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Jan Pape

Twila Bax

The female doctor I had tonight needs to be fired for being rude and the male nurse sidekick. Never going back..

Xhelle Of The Forests & Fields

I have gone multiple times regarding PCOS and hair loss. They dont look at anything, just prescribe metformin and tell me to get gastric bypass multiple times. My blood sugar is beyond perfect, and my ovaries are so sore from the cysts and not having a period. I tried the metformin once and broke out in full body hives. Told the doctor, she just told me to try again and get surgery. Walked out in excruciating pain and an RX I wont fill. Surgery center called me 20 times a week, then Sent me a passive aggressive letter when I didn't want that. Why not just help someone address PCOS so they can lose weight naturally?

TJae Morales

Matthew Slisik

Never had any issues, the staff are polite, and my doctor is always understanding.


Maria Bulinski

From the ER, the 3rd floor, and the ICU, nothing but the best care period! The doctors, nurse's, and the techs are such caring individuals. Thank you all for everything you did for me. I am truely greatful.


If i could give a zero stars i would. Took my baby to get check because he had fallen and waited hours before the doctor even show up.

Tracy Pfannebecker

William McNally

The staff in the allergy and immunology unit apparently don't know how to tell time because they have scheduled my appointments for the wrong time multiple times. I won't be returning if I can avoid it.

Charles Williamson

Amee Van Voorhis

Amazing staff, compassionate, kind people

randomanonymous smith

Joi Roberts

I called the hospital line a couple of times while in Georgia to find out about my mother. I came all the way to Nebraska immediately. After surgery the doctor didn’t talk to my mother and left her in pain for hours. No one helped her to the bathroom after heart surgery. No one gave her water. The damn I.V. wasn’t working so she wasn’t given any of the medicine they were suppose to. Everyone who answers the phone needs to get fired for providing false information. They told me to call the wrong doctor. I asked her where her help was at and she said they had called in sick at the same time. Save your money and go elsewhere. If you cherish your life. Bellevue Hospital may look pretty but they are extremely unprofessional from the bottom to the top. This is a warning to all thinking about going here. I lived in Bellevue for 27 years and I’ll drive out of the city before I step foot inside.

Linda Morgan

Erik Hindman

Susie Ochoa

What happen to old team in e.r,??? My aunt got brought in e.r. new doctors team not good change. Why you let everyone go. It was top team ***** Thomas Chestnik head guy. We loved him. All new people turn over Not good.these people didn't check her out good. Seriously! Not a change for better. Dr. Woods everyone gone. Why you let them go. So sad students shouldn't be on trauma watch. Praying because I want the good doctors nurses back.

Billy O'Neal

PT therapist is pretty good, the secretaries for PT are shouldn't be working there. They leave patients sitting in the waiting room without ever acknowledging their existence. They hide behind their computers talking about what's for lunch and gossiping about previous patients (out loud HIPPA violations). If my child's physical therapist wasn't so good I'd go somewhere else. This needs to be corrected.


Terrible service.

Susan Friis

I broke my knee. I was delivered to the ER via ambulance. The x-ray process was a nightmare ending up with a MRI. I was then sent home! Yes, it was broken but I was sent HOME! After being home of a couple hours the pain meds wore off so another ambulance trip back to the ER! I was then admitted. They are so short staffed on the hospital floors it is not funny. I never saw my own Dr. I had to deal with a rude, nasty intern. I was told by the intern you have 24 hours to figure out where you are going next but you cannot stay here. When I was helped by a 2 nurses to get into hubby's car, one of the nurses bumped into the back of my good knee collapsing me to the concrete on BOTH knees. They just stood there looking at each other, not offering me any help at all. A passer by came to help me back into the wheelchair. Immediately both nurses left. I have never been treated this way in any hospital anywhere! I will never go to their ER or hospital again. Any further help I need will come from the Med Center in Omaha where they have kind thoughtful staff.

Kristen Wessel

Sir Eduard Of The Impulsive

Worst hospital around. You go to the ER and wait forever. They have no sense of urgency. I'll never go there again, UNMC will always be my go to. The drive is worth it, seeing as you'd get treated sooner anyways. Shame.

