I got there to ask questions about my wifes health she ignore me and walked outside to take a phone call from her husband. After that she was rude and aggressive. If people like her really don't like to help people and they just want to collect a pay and not work with professionalism, with respect and good enthusiasm I don't believe they should be there working. She also told me that I could go ahead and put a complain that she didn't care while she was talking to me with an aggressive tone.

Pat Smythe

Casey O'Brien

Baba Ja

walt t

It's as close to being at home as I've ever been in a hospital. Kind, loving, knowledgeable staff. Food selection is not bad either. Shout out to Joy you cam always make me laugh!

James Scores

We had the pleasure of delivering our 3rd child here, and everything went perfectly! The hospital's staff and cleanliness were unparalleled, and the food was remarkable. I would recommend this hospital, ten times over!

Kyle Merrill

Very rude staff

makellie hanofee

i went in the the st rose st martin campus e.r. with a prescription for an ultrasound, per my surgeons assistant asking me ; whereupon the e.r. doctor decided( without asking me )to perform a catscan without pretesting me for iodine reaction and this gave me a heart attack. the total out of pocket cost to me for this error is 38976$. i wtote the hospital director to absorb this rediculous bill and director wrote me back stating they had contaced my doctor who approved this test. My doctor never was contacted by anybody.

Mary Scott

The doctors at San Martin are wonderful. They saved my husband's life. That is were the kudos stop. I had to stay with him the entire time due to the nurses making mistakes that could have caused him his life. The case worker that "assisted" us with his discharge to a rehabilitation facility lied to us and we are looking into why she pushed us into a facility that was 20 minutes from our home and arranged for his dialysis on the wrong side of the valley!

Brian Ives

Had to go here the other day with my girlfriend, and her father....So both had to be taken at the same time........long story short father had to go back to hospital today his own dr told him he should be there so should have not been released.....and my g- friend dr were playing on cell phone while speaking to her and did not explain anything to her just handed her papers and said give these to Dr and follow up in a couple of days

Iv j

The best maternity staff ever,I didn’t want to leave cause it felt like a hotel. Excellent food.

Dana Coleman

The nurses suck

Judet Diaz

The ER here is quick and the staff is very nice.

Kecia Stephens

Just plain ass horrible!

C. H.

Edwin Elliott

Everyone was very professional and alert to my needs. Drs., RNs Lab techs, food servers and everyone.

Emily Kaufman

I recently had to spend some time in this hospital. I am very pleased with the overall atmosphere and cleanliness of the facility. The nurses, aides and doctors have been friendly and helpful. They take time to answer questions and address my concerns. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who needs medical care.

BoldGuy Management

After a terrible experience at Sun Rise Hospital. I am very pleased with everyone and everything so far this incredible hospital has done for my wife!

Gloria Chavez

I was there with my grand daughter today and they could not help her that fine. But you could see I was not doing well, also you could see I am a senior. I told them, I think I got heat stroke which is bad for anyone but seniors not good. They told me "Just drink some water". I was sick with a headache, upset stomach and I just was not doing well because of the heat. I don't know maybe they thought I was not worth their time. Don't go there if you are can help it, on the bright side th nurses were very nice but the PAs NEED better bedside manners. Oh and I have insurance.

Alan Gutierrez

I spent the week of April 29 to May 3 at your hospital while my brother had major surgery. The care he received was awesome from all the nurses to the food guys and the cleaning lady wishing him speedy recover on our way out. Thank you again to everyone for their help and patience, Marybeth, Ryan, Grecy, and some many more

ronnie gustafson

I have been going to the San Martin wound care clinic for 8 months now..they are all absolute angels..very considerate when having to change appointment times!

Ann A

This place does Not even deserve a star, I went to the ER with severe Abdominal Pain and Flank pain and dizzy, they leave you waiting forever , then they treat you like cattle they move you to wait in different chairs as you wait for results, Not even a room or bed, , After hours of feeling like I am in Jail they finally came back saying Nothing is wrong wirh me that I am perfectly healthy & discharged me?!, I immediately went to Another Hospital who treated me at a faster rate and found me to have hydronephrosis and a bad bladder infection that spread to the Kidney Even if I was dying I wouldn't trust this Hospital to know what their doing with my life ,

The Real Jackie O

I came in through the ER and I was in and out in 15 mins tops! Excellent service!

Erica Lancaster

If I could give them zero stars i would've to bad no option, waiting 4 hours while others went in first than me. People arrived after me all went in.

