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REVIEWS OF Dignity Health - St. Rose Dominican Hospital, Rose de Lima Campus - Henderson, NV IN Nevada

Brandy Ibarra

We r stuck in ER 9 hrs now waiting for a room to be open upstairs...the ER is packed ppl on beds around the nurses station...haven't been checked on by a nurse for over 2 damn hours!!! This is by far one of the worse hospitals we have ever friggin dealt with!!! Oh and the waiting room is packed also...idk what the issue is understaffed or what??? NEVER AGAIN!!! Summerlin hospital is far but worth the drive and at least they care....

Sara Bone

Never again!

Christina Czarneski

I've been here alot since I've had kids. I always get great care by the nurses and staff. I had gone there today and had to get a procedure done in the ER. Both of my kids were with me and I had no help. One of the nurses came and walked around with my 1 and 3 year old while I was taken care of by the dr. She was really nice about it and was amazing with my kids. I love this hospital

Maxwell Rivas

This is the worst hospital I've had the displeasure of going to. I would rather have a team of rats dressed as medical staff assisting me. The rats here might have a degree, but they're twice as useless. Go to St. Rose Siena, instead.

m. mill

Worst medical experience of my life! Mistakes, mistakes, mistakes! I got to sit in a folding chair to be examined while sharing a room with another patient. I was almost killed the attending nurse wanting administer a drug I was allergic to (she did not take note of the medical allergies she wrote into the file!!!). I was billed $300 for the medication she did not give me/ did not even go get the drug to give me (aka "bill padding" or medical billing fraud). I have not been to any medical facility so out of date, or so poorly equipped to serve patients or not compliment with patient privacy, HIPAA, or current medical treatment protocols. Shame on you St. Rose de Lima Campus. Go to any other medical facility if you can.

Amber Mejia

Despite having to go to the Emergency Room, we had a wonderful experience! My niece broke her wrists falling, and it was heartbreaking even going through that. The staff was amazing!! From the ER nurses down to the security guard who kept giving our kiddos snacks to keep them calm. The food in the cafeteria was hot and fresh!! Definitely recommend this place!!!

Me Me

Horrible doctors . Horrible dirty bad costumer service . Doctor argued with me and refused to give my 2 y old taylanol in a prescription . Said: you don’t have $4? For taylanol . Forced me to tell him what was my insurance Hate them!!!! Never go back

James Hansen

Stay Away - Last time I was there never got a bill just sent to collections. Never again will I go.also even tho i pay a monthly payment still being sent to collections. gotta find out who i contact about this practice.

Nicole Serna

Save ure time dont come here rude in front nicole in admitting and harassed me over copay u need to pay something i advised i have nothing until paydate she said she Will note acct !! I said i wont be coming here again anyways i waited 3 hours just for xray and finally got my antibiotics for bronchitis for it waste my time and gas

Clint Cooper

I was diagnosed with rectal cancer April 29 2015, since my diagnosis I have had numerous trips to the E .R. For infections and constant uti from nephrostomy tubes being infected and I can say that every time I gave been to St. Rose I have been treated like a king and the quality of care is excellent. I would recommend this hospital to anyone who truly cares about their health as the doctors and nursing staff set an example of what good health care should be. I will continue to go to this hospital when I need care and in my opinion this hospital is by far the best in Nevada.

Sage Anand

They put me in an extended stay waiting room after giving me morphine for pain. Never checked on me. When I asked for help I was told she was with a patient. What am I?

Kristen Walker

John Moczynski

The service I received in the ER was excellent. Didn't have to wait long to be seen. #nomorphine

Charity Swearingen

Did not want to come here as Ive yet to have a good experience however it was close. Thanks for sending in a 12 year old who cant see my swollen deformed toe right in front of her face.

Sara Clark

They are horrible I have been here two times for my back and I will never come back here again they put me in a room and forgot about me.