Kate Marsh

I am shaking with anger at the negligence of this facility. We took our daughter here with extreme violent vomiting. She was throwing up every 15 minutes for 8 hours. She failed every liquid test by vomiting. They sent her home with zofran without doing bloodwork. The next day we went back because she continued to vomit and had extreme belly pain. They did blood work which came back with a high white blood cell count and high inflammation but they said it was due to dehydration, gave her fluids, and sent her home. The third day she woke with a fever of 104 face down on the floor in pain. I called her pediatrician who said go to Children’s Hospital immediately. She had an emergency appendectomy that had ruptured because of the failure of two doctors at this hospital up accurately diagnose her symptoms. If you have a child, stay away from here. She could have died.

Sahara Guillen


Went there the night of the tornado last June.12th, 2017. Broken hand and foot, they missed diagnosed my foot. Saw my Ortho physician 4 days later, my foot was broken. I’m high risk patient, heart condition, on oxygen, disabled (broken back, multiple surgeries) and PTSD. We chose not to tight up EMS, we live 2.8 miles away. Assistance from my spouse, son and wife , (I walk with a cain normally) I stood on one foot. Our son went for a wheelchair. I felt disrespected by a man who came with a wheelchair to our vehicle, he assumed my injury was only my obvious broken hand. He rammed the chair into the curb, and nearly ran ... over the uneven entrance ramp. My son yelled “take it easy!”. In a lot of pain, traumatized. The explosion, (covered in glass) threw me down the basement steps) Pipers Glen The RN went above and beyond, after handing her my list of medical issues and medications. It was obvious to the RN I should have been admitted, she apologized a few times, and I was discharged. The ER physician never called either my primary physician or pain manager physician. He wrapped my hand and claimed my “foot was sprained ”. And sent me home with orders to get a “cast on my hand” in a couple of days (swelling an issue). Follow up, refused to cast my foot when they called to schedule the appt for my hand. “We don’t do feet!”??? Our Home was nearly destroyed, I couldn’t stay there. No power and structural damage. Never returning to this place, Medical Center again. They have access to all my records, primary physician is at UNMC 42nd Street. No excuses for their lack proper treatment and compassion. ( No they were not overwhelmed with other patients, we went after 9 pm that evening. One person was in the waiting room. I asked if they were too busy? )

Melissa Hill

After a week of being on vacation, out of state, & miserable from all the 24/7 coughing due to all the green mucus in my lungs. Exhausted from not being able to sleep for all the constant coughing & choking. Not eating much, since I can't taste anything. (Lost almost 10 lbs in 7 days). Feels like I've ruptured something in my abdomen from all the choking. Cough drops haven't done anything but make me sick to my empty stomach. Cough syrup hasn't helped, since all the nasty green phlegm needs to get out of there. On top of that, I have Lupus, which means I'm not able to just take any otc medications, I finally gave in & decided to give your ER a chance. I was in fear of having developed pneumonia by this point & clearly needed something ALOT stronger than otc anything, to get this infection out of me. From the minute I walked in, the check in lady was very sweet & prompt at checking me in immediately. We waited in the waiting area no more than 15 min, before a very young sweet nurse came & took us to a room in the back. She listened to all my symptoms, in between all the choking attacks, did a couple quick tests & said Dr would be in shortly. Everything was great, until some young, RUDE, arrogant Dr John F Hanson walked in. Most Dr's, (especially when they're unfamiliar with you OR your medical history) like & NEED a little information, so they can make an informative diagnosis. Also, I felt it important that he knows I am a Lupus patient, so he could know what other medications I currently take (not wanting to cause any drug interactions). So as I was trying to tell him this started last Friday, (already been a week I'd been suffering with this), he cut me off & wanted to know what my symptoms were today! He ordered some blood work, an IV since we all assumed I was severely dehydrated, an EKG, & a chest xray. The entire time he's in the room, I'm choking up green phlegm in kleenex's all over the bed & telling him my throat feels like someone is holding a blow torch to it. After all the tests he comes back in the room with what he said was very very good news. There was no flu or pneumonia, that I just had a really severe case of upper respiratory infection. Having had Bronchitis multiple times in the past, I'm betting that's what I have, but Dr Hanson just wanted to inform us that it was a URI & was only too happy to tell us that it takes about 17 days for 1 to run it's course. He then thanked us for coming in & left the room!!!! Are you kidding me right now? I've been miserable for a week already, came to the ER to get checked out & get some relief thru prescription antibiotics to get this healing into high gear. When the sweet nurse walked back in with my discharge papers, I asked her if the Dr was seriously sending me home without anything to try & get ahead of this. & she said, well, they're really trying to cut down on prescribing meds & stuff that people don't need. Really? I'm almost a 50 yr old woman with Lupus, do I look like a junkie? How much closer to death do I have to be, to get some prescribed antibiotics & possibly prescription strength cough syrup, so I'm able to actually sleep thru the night? So here I now sit, 24+ hrs later, typing this review (which I have never done before) because I am EXACTLY in the same shape & condition that I was in when I paid to walk into your ER yesterday to feel some relief. I can't believe I wasted 3 hrs there yesterday, to go right back home feeling exactly the same as when I walked in....... STILL MISERABLE!!!!! Thanks to this young, arrogant Dr John Hanson, who apparently feels everyone walking into the ER, is just looking to 'score' drugs, that God forbid, someone may ACTUALLY need a prescription to get over the infection that has settled in their lungs!!!! Now, I get to go find an urgent care tomorrow morning, & spend even more time & money to go see a real Dr, who is more concerned with his patient's misery & prescribing them something to make them FEEL BETTER!!! Isn't that YOUR job???

