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REVIEWS OF Children's Hospital of Nevada at UMC IN Nevada


My son was treated for a concussion and broken eye socket Dr. David Nelson and the staff at the childrens ER were amazing! They made the visit for me and my son quick, easy and efficient.

Me Me

Sarah Nashold

Incredible staff. Loving compassion and skill.

Melissa Pineda

I hace been taking here twice and they're SUPER SLOW. I have literally waited for the nurses from night to midnight. They litterally made me wait just for nothing.

Itchy the Goat

James Merjil

First off they don't even deserve one star but I have to give them one to post a review. We have been here since 1130am and we are still here at 442pm waiting for x-ray results. First off they skipped my daughter and called someone else that came way after us and their kid was not even that sick while mine was sitting miserable with her head down. The lady even told them she came after and was willing to wait but they still made us wait 30more mins. We waited another hour to get an x-ray and now it's been an hour waiting for the results. This place is slow and they are not even doing anything but standing around talking. I will not be returning for any emergency because they don't treat it as an emergency.


(Translated by Google) Attention on the part of some work very well but there some k yo nose for k work with children if they do not like their work k they do there I put them 3 stars because of the attention of some sk lend their services s unwillingly and grossly with children the excellent pediatricians (Original) Atencion por parte de alguno trabajores muy bien pero ahi unos k yo nose para k trabajan con niños si no les gusta su trabajo k hacen ahi les puse 3 estrellas por culpa de la atencion de alguno s k prestan sus servicio s de mala gana y bien brutos con los niños los pediatras exelente s

Minerva Sanchez

When calling i had a rude operator answer then she transfered me to a nurse wich was also rude and unprofessional when asking a couple questions . I had heard not so good things about this hospital now i am convinced it is true what is said .

Jasmin Quintana

I would give 0 stars but theres no option for that but nurses here are horrible they are very unprofessional and rude! Its sad how you try and trust these people with your children but you can’t for the simple fact that they suck! The “ charged nurse “ CHA was horrible its like she doesn’t know what she’s doing all she comes to do is tell us that we are limited to certain things that are not true! My daughter had so much pain after surgery all we wanted was to get pain medication for her literally pressing that “ nurse button “ for like 45 mins all they do is come shut it off and leave like uh hello don’t you guys think I’m pressing it for a reason? I go stand outside and get the “ charged nurse “ and she says she has to look for the RN that’s scheduled to be with my daughter.. like are you serious? Aren’t you a charged nurse for a reason. Than the RN that was taking care of my daughter comes from lunch and i asked if anyone was covering for him since he was out to lunch and he said “ yes the charge nurse “ like why couldn’t she just check what was going on instead of complaining about nonsense I’m just so upset and unsatisfied with any of these nurses IF you can even call them that. I asked to speak to someone higher and just got ignored obviously someone isn’t doing they’re job right. Its so disappointing how your supposed to feel comfort and helped here but they make you feel the total opposite! The only nurse that was good and I can’t complain was “ Lance “ he’s a sweet person & actually seems to care for his patients.

jessica shoulders

Since we been here which was Sunday night my son has been catered too, showed love and respect this is the 1st time he's ever been admitted into a hospital doctors have been great nurses are the best and makes us feel like we are at home! Best hospital for children thank you UMC for everything you've done for my son and I. Treating him bringing him snacks movies even a PS4 to keep his mind off his I. V. which the nurse was very gentle shout-out to the respiratory team bringing my son his breathing treatments and so kind and patient with him I truly thank y'all

Ona Matlock

Dree Dree

Lis Maly

Worst Nightmare some Nurses and staff make it better but do not recommend.

