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REVIEWS OF Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center IN Nevada

Art C Moore

Satori Lewis deserves better than to have this hospital withhold her treatment for bs political reasons. You have the drugs, they are hers, the FDA has approved this drug treatment. please allow her doctor to administer them so Satori can have a chance at a better life. Your decision in this matter has had a very negative effect on everyone involved. Family members are emotionally trashed. And this extends to friends. What is your point? How can you justify your position here in the context of your general mission? The doctor's admonition to first do no harm should be adhered to here. You are doing this person and her family great harm. Inaction is an action. Had you not given your approval first, this might have been a different matter. Removing an already granted approval is just like stabbing Satori in the heart. Does it give you satisfaction to break the spirit of someone so vulnerable? And in so doing jeopardize her very grip on life? The term evil comes to mind. And I don't use that term lightly.

Esther Koppel

We went to the ER Friday night. My daughter was having tachycardia and we were sent there from Urgent Care, who facilitated our arrival. As we walked in the door, we were met by a nurse who was waiting for us and who ushered us straight into a treatment room. A team of no less than 9 practitioners immediately got to work to help my little girl. It was amazing! The entire time, I felt that these nurses and doctor were using every tool they had to diagnose, comfort and cure my little girl. When they had exhausted their expertise, they gracefully admitted it and facilitated a seamless and safe transfer to Renown in Reno, where she could receive the next necessary level of care. I will forever be grateful for their efforts, their knowledge, their professionalism and their incredible care. Thank you Carson Medical Group. We have had nothing but good experiences in your medical system.

Sally Cachu

Love the staff nd drs here. Wish we had the fast services in Stockton Ca. Love how fast the got my tio in. Specially on how great the nurses are taking care of him.

lee hyde

Out patient procedures

Sarah Whelpley

They are really loud and you have no privacy when talking about medical matters

John Foster

I was in there with them extremely low blood pressure due to kidney failure the people from the business office actually took my credit card out of my clothes in the closet for the copayment very unprofessional high turnover of staff

Bobby Allee

Got my mother into the ER today and she was processed quickly. After one nurse she was off to another and another. Doctor actually came in shortly after that. Kudos to Dr. Ream. Excellent lady that answered all our questions and concerns. Even had hospital staffer come in and check on how the whole process was for my mother and if all her questions were answered by hospital staff.

matt pollard

Very slow service ...

James Abruzzese

From Wilimington NC. Was brought here from Lake Tahoe. Having my defibrillator go of 64 times. When I arrived here the attention was immediately . Had a stent put insane day The staff and nurses were just fantastic.Hd second stent put in Sunday. Again I must say the Doc,s and nurses as well as the end squad were just fantastic..Cannot thank them enough

Cassy Murphy

Katie Williams

If I would have know Monday is thier busy day in the ER I might have tried to wait another day but it was no biggy. The staff was so kind at intake then back to ER I went. I was apologized to many times for how busy they were as if it was anything they could help. Before I even got to a room they were taking blood test and urine test and ordering an ultrasound for my stomach pains that have prevented me from eating for 4 days. I had an IV drip with fluids and anti nausea meds long before the doctor had time to see me. Even he came and apologized for not getting to me faster! REALLY! I've never heard of such a thing. He figured out my stomach pains and went to work on my headache with no answer he set me up with a neurologist. The nurse was on top of everything too. Tried to accommodate the fact I live in Smith Valley but had sent my husband home for the night knowing it would be an all nighter. So she gave me ample amount of time to get him back to the hospital before releasing me. Very pleased with my first visit here. Hope not to be back anytime soon but if I have to pick a place I'll choose Carson Tahoe

Heather Powers

Discussing business practices!! My 17 yr old daughter got transferred to CTH for a 30 hr asthma attack. The nursing staff was wonderful, but the billing dept can find a new job! I left my insurance info and trusted that the admin would collect info (address, phone # and insurance) from my 17 year old daughter while I ran home for a nap..72 hrs awake..I was kinda tired.. 3 months later: Bill in collections, 15,000 owed, no contact info collected from 17 yr old, bill sent general delivery to know one, self pay and not one phone call!! Way to go CTH, you made all of us panic while National Business Factors does your job!!

Richard Kelley

Ive had two newborn babies born in Atlanta Georgia. Then moved here to Nevada. And the experience here with my newest borne baby at Carson tahoe regional totally blows Atlanta away. I wish everyone that gave life to a newborn, could bring them into this world with the understanding and know how as they did

Christine Rhiner

It has been exceptionally busy this week due to the temporary closure of nearby Urgent care. Our recent remodel has added to the ER challenges and we are super excited to see the new triage area open in a few days so that we can better care for our people and the increasing volume from our growing community. It is reassuring to know that employees at all levels and management have been so supportive to us on the frontline caring for the sick. Thank you Carson Tahoe.