JoDeen Wolff

I brought my Mom in twice within 24 hrs. We were traveling and staying in Bellevue. Mom woke up in respiratory distress/swelling of throat in the early morning hours. I took her to the ER, She was promptly treated. No wait time. Staff was waiting on us at admissions desk. Brought her back that night as still no improvement and getting worse. Again no wait time. Rushed us back. ER Doc saw her immediately. Ordered CXR and breathing tx. Both done immediately. Results back within 15 min. ER Doc came back with a Tx plan. Discharged with Rx. All done in approximately 1 hr. Mom doing much better this am. Thanks guys! Awesome job!

Amy Hynek

The worst experience ever!! Took my aunt to hospital to get a mri on her knee. While waiting for her a family with three kids came in and were out of control. The kids almost cause a couple patients to fall down the stairs and almost hit a guy in the head. The adults were not being respectful of others and were letting them run up and down the stairs screaming. When i confronted them to get them under control because they were about to cause someone to fall down the stairs the lady flipped out at me saying all three of them had autism. I have a nephew that has autism, soni completely understand them, however you Still have to disapline them when they are out of control to where they might hurt someone. The part where it pissed me off is when the wanna be cop (security guard) was so unprofessional and yelled and me and threatened to kick me out! So ridiculous. Instead of controlling the kids that were about to cause a lawsuit by tripping and hitting people walking up and down the stairs! He was sooo rude and unprofessional!! And needs to know how to handle situations better.amazingly the kids became very quite and controlled when the security guards were confronting me. So they obviously know how to calm down.

Prince Wynn

This is the worst hospital in the Omaha metro area. The staff are rude and they hang up in your face all of the time. Do not go here if you want good quality service.

Alexandria Pedro

Felt like the main objective was to get me to go home and not fix how I feel ....if i would of known that I was going to be told to go see my doc I would of stayed home then go to the er

Heather Myers

Lyn Brown

Excellent care and Excellent Doctors etc

Mark Kimmel

Robert Ebey

I love the doctors and nurses.

Alicia Crawford

If I could give no stars I would this hospital is horrible! They tell you your sick with one thing and come to find out that's not true. The staff is so rude. They lie to you!

Tim Millard

Selene Rexroad

Awful. The ER is a joke. Absolutely no sense of urgency. Do not waste your time, drive a bit further to receive better service and quick care. I would give this place 0 stars if it was an option.

