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carolyn taylor

They need to focus less on money and more on care.

cynthia west

We were in town for a basketball tournament and my son injured his wrist. We came in just to make sure it was not fractured before heading back to Northwest Arkansas on 2/17/19. We were taken straight back to a room and were seen my Dr Running pretty soon after. We were in and out in just a little over an hour including X-ray. Everyone was very professional and the nurse who triaged was especially friendly, sorry I can’t remeber her name, initials SR B. Also thener tech TOm? Was great! I am an ER nurse of 14 years and also a stroke coordinator so I know what to look for and I was highly impressed. This will be my Choice if we ever need an ER again while in Lincoln, Thank you!!

Carrie Widger

Wonderful experience. Nurses were so great with care.

Patti Nelson

Have always gone to Saint E. I just like the quality of care.

Susan Olson

Worst experience of my life. Never again will I go to the ER. Was called a drug addict. When in reality I was suffering with the flu while suffering from a rare autoimmune disease. Racism and rude behavior are all I left with.

andrea andrews

All I have to say is Lesa at your intake in the emergency department was incredibly rude, impatient, interrupted me and made very impatient and rude gestures. I'm sorry for making you do your job but I didn't come here for fun, and I actually came here for the first time in my adult life because I've had such bad experiences at bryan... but now I will be going there over here because at least I am treated with dignity and respect upon entering their facility. I have never experienced someone so rude in this field. Find a new job because yours counts and you made a bad impression for the whole hospital with the way you spoke to me and treated me- in front of my father nonetheless. Sad that we have people so rude, and impatient working in this area especially. It's too bad I was very hopeful after speaking to the care line that this would be my new place for Healthcare. That gentleman was very thorough and caring and I appreciated that very much. I was also unimpressed with the unprofessional way that I was asked for payment before I got my treatment or final word from the doctor. Overall a terrible experience. I was offered no solution and was treated like a waste of time. The nurse even asked me "what I wanted them to do" and laughed. I was told byou YOUR care line to come into the hospital. Literally the worst experience yet with the illness I am facing and I genuinely don't understand how your staff can be so incredibly rude and insensitive in this area of the hospital. I'm writing this but I will also be placing phone calls that I can only assume won't be taken with care either because dignity and respect isn't something your hospital is concerned with. Literally sat in waiting room for over 2 hours to be laughed at and not given anything but a referral to a specialist. But first they made certain to ask me for the full copay and told me I couldn't pay half now half later. Disgraceful staff and Disgraceful care. Never ever ever again will anyone in my family be coming here for help.

Hamdi Mumade

My baby brother was born here and let me just tell you. All the nurses were incredibly kind and devoted to keeping my mom happy, stress-free, and preparing my brother for the outside world. I really appreciate all these nurses, mid-wives, doctors, and dietitians that work at St.Elizabeth. My gratitude towards these hardworking people cannot be described in words and so for that I am really thankful. I hope good things come for all of them. ✨❤️