Samantha Duncan

Took over 7 hours to get to see the dr and he talked to me for less the 5 minutes. His attitude was flippant and clearly dismissed my concerns. If I'm willing to wait over 7 hours, then clearly I'm concered about what was going on. The rest of the staff that I dealt with was kind and professional.

MichaelRay McClendon

Brian George

Erin Meyering

When I went to visit a dear friend in the hospital having her first baby, I was majorly impressed by this community hospital. Not only was the staff attentive and friendly but my friend and her newborn were safe and deeply comforted by the quality of care they had received. Additionally, I stopped by the cafeteria to grab a bite to eat, and it was absolutely delicious. The entire hospital was clean and the atmosphere was warm, calming, and inviting. My hat is off to Carson Tahoe!

Marie Strickland

Do NOT go to this hospital. My brother went in for a knee replacement surgery, which went well. He vomited the day after surgery; they cleaned him up. He said it was unusual for him to vomit. They left him alone for over an hour. When they returned, he had vomited again and passed out. He is now brain-damaged, blind, cannot walk, cannot talk, and has to be fed through a tube in his stomach. They denied all responsibility for his condition. They said he was hard to intubate because he had a short neck and was obese. My brother is on hospice now, dying. Do not go to this hospital (especially if you are obese and have a short neck). The nurses are nice, but overworked.

Maggie Doll

Up until this past weekend I had been followed by a midwife for my pregnancy. That all changed suddenly when I had an emergency blood loss situation and presented to the maternity ward at Carson Tahoe. I want to thank Nurse Emilly and Dr Katherine Peterson who were attentive through every step and provided exceptional care during the entire time I had to stay at the hospital. Emilly was there to help me during the blood loss, constantly cleaning up and changing my bed linens and assisting me to the bathroom. She made me feel safe during scary times when i felt i was going to pass out and provided excellent theraputic communication to keep me informed about my condition and coaching me through the uncertainty. Dr Peterson has amazing bedside manner, she gives it to you straight and comes up with great analogies to help you understand what is going on. She is incredibly attentive and makes you feel like your health is of utmost importance to her. These two are some hidden gems in the healthcare world located in our small town Carson Hopsital and we are truly lucky to have them. Among the other nurses who provided exceptional service was Mary and Katie who also stayed attentive to our needs. It is because of the combination of this team why we have chosen to ditch our midwife and continue our care and delivery through Carson Tahoe Hospital and its healthcare professionals. Keep up the amazing maternity service...only thing Carson needs is a nicu! ;)

Laurel Seymour- Beebe

I support patients with SMA and am deeply disturbed that this facility has no heart, compassion or reverence for the quality of life of SMA patients!!!

Lety Gonzalez

Terrible service take 6 hours to be assisted

Theo McCormick

My friend has a serious disease and has received a medication for treatment that this hospital refuses to allow to be administered. The doctor is willing. The drug is at the hospital yet they refuse to administer the drug. Why would a hospital allow someone to die slowly when they have a treatment that might help? Greed?

Robert Garcia

Clean modern, private rooms, almost a hotel like experience. Beautiful views and grounds. Did NOT feel cold and sterile.

Robert Dion

ER staff is great. Got in with my back issue in no time.

Shannon Howard

Maggie Norkunas

Wonderful experience and great staff! Nurses were exceptional at their jobs and as kind as you would only aging them to be. Very friendly and helpful. Starbucks was awesome and convenient. Food was amazing and even "chef" was kind and even personal.

Stacey Sell

Laziest and slowest people I have ever seen. My son is dizzy with chest pains and is sitting in the waiting room now for 3 hours. This place is a joke. If you can go to anywhere but this dump b

Nedward Jordan

Deb Miller

Just had surgery at Carson Tahoe Regional Medical Center and I can't say enough good things about this whole experience! Nobody enjoys having surgery but from admitting thru discharge everyone went out of their way to make sure that my stay was as pleasant as possible. All the staff were friendly and professional from Jake, my RN and his two assistants, David & Justin to Cheryl, my pre-OP nurse and everyone in the operating and recovery room. Thanks to all for taking such good care at me !!!!!

Antoinette Cosentino

Dr. Dirig was extremely helpful, professional and compassionate. He also has a great sense of humor. Both my husband and myself trust him.

Dainer Bailey

Unethical, irresponsible, moronic management. Which is a shame because they have some really good employees who deserve a better reputation! Watch your wallet!

Daniel Moyer

Don't ever go to this place for medical care, they don't know how to properly care for anyone. First off the paramedics that come from there are terrible they will tell you to walk to the ambulance after you've just severed your leg cause they don't give a f**k. Second, they don't know their basic training, 60 over 40 blood pressure, nah your fine (that actually happened to me). Third, they have never given anyone a successful IV, how many tries does is take before they give up, find out on tonight's show! Now lets talk about the hospital itself, lets get into this by asking a simple question: How many people have they killed indirectly or directly ? I'm going to guess a lot based off the experiences my family has had with the place. Someone should look into how many complaints they have cause i'm sure its a s**t ton. Now i don't have much to say about it from personal experience because i had to be care flighted to Renown, at least they don't f**k that up but i can speak for my family in saying that its terrible to be there, the doctors are horrible at their job, the surgeons will f**k something up, and the nurses will ignore you and the beeping lights that go off in your room. Overall its just a terrible hospital and should be put under new management.