Joe Augeri

Comments: I was just released this past Friday. Your staff on the third floor for room 301 was outstanding. Please pass on to all of the nurses and tech a big thank you for their help. Now I have a question for your team I was told that I need to see Gastroenterology doctor. Well if I have to have my gallbladder removed I want this done at your hospital Bellevue Medical Center. I know that you can't just recomand one doctor so what I'm asking is for a list that will do surgery at your location PLEASE

moto_ flufflez

Absolutely terrible absolute no urgency. Bin here for more than an hour and no doctor or nurse has called my fiancé and all I'm supposed to do is sit here and let her be in pain?? No I recommend to anyone who has a urgent need for assistant needs go somewhere in Omaha drive somewhere that will take way better care of you. If my fiancé doesn't get seen in the next 30 minutes im leaving end of discussion.

Linda Ortiz

I will drive further to get service because this band-aid shop if that only cares about their plans for the weekend leave you setting for hours than look at you say follow up with your primary and go home take some Tylenol... I took Tylenol before I came in do you people really think anyone wants to come to the emergency room? Ban the cell phones talk about your boyfriend parties and kids when I'm not paying you and for God's sake have some compassion.

Pablo Chaconne

Always have had great service with everything and everyone. Never had to wait over 5 minutes to be seen and doctors always meet my needs and go above and beyond my expectations when it comse down to it

Misty Riggs

Patience Jurgens

The doctors were mean and they laughed at me when I was in pain. They would barely talk to me and gave me one worded answers. There was a time last year when I went in with severe chest pains, but they didn't have any rooms (understandable). So they put me in a family waiting room with just me and my mom and FORGOT that I was there because they never entered my paperwork to have me admitted. On top of all of that, they didn't even take the time to explain what was wrong. They said to follow up with my primary care doctor (every time I've been there, which is many) because they'd have better answers than them. The facility is nice, but that can't make up for the rude, forgetful, and unmotivated staff. I have encountered SOME nice nurses and doctors, but that total is probably about 3.

Mary Janel Selix-O'Hara

Noe Gomez

This is the worst hospital ever I went to the ER and waited TWO HOURS!!!!!!!! my wife is pregnant she was feeling some abdominal pain in her lower stomach. She was worried because she doesn't want the baby to get harmed . As we waited it was the worst experience ever i dont even know why this called the ER if they dont treat it like an emergency

M & A Scott

Super compassionate care!

Donna Prentice

So glad this hospital is close to where I live. When I need them for my condition, the response has always been fantastic, thank to all the workers in the emergency department and the ambulance medical team.

Sara Neuhaus

we gave birth to our son here in April, and the experience was incredible! you can tell that they pour a lot of money/attention into the L&D department, because the staff were all amazing, the rooms were fantastics, and the overall experience was unlike any other. every nurse that we had was so pleasant and easy to work with; the OB doctor/resident teams were all super friendly and always checking in to make sure that everything was going well and healing the way that it should; and being able to have our own private room without our son being in a nursery down the hall made the whole birthing experience SO MUCH EASIER for this first time mom.

amanda crase

I'm always in the hospital and the nurses doctors and staff always are nice

Bree Krueger

I've had horrible experiences here before but they have turned around. I was hesitant on giving 5 stars because of my friend's horror story but today, I had walk in xrays done and it was done super fast. We're talking... My complimentary coffee is still hot fast. The staff was friendly and got everything done quickly.

