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REVIEWS OF CHI Health Creighton University Medical Center - Bergan Mercy IN Nebraska

Brian Gammel

The rooms were terrible. My wife was laying in the bed when I noticed 3 drops of blood on the floor the size of quarters. The nurse wiped them up and said if we find anything else let her know. I thought to myself should I check it out. Sure enough the surfaces in the room had at least a month's worth of dust on them and my wife said the handrails on the bed were sticky. I didnt even bother checking the bathroom. We moved to a new room that didn't have anything wrong with it. At around 2am till 330am the cleaning crew were banging and moving stuff around the room we just left. Its nice to know they finally got around to cleaning it but why at such a hour when my wife was trying to sleep. The janitor's name was Tammy B. Staff was very nice and professional.

Amber Douglas

This hospital is the worst hospital! Please people don’t not take your love ones there! They don’t hear out their patients. The staff is over worked and talks about other patients in front of other patients. Hippa means nothing to this hospital. I got treated so poorly that I’m willing to change all my doctors ASAP!

Candice Pagnano

This is the worst Hospital in the entire country for somebody to be discriminated against the way I was last night is awful for them to sit there and lie to my face when my surgeon told me to go there and tell me that they're out of medication and they're a trauma ER no wonder they call Bergan Mercy instead of Bergan Mercy they callit beg for mercy my attorneys going to have a field day with that doctor in that er Team that was there last night discriminate against me because I'm in recovery I beg mercy on all if us. My attorney is going to love this case.

Maggie Ross

While I was waiting for my sister's surgery I viewed the cleaning of the waiting room. It was apparent the women doing the cleaning didn't care or think it was necessary to be thorough with her job. She did empty the trash in the men's bathroom never touched the women's bathroom. Did wipe only one table and called it good. With the flu bug and other bacteria in hospitals I was very concerned with my sisters stay at Bergan. When we got to her room, the one next door was being cleaned for future patient and overheard her supervisor stating she needed to do a much better job. It's very scary when you can't or don't trust what should be a sterile environment.

Kristin Bremer

Karen Romero

We had our elderly family member here and had nothing but problems. We waited hours in the ER to see a doctor, then more hours for x-rays and testing on a very quiet night in the ER. With a multi day hospital stay they did not order proper diagnostic testing that was needed. Dr. Khan did not understand how to deal with Dementia patients and their needs. Pain management was terrible. You had to ask repeatedly to get the proper pain meds after our family member was in unbearable pain. The Nurse Case Manager we worked with, Jen, we found very ineffective. She did not properly document things she should have and we didn’t find out until later. I did not find her to be completely honest. If you have any problems with Jen report her immediately to her supervisor or ask for another case manager. Bergan Mercy should use actual Social Workers and not nurses for more complex discharge planning and such. Bergan Mercy certainly make enough money to have Social Workers on staff like other hospitals do. I would not recommend coming to this hospital for medical care. We will never go to Bergan Mercy hospital again. It was a terrible experience for our elderly family member. It was all avoidable if staff members and doctors were more competent. Some of the nurses were very good but it didn’t make up for all the unnecessary problems. It’s a shame, it used to be a great hospital.

Travis Ouellette

I spent four days there for a pretty embarrassing condition but the ICU staff was amazing. They treated me with tremendous respect and empathy, and were very attentive. Even after they ran out of apple juice they happily went to a different department to find some. Specifically the nurses Josh, Peggy, and Ashley had great bedside manner, but everyone that help treat me seemed to really care and I feel they genuinely did whatever they could to make me as comfortable as possible.

Maddie Peppe

Worst experience ever, i got there at 2pm cause of lower abdominal pain didnt get a pelvic exam till 445pm, and they said it will be a couple minutes till i had the ultrasound they never came so I left at 545, a nurse tried following me out to my truck and I drove away

Whitney Miller

I'm still so overwhelmed with how I had the assumption that birthing can be risky and a stressful blur of providers doing their best to manage a hard situation vs looking back and feeling loving guidance through the whole process. My midwife Jenda Stauffer and birth nurse Jenny were the best providers I could EVER ask for. I was able to have the natural med free labor I badly wanted due to their support. Also I want to shout out to the nurses, pediatricians, lactation specialists, meal staff as they are top notch at Bergen Mercy. They helped us quickly learn the pro parenting tips and treated us like family. I literally had almost zero stress because of the superb level of care I was given while we recovered. I hope nurses Annie, Jodi, Kathy and Ally know what they did for us mattered. You can choose to be at work or you can chose to love being at work and helping others. They all surpassed great work ethic and awesome care giving skills. I highly recommend birthing here as I left happier than when I came. Also, I should note we specifically drove 2.5 hours to this location because of the access to midwifes and water laboring. We will back with our next baby for sure! Thanks to all again.