Marianne Baker

I am so very thankful to all of the wonderful doctors, nurses and medical staff at Carson Tahoe Health! I was suffering from severe upper abdominal pain that got worse and worse, so my husband brought me to the hospital on Saturday. I was in so much pain and so nauseous, and the front desk staff were incredibly kind and got me in right away. After running a few tests and not seeing anything, I was given a CAT scan and to my total shock I had appendicitis. I was scheduled for surgery the following morning. A nurse brought me to my room and brought pillows and blankets so my husband could stay with me. I was up most of the night, and the nurses were just angels and took such wonderful care of me. The next morning I went in for surgery and I was so scared. The kind people in pre-op and the anesthesiologist and surgeon, everyone was so kind and compassionate to me. And my surgery took place on Christmas Eve. The surgery went smoothly and I'm back home now and just so grateful for this hospital. It's also just an absolutely beautiful, pristinely clean place, you almost don't feel like you're at the hospital at all. Bless all of you for saving my life and for your kindness, I will never forget it!

Katie Huff

Very pretty and clean hospital. The nurses and doctors were friendly and seemed knowledgeable... BUT, when I went into the emergency room after I fell and split my forehead open; it took over two hours for them to take me back! I kept checking with the front desk, and they continued to tell me that they were really busy.. There was only 7 people in the waiting room. I sat there over an hour before a nurse even offered me some ibuprofen. When they finally took me back, it took another 2 hours to get my stitches and the nurse told me it would be another HOUR before I would be released. I spent 5 hours at the hospital for 5 stitches! I will not be going back unless I'm on the brink of death.. next time I will just go to an Urgent Care.

Jim Pierce

The staff are competent and friendly.

Lisa Clements

This bad review is aimed one physician in particular. If u r un lucky enough to have Tillet as ur Dr get up and go to another ED. This Dr accused me of seeking attention and basically ignored me. I told them that I was in such distress that I would rather go home and die which got me a 72 HR hold and no medical treatment and a tox screen which was wrong. Now I'm stuck with a false positive on my record 4ever. I was treated horrible by him and the nurse too. I was was transferred to Reno and less than 24 HR I had to b taken to the ED dept there. I was dehydrated from vomiting and in awful pain I had to be given IV potassium, fluids and other meds cuz I was in bad condition. I kept telling him I was ill but he just didn't care. Nice job! This is not true for the rest of the physicians there in the ED or the main hospital. I've been given Great care but if u get him just run even the nurses don't like him.

Tisa Anderson

By far the worst hospital i have ever been admitted to. The staff was condescending, disrespectful, assumptive, egotistical. The staff made me feel like I was subhuman. They didn't listen to my concerns or observations of my own body. They made a diagnosis based on personal bias. They wouldn't bring me blankets. Their system is corrupted as my ex husbands name was on the paperwork when i divorced him in 2010 but was still listed in my paperwork with his new current address. They would sigh, groan and huff and puff anytime that i had anything to say or tried to express that what they diagnosed me with had nothing to do with the actual symptoms i was experiencing. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone. The service was so demeaning. Nurse kept covering her nose and making gestures that made it seem as if i disgusted her. If you have any chronic conditions don't go here unless you want them to rush the process of your conditions. When i was discharged they didn't tell me anything other than get out basically, you can't stay here. Gave me, what seemed like a made up diagnosis based on bias and carted me out to the lobby to fend for myself. It was so humiliating. Judging by the majority of one star reviews on this place, i don't even know how its still in business.

Joana Uribe Alvarado


The billing department is TERRIBLE. I received a bill for $6000 for someone who put my name down as being the person responsible for the fees. I was never there at the ER, nor did I sign the registration papers. So they allowed someone to use my name without checking I.D. or questionening the person. I had to spend alot of time clearing this up.