Bill Kalmbach

Bellevue medical emergancy room This has to have been the most rude and disrespectful ER I have ever been taken too. I went in thinking I was having a second stroke. he gave me a shot seconds after being in there for a very short time to calm me down. He was gone then for hours. I asked the nurse and she said he was going to just sighn me out but he went to a trama instead. I asked for another doctor to look at me and they said for the entire hospital he is the ONLY doctor they have on staff. Later when he came back he himself admitted they will not hire doctors to help at night. I asked for PA's or Inturns that could have signed me out. I should have been gone He admits in less than an hour yet they kept me there over 4. I asked him what if two heart attacks come in at the same time I said so you just let one die while you work on the other. He just gave a sheepish smile and said you only can do what one person can do. I was extreemy hot and sweetin I begged the second time "cant you bring me water/gaterade or something. This visably annoyed the nurse. I was sweatting very bad she brought me a very small glassof icewater I drank it right away becauseit was so small and I was so thirsty. she went bach to her desk. where I found what I was keeping her from she was texting on her damn phone. So while I unnessisaraly sat in this ER bed that they had cranked so upright mw back was killing me. I finally had to have my wife try to figure out the bed to lay it down. I sure didnt want to interupt texting girl to bother her to put it to a reasonable level. But all this time of having the doctor an part time nurse/full time texter be so unbelivably rude to me Im sure the crooks will charge the hell out of me for it. I would never take a loved one to this death bed they call a hospital. I asked for an intern, a pda anyone that has some doctoring skill. I was told they refuse to hire any night staff. How can the crooks in management at this place charge me so much when even the crappy doctor they had on staff at that time said hes not allowed to call anyone in. I wanted to tell both he and the nurse I have been in hospitals before but I have never been talken to so rudely by either nurses or doctors. It would be great to have there management contact me on this exspecially since they are the one the staff last night said they refuse to hire approperate staff. Meanwhile they charge me unGodly amounts of money for a long er stay that SHOULD have been MUCH shorter and much less rude

Sean Elliott

Great caring staff!

Jaquelene Perlera

The staff is great. From the er to the matiernaty floor. They all made me feel better and where friendly and nice. Highly recommended

Jody Bones

This place is the WORST "HOSPITAL" I have been in. Do not go there or you will be sicker than when you arrived. The staff doesn't have a clue and are more interested in what they are doing after work than their work. Not a clean place. BEWARE!

felicia streeter

My Doctor seems good I have only seen her once but have had other tests and the staff is very rude. Dr. Tibbles staff and a nurse I spoke to very snippy and rude. At the check in desk for tests a heavy set guy I want to say name was John ? not sure almost had me in tears he was so rude and very nasty to one of his coworkers. I think it is important to have a friendly staff not just good Doctors because those are the people you have contact with the most. I worked in the medical field for 36 years and you have to be a people person and realize people are not there for fun they are there because they have medical issues, be patient and compassionate, if you cant because of your own personal problems talk to you supervisor or stay home.

Laura Williams

Robin Jones

Got there, puking, lightheaded, and trembling, in and out of panic attacks and had to get carried by my mother in because the staff couldn't be bothered to get a wheelchair. Took puking on the floor to get a bin. Took falling out of a chair for them to pay attention that maybe someone should monitor the person losing consciousness. Continues till they discharged me later with anti nausea pills yet I still have pain, vomit, weakness, the works. No follow up appointment, no follow up doctor, no diagnosis, didn't explain discharge papers, technically didn't manage symptoms since I was still puking by the time I got home, definitely didn't try to find out cause. 0/10 wouldn't recommend unless you want to waste effort and time, go to a real hospital where the goal is to get you better not get you out of the building.

Lj Rich


Amber Tremaine

Fast friendly and effective staff. The emergency room check in was fast and they are friendly. Now going back to a room the Dr's are nice but the one nurse I had "Nick" he was not really helpful,and kinda annoying. Other then that great staff. They should have a different protocol for pregnant mothers, they did no ultrasound no heartbeat and brushed my feelings away.

Kristeen Schooler

Recently had surgery there and I was amazed at how professional the staff was. Ladonna was an overnight RN that took care of me and she was the definition of what a nurse should be. She was sweet, kind and very attentive to my needs. I can't say enough good things about her and the rest of the staff at this facility. I also had an amazing recovery nurse that watched over me while I was waking up from surgery. One tech told me she was working overnights in order to take classes during the day for nursing. It's just unbelievable how much these folks deal with on a daily basis and have such amazing attitudes, personality and work ethic. I was very impressed and am thankful to have had such wonderful people care for me. I hope they get the credit they deserve!! Thank you to the staff at BMC!!

Maureen Hooker

Have been professional, friendly, and able to assist me each time. Omaha and Bellevue work wonderfully Together.

Tim Hinze Sr

Damn good care!!!

