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Yolanda Ricci

This is our first time at this hospital and ER personal were professional and attentive at all times. Then my husband had to be admitted due to his medical needs. The whole entire staff kudos to them they were wonderful, sincere, attentive to our needs. All the shifts where great. Everyone were kind and understanding. I was able to stay with my husband. They got me a roll out bed. So blessed to have such a great and professional staff. Thank you to everyone.

Brandi Cancellieri

Frank S

Avoid at all cost!!!

Greg Johnson

puffer fish

Was forced to select one star. Avoid this hospital. My daughter in law died here due to below standard health care. For out patient surgery she was tubed improperly which caused aspiration during and after surgery and we weren't told this. The anesthesiologist was not even licensed. Two days later she died of pneumonia in the ER and the ER thought it was a blood clout. She was only 27 and leaves behind my Son and two grandsons who are only 2 and 4. Such a senseless way to pass that was easily avoidable.

Bland Coulter

Very nice hospital

Pablo Carreon

Michael Briceno

When my wife gave birth here on 09-03-16 the staff was above and beyond fantastic.

Cindi Gortarez

I brought my son in the ER in the morning of March 18th. Everyone was awesome they determined he had pneumonia. His fever stayed at just about 102 all day until around 9pm it spiked to 104. Called the ER and a triage nurse answered and asked me very rudely did I give him the right dose of Tylenol. I answered yes should I bring him in and her response to me was Well we wont do nothing for him except give more medicine. I was panicky cause I didn't know what to do and I asked so should I bring him in? She raised her voice to me and said Well I cant see him he is not in front of me is he?. At that point I hung up on her because I was so upset how she was treating me. No compassion what so ever. My husband called Mt View Hospital they advised him to put my son in a cool bath for 30 minutes and if the fever didn't go down to bring him in. That's all I wanted to hear I was so freaking out at that point I guess I just needed to be told what to do. I don't know who this nurse was but I do hope the conversation was recorded. A very unpleasant Nurse. One apple can ruin the whole bunch and she did for me. Will not ever return

Gardenia Gonzalez

Regina Hamill

I want to say that RN Matt Mills is one of the most caring, sincere, & professional nurses I have ever experienced. He has made this difficult time bearable. Thank you!

Joseph McIver

In early 2010 had just gotten out of the military and had not started paper work for medical yet, so I was uninsured. While serving I picked up a (unknown to me) mutated virus. Not understanding its severity I continued running three times daily. After 11 days of being home I became comatose. My father rushed me to the E.R. I remained in a coma for 1 month, and when I "woke" up I was severely underweight and my muscles were severely contracted. Knowing I was uninsured they kept me there for 4 months providing me physical therapy on a daily basis, a daily check from a neurologist, a doctor, an infectious disease doctor, a pain management doctor, the head of the food department (helping me put weight back on healthily) and so much more. The nurses, the CNA's, the doctors. They were all amazing. They helped me through so much, emotionally and physically. I could never thank them enough. They ended up not charging me ANYTHING for my 789,000 dollar bill (the third party contractors are a different story). I honestly dont have a bad thing to say about this place. I recommend this hospital to anybody.

Rebecca Cardenas

The staff that are caring, as well as nice, are very much appreciated.

Jose Venegas

Heather Fritts

D Vegas

Very clean. Have been to the ER for various things and most of the time was excellent with fast service. However, sometimes the staff doesn't have the best bedside manner like when I went in for my blood pressure spiking. They tried to dismiss me because I am fairly young and it wasn't over 200, even though it was pretty close considering I was on medication. It turned out my medication stopped working and I had to change. They were able to bring the blood pressure down effectively. But I don't like being belittled when I have a legitimate medical concern and insurance. It was late and my doctor or urgent care wasn't open, and I know high blood pressure can lead to a heart attack or stroke. I don't take this lightly and neither should the hospital.

David Golden

Patricia Mcclain

ER Service was fast and Courteous. Facility was clean.

Reyne Storm

Had a wonderful experience,even though we encountered some obstacles during my labor. My son was born healthy and we were given the most supreme level of care. The staff on-hand at Centennial Hills Hospital were all superb.

Ashley Venuti

Horrible service. Doctors could care less about your conditions. They just want your money. Would rather you die then actually take time to diagnose you right.

Bobby Woofs

Worst hospital, go to another. Dr Mun is the worst doctor I ever had

N. S.

Pretty good hospital. Stayed a couple nights for tests.

