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REVIEWS OF CHI Health St. Francis IN Nebraska

Joker Tribe

Alyssa Fierstein

Absolutely the worst hospital I've ever been to. Rude nurses and they have a terrible billing department.

Richard debraal

Night shift nurses are so rude. My mom is in icu me worry guy so I stay with her over night and I tell you the way these nurses make you feel like your some scum bucket low life guy I don't understand it

Lynn Fuller

My parents were traveling on the interstate when my dad had a heart attack. The ER staff were so amazing. No doubt, they saved my dad's life. ICU nurses are incredible. They turned a bad situation into something we could rejoice about. I'm forever grateful!


Horrible doctors and absolute liars on top of it. They completely misdiagnosed me and didnt even run tests! I have a lung disease possibly cancer and i asked for a chest x-ray and they diagnosed me with copd with no xray and sent me on my way.

Kaina Bazan

Kathy Pedersen

Waited 3 hours without receiving anything for pain control. The PA wrote in my hospital record that I hadn't mentioned pain to her. Yet I had only seen her briefly during one of my procedures and had asked my nurse countless times for something. She aslo wrote that I was dramatic, hypersensitive, and anxious --- I was having abnormal bleeding from a miscarriage at 10w 5d in which I was pregnant with twins. I would think that would be a normal reaction. Not to mention the fact these reports are supposed to be subjective. Eva was my PA and I am less than impressed will never go back again.

Vanessa Lewis

I was in a room for 3 hours did not see a doctor the only time I seen a nurse is when push the so I walked out never going back again go to somewhere else

Kara Christensen

horrible billing group to work with. Not polite and try to shame you. they do not work with you to get bills paid, its either when they want it paid off by or nothing.

Sari Grosenbach

I pressed the call light three time and none of the nurses came!!!! Also said they would find a pediatrician before they send us home and it took them three hours to get someone to call them and I had two kids waiting with me hungry and tired!! I never would recommend this place to anyone...

Katie Miller

These doctors and nurses are incompetent and do not try to help anyone but them selves. they don't realize that some family HAS to travel for hours to anoter family memebers appointment and then they make you wait about a half hour and then doctor comes in for TWO F'N MINUTES to say they're going to schedule another apponitment in 2 weeks and go from there.... thats BS! I'm going to do everything in my power to get my mother out of this stupid place and get her to somewhere where they actually care about her!!

Jesse Cutrer

This has to be the worst self proclaimed "medical facility" in the United States. From the rude, unintelligent medical staff. To the cleanliness standards and equipment that would make one think you have transported to third world country. The levels of knowledge and compassion are in a drought so cataclysmic that the Sahara feels sorrow for that infernal place. Disorganization and incompetence must be skills they desire when searching for new applicants. My clearly malevolent assessment is most assuredly a widley shared perspective and is not formed on a single encounter. My cacophonous opinion was molded after my significant other and close relative's were subjected to the neglect and unprofessionalism at this hellish place. Catholic Health Initiatives monopolized Grand Island when St. Francis was born out of brimstone and fire. If the choice was to die an agonizing death, or get treated in that vile decrepit place. I welcome whatever affliction could be brought upon me to draw me closer to deaths sweet embrace, because I know it would be dramatically better than suffering one millisecond on that little piece of land off of Faidley Avenue that God unmistakably has forsaken. Hopefully this time I spent on the soap box ranting will benifit someone who is considering walking through the gates of hell, and drive them to go anywhere else to seek medical assistance.

Elizabeth Goode

I am amazed at the bad reviews! I was in the hospital on two different occasions, and in the ER twice. I found the nurses to be helpful, friendly, patient and there for me! The facility is clean and updated.

Issa Me

loved volunteering here until the volunteer coordinator decided she wanted to discriminate against me and tell me i could no longer come here any more. for no reason.

