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Cody Colby

Everyone was so kind and took such good care of me during my emergency visit. I hope to never have to see these wonder people again, but if I do, I wouldn’t be mad at it.

Piddly Moore

I have always had good experiences at Desert Springs. Most of the staff go above and beyond. They are friendly and helpful always.

Susanna Manukyan

I had surgery at Desert Springs Hospital and stay for two nights. I've been many hospitals but this one was different to me. All team members were very professional, nice to patient, friendly, and the know their job100 percent. The hospital bill it self was very clean and comfortable. Thanks to everyone who took care of me.


I was treated extremely well in lieu of not having any insurance (Alot of hospitals treat you badly after finding out) . I know that I was a pain in the derriere during my visit on 5/18/2019 but the ER Team still was very professional, prompt, warm/ caring and responsive to my needs. My nurse Janea Verela and my Nurse practitioner Amanda were awesome and very knowledgeable. CONGRATS again to the nurse (forgot her name) (who helped me with my hospital gown) to her wedding day on 10-10- 2020 . All 5 stars were earned

Laura Sowers

I felt very unsafe in this hospital as I was detoxing off of heavy pain medications and I felt my blood pressure was not monitored enough during my stay . I also know that you cannot just stop pain medication... this was also very miserable as I was going through major detox of these meds which caused diarrhea, sweating, high blood pressure and pain levels of 15

Kristi Metzger

I encountered an unexpected illness while in town for a conference and everyone I encountered at Desert Springs was incredibly nice, knowledgeable and very professional. Hospitals in general tend to make me nervous and the staff was really great about talking with me to keep my mind off of the fact that I had to get some tests and injections. Thank you!

Sheila Little

Pre-registration was very quick...everyone was knowledgeable of their assigned task...upon arrival for my surgery, I was taken to a room right away, situated, prepared and prepped for surgery, and my surgery was right on schedule, and the staff again very nice, bubbly, and again knowledgable of their assigned task...thank you Desert Springs.

Rick DeWeese

Desert Springs Hospital is an awesome hospital. Staff very nice and listened to my needs


This visit went particularly well. Minor surgery lickity split in outpatient unit. All staff and nurses were professional, sincere, and cordial.

colombian Mocha

RN Maria PA Bree and Dr Hon were absolutely amazing taking care of my husband during his ER visit. Very attentive, polite and patient. I only give it a 4 star because the front desk person was unprofessional. They need to get better front desk employees because that’s where the care starts.

Luis Pena

The nurses are great but the doctors never show up to see their patients, today we have been here for 8 days, they keep moving us around, the nurses only answer what they can but where are the doctors? someone help please they have no answer to why my fahter is running a fever.

Charles Dunlap

Had problem with throat swelling. Went to ER, great service, quick exam & x-ray. Problem not found but swelling went down. Released fairly quickly compared to normal ERs. Impressed with service but waiting for bill with some apprehension.

Timothy Shafer

Zero stars! My 11 year old son had a gnarly broken arm (see attached pic). He was in excruciating pain. We took him to the Emergency Room here. After an hour of waiting in pain, his mom had to raise hell to finally get some attention. After an hour, they finally gave him some Motrin. After a follow up appointment with an orthopedic surgeon, we were told that the soft cast that they put on him wasn't done right and his bone slipped back out of place. Avoid this ER!!!

Paul Russo

Desert Spring Hospital Staff The staff there from O R to the staff on 5th floor with Melissa and everyone working on that crew and Jay and everyone on crew. They were ALL FANTASTIC

Motley, Croxton Ferrell

The Desert Springs Hospital has a top notch staff. Everyone made sure that my mother was well cared for and that I was totally involved with my mother's care. The staff is loving. I felt as though the staff was there because they love their jobs. I highly recommend this hospital.

Mr Z

Be careful when you give them your insurance. I was there with a flue symptoms and fever few years ago. Firs I did is gave them my insurance card , and fill up all the paperwork. After 2 years I get the bill from the collector company, I was really confused about. Spend so much time to find out what’s going on. So in the end of everything, the insurance company will not cover that bill because I was not filed in time. Hospital don’t have any prove of paperwork with my signature. But I don’t have prove that I actually showed them my insurance. Now I’m responsible for my bill . Just be careful and maybe take all the copy’s of the paper you signed and double check for your insurance!!!!!

Tanya Glass

I went in because my legs and feet were swollen. I never seen a doctor the just started doing test. The nurse said she didn't have any orders. A hour later doctor come tell me I'm giving you some medicine for something that I did not come for he never looked at my legs. I left swollen and in pain just like I came. Let me guess it was because I didn't have any insurance. It's sad the way you treat people when they don't have health care

Kari Harlan

I would recommend choosing a different Emergency Room if you are ever in need of care. They had one doctor working and so many patients the main hospital waiting room was being used as a triage area for patients in all states of distress and in need of care.

Tina Christensen [Adams ES]

I’ve had four separate procedures/surgeries performed over this past year, and have had good experiences with the Desert Springs Hospital staff.

Kitten Mohan

Horrible horrible health care. I went with a severe allergic reaction, unable to swallow pills and they had the nerve to treat me like I was some druggie. No one bothered to look at the break out, no one listened to my medical concerns. I was told "You sure you just dont want to go home" no i dont i wanted the help thus me being there. I had a nurse try to give me a second dose of Steroid without checking with the other nurses to see if i had taken the med already.....which I already had. The fact that this hospital cant keep track of medications is highly concerning. I had called the House Manager as they call it to try to get this issue noticed, so that proper training or research could be done but was met with a rude women who wanted nothing to do with me and didnt seem to care. She told me the Hospital lead would call on Monday yet never did. They do not care for their patience. Do yourself the favor and take the drive to the Henderson hospital......

Bill Wood

Outstanding ER ... from what I remember. Private room on observation ward allowed me time to heal enough to go home and resume normal life. The conditions and special care by very competent nursing staff and doctors were very important to me as a senior citizen who needed time and privacy to recover. Bill, Las Vegas, NV

donna hansen

As I waited in the surgery waiting I noticed there was no seating for bariatric patients. I would be embarrassed if I were a bariatric visitor waiting for a loved one. I noticed the same thing in the ICU waiting room. The care my husband is receiving in ICU is absolutely perfect, thank you

Richard Hightower

Friendly staff, beautiful doctors assistant. Much more efficient than sunrise hospital

Krysh Frazier

If I could give 0 stars, I would. From the moment I entered the facility, the staff was rude and unprofessional. They asked for a urine sample and then threw it away. When my friend came in for swollen ankles and feet the staff sat her in the waiting room for 4 hours until it went down and sent her home. They do not go the extra mile for their patients. If you're not dying do not come. The only reason I went was because my insurance is not from Nevada so urgent cares would not accept me. Do yourself a favor and choose any other hospital.

