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REVIEWS OF Methodist Women's Hospital IN Nebraska

Lacey Peters

We had our son here and loved all of our staff! The rooms are quiet and private and allow room for visitors once you've been moved upstairs. The food is great too and well priced!

Amanda Shaneyfelt

The midwives are amazing and the hospital is top of the line. I had a wonderful experience here delivering my youngest. The nurses are attentive and more than happy to help.

Renate Witt

Adina Creel

Josh Bryant

Jessika Erlbacher

Women's hospital did absolutely amazing, great team, amazing bedside manner, Dr Armstrong performed my corset tummy tuck and did awesome! I'm very thankful for the WHOLE team because without everyone doing their part it wouldn't of been possible, thank YOU! ❤️

Marc Hanson

My wife and I had our daughter here. She was born early and the hospital staff was amazing from the moment we arrived until the day she was discharged. We were confident she was getting the best care available. The nurses and doctors are truly first class and the education/support we were given made us confident to safely take on parenting at home. They made the birth of our daughter an amazing experience and we will be coming back for the birth of our next child without a doubt! Thanks to all the staff!

Shay Shaffer

steven grof

Thank you to the great emergency room staff that took care of my wife when she had her heart attack. The quick response in identifying the problem and administering the proper procedures and medication undoubtedly helped save her life.

Phyllis Dean

cara kitt

I came here because of a terrible migraine and was treated right away. The doctors and nurses were so kind and truly cared about how I was feeling. I left about an hour later with my migraine completely gone. Thank you to the staff for making me feel important.

Julie Christie

Amazing staff and a phenomenal hospital to deliver a baby! I just had my first baby here and have been so impressed by the staff. The nurses are all amazing and helped me so much with my first experience. Very thankful for such a genuine and amazing staff.

Courtney Holmes

i have only had a handful of experiences with this facility over the last few years. but it has been wonderful every time. the nurses are nothing short of amazing! they give nothing but top notch care for their patients. i thoroughly enjoyed my hospital stay, as much as i could being away from home, because of them. the couple of doctors out that practice out of methodist that i have used were very thorough and knowledgeable. i felt very comfortable with them. i wouldn’t go anywhere else for “female” care in the omaha metro area. hands down the best place for women.

Abby Vipond

My family and I received 8+ weeks of exceptional care from all areas of the clinics and hospital. Phenomenal OBGYNs, peritanologists, neonatologist, nurses, and ancillary staff. We feel so blessed to have received care at Women’s!

Kelsey Mulliken

Big Ten Pool

Elizabeth Webb

My 26 year old daughter gave birth to my 1st grandchild less than 2 weeks ago and we are still trying to wrap our minds around the traumatic experience ..... As I sit here writing this review it literally makes me sick to my stomach! Every woman who is blessed enough to give birth deserves for it to be 1 of, if not THE most special days of their life, not the most emotionally scarring and terrifying. I wouldn't give this 1 star but I had to in order to post this. My daughter went in on Tuesday night and was there until Friday at 5:30pm(her Dr. had discharged her at Noon, but because none of the people who work there seem to communicate, my son-in-law, daughter and newborn waited for 5 1/2 additional hours. I was with my daughter and son-in-law off and on during their stay and we were fortunate to have 1 exceptional nurse, thank God for her!!! During the actual birth of the baby, a "charge nurse" (?) came into the room and confronted the O.B., while my daughter is giving birth, my daughter immediately started to panic as she could hear the nurse " in charge" questioning her Dr. , so unbelievable and unprofessional, I was in disbelief so I spoke up, asking the Dr. if she was my daughter's Dr? , obviously she was.....she was delivering her baby. I said we trusted her throughout the entire pregnancy and we trusted HER to deliver this baby so whatever she believed was best was what we wanted! I could go on and on because this nightmare didn't stop there but I will spare the details and just say I am certainly not done with who I will share this horrific experience with and will never visit, be admitted or go to this hospital for ANY services they may offer, I don't care much for the economic status and location of this facility, I'm more for people being treated kindly with respect and dignity.