Nicole Lelito

Poor service....there is no hospitality. They show a lack of care for your issue. And do not follow proper procedures to treating whats bringing you in to need their help. They didnt even take me to the back. Looked at me and diagnosed me. Guess they have superb powers. I will be contacting the top executives on this matter. This is totally unacceptable. I hope no one ever goes there for an emergency. Horrible!! Inhumane!!! #lackofcare #nolove #rude #scammers #poor


Reluctant to go there, but got bronchitis from the flu an couldn't wait. Was so pleasantly surprised to get right in, an everyone was so kind , gave me a bunch of tests still everyone so nice and very efficient Dr. Lundy so sweet and i got powerful antibiotic right away, and the medicine i needed... I am very impressed and grateful!!! Thank you


So good they saved my life

Rin Sione

From the ER, to the ICU to the 2nd floor, all the staff, nurses, doctors and etc. were amazing! They took really good care of my mother. My family and I couldn’t be more grateful and thankful enough for everyone that helped at the hospital. This has got to be the best hospital with great loving and caring nurses and doctors.

Kimberly McKeen

This hospital is absolutely disgusting and practices bad business. I went to the ER on a Sunday after being told by quick care that they didn't have the equipment to help me. I had a herniated disc and was unable to walk and in excruciating pain. I was left sitting in the ER hallway and was never seen by a Dr. Only a nurse, which ended up giving me a nerve block shoot after she stood me up over the sink in the ER bathroom. She then sat me back in the wheelchair and pushed me back into the hallway. I asked if I could lay down because this helped with the pain, they proceeded to put me on a gernuy that was already in the hallway and had just been vacated by another patient, without even changing the bedding. After about 4 hours they said there was nothing they could do for me and sent me home. Now I'm getting billed $850 for an ER Dr. I never saw! This is just bad business and bad bad behavior. If there was a negative rating, I would give them a -10.

France Cedric Co

I received excellent care from their ER. With me having some viral infection in my mouth, I couldn't speak but everyone could still communicate and understand me. I also have a phobia for needles but the nurses who drew blood and inserted the IV needle helped me get over it slightly. Their response times were quite prompt. Even with a high volume of patients, I didn't have to wait too long. And since I had an infection, I couldn't swallow food or drinks. I will never regret being admitted there. All the staff was nice and caring. The facility was fairly pristine. It was my first time visiting the hospital and if ever I need medical attention again, I won't hesitate to come back! I just wish they were closer to home :)

Melanie T

They are so professional, clean, and definitively prepared for everything. They have been very kind. I hope this staff always remains. The nurses, doctors, neurologist, chaplain and even the cleaning staff are wonderful and beautiful people. Always answer all our questions and taking care of my mom. I’ve personally met lance, karina, scott, delia and richard, ans so far they are the best. I’m really happy even in the situation my mom is in that she is getting the best care from this wonderful staff. They make you feel like we are all a family and they are here for you. I hope if I ever get hospitalized I hope to run into a staff like this. They really care.


This place is worthless. Dont waste your time. After sitting for hours waiting to be treated I eventually got up and left to seek treatment elsewhere.

Amy McDonald

This hospital stole $1000 from me. AND they DROPPED me on the floor after surgery while I was under anesthesia. You may wonder how I know this if I was unconscious. When I woke after surgery, I had a horrible headache, which can happen. BUT I also had a huge knot on the back of my head that no one could explain and fingernail scratches on my arms. AND my sutures were not clean and straight and my doctor said during my follow up that he absolutely did not do those sutures and didn't know who did. Then there was the $1000. I was told I had to pay my deductible before surgery, so I paid it to the hospital. Then I get all these bills from the hospital and call the insurance company and they said that they didn't get the money and that I would have to pay in full for everything because of the way the hosptial submitted the claim. I could never get the hospital or the insurance to show me where my $1000 went, even though I had a receipt. This is besides a pre op and post op room with 8 beds all lined up together with no privacy at all and nurses who ignore the patients. Do not go here!

joseph gallimore

Pitiful should all be ashamed of yourself god was watching all of total disgrace just like your catholic leaders

Ritah Roggz


Jasmin Jones

Best hospitality and bed side manor hands down they are quick and caring.

Debbie Butler

Katie Pittman

This hospital is a joke. My aunt has been in there with a heart arrhythmia since Monday night and they can't even get a heart doctor in there to see her. Apparently they've been trying to reach the wrong doctor since Monday. In the meantime, she could have developed a blood clot and died. This hospital killed my grandfather in 1997 because the nurses then were too ignorant to listen to the patient. This is absolutely ridiculous and someone needs to start administering proper care. Are they just keeping patients in there as long as possible to rack up the bills? The medical field needs to stop blaming crap on Obama and still do their jobs!!!! If you want to live, go to another hospital.