Tanya Watts

Living in a small rural town can be awesome unless you need medical help. I've had extremely bad experiences here before like the time I passed out went to the er. They put me in a room never hooked me up to anything and left me for eight hours. The only person I saw was billing who walked in asking for payment. I told her I couldn't stand. She said no problem I'll get your purse and get your card! So invasive. When I wrote to the hospital. They were not apologetic. They were extremely rude. By the way I have a serious heart condition. Fast forward two years and I'm pregnant. My ob unfortunately dealt with that hospital. I just hoped it was better than the er. Completely wrong. The room was filthy. I had a new nurse who somehow didn't know how to use the needle to set up an iv. She also left a dirty needle on the ground. I have pictures. My catheter bag spilled onto the floor because no one changed it. My husband stepped in it and we didn't know where the water was coming from. Ps I'm pretty sure I was the only one there as I walked the halls I didn't notice anyone the second day. The last day I didn't get my pain meds in time. I was told they had other emergencies. I asked for pads because I was out in my room and I was looked at like I had two heads how dare I ask. She said she would try to get a couple and never came back with one. They made sure my husband new he could not order a meal when he stayed the night. I had a c section and walked out of the hospital because I couldn't take a second more in there. It was a nightmare. I have lots of friends who had babies at Carson Tahoe, st. Mary's and renown. I know Carson is the worse. I would just warn people. The ob office basically has a monopoly and all use this hospital. Something to think about when planning. I also got a bill from a doctor who just checked in. The other two doctors said they were ok. I need to look to be exact but he billed my insurance close to five thousand for that. Our bills totaled over 32000 and I couldn't even get a pad! Renown makes couples feel welcome. They don't tell husbands you get nothing. Women feel comfortable. Leave with everything they need so they don't have to worry about the little things. Someone mentioned maybe it's an insurance thing. I am a state employee. My insurance is good. The older nurse in the day was also belittling the young night nurses. "There's a reason they have the night shift". Also the cleaning staff would just barge in my room. What about confidentially? I was so uncomfortable. As a new mom trying to learn to nurse and already having so many people be invasive you don't also need the janitor seeing you topless. They could at least knock first so I could cover myself. So unprofessional Please do your research. Having a baby should be a happy experience with a beautiful memory attached. This was far from that. Plan ahead. No what hospitals your ob works with. We don't have many options around here but we have a few.

Chad White

Better than renown. The nurses are thoroughl and kind. The doctor made some faces that made him look like a real jerk in context to our conversation. However, I don't know what all he had on his plate so I'm not judging. He was kind enough and he took care of me very quick. This place has great communication and care. I still feel better today. I know that with my issue, I have to wait for comofort and healing. But it didn't make sense that I should have the pain that bad. Now I can get through this without that pain. It took a toll on the whole family. My boys were so worried. Thank you so much! Even the emts were professional and kind. Nobody treated me like a junkie and nobody treated my husband like an abuser. They just listened and took good care. I can't thank you enough.

John Smith

My wife and I had our baby girl delivered here. The OB GYN and Pediatrician were excellent, the nurses were a completely different story. Very lazy, they sit at the desk for 3/4 of their shift and are very rude towards men. I was completely quiet around them whenever they came to check on my wife and yet they felt the need to boss me around, no introduction, no hospitality. First hospital I have ever been to where men get a very cold shoulder in the mother baby unit. I am a healthcare professional with a career just as important as an Rn and yet i was talked down to repeatedly. Very rude women in this OB department, you can definitely tell they are their for a paycheck and not out to make a difference in a mother or newborns life.

Nena Leonard

Visited the emergency room for an infected spider bite. All the nurses and doctors were wonderful. The room was very clean and i was seen very quickly and treated with utmost respect and careful consideration. I was very happy with the treatment I received there. Katharyn Kurek, the RN was the very sweetest nurse, and Doctor Edward Schelert was gentle, friendly, knowledgeable, helpful, patient and attentive. My overall experience was great and I give this ER 5 stars!

Phil Andres

ED visit comes with 2 bills apparently. 1 from the hospital and 1 from the emergency doctors. I paid the bill from the hospital not knowing there was a second bill out there, since the emergency doc bill was sent to the wrong insurance. About 15 months later I noticed a claim on my yearly credit report which hit my credit score by about a 100 points. Trying to get this headache resolved caused my 4/5 rating of this hospital to drop to a 1/5 especially since the lady at the billing department never picks up her phone... don't understand why the hospital just doesn't have the extended office as their primary number.

Sierra B

They have always been courteous and respectful to me and my family.

Super Silver SPACE Sean

They forced me to take medication. It's a game.

Andrew Wilcox

Treated like cattle by one white coat. Was “diagnosed” no some guy last night while I was being checked in at reception. Said I fell and it looks like asphalt. When my name is called by the same guy, I meet him in a room immediately left of reception and he tells me, “okay I saw you outside we’re pretty much done here”. He stuck to his guns about this being an abrasion from a fall on asphalt but these cysts showed up in groupings over time. Very unprofessional and inaccurate. I believe he told me his name was Ed. This guy was unable to give me any advice about how to prevent the ongoing issue from recurring and he said I look perfectly healthy and told me to leave, essentially. Found out an hour later that was not the case. Someone told me these look like brown recluse bites so I was really scared. Turns out to be a type of cyst that was quickly diagnosed about an hour later at another emergency room. I don’t know if that guy was new but just a heads up- July is when new residents start.