Ambrey Semrad

If you or your family members are patients here, please, DOUBLE CHECK YOUR BILLS AND KEEP THEN UNTIL PAID OFF!!! Their billing is TERRIBLE and will double charge you on visits as much as possible. When you call about it, most the time they don’t make notes about your phone call but also they will never resolve your issues. If I could rate them less than a star I would! AWFUL!!!

Shanna B

I had my first child here and the place and people are exceptional. I wish I was able to have my second child here as well, however I moved. I could not find nearly the same experience in my new city. I felt my obstetrician at Methodist really cared about her work and my health. The hospital is very quiet. The goal here is happy mothers and healthy babies, which they exceed at.

Justine Fitting

Overall, the hospital has top-notch resources, but it is a popular place, and those resources have to be spread among many patients. The hospital has a progressive culture strongly supporting mother-baby bonding (by "rooming in") and breastfeeding, and also boasts features like jacuzzi labor tubs and all private rooms for womens' comfort. This culture will very likely be felt by anyone choosing to have their baby there, whether it fits their personal situation or not. It has some good things to offer, but I wouldn't rank it above other hospitals in the area just because it's new and fancy. I delivered my first baby there via c-section and am returning there for a repeat c-section with my second baby. I would probably look into different hospitals if I wasn't attached to my OB or if I was hoping to have a vaginal delivery. The facility is top-notch and has an attractive, hotel-like feel. The food is quite good. Everyone - room service, janitorial staff, receptionists, and medical staff are kind and professional. I did not have good rapport with the team of midwives during my first pregnancy. I chose midwives for their nursing background because nurses often offer a more personal and less clinical perspective than a doctor might. However, these midwives seemed disinterested in me personally because I (primarily for lack of personal experience) did not strongly identify myself as a proponent of natural birth and exclusive breastfeeding. They also seemed to really want me out of their hair since I wasn't the lowest of low risk. I have an unhealthy BMI, and my otherwise normal blood pressure became slightly elevated in the middle of my pregnancy. They hyper-focused on these issues and wore me down with constant critical comments and warnings that they may transfer me to an OB. They de-emphasized the healthy results of the extra ultrasounds and tests they ordered, or how well I was actually feeling. They made me feel crappy about myself and worried about my baby. In the end, I was overdue and my baby was estimated to be big, so they encouraged me to get a cesarean. The decision to follow their advice was extremely difficult because of the strained relationship I had with them. I know many women have had wonderful experiences with the midwife team, but I'd like to put out there what kind of experience you might get if you don't meet certain criteria. I was also irritated with the protocol of the lactation consultants after my son was born. They were all very kind, knowledgeable, and supportive, but I thought they offered TOO MUCH help! There seems to be no communication between them or record-keeping of how breastfeeding is going for each patient, so I had to re-explain myself to each consultant who came to check on me (and it was a different person every time). There were at least three separate consultants throughout each day wanting to watch my baby latch, touch my baby and breasts, ask me the same questions, and feed me the same information over and over (the nurses do all of this too!). For some mothers, this support system would be amazing, but for me, it was exhausting. Just something to be aware of. I'm now having my second time around with this hospital, this time with the OB who performed my previous c-section. I definitely notice how crowded her office is, and what a difficult time patients can have when they approach the front desk to schedule appointments with her or her colleagues. My OB and her nurses and staff are all incredibly kind, trustworthy, and professional, but I definitely notice how their being solidly booked affects their ability to be attentive. In the maternity ward on my last day there after my son's birth, I was basically abandoned by the nurses, and had to wait an excessive amount of time to be discharged. I account this for the staff being overloaded. I presume this issue expands into the labor and delivery ward. If I wasn't having a scheduled cesarean, I would be very nervous about what support would be available to me if I were laboring in the hospital.

Alisha Wilson

This is my second terrible experience at the hospital. I took my daughter here because it was the closest ER to me. She had a 105 degree temp and her pediatrician told us to take her in. We get there and we walk in, the nurse walks in, and the doctor walks in all at once. The doctor sat down next to my boyfriend and acted like he was uninterested. Didn't do anything about her fever, did a chest x ray, said it could be pneumonia but he didn't know, put her on an antibiotic and sent us away. We ended up going to children's hospital 2 days later and found out she was allergic to amoxicillin, she didn't have pneumonia, and she didn't even need to be on an antibiotic!!! Such a waste of time and money going to this hospital. Never will I go again.