Gonzalez GonZalez

The worst nightmare of my life, I came from California to a wedding, my daughter experienced a breathing problem due to the poor air quality of our hotel, my daughter has this issue ones in about every 6 months and when it does I take her to my local hospital and they do breathing treatment and usually I’m out in a few hours, in this case they kept us over night and the next day aproximatley 24 hours, she only received 3 treatments in 24 hours this is insane for the most part they had her with oxigen. The one thing I can not believe is that they did an ivy when my daughter was drinking a lot of water her self and to make it worse one Doctor said it was not necessary but the other doctor decided we needed to do so, making my daughter suffer even more, I want to mention that we are polite and nice people that to the end we treated them with very much respect, ,just imagine this my husband asked a nurse for the nearest restroom and she said “I don’t know” just like that, after 24 hours of different opinions from all the medical nurses and doctors, lack of professionalism, poor human treatment, just a complete nightmare, throughout our stay every doctor said oh she’s doing good you should be out by 2 and 2 became 6 and then they said ok at 6 you will receive the last breathing treatment and your good to go and when 6 came by they said no, your set to receive treatment every 3 hours until her breathing gets better, knowing her health I know that her breathing would get better if she gets continuous treatments like she does back at home. When we decided to get out and order her treatment prescriptions by phone they bacame overly nice, I’m pretty sure they keep kids here for the longest they can so that the bill is the highest, I noticed a little girls next to us alone no body looking out for her At one point she pooped all around her bed because they didn’t change her on time, I Obed told the nurse that her little foot was stuck between the bed the nurse came in and said in a very sarcastic voice “ oh your toe is not stuck your just a crazy little girl”, towns this after we decided to take our daughter out and cared for her our self immediately got better. Please do not go here it is HORRIBLE!!!!

Dacain Jones

Unprofessional waited 3 hours to get to the back just to wait another two hours and still no doctor came to see my daughter needs a 0 star rating

Sabrina Vedder

Wendy Regalado

El peor hospital q estado muy mala atención

Kahi Johnson

Sky Riehm

I've been here for little over a week with my daughter and they've been doing an fantastic job. Their employees are very sweet,kind and consideret towards the patient and family involved. I recommend this hospital to anyone with a sick child.

tsang pik shan

(Translated by Google) (Original) 我是在外遊的時候,小孩生病了 最後要在醫院留醫 醫院的醫生和護士都很好,很細心

Tiarah Lewis

my 3 year old daughter swallowed a penny, i went here and i was amazed at the friendliness of the employees was great! it was the quickest ER visit of my whole life... i will definitely be returning to this ER for my children’s next emergency, hopefully no time soon)

Viridiana Silva

Great ! Great friendly staff they took my son right away

Journey The ear Raper

This hospital is very dirty floor and room , chair

talonnie richardson

Synn P

Went to take my 20 month old son early morning (2am) with high fever and concerned that he might have appendicitis because of what another hospital said he might have. Thank God, Dr. Barnett cleared our worries and concerns in 5 minutes of checking him. Dr. Barnett was very informative and took grest care of my son. Will definitely start coming here for all our children's emergencies. The process took an hour for us, wait wasn't long. Thank you

riou oeo

99% of the stuff was really nice and helpful!

Melissa Gyfteas

Took my son there and the resident on duty did such a thorough exam I felt like we were at his pediatrician's office. When the attending came in he spoke to me like a person, not a doctor irritated to be doing his job and explained treatment plans. I hope we don't have to go back because I don't want my kid to be sick but if we do I won't take my son anywhere else from now on.

Got Swag

I usually take my kids to a different children's hospital but they no longer take good care of kids. When one of my kids recently got sick I decided to come to this hospital and guess what? It was the best decision we could have ever done. From start to end the service was excellent staff members are nice the even celebrated my child birthday while we were in the ICU. Something for sure is that if my kids ever get sick again I will bring them here. I took mine for vomiting and they did an IV, blood work, xray and a bunch of other tests and started medication and when I used to take them to the other children's ER all they would do is just make us wait for long hours just to get into a room then wait more just to tell us to get medicine from the counter... UMC CHILDREN's hospital is the best ER for kids

Pradeep Rajak

Good hospetal

terri drake

Service is terrible my name is nashayla Glenn I have nmo and pulmonary hemosiderosis I come to umc not once have I had good experience the nurse only come for pay check act like they care really don't I'm forced to come here because there are the only hospital that does the treatments I need im only 16 been deal with this since I was 11 they always slow on everything im writing this because I dont want other kids to suffer and feel how I feel take them to summerlin or any other hospital everyone have a blessed and wonder day hope everything goes well with your child