Gene Mcguire

I live 3 blocks from another hospital but go to St Rose Sam Martin because of the superior care tjere

Victoria corpuz

Went for an antibiotic allergy & was out within an hour. The staff here were nice and professional, did what they could to assess my situation in a timely manner. Clean facility.

Nancy Shelton

This place defines human kindness. Staff needs to be commended for being kind & caring.

Peggy Johnson

I'm sure everyone will have a different experience but I have been here on many occasions and everyone has been great I have Lupus and they even saved my life once.

Liz Curley

Never have had any problems here staff is wonderful

isaiah johnson

I was there this morning an the young lady named Jackie did a great job an perfect speed of service you guys keep up the great work ..

Michael Summerville

Went there 6 years ago for trouble breathing and the "doctor" read the samething I did off WebMD. It was pointless but I gave them my insurance information, left and never heard from them again. 6 years after I got a letter from a collection agency saying I owed them $4,500, I thought it was fraud as I have full coverage insurance and I was there 6 years ago. I called the hospital to see if this was a mistake and was told they cannot see account info as they sold it to the collection agency. The collection agency told me they bought the account and just know the amount but no details. I had my insurance pay the $4500 "still no clue what its for" but this is now negatively affecting my credit score. If anybody had any suggestions on how to handle this please let me know.

Lynn Sutton [Thiriot ES]

If you are dying - don't expect anyone here to save you - please don't stop, They have better things to do.

Ken DeJesus

Slo mo workers, and your non existent...for hours...

Bill johnson-Renz

Thought the staff was awesome,very friendly The food isn’t no 5 star but it’s better then nothing

Samuel Newman

Good care and compassion.

Denise Appleman

The worst . experience ever ..the doctor was a nice looking gut..but. I was appalled when I learned of his behavior..he treated ethnicities in his staff with absolutely no respect..i felt uncomfortable...i will never return there...this guy should be fired...unbelievable...ill be back with his name.... horrible horrible ...human being..don't go there ever...i felt victimized...they are not helping people....don't go!!! After I saw him hit on a 14 yr old had can someone in the medical field be so dirty

Brooke Crawford

I originally went to the new satellite location for dignity health in north Las Vegas for sever pain in my upper abdomen. After some testing they saw I had gallstones and needed to potentially have surgery. Unfortunately I wasn’t prepared to pay the ambulance per mile to get to San Martin so I ended up at Centennial Hills Hospital (which was an AWWWWFFFUUULLL experience where a doctor lied to my face and essentially jeopardized my health) after I was discharged I was still in excruciating pain and decided to drive myself to San Martin because I had such good care at the new Dignity Health location. I am SO GLAD I came here. The ER doctor and the nurses (Jody and Brittney and Aimee were the nurses but I can’t remember the docs name) and they were determined to take care of me and make me comfortable and happy. When I was admitted I was treated by the day time nurse (again can not remover names as I’m still under care and am so sleepy) she was kind and funny and was again, determined to make me feel welcome and safe and comfortable. My only complaint is that I was supposed to mee the surgeon yesterday, 6/1/18 and still haven’t been seen by him and the doctor up here is njce but short and is very in and out in his approach which is fine I understand he is busy. Ultimately I have been to 5 ERs in my life an Dignuty Health has been the best. If you are pleasant and kind you will get better service than if you are mean or undermining.

Ellyce Ernest

I rate this hospital fair because yes it was new, clean, and some of the staff was nice. On the other hand, if you aren't paying up front DO NOT go here, go somewhere else. I got into a car accident, unfortunately this hospital was closest so ambulance brought me here, and I wasn't able to pay upfront. Since I've been paying my bill monthly, they have screwed it up 3 times! 3 different months I have gotten late notices in the mail when my payments are always paid at least several days before they're due. Every single time I call to fix it, I sit on hold for the longest time, I give them my confirmation number and they look at the billing history and realize their system screwed up. Their customer service office is only open Mon-Fri during regular business hours which is inconvenient for those of us that work Mon-Fri. Why should I have to spend my lunch hour at work on the phone waiting on hold, to fix a problem that you guys created in the first place? So if you do end up having to make payments here, KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR BILL!!!