Daved Baldridge

Extremely professional and friendly with only my well being in mind.

dave 2787

Unfortunately I have had a few hospital visits recently and have been to a few different hospitals in las Vegas. I can say from the time I walked in the door to Desert Springs I was treated with respect and compassion. I ended up being admitted for 3 days and everyone I had contact with including the medical staff, housekeeping and food service were very professional and very kind. The doctors asked my opinion on my condition and made sure I understood the method of treatment. Hopefully I don't have to go back to the hospital for a long time, but I will definitely be going to Desert Springs if necessary. Thanks to all of you who were involved in my stay.

MR Church

I went in for a bad infection in my leg and was in a lot of pain. I was there a total of just over 6 hours..Waited 2 hrs & 40 mins to see Dr. After I finally saw him it was another 2 hours for him to finally do 5 min procedure on my leg. Another hour goes by While I have an open wound and Im literally bleeding on floor waiting on The Nurse to come back pull IV out then clean & bandage leg..My leg healed up so I quess thats the point but the wait that long while your in pain is ridiculous.

Leopoldo LOPEZ

I'm recommending very strongly to this hospital put better people work on the recovery place the Asian lady don't speak inglish she don't want to provide medication for pain after surgery. She think she is the doctor and make wrong decisions please hired Jong people we prepared to work we pasientes after surgery

Daniela Leon

Desiree in admissions was so nice. Nurse Jennifer B. was awesome, she made me feel so comfortable. AS SOON AS YOU WALK IN, SHE SMILES - A SMILE CAN CHANGE EVERYTHING

Emily Haase

Everyone was kind, kept me updated and was very organized .

Angela Lucero

Was VERY pleased with the staff. Such comforting bedside manor. The staff checked in continuously and i never felt alone or like i needed for anything.

Sandra Jacobs

I had a traumatic injury and came to this hospital for the first time. Everyone was compassionate and the care was outstanding! They took care of me right away, there was no waiting. From triage to the physicians who cared for me I received excellent care.

jesus garcia

Best staff in the world. Explained everything before it was done. And made sure all my needs were met.

Jeanie Alley

Nurses and staff were beyond excellent! Especially Jeanie, Christian, and Jose they were right on time and took very good of me from start to discharge! Jose get most credit he went the extra mile for me! THANK YOU JOSE

Momo Momo

Great hospital, great staff and very fast treatment!

laugh forever

Best hospital I’ve ever been to

Rebecca Simms

If you need REAL & PROFESSIONAL health care in Vegas, Desert Springs Hospital/ER is the only place to go. This is coming from a disabled woman with chronic health conditions. I have been to all of the hospitals, many walk-in's and urgent care centers. I've been treated unprofessionally and rudely, by arrogant, incompetent and dismissive doctors, nurses and other medical staff. I've almost lost my life from the (NON) care that I received. I could go on, but I don't want to bore you. This hospital did everything right, in all areas and aspects. I found a Real Doctor here and I am seeking him out to be my Primary Care Physician. He is what's good and right with a Medical Provider. Enough said. If you want to ask me anything, I'm willing to answer. *Becca Lou

Kate Bright

Overall my experience was good. The only issue was the waiting time before surgery seemed really long, almost 4 hours. And sometimes I would hit the nurses help button and no one would come for 5 minutes.

Smoochie Smooch

Excellent hospital! Initially, I did not want to go there based off their online reviews. However, from the time I walked into the ER until it was time for me to leave I experienced nothing short of great service. The first employee I met, Nickey, the front desk receptionist, was very friendly. She assured me I came to the right place and would be seen as soon as possible. I waited some time before seeing a nurse and doctor. The patient care by nurse Sarah and doctor Batieha (Dr.B) was absolutely AMAZING! They made sure I was comfortable and promised to resolve my problem with as little pain/quickest time possible. Although I had to remain there over night, I felt one hundred percent confident in their abilities. I also felt their sincerity. Dr. B discovered another issue unbeknownst to me: my extremely high cholesterol (something my primary care doctor at another hospital location neglected to bring to my attention) and ordered me the proper medicine to control it. Overall, KUDOS to DSH for a job well done!

Ed Korte

Your staff was extremely skilled, hard working, organized, dedicated and more than a team atmosphere, the staff gave me a feeling the were family. And most of all, very warm/caring/compansionate people!

William Weyer

Checking on my brother-in-law who had a heart attack very rude personnel

Saint Dionysius

If you want to live, do NOT go to this Hospital! Find anywhere else to go! They treat people like trash. The only reason they get 1 star from me is because I have to rate it to make a post. The people who work here are unqualified and have NO respect for the Hippocratic Oath! If you had a problem with this Hospital or someone you love, do not let them get away with it! Do not talk with their patient advocate, or risk management department. They work for the Hospital and will not really fight for your best interests. File a complaint with the Nevada State Board of Medical Examiners Office. File complaint on a Doctor at ( File complaint with on a Nurse at ( or Bureau of Health Care Quality to file a complaint on a location. Also email Do not let them get away with what they did to you or your loved one! Go through the list of Google complaints. Desert Springs Hospital has the same violations over and over again...

Kimberly Quezada

All the staff that helped me were amazing. I was super nervous as I was having surgery but by the staff doing an amazing job it helped me be alittle less nervous.

Jacque Klaus

Everyone I came in contact with treated me very well...professional, courteous, friendly, accommodating. The only problem I had was with the dieticians. I had very low sodium and they put me on a low sodium diet, they wouldn't give me milk for my cereal because they said my fluids were restricted (the doctors said, "stay hydrated.") It was very confusing.

Ricardo Garcia

I felt uncomfortable when the Doctor ask me to lift up my shirt andaunbutton it outside even the nurses onon ndu apologized... No blood work was done he looked and decided his diagnosis was correct

Jim Greely

The nicest personable and very professional staff.

Clemente Gonzalez

I was admitted to the emergency area on a Saturday and the area was extremely cold and uninviting. I was told around 7PM on that Saturday, that I would stay overnight or for several days (depending on findings) and that I would be moved to a bed in the regular hospital. I had to spend the night in the emergency room in a very uncomfortable bed and in a cold environment with the mind set that I had had a heart attack - not a good way to spend a night. I was moved to a bed on Sunday around 3PM. I was thinking the worst after my experience in the emergency room but I was surprised as these two environments are like night and day and that has not been my experience in other hospitals like Torrance Memorial in CA. However, the nurses throughout my time in the hospital bed were very friendly, experienced and they showed a high level of care. A few hours later, I was informed I would need an Angiocardiogram to find out if there was any heart damage and that the procedure was scheduled for Monday at 7:30AM; however, I was informed at 7AM that the procedure had been rescheduled to 5:30PM and I would be picked up by 4PM . Well, it was 5:30 and no sign of anything. I asked the nurse and she informed me that she had called several times but no answer from that department. I was finally picked up at 6:15 and the procedure only took about 45 minutes. I think the hospital management need to work to make sure that the emergency room and the hospital have the same atmosphere and that there is constant communication with all departments to take care of patients. I'd like to acknowledge their nurses for being so caring... I hope this hospital works on fixing their processes....