Joey G

Took my son here because our local hospital (centennial hills) refused to acknowledge my son was in pain. The amazing staff and Drs listened and acknowledged my sons discomfort and symptoms. He was diagnosed with meningitis!!! My poor son had been in tremendous pain and discomfort. Treatment was started right away and he was admitted. But overall a very pleasant experience other the horrible diagnosis, but at least he was treated and on the mend.

nina pike

This hospital is absolute garbage. My 7 week old is sick with RSV, we were unwillingly forced by ambulance from a ER free standing clinic to here, unaware of how disgusting, ill ran, understaffed and incompetent the few staff they have were. Me and her father are now sick from being here, my daughter is getting no better the rooms are freezing cold and we share with another extremely sick infant. He is currently sleeping on the tile floor because they literally didn’t have one extra chair. The nurses show up maybe once every 6 hours and I have to hit the button five times and wait twenty mins before one even shows up. Even when her oxygen levels and dropping extremely low. Make sure you do not come here and if they give you a choice go to any other hospital. This place is absolute trash.

Sugey Sanchez

Mariah Carrillo

Keonie Moore

The staff here AMAZING they are soo nice. When I first walked in a gentleman was leaving he asked if I knew where I was going I told him no he literally walked me to the trauma. Wonderful people here! The only negative remark the regular hospital is so nice and up to date but the children’s hospital need some remodeling but the staff is AMAZING!

Caramel Mel

Started off decent... no one in the er (children’s) and we breezed through triage to a room. Resident Dr and Dr arrive... blah blah blah... we need a ultrasound. We waited 1 1/2 and no one came back to update on why or what we were waiting on. Eventually I go and tell the dr that me and my son will be leaving and just well go to our PCP. Dr sends in resident who comes in and says what the problem. Uhhh the problem is we are waiting and don’t know why. Resident says they are waiting on the US machine, I asked do you have a ETA... Resident states i have no idea. Well why wouldn’t you come in and simply update your patients. Give me a choice and blanket because it’s cold as the Artic in three. I really didn’t appreciate no one saying hey it may be a while or anything at all. That’s not how you treat families and children. This is my second shit1y experience with UMC. I’m over it

Luis Viera

Best hospital ever! They have the best staff ever, they are very friendly and kind. I honestly had the best time ever in the hospital, I really enjoyed talking and meeting the doctor's and nurses!

karen rodriguez

One star is even giving them credit! I called to see if there was a long wait time and the receptionist on the children’s er. Side was rude and disrespectful! If that’s how they answer the phone I can only imagine the treatment the patients will get!

Robert Westfall

Very clean and stocked with very helpful nurses and staff

Brooklyn Brumfield

Cristal Ferguson

Thank you for great care giving to my baby. Service is fast and they really take care of thier patients.

Lizeth Guzman


Jazmin E. Guevara

There really good. They take care of my son really really good.

Tiffany Moore

Thought my daughter swallowed a staple, I was there a total of 1.5 hrs which for er is great imo. Got right in got xrays and got diagnosis and got out. No wasted time which I appreciate. It was slow not many ppl there but at least they didn’t waste my time and they were informative and friendly. Good with kids.

Emily Demille-Thorne

We went to sunrise for my son and there was a 3 hour wait to get your vitals taken, we came to Umc and we were done and gone in an hour...very friendly staff and doctors. Highly recommended!!

Kelsey E

Went to ER with my 14 year old son with a broken collarbone. Worst nurse i ever had working in pediatrics ER. Take the extra time to go to Sunrise Pediatrics ER. Never in my life would i go back to UMC. Horrible bedside mannerisms..

Lovely Luv

Michelle Maffey

Excellent service at UMC children's ER. Pediatrician and Surgery teams were attentive and efficient, could not have asked for a better emergency experience.

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