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REVIEWS OF CHI Health Mercy Council Bluffs IN Nebraska

Davod Joiner

Good see ice,was there for a heart problem!

Cheri Rice

I'm from Ohio visiting Iowa. I've had bad stomach pains, so I stayed for 6 nights and discharge on the 7th day. I was told I had diverticulitis. I was not allowed to eat or drink for 5 days. I've had fevers, vomiting and pains. The nurses there have tried to do a great job taking care of me. I have no complaint. On the last day a doctor I supposed a general surgeon came in and asked questions if I'm ready to go home. I said yes I am. I'm getting better but it's a slow healing process. I know because I've had diverticulitis infection three times in my life. He said I could go home today. I was getting ready to get my things together. I waited and waited hours to be discharge. So I pressed for the nurse, she said she wasnt aware that I was discharging today she will find out. Then I guess 2 hours later or a hour later she came in with a doctor. That doctor stated that I cant be discharge because i didnt eat enough. I'm like u kidding me?! I did ate some. I didnt like all the liquid diet on the tray. I told him you cant force me to eat more after I haven't ate nothing for 5 days!!! He became across cocky. I arent having it. I also mention someone came in early saying I could leave, he said (I'm your doctor) if he was really my doctor then how come this is the first time I met him? U cant be someone doctor when you not there for me for the whole days I stayed. I've had many different doctors, general surgeons coming in my room everyday but I sure did I see him! Important advice for doctors they need to listen to their patients. They know their body. Would I come back there again? Definitely not.

Jean Nelson

They do NOTHING in house including patient meals. Send patients home with huge infection. Are not up to standards with health care.

Bill Luster

Not very good at meeting there appointment scheduling

Kalinanani Moon

Last night my husband went there for an expensive sleep test. First, the map directions of the hospital campus he was given sent him to the wrong building. After checking in, he asked if he had time to go get something from the car. The lady said as long as he was back before 9pm when they lock the doors he should be fine. He was gone less than 5 minutes. At around 8:45pm, he couldn't get back in the building. His phone and his wallet were in the room he was supposed to sleep. When the same lady went into the room to hook him up to the machines, you'd think she would have gone to look for him. Now, he is going to have to reschedule, and probably have to wait at least another month to take the sleep test.

Josue Morales

Great service. Very good team. Very professional personnel.

Vickie Perry

When I was in the emergency room they took very good care of me. I appreciate everything they have done. They called me up to checked on me thank you very much.

Michelle Young

Kya Sullivan

Tim Donovan

Joshua Sherman

Majority of nurses are rude and uncaring. I waited over 2.5 hours as well for my ride home because one nurse didn’t tell new nurse my ride had arrived so everyone ended up sitting around 3 hours for no reason at all. I asked over and over again to stay ahead of the pain with consistent med dosage but would wake up 6 hours later in throbbing pain because staff failed to wake me up for meds. NEVER CHOOSE THIS PLACE UNLESS YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY DESPERATE. Extremely dissatisfied. They barely even told me what was wrong with me. Wish I could give less than a star. Social workers were on the ball. Forgot about them. 80% of staff were rude and uncaring. Hospital fail. Staff is not good at communicating your needs. Nurse grabbed my legs and dragged them to another table as I had a broken spine. I yelled out in pain and asked her why she would move someone’s legs like that when they have a broken spine. Her reply, “I didn’t know”. They are horrible at staying on top of your pain with calculated and timely medication. I informed nurse my ride was here to pick me up on last day. It was the end of her shift. She left without telling anyone my ride was there. 3 hours later, I can’t believe it’s taking this long. I buzz new nurse in and she had no knowledge my ride had arrived. 80% of staff is rude or argumentative. I would never put myself in this hospital again.

NoTimmie J. Stultz

Happy to be a part of it here. I am treated very well.

Cindy Bell

Very considerate thoughtful and mainly time

Jane Hartwell

tea scott

Mercy Hospital was EXTREMELY slow. First of all, they had me in there for 5 hours when it could’ve been a 2 hour thing if you cut out all that waiting time. THEN, they gave me inaccurate results... smh.

Brandi Green

Brittani Ritchison

Will NEVER use this facility again, after years of going here. Took My 2 year old in to the ER for limping suddenly Tuesday night. First of all the doctor, I believe her name was Melissa, was extremely rude, acted like we were wasting her time. They told me they had no idea what was wrong with him and ordered a strep test which was negative. No x-rays, nothing, FOR A TODDLER WITH AN UNEXPLAINED SUDDEN LIMP. thankfully he went to his primary ped. today and they did xrays and lab tests to get to the bottom of it. Thank god it isnt serious but me and his doctor both are disgusted with Mercys blantet disregard for my sons health. DO NOT GO HERE!!!!

