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REVIEWS OF Nebraska Spine Hospital IN Nebraska

Susan Kellar

This TLIF surgery is amazing,

Kent Peters

Five star hangout if you have spine problems. The staff is fantastic and personable and well trained to the special needs of spinal patients. Nebraska Spine surgeons are a fantastic group, and stand out in their conservative team approach. Cases are all reviewed with the other staff surgeons and they have maximized their great outcomes by realistic use of conservative measures prior to jumping to surgical procedures. Absolutely top notch and one of the real medical assets that Omaha has!

garrett hurtt

Here's why I gave 2 stars. when I checked in yesterday morning had a short wait was taken back to previous op iv started met with everyone things went smoothly was taken into surgery right on time all that. Really everyone was wonderful. When I got to my room this is where it went bad my afternoon nurse was great but then shift change came. The night nurse started out ok but then I started to hurt and I also needed some other meds that I guess they never ordered so she had to order them and I also asked for a nicotine patch since I smoke. After this is was told that better be all I needed because the Dr wasn't happy she had to call and she want going to call again. So during the night I was barely given my pain meds and same with into the next day. They seem to want to give you the bare amount of meds possible to the point you have to be crying out in pain and shaking before they actually will give them to you. They don't seem to handle there pain management very well post op. I'm actually writing this as I lay flat in my bed post op still in pain 24 hrs later due to a tear in the lining of my spinal cord. I'm suppose to receive meds for pain every 4 hrs but I have to call for them and I'm lucky to get them every 5 to 6 hrs. No muscle relaxants even though I had a fairly major operation and they just don't seem to care. If you have surgery here I hope it out patent otherwise you may be in for a world of hurt and a long miserable time here

Deborah Smith

If you have to have spine surgery, this is the very best place to have it!!!! While the doctors are all excellent diagnosticians and surgeons, it is the nurses who are truly wonderful! Whether it be the day or the night shift, they are all, without a doubt, knowledgeable, nice, compassionate and truly wonderful professionals. (Many many special thanks to Kristi, Tonya, Mel, and Amanda!) The doctors come in and see you for just a few minutes a day; but they have other patients and busy practices which demand their time, although I have never felt short-changed. But it is the nurses who are with you 24/7 after your surgery while you are recovering. From pre-op, through post-op, and up on the floor, they are simply the best!!!!!

James Hynes

Negative experience from freezing at night because the nurses wouldn't answer call lights to poor pain management to allowing the insurance company to dictate medical care. Maybe all facilities are like this but I doubt it.

cheryl brezina

My son had surgery Monday morning and he was discharged before noon Tuesday. The Staff were the greatest. I spent the night to help him,as nurses and staff are sometimes hard to come by when you need one. Every staff member was quick to respond and help anyway they could. They were all so friendly and cheerful. It was such a joy to see such dedicated people in one small area, at any time of the day.

Tammy Stolz

Had surgery and was there 4 days, 3 nights. Every one of my nurses were great. They were kind, efficient and knowledgeable. Good experience!

Sarah Mcvey

Megan Prater

Every staff member that I dealt with, from the receptionist to the doctor, were extremely rude and dismissive. After the nurse practitioner roughed me up with "does this hurt, does this hurt", they said there was nothing they could do for my misformed pelvic bone and scoliosis, they wouldn't even prescribe anything for pain. It was a huge waste of time, I would steer clear and find other options if you want to be treated with dignity.

Gina Keller

Anna Stohlman

My husband had spine surgery on 8/31 for lumbar problems. It was outpatient, about 3 days after the surgery he started to experience horrible migraines and nothing even medicine the dr subscribed didn't even touch it. So we called the surgeon again and his office told us there wasnt anything else they could do!!! Said to call his regular Dr. So we did and they told us to go to the emergency room, which we did. First ER visit, they thought the migraines were because of tension from the surgery, which to come find out later they were not. During surgery a bone must have tore his dura which is the lining of our spinal fluid. So they called the original surgeon to have him check on this because there was an issue. So on the next thursday after being transferred from lakeside to Ne Spine Hospital they did the surgery. So he stayed a couple of days and the mirgraines were getting worse. They sent him home with pain medicines. Then again after a couple of days we starting noticing fluid leaking out of his wound. I couldn't believe it!!! We then decided to go to Bergen because they have neurologists there. He was admitted and had to spend 10 days at Bergen with a tube in him to drain all of the fluid and still had massive migraines. The new doctor did a great job, he is home now and doing better!!! This simple surgery turned out to be a nightmare that lasted a month! I do not have good feelings about this hospital and the care...

Debra Rutledge

One year ago today I had back surgery with Dr. Woodard and the great staff at Ne Spine Hospital. I entered in severe pain and barely able to walk. As a nurse I have high expectations for my medical team - and they were met and exceeded. The great care I received prepared me for returning home to Plainview, and the post op care made sure that I was on track and able to return to work (with limitations). I feel Blessed and very thankful. I recommend Ne Spine and staff to all. Happy Thanksgiving.

April Wagner

Would not help me.

Steve Brule

I had the best care and my day nurse Melanie was the best nurse I've ever had and this was my 5th neck surgery so I know what I'm talking about. I recommend it to anyone looking for the best care and professional all the way.

Heather Brown

Cliona Murphy

Nearly died in here with severe blood loss and life threatening low blood pressure during surgery. Awoke in severe pain. Was never controlled. They called up an ER doctor who reintubated while I was awake - that most horrific and traumatic experience. Was tied down even when woken up on ICU and unable to write even to staff I was suffering. Begged them to let me communicate my distress. Lost over 60% of my blood volume during the surgery so it fell to a critical level within 3 hours post op. No explanation given as to why - the surgeon just shook his head. Took 2 days of dizziness, breathless and feeling incredibly unwell before I received a blood transfusion. The on call anesthesiologist apologised to nursing staff he couldn't get in to help me that night as he was covering SIX other Omaha area hospitals. Not acceptable and NOT SAFE !! The nursing staff told my next of kin that the other anesthesiologist had gone to Bolivia since my surgery earlier that day and could not be reached. I am seriously lucky to be alive to write this and I have been told the same by multiple medical professionals who have read my clinical history and hospital admission chart. Avoid this institution at all costs. Neither physician, anesthesia, nursing , treatment , or physician cross cover practices are safe. Patients who voice concerns about pain, blood loss, or low blood pressure, or any clinical concerns as I did, are told to calm down and behave. After prior surgeries in other states I can clearly say this hospital is off the scale in terms of how dangerous and inhumane it is to the patients who unfortunately end up here not knowing what it is really like.

Darwin Schultz

The experience was great. The best service I ever received patient. The nurses were great, surgery started before scheduled, light response was the best I received from any hospital. Dr. Gill did a good job of processing me in and again during discharge. Meals served on time with hot meals hot and cold food cold. the discharge took less than one hour when it was determined that I was going to be discharged. Darwin Schulz Lincoln NE

Patricia McClellan

The best doctors, nurses and full staff. Everyone we met here know there stuff. Seriously, and they care. They listen to whats' wrong and fix it. I hope you don't need their services. But they are the best in America! Thank you to each dr. Especially Dr. John W McClellan III.

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