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REVIEWS OF Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Sahara Campus - Las Vegas, NV IN Nevada

Kara Woodward

This was the best medical care I have ever received. Staff were very professional and informative and made me comfortable. The doctor (Dr. Gandy) was EXCELLENT. Not only is the facility nice and very clean, but my wait time was well under 15 minutes and even my test results came back quickly. I was in for severe dehydration, abdominal pain and near syncope (fainting) episode. With the tests and the care they did for me, I was in and out in about 3 hours. I have never experienced so much help and saw so much staff for the help I needed in the time I was there. My boyfriend met me there after work and they treated him like family. My situation was not life threatening, but I felt like I recieved 5 star care. Way to go Dignity Health and thank you for the exceptional experience. What a great team! This is how we should be treated at ER rooms! Everybody else take notes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Marquise Mcclinton

I appreciate the ER staff so much. Bringing my daughter to the ER was by far the most scariest thing I've done in my life. I appreciate everything the staff did to ensure my daughter's safety, and we'll being. I'm forever grateful to the ladies and gentlemen at this facility. Stars and reviews can't amount to the gratitude theses ladies and gentelmen are owed. Not only was my daughter cared for, but the staff also ensure my wife and I were doing ok. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, from the bottom of my heart.

Esmeralda Rodriques

Breauna Scott

This is the second time I have been here and I figured the staff would be nicer to me. They didn't even check my breathing with a stethoscope when I came in complaining of chest pain and a cough...the first time they diagnosed me within 5 min...I'm pregnant and in pain and all they would tell me to do was breathe when I was breathing..I was also very sick with a fever and they did not even help hydrate me considering I'm throwing up and can't keep anything down...all the staff just did not care...the doctor didn't even come in and talk to me! Very unprofessional place of staff and lots of malpractice!

Manuel Barrera

Worst place ever waited for 3 hours and no one help out my daughter I had to walk out

Stuart Boardman

Randell Laczniak

Total ripoff/Highway robbery Recently (7/29) my daughter required their services for a high fever (104) and cough. We would of preferred to go to her primary care doctor but it was Sunday and she was leaving for graduate studies at Purdue on Tuesday. We called this so called "neighborhood campus" and they said it was not out of the ordinary to visit this facility for this kind of issue. She saw a nurse and doctor for a total of about twenty minutes. They took blood pressure, weight, and a temperature. They also took a urine sample and I assume a chest x-ray.The diagnosis was a bronchial infection and the doctor wrote a prescription for an antibiotic. Staff were pleasant and caring. Then the bill. They charged $3,600 plus another $680 for the physician services. Patient liability was $588 for hospital and $680 for the physician. This seems insanely high for a visit of about 30 minutes. I consider this to be price gauging and taking advantage of patients in need. And in addition she broke out in a severe rash from the antibiotics but thats a story for another day. Be warned "VISIT AT RISK OF BEING TAKEN TO THE POOR HOUSE." I can't imagine if it was something more serious. What really tics me of is they claim to be a neighborhood campus/clinic. Do not fall for their propaganda. They are simply a big hospital corporation and a poster child for everything wrong with our current health care system. My recommendation --STAY AWAY.

D Joseph Honesto

Was told I would be transferred to my regular hospital in AM. It is now 1330 and have not been transferred or seen s Dr. The Nurses have taken my medication list, and I have not received any of my medications in 24 hrs. I am diabetic, and have no thyroid, high no, and many other health issues that require my medications be given on time. I have asked to be discharged and will drive to my regular hospital, and they will not let me go. I am really concerned, and need to report this facility to someone. Staff is unprofessional, and lack normal medical education to operate as a hospital of any kind. Do not come to this facility. Nurse Jane very innappropriate, and abusive.... They refused to give me another nurse, was forced to leave the facility sick, and go to another hospital

Trippy Loks

Jacqueline Ho

Pepper Bellamy Armstrong

Such a waste of time!!!! No wait at all!!! Was literally in there for 10 minutes to be sent away with some pills!!! The doctor nor nurse didnt care for the fact that I told them I already went through this before and it didnt work I was just sent away...i will be making a formal complaint Monday morning.

clara grayer

Very beautiful hospital,staff on their job,very caring attitude,very sensitive to my issues,gave me the most upward respect?i was so upset even the Doctor is Great !

Marcelo Chauvet

Joyce Grant

The BEST place in town for medical help. Kind clean. Professional I wish it was a candy store so I can go back I'm afraid of Drs. But they helped. Me. Thank you all. Very. Much . Joycee

Cathy Mumford

Elsie Carna

Stay away. Charged copays multiple times & they try to get more money out of you through billing “mistakes”.