Ben Westerfield

Friendly staff great care.

Bobbi Sue Wallitsch

Audry Flores

Jennifer Sarfo

Shay and Emma

Great hospital

Hampton Omaha

Love this hospital and how comfortable they made my very first birthing experience. Amazing staff!

Erin Korene

Jami McCain

I am beyond thankful for this hospital and their staff. I was scheduled for inducement on April 10th. Once I started to have contractions I received an epidural at 5 centimeters. Within an hour the nurses started to notice that my son's heart rate started to go way down with each contraction. One of them had privately contracted my doctor to let her know something wasn't right. My doctor came in and checked me. At that moment my placenta had ruptured and separated from my uterus. I started to bleed out and the sac filled with blood and my son was starting to drown in it. I was rushed to the operating room and received an emergency c-section. The Methodist staff kept me as calm as they could and talked to me. They remained calm but acted with urgency. My son did choke on blood but they were able to save him. They and my OB doctor are the reason my baby boy is alive. I was told that had it been a few seconds later then we would have lost him. I am forever grateful to this place. Very professional and knowledgeable. I'd give more stars if I could.

Autumn L

I truly cannot say enough about this hospital and the staff. They truly care about their patients and make the whole experience very calm and relaxing. From begining at check in with the receptionist , anesthesiologist , Dr , and Nurses I was kept informed , well cared for, comfortable, and treated like an actual person and not " just another patient". It takes a special kind of person to do what they do and I will always be thankful to them and the amount of care they give. ... Also, Dr. Sjulin is truly amazing and I feel very blessed to have found her.

Angel Stottle

I cannot say enough great things about this hospital! The physicians are all highly trained and the nursing staff went above and beyond to make sure I was well taken care of. Such a GREAT group of people out there, and I have delivered at 3 different hospitals and without a doubt this was the best experience yet!

Eric Weber

Nice rooms amd overall facility. Great doctors and nurses.

Jessica Quintana

I absolutely love this hospital! I have delivered both of my children at this hospital and love the staff! I always say this hospital reminds me of a great hotel that make you feel at home!

shawn w

Juli Boettger

Not what I was expecting. I have never had any children and I went with my sister to deliver her first child, and I am completely disgusted at how they treated her. They have too many patients which was obvious by the treatement. My sister was induced at 5:00am and they were already pushing for a c-section by noon! The baby's heart rate was being a little strange but nothing to be concerned with and my sister was fine with the contractions. They kept pushing her and pushing her to have a c-section becuase she wasn't dialating quick enough. She finally gave in and had a c-section at 3:00pm that day. It ended up being a blessing by the size of the baby, but there were only a handful of genuine nice people who worked there and actually cared, not on a time schedule. I would recommend going somewhere that isn't so popular (busy) so that you can get treated like you should!

Tegun Robinson

loved the high risk clinic

Nikki Cottam

Would be 5 stars, if not for one thing. My first experience was when I was temporarily in town and wanted to find out the sex of my baby, since I was in Omaha for the summer and was 20 weeks along. The midwives were SUPERB! They are so nice and sweet. I loved them. A 5 star for the midwives! My second experience was when I was 20 weeks along with my 3rd baby and started spotting, went to the ER, and found out we were miscarrying. They thoughtfully told us the news and did all the tests professionally but also acknowledging the solemn situation. The ER service was good. 5 stars. The clinic where I visited a doctor and scheduled a D&C surgery was great too. Very professional, but very serious about the matter as well. The nurse there even teared up and gave heartfelt comfort, which wasn't faked- she meant it. 5 stars for the clinic there. When I spontaneously went into labor before the scheduled D&C, the ER was great about admitting me, the labor and delivery was wonderful, genuine, and the nurses were perfect! But before we went in, I had started contracting that night in real labor at home. We'd called the hospital and they notified the "on call" doctor, who told us not to come in before 6am. Since we hadn't yet chosen a doctor (we'd waited until the 20 weeks to go to the midwives and right before we could go we went to the ER and found out about the miscarriage), there was no doctor there. The delivery happened (without the on call doctor), which would be a big deal to someone who expects the doctor to be there for the delivery, which was at 4:30 am. The "on call" doctor, Dr. Lavine, came in, angry that we'd woken him up before 6am, and proceeded to shove tools into my cervix without telling me what he was doing first. He was insensitive, unthoughtful, and I had a *horrible* experience with him. ZERO stars for the "on call" doctor. It wasn't the fact that we'd miscarried and are blaming others for our problems that I rank them at 3 stars average, but because of the "on call" doctor's indecency and his frustration (as if it was my fault my body went into labor at 3am), and how he treated me like he was poking and prodding something lifeless and did it all in aggravation. If it weren't for that doctor, I would rank this hospital 5 stars no problem. But because of the traumatic experiences associated with that on-call doctor, I probably will never go there again. Everything else is great though! The nurses are truly outstanding! I love them. Thanks for reading. I hope this helps someone. :)