የጎንድረ አማሀራ


Update: The response below is just for show. We sent an email (weeks ago) with all of the information they requested. We didn't expect much, but we didn't even receive a generic, "we'll look into it." ha. My boyfriend had an abscess on his head right above his right ear. After a couple of doctors who couldn't help, we decided to just go to the hospital. We assumed they'd know best. Ha. Without any numbing THREE doctors decided to just cut it open and squeeze like a pimple. One doctor did the squeezing while the other two watched. We got charged with three doctors (: They squeezed what they could and told us to put Neosporin on it and sent us home. No antibiotics or anything. We ended up going on a trip to MX and got it drained properly with a penrose drain. We received a $1500 bill for nothing. Then it gets funner. My boyfriend tried to set up a payment plan for that ridiculously stupid bill/service, and they took the first payment without an issue. But after that, they could never "find his account." Even after he gave them the account numbers they sent on the bill. He ended up having to make payments at the actual hospital. This was last December and we just found out that he's been sent to collections. The hospital that took his payments didn't actually apply them to his bill. So now we have this new issue. Just stay away. What a headache. I actually thought this was a better hospital than most and made a long drive to get screwed.

Alyssa torres

Zero stars if I could cause this place sucks ! 2 hour wait just to get a simple shot then they stuck me in a room with 2 other couples one of which they have in a robe and poor thing has to hold it closed to go to the restroom while there are men in the room! No privacy what so ever then they put me in the corner bed just pulled a little curtain closed told me to take my pants off and I did then the nurse walks out so I'm just sitting there then she comes back and gives me the shot but didn't grab a bandaid so now I'm bleeding on myself and the bed and my pants still down I was disgusted with how this place handles patients. I will definitely be driving to southern hills inside and I will definitely not be having my baby there come June.

John Ryan Lizardo

I've been admitted for 8 days it was first time happened in my life to stayed longest there. But I had a good nurse's around and there all Filipinos I am so happy to stayed in this hospital because I didn't get bored or sad...ive been surrounded by a nice and very helpful nurse' was so great cleanliness are very important than anything I would like to recommend this to all my friends. They treat me not a patient's they treat me like there families or love ones. Even if im very contagious they dont care they always advised me this and that...everytime they give me a medicine they will really tell you for what is that for and what would I feel after there not like others after giving medicine they left right away but here they really talked to you and try to make me feel more better...all negatives that I heard when I was young is all wrong. Because they taught me how to deal my sickness...overall ill give this hospital a highest rank and I will recommend this to my families and friends.... I wanna thank to all nurse's in imc unit and. Sw unit thanks everyone now im very confident in myself nomore phobias in the hospital

sandy collier

I am from out of town and had a medical emergency on Easter Sunday of all times! I can't tell you how wonderful, friendly, efficient and knowledgeable everyone on the staff in the ER were. What a good experience during such a trying time. Thank you all!!

Eric Gonzales

The ER staff was great! The bill was insane, though, and I haven’t even gotten the doctor or radiology bill yet... So far it’s $2,300 for 3 hours there, for just the hospital fee, I wonder how much it’ll all end up costing total...

Hasan Amouri

I have never been in a hospital and most of the nurses are rude. Wow. I’m asking for something to drink and they are all lazy and just know how to run there gums... Nurse Linda and nurse Marvin at the emergency section were so mean and I believe they’re in the wrong Career

Marc Palmer

Never been to such a nice hospital. My Doctor Gary Flangas was a great surgeon, my anesthesiologist Dr. Freeze was very cool as well. All the nursing staff was great. Thank you so much for helping with my surgery.

JoJacqueline Velgara

Patrick OBrien

Deborah delaBruere

I have NEVER been so poorly treated by an ER Dr as I was on 1/14/19. He was rude, cruel, and very obnoxious!!! I felt worse when I left then when I walked in!!! I did NOT deserve to be treated so poorly and nither do you. GO to ANOTHER ER!!!!

Daniel Troyer

Staff is very rude and have no idea where to send people. Was sent in by our doctor and they basically sent us away until I got mad at someone, then had us wait 3 hours with no where to sit. Absolutely hate this place it needs all new staff.

Kymistre Johnson

Pauline Hoffman

My Life was literally in Jeopardy the entire time with Dignity Health. Before you think this review is too negative you should know that I’m a Registered Nurse for over fifty years. My treatment at San Martin hospital campus for three days was both horrible and traumatic. In a hospital setting, the response to the call bell for a nurse is critically important. When a request is made a nurse should prioritize and check on the patient immediately. Your IV could have stopped, you might have fallen, must have help to go to the bathroom, etc. In this hospital no one would respond unless you rang the bell in the bathroom, which made them fear that you have fallen. I had to unplug my IV myself to go to the bathroom to ring the bell to get any assistance. I was left with an IV unhooked for thirty minutes which could have caused a life-threatening blood clot. I had a Nasal Gastric tube inserted incorrectly that caused pain and no one would respond to my complaints about the pain I continued to suffer from. Finally, I had to just remove it myself after two days. A nurse also did not set the IV drip rate correctly on a potassium IV, so it burned horribly, I would ring the bell, no response, family member tells the staff, still nothing. After twenty minutes she reduced it to 50% from 100% which demonstrates her incompetence. To top it off when I was discharged the discharge instructions were for another patient. It listed her vital information, all medications, diagnosis, etc. That is a serious violation of a federal regulation (HIPPA). So, to sum it up the entire time from admission to discharge: the level of incompetence, neglect, and indifference from the nurses, techs and doctors was staggering. In fact, the only thing they were good at was listening to request, smiling and reassuring you it would be taken care of and then just forgetting about it.