Linda Brown

Love the care I receive at the UNMC Bellevue care facility, Nurses and Doctors, ER dept. and the pharmacists. All are real caring.

Shay Oxford

Everytime I take my daughter to the ER for a 104 fever. We are never seen by a doctor only a nurse. They give ibuprofen and send her home telling us the same thing each time. I am so disappointed in this hospital.

Caroline Smith

This is by far the worst ER I have ever been to. I came in On January 15 for a issue with my Meds. I was sent to Bellevue med for being unresponsive and having rapid heart rate. Upon arrival to the ER, all the nurses kept asking my Fiancee what drugs I had taken. He replied with nothing, that I had only taking my prescribed meds but they kept asking him and pushing him about it. He suffers from severe anxiety and because the situation was already worrysome, adding this on top of it sent him into a panic. I am so displeased with how my family and I were treated here. I made sure to tell everyone not to come here and not to send their loved ones here. Its a horrible hospital with some highly unprofessional staff.

Ashley Cobb {Stednitz}

shue anne

i would give these ppl 0 reviews if i could i talked to this girl on the phone for an appointment she was rude as hell

Ana Q

The staff was very nice and professional. I went to the emergency room and I did not have to wait long. I am very HAPPY with my experience.

Sam S

We had to go to their Emergency room last night at 12:30 a.m. for our four year old who got diagnosed with croup/ bronchitis and the service was simply amazing they took great care of of him, check in was fast and easy, they got us into a room right away and the doctor came in promptly, all the nurses were nice and friendly, and were happy to explain and repeat everything that they were doing to him and us the entire time since we were all so tired. I would highly recommend going here. We were trying to decide if we should drive the extra time to Children's ER since they specialize in children's pediatrics and we made the right decision by going here which is a lot closer to our house. They didn't have as much children entertainment but the staff made up for it and made our sick guy feel a lot better before sending us home with options for treatment.

Sabrena Van Nurden

Went to the walk in clinic and had an amazing experience. Minus the pain I was in. Everyone from the front desk staff to the nurses and nurse practitioners were awesome. They were quick all three times and I could tell they really cared. I only wish the nurse practitioner there was also a family doctor. I'd go to her clinic in a heartbeat, she is the best!

Cassandra Campbell

I live 5 minutes away. Not even if I was dying would I go to this ER. They ask the most redundant questions. I was there for FOUR hours with an infection. The doctor was extremely nice I will give you that. Awful service though. Bellevue Med I’ll drive right by.

Schala Mcgee

Brian Canfield

My wife gave birth at this facility and we couldn't ha e been happier with the entire staff. From docs and nurses to food service and janitorial. Everything was a top notch experience.

Kirt Knierim

Ruth Ortiz

Very nice staff and clean hospital.

David B

My wife took our son to the Bellevue Medical Center to have some unusual inflammation looked at. She got 5 minutes, at the most, of the Nurse Practitioner's time, and all she said is that it "wasn't anything to be too concerned about." Our boy was in fact fine, but the bill was $150 !! Wow, $150 for 5 minutes and one sentence of advice from a Nurse Practitioner--not even a doctor. We won't make the mistake of going to the Bellevue Medical Center again.


Used to be a wonderful treatment center but I'm guessing Tricare renegotiated their contract with them because they now treat TRICARE patients as poorly as the uninsured.

Caleb Bateman

If I could give this hospital zero stars I would. The people who checked us in the last few times have been rude. There is no sense of urgency and the nurses seem to be more interested in talk about their social lives than taking care of people. We are here in the Ear with only 2 other patients in the ER with 7 nurses standing in the pod talking about their plans for the weekend. In closing this hospital isn't fit to treat a dead person. Absolutely unacceptable. And anyone who thinks this is a good hospital has obviously never been to a different hospital. They should be ashamed.