Tasha State

Wow, absolutely the worst hospital ever. Although I did read the reviews before I went, I said to myself everyone has their own experience and decided to ignore them. (next time I'll listen lol) I was there for 7 hours 4 spent in waiting area, had my blood drawn by a student who poked me exactly 3 times b4 starting because "she almost had it", there aren't many rooms so you'll most likely be in pain in the lobby or hall way without privacy, oh they are very careless also so they may mess up some of your information... This is my 1st time writing a review on anything, I just wanted it to be clear that these reviews are not exaggerations..

Cayla Neil

We had Dr. Seifzad. My Fiance was hospitalized for 4 days and, even after having paged him numerous times, we only spoke to him for a total of 5 minutes. My Fiance was scared and unaware of what was going on as the nurses weren't able to tell her until the doctor had seen her. After being in so much pain for 4 days that she was on constant medication, the doctor sent her home without any pain medication or explanation about her condition or why she was not getting pain medication after an incredibly painful ordeal. We filed a complaint and another doctor prescribed her medication. He was unavailable, unprofessional, and incredibly rude. He even walked in the room when my fiance was crying from the pain and frustration and said "oh you're crying..." and walked out. We are appalled by his lack of bedside manner. The nurses were the only aspect that made her stay bearable.

colin manning


May Ahdab

My husband who was suffering from a stressful health condition had to be transported to Centennial Hills Hospital. The doctor who treated him and the medical personnel were efficient, attentive and courteous. My husband's experience was very satisfactory. I firmly recommend this hospital.

Nancy Zermeno

Absolutely the worst service ever I was having chest pain and shortness of breath the ER nurse didn't care at all even though j was sweating and losing consciousness not until finally became determined that my potassium levels were in critical condition did they admit me. I was there for two days with not one meal served even though I was on a regular diet.

Karl Walsh

My wife and I could not have asked for a better Doctor or Nurse. I believe in my heart that it was not for Bunni (our nurse) and Dr. Harder that my wife would have had a repeat c-section. With their help and guidance we had a successful v-back. I'm not the easiest person to deal with and with the added stress of my wife in painful labor I'm that much harder to deal with, but our nurse Bunni W. did. By the end of the birth she was my best friend. Thank you so much Bunni for sticking to your guns and leading us in the right direction. Forever grateful Karl Walsh

Anna McClure

Horrible ER. Staff very rude acted like we were bothering them when we checked in. Been waiting over 2 hours, husband in severe pain, no care given. Don't go to this hospital it's horrible

Lou Ann Meneses

Emergency Room Nurse with major attitude did not listen or care about the vital information I was giving her. Blood pressure spiking and she was too busy chatting with others to pay attention. i was just released from UMC with spiking BP issues and she just did not listen. As it turned out I needed emergency surgery from a blockage. Shame on that ER nurse for not caring AT ALL! Horrible.

Jason Quinn

The nicu department is awesome had our lil Harley there and they treated him so well and so informational and just all around great customer service and treated our newborn like it was their own

Bob Meyers

I went in for chest pains at 5 pm and wasn’t seen until 730pm around 10 they stuck me in a room took blood and said I will be getting a heart stress test. Well at 2 am they moved me to another room and left me there. I never had test. I was yelling for a nurse to help me with bed that I was in so I could use restroom, that took a hour. I chose to leave after that. If you have chest pains I recommend you go to another hospital

Pam Jones

The people there cared and respected you. They know who to put someone at ease while listening to you. I plan on finding at Dr at the Medical center that is how confident I am in their abilities.

Alex n Yeny Moran

This place of Jeanine is the worst place to go;they have a poor stuff it looks like they don't care about my visit I when back to fallow up with my ear ringing problem my appointment was at 11:20 ;they make me wait for more than and hour when I asked her assistance she with and attitude say to me that the Dr.was behind and basically she didn't care that I'm waiting. The Dr was sorry for the wait it looks like she was in a rush and don't care about my situation she asked me what should we do for my problem ? It was the worst nightmare for me definitely I'm looking for a different Dr: (.

Las Vegas Naturists

I went there for chest pains early Sunday morning, it took 8 hours before they treated me. The Dr was good, he removed my gallbladder. I walked out of the hospital the same day when the staff couldn't tell me if I had to stay or if I could go.