Cubanichi Yt

jan b

THIS SHOULD BE A -1 STAR. I almost died in this hospital. They had no idea what was wrong and just doped me up to the point I couldn't think or talk. They didn't send me to another facility for diagnosis. If it wasn't for the fact that I'm an organ donor I'd died there. A doctor in New York figured out what was wrong and had to talk the surgeon through my operation as no one knew how to do it. I will say I had one wonderful night nurse that was very kind.

Timothy Richards

The nurses and doctors in the ER are very rude and unprofessional, just cuz I didn't want stitches the refused to try to help me any other way, I was sent home with a very bad wound all the gave me was antibiotics, no pain medication and also not to mention while in pain waiting 20 to 45 minutes in the waiting room! All the nurses and doctors were sitting around laughing and chit chatting and eating cookies! THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE AN EMERGENCY ROOM!!!

Elijah Cruz Webservices

Great hospital. The nurse I saw and the doctor both were very friendly.

Sonia Ramos

That place don't deserved to be called hospital they don't treat you right. The nurses are unprofessional and rude.

Courtney Sehn

They need to figure their billing out. They have been billing me for months for something in April, when my insurance paid it in June. This is the second time my insurance has had to show proof of payment and they just can't seem to find it. Not to mention they added to my bill after originally sending it, and gave a reason as we put the wrong comp on it. They just really seem to have no organization or communication with in about what they are doing financially, but they sure are good at sending bills.

Karla Norris

Taking ATLS tomorrow so nice and helpful getting me to Nebraska

Denny V

This was the worst experience I've ever had in a hospital. First of all when we took my husband in to the ER because he had a really bad stomach ache, they told him he just had a really bad flu and to go home. We found out by another doctor at GI clinic 10 days later, that my husband's appendix had ruptured for about 7 days now. My husband could have died but his body did a really good job of fighting the infection that was bursted all over his stomach in the inside. When we took him in to the hospital again, they made him wait a whole day to get surgery because, "the surgeon wasn't in" that's ridiculous! Then to top our already bad experience, when we finally got into a room to stay, I woke up at night and found bedbugs on the couch I was sleeping on! I even showed it to them. The nurses didn't care at all. They told us that we had to stay in that room and there was nothing they could do! That was not how i imagined they would have handled that at all. After I kept on complaining all night to the nurses, finally 10 hrs later we were able to move rooms. I went home and showered and wore totally new clothes so that I wouldn't risk bringing bedbugs into the other hospital room. My husband also changed everything he was wearing before going into the other room. When I woke up the next morning, I found tons of bedbug bites all over my body. I told the nurses and they said they wouldn't be able to move us rooms again. So I asked what could they do for us, they said nothing. The nurse just said sorry. I told her that this is not fine and a "sorry" wasn't enough. I told her to get both couches out of our room. She said, "well there's no bedbugs in here" i told her that how could she possibly know that if they never came in and checked the couches. She said because they've never had reports of bedbugs in that room. That's ridiculous! I told her that there's obviously bedbugs in here because I have bites all over me. I broke down and started crying. So maintenance came in and got both couches out. About 6 to 7 hrs later, the supervisor of nursing approached us in the hallway and gave me a gift card to Applebee's. I asked her how much money was on it and she said she didn't know. So I called to check the card balance and it only had $10!!! What in the hell do I want $10 for??!! $10 doesn't make me feel better, it actually makes me feel like I'm getting slapped in the face and not taken seriously!! This hospital is the worst with employees that are not professional! They need to shut it down. WORST HOSPITAL EVER!!!!

Debbee Gossell

Driving cross country and thought I had a had a deep vein thrombosis! The ER was friendly quick and quickly ruled it out! They gage me a clean bill of health and peace of mind!

Robert Baker

This hospital and its doctors are so inept, you literally risk your life resorting to it. Even if you have a heart attack, drive or be taken to Bryan in Lincoln.