Juárez Cruz

randomanonymous smith

Great care from the majority of RNs.


Phenomenal experience in the maternity department! We live in Elkhorn, but delivered here because the care patients receive here is unmatched in Omaha!

kay carstens

My stay was absolutely wonderful. From the care i received in pre-op, recovery & the transfer to the floor. All the staff was excellent and professional. I would choose this facility again.

Thomas Sullivan

Helpful staff and such a comfortable and clean environment

Lori Allen

Mike Bokelman

I went in with major pains in my chest a week after having massive stabbing pain,an they gave me two tests ,mri and blood test.came back that i wasn't dying so they sent me home an told me to get a stress test,they didnt check anything but my heart,well i am dying inside an still no help it could have been something else,but why check since i dont have insurance.dr seemed nice but practices must b changed,still sent me 8,000 dollars in bills,an im still dying

China Araiza


Alisa Dunkerson

Dr. Hurley & his support staff is the best.

Charlie Schumaker

They treated me like a crinimal

Camille D

Brandi Hampton-Houser

I had carpal tunnel release surgery here twice. Dr Reddy, Gina rn and Chad anes were all fantastic. Thank you so much!

Blaine Christen

Bad, bad, bad. My wife sat in the recovery room for over 4 hours waiting for a room to open up. Over 3 hours of that time was waiting for the staff to clean the room. Pathetic.

Abdul Raman

Very good

Richard Roberts

Well the medical service is good but the billing office has no customer service. Not everyone can pay their bill in full. And payments aren't good enough

Onyx Clancy

Dealt with an amazing doctor wish o could remember her name first time with her. She sent me to the desk to get blood drawn at 5:02 PM I waited until 5:20 when someone finally came near the desk and I asked who I'm suppose to speak to about getting blood drawn was told o need to have an appointment o told her I did and afterwards the doctor sent me to this desk (she walked me to it even since idk my surroundings in this building ) and then was told basically o cant be get blood drawn like my doctor wanted me to . Tf

Mikey Clark

This is the worse hospital I've ever been too. Been here all day waiting to hear what is going on and all they tell me is there waiting from trauma. They have no answers to anything asked. To call for a nurse it takes them 5 mins just to answer and another 25 mins to come to the room. I'm glad it wasn't serious or I'd be dead waiting for the nurses. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to my worst enemy. Poor service, poor everything! Would never come back to this place!

Dory Hall

Just okay, good and bad are very mixed, staff is busy and they get tired and can be short. Expensive, expensive, expensive, and for no good reason. For what they are extracting out of our wallets they can do a better job. Doctor's can lower their self esteem also, they aren't as good as they think they are. Nurses are awesome.

Francisco Ramirez

Kylee Lewis

Della Geiger

I had an appointment for a CT. I am what you consider a hard draw. Want to say everyone did a good job trying to find a vein for the IV. It took the department with the ultrasound to find the vein. I do have a couple of bruises but expected that. Just glad they were finally able to find that elusive vein.

Canes Corrigan

I survived

Natalie Flott

The nurses don't listen and pretty much ignored everything I said. I saw the doctor for about three minutes and she never came back to answer my questions. I don't know why this is going to a trauma center, it's awful.

Williams Brianna

Really love delivering here. Maternity side is amazing. Love Love Love! Delivered all 4 of my babies!

Jennifer Armstrong

Debra Reddy

I had an appointment at the doctors building today. All of the staff were very nice.

Anne Howard

I went in this last Saturday afternoon for pain in my ribs that rotated to my back and all they did was judge me because I take hydrocodone for pain and it's a very low dose. So they instantly said it was constipation due to opioid use! I kept telling them the pain was up in my ribs but they didn't even check them out, they wanted to give me a shot for constipation and a prescription for Miralax, which I did not need, I kept telling them I have Senna veggie laxatives already at home. Those Dr's and others in the ER did nothing but judge!! They didn't listen to me, they are the worst and didn't even help me. I went to my Dr's office Tues and they helped and listened to me and told me to alternate ice and heat. The ER gave me papers about opioid use and constipation.

