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Jenny Thompson

Elisa Macchi

(Translated by Google) During my vacation in America, following an illness, I was brought here. No one spoke Italian but fortunately a friend spoke English well. Despite this they did not explain to me (and even to those who were with me) how it worked from them, they took my exams without telling me how much I would pay and then they told me to pay and that's enough ... well 1600 dollars for some exams ... I had no choice whether to decide whether or not to take exams, they just made them for me. I had to pay and then, since I had a simple heat stroke, I asked to be discharged. Today, back home, it is already the third time I ask for an invoice by email but nobody answers. I need the invoice to ask for the insurance reimbursement, without the invoice I can do nothing. One of the emails given to me by them is non-existent and I can't communicate with anyone. I need the bill immediately, please, it's urgent. In case someone reads this email, please answer me in courtesy, so I will give you my email address privately or give me a valid email address of your manager and I will write to you. Thank you. (Original) Durante la vacanza in America, in seguito ad un malore sono stata portata qui. Nessuno parlava italiano ma fortunatamente un amico parlava bene inglese. Nonostante ciò non mi hanno spiegato ( e nemmeno a chi c'era con me) come funzionava da loro, mi hanno fatto gli esami senza dirmi quanto avrei pagato e poi mi hanno poi detto di pagare e basta... ben 1600 dollari per degli esami... Non ho avuto scelta se decidere o no meno di fare gli esami, me li hanno fatti e basta. Ho dovuto pagare e poi, visto che avevo avuto un semplice colpo di calore, ho chiesto di essere dimessa. Oggi, tornata a casa, è già la terza volta che chiedo la fattura per email ma non mi risponde nessuno. Ho bisogno della fattura per chiedere il rimborso all'assicurazione, senza la fattura non posso fare nulla. Una delle email che mi è stata data da loro è inesistente e non riesco a comunicare con nessuno. Ho bisogno subito della fattura per cortesia, è urgente. Nel caso qualcuno leggesse questa email, rispondetemi per cortesi, così vi fornirò in privato il mio indirizzo email oppure fornitemi un indirizzo email valido di un vostro responsabile e vi scriverò io. Grazie.

Ronnie Freeman

The Othersidez

The way they treat there patients out at this facility is horrible. This facility needs to be shut down. I have already contacted channel 13 about and investigation as well as a medical malpractice attorney in regards to numerous flaw. I have seen bad hospitals but never this bad. If you need a hospital go to Las Vegas if you want to live.

Shawna Dexter

Mars Volta

I am extremely unhappy. I waited for over an hour and some woman just walks in and is helped immediately. The worse thing about it is I over heard her and her husband speaking she faked it so she could be seen faster what a joke. don't waste your time here go to quickcare or vegas. This is rediculous. Also lady at the front for check in emergency is very rude I wish I knew her name.

Amanda Browning

It's really too bad I had to give a star just to give a review because this place doesnt even deserve that. I tried asking a question as a nurse was walking out and she replies with "what do you want" like really. I didn't think she had to be rude. And this is a physician! There's always a way to say things, and you don't need to be nasty. Also, one of the nurses kept sniffing his nose like he had just done a line! Never again. Health care is not what it used to be. Only thing they want is their paycheck.

Chloe Psy

This place deserves a zero. By far the worst hospital and emergency department I have ever seen or been to. I went in tot the ER with severe stomach pain only for Dr. Watson to not listen to anything I had to say and diagnose me with a condition I already knew I had! Upon visiting a gastroenterologist I found out it was a much more serious condition, that they could have helped had they listened to what I was saying. They rush you in and out and don't care about their patients, only the money. Honestly you should just go to Vegas.