Janet Rosenthal

My husband is a retired physician and we moved into the area over a year ago. Despite being active and not needing much in medical care for many years, this years flu, combined with an underlying mild asthma, really laid him low. Our local physician recommended the Medical Center's ER for an evaluation when things got worse. Admittedly, you can't judge a system from one person's experience, but I wanted to offer some impressions as the wife of a professional who's spent 30 years on the giving end of hospitals and medical businesses. First, the Center is well located and easy to find. Checking into the ER was done quickly and efficiently. Secondly, within minutes he was having some of the tests my primary care doc ordered. Everyone we met was professional, knowledgeable and kind. The ER doc took his time and, upon discharge, the RN brought all of the necessary paperwork to his bedside. And, no, it wasn't because he's a retired doc. None of them knew this. Big medical centers have some definite advantages when you need a lot of specialists. It's comforting to us to know that a very respectable regional medical center is in our back yard. The experience was a limited one, but cudos to a well trained staff and thanks for being there.

Craig Benoit

The quality of healthcare leaves much to be desired

Marcy Morfin

Someone close to me recently had to visit this ER. Bills started coming, and she had been making payments every month. Today, they call falsely identifying themselves as 'Carson-Tahoe Health and Fitness Center.' She returned the call and found out they were calling about her bill, which, once again, has been paid in a timely manner each month. Falsely identifying themselves - isn't this illegal? Or shouldn't be?


My bff had to have emergency open heart surgery. .. The nurses in icu & the surgeon were AMAZING. Answered ALL of our questions, gave him the best care, & treated him with the upmost respect. We will be FOREVER GRATEFUL ❤ Thank you so so SO much! You guys are our heros! ✨

Sara Ross

Carson Tahoe is currently withholding treatment to the daughter of a friend of mine even though the family and the doctor are willing to assume the risk. The medication has been ordered by the hospital pharmacy and paid for by the patient’s insurance but the hospital still refuses to administer the treatment. Cason Tahoe notified the patient and her family only 2 days before the scheduled treatment was to be administered that they were not going to allow the doctor to administer the treatment as planned. This is not my first disappointing experience with Carson Tahoe but is definitely one of the worst!


Avoid them if you can, all they want is your $$$$$.

Dustin Bass

The people who work here are very caring, knowledgeable, and professional. They truly do care about your health and well being and work together to ensure they can do everything in their power to help you.

Mandy Taylor

Absolutely terrible experience. Came in with symptoms of kidney stones and waited over an hour to even see a doctor let alone get any medication. The waiting room was empty and I was taken to a room promptly to just lie is agonizing pain with no one available to help. This hospital has always been terrible. I would much rather make the drive to Reno.

Marci Sawyer

Thank you all for your kindness, love, awesome bedside manner, duirng our difficult time of losing our mother. I wish I knew her nurse Amber's last name. She was so sweet and so professional ❤️. She was there until the end for my mom Nancy Howard. I hope both of my FB posts get back to the staff and their bosses. Thank you again.

Heather Baker

Tom S.

Very courteous and friendly staff.

Ivon Gutierrez De Leon

Went in because I was in A lot of pain, nurse was excellent, service was slow as expected, when It came to the doctor he was horrible, did no help me whatsoever and gave me false information over something I’m well aware is 100% true. He did nothing for my situation whatsoever. At the time of examination he didn’t know how to examen me, and than one of the staff people told he he didn’t know how to do certain procedure and unfortunately he was the only doctor on call, that if I would have gotten a different doctor there would have been no issue with what I was in need of. All the doctor did was tell me to follow up with my primary physician and literally just gave me ibuprofen. My bill was ridiculousy high for just some damn ibuprofen , the care and knowledge of the doctor was ridiculous!!

Shane Birdwell

Mark Degarmo

Greater then most LA hospitals

Rchl Mltn

I went here with a hip injury. The ER didn't even check me in or ask why I was there. The girls just ordered me to take a seat. I watched as they checked in multiple people ahead of me that just walked in. I waited over an hour just to be checked in to be on the list to be seen but they just ignored me. I ended up leaving. Now I'm sitting here with sharp radiating pain wrapping around my hip and struggling to stand or walk but I don't want to go back to this hospital and be invisible again.

Erika Keil

Terrible hospital. Had to wait 2+ hours just to get discharged. During this time no drs came in to check on us once, I’m pretty sure they forgot we were even there. WHAT A JOKE OF A PLACE

Amber And Travis

My dad in ICU and this unit is excellent. Good caring nurses.

Shaun Aronov

Ashleigh Hamill

Martin Rodriguez

Very poor service. My mother died in 2015 when she had all the symptoms of a heart attack and they still had her sit and wait for 2 hours before they saw her. Got to the room where they check you blood pressure and it was sky high. They performed surgery on the spot and she passed. Today on February 24 my dad went in for surgery. It took them two hours to attend him when he had a schedule. When he went in the room the nurse wasn't wearing gloves, didn't have his medical records, and was extremely rude. This place needs to get it together before more people die. Very dissapointed.