Tamara Blackwood

Under the circumstances I had a great experience with the Hospital. The employees are very nice and sincerely cared. I want to give a big shout out to Ed and Bob in the CT Scan room for making me laugh and smile when I didn't feel like it and to Eric my 2nd floor nurse......he runs a tight ship and knows he job well.

Shirley Stewart

Had a fall , on last Saturday . Went to the ER here , it was cold in the exam room . I asked the nurse for a blanket . She gave me one , it was nice and warm . After I had a MRI , got back to the exam room , my left leg started to itch . I scratched it , the next day , I got up and I had these huge red bites on top of my foot , several spots on my leg . They itch so bad and hurt . This place is very nasty . Something bite me in there . And the Health Department , will know about this .

Yolanda Green

Luis Rocha

Staph infecttion in 24 hours thanks to hospital worst food.

Ginny Foster

Fastest, most efficient ER I have ever attended. We are from out of town and my dad became very ill. He has countless health issues but they took his entire history into account and we quickly had a diagnosis so he could be treated.

James Hooper

James Diodati

My wife had been suffering from horrible coughing, pain and cold symptoms for over 10 days with no relief. She was struggling to breathe at this point and we went down to Rose de Lima. She was seen immediately. The staff was amazing, compassionate, caring and attentive to everything. She got treated immediately and was in and out in an hour with a full diagnosis and already breathing better. I cannot say enough about the nurses, the respiratory therapist and the attending physicians. Thank you so much!!!

Pat Graham

Brought mother in by ambulance staff was fast efficient got X-ray ct Scan found broken spine Then the nightmare began transferred to Sunrise upon arrival found no room left in ambulance bay 11 hours why would they transfer to a hospital for advanced care with NO ROOM when she could have rested comfortably where she WAS

Jody Walker

And I hate hospitals. But. The ER saw us immediately, the admitting process was seamless and staff was patient, the ER doctor, Dr Chang was quick, thorough, informative, and easy to work with The ER nurses were great. My old pop spent 3 days in the hospital and every staff member from Dr Ali, to Danny the Physical Therapist to CNA Devonna Allen Stewart who was the most efficient, effective, and get-it-done person I've ever met. I sure wish this hospital wasn't downsizing.

Mathias Greywolf

Uncaring staff, filthy waiting rooms, insects on the floor and walls. Went into the ER because my husband was admitted, the "receptionist" replied to me when I stated who I was and why I was there, saying "okay, and your point is?" Avoid this place like the plague, more than likely you'll catch it here. Further more, while I sat in the waiting room, being ignored by the staff while my SPOUSE is somewhere in the ER, you can actively hear the "nurses" insulting patients. This "hospital" literally only cares about one thing, money. They do not care at all about patients or patient health.

Thomas Gocke

My wife's leg swelled up 4 times the size it regularly is on an airplane to Vegas. She had not hurt it in any way. We immediately stopped at an Urgent Care and they sent us to this place, thinking it might be a blood clot. After an hour of pocking and prodding, they said "we didn't find anything". We were like..."her leg is still 4 times bigger than the other" and they said they didn't know what else to do. Maybe we should go see a specialist. No suggestion of drugs for the pain, something to help the swelling, elimination of the blood clot suggestions....nothing. However, they want us to pay a $5000 bill before we leave?????? For what? I've never seen such a crooked, incompetent, $$ scamming operation. They need to be shut down and at a minimum, investigated for fraud. We will be pursuing whatever fraud organizations are available to file with. Shame on you too, Catholics, for having your crooked name on it.

spencer barrett

The wife was take by ambulance to the smaller St. Rose hospital after suffering a blackout and a resulting fall on a hard tile floor. At age 67 and with osteoporosis, she wound up with 2 fractures of her pelvis. They were going to discharge her and send her home until, DUH, they found she couldn't walk! Pretty thorough Emergency Room, huh? She required 2+ weeks in rehab....And they were going to send her straight home!

Mikanu S.

Didn't speak to any doctor within 8 hours. Pretty packed understandable but normally always somewhat bad. Try Henderson Hospital.

Leah F

Horrible! The old rude White racist ladys in the front represent your hospital perfectly.