Mary Green

On July 5, 2019 I had an appointment with the dermatology department where I was specifically was supposed to see the main doctor himself as I have a rare autoimmune disease that also happens to be a dermatological issue and to also see if anything could be done about my sun allergy instead they had me see the nurse practitioner with the name of Sampson. She was by far the absolute worst medical professional I have ever dealt with in over 20 years of dealing with my disease and unfortunately I have to educate most medical professionals about it which isn't fun but easier than dealing with this woman. And as a person in pain management for several conditions I have dealt with some rude people but this nurse practitioner was by far the worst she wouldn't even begin to try to help me access the other options I have for my condition as they aren't approved for my disease but plenty of people still get them approved by filling out the appropriate paperwork. And honestly rude and cold hearted are the kindest words I can use about this professional and words cannot really describe my appointment with this woman. She didn't even try to help me and was very cold hearted and condescending. She wouldn't even try to work with me over my sun allergy by explaining what allergy medications I need to purchase to cover the antihistamine groups to make sure I don't react as I can't always avoid the sun. Her bedside manner was not like any I have ever experienced with a CHI staff member at any of there hospitals. I also think that she might have broken some sort of hippa law by telling me that 1 of the staff members had the same condition which I don't feel was ethical as it still was giving out information about another person even if they were staff I feel that they should also be protected by the same privacy unless they themselves choose to speak about it. I don't have the option of giving 0 stars.Even the nurse who checked me in was very brisk.The only good part of the experience was the front desk staff who were very helpful.

David Nykiel

Thomas A. Anderson

Sincere and competent people who excel in this field

Star Hein

I love this hospital. I delieved a stillborn last year and everyone in labor and delievery was amazing and very caring. I just delieved a micro premie a few days ago, and once again amazing staff. Thank you so much for a great hospital and experience.

Anthony takach

Just had my daughter here, most of the staff seemed untrained. The morning shift at least didn’t stand around braiding each other’s hair which I found night shift doing instead of checking on patients. The food selection was okay but the food tasted horrible and they had very little portioning. When requesting adjustments to the food, such as can you make sure there are no tomatoes for one of us are allergic. And yet I still have tomatoes on both platters so now neither of us can eat. I will never come back to this hospital for as long as I live. We have had some nurses that were fantastic and some that should just be fired. They had no care for a mother who just gave birth and had a c section. They didn’t even help her clean up when her legs were numb and the table was covered in blood. A different nurse who was checking to make sure we were okay ended up doing it. When requesting for the nurse leader our nurse walked off and we finally get to call her and she is busy and then when I call again an hour later I’m ignored for 3 calls. This has to be the worst hospital I have ever visited

Jenna Sterling

AMAZING ER CARE! thank you so much to Dr. Ahn and staff...was in Omaha from Hastings and had emergency dental issue. From the receiving desk to the nurses, PA's and Dr. Ahn...WOW! I got right in, they took care of my issue and made sure I was comfortable before I left, making sure my pain was under control long enough to get back to my home dentist in Hastings. Then when I told my dentist what they had done to control the pain and make me comfortable, he said that was unusually good dental care for an ER. Thank you so much....signed Susan Sterling, Hastings.

Grow With Viral Video Commercials

My wife and I live in and drove from Dallas. I want to THANK Bergen Mercy ICU Doctors and Nurses for taking GREAT care of my mother. My entire family are in constant prayer for #GodSpeedRecovery. We Love you mom.... Thanks Bergen Mercy ICU Staff.

Sandy Prchal

Very bad service and very slow service.

Jerry Briardy

Nursing staff refused to show me my charts or lab tests, even though I'm a nurse, a clear violation of patient's rights. Doctors misdiagnosed my problem. Food is terrible. Room was so HOT I could not sleep, even though I had an invasive procedure the next day. They could not even provide a fan. They never diagnosed my problem, yet released me anyway. I was only there because the VA hospital was out of beds and VA was supposed to cover costs. Now I'm receiving piles of bills in the thousands and these crooks won't bother to fix the problem. This place is unbelievably bad. Wish I could give them zero stars. Avoid like the plague unless you enjoy lawsuits.