Meghan Orrillo

I had amazing service there. From the nurse's, to the doctor's, to the cna. The best hospital stay i have ever had. I was born in Las Vegas and by far best hospital ever.

Darnell Coleman jr

I love this hospital

Bob Mandoki

my first time ever being in a hospital last May and everyone there was wonderful, i will drive the 35 miles if i need to go back. thank you everybody for everything !!

Diana Duangnet

Not the best hospital to go to the ER. Took a long time to get in and to see a doctor.

bon bon woods

Worst experience of my life! I delivered twins via csection at 2am. The following morning my husband was going to work and my mother in law was coming as soon as she dropped my 8 yr old off at school. I had high blood pressure. So my twins and I were alone for about 2 hrs. A nurse who I wont name names came in complaining how my husband needed to be there helping me. We asked when we registered if nurses help care for the baby, and we were told yes they can help you. Not really they come in and do what needs and thats it. So as the lady was pretty much putting me down and making me feel like a bad mom, I started to cry so she called social services on me. Funny thing is by then my mother Inlaw was there, Guess what she does for a living she is a social worker! I just had 2 babies at 2 am its 7 am yes I cried! Ever hear of hormones? Left this hospital feeling like horrible a person. My entire stay I had the wrong size band over my csection was huge on me so it was worthless. Upon me leaving in the middle of the night around 11pm we had a wonderful nurse come in and she got me the right size band which makes all the difference. I also was admitted 3 days prior to this visit and a nurse put my line in with no gloves and did not cap the line so my blood was everywhere. I text my husband who was on his way from work since I had came from a doc appointment and when he got there the blood was all over me and the floor. He is in healthcare and was shocked the nurse did not wear gloves. So a year later I keep getting a bill for both my newborns. Ins paid mine not my infants saying they are not covered! Hello they are covered under mother's ins for the first 30 days! Called my ins they never recieved any bill from the hospital for my twins just me.

Nicole Serna

Do not go there they had me waiting for 8 hours until i got my room !!! Horrible

Jeannette Owens

My granddaughter was sent home from Emergency with a high temp and visibly swollen right side of her throat on the night of July 8, 2016: Un-diagnosed and untreated (Doc said he didn't know what it was) advised to take tylenol. Last night she keeled over with a seizure and returned to hospital in an Ambulance, sirens and all. Isn't this kind of half-baked medical care how disease spreads to the rest of the population? to her little brother and sister? I live in CA and Kaiser doctors would never do such a thing. Pathetic care and treatment.

Ryan Campbell

Woke up with my face swolken, went to the ER, Doc looked at me for literally 2 minutes and wrote me a script for antobiotics. My Co-pay is $150 for the ER which was expected and not the issue. I thought everything was fine until a month later they send me a bill for $300... My insurance had already payed out $1200!!! This hospital literally charged me $750/per minute I was there. Will never go again