Keith Norris

Great hospital, the staff are friendly and professional The best hospital in Las Vegas

AlexiscoolXD Kk

I took my 8 year old who hurt her big toe she was crying and in pain and after waiting a hour watching the doctor see the other 3 people who came in after her they came and asked us to go wait in the lobby the ER check in nurses were so rude ... .. 2 hours I left to Sunrise Hospital which was move compassionate to my daughter and her pain!


My experience with this hospital was absolutely REDICULOUS!!!!!! I went to this hospital on April 5, 2015 believeing I was suffering a miscarrriage. I was taken back to the examining room quickly after arriving which was nice but after being checked I sat in the waiting room for 2 hours waiting on an ultrasound to verify my worst fears. When I finally got the ultrasound done it took the Tech an hour to get all of the images they needed. That means over an hour of uncomfortable silence and not so gentle probing. No one would tell me anything. I had no idea if my baby was ok or not. I was taken back to the waiting room to sit for another 2.5 hours just to be handed a packet by some guy that wasnt a doctor and I had never encountered during my visit and shoved out of the door with a "You are at rish for misscarriage" warning. There was no compassion or care at all. No one took my situation serious. Everyone was worried about the gossip of other patients. There is no reason I should know why other patients were in the hospital from the staff. It was such a horrible experience and later i was billed $5900 for blood work and an ultrasound which is CRAZY! I had the same thing done 3 days later at another hospital and was charged $1900. DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!

Cathy Cassidy

From the moment I walked into the ER I was treated horribly. The security guard simply pointed to where I needed to register, no hello...nothing. Then the registration man was equally as robotic; excpt he wore a germ type mask. No hello, no good bye, simply asked for my ID, then typed a bunch and told me to go around the corner to the nurse. The nurse way also the exact same hello; like a robot. No direction, just started putting the cuff on me and sat with the pulse ox in her hand as though I was suppose to know what to do. When she was done she she told me to meet her on the other side of the wall and walked me into a closet looking room with no door, and just walked out. There was zero privacy, everyone could hear everyone's medical problem, insurance information, and anything else. Nurses were storming by with an angry look on their faces. Then the rude, cold doctor finally came into the closet area where I was and just let curtain open for everyone to be a part of my visit, so I asked him shut it and he did. He was condescending and,acted as though he could care less about me or what was going on with me. He didn't run one test or even examine my injury other than looking at it with his eyes. He didn't have me do any range of motion and all while saying almost NOTHING. I was very uncomfortable bc of how vulnerable I felt. The dr told me he would give me a shot of cortisone "if I wanted one." Didn't tell what that was for, how much he was giving me, offered me nothing for pain or ever assessed my pain. I'm assuming he thinks all Las Vegas people are drug addicts, which I am NOT nor have I ever used drugs. Then, I was shuffled to the hallway with several other patients where all of my information was shared by the registration man (the same guy that was wearing the mask). Again, no hello, nothing..just a rude, cold jerk. After a short while a nurse came up and asked my name, and told me to follow her for my Cortisone front of everyone...once privacy or acknowledgement of HIPAA, Once in another area, I was left again with no talk, just a wide open curtain again, and listening to the same rude dr ask the woman nearby all about her COPD, asthma, and smoking history. Eventually he walked in where I was, said nothing, and just started opening all of these packages with needles, wipes, and gauze. I started crying from fear, and the complete and unspeakable coldness I was receiving. He said nothing other than he was cleaning the area, and then told me when he was injecting the shot. I asked if I needed any tests or anything to see what was wrong and he told me he would only do an x-ray if I had a broken neck. He walked out...and that was that. A nurse came in and she saw I was crying and was comforting and said she too had been crying all day...I'm guessing it's from working such colossal jerks. I will NEVER EVER go back there, I cannot express how horrible I felt aside from my injury. On a side note, this hospital is so dingy, outdated, and cramped. I felt like I was in a third world county. Do not go here for anything.....ever!

Kween Dree

Worse hospital in the world. Such a damn shame how they treat people and their families!!

Renee King

Loved them

Shalena Hackney

Awesome love and care there. You give love you'll receive it back I felt that way. I seem to be with family that's how comfortable they had me My best nurse was Karen and Cynthia was with registration and they did a awesome job !!! So ❤ caring

Trish Morris

Jill Phillips

The staff was very friendly. Even though I didn't have the best medical insurance they ran tests until the problem was found. The doctor was very knowledgeable, Pam from the cat scan dept. was amazing and very personable to talk too. My wait time was very short. Best little hospital in Las Vegas.