Sa Ris

Belinda Di Preta

My father was a patient there last month on the fourth and the fifth and sadly he did not make it.The staff was horrible if i was able to rate it negative stars I would the care that my father recieved could have been so much better than it was. The first review that i wrote last week about the hospital someone from the hospital called my mothers phone to try and locate me so they can question and harass me about the review that I had posted. I truley believe that Desert View either needs ALL new staff or their doors need to be closed for good that way no other family has to go threw this

Bonnie Bennett

I am shocked at some of the reviews regarding Desert View. I’ve been in here since yesterday but the care I’ve been given is professional, caring and very attentive to any needs and concerns I have. They’re friendly and make needing to be here a pleasant experience. My only negative is the doctor who came in. He sits down, starts talking and I had to stop to ask who he was. I’m also pretty darn sure he left his personality in his other lab coat.

Linda Hatley

Mammo s and stress test are good. ER has also been good. Husband checked out and given specialist to go see. Wish was a full hospital.

Joseph Cox

Bad staffing. Sent my dad to vegas and told me wrong hospital. Complete degeneates

Kelly Buckland

It was awesome.

Florita Mendoza

I got referred to them for ultra sound and my doctor fax them my paper work and they say they dont have me on there are u guys checking fax ??? This is a joke they need better staff that's all I got to say

Amanda Shemp

Will never take my kids here again. Nurses were nice but the doctor my 10 month old just saw tonight was horrible. I went in cause my son couldn't swallow his spit and was crying and choking on his spit when he tried to swallow. The doctor checked his ears and did a cheat x ray! and sent us on our way saying he was fine. Got him to the car he started choking again and I got a small piece of plastic out. My baby could of chocked to death tonight cause of the stupid doctor he never once looked in his mouth. Will NEVER GO BACK THERE and if u want good care I suggest y'all drive into vegas

dandelion wrx

Literally the worse hospital I've ever seen or been in

Tori Farr

I am here with my sister loretta! I must say everyone working the emergency room has been beauitful. I want to send a special shout out to a nurse by the name of Crystal she has been a true angel with my sister. Crystal has made sure my sister and I are informed of what is being done. It is hard to find people in this profession that are very busy take the time and laugh and make a patient and family member fill calm and relaxed. Oct 23, 2019 She was working 7am till 7pm shift

Martha Galvez

Tom Sperry

I was 65 miles from las Vegas. They ordered me an air ambulance 40,000 .I did argue with them. Their changes for emergency room $16.000 I am making them take to Court. please do the same ! I have a good chance. Follow the lead.

tricia Landeis

My husband went to urgent care and they told him to go to the hospital. He went to the hospital and they ran blood and urine test and an X-ray. He told them he thought he had a hernia, they told him nothing was wrong. He went to a specialist because we knew something was wrong, he was diagnosed with the most dangerous hernia!!!!!! I would not recommend this hospital to anyone and don't ever plan on going there again for my husband or myself

sheila thiess


Absolutely terrible. A friend of mine went there for abdominal pain and unusual vaginal bleeding and was told she has hemorrhagic cysts on her left ovary. The pain persisted and she kept bleeding and when she went back they said she was pregnant and sent her to Southern Hills where they found out she actually had an ectopic pregnancy. By that point, it was so bad she had to have her left ovary and fallopian tube removed. Just days longer and she may have died. This hospital is horrendous and does no care at all about patients. I saw a woman in the ER once who bleeding from the head with other physical injuries waiting in the ER for hours. They shake you down for cash as you leave and act like you are stupid all while no one does a damn thing. This place needs to be shut down for good or be restaffed with people who care.

Todd Cottino

5 stars to Desert View Hospital. They got me right in and have gone over the top in all they have done to help me. Everyone has been very friendly and helpful.

Staci Young-Moore

For the size of it's location and the hospitality and true concern the share I absolutely loved this place!!!...went in with acute bronchitis and was admitted promptly and treated like someone would be treated by a close family member!!...AWESOME Drs and food was great as well!! fiance stayed with me and the cafeteria for non patients was excellent!!....

