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REVIEWS OF Central Psychiatry IN Nevada

Vashawn Wilson

Absolutely AMAZING! The office is truly incredible, a huge shout out to Angela, the office manager. The amount of professionalism and competency that women posses is amazing. Her words are so comforting and encouraging. Also, a thank you to the whole staff! Another shout out to Brandon, their phone agent. His customer service is just great. Thank you, Central Psych for an amazing 3 years...

Amanda C

Their method to communicate with patients was confusing! You might have a hard time calling them about schedule changes and other important issues like change psychiatrist or finding the location. They just either not answering like it was busy or cut you off without apologies. My appointment with them was usually an hour later, few minutes late, or just take more in the waiting rooms. It's very unprofessional and I do not care what their excuses such as too much patients or etc. They need to really find new way to organize it such as contacting and prepare when talking to clients. <--they are not normal because they loses their mind so office need to understand that it required work + understanding versus in a normal office setting.

Dana Ihnen

I love Kristy Muir. She's so easy to talk to and I feel quite at ease with her unlike some people I've seen in the past.

Johann Christian Von Beinbrech

Vince Lally

I am really disturbed that no one live will answer calls and you are forced to leave a message that will never be returned. Whats even worse, is the fact that this is intentional but they still make you wait on the line for a long time and act like someone will answer but then force you off to voicemail everytime.

Eric Hayes

My wife, Cyndi, saw Kristi Muir. We were under the false impression that Cyndi was being treated by a trained PSYCHIATRIST. WRONG. Ms.MUIR is an R.N. Be EXTREMELY CAUTIOUS when choosing a DOCTOR for Mental Health. ONE of the MOST IMPORTANT DECISIONS you'll ever make.

Que Vision

Dr. Ejine Okoroafor is the worst psychiatrist I have ever been to. She has no compassion at all. Went there once and will not be going back.

Chris Lee

Dr Okoroafor is so incredibly rude!!! I saw her once and she made my depression even worse with her attitude and smart comments

Jason Barney

Omg the wait times always over an hour wait

Laura T

Dr. Nwapa is a disgrace. Just don’t come here! I am never going back.

Nikki Roberds

I have been a client of Kristy Muir at Central Psychiatry for about 2 years now. I have recommended her to 3 people who are just as happy with her as I am. She is caring and compassionate, and never lets you feel like you're a bother. My social worker went with me to my first appointment and was so impressed herself that she recommends Kristy to her clients. It's good to finally have someone I can rely on to help me without doubting my own symptoms to me. I will continue with Kristy Muir until one of us leaves the state,that's how happy I am with her. Though there have been times when getting through on the pone has been a problem, but when I called in crisis, they were sympathetic and understanding, and scheduled me for first thing the next morning so I could get help.

Pink Sparkles

DO NOT COME HERE! The doctors are abusive and demeaning, and violate your privacy on top of it. I didn't know that psychiatrists were supposed to yell at you and scream your personal history in front of all their other patients, staff and entire waiting room?! Wait time are always 1-3 HOURS before you get seen, and then what? They treat you like crap and make everything worse, instead of addressing the issue. I highly doubt that they way you treat your patients in conducive at all to the healing and treatment of anyone with any sort of disorder.

Mary Salvano

Angea Williams gave me her card when I complained that our Waite had been an hour long.Comparing this place to the Waite of an emergency room by asking me how long donI Waite in the emergency.we are not seen in order and it does not matter if we are here to see the same doctor.She was very rude and not professional.Later she went into doctor app and sat down.She began to tell stories and accuse me of having an issue with the doctor. I asked what she wanted and why she was there .she said the doctor asked her to and she was done with us.

britney child

Crystal Brooks

I always get morning appointments. I've never waited more than 10 minutes to see my psychiatrist. The front office staff is always friendly amd helpful. I never have a problem getting an appointment as needed. Dr. Ejine Okorofoar has been good to me. She's never rude or anything of that matter.

at Least 2 Chains

OutLawCountry Productions

Kristy Muir is the best in the world.... She cares for you and make sure your taken care of..and my hospital doc over at spring mountain saying she would change my new meds if i go back back to her.... Bullshit she got me on the meds im on that works and is proud of what i accomplished after i left that fancy jail....


Great service, great doctors!!!!! ; )

Restorative Health

I have been bring my family member here for about 3 years, and in the past I have had trouble reaching staff or receiving calls back. But yesterday it was a very nice experience, the staff called me back right away, the phones were answered when I called, even the answering service after hours helped me right away, the PA was completed that day, so I would like to say Thank you to the entire staff and Dr Nwapa, what ever you are doing different keep it up!! We still had a wait awhile but that is to be expected with the amount of patients and not enough help in this field in Las Vegas.

Holland Rae Sturtevant

My psychiatrist, Dr Del Rosario, is patient, kind and careful. He has many patients and also works at a hospital but his demeanour doesn't show it. I can't for see ever leaving him. The administrative office staff does their best considering all the patients, work and doctors they have to contend with . Sure, the wait times can be too long but I just use it as time to read or whatever...