annel garcia

Dani Trenk

Darren Fisher


I have had both my children here. They were great both times and very nice to fathers and willing to explain any and all questions. The only hospital I will take my lady for help.

Yesenia Hernandez

Beckie Stigge

Horrible ER experience! I got absolutely no help with what can be done for my extreme back pain and because I am not a person that takes medications unless absolutely necessary they take that as if I'm not in pain! The only staff that was friendly was the young woman who checked me in and the person who brought me a heated blanket. I think our health care system in general is anything BUT helpful, ridiculous, non-efficient, horrible at listening, focused on making money not helping people & a complete waste of time. What happened to caring about & helping people? I will have to say for certain that between this ER visit and one to Methodist Hospital in the past they were by FAR the 2 worst experiences ever! I have had one encounter to Lakeside Hospital ER for myself and one with my adult son and both were 100% better. The only reason I tried this hospital was because my medical records are in the Methodist system.....I'm afraid now I made completely the wrong decision trying this ER. So disappointed & frustrated!

K Raymond

Just got in a car accident. I was at a dead stop they lady hit me 50 mph no brakes. I definitely have whiplash and all my muscles are seizing up. Because nothing was broken but I was clearly in pain this hospital sent me home crying in pain and said take Ibuprofen and Tylenol. What a joke. Now I will be in pain all night until I can see my primary who actually answered my phone call at ten at night to see me in the morning. Worst experience and pain in my life.


Wonderful surgery experience! I was skeptical about coming here for surgery since I am a loyal med center patient, but was extremely happy with my care here! From the pre op phone call to the check up call 2 days after my surgery, everything was great. All of the staff were very kind and informative. They made sure I knew what to expect and that I was comfortable. The anesthesiologist, surgeon and nurses came in and made sure they knew all of my health history and even did a quick ekg just to be safe. I am a nurse and cannot give enough praise to the nurses and surgery staff for making me feel so safe and well cared for! They even send a card with little messages from the nurses. Highly recommend.


If I could give ZERO stars I would. “Dr.” Leslie F Koenig doesn’t deserve the title of a doctor. She is the most least compassionate doctor let alone person I’ve ever meet!! I felt as if I was being bullied by her display of self righteous behavior and lack of empathy for starters. Not to mention how incredibly rough she was when examining me. This “doctor was recommending doing tests that had nothing to do with my problem as if my condition was some sort of joke to her?! Her condescending words left me feeling so u concomfortable I ended up leaving the ER in tears and having to go be seen elsewhere. Making fun of a sexual assault victim is not ok and Methodist I will NEVER support or recommend this “team.” Shame on your company for letting this women near anyone who comes to an emergency room seeking help!! I’ve strongly considered reaching out to the medical broad but, due to such high complaints I felt as if just leaving a public review will do enough. Even if just one person refuses to waste their time being belittled and insulted by this poor excuse of a doctor. I’ve done enough. Go else where. Shame on you Methodist and Dr. koeing you don’t deserve the title of a doctor.