Miranda Strecker

Joshua Mehuron

Only Me

I'm being EXTREMELY generous with my one star because I would have given the quality of care I received and the disrespectful manner in which I was treated deserves ABSOLUTELY nothing!!....first off I'm not the epitome of good health St. Elizabeth is near my house I've been hospitalized there more times then I can count and have had numerous surgeries there as well..I've always been pleased with the quality of care I received and everyone I encountered from the admissions employee's to the nurses and doctors have all been very nice, empathetic etc...however, my last experience at St. Elizabeth wasn't a pleasant one to say the least, stressed me out, and I will NEVER EVER go back to St. Elizabeth again!! I was there 10 Days I think idk I was very sick, the issues arose few days before I got magically discharged... I had surgery a CNA was in my room not sure why bec all she did was watch me struggle to get up while it was pertinent that she applied her lip gloss while standing there watching me bec I had just had surgery and had absolutely no strength but had to find it somewhere bec it was evident she wasn't going to acknowledge that I needed assistance..I wasn't going to ask I shouldn't have to that's HER JOB!!...oh and not to mention I fell while hospitalized yet I felt as though I was on trial being drilled, I received no sympathy, no apologies NOTHING!!!! honestly bec I wasn't squirting blood, had nothing broken or didn't hit my head I was treated as if i purposely fell...I knew I was going to fall so I used the walker I had to use to lower myself to the floor bec I thought that helpful CNA was still in my room.. Then to top it off I had to yell for help but I was reprimanded bec I didn't pull the cord in the bathroom had absolutely nothing to do with the CNA who wasn't doing her job!!...I had to wait almost 2 hours so I could shower bec the CNA assigned to me got off in 20 minutes and I needed to long does it take to get a couple towels?? Evidently longer then 20 minutes...I told another CNA I needed help with certain areas as far as showering well I wasn't allowed to shower and needed to shower in the morning according to this incredibly helpful CNA so she brought me stuff so I could give MYSELF a bed bath.. AGAIN , in her job description so I gave up on that and just showered bec by this point I knew I had no-one to help or rely on but MYSELF!! Yet St. Elizabeth is getting paid alot from my insurance company and so are their employees for doing a horrible job as far as healthcare is concerned..I also had a couple CNA's talking about other patients in my room.. I'm sorry but doesn't that go against the HIPPA law?? I was told by a student nurse to lift my fat stomach so I could be cathed , mind you I still had a bloated stomach due to my surgery.. I was dumbfounded when I was talked to in that manner.. I'm not obese by any means but that was so unprofessional....the night prior to getting discharged I was having issues and told bec of the symptoms I was experiencing I wouldn't be discharged.. Dr's take forever to do their rounds and if a patient happens to get discharged it takes forever to get the discharge papers together etc.... Oh not me this time around, saw the Dr early and to my dismay I'm being discharged took no time to get those discharge papers ready I was on the 5th floor I'm surprised I didn't get tossed out the window that's how bad I was wanted to be discharged so bec I'm treated disrespectfully and people weren't doing their job I was the one who in not so many words got reprimanded bec when I did tell someone about my horrible experience all I got was " oh that doesn't sound like the employee's here, hmm I've never heard this etc... So no validation there either..evidently I was so bored that I decided to conjure these "" STORIES"" up bec I had nothing better to do

Sara Diaz

Honestly, it doesn't even deserve a 1. We were there for over 2 hours and the doctor only came in once. As for the nurse, she didn't even ask if I had eaten before she gave me 2 pills and didn't even tell me what they were. When I pushed the nurses button it took them 30 minutes to respond. They also never told me my lab results or anything.

Julie Dane

Very slow emergency room. Waited for 2 hours to be seen and when we were taken back to a room we passed 7 empty rooms. Can't understand why we waited so long to even be triaged.

Jason Middle doff

I wouldn't recommend going here. The ER doctors do things that don't need to be done just to rack up the bill.

Yan Kaiyu

Chip Heaton


Phyllis Thesier, MAT, CCC-SL

We move often, having lived from the East coast to the Midwest as well as China. With a background in medical services, I know how to review places online. Yet interaction with the initial gatekeepers is the true test. Phone skills, greeters, intake personnel and professionals alike are personable and knowledgeable. we feel very comfortable here.

Mary Gibilisco

They saved my life.

Chuck Witherspoon

Staff has no communication skills wouldnt recommend this place to anybody go to bryan if you can

Jenifer Irons

I had a historectomy and the nurses where perfect! Dr. Heidrick did a great job! When I was just waking up, the nurses pushed me to the elevator to my room and Dr. Heidrick held the doors open so the nurses could get me in the elevator and we all road up to 4th floor together. He talked a little to me as I layed there in the bed! And when I had my shoulder replacement surgery, they put too much anesthesia in me and had a hard time getting the nurses to give me nausea medicine.

Lynn Irons

Had to have help getting husband out of truck to wheelchair. He's in a great deal of pain. They checked us in and sent us to waiting room. I told them he needs something for pain and they said he'll just have to wait. Pretty sure it kidney stones. Why in the hell would they leave a patient in so much pain in the waiting room? What's wrong with them!

Heather Dunn

I have A lot of health problems and my doctor kept sending me to the ER,and I went on my own a few times as well basically in and out sense I broke my wrist, then I got really sick for 4 months then I had back surgery iam always in pain,I had kidney stones and they left me for 2hours in severe pain rocking back on forth in my bed it was horrible .i only go to the er because I need help I'm in a lot of pain and I need them to be caring about me and my situation but lately they are so rude to me,especially Dr running he gave me 2 Tylenol looked at my mom and said what do you think? I think she looks and sounds good so will get her out of here. No bed side manner what so ever and there treating me like a frequent flyer my friend said. I"D LIKE TO PUT THEM IN MY BODY FOR 24 HOURS AND SEE HOW THEY LIKE IT!! #