Chris Martinez

ryan m

Hope Cooney

My brother recently had a major surgery, his IV fell out and wasn’t put back in, they gave him a heating pad for back pain by leaving on the bed for him to hook up, was released on a holiday with a fever and blood in his urine by a random doctor with no way to pick up his medication. The man in the next room had his hand bandaged because it was cut off, his bandage came off and no one helped him. TERRIBLE HOSPITAL

Megan Hansen

WORST HOSPITAL EVER! So last year, I had to go to this horrible hospital for a procedure. The doctor was over an hour late for my appointment. Then one of the few bills that I did get in the mail was before my insurance company had paid out their portion. They refused to send a paper bill to my home address. So I was sent to collections because THEY REFUSED TO SEND ME A BILL. This resulted in my first contact of the Better Business Bureau. They pulled the bill out of collections and after 9 months, finally get a bill in the mail. I start to make payments and they send me back to collections for a second time. This resulted in me contacting the Better Business Bureau for the second time. The bill was pulled out of collections and I started to make payments again. Now they had added an additional $300 to my bill. Still haven't received a bill in the mail. Called them three time today, which was a waste of my time cause every lab rat they got there can't seem to do their job correctly. So I will calling and calling until I get to speak to a supervisor of a supervisor. Let me just say this again. THIS IS THE WORST HOSPITAL YOU COULD EVER GO TO.

Rhea Braband

I have been waiting to be seen for an hour and a half... Still waiting...

Melanie Montalvo

The front desk nurse were so rude and unrespectful to the patients!!!

robert Caughman

Sara Ramirez

karma johnson

I had pain on my right side of my abdomen. They gave me the million dollar work up. Then told me I had back pain. Gave Rx for muscle relaxer. Told me it was tsrong stuff and to take ibuprofen. The next day that side of body had a triangle rash. I had shingles. I had been miss diagnosed and give the medication and instructions. I would have had to go back for another million dollars work up. No way.

Amie Origer

Only got three stars because the attending ER Dr. Was great. Not one nurse seemed happy to be at work. I try to keep things light and crack jokes when I'm in the hospital and I feel that the staff was very irritable. Not the best attitude to have when you are dealing with sick/injured persons.

Cari K.

The medical staff is great! They care about your medical needs. Thank you, Bergan Mercy for taking good care of my husband and me.

Michelle Shea

Had best care tonight ..the doctor was very knowledgeable and the front desk lady gave me helpful info ...only hosp ill go to!!

J.C. D.

Jim Gaffney

Lupe G

they need a better service we've been waiting too long

Pamela Gillespie

I went to the emergency room seeking help with the pain in my neck and back,The Doctor was very rude and condescending .They gave me tylonel and a shot in my rear which did not last. I left there with the impression that he had formed an opinion on me that I was a drug attic seeking drugs, He needs to have sensitivity training ,I dont understand why he had a hard time believing I just came there for help..

Michael Briski

Franko Blondee

Recently had a surgical procedure at the Hospital. I thought the care was top Notch! Dr. Feloney and his team were the BEST! Outstanding!

Patricia Lawson

Great addition so much more efficient. Exam rooms are bigger and I love the parking garage.

eric coleman

just spend 4 hours there first dr didnt bother putting in orders befor shift change 2nd dr would not listen to the history or options for what is going on very serous condition that she dismissed we will never be back to that hospittle again extreamly pour treatment by the drs nurses were desent

Cristal Briceno

It is crazy how a couple of staff can make up your mind about an entire facility. When you or a loved one are in the hospital, it is normal to expect quality care with understanding and compassionate nurses. When you're sitting there being talked down to by one of the nurses in such a condescending manner, it is then that you know that this isn't the place for quality care.

N0cturnal Prince

Doctors and staff aren't the nicest and are rude to those who are not patients (family and friends).

Lynette Mosley

This is a nice hospital and they do care. But in the ER I was pregnant and dealing with constipation and the doctor didn't prepare me for what he was about to do. And he had no care to how much pain to have someone place a finger in a sore area with no care to how painful it is. The nurse was rude and I never went back. I cried for days it hurt my feelings so much for someone to be so cold and do that with no care or consideration.

Jeremy Albers

The night shift on third floor is the worst they take baby to nicu and hear nothing from anybody and nurse says she be back after meeting everybody seen her once 9pm wife was suppose have blood sugars checked an hour later still waiting

Melissa C

just awful. when my grandma had a car crash, she was sent here. she is diabetic and they wouldn't allow her to eat until a certain time although she needed food then to keep insulin levels steady. the doctor gave her a bunch of pills and fortunately she went to see her regular doctor (not in this hospital) before taking the pills and her regular doctor said if she would've taken those pills it would have made her pass out! then a few weeks later we worried about her having cancer because of some markings found on her bones. turns out its just bruises from the car crash, which this hospital should have found out the day she was admitted! just awful. dont go here if you can help it. truly awful. methodist is a much better hospital


The valet here is absolutely horrible, they are always rude, and can never make up there minds!