Gloria Hunley

TERRIBLE. I was in the ER for an hour before my broken knee and the resulting pain were addressed. Meanwhile, they were running EKGs, CTs and MRIs of my brain and chest X-rays and putting me on a heart monitor. I do not have any cardiac conditions to warrant this. When they finally gave me pain meds, they did not work. My nurses tried to advocate for me, but Dr. Calica, my insurance's internist, assumed I was seeking dilaudid when I was, in fact, asking for something weaker. My daughter is a nurse and this hospital and she had to personally vouch for me before my medication was changed! Despite having my DNR on file, the doctor insisted I wear a heart monitor. At one point, telemetry called in a rapid response for me and planned to give life saving measures, even though the monitor batteries died and I was lying in bed watching TV. My nurse again had to advocate for me since a DNR, no history of heart problems, and not receiving IV pain meds were all reasons to not be on the monitor. I was then discharged at the very last minute with ZERO instruction, no orders for wound care, no surgical follow-up, and 1/3 the pain medication I had been receiving. I was not told that the medication that should have lasted 40 hours was meant to be stretched out over an entire week. I will NEVER visit this hospital again.

Patricia Spruell

While I understand I was there on a Friday night, I felt that waiting 2 hours to find out if my neck was badly injured or my head had a bleed, was too long. When I arrived by ambulance after a bad fall, they were on me right away! But then 2 hours and nothing. I never even saw a doctor! And when I became upset and asked to have the IV port removed, I became the bad guy! Never again! This is the 3rd strike in 4 years and that means they’re out! 1st time I was told I did not have a broken wrist and was just after pain pills. The next day my orthopedic doctor scheduled surgery to put in a plate and screws in my severely broken wrist. 2nd time I was very scared that I was having a stroke. I was placed behind a curtain for 3-4 hours and never was seen again until I opened the curtain and told them I was leaving. Now this! Oh and they offered me a prescription before I left this time. I didn’t want drugs... I needed to be seen by a doctor!

john lohnes

The nurses were excellent. All of them, all shifts.

riki Vegasgal

I usaually go to this hospital when needed.. This time around i had good and bad experiences.. Night crew in er room great day not great... I would still go there.. But what out for morning insider er staff where beds are.. They are not caring at least mine werent..

Angelo Coleman

My first and last time ever being treated at Desert Springs Hospital ( Demeaning & Humiliating Treatment from the nursing staff for room #501, including the Charge Nurse Maricris & Unit Director Mark ) - Totally Unwarranted & Unacceptable responses to any of my concerns about their attending floor nurses ! On 9/16/19, I had a Lumbar Spinal Fusion w/ Rods and Screws implanted @ L# 3 - 4. * During my xray after the procedure, the xray technician actually poked her finger into my open wound while probing to find the correct location to film ! * After having made arrangements to be picked up by my spouse @ 3 pm, on 9/18/19, pending my discharge - I was confronted by nurse Katrina, very rudely regarding me finding someone (anyone) else to come pick me up sooner, because according to her, it was their protocol for me to be out of the room 2 hours after I was discharged - Despite me informing her that my insurance had paid for the room for the entire day and that their attending Dr (Sonani) was aware of my afternoon departure time of 3pm ! * After the I.V. line was removed from my right hand, prior to my departure - I immediately had major swelling and excessive pain where the line was removed. I contacted their charge nurse Maricris, for assistance, she never once replied to me or offered any assistance at all, so I was forced to contact the nurse Katrina and I was dropped off a hot pack & a cold pack to attend to myself ! ** Once my spouse arrived @ 2:30 pm, on 9/18/19 to pick me up - We were NOT offered Any assistance with a wheelchair to get to our vehicle ! - I Literally had to walk (unassisted) with a walker from Room #501, to our vehicle after having had a Lumbar Spinal Fusion w/ Rods and Screws implanted only 2 days prior, to make matters even worse, while attempting to get into my family vehicle. a very heavy set (Asian) Orderly was assisting another patient by wheelchair to their vehicle and was noticeably grinning and smiling at me and my spouse (for whatever reason) but he never offered us any assistance ! - After arriving home from the hospital at 3:30 pm, I immediately contacted the hospital to file a complaint with their Risk Management Department, it went to voicemail and I have Yet to hear back from anyone ! Note: Their Physical Therapist (Peter) was the one person who I had a positive experience with. * I will NEVER seek care at this medical facility again!

Brandon Teasdale [Martin MS]

An excellent nursing staff took wonderful care of me post-surgery. They were responsive and caring the entire time . I highly recommend Desert Springs hospital!


Recent visits to Desert Springs Hospital helped me immensely. EVERY person in the Hospital from Admitting to release can only be commended. The ER group were KNOWLEDGEABLE, QUICK of thought and action. I have seldom in my life seen so much POSITIVE energy and action expended towards ALL Patients around me and including me. THEY WERE GREAT. These men and women saved me and I am home with my Family. THANKS to EVERYONE.

Eddie Barber

I have the worst experience of my life at Desert Springs Hospital on July 29th 2019 I was told there was a room for me and I'd be given one and registered in in cardiac area there was no room I laid in emergency room for 4 and 1/2 hours I had nothing to drink no pillow under my head I caught a cramp in my neck already had cervical spine surgery I asked for pillows but they said there were none to be given out I asked for juice they said there was no straws to drink the juice from I had a nurse that was shared between me and six others she left a stab wound from a large needle on my right arm injuring me and swelling my experience was very bad I suggest no one go there thank you

Mary Rooks

Once again, I received awesome care from everyone. Thank you so much. Especially for treating me with dignity and respect!

Adam Jimenez

Dr was very non concerned and unprofessional this Dr. Stanley. Apparently you have to be dying of a heart attack for him to notice.. I got called back quickly.. But for what to be rushed out of there. That I'm having headaches out the norm? I'll go somewhere else.

Alexis Teresa

Physicians were great, Nursing staff was horrible, Ancillary staff was AMAZING! But, again, TERRIBLE overworked nurses.

Randell Shue

Don't plan to ever come back to Desert Springs. My bad experience mimics what I saw my aging mother go through at this hospital. ER staff member who inserted the NG tube was very arrogant and lacked compassion. Had an emergency bowel resection surgery which resulted in an 8 day hospital stay. Could not get the staff to understand that I take prescriptions meds that cannot be skipped or stopped suddenly. They did not give me those meds the first two days and the 6 days after, I had to ask for my regular meds to be administered... they didn't give them to me automatically. I had SEVERE abdomen pain the first night but could not get a doctor or the staff to help me with the pain. The hospital must be severely understaffed because RARELY did a staff member come to my room when I pressed the call button, even when my IV bag was empty. I had to constantly self monitor my meds, IV bag, etc. When I was finally allowed to eat and drink, they served me certain foods that are not allowed following bowel surgery. Luckily, I had the wisdom not to eat it, and then my discharge instructions stated not to eat those foods for 4-6 weeks. What would have happened if I had eaten it in the hospital? The surgeon they gave me, Dr. Peter Caravella, NEVER came to see me or explain what he actually did to me. 5 weeks after surgery, I ended up in the ER again (different hospital this time) for severe abdomen pain. After seeing a new surgeon and a GI doctor later on, they believe that extensive scar tissue from the Desert Springs surgery is causing the pain and explained I might have to be opened up again. 3 months later, I am still having severe abdomen pain.