Abbey Clark

Because my. Friend Freddie go there

Minh Tran

I had to get my leg checked after I had fallen during a skiing trip. This was a while back so they first decided I should go get an MRI. After receiving an MRI they told me to come back and they would tell me the results. Coming back I was told that I had a torn meniscus and ACL and I would need surgery. They decided that I needed an X-Ray, even though I had already done an MRI, which would show whether or not a bone was out of place, they told me to get it anyway. The X-Ray cost about $200, not covered by insurance. They then proceeded to give me a brace, which cost about $800 (not covered by insurance) and told me to wear it and receive physical therapy. I wore it for a couple of weeks until one day I fell on ice and the brace dug into my leg and scrapped my skin, this also scrapped up the brace obviously. After the incident I decided it would be best not to wear it at all since physical therapy was helping my leg already and for the duration of my time at I discontinued wearing the brace. After a month or two my leg was feeling great and I decided it would be fine without surgery, I can run without pain and it believed it was all right to not have the surgery. I decided I would return the brace, since it was not a personalized brace, i thought maybe I could get a partial % back for what I paid, like even $20 of the $800. But when i went to return the brace, the man that looked it over a proceeded to yell at me and call me a liar saying that the brace had been worn more than I said it was and refused to take the brace back at all. Granted I understand I may have miscalculated exactly how many days I wore it but it still wasn't worn out as much as it should have been worn. I did not for one appreciate the rude treatment; I am a customer after all. I also did not appreciate them taking an X-ray of my leg for no apparent reason. I did not wish to pay an extra $200 for an unnecessary x-ray. In total I spent over $2,000 on checking my leg for the result of nothing. My leg got better with just physical therapy. I honestly lost so much respect for hospitals after this as well as lost respect for any of the employees at this Medical Center. I volunteered here for 5 years prior and thought that it was a great here but now I would never recommend anyone using his or her facilities. GO TO BRYAN I haven't even been there but I have to say I would rather go get a consult there then here (This was written out of frustration so may not be grammatically accurate). Hope this helps someone because it sure would've helped me!

Lizzie Bear

I have had to go here on many occasions and wouldn't want a different hospital. Nurses are great and so are the doctors. I had my daughter here and felt like I was treated like a queen. They took extra care of my daughter after the c section. And took care of me after my many surgeries

Rachel Carter

Staff needs some courses on customer service! I too work in the medical field and I was appalled by the way their registrar Alex spoke to me in the ER department.... I've been sitting here patiently waiting in excruciating pain, I've been triaged and had some other things done but they are busy and I get that, but I hobbled over to the desk to ask if they knew what the wait time was looking like for me. I stood at the desk waiting while he was looking at his computer and when he finally acknowledged that I was there he very rudely and in a condescending tone asked me what I wanted. I started to ask about the wait time when he interrupted me mid sentence and without even looking up from his computer said, "Were busy, it's gonna be hours!" And then started talking to another employee. I walked away from the counter because I could feel myself becoming angered by his lack of empathy and professionalism, so I stepped outside hoping that the woman who had initially took my information would be back at the desk. After waiting a few minutes I walked back up to the desk and he was still there this time speaking to another employee so I waited and when he was done talking to her he still refused to acknowledge me so I cleared my throat and asked him if I could speak to the lady who had originally checked me in. He looked up at me and very rudely asked "What lady?!" So I replied "The lady that originally checked me in before I was triaged about an hour ago" He snapped at me "She's on her lunch break, I'm not a nurse I can't tell you how long you have to wait." I then replied "Well if you had bothered to even ask me what my name was you could have probably given me an informed answer" and i walked away. I have worked in the medical field for 15 years and couldn't imagine speaking to someone like that or acting like such an arrogant baphoon. I will be avoiding this hospital from now on!

heather McCain

Infant daughter has a temp of 105 no one is here in the ER except for a women right in front of us and yet we are the waiting room while they admitting someone with a normal temp right in front of her and admitting two people after. Our daughter is very sick we are scared and it feels the nurse is incredible callus about it. Said she would get us ibuprofen in the empty waiting room (bc her high temp is already with her onTylenol) Update: charge nurse didn't even put accurate information in chart she said she had seen a physician already which is false and that they said it was virial which is completely untrue I said I had held off coming bc I called the insurers nurse line and they said it was probably viral. The reson this matters is it effects acuity and is why it has taken over a hour to see a Dr. In a empty ER. We are deeply upset right now. Second Update: I'm going to a change from one star to 3 because my daughter has been admitted for the last 2 nights and the nurses and doctors have been wonderful. However we are still deeply upset about the admission process. They were trying to say it was based on a acuity but clearly the charge nurse did not take my daughter's severity seriously as we watched both of the patients given priority leave within a couple of hours after coming in while she suffered an extra hour being severely dehydrated with almost a 105temp bc of this nurse inaccurately recorded the information when we checked in the ER. It would have been understandable except the charge nurse in ER was just so unkind even while just checking us in. If the hospital reads these reviews I asked that someone in administration contact us as we would like to speak about this further


bad phone service

blake koehn

I don't wish to speak negatively of anyone or any organization but when it pertains to people health and well being, I cannot recommend this hospital. As a patient more than once, never have I had a quality experience. Most recently, I am still waiting on results from nearly 2 years ago only to be told they are still processing my request every time.