Katie Smith

This is the best hospital ever... my son had surgery and they were the most respectful kind and hard workers I ever seen.. Dr. Randall Lomax is a great surgeon and well deserves his props to him and the team from this location

dennis hoggatt

admitted me then scheduled a procedure the Dr never came now they want me to have the procedure done as an outpatient the error Dr keep me because I have a mass in my bladder there seen in July it is still present and has gotten bigger they just worry about the insurance paying them they are not concerned about you health or well being I would never recommend this hospital

Hope Vitale

I am currently sitting with my mother in ER #21... she has a femoral bleed, albeit a slow one, but a major artery is bleeding nonetheless. We've been here for 5.5 hours now and we've been seen by a student nurse (who this bad review has nothing to do with, she can only do so much.) and a physician's assistant that did not listen nor gave any indication of caring. They don't have her wound dressed or are showing any sort of concern for her at all. This is absolutely ridiculous. She's on blood thinners and they don't give a damn about her potential life threatening bleed. Excuse the hell out of me for thinking a hospital was supposed to help patients rather than take Facebook quizzes at the nurse's station and bullshit with each other like this is a god damn social event.


Always taking care of my family and me.

Kimberly Sisto

Fabulous ER staff. They were amazing last night 8/19/2016. They are quick, efficient, and caring.


Rude, condescending, acted like they were bothered by my presence, thought my injury was a joke. Worst experience I've ever had from ANY medical staff.


I have to be here for surgery the staff is amazing.

Jennifer Kilkenny

It's an ER, so when you go in there, it's likely you're having the worst day of your life. Understanding this and knowing that emergency rooms experience unexpected fluctuations in how busy they get, I give them 5 stars. I've had good experiences, excellent experiences, and one not so good experience with one specific nurse, so I don't even want to factor him into this review. Overall, I've been extremely happy with the care we have received here. Clean, comfortable, triage is spot on, etc...

javad zadebrahimi

K Willie

Great. Short Wait...................................................

Anthony Padilla

Absolutely NOTHING. WORST Experience ever... with the exception of 3 nurses.. Lindsay, Gracie, Shae

John Barber

OUTRAGEOUS BILL TO POORLY PUT A BAND-AID ON MY THUMB! About a month ago I was folding my pocket knife when during a moments distraction I collected the skin just beyond the thumb nail. The knife cleaved off a very thin oval shaped flap about 4 x 7 mm in area but only about 2 mm thick. Just enough to expose a small area of the subcutaneous layer and nipped a good size capillary or very small vein. The skin flap was only attached by about a 3 mm wide section of dermis. This would have likely been lost or a source of infection. I debrided and cleaned the wound. It looked to be a bleeder and didn't want to chance a bandage leaking onto the sheets so I went to the ER.. When I got to the desk they were warm and friendly. In fact every one seemed very nice. My wait in the lounge was reasonable. HOWEVER, after I spent + an hour in the exam room a nurse said the Doc will be in soon. After another 30 min. the Doc came in. I asked him to hit that small bleeder with a silver nitrate stick and let me get the hell of of here. The response was like don't be silly that will hurt. That's OK I indicated, I don't mind. He asked me to hold on they’d be right back. About 20 min. later a young orderly came in and began to make a pressure bandage using a Surgicel mesh to cover the cut, applied anti-biotic ointment a bit of gauze and then was unable to wrap it. After about 6 or 7 try's I suggested to cut the 4”x 8” sheet of Surgicel down to a 2” square. He cut it half and again failed to wrap it several times. At this point I'm getting grumpy and told the the orderly to just manhandle it and get it done or let me do it. He cut the mesh in half again 2”x 4” after a few more tries he sorta got only it was way too tight. He loosened it while indicating it needs to be this snug. The Doc came back to go over the instruction. “Change the bandage in the morning and follow up with a crony in his group”. Again I complained about how tight the wrap was. Again hang tight and left, about 20 min later the tech returned and loosened the wrap. Again Too tight. “Trust me it's right”. When I came in it was to avoid getting blood on my bed sheets but other wise all I was feeling chagrin for the my mistake. When I left my thumb was throbbing 2 beats faster than my hart. By the time I got home it felt like it was searing hot after about another 20 min it began to loose feeling. I cut the end off the wrap separately to protect and inspect it. It stopped bleeding alright, cause the skin was GREY!!!!! Had I left the wrap on until the next day the thumb would have become necrotic and required heroic efforts or have required amputation. At this point I cut a section of mess 2”x 2” a small gauze and less rubber tape (these items were provided by ER and was comprised primarily of the opened packages from the visit save for one unopened pack of Surgicel, by the way a control medical product). When I read the instructions for use and handling of the mesh they were in conflict with the materials selected for this procedure in the doc 's instructions! Faced with this I called the parent company Johnson & Johnson. They wanted to know how it is that I have come to have this material in my possession as it is a controlled medical product. They were good enough to e-mail me all pertinent info. #1 item no anti-biotic ointment. It's a conflict with the pH of the mesh and renders it inert. I used Merthiolate in place of the ointment. So the moral of the story is get an estimate of all cost before the work is done just like the auto shop. These money grubbing sob's charged $2600.00 to badly put a band-aid on my thumb!