Kat ch

Very rude. Unprofessional. Can't get a straight answer

Jessica Wendt

Anne Coberly

OBGYN doctors/midwives were the most unprofessional group of individuals I have ever encountered. With a high risk pregnancy, Dr. Eric Schulte was unable to tell me if our twins were fraternal or identical until the third trimester and failed to show up to our delivery after our twin daughters passed at 23 and then 37 weeks (our second daughter was scheduled to be delievered between 34-36 weeks but he said everything was “fine” at our 36 week appointment, so we were told to “wait”.) He also chose not to see us while in the hospital and claimed that he was unable to see me at my post-delivery follow up appointment. I had to force the office at Jennie Ed to make an appointment available for me while he was over at that office. Coward and extremely insensitive. Nurses and office staff are wonderful, but Dr. Eric Schulte is unbelievably unprofessional and does not care about his patient’s emotional wellbeing.

Helen Lawrence

Had surgery yesterday. Absolutely loved Dr. /Surgeon and nurses. Anesthesiologist was a jerk. ( better than you attitude ). But all said and done would recommend to friends and family.

Laura Cossolotto

Very disappointing emergency care. My daughter had a seizure and fell face first onto the concrete floor at Walmart. She was sent home with a cracked alveolar bone (upper jaw bone that holds the tooth sockets), a complete intrusion (one tooth pushed all the way up into the jaw), and two partial avulsions. I have placed a call to the Patient Action Line to file a grievance and I am waiting for a call back. I would like to know why these injuries were not addressed. To my knowledge, they did not do an x-ray other then her chest.The ER staff failed to provide any pain relief or treatment of these injuries. She was discharged with instructions to follow up with a dentist in a day or two. This was the middle of the afternoon when she could have been referred directly to an oral surgeon for immediate care or at least pain control. Of course, it was after hours when she was discharged so she could not be seen right away. Instead, she suffered needlessly for 18 hours before we could get her to her dentist, who in turn referred her for emergency oral surgery. This is not our first visit to this facility and we have received good care in the past. This incident was irresponsible and inhumane in my opinion. The failure to provide reasonable care for these extensive injuries needs to be addressed. I searched the website for an email address to file a written complaint with the attached photos but there is only a phone number listed.

Krista Johnson

Dani P

Worst place ever, came to pick up friend being discharged and no one could tell me where I was to go to find her room. No one knew where she was at. Worst experience ever. Operator angie was down right rude....would never recommend this place for anything! They dont have their poop in a group!

anonymous anonymous

Taricia English

Just had surgery here and all the staff I had help me were fantastic people. I would surely chose to come back here if another is needed!!!!!


Had surgery this morning and home recovering tonight. I am beyond impressed with the care I recieved and I have high expectations. Dr. Michael Zimmerman is amazing. He went above and beyond to make sure I was taken care of. Due to some unforeseen issues they day before my procedure, I had questions, and he personally called me to discuss the changes. Dr. Boeck, my Anesthesiologist was also amazing. Very nice, upbeat, and did a great job making sure I was at ease. Wendy who assisted Dr. Boeck and made sure I was in no pain was great. My nurses, Delaney, Carrie Fischer, Deborah and my recovery nurse Arlene, did a fantastic job. They were funny, personable, actually made being there enjoyable. I never once had to ask for anything, they were completely on top of my care. I felt like the only patient there. From the heart, God Bless you all and THANK YOU for the stellar care today. Best care team! ❤

brother bob

They don't care! Go to Jennie.

Daniel Pierson

My wife was admitted to McDermott for five plus that time the doctor was making changes to her meds without discussing it with her and put her back on meds that she had been on that didn't work and scoffed at her when she said something...on top of that on two occasions she was given food that she was allergic to one of the food allergies sever...this is the second time she has been there and this has happened...the last time it put her in the ER due to a reaction

Tami Weeks

Christa Smith

Charles Misbach

I am disgusted with service from Dr. Singh's office. We had a psych appt for my mom for three months and the office called the day before to cancel because they thought it would be better for her to see the other doctor in the office. They could have figured this out prior to us waiting three months for the appt and then having them cancel the day before. So now we are left with no appt. Terrible service.

Nyalat Thuch

My 3yr old daughter had a bladder infection and I had to rush her to the nearest emergency room. Took her to Mercy even though it isn’t the usual hospital we go to. We got there around 3:30 or 4:00 pm and wasn’t seen until 9:30 which was very frustrating due to the fact that my toddler was screaming the whole time. It was 10:30 by the time we got out of there so I had to get her prescription the next day. They told me to give her the medicine twice a day for 7 days, by the 5th day i haven’t noticed any changes and my child is still screaming in pain. I got a call from Mercy today saying they prescribed the wrong medication and they’ve sent out the new one to the pharmacy. At this point I’m LIVID. Now I have to pay, out of pocket again, for the medication they should have gotten right the first time and start my child’s 7 days all over. This is unacceptable in every way & I’ll never go back to Mercy again. I’ll be posting this review everywhere and I’ll never recommend you guys to anyone.