Charles du Preez

I have nothing but positive things to say about the nurses, staff, and doctors of Saint Elizabeth Regional Medical Center. This hospital also offers financial assistance. I feel like I received individual attention and that all my needs were surpassed.

Robert Russell

Abbey Jacobs

Staff was very helpful, friendly, and informative. I had a great experience from the time I walked in to the time I walked out! Unfortunately, it's impossible to get ahold of them via phone though.

Amy V

Was recently in the emergency room. The staff was hit or miss on bedside manner. But over All they were good. They listened to me and ran test to rule things out. The place was extremely clean and I was seen right away. I will be using St. E. for my delivery and recovery in the near future.

Lori Jensen

john derr

Apryl Morris

Janny Anderson

My husband was in the ER after a fall. The ER was not busy but the nurses sure seem busy. Our nurse Brittany looked stress and was quite rude to us when I asked if my husband can have a drink of water. She told me that's not important right now. Then later she brings in another nurse and didn't even introduce the nurse to us. They just kept looking at the computer and kept talking about how the orders from the doctor was confusing. One nurse didn't even wash or sanitize her hands before she started touching my husband. The communication at this hospital is not good. My husband kept getting transfer from third floor to 5th floor and they didn't even call to tell me. My husband had his hip pinned and he was in a lot of pain there but this one physical therapy lady Connie something kept forcing him to walk when he can only bear a little weight. That Connie lady was rude and I did not like that when she asked another worker to come help her, she started asking how another patient was doing. She said the person's name and started complaining about them. I would not like my husband to be that person. There sure isn't any privacy around here. Later my husband tells me that they want him to go home with home health and he is still in a lot of pain to leave. I can't take care of him like this. This hospital wants to take your money and then kick you out back home when they don't even know the home situation. I got health problems myself. If my family or I ever have to go to a hospital we will be going to Bryan health instead.

J sav

No sense of urgency at all. Waited over 2 hours in the emergency room. No one came to update me on my wait time. When I did ask the receptionist how much longer I would be waiting I was told that a nurse would come out to update me on how much longer I will be waiting. I never did see her. This is not the first negative experience I have had with this place

Jiaqi Li

Jacob Neemann

Ben Huston

I was extremely happy with the level of care I received in the ED and when I was admitted for kidney stones. Traveling from Iowa I was stuck with the closest hospital I could find. But the staff of nurses, aids and doctors took great care of me. For anyone that has had kidney stones before, I required alot of attention for pain. Louann, Melissa, Liz, and Tom and all the doctors did a wonderful job treating me and getting me comfortable.

Patricia Reid

Care at this facility is a joke. Going home worse then I came in.

Fred Hausmann

This hospital sucks and i mean bad!!!!!!

Jamie Kailing

Horrible experience, rude staff, and horrible wait times.

Sara Crisp

I had my first child this past June of 2016 at CHI/SERMC. I received excellent care in the labor and delivery unit and post partum unit. The nurses and physicians were awesome. I am giving a 3 star review specifically because of how horrible the food was. Prior to my admission, I was not aware of the major changes that were made to the dietary department, probably as a result of the major shift the hospital has made over the past few years. The dietary staff were very nice and accommodating to their ability. The QUALITY of the food was below average. I feel sorry for the dietary department in having to serve the food to patients. I remember how good SERMC food was years ago. Hopefully the poor quality of food is temporary as SERMC/CHI continues to make adjustments in their hospital.

Lauralyn R

I would have given labor and delivery a 5 star rating as my day nurse was absolutely incredible and one of the most caring nurses I have ever had (her name was Deb.) I had my own OB come in and so my experience there was beyond all expectations... however I gave a 3 star rating because as soon I was in recovery some of my nurses were pretty rude.


Erin Butler

My doctor left the CHI network, and upon being appointed a new doctor I was told I needed to see her at the NHI office at St. Elizabeth's. While I was there I was told I needed to have a procedure done for the good of the new doctor in understanding my case. I was not told of any estimated billing or that my insurance would not cover a vast majority of this procedure. I received a bill for nearly $900 that I disputed and found no respite from. I have paid said bill (thankfully coming up with the funds to cover it) and will never use any CHI office or affiliates again. This so called Catholic organization has members sleeping on blood money from their patients who are not given any direction or aid.