Kasey Wilson

Amazing! From the moment their phone operator answered my call (Brandon) I was already impressed. His customer service was truly astonishing! When I came in for my appointment, I was greeted by Heather and Alex who truly made me feel "welcomed". So a huge shout out to Heather and Alex, great job ladies! In addition, after I had my appointment with Kristy Muir, APN (who is truly awesome, compassionate, and empathetic) I was then welcomed and greeted by their Office Administrator, Angela while making my appointment. Angela, thank you for taking the time actually shake my hand, look me in the eyes and walk me through the process of a Prior Authorization! No wonder why this place possess such amazing staff, it's because they have amazing management!! Thank you Central Psychiatry!!

Ms. Lee-Lee

This place is horrible, and the front desk is incompetent. Losing or misplacing patient files just shows how irresponsible this place is. Some of the counselors have bad plastic surgery. You can't "help" anyone with a botched face and horrible botox. This place is a joke. Everyone needs a job though. Better off going some place else. ONE STAR

Sheretta Davis

The doctor I have is great!!!!! But wait times to speak to someone on phone and appointment is BEYOND ridiculous. I missed and appt called to reschedule was on hold for 20 min. So many patients no wonder why dr just write RX and send you back out door. Might as well send the electronically for patients cause waste of gas and time going to the office.


Miranda Davis

If I could give this place ZERO STARS I WOULD!!!! This place is a joke! Your appt is at 3pm? Plan on sitting in the waiting room till 4 or even 4:45...this place is like this EVERY SINGLE TIME I COME!! They have no care or concern that you've been waiting an hour and half for your appt!! DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE!!!

Ilovemymomanddadandfamily Rarrarrar

AMAZING SERVICE, great Location. Good Reception, GREAT DR's. - - Kathryn Lemke

Dawn B

Scheduled a 1:00 appt. as it is first after lunch...arrived at 12:50, called back at 1:48, dr. came in for minutes... no wonder insurance companies and working class are broke when it comes to medical issues!!!! I would be disciplined if I made a parent or student wait that long for me to "teach" them. If dr were held accountable and had to pay a dollar for every minute they are 15 minutes late the world would be a happier place!

Daniel Harris

Josh Garcia

Name is Bgb! however I highly recommend Dr. Nwapa he and i "clicked"

Kathy Noll

I've waited on hold for 1hr. Then called back after being disconnected to hold another 30 min. And that's on a WEDNESDAY!! AT 10AM!

danielle knowles

Made an appointment here and was told to go to the wrong location over the phone. When i finally get to where i need to be im told the person i had an appointment with wouldnt accept my Medicaid anyways...but nobody let me know that my appointment wouldnt be fulfilled prior to me arriving. Was booked an appointment 3 months out and when i said i needed more immediate help I was shown no compassion or care. These things happen, but when youre dealing with something as important as mental health; its important to care that youre providing quality help if thats what your job title is.

Steve Hyde

Misty Lynn

Called them to see if they took my insurance, was told no and the person hung up on me. Absolutely RUDE!!!

Sheri Pate

Chuck Fu

Kirsty Muir is a very good Nurse Practitioner. It's just too bad this place overbooks the poor woman. She's helping me as much as possible but at times I really could have used an hour with her instead of 3 lousy minutes. I wish I could just go to my old Doctor in Reno but I can't afford it and I don't want to move back :(

Shantrail Knapp

Horrible service. Only place that will take my insurance for a child. Saw PAC Cindy, had no problem, she was great and understanding. Went to fill prescriptions just to find out it was wrong. Called staff to get fixed, only to get argued with that it was right. Now that my child is out of said medication they're telling me it can take over a week for the Dr to even read the note for it to get changed. When I asked if she should take the wrong meds prescribed they say "I don't Know, I'm not a Doctor". While still refusing to transfer to a nurse, manager or doctor. What's worse is when it is fixed I have to drive 2 hours one way to pick it up because I live in a different town.

tegan santana

I've been with central psychiatry since 2008 at their original office. What happened to this place? Why have the hours that they are open been butchered?? It's hard enough to make an appointment, now they aren't open on Monday, Friday and then on Tuesday they are only open till noon.

Jean L' Archevêque

Wow!!! The waiting to be seen at a scheduled appointment is beyond ridiculous. I've never been seen in a timely manner there. I'm sure they cram as many of us as possible out of pure greed. They care only about Their time and make sure they get their copayment at the time they choose. That's fine, people read these reviews and they get theirs. I'll never go back there again.

Michelley Eeyyy

Dr Bridget is awesome and has helped me with so much. She put me.on the correct meds and genuinely cares. Thank you Dr. Bridget!!!

Amy Scragg

Doctor refused to fill out paperwork for disability through my work. I lost my job and insurance because they would not compete forms.

Leah Miller

Kyla Aulis

Melissa Locke

Does anybody ever answer the phone here???? I’ve been trying to call for the past several days to make a follow up appointment and no answer. Can’t even leave a voicemail message!??? Super frustrating!

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