Kimberly Lynch

Horrible on many occasions.. If you have an emergency that can wait the normal 1-4 hrs it takes to be seen there, go to VEGAS! Chances are if it is ANYTHING but heart related they will put you in an ambulance and send you to Vegas anyway. Also, used this facility for many imaging orders ( MRIs, CTs, x-rays, etc) The Radiologist's reports go back, if they get sent in the first place, to the ordering physician and they do NOT provide comparison to the last same imaging test you had performed merely 3-4 months ago! My Endocrinologist was very unhappy. I've waited 50 mins in ER vomiting blood. No vitals were even taken. My husband got furious that the emergency room staff were all gathered at the desk having personal small talk as I waited all other rooms were empty. I had to ask for an emisis basin. After the 50 mins was up a nurse came in and said it maybe a couple of hours before I was going to be seen bc a helicopter was expected to land in 25 mins. We left for Vegas at that point. After walking in the doors at St. Rose San Martin campus they had a gastric tube inserted and I started before my husband was able to park the car and walk in. 20 mins later I was admitted to the ICU!!! FYI... they actually billed me for the visit and aldo got a bill from thw physivian I NEVER saw!!! THE NERVE! I wouldn't take a pet mouse there for treatment!

Matthew Clark

Terrible hospital

Marcos M

Fast emergency every time

jennifer Lampanelli

Great for mammograms!!


This hospital only cares about money. Was rushed to vegas and vegas had no idea why, said the same thing " this hospital only wants insurance money". Worst paramedics(ambulance) crew I have ever seen, no common sense at all, completely incompetent, awful and rude. Told a man he was gonna die if he didn't go to the hospital(hospital said the same thing if he didn't go to vegas hospital) They left the scene and came back and badgered a man till he caved to go to the hospital. Multiple people are witness to this. Better off driving yourself to vegas if you need a hospital. The hospital staff besides a few nurses aren't much better. Avoid this place at all cost. Unless you have a death wish, make the trip to a vegas hospital.

Jacinta Tillery

Went into ER after suffering trauma to spine from a shower injury. Was completely dismissed. Not a single test was run! But falling down and pissing myself and having my feet go fully numb just means that I need a pain pill and 4-6 months if symptoms don't improve. If I find out I'm going to get permanent nerve damage from this I'm getting a lawyer! Stay far away from this hospital! 5 years ago they tried telling me I had pleurisy during an 18 hour gall bladder attack. The "doctor" last night assumed a whole lot of knowledge with zero tests run! They only saw me for 5 minutes but I bet they'll bill my insurance for a whole bunch of fraudulent "care"

debee mills

My mother has been in this hospital numerous times and we have never, ever, had anything to complain about. I think the people that posted bad, or harsh reviews must have been there on an not ordinary day, or they themselves were having one. The ER staff, the on floor staff, all were pleasant and kind. I am thankful that we have this hospital in our community.

Debra Plinck

Terry Risley

Primary care Doctor sent me to ER at Desert View Hospital 10July 2018 for a Pleural Effusion. This was my Fourth procedure in past 3 months. The others were at Desert Radiology and Sumerlin hospital in Las Vegas. The RN and CNA staff were very professional and caring. The Thoracentesis staff, not so much. I have been tenacious in monitoring my health care since my Cancer diagnosis in early 2017, getting copies of all CT scan’s and PET scan’s, blood work, X-rays, etc. Sumerlin Hospital and Desert Radiology not only provided copies of lab reports of the issue from the Peural Effusion I was able to take pictures for my Pulmonary, Oncologist and Primary care Doctor’s. The Desert View Hospital Ultra-sound Tech (Karen) was extremely rude to both myself and wife in not allowing me to take picture or even seeing the result. In fact she made point of hiding it before I could turn around and see it. Her comment was that it “was against hospital policy”. The documentation provided states the issue was discarded. That is odd since it was supposed to be checked for cancer cells. I now understand why my friends and such chose to travel to Las Vegas for medical treatment. Very disconcerting actions by staff, what are they trying to hide? I know I will never recommend the hospital nor will I darken there door.