Ted Brezenski

Anton Olbricht

I would give zero stars if I could. Worst patient care I've ever seen. This for my 80 year old Grandfather in the ER!! No communication for hours despite our polite requests. Regularly observed nurses and others walk by, laughing, joking, ignoring us. Wouldn't believe it if my father and mother hadn't just witnessed it tonight. Negligent staff should be fired. If you aren’t prepared to care for sick and especially elderly patients, get out of healthcare. As a former pre-med student, you disgrace the field of healthcare and ignore the Hippocratic oath you swore to. Shame on you and your whole organization. You ought to be sued for your gross negligence and terrible practice. Do NOT seek healthcare at this institution.


My Mom received Fantastic care! The nursing staff were all so kind and helpful. They repeatedly asked if they could do anything for us. We saw numerous Specialist Doctors attending to my Mom's needs that were ready and willing to answer any questions we had. We were there during some bad snowy weather and the maintenance staff were on top of keeping the parking lot and sidewalks safe. Good job!

Pam Murphy

I broke 9 ribs and I can't tell you how much pain I was in. On top of that blood was surrounding my my lungs/ chest. The Drs, nurses, aids, and those who feed us, clean our rooms etc were extremely kind and supportive. With my physical needs along with my emotional needs. Thank you all so much. I actually miss you! ♡

Carmen Garcia 11

The nurses were respectful to my grandma who was in surgery they helped her a lot, they were NOT mean to her, they were treating her as an angel.

Shelly Martinez

My husband went to the Emergency Room with 3rd degree burns on his torso and side, he waited 4 hours, people who were not experiencing trauma were seen before him, no matter if they had just walked in the door. When my husband had enough of the waiting almost 5 hours he left and went to the clinic the next day. 3 weeks after that ridiculous wasted day at the ER, we received a bill for $600!!!! When we called to ask why we were told because a nurse took is blood pressure at the ER, and we had not met our deductible, so that's why it was $600!!!!! Lol Good Try CHI! Pathetic excuse for a Hospital to

Karla Matias

The last time I was in the hospital it was because I was in labor. I have never been in the hospital of any other reason but I can say that delivering area and NICU was a great experience. The nurse do a well job of taking care of you and they really do know what they are doing. They are gentle and know exact what to expect from the patients. On the other hand I feel like the E.R. does a terrible job, well at least some of them. The nurses treated me well but the doctor was so rude, I cannot remember his name. But general I feel like the hospital is pretty great!

Adrian O'Brien

I've had two babies here and have had wonderful care both times. Nothing wrong with either stay!

Eleaine Gutierrez

David Noe

This hospital shouldn't even have 1 star. If you ask too many questions they will turn things around and call(or threaten to call) security! Who is paying the wages of these people?? Without patients, they would all be out of a job

Anthony Joseph

This is a wonderful hospital with wonderful, warm and consciencious knowledgeable nurses. Nurse Kelly and Ms Arati (RT) on the 5th floor are nothing but saints. So also are the others whose names I was unable to obtain. I don't pray for illness or accident for anyone, but I recommend this hospital to anyone who wants a king size treatment for average price. The hospital's guest house compares to any top rated hotel in town and almost free. God bless those angels and the medical center for the excellent service they provide. Dr. Hansen in the emergency room treats you like family. They are so warm you feel like staying. I cherish those warm memories. Thank you St. Francis, Grand Island, Nebraska.