Tony Broyles

Tressa Wilson

Excellent Hospital!! Caring, Compassionate Staff From The Housekeeping & Nurses In The E.R To All The Nurses Treating Mom When She Was Admitted. The Kitchen Was Wonderful & Helpful With Her Dietary Requirements & Helpful To Keeping Her Appetite Good; She Said, It Was All Good Too, She Enjoyed Most All They Brought Her. Dr Minesh Amin Was Very Knowledgeable & Compassionate & Got Her Well To Go Home. Thank You All So Much. God Bless You All

Jesús Velásquez

Staff took good care of my wife, I was there from 0930 to 1730 . Noticed janitorial staff artificially clean the area and I was hoping they were not the same staff to clean the OR my wife was in! I have a picture tried attach it of how clean their bathroom! Reported it and nothing done how filthy it was.

Petros Johnson

The staff for the most part was pleasant, my big issue is having my wife deal with a doctor who barely spoke or understood english. I wish I was kidding, then whe we brought this severe language barrier to various staff members attention they gave us the "we re so sorry" but did nothing. Dr.Muneer was very intrusive unnecessarily "so you have brother or sister?" (What does that matter ?) with his questioning on top of assuming my wife was a smoker and an alcoholic...she is neither. He ignored her anxiety attacks and gave her one thru his "exam" then made it seem like it was an inconvenience to him that we couldnt understand him thru his thick accent. Come to find out he became her admitting doctor, even after we voiced our concern of his understanding of the situation. Needless to say the rest of her stay was miserable and tortuous, due to the hospital ignoring their patients concerns. The best part...the main nurse attending overheard the exam and even commented on the possible misdiagnoses due to the language barrier. We will be reporting him to the medical board. Completely unacceptable of the hospital and staff, but they were pleasant....if that helps.

Chamiesha Woullard

The staff is extremely rude and speaks to the patients in a condescending manner. From the ER triog to the doctor, respitory therapist, and the nurse that administered my medication, a lack of patients can definitely be felt. They should find new careers.

Tanya Scott


Jill A-Jones

They saved my life! The third floor staff is the best I've ever had. If not for the staff at this hospital I would not be here today giving this review.

Becky Salkoff

If I could give the overall experience 0 stars I would. The overall visit was just ok and the staff mostly pleasant. The problem came when it got to the billing. I actually have insurance but they don't collect the copay at the hospital. I received a call from an extremely rude lady in their billing department about 2-3 weeks ago telling me I owed them money and asking me for personal info and payment over the phone. I explained to her that I do not give personal info over the phone and if she would send me a bill, I would be happy to pay. She said they had sent me three bills already. I told her we had moved in December and asked what address they were sending it too. She said my new one. Today my old neighbor called and said they had some mail. What do you know it is the bills. As soon as I got home, I called to pay and they have sent me to collections. 3 weeks after the call. The billing employees are rude, there was no manager there to speak with and they are overall incompetent. I will never go to this hospital again simply for this reason. If I didn't have high blood pressure before, I certainly do now. Thank God I moved away from it.

Devyn Dutton

The hospital on lake mead and Boulder highway is horrible don't ever go there they said they were gonna do a CT scan but never did

Brandy Schlick

I had a very poor experience with this hospital. I came in with my mother who was under very severe pain in her abdomen. After an hour of standing in the waiting room and watching my mother suffer from all of her pain, I took action and demanded her to go in the back to recieve care. The front office staff did not inform me that this hospital was out of our network, and I have never gone through this process of taking care of my mother before. Later on after she recieved care, we found out she had gallstones. I am a student at UNLV for Kinesiology, so I am very aware that gallstones cannot be passed, therefore her gallbaldder must be taken out. The doctor (during my mom being under anesthesia) told us that she could have passed a gallstone, and that she should consider going home and seeing how she feels in the morning. I Questioned the doctor, because of my understanding of why you CANNOT pass a gallstone, and he instead gave me a very generic version of how someone can pass a gallstone. We left the hospital at 9pm and came right back at 3am. Our bill doubled the second time around because of this doctors error of sending us home. And also, the front office staff did not help me with the process of my mother by directing me to a different hospital that would have saved us a lot of $ in the long run. This hospital can't even be called satisfactory, and does not meet adequate services under all the torment I have gone through with my mother. I am only 24 years old, and I feel taken advantage of for my lack of knowledge in these circumstances.