Vahid Afrakhteh

People who work here is very very nice ...I'm very thankful to get help in this hospital

Renee Foster

I had a procedure done here. From the preregistration desk to recovery, everyone was very friendly. I was in the GI/Cath area on the day of my procedure and everyone who I came in contact with was so nice even though I could see they were super busy with patients. Great team!

Giovanni Flores

Terrible. Called for simple information to get a room number from a patient and they pick up with an attitude. College debt females typical, enjoy.

Bonnie Corredor

I've eeceived prompt attention. the staff and physician were great, the only negative thing was the wait for discharge, it was longer than the actual medical attention. I have to wait more than an hour after a final conversation with the physician, for the prescription and signing ofthe discharge papers. Maria Corredor de Carrillo

Byron Hall

Awesome service and patience dealing with me. They're also kind to my wife while staying there with me

Gina Dawn

I have been here in Nevada for five months and have been going through hell trying to get things together so I can start seeing doctors as I am a mental patient and also have physical problems. I am on SSI so it's hard for me trying to make my money stretch, so free transportation was something I needed, but couldn't seem to get. So I am very grateful for the case manager who helped me get that at the hospital. And the doctor was great too, making sure I got the medications I would need for my immediate physical problems, and seeing me twice during my time there. Sending a "thank you" to both of them

Ashlee Green

Fast and friendly service. Do not go to Elite Medical Center, go here.

Latoya Butts

Horrible. I had a friend who had surgery there and had to spend a few days for recovery. Rude people who work on the surgery recovery floor not to mention how she was treated. No personal items I.e toothbrush, cleansing items. Had to ask several times to receive these items. My friend had the same gown on from surgery the next evening and didn’t receive a toothbrush till the next day only because I spoke up to say something. Nurses aides are rude and not one time did they come in the room to see if she needed anything. I had to help her change her gown and help get her washed up.

shanise brown

I came in with abdominal pain... The staff there was quick and ready to help... And it turned out I needede surgery... The staff took very good care of me... They found a doctor to do my surgery and everything was good as new... Thanks to the staff for all their help and care

Jacqueline Taylor

I went in to get a pin placed in my broken foot on 08-29-2019 and I would like to give the Hospital five stars as the nursing staff, the orderlies, anethesiologist, and my doctor were AWESOME. However, the admitting process was horrible. I do not blame the staff as they were just doing their job, but the Hospital policies regarding payment are awful. My insurance company paid 80% of the bill so they know that they are getting most of the money. My payday is the following day, so I did not have my 20% and they actually turned me away. If not for a pay day loan, I would not have been able to receive my procedure which if was put off would have caused more damage to my foot. All I can say is UNACCEPTABLE and shame on you. I will NEVER schedule another procedure at this facility and I sincerely hope that the administration chokes on my $1,018.00.

Steven Schofield

I was taken care of very well, the nursing staff was prompt and incredibly nice and caring. The physical therapy staff was a tremendous help, Peter is amazing.

Daniel Gray

My brother has severe mental illness. He was admitted to this hospital. My first encounter with staff was when they cornered me when I got off the elevator to visit him. A nurse, case worker and administrator began talking to me about his history In front of another person sitting there on his phone. I eventually said can we go somewhere and talk in private and they found an office. For several days the family was in touch with these people as well as his psychiatrist. We filled them in on his dangerous behaviors and irrational behavior. For example he was playing games with homeless people begging them to stab him. He tried to recruit me to pretend I was suicidal so I could break him out. God was talking to him. He stopped a random stranger because he thought that person might know where I lived and would not leave that person alone. Without notifying us they decided they were going to discharge him. He said the psychiatrist told him he just had to be good for a couple days. We begged them not to release him. We gave them the above examples and many more. We were In the process of getting guardianship and just needed the psychiatrist to fill out a form so we could admit my brother at least long enough for him to get reasonable follow up care. She refused. In fact one of the staff even said his family was probably the problem because he was the oldest and used to taking care of everything and that he shouldn’t talk to us because we might lock him up. She said this to him after telling us she would not share our concerns with him. They let him check out on his own. They gave him a prescription but he could not fill it. He was manic, psychotic and on his own. That night he burned a homeless man’s blanket. Within five days he was arrested and put in another psychiatric facility. This other facility urged us to get guardianship. They did an MRI which showed brain regression and what might be a tumor. Also my brother slapped another patient in the face during visiting hours and staff didn’t even see it. He also had sexual contact with another patient while there. This psych “hospital” in Las Vegas is a danger to the community.

Rachael Teofilo

My Doctor was great he did a thorough check on me unlike some other doctors, then my nurses were great I am grateful to the male nurse who took the time out to go get a vain finder instead of poking me like crazy, I'm not racist but the Filipino nurses have bad attitudes I'm glad I didn't get them

Sarai Burrows

My daughter and I became sick while on vacation and we went to Desert Springs Hospital. When we first arrived, the receptionist was not the nicest however got us checked in and to the back room. The back room was cramped and had only recliners available. There was an inconsolable child next to us and the attendant would leave for periods of time causing the other patient in the room to scream out for the nurse, but there was no nurse available. It was a bit scary for my daughter and we were there only for a strep test. We were given the option to sit out in the lobby to wait for the results. We were wrongfully charged $300 because she put in our insurance incorrectly. Luckily was able to file a claim. Just a bad night on top of being sick. Will not return!

Jeanne Julius

I would like to thank Desert Springs Hospital for the wonderful care that I received during my recent hospitalization. While in Intensive Care I was cared for by Gus and Dan. They were extraordinary. I feel that they saved my life.

Dario Roth

I went to the Gastro-Intestinal (GI) lab. I needed a capsule-oscopy which is where you swallow a pill which has a camera in it and you wear a device on your belt that receives the video of the capsule camera as it goes through your intestinal tract until you pass it.THE STAFF WAS WONDERFUL. I had some problems with the recording device when I came home and they told me to come back in. The RN/manager took extra time and effort until she figured out the problem which was that I had passed the capsule within 3 hours which could have taken 15. Really impressed with the staff. They are working in crowded conditions and yet everything is neat and clean. I would recommend this office to anybody.

Brent Schaefer

I gor in rigjt away and was treated very nicely. The nurses and doctors actually listened to all my concerns.

Gabriela Santos

Came in here for the first time weeks ago for a minor injury. And left with such an amazing impression. From the Physicians to their Nurses, to the Front and Back Staff. Everyone was on top of their game.