Kelly M

For Being an ER there is no sense of urgency - much more concerned with ensuring they collect all insurance and payment information before they allow you to be seen - saw Dr. for maybe 2 minutes for my 9yr olds concussion in which he did lose consciousness - Dr said that they wont do a CT Scan but want to keep him there for 4 hours to be watched and that they would check on him, was to leave at 10pm. The only time a nurse checked on us is when I stuck my head out to see if anyone was around as no one was checking on him and than she was trying to give nausea meds when we never indicated there was vomiting or any nausea.. Clearly no communication or attention to detail - finally at 11pm after still no sighting of any of the Dr's we told a nurse we needed to go and needed discharge paperwork - she instead brings back a form and tells me to sign - as I'm signing I notice its a refusal of services form - I said I'm not refusing services we've been here over 4 hours and we're being neglected. ~I understand that maybe there were more critical cases although the place was a ghost town but with 2 Dr's and several nurses, No excuse for lack of care!

Linda Tackett

I was treated very good almost everyone was friendly and professional.

Anthony Elias

This hospital will watch die and do nothing about it, one star is too many.

Gina Lindsey

We chose Bellevue Medical Center to have our 4th child after having our 1st 3 at Methodist. The nurses were wonderful, when we arrived it was almost too late, it seemed like I no sooner got to the room and the baby was delivered. Nurse Kelly was great. The room was big and beutiful. I liked the experience so much that we had our 5th child there as well. The experience the second time was even better. Thank you Bellevue Medical Center for the great service!

Scott Schram

Worst experience ever i have chronic pancreatitis and they wouldnt give anything for pain what kind of place makes patients wait for results first before they do anything i wouldn't recommend this place to no pne is this called patient neglect

Wendy Rossow

Rude night desk staff, I would give it only half a star but it won't let me

Nikki A

For about 2 years I had been in and out of the doctors office trying to figure out what was wrong with me. Finally they find out I had a hernia from a previous surgery. They ended up referring me to BMC for another surgery. Every time I called the surgery center they knew who I was and helped me with anything I needed. On the day of surgery I had a very nice nurse helping me before hand. I had been in surgery for about 3hrs or so, and had only been in the hospital for 8 or 9hrs all together but they were all very nice and helpful.


Don't even think about using the number given. You get the operator and if you're unsure of the area you need they're completely useless. The doctors are always changing too, so don't even think about getting a primary care physician. Within 6-12 months I had 3 different "primary" care physicians because every time I called my previous physician no longer worked there. The actual care received is fine, but out of the 3 times I went, 2 I was sick with a cough and runny nose that after 3-4 weeks would not go away on it's own. I'm not fond of medicines, and only take them when absolutely miserable so I ended up going home with nothing but a waste of a co-pay and PTO. This is the very reason I generally only go when I'm in dire pain and/or dying.

Robin Genlot-Mueller

Having been in the ER & Surgery, and having been taken care of by many different people/Nurses/Techs/Drs./Etc...It's amazing that there were Not a lot of problems!!! I can honestly say that almost everyone was not only good at their jobs, but very friendly & helpful toward me! The NURSES were WONDERFUL!!! I think it all depends on your attitude! Just because you're sick doesn't mean you can act badly toward others. You may not feel well, but you can be appreciative of those helping you. When you have a good attitude, others usually respond in kind! Although it was hard being sick, my experience was very good! Everyone made it easier to deal with!

Jesikah Phelps

Lively Life

Disabled vet... came to the ER and got turned away because I parked in the doctors' parking. this place is a quintessential self-licking ice cream cone. no wonder Papillion is rated so high... they should feel ashamed of themselves. Came in for an emergency and was told to park elsewhere because the half-full parking lot right in front of the ER was for doctors only. what a bunch of losers. I've met such a group of self-important jackasses...

Rod Adams

Carl Yuan

I tried to sign up with UNMC as new patient (because I am not happy with my current provider) - TWICE in this past year, and both times I did not get the impression that they want me as a patient. So I will pass on them and move on.

Laura Eastman

Transferred to Bellevue from the birth center due to complications during labor, the staff worked as quickly as possible to get me admitted and get an epidural in place within the hour. L&D staff were fantastic and used the appropriate interventions to avoid a C-section (which the pediatrician was impressed didn't happen because of the shape of my daughter's head)

Keith Carter

Whenever I go there the staff is very friendly and the doctors and technicians are very nice and informative. The only bad thing is the waiting, but this hospital gets 5 stars from me because of the staff, doctors and technicians.