Rebekah Montgomery

CanNOT say enough about St. Rose! If I could've put 10 stars I would have! From the moment I walked into the ER to the moment I left the hosp - three days later - I was one of the family there at SRD!! EVERYone who helped me was very kind, caring and professional! From the security officer at entrance of the ER, the house-keeping staff, the cafeteria staff, the Chaplain who came to see me (and pray with my family!!), the admin staff who stopped by to make sure all was well with my care, all the AWESOME nurses and nurses assistants, to the doctors who saw me, I was treated very respectfully and with so much kindness!! I just can't thank God enough for guiding us to SRD's emergency room!! We are residents of AZ, but have very little to no faith in the hospitals that are in our area. We preferred driving the hour and a half to Henderson, NV, ending up at SRD - Rose de Lima Campus! Just. So. Grateful. We NOW have a hospital we KNOW we can trust to take care of us - in every way! Thank you so much for all the healing touches! May God bless SRD in ways that we can't even think or imagine!!!

Erica Gonzalez

great experience. fast. efficient. helpful.

Baylee Aldana

Went into this hospital and the so called "nurse" treated me like is i was stupid for coming in their and asking for help. She had no sence of passion for the people that went in their, ill never go to this hospital because of that stupid Asian wanna be dr that couldnt directly inform me of what i needed to know! I highly recommend going to the new Henderson Hospital. Very helpful located off gallaria and gibson.

J Myers

Donald Ulino

Call them cause I have chest problems and a brain tumor, didnt know if i should go to hospital to be looked at and examined. After calling there emergency room, I have no doubt in my mind, staff dont want any patients at all. I dont get it, why get a job in health care if you dont care about your patients health or well being? I was yelled at and disrespected just for asking if I should come in to be checked out. Unreal, I wont say any names (ED) of the rudest ppl there, you'll find out yourself. Believe me if your gonna go to a hospital dont choose any of the st Rose's. They have displayed there true feeling about patients on a constant basis, they just dont care about you or your health. Every staff member, including nurses and doctors, only look at you like a dollar. Get you in, get you out, get you charged. Your no more then money to them. If your gonna go to a hospital you should make sure your not treated bad or look at like a dollar, if you are walk out immediately, and go to another hospital. No person in need of help should go through or be treated like what the hospital staff (doctors and nurses included) are going to actually treat you like. Go somewhere where you'll be treat like a patient in need rather then a dollar bill. Horrible, absolutely horrible hospital.

Gooper Slue

Staff is highly undertrained. One of the nurses on staff was highly predjudice against members of the LGBT community. They almost took an artery test from me, thinking I was someone else! I only avoided that by asking if she had the right person! They had me play musical chairs for 4 hours around the hospital while less severe patients who came in after had immediate attention. I had to explain to the nurse how to use the ekg since I have acrylic nails. How or why she works in a hospital is baffleing to me. I finally left after they tried putting me in a room with a man (I am female) who had a respitory infection, and I'm literally 3weeks post op from a breast aug!!! Stay away!!!!

alex ramos

Very poor work eithic. Sloppy lazy. Very slow! Been waiting 4+ hours for a blood test. Every St Rose Hostpital in Nevada complete trash!

Federico Celaya

Heather "Beth" Johnson

The nurses were so kind. They were thorough probably more so than they had to just because I needed the piece of mind....

Rivera Vivao

Friendly staff...Thank you!

Leona Vida

Over crowed no beds people limed up in the halls doctors talking to patients in the waiting room

Wheel Lee

Rude staff. I ruptured a bicept tendon, they only took an x-ray and gave me a referral. They did not treat my condition. My primary care physician said they should have admited me ASAP and fixed it. Now due to the negligence the orthopedic surgeon may not be able to restore function. This place should be closed down. There were bugs on the floor. Exposed wires in the xray room. Just gross.

Geri Clark

Best hospital I have been. Staff unbelievable. Thanks to all who were so very kind and helpful which helped me come home.