Chryssanthie Kourousis

they wiped blood off the floor with a paper towel and then used it on my arm to clean up the blood from the the bad stick the nurse did to put in an IV. I had not eaten all day and was not even offered water. I fell and no one helped me get up or check to see if I was okay.

Marc Talkington

Marqueisha Walker

Had my first baby here. The staff was AMAZING and made me feel comfortable, answered all the questions that I had. And took very good care of me and my baby! Very pleased with the maternity side and I cannot thank them enough for making this experience amazing for me :)

Micah Ringlein

Efficient, patient, and helpful staff from the front desk to the examination table. I've never felt comfortable in a hospital, but these people manage it.

Karen Isaacs


This review is for the labor and delivery part of the hospital. I was worried about delievering my youngest at a different hospital but I was pleasantly surprised. All of the staff was helpful and friendly. My main nurse for my delivery was Donna. And even though I went ahead and got an epidural (I never intended on going natural lol) she got me through the contractions I did have and I can tell she’d be perfect on helping someone get through a natural birth. Devvie stood out to me in my post delivery room. Very motherly like and seemed to know what I needed before I said anything. All of the nurses were accommodating those were just the ones that stick out to me. The food was decent, The people in charge of that often forgot things. One was my silverware or cream and sugar or coffee but it wasn’t anything major to me and I knew if I’d I asked I’d get what I was missing. They should think of a different way to do their desserts though. They were always hard being cooked in little bowls somehow. Overall I was very happy with my stay and I wish I could have taken a few of the nurses home with me! Lol.

Johnathan Bauer

The nicu in there tromitized my baby brother and when I went into the ER had two peaple that could help and they did nothing when the main person you talk to was dealing with a card giver and we NEEDED a doctor. Horrible place I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.

Melanie Leszczynski

pika gear

J Haro


wayne haven

The best Dr and nurses are here. Thank you Dr Landon and his staff of PA and nurses

Grace Riggs

My experience was horrible. The Intern & some other kid working in some capacity I don't know what, had absolutely NO idea what they were doing or where anything was. There were so many screw ups I can't even list them all. The Intern couldn't seem to locate the right size needle. He brought the wrong one twice! The most painful was when the supervisor was injecting my finger to stitch it up she hit my nerve & I almost flew off the table. She said she meant to do that!!! Really?!? Then she let this incompetent intern stitch my finger. He couldn't see through all the blood so I suggested using the overhead light! Oh yeah, he responded! Finally, my finger was NOT numb & he asked if I could handle another stich tho. He did a horrendous job, only stitching part of my laceration! I'm going good to a real doctor to see if there is anything I can do to fix the damage he's done!

Tyler Troxel

Doctors and nurses are great, especially the NICU! Son had to come 10 weeks early due to moms failing health. He spent 38 days in the NICU. Everyone always kept us informed, even if we wernt there. Always helpful, kind, and caring. Couldn't ask for a better place for my son to be born and cared for as he grew. Thank you to all the nurses and doctors who helped my little boy come home healthy!

Lynette Brokaw

The staff and Dr's work wonderfully together!!! Blessed to be able to have them care for our mother!

jessica boyce

Love the ob floors and everyone that works in labor and delivery and anesthesia i had a bad thing and they helped me through it

Victoria Severson

Wonderful wonderful place! I’ve delivered two babies here and both without complications. Everyone was kind and fast and helpful. Dr. Schropp was my OB both times, hes so great. The rooms were big and clean and the NICU well staffed and accommodating. Each NICU room is private with a chair and couch included.

Maricruz Davila

Nikki Lea

Dr. M. Alexander Shehan is the best doctor I have ever been to. If you want a good doctor who listens and cares i suggest him to everyone. I have never had a problem at Bergan. Everyone seems nice and helpful to me.

Cyndi Hall

It's OK I like methodist better

Jason Hosler

After waiting for 2 and 1/2 hours they still hadn’t helped us in their “emergency room”. Go somewhere else. You would get more help from a bum under a bridge than we received while there.

