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REVIEWS OF Barton Memorial Hospital IN Nevada

Rich Fischer

I went to Barton ER with a terrible nose bleed. The staff was incredible and I was most impressed with Dr. Clayton Josephy. He was helpful, communicative, efficient and I really appreciated him. And he called me the next day to see how I was doing.

Bob Singh

I am here in Tahoe for vacationing from Dublin CA. My Son got pneumonia and Asthma attack and we end up in ER. I was so amazed with staff, Dr's and even food delivery guy, how friendly they are! Drs explained us a to z, didnt leave the room unit she answered all our question. My son was so scared to hospitalzie today but hospital staff made him so comfortable that I am totally shocked. I am gald I read the reviews before I came here. THANK YOU BARTON! Hopefully we will go home today.

Tuhin Chowdhury

I was on vacation and I got sick and stop by at Barton Hospital. I really don't like what I see. I myself in medical field for long time . When people go to Ed with dehydration first think that patient need IV fluid . On my case no IV was administered . Second of all no food was serve in 7 hours. Waiting for Tylenol never had one . Bad hospital and measurable service .

Wayne Calhoon

B. F.

Went to the ER at Barton Memorial Hospital today because I had a bite of steak hung in my throat from dinner last night. I've never been to a hospital with such a friendly, caring staff. Every single administrative assistant, doctor and nurse that I saw while I was there had an excellent bedside manner and I felt so much better knowing that I was in their caring hands! Very thankful that they helped me feel better both physically and emotionally! Keep up the good work!

Christine Nguyen

Frank T

I work here part time. It's a good hospital specializing in orthopedics.

Amber Barry

If I could give this place zero stars I would. If I was in a life threatening situation I would rather go to Carson Nevada hospital and risk dying before going to Barton every again.

Ronnie Georges-Gallo

In town for vacation and found myself at the ER. Best ER experience I've ever had. From the clerk at the front desk to the x-ray tech, everyone was attentive, caring and thorough. unfortunately the only names I remember are Doctor Horton and RN Rome, though each and every person who was part of this visit were wonderful! Crazy as it sounds, but if you have to go to an emergency room, Barton Memorial Hospital is the place to go.

Alex Dimitriu

Im a physician, and in my history of dealing with medicine, this was one of the best and most efficiently run ER's I've yet seen. Dr. Clay Josephy MD is simply outstanding.

Anthony Price

I came into this hospital with marijuana induced psychosis and they treated me like I was insane and threatened to institutionalize me instead of doing what I needed. It's very common for people with phycosis to be mistaken as crazy or something but you would think doctors would know better.

William Boyd

This place was fantastic to me on 2/25. Came in with a knee injury and found them pleasant,quick and informing. Thanks again to everyone there.

Gary Stanton

Emergency room Dr.LanceOrr sewed my popped finger tip back on with better than expected results. First class treatment all the way. Thanks EVERYONE!

Jason Dong

Jason Casey

ER ran effortlessly. Evening weekend and got right in

Karl Monsos

The Billing Department is egregious, unhelpful and refuses to answer there phones under any circumstances. The doctor I was assigned didn't care about my health or well being, and regurgitated information I was already aware of. Spent about 1 minute asking a couple questions, gave me nothing and now I have a whopping 2000$ bill 3 months later.

s c

they are super rude and then mess every thing up so bad that youd be better off taking a long nap

Shirley Walker

Awesome I came home with a beautiful baby

Jason Ogasian

Great doctors but lab work prices are outrageous! More then 2x what you would pay for the same tests at LabCorp in Carson.

Mason Wan

The employees were friendly. They showed that they were caring the patient.

vadivelan ellappan

we removed OLD philips MRI from existing building. I saw perfect and very FRIENDLY medical professions. Nice hospital and NICE care team.

Timothy Voth

In and out of the emergency room in less than2 hours. Friendly front desk guy, good doctor, caring nurses. That being said, I hope I never have to go back!

Justin Lott

Worst experience I've ever had!!! 4 hours waiting in excruciating pain and only words spoken to me was " do you have insurance " and "thats not dislocated."

Grace Killian

I was treated at Barton in July 2015. My insurance sent payment to Barton in September 2015. I only now received a bill from Barton....7 months following treatment and 6 months following their receipt of payment. When I telephoned Barton to inquire about the delay, I was told that my insurance had not paid them until Feb 16, 2016. When I checked back with my insurance, they reiterated that they had paid Barton on 9/1/15. The "he said," "she said" routine from Barton is unacceptable!

Rose Warren

I have had the pleasure of working at this hospital. They were all nice and gave me extra hours to pay my enormous car payment. Thanks! Miss the people and the scenery.

Kathleen Carroll

I was so scared having to have two surgeries at same time but the staff was so great. I have had surgeries before no other hospital was so clean. The nurses and cna’s came immediately when called they never complained always happy to help me never did I feel left alone or with out needing anything. I was not the easiest patient in a lot of pain and struggled with moving and eating but they worked as a team and I feel I was in good hands. The staff had a lot of patience and I’m so thankful!

Colton Barto

Hospitals are never fun, that's just the nature of the game. I received a hand laceration that ended up tearing a tendon while skiing. I was rushed from the clinic to the hospital to go into surgery at the last minute. They turned what should have been a week long endeavor into a few hours, all while making this miserable situation a positive one. I was treated by several nurses that were all incredible. I wish I could remember all of their names (sorry! mind was unfortunately on other things, and all I can remember is Blair), because I'd like to send a thank you. It's truly amazing how people who get treated so poorly go to work everyday and happily take care of everyone else while working incredibly long shifts. True heroes in my eyes, and I want to thank you all for the incredible treatment that I received from what felt like friends or family, rather than a stranger!