Chris Pultz

I visited this ER with an 8 year old child and appreciated the thorough, serious, but very age appropriate care given by the staff on duty that evening. From the front desk to the nurses and x-ray technicians, the bedside care given made a bad situation better.

Dawn Sloan

Haven't even gone in yet. Im taking someone in for a procedure this morning and I had a couple questions. If the phone experience was anything like the face to face its going to be...I regret it already! I will post again when it's all over.

Jeanne Kessler

I will never trust this hospital again. Check their safety rating.

Ashley Hornung

Superheroes Fighting Big Battles! Inspire others!

I would not recommend my worst enemy to the labor and delivery here! My daughter went up to 4 th floor cause her dr told her to! From the moment the OB dr walked in he was rude, condescending, drilling her like she had done something wrong by coming there! Didn't really listen, kept looking at his phone! My daughter has gestational diabetes and was feeling really off! Because she has a history of anxiety he just dismissed her like she was nuts and why are you here? It was really appalling to me! Come to find out my daughters sugars were low and it was making her feel lightheaded, shaky very different! So after they finally checked her sugars and seen oh yeah she s not crazy then they changed their tune! Oh and he acted surprised when he asked my daughter do you work, yes full time! My daughter hit the call light and no one came for over 20 minutes, my daughter unhooked herself from the monitor and went to bathroom and came back before the nurse said do you need something? Well not now! Horrible experience! I wouldn't recommend Dr. Kirsch to anyone, horrible bed side manner to pregnant women! My daughter lost twins last year and this baby means so much to her! Don't know how you ended up in OB cause working with pregnant moms from all walks of life you have to be more caring and listen! Just because someone has history of mental illness doesn't make them a bad person! You talked to my daughter like she was a criminal and drilling her like she had done something wrong! She had drove to Omaha for a continuing education class and didn't feel right and you focused on anxiety and panic attacks!

C Polite

I recently was a patient. The majority of my care was excellent. But some of your nursing staff & cnas need to take a course in common courtesy & compassion they lack. If I ever need hospital care again it wont be with you. The weekend of the recent icestorm I was left to fend for myself. The rn & cna, not once came in my room all day long. Late that night the rn came in to give me meds. I knew they weren't busy. They were in the halls laughing etc. The cna mouthed off to me, which was so unexpected & so wrong. The majority of the staff who took care of me were wonderful. One more thing, where in Omaha do you purchase the food you purchase for your patients. You should be ashamed of yourselves. It is unfit for human consumption. Your administration needs to revisit this. At once upon a time St.Elizabeths was at the top of the ratings for the food served.

Elaine Hansen

Outstanding surgery and nursing care by compassionate caring nurses. Above and beyond service. While no one wants to go to the hospital if you find yourself in the place you need to St. Elizabeth employees are kind, knowledgeable and compassionate. Thank you for making a difference for us.

Jeremy Cardamone

Had an unexpected early delivery of my daughter, who had to be cared for in the NICU. The NICU nurses, doctors, and nurse practitioners are EXCELLENT and made this scary experience way more manageable. We had a wonderful experience in general at St. Elizabeth and would recommend it to anyone.

Homer Pile

Very freindly and caring nurses, clean Hospital.

Veronika Loving-Brick


Josie McGowan

My husband was in a fluke accident at work and sent over from the Bryan East ER to the Saint Elizabeth burn unit. At Bryan I as his wife was able to sign on his behalf as he asked and I was treated as his wife. At Saint Elizabeth they made me leave him at night, most had bad bedside manner, I was told that I could not lay by him because the risk of infection which is non existent due to his burns being covered up fully and ive been in a gown they provided. They have acted as if I am a friend of his instead of his wife. Nobody tells me anything when I'm around and ive been fully cooperative and nice. I dont reccomend the saint E burn unit to anyone if you are looking for any emotional support or what's best for the patient. They may be good at cleaning the burn, but beyond that not at all. They give all of the information to my husband who's on pain meds and refused to even let me sign for him when he asked them to let me. He burned his hands and fingers...sorry if this is jumbled but I could not be more dissatisfied with the bedside manner.

Rebecca Martinez

Everytime i go i am waiting in er for at least 3 hours. Very frustrating. The nurses and doctors are good but the waiting really sucks.