Stavros stavros

A bunch of thieves and lazy doctors and nurses. The place should be should shut down and they should be ashamed of themselves. First time I went there, they tried to hand a $20,000 bill to my insurance company for two hours worth of work. This time this morning I was dieing in severe abdominal pain and had to check in at 6 am. So I goto the ER and they make me wait in the waiting room which completely empty. You can see all the nurses and doctors where checking in with Starbucks in hand lallygaging and talking about there weekend. Felt like they were all at a country club and I interrupted there fun time. So it was my surprise as I am waiting dieing in pain, that they made me wait in lounge area intill they can get me in to the ER. In the meantime, you can see and hear everyone having a non urgent morning and zero urgency to help me and being completely unprofessional. So I go over to the checkin and ask what is taking so long. This is Response I get from the lazy guy in his chair who checked me in, "there is two people ahead of you, you have to wait your turn. The ER is full" Now it doesn't take a genius to see the whole place Is Empty. But normally when you have a patient bent over in pain, dieing in front of you, there are some basic things you do help him, not send him to waiting are so you can finish your morning coffee clutch with fellow nurses. There is nobody in the whole place except nurses taking about there weekend. So Are you f•in serious? I called my insurance company and went to the new henderson hospital who got me in right away and found out that I had a infected gall bladder that needs to be removed. In the meantime nobody even knew I left or did they care to find out what happened. ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Jennifer Donelow

I was there today the staff was very kind and helpful, I would highly reccomend them to everyone!


Great place to go for a true emergency. Physicians and mid levels are very thorough and nurses are very friendly.

Corey Miller

Horrible care, discharge of patients when they shouldn't be. Filthy.

PB Motorsports

bill underwood

I've had both my hips replaced at this Hospital. Surgeries with three years apart Hospital staff is very well from a personal standpoint and from a professional standpoint. Surgeries went well I know the hospital's old and I was concerned about that but a lot of it has been remodeled and we tools so to speak in the operating room

BritneyMarie Rose

Normally there so good but I Went there last night it was by far the worst experience ever. Some staff were so The doctor they had last night was awful. I went there to get help for my breathing and my couldn't even keep my eyes open headache. He told me I just had a virus and to go home and take some cough medicine. I left so displease I went to my other doctor this morning and was told I have bronchitis and need medication and breathing treatment. So to say the least St rose isn't worth the trip. You better going to somewhere else.

Rodney Fife

I wish I could rate you lower. My wife was suffering enough before we took her to your hospital. The arrogance and bigotry your staff showed us coupled with the incompetence and pure lack of compassion gave us the worst experience we ever had with a medical facility. Stay away if you want to be treated by competent and caring professionals.

felicia Griffin

Nice an clean.

J brickey

Dr Robertson I believe the doctor was the best and nurses .this doctor haven't seen one like him in 30 years. Explained everything and options caring..better keep him..i understand they have lost some services due to dignity health wanting to downsize and Mabey make into satellite. Hosp...i hope they reconsider...this location I think over 50 years and even new hend hosp. Overcharging non caring etc.please keep it there and get back full service...and retrofit...big mistake if you let this one go to satellite can easily beat hend hosp..dessert spring bad and sunrise most of time terrible..overall this hosp had a great reputation until downsizing ..bring it back please you can beat all 3 other hosp mentioned easily.especially on pricing and quality and caring..thank you

Ernest Cantara

Lauren Pupki

My Mom was bleeding out, and the ER took great care of her. She got surgery and the surgeon and the nurses where SO nice! My mom was treated right here

steve yentzer

Hands down best experience in an emergency room!

Richard L. Macklin

I have been here 5-days and the entire staff of Dr's & Nurses are the very best, with great hospital rooms in the new tower!!! Going to open-heart surgery tomorrow... and, can't wait!!!

Sandy Henderson

Friendly staff

ziya Rae

I had a great experience in the er. Staff was friendly and efficient.

Black Swan Media Co

Was there for less than an hour. They sent me a bill for $12,000. I called looking for details and an itemized report of that bill. Nobody could provide it. They bounced me over the phone for hours until it all came back full circle with no one being able to tell me what I was being charged for. Absolute epitome of how broken health care is.

amy ainsworth

Horrible ER!! They don’t care so much about you as a person but about making whatever reason you were there to look as bad as possible so they can charge the most inflated prices possible ( as in what level they deem your issue) they will make it seem like you needed to come in on a stretcher and were critical but then will make you stand in line for 10 minutes Just to check in and during vital taking the nurse will take a very non-important lengthy phone call. Then after a long wait if Dr will come in and as in my case palpate my injuries for 10 seconds and say you don’t need any x-rays or anything. She must have had x-ray vision! So my trauma was minor? Then why charge me like I was dying and needed immediate care?? There are a lot of ERs avoid this one! Not only is the service bad, But they routinely follow the practice of upgrading ER visit to a higher number so they can bill more money despite it not being the level of emergency they are claiming it to be!!!