Sam S

So the first day of my expierence was not so good compared to the last few days i was here. The pre op nurse when i first got there was not so good at her job she blew two of my veins and then almost blew a third by putting the blood pressure cuff on it but thankfully the nurse who did get my iv in caught her thank goodness because i was about to request a different nurse. (Which i have pretty big veins and have never had to get more than one poke for any iv i have ever had which this is my eighth surgery) My second bad experience was the male anesthesiologist who had to have done something wrong it sent a sharp shooting pain down my legs like nothing i have ever felt before which the pain continued post surgery for at least three days and no one knew how to treat! Also even after telling him i am prone to getting sick and did nothing to help stop it, also telling him i am prone to itching did nothing to help improve it both things could have been avoided because Bergan Hospital was able to make sure i wouldnt have both with my other cesarian after i warned them of my very first experience! Also my husband said he was playing on his phone which after all that he didnt do for my surgery to be a little bit enjoyable is very unprofessional in my opinion. So once in recovery things went much better and continued to be better and better the longer i was there which was four days, all the nurses i had from recovery to the end of my stay were absolutely wonderful they all worked extremely hard to make my family and i's stay as comfortable as possible for us! The food and food service was amazing which is saying alot because usually hospital food is gross and you have to hassle with eating out and having family or friends bring stuff but that wasnt the case here! Overall this place is a great hospital to have your baby at!

Baxter Cjdr

Caleb Bateman

This is the worst hospital experience I have ever had. my wife is 39 weeks pregnant and struggling with discomfort and cramping. they will not write her a note to be excused from work even though we are only 7 days away from the day she is to be induced. The one time we went into the ER thinking she was in labor our nurse was rude and wasn't acting concerned at all for the pain level my wife was in. I would not recommended this hospital to anyone and if I knew it was going to be this much of a hassle at the beginning we would have went somewhere else. I will also be making a complaint with the BBB. Do not go here.

ashley munnerlyn

This is by far the worst Emergency Room I have enter been too. I sat in my ER room for hours. It was forever before the doctor actually came in. They falsely billed for multiple things that I was never treated for. I left the ER with no diagnosis but was charged for a Severe Diagnosis. It was the most awful experience I have ever had with a doctor. When I tried to explain to the billing dept that there were billing discrepancies on my invoice with the diagnosis and treatment they did not handle it like I felt they should. I will NEVER be going back nor would I recommend anyone to go to this emergency room. If you have to go to a Methodist, make sure you make the drive down to 83rd to the original Methodist ER. I have been going to that ER/Hospital for procedures for the last 10 years and never had any issues until I tried out the Women's Methodist ER.

Rebecca Lechner

Dr. Karre is the best OBGYN, I recommend him to everyone! Great place to deliver, wouldn't imagine going anywhere else!

Almohandes Farhan

Amazing experience! Thank you very much.

Casey Fuhrmann

Awesome doctors, nurses, and staff. Spent a LOT of time here.

Frances Woods

Saiya Shinta

Horrible hospital, under staffed and the nurses they do have don't listen or read charts and put adhesives on people allergic to them minutes after being told not to and expect people fresh out of surgery and child birth to walk out of the hospital on their own with no wheel chair. Completely disgusted with this place.

Sara Stepan

Both of my children were born here. We received excellent care and I am so thankful for everyone who helped.

Kari Belsky

Switched my yearly mamo to women's because I don't like anything to do with CHI and Methodist is our preferred family hospital but the women's mamogomy center was not what I've had at Lakeside. I got sent for a yearly mamo plus a lump on left side and have a history of abnormal lumps. I've had 2 lumps removed. I was scheduled for a mamo and ultrasound. After mamo was done I was told that "no ultrasound was needed" and was told to get dressed and to go home so TRUSTING that they were right and knew what they were doing I did. Then I got the bill and was charged for a ultrasound...I disputed, my insurance disputed and they magically have a ultrasound...even when I first called and asked to see this ultrasound they couldn't find it then magically a short ultrasound was found in my chart...and I am still having issues with the left breast and I have yet to see this "ultrasound". I have returned to Lakeside for this issue.

Angie Nichols

I delivered all 3 of my girls here and had my tubes removed the previous year and a hysterectomy this year. I never had a bad experience. Dr. Judith Scott and her CMA Autumn are amazing. I always have trust in them throughout my pregnancies. I have no problem waiting to see them if they are busy. Always answered my questions and concerns I had. Id recommend them.