Werewolf Luver

Had a absolutely awful experience. I was in pre labor and they had the nerve to come in and kick me out of the labor and delivery unit . The nurse stated " we don't care that your in labor we are kicking you out". The doctor came in , and said did u ever have sex and I almost felt like telling her totally not. She asked me if i was imaging all of this. And I said no . This hospital is absolutely rude. Would never recommend anyone to it for labor and delivery or even for an ER visit !

Jeremy Verwey

We went to the ER with our 5 month old retching, loss of appetite, sleepy with bad diarrhea. After waiting for over 2 hours without being placed in a room, we left to go to the other major hospital in town. The other hospital understood the urgency of the situation and we saw a doctor at the other location within 25 minutes. If I could leave a negative review, I would. On a plus side, the triage nurse was extremely nice if not over worked.

Spooky Fizz

I took my mom to their urgent care for an abscess tooth that is on the verge of going septic. We sat in the waiting room for over 2 hours and she fainted a few times. I told the desk woman she was passing out and needed immediate care, and she said she would tell a nurse. Fast forward another hours and I tell the desk woman and the nurse who is now next to her that we have to leave so my mom can take her heart medicine because of the fainting, and apparently the desk woman never bothered to tell the nurse who was right next to her that my mom is fainting in the waiting room. They tried to convince me to stay but said there was no guarantee she could be seen within this hour, or the next. Friendly tip, people come to the E.R. for EMERGENCIES! Not for something that can wait for 4-5 hours!

Chelsea Brittenham

This is the worst emergency room visit I have ever encountered. I have been here for almost 3 hours. As I was getting checked in by a nurse she rudely cut me off and answered her phone and was on it for a good 15mins. The same goes for the doctor. I felt like as soon as they asked me what was going on they got a phone call and completely ignored me. I started my story again and he rolled his eyes at me. Felt like they didn't care about what I had to say. I was suppose to get blood work 2 hours ago and I have been sitting in this room for the last hour unchecked. Yes I am currently here. And yes I am about to leave and go to a hospital where they actually care. Don't waste your time on the emergency room!

brian snider

Was supposed to have surgery at noon. Checked in at 10 as directed. Layed in an uncomfy bed with my gown and IVs on untill 1 when they told me they couldnt get me in untill 3:30. Finally get in and out of surgery and was in a LOT more pain than they said i would be in. I asked for a urinal, a blanket, and some pain meds probably 7 or 8 times to every nurse that was in and out of my room after surgery and took them 2 hours to get me those basic things. Almost had to wet the bed because they wouldnt bring my urinal and i couldnt get up. My pain was not AT ALL managed well and i was extremely uncomfortable and in excruciating pain the whole time. And most of the doctors and nurses were very rude to me. Then when i went to check out i had to wait a lot longer because they "lost" my chart. Very unprofessional and very terrible experience. Will never be returning there unless it is an ABSOLUTELY necessary emergency

Breanna Kuszak

Worst place EVER!!!!!!! Took my husband there because he had a severe headache blurred vision cramping in his leg so bad he could barley walk and slightly droopy left side with cold sweats and big blood pressure with his pain rateing at a 8/10. They decided to tell us that it wasn't as severe as somebody who had no pain and a rash the size of a dollar coin...... we were in the waiting room for 2 hours and I finally went up there and told them how ridiculous they were and that we were going to Bryan West........ went there told them everything got in a room within 5 minutes to find out he had a stroke and has TWO DVT's....... now he is being hospitalized....... st. E's is a damn joke lately!!! I know we will NEVER be going back again!!

Abd Tumeh

tia frazier

The nurses tried to steal my pain medicine. Had to get new nurse while in hospital. Also racist. Would not go here. Also theye are putting in badhip replacements. Check it out. Dr. Quit cause did not want to use that hip or knee product. All about that dollor,even if it kills you.

Michael Frandolig

Birthed 10/10/2001

David Morton

Emily Pfeifer

Brandon Stark

After the worst experience I've ever had at bryan lgh west, St. Elizabeth proved to me there is still fantastic nurses, doctors, the whole staff there are amazing. VERY respectful, Did not judge a bit and I was made to feel very safe and cared for and they did no messing around. These people I would trust with my life and you can tell they take pride in there work, are very good at it.Thank you all in the ER department, words can't explain how much you all helped me.