Antonio Guerra

Ive been here several of times and have had great service. I want to thank them back in september 28th of 2018 i was for sure a gonner and they did everything in their will to keep me here to spend more time with my family

Madelynne Hamer

Everyone involved in my care was extremely caring helpful and kind Desert Springs Hospital is where I will always go if I have to thank you everyone

Christina Fernandez

The hospital and staff were amazing. The staff and physicians were very attentive. They were very genuine about my care.

Kacie Horn

I went there because I had a knee injury and the doctor didn't do any tests to help diagnose what was wrong with my knee. He spent a minute maybe two minutes with me and told me that they don't do MRIs to determine knee injuries. I had been to urgent care the day before and was told I had joint effusion but the doctor said it was a contusion on my knee which it isn't because i don't have any marks on my knee. He put me in a knee immobilizer and on crutches without any instructions as to how long I am to use either one. I will never be going back here for an emergency room visit since I was not treated the way I should of been.

Larry Brooks

Extremely good service....all hospital employees were true was top draw.....very satisfied.......SMSgt Brooks

william Fisher

Everyone made me feel welcomed, cared for, calm. The were all very professional and friendly.

Maggie Whitehead

I was care flown into this facility.....needless to say it is heartbreaking when you feel like a number and get shoved off in a corner. myself and my family have spoken several times to staff during my unfortunate stay regarding the lack of care or even concern with pain or well-being. When the staff acts like you are out of your mind for expressing your concern when you point out their flaws with your lack of care. Their response oh I'll look into it. What are you going to look into!!!! I just told you that your have pushed me to the side and not communicating with me on my care and Dr leaves after having you feel you maybe going home and it's oh well. Would never come to this facility again I would rather stay at a hospital that is not equipped to handle a condition than get no service.


The nurses and doctors were so so nice and very helpful. They provided exam results within hours and or within a day

Noah Levu

I had a pleasant experience here. I was here a couple of days and the enjoyed every encounter with EVER employees from nurses to cleaning staff. Rarely do I EVER! rate or comment on anything

Tommy Olson

Took 7 hours to get a room. It was so cold in the ER and hospital that I coudnt get warm with a down filled coat. When I got to hospital room IT was not a private room and I was.told they were unable to provide one. IT was.still too cold and I was told the temperatura in the room coud not be adjusted. I signed myself out

B Bgb

I really understand such a low rate. I did my research and can not believe i was given wrong medical attention and medication. Risk management has yet to return my message.

Ed Daley

The medical staff was great. Very much appreciated the RN care from Melissa in the ER and Amanda in the room. All the doctors were easy to talk to and I never felt rushed. The only negative, and what prevented this from being the top rating, was that my room was not a single and I had to share it with three other patients. I did not know these types of rooms even were still being used. Sleep was almost impossible.

Dale Weaver

I was taken into emergency treatment immediately and the staff was extremely friendly and efficient. I was checked completely for any injuries from a severe fall. Dr. Pellman was very professional and attentive. She painlessly stitched up a forehead wound. The RN Kylee was wonderful. She inserted the IV with no pain and followed up frequently to make sure I was comfortable and feeling better. Thank you Kylee and Dr. Pellman!

Doris Ford

My visit went well. Everyone was friendly and helpful. The whole process went smoothly and comfortably and we were in and out in good time. Thank you.

Ken Brown

You guys were the worst medical facility that I have ever had to deal with. Total lack of empathy and totally unprepared to deal with what ended up being an mental health issue. Nurses that walked in to do something said almost nothing and walked out. The only person that had any personality was the Nurse Practitioner who said she was going to have me get me Lorazepam to calm me down. One hour later ... NOTHING. Then a nurse comes in and wants me to go to the waiting room? I am still having difficulty breathing, extreme headache and feeling like I am going to pass out and they want to move me to the waiting room? What about the meds I asked? "Oh, that takes a while". Getting me to pee in a bottle and taking blood happened quickly but no medication to help me get through what I was dealing with? I finally walked out .. No one cared.

Steve Kohon

I came in with chest pain. The staff was prompt and courteous. They did an ECG and the doctor determined that was fine. The ER staff found me a bed on a very busy day and took blood draws, a chest X-ray, and had me on a monitor. The nurse was very nice and very reassuring. The ER doctor came in and gave me a clean bill of health. He said the area I had pain and the pain I described was not indicative of a cardiac event but rather a muscle pain. I just had a stent put in last April so the pain startled me. The staff in the ER did a very good job of keeping me informed and calm. I was very relieved the tests ruled out cardiac issues. A big thank you to the ER staff.

Fred Galloway

Out of the five hospitals that I have been in this year, this was by far the best hospital I have been in.

Debbie Pious

This is a older hospital but the staff is amazing. They are helpful and calming. I really appreciate each and every one of them.

walter mcclarn

My experience at Desert Spring Hospital medical was very enlightening, I experienced nothing but exceptional service from doctors, nurses, ICU staff and Rehabilitation staff, from day to night. I've been to several hospitals throughout the valley and my experience here was exceptional, usually Hospital stay it's not that good, but my stay here was delightful. It was the interaction with the staff that made my stay joyful. Upon my release the staff made me feel like I was a part of them. So with that being said in my opinion Desert Springs Hospital is top-notch. Thank you Desert Springs for my stay with you guys kudos to the entire Hospital.


I took a trip here after UMC quick care failed to correct the issue with my eye. Everyone was amazing in the ED. The doctor I saw was an angel in disguise. My baby girl scratched my cornea and it was the worst pain I'd felt in a while. The doctor was amazing I mean I was terrified having the numbing solution put in and he was so quick he flipped my eyelid open and dropped it in so fast I was amazed! I'm still wondering how he was able to do that! They really fixed me up and I am soooooo grateful! Th nurse she was kind and professional and really down to earth. Thank you guys sooo much for everything you did for me. The pain was gone when I left and I was able to close my eye to sleep again. This is the best hospital I have been to for sure. The only Issue I had was with a address onfile in Caifornia that I had never lived at. I even saw it on my credit report... I asked the lady where she got it from but she just shook her head. Can't be too careful with identity theft. This was my first time at Desert Springs and I'd give them 10 stars!!!! ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!

Jessica Fuiava

The hospital staff were excellent. ER nurses, doctors, ultrasound tech, dietary staff, transporters, and floor nurses were attentive and pleasant. Desert Springs has amazing employees! But having to share a room, cleanliness of the hospital, and lack of variety and quality of hospital food, is where they definitely need to improve. I've had better experiences at other hospitals, so until Desert Springs undergoes some renovations, they will not be my hospital of choice.

Lois Summers

I revise my review. No wonder they were so nice. My insurance company got the bill. $8000. $2500 for taking my temperature and blood pressure. One diagnosis was “extreme trauma.” I had no trauma. I came in only as a preventative measure because I’m over sixty and bonked my head. Don’t go here and don’t pay the bill. I have advised my insurance company to look into what I believe is a huge scam My experience was good. (Not so much—see above paragraph). I came in to get a CT scan after I had been in a car accident. I got immediate care. Everyone was so nice (sure they were, getting $1500 a minute!). I was out and done in less than an hour! I would come back here (No I won’t.) Sincerely, Lois Summers

John Alexander

1st time here 07/25/19. I brought a friend of mine to the emergency room for an ongoing medical problem. We were treated with respect and professionalism. In and out in about 3 hours. Thank you Desert Springs and your staff.