yasmine lopez

The Healthcare System in Nevada is absolutely worthless! The doctors are lazy and incompetent and the nurses are rude and arrogant. This is the same no matter where you go here in Vegas. Centennial hills hospital is the pinnacle of that! You go in with intense pain only to be treated worse than the pain you came in with! Need Real medical attention? Get on a plane and any place else! It'll be worth it!

Javier Araiza

J C Norris

My wife gave birth to our first baby here. She was nervous, as it was an unscheduled C-Section at 37 weeks and 4 days. All the staff in the women's services - maternity area were phenomenal. They displayed the utmost courtesy, professionalism, as well as kindness and patience. My sister-in-law gave birth 5 years ago at Summerlin, and the staff there were no where near as kind and attentive as the staff and experience we received at Centennial Hills. We had fantastic service there (12/12/2014-12/14/2014), and would highly recommend all of our friends, family, and of course any future additions to our family. Guys - heads up though, those fold out beds are super uncomfortable though - worse than a fold out couch.

Roger Flores

The worst experience ever. My father was admitted. They forgot to feed him for 15 hours, because of a shift change per clinical supervisor. Dr was to show up at 7pm . did not show or call us. rescheduled for 9 am. he did not show up. noon time and he is still not here. I voiced my displeasure with nurse and it did not make a difference. did I mention I rang from the room for assistance and no one answered for 7 minutes so I had to go out there. The person at the desk was busy putting her pen together. Yes we are still here.

Timmy Hill

Linoshka Wallace

Phirany Sun

I have been seen in Well Health Specialty care with Dr. Harter. My intention was a water birth and he is the only one in Vegas that I researched specialized in that. So we have been driving every month to see him from Warm Springs and Jones to Centennial. I fell in love with him and was so excited to have him as my OB. Over time, I realized how disconnected he was as my OB.. it wasn't a good feeling. I am 7 months pregnant and seen him only 3-4 times since being 8 weeks pregnant. I would see his assistant April Grocho ( I LOVE HER) in replace of the times he didn't see me. Recently I have been showing signs of pre term labor. I was in triage approximately 4 times and have had a terrible experience EVERY TIME. Crystal, one of the triage nurses there is from my home town Minnesota. Well she isn't Minnesota nice at ALL. To be dealing with pregnant women, she sure treats us like grown men. Very rough, like I was an item on an assembly line. She messed up my IV and casually said, oh I hit a valve and resumed a new IV in my right hand. I had a half golf ball size contusion on my left hand from that wench.

Daniel B

Collect Spaces Simplifying Your Life

Great bedside treatment. Everyone was kind and attentive.

Cyn Bowie

Raymond Pratt

I would not use this hospital again I have been to this hospitals ER twice in the last few months with chest pain and both times I have left after 12 to 16 hours without proper medical treatment, the nurse's tend to be rude and unhelpful, treatment is overly slow and drawn out as to increase the medical bill at the end of the stay. if you can I would highly recommend a different hospital.

Abby espanol

People were awedome

Mary Lea

Some of the staff seem to know what they are doing. But overall it's the worst hospital I've ever been in. I am currently a patient. I never got my daily meds that I take at home. My IV. was a hatchet job and had to be changed the next day. That one left a bloody mess all over my hand and the pad on my mattress and that has not been changed. I a m still in the same dirty gown that I got in the ER when I got here. Never got my sheets changed and housekeeping just emptied the trash. The warming lid from my dinner is still on my tray and I haven't had any water for hours. They asked for a sputum sample and never picked it up. I a asked for a Diet Coke and they just gave me the number for the kitchen. I got it 3 hours later. I won't come here again.

Zenny Malaluan

Staff here are professional and friendly. They provided the best care for my mother. It has been a pleasant experience.