Amber Hale

My boyfriend's daughter was accused of lying, staff refuse to give info, they don't pass accurate notes to the next shift, they don't care and blow off reactions to medications that they're administering. When we request a transfer they said they can't transfer at night to umc said they would to it in the morning. Morning came and now they are refusing to transfer saying that they don't transfer on Sundays which was not said at all the night before. And the nurse told me that "what you want and what you need are two different things". When I told her that we can't trust this place because they have been nothing but deceptive since we got here she then said that I can't call her a liar because she's only met her 2 hours ago...well obviously I wasn't talking about you then! This place is absolute horrid run for the hills!

Gitzel Vinar

I have been there 4 times with family and twice for myself and my experience was exceptional even though I left once in significant distress but understood they could do nothing being it was a quick care. I went back the next day and they transferred my care to UMC. Care was quick. All procedures and tests were explained in detail as was plan of care. Extra care was taken to make me most comfortable when there was little for them to do.


The worst urgent care we’ve ever been to. My husband went in because his tonsils were extremely swollen. End result was the dr barely looking at him & sending us home with some pills. Of course days later he wasn’t feeling any better because they didn’t do anything but give him some pills to take. We went to a real hospital and he was given a steroid shot , a pain shot & multiple take home medications. He actually feels better now. I’m sure we’ll be getting some high ridiculous bill soon. DO NOT GO HERE ! This establishment is basically there just to collect a check.

Flaka Deharo

Karina Jaquez

Best emergency care I have ever been to. I was treated right away for very strong sharp lower back and left leg pain. I was embarrassed to go to ER before because they look at you like you are either lying or exaggerating like you are in the wrong place. All staff here was friendly and made me feel comfortable. I was discharged in less than one hour.

Sandy Kay

10 minutes wait in the waiting room. 30 or 45 minutes wait in the exam room. Everybody was very nice and professional. Best emergency room experience I've ever had.

Andrew Maestas

I had a horrible experience trying to get a correct work release note. When I went in on the 1st of may with a 104 temperature I was treated very well. When I was released Dr Shannon said not to worry will get you feeling better soon and get you a note for work for 2-3 days of rest. After leaving and getting home I noticed they did not put a work release note. So I went back in on the 3rd after I was feeling a little better to go get the correct note. I got the release note and drove all the back to my house still a little sick only to realize that the nurse Kendra had put the wrong dates that I had been seen. She had put 5/3 and I was seen on 5/1. Also messed up the day to return to work she put 5/2??? How can I be seen on the 3rd and return on the 2nd of the same month makes no sense!!! When I brought it back I had changed the return part to the 3rd to reflect what she needed to fix. She then brought the note from the back office ,got all kinds of attitude and proceeded to tell me that altering documents is illegal and now I would not get a note since it had been altered. She did not let me get a word in so I could explain that I was not altering anything! If anything it was not a valid document due to her mistakes that she made! All she had to do was admit to her mistakes and I would have gone on my way! I never cursed said anything that was unprofessional my voice was raised but only cause she was talking above me. Did I mention how unprofessional to do this in front of customers! Yelling at me this is the solution bye! I guess that means to leave, I was so embarrassed!!!!!!! So I did not leave and I asked to talk with a manger Kendra said hes not here. As he walks around the corner to come see what's going on! I thought he was not here? I asked to talk to him(Jesus) in private we did and he apologized for the misunderstanding and corrected her mistakes getting me the correct notice. The two ladies working the front desk were amazing! They were very professional and one of the only reasons I will consider coming back to this hospital! Nurse Kendra needs to work on her professionalism especially when it actual costs an arm and leg just to be seen for 3 hours in the ER. The least she could have done was apologize for making me run around sick. Considering what I might be paying for this visit, not worth the time or the hassle! I am still sick with no solution!!! But be sure that I will get that ridiculous bill from the hospital in the mail. I am not sure the names of the 2 ladies working at reception that day but to those 2 ladies thank you for being professional and treating me nicely.


I never ever forget this place how much nice and good service made my mom today 05-18/18 6pm betweenn 9 pm. Even the 1st impression the front desk lady service and smile work. After the fast and nice service for all the tech, NR, DR. Even the Dr explain to us everything the test results,diagnosis and what need to be do. This service never see in Vegas. Thank you all of you very good service.


Shady billing, they must be desperate!! 11 grand for an MRI!! My mom is pissed. DONT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL. They will stick you with an overpriced hungry bill. If I could do zero stars I would.

Fiorella Majano

Never coming back here again.