Brigzet Robinson

One of the worst hospital experiences ever. Wasted 4 hours of my life to get literally no help. As a post bariatric patient who had surgery at this hospital I expected better! A doctor never spoke with me my entire visit. Beyond irritated and disappointed!

John Gonzalez

My nephew is in there right now he was admitted a couple of days ago. The problem is that there were going to give him medication but he told the nurse he was allergic to it and the stupid nurse did not listen and still administered the medication. Now he has been in induced coma and attached to ventilator for three days.

Omar Alcid

On Sunday, Oct. 7, 2018, I arrived at the emergency dept. at around 1:00 am or so. The nurse at the ambulatory cares section was so slow to attend to me that she got to me only after the doctor came to assess my situation. Her name is Ashley and her nationality maybe Korean but I am not sure. I am Oriental myself just to mention facts. After sometime I saw her come a couple of times and then she came with my drops to numb the pain. She does not administer it to me right away but takes care of 4 other people who I thought were not more critically ill than me and my eyes that won't stop tearing up. When I she noticed that I was not in my chair as I went to the bathroom she quickly knocked on the door and tried to open the door so hard. At that point I was wondering if she is thinking that I do not have insurance when I had 2 poo coverage. So I went back to my chair and waited while they would page her 2x for a critical patient. Finally I asked when she will give me my medication and she snaps at me saying there are other more critical patients than you. So I said if I was not critical then I should be made to sign a waiver and be let go. She said the waiver was not necessary and quickly ushered me outside. So Hospital admin., if you were in my shoes, would you not be wondering if the hospital would be charging my 2 insurance carriers for non existent treatment and maltreatment? Would you even go back to your hospital? Ashley, if you have a racial bias, or you feel that you are on a higher moral ground than any of your patients, I would suggest that you find another occupation.Thank you.

Danny Galindo

All I can say is THANK YOU! Blessing to your amazing staff!

Jennifer Schnell

4 days in the hospital and the care from Drs. And nurses was amazing. Thank you for the kind service and treatment.

Irene Gowins

I've had a few procedures at Desert Springs Hospital and I'm always pleased with the warm and caring staff!!

Douglas Gregory

Horrible!!!!! Really slow when you call and ask for something!! Bad attitude!! Only one crew was excellent, and it was the night crew..If they had a negative star for a review, it would be -5

Jalen Garrison

My sister came in for an emergency visit. It was a very busy day, so the wait was understandable. What I did not understand was how the Dr. Could prescribe medication and not notify the patient. When we mentioned that no medical personnel mentioned a prescription, the woman assisting us with discharge said "Oh, no. We don't have time for that." As though this was common practice. The staff at the front desk seemed not to care, and were rude when asked questions. The hospital equipment was subpar; broken wheelchair, bed partitions from probably the 50's. Not to mention, there were plenty of HIPPA violations; the admittance staff requested my sister's full social while in the lobby, within earshot of other patients. In triage, I was able to hear the medical situations/complications of other patients. No HIPPA notification form was provided. If you value your privacy, this is not the place to come.

Rick Chop

This the worst hospital ive ever been to. I came in emergency room for a headache and walked out with a bill three times my college tuition. Not to mention the nurse gave to much morphine and the forced me to get up dispite how drowzy i was i had to stumple to the waiting room by myself. If your sick dont come here.

Richard Roberts

They accepted me as a heart patent No body understood SVT and the effects it has on the heart and blood em zines The doctor prescribed transports port to Las Vegas that was NOT needed... I feel he didn't want the responsibility for my care when i indicated for him to call my cardiologist he didn't. The nursing staff was very professional. The admissions people where nice when they came around even though all insurance documents where on file from a previous visit they still asked for them. facilities are excellent and very well kept The ER was not busy and it showed in the attitude of all personnel


Great Staff. Know what they are doing, very professional, let every Patient feel like they are number one. If you need a Procedure done and/or need to stay overnight, this is an excellent place to have it done.

Miranda Lucero

I am so disappointed by the system at this hospital. Instead of getting to the root cause, one or two basic tests are done and then you are dismissed with no real instructions other than to follow up with a specialist. Apparently it doesn't matter if you still feel bad. In fact, half the staff treats you like you're barely human. hopefully this specialist can see me soon because I have daily symptoms and I ended up getting discharged with no answers

Carrie Johnson

Everyone was very good very fast fully efficient I don't want to go back to the hospital but if I do I will go there

alfred villar

the whole staff at desert springs hospital are courteous professionals and appreciate the great care you have given my wife .

Sharon Damon

We had a sudden need to go to the emergency room and chose Desert Springs because of its proximity and reputation. From Triage/Admission through examination and discharge, the staff was warm, caring and highly professional. We were out in less than an hour which is exceptional. Thank you!

Jenniffer Figueroa

I know some people are a little sketchy about going to Desert Springs because of the area, BUT Any time I or my kids have ever needed ER care I ALWAYS go to Desert Springs. The staff is always caring and nice. I have NEVER experienced a bad moment with any staff. In the ER from reception, check in, triage, getting blood drawn, xrays and CTs, and billing/registration. Every person knows their job, and is friendly doing it. Whether its middle of the night or middle of the day. I had to stay for 3 days and the hospital staff was amazing. I have been to the ER there probably about 4 times for my self and my kids twice in the last 3 years, and always A+ bedside manner. I would also like to comment that you can tell that these people are seasoned medical professionals. And the camaraderie between the staff is awesome, which I believe makes them perform better. Lets face it when you like what you do, you are friendlier. So in closing dont let the area deter you from getting great medical care. Great job Desert Springs.

Cyndi Arons

I was extremely surprised when I arrived to do my paperwork and was asked for my co pay immediately. I am doubly insured and EVERYWHERE else bills the insurance company before asking for the co pay. I guess someone was suppose to call and tell me that,they didnt. I was also floored when someone came out and asked who was driving me home I answered me. I had NO IDEA I would not be able to drive myself home,no one told me that The entire prep session was rush rush rush,the ladies ( nurses maybe) were nice enough but seemed a little rattled and it was only 6:00am. Surgery went fine recovery was ok except for the bleeding episode ( all over the sheets pillow,bed frame) I was actually a little scared. The nurse took care of it. I was aware in the recovery room all of the computers were down at 6am and still at 2pm when I left. The nurse didnt seem to get the IT support she desperately needed.