DeAndre Wade

Robert Murray

I have a chronic illness and have been in many hospitals; this one was by far the very worst.I never received my medication at the same time and twice I had to go find a nurse to give them to me.The nurse seemed more interested in doing whatever they do on their computers and almost always ignored me when I went to the nurses station.The only nurse who seemed to care was a Temp and she was the one who finally got the meds for me. The only thing that was on time each day was the food. The Doctor that saw me for another problem was/is very good, so I guess even though the staff is generally poor at least the specialists seem to be very good.

S Ward

Terrible!! Nurses were told repeatedly about my husbands medications. They continually tried to give him medication he does not take any longer. The nurses that are good have to pick the slack for the ones that do not give a damn! My husband is not suppose to be out of bed by himself because of his balance and the terrible nurses would not answer nurses call light during the night so he had to go to the bathroom alone, they shut the light off and never asked if he needed something. He could have fallen and no one would have known. You would think that these nurses would be weeded out of the system. Unacceptable treatment! If you care about yourself or your lived ones DO NOT COME HERE!!

Christopher Kirkland

We were in and out of the ER in less than an hour!! Our Six month old had an over night infection break out, it ended up not being too serious, but still needed steroids and ointments. The doctors, nurses and admin were so professional and caring! I have never once been to a hospital this great! FIVE STARS!!

Aaron Thomas

Nobody identifies themselves first off. Second, impolite staff except for the man who wheeled me to x-ray. 3 hours waiting for head CT and X ray results from my accident. telling them I've never been in this much pain before and they get me tylenol. Hear the people next to me getting the same stuff. The PA didn't have clinical pharmacology knowledge at all. I could walk to my kitchen or bathroom and get Tylenol. 3 days of opioid medication for a temporary accident to ease the patient. Never coming again.

Olga Ruelas

Nunca he sido paciente pero algunas amistades y familia los han atendido y es excelente la atención son amables muy limpio y la atención es muy profesional

Greg Dempsey

hands down the worst hospital I have ever been around. Service is extremely slow and you are left alone and ignored. 7 hours in total through ERROR while the Web site at the same time was touting 7 minutes Go anywhere else

Johnny Lial

Carlos Hernández

Me atendieron excelentemente bien , todo el personal es de lujo , gracias...

Rene Mojeske

On oct 7th my daughter gave birth to her 5th child at centennial hospital (first time to deliver here) As a mother you want the best care for your child especially when she is giving birth. I can't begin to tell you how wonderful the staff was at this hospital. Her nurse Margaret and babies nurse Janine (hope im spelling there names right) were beyond gracious and wonderful not only with my daughter but with my grandkids who ranged from ages 7 to 12 yrs of age. They even let her children watch the birth which i have never seen at a hospital. Thanks so much to the Dr as well . would highly recommend this hospital if you are givingbirth...

hype sevia

THE ADMITTING. (manager) (CINDY DAVISON)..... I had a issue that was supposed to be taking care of and I was told by Miss Cindy Davis that she would give me a call back and take care of this business I never received a call back and the next day I gave miss Cindy Davis a call and she rushed me off the phone she was completely rude and it was very unprofessional and then she hung up on me before she hung up the last thing she told me was I'm too busy find someone else to do this

Jamario Castleberry

One of the worst hospitals by an EXTREMELY large margin. Worst patients care. An elderly lady fell an the staff was clueless about what to do. Calling out wrong emergency codes and scrambling like chickens with their heads cut off. Definitely not family friendly, the staff is rude and unprofessional. Completely unexceptable for a hospital!!!! I want to give it no stars but you need one to leave a review.

Sue Loughry

All Drs. and nurses were wonderful . Very kind and passionate. The hospital was also very nice.Easy to get around in and clean.

Richard Poirier

Wonderful staff.

Kelly Rekkerth

Absolute worst care ever. Of course, being a nurse myself I'm a little critical, but I am from NY and expect better. I came into the ED with abdominal pain, was told I had a UTI and was discharged with that diagnosis. Still in excruciating pain, my husband rushed me to nearby Southern Hills Hospital. Upon arrival, they gave me pain medication, did a CT scan and I was in surgery within 2 hours for acute appendicitis. If at all possible, stay away from Centennial Hills Hospital.

Maria T

Had a serious emergency and I was given excellent service from the reception area to the ER staff and Doctor who cared for me. How do you thank them all for making a horrible situation so calm?