Brent Latta

Horrible customer service. The intake person was rude, did not listen, and repeatedly interrupted when I attempted to give pertinent medical information. I will never recommend this hospital.

Anton Rodnov

Terrible service!!! Bring my wife here to emergency today, she can’t stay, can’t move, because she feels too much pain. Ask for help at the front desk of emergency, they said: “we will, but at first fill some forms” 10 min for documents Then the guy said to nurse, that we ready, and we wait her for a 2 minutes while she type a message at her phone. 10 min for nurse 20 min waiting a doctor at emergency room The doctor said we will help you, and leave 15 min waiting for help After the nurse said we need to go for full diagnostics!!!!! How it can be ???? One hour waiting and they don’t give any pills or shot!!!! P.S. it is terrible when your wife seat on the floor at emergency entrance and say I need help, but doctor asking: “where you work, and phone number?” It is not a hospital ! It is business center !

Kurt Andree

My family physician is here. The facility is beautiful, and the pharmacy is a pleasure to work with.

Nicole Miller

I went in thinking I had the flu, ends up my body was in septic shock and my organs were shutting down. I was within 2hrs of dying. They saved my life.

Cynthia Davidson-Mason

brought my 85yr old father into er in oct 2018 for feelings of fainting & numbness.the Dr there heard something abnormal in his heartbeat & checked him into hospital & had cardiologist see him. since then he has been tested thoroughly, put on heart med & recently had a defibrillator/pacemaker implanted.Thanks to this Dr's attentiveness & observation, i still have my father home & living life! He was having bouts of heart failure for past few years and every other dr thought it was dehydration.Big Thank You to the ER dr that night! Great Staff! Great Care!

Kat Cooper

Went there because it was so close. I had no idea they would be so helpful! My hubby and I had been trying to get pregnant for 4 years and within 5 months of seeing Dr Finley, we were pregnant! Amazing staff at the Life Care Family Medicine Clinic. Super sweet staff, always helpful. Haven't once had a bad experience. The ER staff was also very helpful when my husband had suspected meningitis. Even though it was a really bad migraine, they didn't act as though it was minor at all. They were super helpful and courteous.

Brett Bowser

My wife went here to see an ob/gyn. After a couple of appointments, we told the doctor that we didn't want to have a flu vaccine because of the health risks, and we had some other preferences. The doctor was very defensive and argumentative. I realize they are looking out for our best interest, but our health related decisions are ultimately ours not the doctors. These doctors need to be more understanding to those of us out there that are more holistic in our view of medicine.

Shea K

Honestly horrible customer service. I called 2 different people at this location, and the lady on the phone was extremely unpleasant and told me that she cannot do anything to help me. All I had was a question on how to contact a doctor and she did not know anything as to how to help me and gave me a horrible attitude. Sad!

Jodee Gnuse

I have tried 3 times this calendar year to get into any provider for sinus infections. The response is 8 days each time I call. I then have to go to urgent care in the evening when all I want to do is be in bed. My current provider's nurse called me up out of the blue last week and wanted me to make an appointment with the provider since they don't have any current blood work in my chart. They are too busy to see you, but not too busy to drum up business?!

A Hughes

Absolutely rude and incompetent staff! I will post the whole story when I get a chance, but i wanted to post this much at least to hopefully prevent anyone from having an experience like mine and my beautiful wife's.

Crystal Kappelmann

Molly Opelt

Felix Ng

Everyone has been very polite and welcoming, not only to patients but also to visiting family. I've visited family in the ER couple of times and we've been treated very well. Once was in the morning and the other time was after midnight. After that experience, we switched our primary care from another hospital to Nebraska Medicine. I like their approach of not only healing but also educating and giving options to patients about their own health. The design of the buildings creates an environment that is less intimidating for those like me that really dislike the feeling of being in a hospital. I give them kudos for allocating their resources in great facilities, friendly service as most importantly making healthcare more accessible/affordable vs using that money to rebrand an Arena :-D

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