Alan Adams

Arrived at emergency mid afternoon - finally got tests and waiting in emergency room bed. Doctor came in at about 5 PM to say all tests were negative and he wanted to keep my wife overnight for additional tests. I said Okay depending on the amount of time it would take to get a bed. Doctor said that was not his area of responsibility. At 10:30 PM I finally said enough was enough and said to unhook my wife as I was taking her home. The room was very hot and my wife was becoming very agitated (due to the Alzheimer's Dementia) and was coughing excessively due to the heat. Nothing was done for her. The doctor came in and I explained that I had zero confidence in this hospital after laying in the emergency room for over 6 hours, he again said that was not his area of responsibility. I took my wife home and made her comfortable where she slept for 8 hours without agitation or problems. This is by far the poorest run and managed hospital I have seen anywhere in the country. In telling others about this problem today, their responses have been, "not surprised - that is the worst hospital you could have chosen in Las Vegas"

Mary Clark

The best hospital experience you could have if you had to be hospitalized. Everyone was wonderful from the heart surgeon to the nurses , CNAs and everyone working in any capacity. A big thank you to Desert Springs hospital.

Tina Bueno [CPD]

My hospital stay was actually a pleasure and this was all because of the phenomenal staff! Everyone was so helpful and friendly!

tammy swift

All the staff that were there for myself and my husband are wonderful. They made us as comfortable as they could, very helpful, kept us informed of any changes, courteous, and respectful of our privacy

Charlie Scheffler

Superb Very Professional Knowledgeable Staff. Readily explains your questions Doctors Reps Nurses and other staff members were fantastic.. Special Kudos n thanks to the nurses for the excellent care and help during this trying tme.

Kevin Walker

I had a fantastic experience at Desert Springs hospital. I came in with what I thought was appendicitis, and turned out to be right, and within 24 hours of coming in had surgery to remove my appendix and was out again. I had a great nurse (shout out to Kristin!) who took good care of me while I was there and I actually had a fun experience. Who can say that about a hospital?! I can! You guys have great staff, Desert Springs!

Richard Applegarth

The staff at Desert Springs was fantastic. I had "double" hernia surgery there on 7/30/19 with Dr. Caravella and everyone was extremely courteous and attentive to me (the patient's) needs. I would especially like to Thank.... Flow (RN), Elise (Surgery), Lilly (Recovery) and Stacy (Outpatient) - I apologize for any misspelling and/or incorrect departments. EVERYONE was Super Nice & Understanding to a scared and anxious middle aged man who absolutely needed a warm smile, information & assistance. I highly recommend Desert Springs Hospital! Five Stars!

Ricci Thompson

My ER stay began taking a turn for the worst when my initial nurse thought he was actually giving me my I.V. and it was running out, as it was not attached to the tube in my arm. The, around 3pm, I was told I was being transferred. They transferred me to a disgustingly filthy pod for 9 hours. Mind you, the pod has absolutely no privacy, no electronics working for the beds to adjust, one already filthy toilet and restroom with no full door. The place smelled so awful. Mind you, they wanted us to eat while others were using the restroom. I was in the hospital for Sepsis and pneumonia and any further exposure to bacteria was unthinkable. This was disrespectful and disgusting. I asked Matt to advise the house sup (Dan) to please request me a single/private room. At 4am I was told I had a bed. I asked if it was single and was told it wasn’t and that I would have to wait a very long time. I said I will wait in the ER. They made every effort to attempt to get me in the bed. I was grateful but they began badgering me. They made remarks like, “Oh well. Place on the account that 16 refused the bed….” I had to forcefully state that I was not going to take a two party room when I anticipate going home this morning. I, also, had already been traumatized by being placed in the pod for hours with so many others, two, of which, had serious behavioral health issues. They wore the green gowns. As I understand the fact ER was over capacity, being placed in a filthy room and then being harassed about not wanting a semi private room was not Service Excellence by any form of the means.

Sondra Hamilton

Very caring and supportive staff. Nurse Serenity was awesome!

Rosanna Faraday

Dr. Baldwin, Daniel. Best ER doctor I've ever had

Peter Wiser

What great staff, so friendly and efficient. 3rd floor nurses tyler, aila and Jeannie all were Super awesome as well as their assistants.

Charles J Kahlenberg

The people that helped me were excellent. They explained what they were going to do and did it so well. I hope I am not coming back, but if I do, I will know I am in very good hands.

Tyrone Wallace

Nursing staff was very attentive to my needs and treated me with great respect and decency. Was very well informed and very well prepared in patient education when explaining what the purpose of all proceedures were for and explaining the lab results.

Dana Chatham

I had to have a Knee Replacement, which was my second one within a year at Desert Springs Hospital. From Pre-op to Check-out all I have to say is the staff and service to their patients is 99% awesome! I was once told that there is always room for improvement thats where the 1% comes in, for the few people that were somewhat shy or withdrawn to the ones just having a bad day. Look up to the rest if your fellow employees and make it a great day!

Rachel Klein

Just went to the ER for severe stomach pain as I have been sick with the stomach flu. Was waiting behind another patient when I thought the nurse called me up. She was rude and told me that there were others were in front of me. I am in a lot of pain so I left because of how I was treated. I went to another ER where the staff is way friendlier, helpful, and consdierate It seems the nurses were really inconsiderate as you could tell I was in a lot of pain and the other people were taking too long. Even though they were in front of me, a person in severe pain should have been seen first.

Stacey Goodwin

They always take care of me... Great staff

Miguel Castillo

I feel very good about Going to Desert Springs Hospital, I have been there a few times and I am always treated with respect and professionally.

Krk _ Changes

My experience was strange. They put iv in me but did not hook me up to the bag. They said. did a blood test but sid not see blood drawn. But nurse maria said it was taken. But I watched the whole procedure no blood taken. Only did a urine test. The register come i to get information from me and was so rude and yank her pen from me. And walk out ..thus was my first time there at the hospital and Never go back. Dr. Mike was not sure what going on with but diagnosed me with ulcer. I went in for servere stomache pain throwing up blood. Til this moment I and at

Latoya Coleman

Unexpectedly admitted and ALL the staff made my experience as pleasant as it could be being hospitalized. I loved the nurses on 1st floor Destiny, Chelsea, Pia, Princess, and Chana! The CNA’s were great also. Jun was the greatest! So very attentive!

barbara dehn

I've been there twice in 2 months. I should never have gone back second time but they failed to diagnose me properly first time. One of the nurses came in to give me an insulin shot but I DONT HAVE DIABETES! God knows what would have happened to me if he gave me insulin maybe I would have gone into schock and died. The second time the Nurse said the Dr ordered a foot rub for me to avoid blood clots. She made a face and when I said oh you don't want to give me one? She said oh no its no problem but I am at close to end of my shift so the next nurse will probably have to do it. I could tell she would stretch out her remaining time so she didn't have to do it. The next nurse on shift didn't do it either. Very bad patient care scared to go there again.