Dani Mcmartin-wills

Honestly the place may be nice. But I took my husband here for stitches and waited 4 hours. 3 hours in they finally did them then it took us an hour to discharge us. One nurse new nothing about what was going on even though she working on a computer outside are room

Sarah Grasso

My young healthy brother suffered a life threatening aspiration pneumonia due to an anesthesiologist negligence requiring admittance to the ICU. When we entered the emergency department, my brother was having difficulty breathing because his oxygen saturations were 50% of what they should have been. The first people to look at someone when they enter the door are not medical personal, but a registration clerk. We told her we needed oxygen, she called the triage nurse and told us to wait. TO WAIT WITH AN OXYGEN SATURATION OF 50%. I thankfully ignored her advice and interrupted the triage nurse to get my brother oxygen. I have written to the hospital about this, they have dismissed my concerns that the first person to lay eyes on a patient should be someone with medical knowledge. Once the triage nurse saw how ill my brother was, we were immediately sent to a room where a barrage of tests were done to confirm aspiration pneumonia. The infuriating thing is that, the concerns we had about my brother immediately after his surgery were dismissed and we were sent home without antibiotics we requested resulting in my brother becoming critically ill and requiring a hospital stay that we now have to also pay for. This is unacceptable. Why should my brother have to pay for the care he needed as a result of negligence?

Alexandria Franklin

So I am writing about my recent experience regarding carson tahoe hospital. Not the old one. I went in last night exhibiting these symptoms: dizziness, nausea, fatigue, fever 98-101, disorientation, shortness of breath, sweating, cold sweats, muscle spasms, extreme body pain,and a large wound on the top left thigh that showed signs of infection that was under the skin. Before going in, I had made a list of my symptoms, when they started, and the tracking of my fever over the course of three days, which was how long I had been suffering through this. I specifically wrote this information down so that my husband knew what to say to the doctors. He was working and when he got home he took me into the ER. I knew that I wasn't going to be able to talk very well due to the pain and disorientation, so I made sure to give my husband the reigns. I made sure to put him down as my power of attorney just in case anything happened the last time I was in the hospital. As my husband carried me to where the wheelchairs are kept, he placed me down into one, then rolled me to the waiting line. Took over 15 minutes to get checked in, and when we did, apparently two nurses ran over to us and started asking what did she take. My husband kept telling them she doesn't do drugs, and she didn't take anything. She got bitten by something on the thigh, and now she's getting worse! They had automatically assumed I was a druggie. They proceeded to roll me into a side waiting room because I was making too much noise because of the pain I was in. It took 30 minutes for them to finally come an give me a beginning iv, and to take some large vials of blood. I then was left again for another 10 minutes before two more nurses came by to ask more questions. Again I was referred as being a junkie. (Please bear in mind my husband wrote down all times and any other info just to be thorough later) I was then rolled into a private room where a nurse started a saline solution, checked my vitals, and spoke kind words to me. I told the doctor that I had prior history with large infections like this (mrsa) back in 2011 at this very hospital. He began to question as to what for. I told him that I was acting just like I was now, the symptoms were the same, the rate at which the mass grew were the same, that I was going to bet that they were going to treat me the same by making an incision, draining, then putting packing gauze into it, gave me some antibiotics, then sent me home. Only problem was after they did that back in 2011, not even a whole day went by before I became deathly ill, my parents showed up and took me to renown where I was put into surgery asap and inevitably my life was saved due to that action. Of course carson tahoe couldn't 'find' these' records as well as the power of attorney paperwork I had filled out for my husband. I know for a fact that they keep their records electronically for 3 years, then file it downstairs once it's older than 3 years. The doctor ignores the fact that I had prior history when it came to this, ignored what I wanted to do even though I have insurance so money isn't the issue, and wasn't kind to me in any way. The only time things went my way in this entire process is when I grabbed his coat tails, pleaded with him, and begged him to put me under because of my ptsd, to do surgery to remove all the dead tissue, and to not do what they did to me the last time-small incision and packing gauze, then home for three days. He freaked out on me saying I shouldn't grab his coat when he's about to cut into me, and that he couldn't work like this. I apologized then proceeded to beg to be put under. Mind you that this is when I finally started to get medication via iv that would calm me, and take away pain. So a total of three hours without pain medication. I finally get my wish. I get put under twilight, it gets drained, and packed with gauze, then I get sent ptsd flares even while I'm in a disoriented state and am passing out every few seconds. What I am concerned about is that some doctors aren't taking this serious.

ernie o

aam woood

Stephanie Welden

If I could give negative stars I would. I have never experienced such garbage and lack of care for a patient and their family. We were constantly bullied and pushed around. They are rough with their treatments and just have a general lack of compassion. I am disgusted, appalled and overall angry with my experience. I wouldn't wish this hospital on my worst enemy.

Gail A Cribbins

Andrea Westbrook

Don't go for labs unless you have all day to waste. My elderly dementia mom and I arrived and signed in. After waiting an hour she had to use the rest room. I asked where it was and upon my return I was told by someone that we were called. When I asked I was told no we were not called and then proceeded to call the next 3 people after us. After I asked again I was told yes we missed our call. After being called I had hope because the the first lab went fast but then we had to sign in again at another station for more work. (Of course they didn't relay us to the next area we had to wait again) this time I was told they are backed up because this station is part of the ER. And so we wait yet again scare to use the rest room i case we are called.