Jollene Stiles

The doctor was extremely rude didn't even hardly exam me before ended up offended me saying that I had an STD turned out that I something else that wasn't that serious I will not be back here the nurses were nicer then the doctor.

emily hernandez

cleanliness is great. Check in was fast. Very nice staff. But Dr. Resnick totally ruined my experience. I told him about my symptoms and what I was diagnosed with. & he kept asking me, “ what do you want me to do for you.” Like seriously? You are the doctor. You are soppose to know. Acted very unprofessional with me. I probably won’t be returning to this hospital.

Noila Ortega

silvia cazacu

This is the 3rd time I bring my father to this place and every time we were very happy and pleased with the work and services the stuff here provided. Someone commented that some of the people who are working here spoke some broken English. SO WHAT? IF THEY DOING THERE JOB!? And specially you don't have to wait for hours to be seen by a doctor. Keep up the good work St. Rose Dignity health, we all need you!

Debbie Nowka

This is the best place...everyone so so great...Eric was great..I'm sorry I didn't get everyone's name but it was Tuesday 6-5-18 at 11 am...the Dr. Was wonderful..very kind ,took his time explaining and answering my questions...everyone was the best...I want to get sick so I can go back hahaha

Micheal Lumines

I wanted to write a review and say how thankful we are to have you guys so close to us! This hospital is fairly new we had to take a trip there recently for my father! They were extremely helpful! The nurses are nice and kind! The rooms were nice and the wait time was very short!


The lady in the front desk very rude she made us feel like she was raises she rolled her eyes Everytime at us every time she saw us and was not very pleasant but the rest of the staff was amazing that's way you got 4 stars she took one today it 8/6/18 the time is 11 pm so you can't know who she was work at the front desk hahahahahah

Uri Zohar

Roseli Toscano

Very professional and very attentive. Clean and friendly.

Joseph Saavedra

Very good hospital staff was very professional I was seen very quick and they where very thorough would recommend to anyone

Trina Ruff Smith

I've had very positive experiences here. Dr Resnick, Nurse Ivy are amazing and caring! Front desk staff are efficient and most times your wait is short. Trust me, if you experience a long wait, it's because Dr Resnick gives very personalized attention & dictation per visit.

Bridget Solorzano

What insurance do they take do they take blue cross blue shield the mediciad one


Worst hospital visit ever. I went to their office with sciatic nerve pain. Lower back pain and shooting pain down my left leg. I was stuck in bed for 2 days prior to visiting them and told them that. Today was the first day I was able to move enough to visit the hospital. I asked for a doctor's note to cover the prior two days I was stuck in bed, barely able to go to the bathroom, and they would not do it. Apparently they don't understand the severity of sciatic nerve pain. The whole staff is incompetent. They put some random date next week that makes no sense. No wonder why they have such a low review and barely anyone was in the hospital. I'll never go here again. No respect for patient's at all. I'm sure if somebody came in asking for opiates they would give them to them right away but they can't give a doctor's note to a patient who actually had sciatic nerve pain to such an extent that I was barely able to go to the bathroom.

L Randa

Dr watched a YouTube video on what I needed & then charged $4,000+. Wasn’t given discharge instructions & he didn’t even do it correctly. Dangerous that the people here speak broken English as well

Jay Jackson

Called to ask a simple question, and “Anita” answered with a horrible attitude, and very impatient. If you are reckless with your customer service through the phone, what is expected once you’re in the actual facility.

Carmen Falcon

Thank you to the whole staff & Dr. Gandy, for taking care of my needs, very professional..Lots of compassion, felt like family!

From Ashes I Rise

!!EXTREMELY OVERPRICED/Shady Billing!! Went in with severe hip pain. I was wondering why no one was in the waiting room. Got in rather fast as no one else was in there on a Friday morning. Doctor says I needed an x-ray but he was sure it was tendinitis. Got x-rays, and they confirmed nothing wrong with the bone. Doctor comes back in for about 3 minutes and says, "Its most likely tendinitis, take aspirin or non aspirin painkiller and well give you crutches." Here is the kicker. 1,000 dollar co-pay! Yes ONE THOUSAND DOLLARS! With insurance! They never presented us a full bill either. Just, "Your co-pay is 1,000 dollars will it be charge, cash, or check?". We expected maybe 200-400 at most. I call them to get a full print out of my full bill and I cant get a hold of anyone. Voice mail after voice mail. But literally 1 grand to pay for nothing more then an x-ray and crutches! So yes, its very nice and clean. But you will pay for every penny, every drop of sterilizer they use that day! Now i know why the place is always empty!

Brian Huerta

I really don’t understand how this place is still even open, their service is absolutely horrible probably explains why the lobby is always empty. Their billing department is a complete joke & misinform you of things to try and squeeze money out of you. If you are having an emergency I would highly suggest going elsewhere this place is just not it. And on top of that all front desk personnel are simply rude and very dry and not willing to help whatsoever.

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