Greg Woitaszewski

This hospital and emergency department has to be the worst I've ever seen in my life by far. First of all let me start out by saying that I am a recovering alcoholic. I'm always up front and honest about that with every physician that I see. I tell them right away. By far the worst treatment I've ever gotten from them was about two years ago when I had a hip fracture. I would go in to the er complaining of how bad I hurt and I was in so much pain. And I was. No joke. I wasn't just trying to get narcotics. It was horrible. Every time they treated me like a drug seeker. Every time. I was so sooo frustrated. Because at that time I didn't know it was a hip fracture. That's why went to the ER. I was in pain and I needed help. I ended up going to another small clinic here in town and they found the hip fracture and fixed me up, and most of all weren't afraid to give me pain meds. I went in there another time with huge hernia sticking out in my pelvic region. They told me there was nothing wrong with me and sent me on my way. Again went to another small clinic here in town, and two days later I was in surgery. This hospital and specially the emergency department are an absolute joke. I don't go in there unless I absolutely need to. And you know what? I still get treated like a drug seeker every single time I go in there. I have filed three grievances with this hospital about the treatment I received. Every time I got the same answer back. Well it was up to the doctor's discretion what he or she gave you at that time. I would imagine that's a big problem needs to be addressed. When a former alcoholic or addict steps through the doors of the ER, how do you treat them?

Carly Rose

c mich

still waiting for my bill from april.. its now august and i know they are notorious for sending people to collections...

Michael D

Hilda Arriaza

Saturday my sister in law. I arrived at the hospital with labor pains and what they decided was to send her home and then at 12 am in the morning. my sister-in-law returns to the doctor only to tell me that my princess was coming. Dr. Erika Hakee did not know anything about my niece and they behaved in the hospital. bad is no longer the hospital that I knew at a time is a hospital without organization not to tend tend as if one were animal

Christopher Akin

Just lost my mother to cancer other than 1 nurse they were very knowledgeable ,compassionate and did a very outstanding job thanks to all of them

Ester Kouri

If you would like to die just admit your self here. The nurses are not professional and not knowledgeable at all. They don't know what they are doing and talking about. Please take your loved ones else where.

Tina Rand

The nurse that prepped me before surgery I found to be unprofessional once I was moved into surgery all of the staff were wonderful and I was in great hands. However, when I was moved back to my discharge room the nightmare was back. Same nurse from the morning prior to surgery and she had no patience nor bedside manner. She said to me “ Oh come on now the pains not that bad”. I’m having another procedure today and I can tell you she won’t be on my team.

Cathy Micek

Spent one night there, the nurses were the best, very helpful and friendly. No complaints what so ever, thank you all.

Brady Kerkman

Went to ER on 6-8-19 with horrible abdominal pain. Got to ER and I was curled in a ball on the floor to help the pain, they sent a CNA out and she would not help get me up to my feet, it took my wife and 9 year old to help me up. The CNAs response, please step on the scale. She was more concerned about my weight than the pain I was in. I then needed to go to the restroom and a different nurse wheeled me down there in a wheelchair and left me, leaving me to walk back in my excruciating pain. They did have a FANTASTIC nurse named Bobbi who was very kind, helpful and compassionate. Their physician got better as the day went on. Aside from Bobbi, I would say "Good DOES NOT happen here", which their new tag line is " Good happens here". If such a situation calls for ER again, I will opt for Mary Lanning. If it wasn't for Bobbi and the lady from lab, they would have got a 1.

Eliyah Lara

please read before going! if you are going to give birth or someone who is about to then go to Hastings cause if the baby gets put in the NICU then the nurses will make the decision for you basically. if the nurse needs to she say something like “oh only mom and dad are allowed to hold her today” and if your a aunt like i am and you are under the age 18 and then you won’t be able to go back there. and yes that is the rule but i was in there for two hours! and she didn’t even say anything until a different nurse walked in and kicked me out. and also if you have other family that doesn’t know the hospital but wanted to go and see the baby and there is a nurse at the door then they will assume that you are trying to “fake” your age and restrict you from seeing the baby. you honestly don’t have to listen to this but i just thought you guys should know.

Mandy Wiseman

Night shift nurses are so rude. Also communication is a foreign concept here because nobody ever seems to be on the same page.

Troy Brodsky

The folks in the ER are top shelf - energetic, kind, and above all, good at what they do. Likewise, over the course of eight different times with friends and family having to make stays, I've yet to talk to a care provider that was anything less than above average. The vast majority have been outstanding, and I appreciate it more than they'll ever know.