Sara Maisel

I wouldn't have a baby anywhere else. We see our family doctor here and live her!!!!

Grant Stramel

Lindsey Anderson

Incredible in every way. They truly know the meaning of CARE. It’s hard to find people who care and every single person that I have encountered at this hospital truly cares. We have a friend that said, “I would have another baby just to get pampered at that hospital.” And she did! :) Absolutely incredible

Alfredo Rocha

Brenda Lagunas

Emer Murphy

Jan Leehy

Every time I go to see my doctor, all staff is so friendly and helpful. They all seem to enjoy their job and the work atmosphere has such a positive feel.

Travis Lerdahl

The entire staff was amazing. Especially our mother/baby nurse Michelle M. She was constantly going above and beyond to ensure all our questions were patiently answered and provided terrific care for the new baby and new mom! Can't wait for round 2!

David Briggs

Don't go to the Emergency Room. All they want to do is be rude and drug you up and get you out of there. When I brought my wife into the ER in extreme pain a week after a surgery, the nurses, not security, the nurses were more concerned that I parked the car close to the emergency room door (not blocking the door, just near it.) They kept telling me security will be coming to talk to you about this. Like they were going to tell dad on me. I was trying to make sure the nurses knew my wife's situation before I moved my car. I told them I would move the car after I made sure they knew the situation with my wife. From what I can tell they don't like being stood up to and the service went downhill from there. I had to continuously correct the nurses and doctors on the symptoms she was having. Per my wife, the patient, when she needed help returning from the restroom for the tests, the nurse told her she could do it and she was just trying to get attention and cause a scene. Same nurse wouldn't help here get into bed. In the end all they did was drug her up, told her nothing was wrong and sent her home. Had a followup with the surgeon the next day and he couldn't understand why they didn't do 2 basic tests based on her symptoms. And by the way, security did come ask me to move my car but and I quote "Please move your car when you feel comfortable leaving your wife" 5 stars for the security guard. He was the only one that seems to understand how to respect a customer (this is what most hospitals don't understand, you are a customer not an inmate and they would not be here without customers)

Kelsi Doxey

I visited the ER at the Methodist Women’s hospital last week, and I have never been taken back so quickly and taken care of so efficiently. Every nurse and doctor and member of staff was so kind, and concerned and helpful. This was my first experience here after just moving to Omaha, and I recommend them highly. Very, very impressed and would give 10 stars if I could. =)

Natasha Richard

the worst hospital ever all the staff are rude and act like they want to help and really don't I'm still here and I hate the way the nurse and staff treat me and my child this is by far the worst experience I have had they also belittle there parents and there racest against young black mothers this nicu is the worst this diffently would not have been my choices I was sent here and they wouldn't release me and by the time they said they would I need a csection and they caused alot of problems to my child I will never come here again after my child is discharged

Leann Cordonnier

Pink Princess

The ER staff was beyond exceptional. Would definitely come back if need be.

Sabino Mwarey

Stuart Anderson

Whoever wrote the negative reviews most likely haven't been there for five days (and possibly longer), and have been along for the ride of a high risk pregnancy. My experience has been nothing but absolutely spectacular. I don't often comment on Google about places, but I really want to rave a bit about the excellence of this place. It's clean - and yes, the elevator did have a strange skunky smell to it for a day. Other than that, it is spotless and very well maintained with all of the absolute latest medical equipment. Oh, and flatscreens with Cox basic cable in every room. The staff is absolutely incredible. Everyone is highly knowledgeable, and if they don't know the answer they will find someone who does. They're quick and personable. Every nurse I've had the pleasure of interacting with has been above and beyond what I could possibly expect. They make you as comfortable as possible and will take the time to explain anything and everything you could possibly want to know. So for the birth of my premature child, which was the most insanely terrifying moment of my life, I felt that my wife and my child were in the absolute best hands in the best facility in Omaha. I would absolutely give more than five stars if I could. All of the little things that they do right added up in such an incredible way to make this the nicest experience being in a hospital can be.

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