Miki Ram

I had my gallbladder, taked out the staff the doctor was fenomnal ppl.the best experience ever.that you .

Lexey Wolodkewits ch

Recieved ecellent care from everyone.

Emma The Dilemma Driver

Horrible!!! I delivered my son in the emergency room!

Sonja Fisher

I had to wait three hours in the emergency room before I was seen

Home Repair DIY

We arrived at 3:45 my girlfriend was having stomach pains one nurse came in asked her question like 15 minutes later another nurse came in asked her more qusetions and told her she needed to take a pregnancy test then she did and they came in 5 minutes later to get the test and likr 36 minutes later a guy from x-ray came in and took her to get an x-ray they have the worst timing ever very horrible never go to the emergency room here its like they dont care about their patients

Abby Buss

Any time I go and seek help. All my questions are answered and the nurses and doctors always give me thorough responses.

Dacia H

McDermott is a joke! Only place who will send someone who is suicidal home not even 10 hours being admitted. Wow. Staff will also ignore what you have to say on the phone. Go elsewhere.

Justin Thornburg

Very shity care nurses are never at there station we're they should b wen u need them especially wen they have a seizure patient on there floor definitely don't go to mercy unless u have to

Brandi Munch

My grandma is spending her final days at this hospital. My whole family has been very impressed with the quality of care that has been provided. Phyllis in ICU and Karen on the 4th floor have been especially helpful. The communication, love, and even ametities have been top notch. I've never known a hospital to provide a food cart and towels and toiletries to family members before. I can't recommended this hospital enough!

Alexandra Harris

I came into the ER with major abdominal pain. I knew it was my gallbladder. After running a bunch of tests the doctor confirmed I needed surgery on my gallbladder but sent me home instead. I went to another hospital about an hour after leaving Mercy and was admitted. I had my gallbladder taken out immediately. I'm so thankful for the other hospital!! The doctors at the other hospital was surprised that I made it that long. I do not recommend Mercy!


After sending in what we could afford for months after needing emergency surgery, CHI sent us to collections. Guess the people making 6 digit figures need to make a point. Never going to a CHI facility again, if I have any choice.

Kerry Lincoln

Very outdated hospital doctors act like they are being bothered.. not some place I would recommend. !!!

David Jarvinen

Kristina WB

Had surgery friday there. Was in so much pain. The nurse I had think her name was Melissa was AMAZING. She helped me with everything. was very down to earth and harm. Recommend them for surgery.

Darla Mcginnis

Gave conflicting information. Very confusing service and care

David Hansen

IM from harlan,iowa.i had taken my 12 year old daughter to the ER 3 times and 4 doctor visits in the last week.she was coughing all the time- they all said its just a cold and that was it- so tonight i took her to mercy in council bluffs ER and they checked her out from head to toe- blood tests flu test and chest xrays-they did a very good job and we appriciate it very much- especially DR. tyler Lewandowski and nurse Amelie W.

essence Hudson

Worst service. Was short of breath and rib pain. They didn't do nothing at all except for a rib X ray

Tw 0601

DMarie Davis

The nurses are amazing and concerned about you at all times. I couldn't have my husband with me because he has to take care of our children and we're new to Iowa, when my nurses found out they were helpful to make sure I was comforted and had all my personal hygiene items plus socks and panties.... Super great person thank you for everything.. Deana


Beth McCord

My family and I were sick with awful flu, so we went to the ER. Charged us like 10 grand. We are getting charged extra for a doctor we didn't even see or talk to! !

Coltrainaasituation Lamere

Laura McBroom

I took my daughter in at 5 am, Ian our RN was great and very pleasant. Dr.Ackers came in and knew what was wrong with my baby right off the bat, took 2 seconds to fix what was wrong! (Nurse-maids elbow) Great bedside manor! My baby and I were back home by 5:45am... Excellent, fast, efficient, and friendly service and help! Thank you for making it a stress-free trip to the ER!

Margaret Haley

Our family has had a great experience while my Mom has been hospitalized. ICU and the 4th floor has went above and beyond. We are very grateful!

Michelle Daniels

HORRIBLE psych dept. For children. Not open to communication with primary phych Dr's opinions. No concept of how to deal with autism/aspbegers. Locks kids in room for non compliance. Some of the staff were very short and "bitchy" wen dealing with parents. Was told all they do is "stabilize " patients. Need more training as do all thw hospitals within the Wheaton Franciscan system. VERY DISAPPOINTED VERY BAD SERVICE.

Bailey Dilts

Raynelle Greco

The Doctors and nurses are great. I would definitely be on guard and ask questions for concerns though They maybe better now, but back in 2010 my mom had stomach problems, they sent her home and the next day she died.

David SHelton


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