Rick Johnson

So, so on quality of care. Was there for 5 days and heard way too much internal gossip among Nurses, want to be Nurses (don't know what they call Trainees nowadays- some were good and a couple won't cut it for all of the wrong reasons) and other branches i.e. PT (outsourced here at St. Francis- affiliated with another PT outfit in GI- ripe for scandal). Compared to Hospitals I've stayed at in CA besides some lackadaisical (example: compression stockings to prevent blood clots were not changed during my entire stay. Once home and removed the edema was grotesque!)care the Consumer issue has its place here too. No communication between concerned parties. Not on the same page with Patient information in regards to access, treatment etc. Repetitive filing and signing of the same notifications, consent forms etc. Only option in this town at this time. A town of 50,000 + surrounding area should be able to support two Hospitals I would think. That should help improve the Care and Customer Driven Support.

Sarah Einspahr

I had a planned surgery and was terrified. I was worried about pain and getting sick. All of my fears were for nothing! All the staff was absolutely wonderful! Pain was controlled I wasnt sick, and they went out of their way to ease my fears and make me feel safe!

Amie Dixon

CHI is lucky I'm giving them 2stars. My husband & I met our daughter & granddaughter in the ER Wednesday afternoon. She had fallen from the monkey bars. They finally got her back for x-rays& wouldn't let her mother or any of us go back with her. She's 7yrs old& scared & in a lot of pain. We all were pissed& then it takes a couple of hours to finally find ouy what was going on. We all can't wait for the new hospital to be built. If we could we'd go to Hastings or to Kearney. CHI is a frickin joke!!

Alex The Panda

Nurses were rude. Thankfully, it is clean.

lora janzen

My elderly mother with dementia was taken from a nursing home to St. Francis because she had a stroke and was unresponsive. She spent a day in the emergency room and 5 days in the hospital. During her stay at the hospital, someone misplaced her wedding ring, or stole it. At first they tried to claim she never had the ring when she arrived at the hospital, but it was documented that she did, so they could not deny that. At that point they treated us terrible. My Mom was too weak to even attempt to take it off herself. So there was obviously neglect in caring for my Mom and her personal belongings. The way we were treated was completely unacceptable. They were rude and disrespectful to us. They did not care that my Mother's wedding ring was stollen and made no attempt to find it. We never even received an apology! We have met with our attorney and will be taking further action. I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

Strongwilled 17

So far it's been awful , front desk intake was rude, nurse was very rude ! She treated us like we were stupid about his meds also just leaves him in great pain !! Even after he told her!! This hospital is awful.. I wish I would have been able to just drive him to Omaha. I don't like sitting here seeing him in pain, nurse needs to learn to think about what if it was her dad or family. . I pray God would lift him up in his hands and watch over him. .

tina stobbe

The billing department sucks and the people in it are rude no help what so ever. So Thank you st francis for not wanting to taking my money and leaving me with a big bill that will never get paid off.

Roxanne Farley

I had an embarrassing situation I had chemical burns on my bottom my butt and I became a butt of their jokes by the time I left the waiting room they had me in tears they did treat me and I got out of there as fast as I could I work in the healthcare field I hope to never treat anyone like that

Amber Turek

They don't even deserve the one star rating. They are the absolute worst hospital ever. Their physicians have the worst attitudes and no bedside manners. I wouldn't even go here if I was dying I would take the chance and go to anywhere else.

Michael Nelson

Shelby Leigh

Worst hospital in Nebraska. I would rather take my chances going else where even if they knew I wouldn’t make it rather than going there. It’s a death sentence regardless.

Sean Dankert

Cory Macdonald

Waited 3 hours in the ER with my son who had 105 fever and every old person with shortness of breath was taken straight back a head of us

Beth Bowman

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