Brian Hennebeul

This Review is for the ER, and it's unfortunately dreadful early morning performance. Horrible. Nearly the entire ER staff were 'yucking' it up, and leaving patients hanging for no other reason, lets not even begin to talk about the manners of most of this staff, and the absolutely abominable THING of a doctor who showed absolute ZERO interest or compassion for my sister, who was miserable for hours after suffering from a very extensive and severe panic attack. This was made all the worse by not only this foul man's exceptionally poor attitude, but with the the "help" of the terrible ambulance ride with an equally uncaring and miserable EMT, who just plain didn't care. No one gave her any care what-so-ever, not a blanket, not even a drink of water, not even an honest kind word. Beyond pathetic. The ONLY helpful person in the entire facility was a single mild mannered nurse who helped get us out after seeing the "doctor", because the doctor decided to order a fairly extensive looking blood test, tell NO ONE about it, then follow up with DOING NOTHING. Because someone suffering a panic attack should be treated like dirt, neglected, then have their blood taken, ABSOLUTE GENIUS! The doctor literally walked in, took a single glance at my sister, poked her a bit, stated "there is nothing we can do for you here", then proceeded to WALK AWAY. Clearly, this man is a professional of the highest caliber! The facility also has random "gunk" scattered about as well. It's quite beautiful, really ties the room together with the dirty, second hand, government issue recliners strewn thoughtfully about the ER. The billing problems I do not doubt, as they will REFUSE to check your insurance if you ask them to make sure everything is just a-ok, but of course still tell you everything will be a-ok, and that you have nothing to worry about. Guess again, they will do NOTHING OF THE SORT. Don't even start with protocol and procedure for this type of emergency, I have witnessed others being treated for panic attacks in a few other ERs, and those individuals were given FAR more care and compassion then my sister received that awful night, and those cases, in fact, did NOT involve my sister. This was her FIRST TIME calling an ambulance while suffering from a bad panic attack, because she was SCARED AND SUFFERING FROM A BAD PANIC ATTACK. Clearly, this was a case far beyond this staff's, and doctor's experience and expertise. I have NEVER seen anything so deplorable in all my years, you people should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves! To sum it all it, if you want to be treated like a human being, stay the HELL away from this place.

Mary Collins

My dearest friend is in your hospital being liked over no help ..

Dawn Fiorini

Yalda Tajik

They are not perfectional


The nurses here are rude and not conscious of their patients especially in the ICU here. Nurses used to care but now they yell at half conscious patients allow them to be exposed to cold drafts and laugh and sing through out the hallways in the middle of the night. Its like a party or something. It is disgusting. Very typical especially for a county hospital. Nurses are the smartest people in the room while a doctor pops in once a day to check in. The nurses are the boss and don't care here. But don't worry very average experience as this treatment is normal for county hospitals. Try Sunrise hospital not this one.

Catherine Hallett

Alleged x Wings

Aron Trucking

Great Hospital, All Doctor and staff members great. My wife just delivered baby. Everybody nice and helpful. We appreciate your service and Thank You Lucas A. (new born). Parents

N. Joy

No one wants to go to hospital, but there are many times when our health forces us to, and for me, last night was one of them. Despite my condition, I have to say this was by far, the best experience I've had with an ER department. From the time I arrived to check in, to the time I left registration, my companion and I were treated with friendliness and professionalism. The hospital was very clean and the entire process was prompt. Unfortunately, my health has made me prone to many unexpected ER visits. I know health care workers get stressed and constantly deal with difficult people, situations and emotions. With that said, at least from a patient's point-of-view, each staff member never seemed rushed or preoccupied. Each made you feel like a priority and exuded nothing but kindness.

Biljana B.

I brought my daughter in for treatment to the emergency room for severe abdominal pain. She was never taken to a room in emergency. She was taken back and forth for testing from the waiting area. I was never given a diagnosis for her ailment, just introduced to bring her back if pain worsened, along with a prescription for pain. When i approached the information desk, with questions concerning insurance coverage, the nurse was very rude and did not provide me with assistance. They have billed my insurance $7,500 , all they did for my daughter was a lower abdomen ultrasound and blood work. I was quite confused by theirs request, since we sat just the waiting area. This whole emergency experience made my daughter very anxious and upset.


I am giving this 5 Star review, only for an amazing case worker Laurie! My elderly grandma went to St. Rose because she suffers dementia and was basically having a mild attack of confusion and anxiety. Evreyone and and I mean everyone all the way from Doctors to social workers did not want to fully understand Grandmas issues and come up with a proper discharge plan, almost like just sweeping her under the rug. This breaks my heart because dementia is such a heartbreaking issue and its like nobody wants to understand each patient uniquely of their needs. Every day my grandma was there, a different social worker would call me and say ok we are discharging your grandma you will need to pick her up, and I would politely tell them the same plan that me and her pcp came up with from the beginning! No one was leaving proper notes, everyone was completely lost from not communicating! That is very unprofessional and as a concerned family member very frustrating. Until everyone knows how to take the extra time and leave the proper notes for one another I advise fully to anyone that is dealing with social workers there, please take it upon yourself to make sure you speak up because unfortunately you or your family member may not get the proper discharge placement that is best for them.... Now, the 5 stars go out to an angel named, Laurie, she is a case manager there, and she was my sunshine when everything felt grey! She is the only person out of at least 10 different people I delt with that listened to me, understood me, and took action! I can't express my appreciation enough to her, she is truly an angel.... Thank you, LAURIE! God Bless you!

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