Malina Love

Very strange that I see so many bad reviews. All the stuff was very friendly, fast and helpful. We had doctor David Watson taking care of us. Great doctor, simple a down to earth . Thank you.

Steve A

My dad died in the ER here waiting on blood transfusion and airlift to Vegas.

Rena Barker

Ladies in the front where you check in were friendly but the Tech that did my MRI was so amazing

Charlotte McLeod

I don't know how this hospital is able to remain open. My mom was transported via ambulance, from Beatty, for pain & weakness in her legs. She was all but DUMPED in one of their wheelchairs after being given the briefest discharge experience I have ever heard of in my professional career as a healthcare administrator. She was given shot for pain, blood work and diagnostic tests done to try and identify a diagnosis. They basically couldn't tell her what was wrong with her so rather than letting her body purge all the medication/pain killers from her system so she could be safely DISCHARGED, they stuck her in a wheelchair (with god knows what pain killers in her system) in their ED waiting room for OVER AN HOUR until her neighbor came to pick her up. Totally unacceptable and bordering on an EMTALA (Emergency Medical Treatment and Active Labor Act) violation. The ED nursing staff should be ashamed of themselves. My family will be making a formal complaint through the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance office so that they will be held accountable for their deplorable, disrespectful and unsafe hospital practices.

Franklin Irelan

The clerical staff is rude and disrespectful. They will talk over you and hang up on you. you can not force them to take your money. I have better experience's going to the DMV! i will be going to vegas from now on.

Tammy Molthop

The worst hospital ever I would never take anyone there we waited for 2 hours in the emergency room before they even take her blood pressure or temperature

Monica Robles

Horrible the worst hospital

David Mangual

Nichole Walters

Horrible i will drive the hour to a better hospital. They don't care or listen; they think everyone is just trying to get pain pills. But i almost died because they told me it was muscle spasms. In all actually i needed to have my gallbladder removed. Then the second time they told me i was passing kidney stones. when actually those were blood clots from a kidney infection. I even heard the er doc talking about being worried he was going to get sued. Don't ever go here especially if you are pregnant they don't have an ultrasound machine.

Patrick Turner

Frances Guerrero

Went in the er for a cold I was struggling to kick.. found out it was pneumonia.. I was in and out and well taken care of. Thanks for not keeping me for hours and helping me feel better.

Stacy Blount

Had a great experience. I felt well taken care of. The staff was great and very attentive. Thanks.

Coolbeans 1960

I've had good experiences with this hospital and it's ER Department. Compassionate staff Today July 17, 2019. I was feeling really really sick. So I went to the ER, They confirmed I had another heartattact. I so much wanted to stay and get treated and transported to LV. However, being in the condition I was in, I just couldn't handle all the noise from loud mouth people. I am sick and I only wanted quietness. These loud mouth people wern't even patients! Nurse tells me it's an ER...REALLY! Well in my opinion is, if they are not a patient. Then they should be told to be quiet or leave in consideration of the patients being treated. Sounded like a Damn party house in there! Very bad experience this time

Tina Dewitt

They transport everyone to Vegas. It's basically just a check in spot to take your money,bill your insurance to tell u that u need to go I'd recommend going Vegas first save u time.

mar car

Worst ever 5 hours waiting for the Doctor, ekg and still no light at the end of the tunnel. Lucky for us my husband wasn't having an actual heart attack. I wonder how much this visit will be im thinking 10,000. It was almost 5,000 for a shot and lung treament for me a week ago. Doctor was good the rest we're aweful. Worst hospital ever. They did take full advantage of the dual insurance

catherine doughty

Lack of knowledge and communication. Bad attitude from staff. Scary if anything serious happens and desert view is the only hospital. Need better hospital with caring staff. They also left iv in my arm.and an infection they didn't tell me about. The comments here arent negative it's called the scary truth.