Amy L

Came here for surgery and I survived so that's a plus. On the downside, the pre-surgery call to let me know where to go and what to do ended with the lady telling me I had to pay 800 dollars right then. I said I wasn't going to pay until I got a bill. She then said she would put me on a pay plan. I said I wanted a bill. She kept trying to get me to pay. And I refused without a bill. By the time the time insurance company got the hospital bill, I was at my deductible and didn't have to pay the hospital anything...hence why I wanted a bill. Also they didn't do an x-ray on me until I had been there for two hours and was about to have the surgery. After the x-ray and as I was wheeled into the room, the surgery was changed and I signed consent form about 30 seconds before I lost consciousness and then woke up in recovery.

Breezy Miller

i am doing a historical report on hospitals and would like to know how long your building and hospital have been open.

tyreisha chaplin

I will never ever go to this hospital again.. the 3-11 shift staff with the nurse and Cnas, were so rude. I rather die before I go to the er ever again . HR need to get their employees in like, their behavior is unacceptable. If you don't want to help the patients, nor want to be in the nursing field maybe they should find another job. I'm an cna myself and will never treat anyone the way their stuff treated me.

Amanda Beardsley

Have had nothing but good experiences at this hospital.

Tim Chen

I had a very good friend in the observation unit. I would never bring them to this hospital again. They are short staff with nurses and nursing aids. The nurses that they have are too grumpy especially a nurse named Rachel. No one knows what's going on. They take a long time to answer call lights. The nurses do not give your medications on time. They are racist to non-white patients and even to their non-white employees. Their food is terrible. They bill you for adaptive equipment that you did not even keep. They try to make money by placing you in observation so your insurance don't cover. My friend had a very huge bill and even from physical therapy when they did not want therapy services.

Douly Khal

This hospital went from 100 to 0 real quick

Random Xander

My spouse had a severe nose bleed, like been consistently bleeding for hours and, decided to go to the ER. We were checked in, vitals were taken and, we were left to sit in the waiting room for over an hour! THEY were BLEEDING, getting woozy and, nearly passed out. As retired nursing staff, I am actually sort of appalled that this happened.

Alison Stewart

My husband and I had to take our son to the ER after our 3 year old had an accident that left him in desperate need of care. This was our first experience with St. Elizabeth and will also be our last. The lack of empathy and flat out disrespect shown to my family by their staff was very upsetting. We came to the ER at a time of need feeling helpless - that feeling was multiplied indefinitely by the staff.

Its Anonymuz

Letting your patient wait in emergency room wait area with massive pain for 1 hour and give no help but just say that your busy will choose another hospital next time

Michael Aubrey

Lisa Erbe

They made having a c-section, a baby in the NICU and my 5-day stay a lovely experience. The food is good and I slept so comfortably. I recommend this place for labor and delivery (and lactation help!) 100 times over. They have a solid relationship with my midwife and I felt like I got the best of both worlds.

Server Guy

I wouldnt recommend coming here, a family member recently had a couple night stay here and we were not impressed at all. The staff was nice but not personable at all with the exception of two nurses that were part of the discharge. The rest of the staff seemed to get in and out quickly without really making sure everything was alright. The room we were in was very small, probably around 8 ft wide, if that. The air conditioning didnt seem to work in the room, in fact if you tried to use the thermostat it would just fall off the wall (medical tape held it to the wall) The annual elevator inspection certificates were nearly 2 years out of date (I have pictures as proof). Paint was poorly maintained in numerous places and you could tell that subpar contractors were used to install things like carpet (in the cafeteria seating area the window casings were covered in carpet glue) The cafeteria hours were horrible, they are not open for dinner at all. The hours are 6:30am - 9:45am and 11am until 2pm. There is a subway around the corner, but trying to feed a cranky 2 year old with subway while also trying to make a sandwich isnt an experience i wanted to have so we left and found a meal elsewhere. As far as diagnosis, the doctors were few and far between, we would ask what was going on and never receive a full answer, just that they were running tests, even when discharged we asked what happened and why and no one knew and just labeled it as a generic infection. The nurses never knew what was going on or what was next. Because the AC was not functioning we asked for a fan the first night which ended with never finding one, the next night we asked again and one was finally located (thank you to that nurse) because it made all the difference. The TV would randomly turn a channel to snow, the wireless was so slow it was unusable. I would recommend Bryan over this place any day of the week. The building is outdated, staff seems overworked, supplies are hard to find, and maintenance on the building seems to be lacking desperately.