Chantel Alyssa

Terrible. Nobody would listen to me or do what I ask them to. They acted like that hair stylist that just talks and talks and chops off inches of your hair when you asked to keep your length.

Jodi Blain

My little sister had triple negative breast cancer, went to the er for breathing difficulties & was blatantly told your going to die this weekend by the rudest ER doctor Jose Santa Baez We left there filling day went to st mary' s in Reno. Filed complaint no real answers.

Barry Mottram

Incopetant. Mom has been in twice at 4 days at a time thus month. Surgery apparently is to high risk( or doctors not skilled . so they will release her again.positive we will be back if she doesnt die first. Dont go to this hospital they will monitarily rape you and send you home sick.

Dennis Billow

Francesco Moore

Went in for a torn rotor cup. Was told my blood pressure was sky high. Told me that the ER doesn't do an MRI's. Did a worthless xray and made my shoulder hurt even worse than it did when I got there. Told me to move it as much as possible so that the muscles don't atrophy (not supposed to move it with a torn rotor cup. In 2017 the father of one of my best friends got sepsis while in their care and died because of it. Worst hospital EVER! Shut these butchers down!

Leeann Bowers

Sad no one cares and they did not help my pane treating me like a drug people never in my life have I dun drugs do not go to this hospital poor

Cindy Paola

Courtney Gates

Gabriel R. Ruiz

Most of the RN's are rude and unhelpful, lazy and ignorant. They expect everything to go perfectly and if things dont go their way they become so nasty. The CNA's are much better workers. I really would not trust any of my family with these Nurse's on duty.

Rudy Morales

Look at your patient's file first before you diagnose. There's a reason why you have it. (Trying to give medicine that patient is allergic to) Tahoe needs to review their staff and learn to treat patients with respect. Stop assuming that people are on drugs. This hospital is a joke. Moved here from another state and this is by far the worst hospital.

Laura Akers

Hospital backs out of operations it ALREADY approved. Removes reviews and whole review pages to avoid being outed for their bad behavior. STAY AWAY if you want to live.

Steven Morrison

IT Is Very Nice A Great Place To Grab A Bite To Eat Is Sage Cafe Jhonny The Cook Is Dyno-Mite Fixing Your Food

Cheryl Ielmorini Byrne

Out of town, at a softball tournament, got hit on the head from a foul ball. Went to ER, very competent and friendly staff. Notice on board in room stating estimated procedure wait times -----albeit, totally over estimated. I had a CAT SCAN and was out of there in no time! Very good experience. The following 48 hrs I spent a lot of time getting my records faxed from Carson Tahoe to my primary MD and everyone was helpful and not grumpy or rude. Thanks to all!

Lori Barnes

Back in July (2018) I was admitted to Carson Tahoe ICU/cardivascular unit due to heart problems while at an outing with friends. I learned I would need an open heart surgery to replace my aortic valve . Dr Chapman and his team did a fantastic job andi had the best recovery care. I felt treated with dignity and the best care. I highly recommend this hospital highly. Wonderful staff.

Nicole Marso

Every time I come here it takes forever to get seen!! It's ridiculous. They literally do not take emergencies seriously. I'd be better off driving to Reno before coming here.

Tara Wolf

Ignored, wouldn't listen, and very poor organization.

Amanda S.

Very poor experience with Carson Tahoe. My mother had surgery on a Friday and got discharged on a Wednesday. CNAs were not helpful and seem disgusted when we asked for anything. My mother threw up and the CNA got a wipe and just wiped up her gown because she didn't want to unhook everything that was pinned to my moms gown, the CNA rolled her eyes when my mom told her she wanted a new gown. Her nurse had no idea she was throwing up the whole week she was there. When I spoke to the doctor and asked why she is getting sick, she's like there's not documentation of her throwing up, have you seen her getting sick. and I told her yes I've came here every day and she throws up every time I'm here so the doc said "are you a nurse?" because I had a renown logo on my shirt. I even asked what tests have been done or has anything been done for her getting sick and they said no. The whole time she was there she did not have physical therapy, when I asked they again said oh you haven't. Being how my mother just had surgery she needed briefs, which they did not have, so they just put a pad down. Not a good experience for us.

Danny Boy B

Unprofessional. Uncaring I support Satori.

Rich Tillis

Margot Easley

This Hospital administration has been getting many messages concerning a young woman with a rare disease named Satori. I am giving Carson Tahoe Health a one ⭐️ review with a comment that I think it is inhumane to withhold a lifegiving drug that has been prayed for over a decade for by Satori's family because of beaurcratic fears of a new medical procedure. This procedure is almost identical to an epidural which is given to women in labor countless times every single day. Carson Tahoe Hospital says that they don’t understand this drug, yet they ordered (and are currently in possession of) two doses of this very expensive drug that was special ordered just for Sartori by the Doctor and okayed by her insurance. Are you a hospital where people go to get treatment or are you a place where people are treated as not worthy of life?