Sue Nolan

This is the most inhumane, incompetent hospital imaginable. My daughter received appallingly substandard care, and was thrown out on her ear well before she was stable. The care is non-existent, the staff is unprofessional, and worst of all, this is the only hospital for miles around to care for people in the Lake Tahoe area. Do not become ill or injured in Lake Tahoe.

San Mateo

I was at Barton Emergency room was the worst experience I have ever witnessed in a hospital. The nurses have lost the true essence of nursing, and the er Doc downplayed my condition, also, one specific ER Tech named "DEEJAE", spelled weird like that, likes to mouth off to patients while he's walking away with his back turned... you are not hard mouthin off to a patient.. you are weak and simple minded.. go get a job u like..


We were in Tahoe over the 4th of July week and needed to make a necessary stop at the emergency room. Everyone was amazing from the moment we walked in the door...the volunteer, front desk person, nurses and doctors. We were brought back to a bed quickly and taken care of immediately. We're from SoCal and have never had such a positive experience at a hospital. Thank you to the Barton staff!!!

Rudy Linkers

What an amazing staff!! I found them quite knowledgeable and helpful; but most if all, I found the staff to be caring and I feel appreciative to have found them. Thank you!!

TJ crowl

The check In was quick, they take your vitals, then prepare to wait even if you may bleed to death. Order pizza or bring a book. 4 hour wait to give up and suffer through the morning to get to a Reno hospital with efficiency of service.

Lizzy Barton

Review as a patient and employee. Doctors and nurses are incredible. Great care !!! They are the best. Unfortunately leadership, especially HR Director and CEO could care less about employees. Main reason nurses voted 123 to 17 (not a misprint, actual vote) to unionize. Great care but don’t work here !

Mason Ungar

I recently suffered what most people would consider a rather routine tendinitis condition in my elbow. After seeing my General Practitioner and receiving a prescription for physical therapy, I went to Barton Memorial Hospital to receive physical therapy. In my first session with the therapist Amy Wallace, I was taught a stretch and one exercise and was asked to do these exercises at home 3-4 times per day. The therapist encouraged me to come back for visits 3x/week until the issue was resolved. I went back a total of 4 more visits, during those visits the therapist literally just gave me a heat pad for 15-20 minutes, then asked me to do the exercises she taught me to do at home, then used either an ultrasound or laser therapy, none of this "treatment" helped my tendinitis issue at all. I cancelled the rest of my appointments once I realized the treatment was ineffective. A month later I started receiving bills for these services. Barton Memorial Hospital disgustingly charged me over $3,000 for 5 physical therapy appointments, when I called for clarification, I was told, "yes, physical therapy is incredibly expensive, they bill in 15 minute increments, and we're not responsible for what your insurance will pay or not". The "treatments" I received were an absolute joke compared to the prices this organization is charging. Each visit cost around $638 total, which means that every time they started my appointment with "heat therapy" they were charging me $158.50 to put a HEATING PAD on my elbow...that is beyond outrageous.

Shirl Price

I had the greatest experience with this hospital and the staff. I had a hip replacement and am still receiving recuperation information from them. Really bad food, what hospital doesn't ?

MerriJane Hayes

The rate of care was adiquet. But be WARNED. The cost of a ER. visit is astronomical. My son dislocated his shoulder, he went in, it righted itself without any help from the staff, they took xrays and sent him home with a sling and no other services, the doctor never touched him, and charged us $3600. Also be WARNED the doctor you get might not be a provider for your insurance, even if the hospital is. And will charge $2500. Not to mention when I called billing to question the charges the women I spoke with was very dismissive.

Carl Valenti

Had the pleasure of working with the teams at Barton a few years ago. As a very experienced care provider, I must say that the people of this facility are some of the most caring and unique I have ever had the opportunity to serve with.

Leslie Morales

Everyone was very nice and professional. I could not ask for better care. Best medical care ever. I hope I don't need them ever again.

Duck Hyung Rhee

It seems that Barton is flooded with usually bad reviews. It is notable that this is a small hospital in the middle of the woods, where the next hospital is a town or more away. However, they provided world class care and simply put, saved one of our family member's lives. I would trust my own life to them. Our family's experience was nothing short of excellent. We were provided with a team of 1 main surgeon backed by 3 physicians, one main physician post surgery backed by a team of 2 ICU nurses and 2 post op nurses. The care team of physicians, surgeons, nurses, aides, and techs provided the best level of care compared to even bigger hospitals. Even the housekeeping staff were warm and efficient. Timely, truly compassionate, and judicious are some words that come to mind when I look back at our two days at Barton. Although they are a small hospital, they won't hold back in giving you the resources, dedication, and competent care you need to see another day. Thank you, Dr. Evans, Dr. Muscat, nurses Justin, Melissa, and Daniel and all other staff who helped our family in a time of great need.

Sara Burns

I was born there in 83 and my sister and I were the first twins born there lol

kathy fleming

Meng M

My left leg got broken when I skied at Heavenly, I had a surgery here and all doctors and nurses are really very professional and very nice, they also asked an interpreter to help me as my english is not so good, really impressed

Debra Lazell

Started to get better than went downhill again. Usually helpful, but since last year, inefficient, and uncaring. Then yesterday I was crying in excruciating pain and brought in a wheelchair, a guy in the ER harassed me when I mentioned pain management so I got mad. I was the one they were forcing to be removed. It was degrading and despicable.

Patti Francis

I had a sledding accident with 9 fractured ribs. Best care ever!

steve conlan

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