Jackniel Delgado

This place is horrible!! , My mom came to the hospital for psychological issues. She came in the afternoon to ER, then at night was transferred to the psychological area 4th floor (or whatever is called) it's almost 2pm and the Doctor has not seen her yet! , she is worst than how she came. She suffers from chronic back pain but she can't get any medications because the Dr hasn't seen her yet after being all night and half day waiting with Pain and Mental issues. Oh! but they are charging her medicaid I guess for that there is no waiting time. Don't come here or your family members if they has a mental condition

Donald Slater

Staff always ready to take care of patience medical issues

Kels Geo

While everyone was nice, the care was inept. I was given morphine for a headache. Once admitted, I was placed in a room with a woman who hacked and coughed all night and had pneumonia. I asked to have one of us changed and was told the only room available had 4 people in it. I insisted that I needed to move. When I got to the other room there was one woman in the room resting peacefully. The staff made a lot of noise and constantly woke me up instead of letting me rest. I was woken up to do a blood test at 5am. A CNA put the thermal in my mouth without a sleeve. I had to wait hours for an MRI that could have been done as an outpatient procedure. They seem only concerned with billing my insurance. I was asked too many times about food choices and then given different choices than I asked for. The last nurse was very good but the other staff didn't seem to understand that I was there for healing. I can't imagine that their patients' outcomes are very good. I'm concerned that I may have left sicker than I arrived.

Shawny Andrews

I was treated with so much respect on my visit here from every staff member I encountered. They were so professional that I wanted to tip them, especially my doctor. This is the hospital I choose to come to from here on out.

sherry cooper

Fastest best hospital ive been too out of the 13 years living in lasvegas wish they delivered

Ken Pilarczyk

I found the staff extremely competent and capable. They took very good care of me and made my stay as comfortable as possible. Thanks to RN Kim in coronary intensive care and RN Amanda on the 3rd floor. They both went above and beyond their normal duties to make sure I was comfortable.

sherri stocks

I Received Competent Compassionate Care. Awesome Staff

Cryptid Hunter

Would really like to thank the staff at this hospital, I came in with very bad vertigo and weird EKG readings after the quick care sent me over. From the beginning the staff got to work to make sure everything was ok. They did a bunch of test and kept me overnight for observation thinking I had a possible "TIA". Throughout the night they continued to check on me and run different test from chest to brain, and blood work, both the ER and overnight nurses were great, friendly and helpful. The doctors were also great (maybe a bit rushed and tired but I can't blame them). Thank you so much for taking care of me, I've been to other hospitals where they simply rush you through and send you home still with pain. Don't change and please keep up the great work!!!

David Mcdermott

My early Thursday morning experience was great. From the moment I entered the ER I was treated with concern and competence. The RN, Techs and Dr. Zhao diagnosed and began treatment immediately, after a misdiagnosis on Saturday night. Within 24 hours, with antibiotics, my facial swelling reduced 35% and I feel much better. Thank you everyone at Desert Springs ER for helping me!


Everyone was friendly, answered ALL my questions professionally and thoroughly, couldn't be in such pain and had a better experience. They were fast and efficient. 100% satisfied

Jacob Wood

Great experience. The staff was amazing. So helpful and kind.

Mojo Smith

How is it possible in 2019 that a hospital this good still has semi private rooms? Unfortunately, I've visited way too many people in the hospital in the last 5 years and this is the FIRST one that doesn't have private rooms for patients. Hello? Who is that? Oh, it's a HIPAA violation calling... Ridiculous, absolutely ridiculous.

Robert Biando

My whole experience was very efficient and the staff was great!!


I was in vacation in Vegas, and was having a very hard time breathing after doing a breathing treatment at the place we were staying So went into the er at 4am. Greeting with the people at the desk, asking who was the patient. My husband advised them that I was, as I was having a hard time breathing He was doing the talking for me. I handed them my ID and my insurance card, and then the guy who took them, asked for my social I advised them that I don't feel comfortable giving that out. He said that I can write it down if I want. I told them I will give them the last 4, but I'm not giving them my full social He gave me a hard time about that. He then also said that I will need to give it when I get back to the room. I have NEVER been asked for my full social to be seen by a Dr. (and did not give my full social.) The entire staff, other than one nurse, Abby, and one Dr, were not very nice And actually seemed rude to me Especially being in the er department, there was 4 people at the front desk just sitting there talking and when I came up they made it seem like I was a inconvence for me to be there. When we got to the back room, I literally waited over an hr to see a Dr, all while having a hard time breathing. And it took my husband going to find someone to see what was going on and when someone would be with me. It took over half an hr before a nurse came to see me. When we got back there, there was 3 people just talking about their day and that they wanted to go home. Which don’t get me wrong, I understand wanting to get off work. I do. But when you work in the emergency room, maybe talk about that a little quieter and take care of the customers first. Now Abby, she was amazing! She is the only reason I gave them two stars instead of one. I would not go there again. But fortunately I'm back home and can go to my regular Dr. UPDATE. Jim called me to talk about my experience He seemed very genuine in trying to make things better for the next person. I give him credit for following up with me and I could hear that he was taking notes from what I was saying. So I hope they are able to fix things there. I appreciate him following up.


Took my mother to ER today..Top notch care. Nurses and Doctors. RN Aranell was the best, his kindness and caring were second to none. They took a bad situation and made it hopeful and less frightening. Thank you Desert Springs.

pretty joy

waiting time is longer for meeting the Doctor and for the report . Doctor and staff are good . Hospital location is excellent and have good parking lot.

Kayla Boulianne

I am from Canada and took my Husband in with a potential heart attack. We paid a 3500$ deposit and another $3500 for him to be admitted. We never got admitted and left 20 min after giving the second deposit. They told us we would have that refunded to us in 7 days as we were never ADMITTED. We have called and called and they refuse to give it back as they are waiting for our insurance policy to pay. Okay so we were lied to. Okay. But now we are having a hard time even getting out medical records to the insurance company. They have lost our release form. I have called every department and no one can help. Been hung up on 3 times. They were never authorised to keep our additional deposit and someone should be being held accountable. The care we got while we were in the hospital was unprofessional. His heart rate went up and he felt weird, I went to ask a nurse to check on him and she basically questioned why I am having a child with him if he is going to be this needy. I am appalled of how we are being treated and lied to.

Sandra Duncan

Everyone from check-in, Nurses Doctors. I'm mean everyone was so nice and very respectful. Everything was explained before the procedure and I knew what to expect. Once I woke in recovery Nurses were there to make sure I was all good. The Surgeon came by to check on me as well. I had no complications and absolutely no regrets.

rosa sanchez

Your daytime nurses are very rude. They don’t want to help too much even when you are connected to a bed and supposed to get help getting off the bed. But everything else was real good you’re a great graveyard shift nurses or were good they were friendly and always there to help

lawrence lopez

I was seen in the emergency room on Friday evening 8/30819. My wife hurt her ankle and was in a lot of pain. The emergency room staff took her quickly and found she had a sever strain. They put a splint on her ankle/foot. This staff was awesome, friendly and definitely concerned with my wife's injury. Thank you all for easing my concern and taking such great care of my wife!

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