Daniel Holan

Not the same hospital it used to be there's not enough people staffed and it feels to corporate my family and I will not go to this hospital anymore

Vee Bill

John Schubert

I am in St E's for valve replacement therapy . The people are great. I enjoy it. The do a great job. Mr Jack


After waiting for more than an hour in the "EMERGENCY ROOM" waiting room, we were told that they have no rooms. What the hell are you supposed to do? Maybe call an ambulance to come to the emergency room, and pick you up.

zaid Hayder

I wish I could give a zero star. I was at ER with my 16 months old baby with a high fever(102 temperature). They checked us in and let us wait in the waiting room with a fussy baby for 2.5 hours nobody bothered to give us any updates. After wasting my time I left to buy Ibuprofen OTC from Walgreens. Terrible experience.

Jennifer Flynn

Both of our children were born here and our daughter ended up in the NICU for over 3 weeks. Most everyone was amazing. Great care for us all.

Robert Shriner

I had a total knee in August 2016, excellent care! I think patients have to remember that professional staff is not there to be their personal assistance. The room was cleaned everyday, linens cleaned as needed to save on water/environment. I have joint class couple time a day (I was there over weekend). When I was discharged I felt ready.

Barb Kucera

Went in on a Saturday morning due to dehydration and Dr. Russell was so kind and attentive. He and nurse Melissa checked on me frequently too. Only needed 2 bags of IV fluids and was good to go.

Stacy Saddlemire

I have two kidney diseases....I Was admitted for left side kidney stones...ONLY because I told Then the pain meds didn’t work otherwise they were gonna release me. They told me I had A 4mm Stone... come to find out from the urologist who did my surgery to place a stent I had a 4mm Stone entering my bladder, a 10mm stone entering my ureter, swollen kidney, with pus coming out (noticed during surgery) he told me he was shocked because my kidneys were not as healthy as the lab work said they were! I had An allergic reaction to the antibiotic they put me on. My face became bright red, my temperature rose, I became Itchy, throat became sore and swollen, couldn’t even speak...the nurse told me to eat a popsicle and go to sleep and they would see how I was In the morning. Smh! Day of discharge I was Still in pain, had been complaining of now right side pain for over 24 hrs... the dr told me I would Need to see my primary care physician to figure out the pain because stones don’t just happen. She said I’m sending you home with narcotic pain meds they are addictive and if you take to many u will stop breathing and they will kill you. Ugh okay! (Comment wasn’t even necessary) The night staff suck! Two day nurses were great...if only I could Remember their names. And the student nurse Laura was amazing and she is going to be awesome at what she does!

Zahraa Reyad

Monty Jordan

if you are what they refer to as a minority which is anything that is not white and you have the misfortune of having to have your baby there, they will do everything in their power to convince you that you should have a C section and the reason being is obvious they make more money.. Caring nothing about your mental health to have your child naturally my daughter fortunately would not fall for their games, but their was an iraqi woman two doors down was not that lucky and she had a c section.. Medicine is a business and it does not love the under privileged or those that this facility feels it can talk you into giving up your ability to think and do what is best for you so be careful minorities and poor white people when you go to this hospital to have your baby..

Brandon Johnson

Phillip Wombacher


Sarah Sedlacek

"Dr." Theresa Hatcher needs to reconsider her profession. This was the worst doctor-patient scenario I have ever experienced. Crying in pain from a rough chiropractor adjustment, she merely proceeded to treat me like I was at the ER feening for pain killers. I don't appreciate being instantly classified as a drug addict. I left the ER in as much pain as I went in with and she could care less. The rude nurse Colleen and her make a ruthless, incompetent pair.

Kathy Daly

Great nurses and aides on PCU/ICU floors. Wonderful, caring to both the patients and family members.

Tifany M

Through the death of a loved one, my own hospitalization and my son's ER visits I've had the best of care here. The nurses, Doctors and support staff and volunteers are friendly, courteous and helpful. Thank you all.

A Better Brick

HORRIBLE experience. I would absolutely avoid this "hospital" at all costs. You're better off taking tylenol for a broken leg. If you need a real hospital go to Bryan East.

Chad Sporing

Personal are kind and friendly

Gabriella Guido

Shannon Hopper

The nurses who took care of me after I was having problems from my surgery were the best!!! I don't remember everyone's name but to the nurse's on the 5th floor east tower you are all wonderful!!! I want to thank everyone for taking such great care of me....

Erica Birch

I've lived in Lincoln all my life and have a grandfather that is always in and out of this hospital. This hospital is so slow, you wait for hours on end just to get a question answered from one of the on-duty nurses. They do not understand what urgency means and they can't seem to get it through their heads that they cannot just go at their own pace. Usually the emergency room is filled with people. There is never a time when that emergency room isn't buzzing with anger because people have been waiting for 3 hours, 5 hours, or they've been there half the day. My recommendation...if you don't have a reason to visit St. Elizabeth...don't!!

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