Charles Keil

Do the doctors just seem not to care what your going threw? I have been to the ER 2 times and both times the doctors are rude and short with me.

Mike Perron

George Bendezu

four stars....had great care in the ER for chest pain...good ER doctor...only can say good things about my care and time there

Charles P

So apparently accounting is having some sort of issue. The first sign of this was when I got a bill about a week ago from Collections for something that was done a year ago and its the first time we saw the bill! Well, we paid it because we did owe it. Coincidentally we have another procedure scheduled for next week and we got a call today that billing is having some difficulty and if we don't get a bill about a month after we get our EOB we should call the hospital. Really? You are having trouble doing your job so you want me to take time to help you so I can pay you. Sounds like the IRS. I have to do the work so I can pay you. What the hell. If you want to get paid figure out how to send a bill correctly.

Bombskwad 92

Worst hospital EVER! I tell people all the time "Unless you're going to die right now drive to vegas." Even if you aren't going to die after visiting this hospital you just might..

Amjad Kanaan

Pat Riedel

We were there 3 times in 2 months. We were seen quickly, tests were done, and treatment started pretty quickly. We are used to waiting 4-5 hours just to get in in Vegas. Surprised when we were seen so quickly. Doctors were quite good. only one problem during first visit when a nurse didn't cap a catheter and we had to return to have it fixed.



Gorgeannia Welch


Cloud Dweller

The horror of it all.


vicki bakka

Been to desert view many times for tests. Mamograms. Procedures and have had very good care. Everyone is very nice and very professional. I think more people need to try them instead of listening to other negative people. Try it see for your self. They said it's coming for more procedures and a larger hospital but no date given. At least there's more progress something to be very thankful for. Would like to thank dr. Kim and the anesthesiologist and the nurses.


Went to the ER left before I was seen. Called several times and filed complaint with the medical board who did nothing. Still getting bills for not being seen. 1500.00 bill and didn't even get seen.

Celia Morris

The ER Doctor and staff were fantastic to my husband. Thank you all very much.

Perla Munoz

Employees are nice and friendly


Tried calling the er multiple times and seems they don't know how to answer phones. As I went in the hospital wasn't busy and it took nearly 3 hours to be seen for a broken leg. Being new to Pahrump I wasn't sure if it's just the town or hospital. Will definitely drive out of my way to a Vegas hospital over this place.

Billy Perry

Maryan Hollis

I am an RN with 50 years of experience. I was brought to the hospital by ambulance. The ER doctor wanted to do a Cat Scan but the machine was broken and ordered me transferred to Summerlin Hospital over an hour away. I witnessed several standards of medical care that were broken as well as medical guidelines. I was appalled at the raucous party attitude at the nursing station ..including inviting the EMTS back to play cards. Absolutely disgraceful that an ER doctor would suggest I return to Boston as there are really no good doctors there. I will say I had ONE good RN who was also trying to educate 2 other apparent new RNs. Don't go there!

Elijah Benson

I was in there a few months ago for lower back pain after a fall. I have constant back pain from a bad injury in the military and was Medically Retired as a result of it. It was the middle of the night when I went in and had my 10 year old Son with me he had just moved out here to Pahrump with his Mom (who was out of town at the time) and I was visiting when all this happened. I go in for the back pain and the clerk at the desk was very sweet and kind but once I got back to the exam room (which took 45 minutes and tthe place was empty), the nurse wasn't very attentive to anything that I was saying and was a little rude to my Son who was trying to comfort me as I was curled up in a ball on the gurney in extreme pain. I finally said that it was ok for him to be near to me and she got upset. The doctor only saw me once and was quick to go back to BS'ing at the Nurse's Station with the rest of the staff. She even forgot to put in the order for the shot that she said was for pain. It took me asking over an hour later before I got it and less than 5 minutes later, they discharged me (without seeing if it would work or not... which it didn't) and I was told to relax my back. I never got a x-ray or any exam from the doctor for that matter. I am still having issues from that fall to this day because it was not treated right away. I am a prior Navy Corpsman (Medic) and Retired Army Combat Medic and I have never seen such unprofessional behavior from any medical staff in my life until that day. If I ever have another emergency, I will find somewhere else to go. Word of advise, replace your staff with actual medical professionals before someone sues you!!!