Joe Mosier

I was admitted to Rose de Lima Campus on Dec 31, 2014 in CRISIS from Myasthenia Gravis . The combined efforts of Dr Scott Selco and the AMAZING nursing staff, saved my life! I will be forever grateful. I wish there was a way that I could repay you all. Thank you so very much

Antonio Daniele

My father passed there. During his 3 weeks there, the staff was friendly, attentive and helpful to him and all visitors. This hospital staff is league's better than 3 other major hospitals he was in during his final months.

Sherry Thomas

I had a Cardioversion yesterday, the staff was great, but they forgot to give me my discharge papers, and my follow up report. And when I called this morning they was very rude, even transferred me to the ER (IDK WHY) and the lady there called me a lair saying I could not have left the hospital without discharge papers, if I had them why would I call? I like this hospital until now, the phone people are very rude. Don't like them at all !! I think someone needs to call me and talk to me!!

ittybitty WTF

0 would be better, my experience was terrible, it's a malpractice suit waiting to happen.

Tracey Gale

My mother was admitted to the er and they took very good care of her and they made sure I had water and the Chaplin brought me crackers. My mother had to have hip replacement surgery and the all the nurses were wonderful and so informative. Dr. Flint is a great orthopedic surgeon. He explained everything so well and his bedside manner is exceptional. Dr. Pasion is also very informative and kind. I can't say enough good things.


I came in with numbness, abnormal coldness, a bulging disc, lack of motor control in my extremities, and lack of range of motion in my neck, and seemingly most importantly minor chest pain. The doctor said I was completely fine despite these symptoms because the chest pain turned out to not be cardiac. I'm now looking for new doctors/physical therapists/actual professionals to help me with my SYMPTOMS rather than just address me not dying and then sending me home when I'm gradually becoming paralyzed more and more and my pain gets worse and worse and spreads farther throughout my body. I wish I could give 0 stars for this sloppy treatment and I would not recommend this hospital. The only good part about my visit was that a staff member recommended me another hospital and even said that this hospital is of poor quality. I do not wish to name this hospital because it may give St. Rose information on who this staff member is, and I do not want them to fire their only sane worker.

Eleyena Last

I'm going to say that the ER was okay and I would give them 4 stars, as was the doctor I saw. But the third floor nursing was horrid. I was pretty much ignored and left to my own devices, among other things which I can't say (except don't take a diaretic with them). The food was horrible and I didn't eat it. The bed was the most uncomfortable experience of my life. They need to shut this place down and/or update it. I will never go there again. Henderson Hospital I'm told is good.

Joan Green

Today, I had a car accident. It was a workman's comp case, so i was sent to St. Rose Dominican Hospital. I did the initial paperwork, and the triage nurse told me to go in the other room and sit in a chair. After two hours, she came back and told me she didn''t think there was anything wrong with me. She told me to just wait there, and when the other nurses had time they would come and release me and send me home. That is not the human kindness that Dignity Health claims to have. I didn't feel well, so I came home and went to bed. I have made an oath that I will die before I ever go near a hospital again.

Christina Lucero

Very efficient and fast they took care of me but no emotions.

Barbara Bice

the best experience I've ever had in an emergency room.. Lauren did a rocking job cut in my ring off my finger with a drill,w truand myck driver mouth my nasty attitude, she still was amazing. did I mention I accidentally whacked her in the head with the light. Thank you for putting up with me and my whining

Rebecca Shaw

Brief middle of the night ER visit. Everyone did their jobs well. Thanks!

Christopher Hoffman

The er is mediocre at best. they have been known to treat and DC all from the waiting room I would like to rate higher for some of the med staff know what's going on... The registration personnel are a joke... I would not take my dog here...

Brisa Torres

Front desk Registration needs training on how to speak to their clients. Petty and condescending.



Best place to get surgery at, very kind nurses

bobby rojas

Was treated like a family member. Incredible hospital. All of the people complaining about the wait times are idiots. Every hospital has peak times. I loved the staff, hospital, and the way I was treated. They made me feel like they really cared.

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