Daniel Hall

The staff was friendly but communication between CNAs, RNs, Dr., and patients was lacking in my experience. My mother was put down as NPO(not allowed food or water) for 36hrs because they thought she was someone else. The Dr. had to verify her name several times and remarked that it's been a while since they've seen each other. He's her cardiologist that she sees weekly... let that sink in. Granted, this is my family's experience I hope everyone else that visits is treated better. Overall it's a hospital, you normally don't shop around for them you just go.

Brian Mattoon

Rude staff. Extremely rough with sick weak patients. Pushes for hospice and death when there was no need. Incredibly unprofessional. Made me feel uncomfortable visiting my dying mom. Added a dnr and they decided they didn't need to treat her anymore. Go here only if you want to die or be pressured to die. I'd give this place negative stars if I could. If you care about your life or the life of your loved ones take the trip to reno.

Neo Trinity

Even after a serious surgery the nurses here act like it's an issue to provide care while you heal enough to do for yourself. Hygiene is an after thought to their priorities, which according to one nurse is napping. Highly unprofessional.

Deanna McCandless

Been there many times and good service in almost all cases,and if it's heart or stroke they took us right now,thank you everyone

Matt and Samantha Thompson

My husband and I had the great pleasure of having our first baby at Carson Tahoe in February 2017, and we were absolutely blown away by the top-notch care we received. They treated us like family, and went above and beyond to care for us and make sure all of our needs were met. They laughed with us, we shared stories, and overall I could not have asked for a better experience. They exceeded our expectations in every possible way, and I am forever grateful. The team of nurses, physicians, and care providers will always have a special place in my heart. Fast forward six months, and my son came down with a stomach bug and 103 degree temperature. It was 2 o'clock in the morning, my poor baby was screaming as his fever wasn't responding to Tylenol, and my husband and I were in a panic as first-time parents. But in that moment, we knew exactly who we would turn to - Carson Tahoe. We started by calling Carson Tahoe's free 24-hour nurse health line for guidance. The nurse advised us to take him to the nearest Emergency Department; fortunately, Carson Tahoe's ED was only 5 minutes away. Upon arrival, we were kindly greeted by their staff, and within 10 minutes we were all checked in and had already seen the nurse. Wow - I cannot say enough about how incredible our experience was...They even gave my little guy a teddy bear, which instantly made his sweet little face light up (it's still one of his favorites to this day). Everyone was so kind...the nurses and doctors were phenomenal, and the nurse even held him for a bit and they played peek-a-boo together. They treated us like family, and their compassion made a world of difference in helping us get through a scary time. We are very fortunate to have such an amazing healthcare provider in our community, and I wouldn't dream of going anywhere else in the region for care. From the bottom of my heart, thank you Carson Tahoe!

April Butler

The doctors don't communicate with each other. I have had to complain about the care. Cancer doctors really don't care if your cancer spreads. There is so much more. We as patients did not go to school to become Drs. They chose to go and now act like we are a burden. .

Randi Phillips

Please see my review of Carson Tahoe Medical Center on Yelp.

Terry Pittman

Horrible diagnosis!! Entered the emergency room with unbearable pain in the middle of my sternum. All the staff would focus on for the entire 36 hours I was there was my heart. Ran every possible test several times on my heart and all came back as normal each time. Gave me nitro glycerine and other drugs that had my heart rate down to 37 beats per minute. Had to spend the night in one of the tiny side rooms in the emergency room. Spent the entire next day running tests on my heart. Finally researched some other possibilities and found nothing wrong. Sent me home in more pain than when I arrived. Mis-diagnosed my issue completely. After another week of excruciating abdominal pain, I ended up in a "real" hospital at St Mary's after my doctor said it she thought it was a gallbladder problem. My wife even suggested to the quacks at Carson Tahoe that it sounded like I was having gallbladder issues. Went to St Mary's and they ran the test to assess gallbladder function and found mine was non existent. Immediately took me into surgery and removed what was left of my gallbladder. Solved my problem completely and have been fine since. To add insult to injury, after I expressed my experience and dissatisfaction to the Carson Tahoe business office, they still insisted I pay a $305 charge my insurance did not cover. My insurance had already paid them over $20,000! Disputed the charge since I was mis-diagnosed and treated for the wrong problem. Each time I spoke to their business office, I was told they would present my case to their supervisor for review and get back to me. No one ever called back...except to demand payment again. Finally, after my last call to try to speak to someone about being charged for services I did not receive, I again was told it would be reviewed and someone would call me back. Never happened, instead the business department turned me over to a collection agency. To protect my credit, I was forced to pay the $305 for services I never received. This hospital deserves the lowest rating possible for the care they did not offer. The business office clearly does not care about the patient and is only interested in money. I live in the Carson Valley and even if I'm dying, I will request to be taken to a different hospital.

Carolyne Lang

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