Misty R

Sometimes the doctors don't take your insurance even if the hospital does. As for the quality of care, my little girl was there with extreme stomach pain for six hours. They did tests and sent us home with instructions to give her ibuprofen. Later at night, when she was crying in her sleep, I had an idea. I asked her when was the last time she went #2. The kid was horribly constipated. I would expect doctors to ask that question before a rectal exam, x-rays, and hours of waiting.

Col Scra

I am always treated kindly here. The Customer ServIce staff as well as professionals are always cheerful and friendly. Always willing to answer questions, if they can, but seek an answer if they do not know themselves. I only wish they had designed the handicapped parking area with more spaces and closer. This town has a lot of handicapped people. They also didn't leave enough bypass space at the main entrance drop off. You have to wait while a passenger is dropped off or picked up there, you have no other choice.

Donovan Aragunes

Lorie Di Preta

I can't think of one time I ever even got decent care here. I rerecently had a family member that was treated here, the care could have been better on most parts.

Elliot Keyes

Horrible doctors or should I say doctor. For the whole ER one doctor.I have been here for 5 hours and haven't seen doctor. Nurses are nothing but rude and stuck up. I DO NOT recommend this place

Brenda Carsner

Lack of communication as to why they are doing some tests and the wait so long

Norman Stevens

My mom was in the pahrump hospital and we have lived out here for awile and the first nurse we had was extremly rude. Told me to stop talking to my mom. Then was not gentle with my mom at all when she is in pain. Very very poor experience.


First off, if you can, go the urgent care on calvada, unfortunately it closes after 8 pm, but in this hospital, In the Emergency room, it really depends on what time of day you arrive at this hospital, to how caring and attentive the staff are, but even then there are a few bad eggs that sneer at you and do not validate the pain you are feeling, they have gotten rid of a lot of the good people that were there 2-3 years ago, and more recently are sloppy and unreliable, if your condition is critical, let them stabilize you, but demand to get sent to vegas in an ambulance if you value your life and want answers to what's ailing you, I was recently dispatched from this place, and did not feel confident that I knew what was wrong with me, they were trying to get me out the door in the middle of the night! I had no money to call a cab and none of them cared...exept the security guard, he made sure I got a ride home.

Jen Reyes

Worst ever. They treat you like a drug addict or just dismiss you when you're in pain and if they're not doing that you can hear them gossiping about other patients outside your door I wish we had a better hospital here as I sincerely dread going there after every experience I've had

Jocelyn Taylor

Only giving one star bc i cant score any lower! I was 7mos pregnant and having difficulty breathing. I was worried that if i couldn't breath the baby wasnt getting the oxygen she need so i rush in and long story short after 3/4 hrs i was given a breathing treatment and sent home without any meds bc the doctor said bc i was pregnant he was unable to prescribe me meds! I suffered through bronchitis, pregnant when i there is medicine that i could have been given. Then, i was billed for over $1000+!

Bernadette P

I’ve had good and bad experiences here. More bad than good. The last reason I was there was because I thought I was having a stroke. They took blood and did a CT scan. I never even saw the nurse until I was discharged. Her name was Jessica and I asked for something for pain and something for nausea. I don’t take narcotics at all and have refused them many times. I had ibuprofen 600 in my purse and Zofran but I’ve always been told not to take anything prior to going to the hospital. I’d hopes they’d have given me stronger ibuprofen and IV zofran. The nurse denied all my requests and when I was discharged I tried to write horrible nurse on paperwork but she snatched it out of my hands hard and said this is a “legal document “ and left. Some doctors are good but the doctor on duty that night wasn’t paying attention.

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