Yolanda Angel

Hospital has rn that act very arrogant and specially my assigned nurse karla or karen , karina i forgot i was under the influence of anesthesia and bearly got out of surgery had to tell her i felt bad without being able to breath for her to give me a pain medecine i had to talk to another nurse marylou which shes so nice and had to go let her know .. and plus she took me to another room so that my family could see me after surgery to tell me to please get dressed when i cant even move and made me get up to "walk" to get the "gas" out my body which caused my pain and when i did asked my family member to help me and asked another nurse if i really had to walk because i felt horrible she then told me no that im not suppossed to be walking and when my assingned nurse was told why she told me to walk she then said "no you dont Have to be walking" when she clearly said it in front my family member... shes so ignorrant i got so mad and even sick and out of breath got my stuff and left i didnt want to deal with her ignorrance and very unattentive character.. and now because of shortness of breath i will have to go to hospital again... horrible experience ever...

Alicia Waller

Crystal Rizzo


If I could give this hospital zero stars I would. My pcp Dr office called to get my medical records and they HAVE THE WORST MEDICAL RECORD DEPARTMENT! I was there when they called three times and they got hung up on and were so rude and were laughing and giggling. When the front desk supervisor spoke to the medical records dept supervisor she was also very rude and didn't even want to hear what her staff was doing. I really needed to go to the specialist and we needed my medical records I'm very sad that they didn't care and were so rude. I hope the medical director of the hospital addresses these issues. The names of all the people we spoke to that were no help were, Rodney, Haleem, Marlen, Charles, and they lied and said the supervisors name was Crystal when it was Melanie.

Norma McGuire

Domingo Ol

Gail Powers

Poor service, poor attitudes and extremely high cost for 3 minutes of service! Centennial Hills Hospital does by far give the worst care possible at the highest prices imaginable! Centennial Hills Hospital sucks!

David Jones

C Coleman

I was taken in by ambulance first thing in the morning. Late afternoon I was able to find a nurse to tell me all my tests had come back normal but after 8 & 1/2 hours of being there they had not verified the medications list I had given them upon arrival. Meaning if I had stayed I would have missed 4- 6 doses of my multiple medications which would have put me in an even worse state than when I arrived. They explained nothing to me. & didn't seem to realize how detrimental missing multiple doses of my medications can be. I had no choice but to go home & take my medications. My results & condition would not be explained. Just the results are " ok". I am having the tests forwarded to my dr for proper explanation.

Mariana Martinez

Michael Stevens

The nurses are rude house supervisor tells me if I leave my room to go look out the window they would sign me out ama and that's it legal for them to do that a doctor can not order a patient discharged ama doctor must continue the treatment that your receiving and by Nevada law if a patient is forced to leave a hospital ama by the house supervisor and the hospital they can and will be held accountable to anything that happens to you and you should inform the local news and file a complaint against the house supervisor and the hospital Nevada state law will protect you from that if it happens to you or anyone from your family and friends

Virginia H

I had a great and memorable experience at this hospital! Great surgery, great care!

Tiffani vila

I am currently nine months pregnant with my son and so far I have had a real nice experience in the labor and delivery department. I hope that it even more nice when I go in to have him

kalani co-ward

This is a wonderful hospital. My husband and I have both been patients here and the care was superb. The nurses, doctors and the staff all lived up to our expectations. We were very satisfied.


Farrah Mayo

Travis Sargent

Not happy with the emergency room at this hospital. Guy working at admissions was really nice and caring. Triage nurse working from 4 to 6:30 was a jerk. I think I'm having a miscarriage and I need an ultrasound to see if the baby is alive. I am barely pregnant and don't have an OB. I am super scared and no OB will take me unless I make sure the baby is alive. Understandably those with more serious conditions should go first, but after waiting for 2 hours all I wanted was an approximation of how much more time it was going to be. The triage nurse was very short with me and would not help. I finally decided to try Mountain View Hospital. I let the Admissions know, and they apologized, and said that I needed to check with the triage nurse to make sure there wasn't anything they could do for me. The triage nurse waved me away and said on my way out, "Hope you have a better evening." Are you kidding me! I wasn't there for kicks! I'm worried I might be losing my baby! It was completely inappropriate! I will not ever go back! This all happened on 7-28-2011. He should not be a HealthCARE professional!

Carlos Zuniga

Waited over two hours

Serena Lage

Only hospital I will go to. Always clean and amazing staff. Had both my children there as well.

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