Leonard Palmisano

no communication, I am POA for my neighbor, she is 97 years old.I told them at least three times make sure you call me and let me know when you transfer her to the rehab center..well you can guess. I went up to see her and they had moved her earlier that afternoon, know one told me where she was going, I had to guess it was the first choice, luckily I was right. Does anyone give a @#$% at this hospital?

Aline Souza

Emergency room is HORRIBLE. Beware - if you do need to make an emergency room visit make sure you bring someone with you.

Sean Typher

A beautiful facility

Dean Bower

There have been more problems with staff than necessary.

Wesley Hall

The Doctor's are okay, but one doctor always contracted the next doctor. While the gave my mom a new pacemaker, they made her so weak she couldn't stand. The nurses all seem proficient and caring. They get 5 stars. The volunteers are also outstanding, and do great work. At least I think they volunteer. Now about the maze, this hospital was laid out by some sort of child. I nean like a 2 year old, who struggles to put legos together. It's like some sort of giant maze. They need to fire those folks responsible and sue them for damages. Shucks today I got to pick up my sister from the procedure center. You have to drive down into some sort of dungeon to park. Then you go inside, no desk, just read the signs and go. So I walk inside and see 5 or 6 signs. I choose the center sign to start, (great guess). The sign says go up to the 1st floor for the procedure center. So I hop in the elevator as indicated. Guess what, no 1st floor button. I can choose LL, L, >1< or >>11<<. So since the sign said 1st floor I pick >1<. Of course nothing happens because thats the sign for close the doors. Then I pick L for lobby, it takes up 1 floor to some hallyway, not a lobby. I step out of the elevator and am greeted with the maze. Lucky for me I've been here several times, and I finally find the Procedure center lobby. I think they want people to get dementia, or people with dementia to have a stroke while visiting. Then the kind staff want me to sign release papers. F that. They got Daffy Duck and Howard Cosel. How can I trust people who have no clue about directions, to do anything correctly?

Mghhh Pettet

Ebony Lowe

I had come into Bergan after being transferred from Lasting Hope Recovery issues to get a medical clearance. After doing some tests the doctor came in and essentially told me I'm fine and I can go home. I was still feeling unsafe and suicidal. The security guard came in and the doctor and they basicially said go ahead kill yourself off the property. They were reported to law enforcement after they got me so riled up I almost overdosed on heart pills right in front of them. They called the police on me and I was transported back to Lasting Hope. This is not the first time Bergan has screwed up big time. Recently the ER doctor told me nothing was wrong with my gall bladder and lets just say a week later I had to have it removed. The pathology came back and it was very diseased. I do not recommend going to Bergan for serious health issues especially if you have a mental illness because they will use it against you and ignore health problems because they are so focused on your mental illness. They also assume that all people with mental illness have an addiction and just want meds which I never asked once for. Terrible hospital .I can't believe they are going to be a trauma center.

Gabriella Gonzalez

Emergency Room staff nursing was great. They were nice to me, cared about my grandmothers well being (I must say they were easy on the eyes also) ER Tiny Tim was absolutely HILARIOUS! In my grandmas worst he made her smile, kept her comfortable. It seemed as if we were being cared for by our own family members. He’ll be a great nurse. Doctor could have toned down the cockiness just a tad and spent less time trying to rush out of the the room. Also when the nursing staff was attempting to do their job he spent more time trying to butt in and play GOD instead of being respectful. Floor staff at the hospital was absolutely horrible. Not saying theyre not great nurses but you could tell t was chaotic. Staffing looks like it sucked ( you could see from the obvious staff sheets laying around everywhere) the nurses were burnt out and so were the techs. The nurse to patient ratio is absolutely horrible. I can see why the nurses were miserable and no patients want to be there. Working in healthcare myself i would never think to apply at that facility. They would run people away before orientation began.

Matt Yearian

This hospital is a mess. None of the departments communicate effectively and the admin staff is next to worthless. They need more staff as well, none of the doctors will see you for more then 10 minutes.

Steven Hubka

D.J. Price

Went in with a lot of pain. Nurse never showed where call button was located, Doctor took a call an left an never came back while inspecting me. When I told them I was in pain an asked for ibeprofuen they said they would check and never came back. Basically went there to be told I was wrong and that I was okay. When I told them about it, they discharged me without tell me how to get out or even wishing me well or to get better. Really sad a hospital can get away with things like that. Sure it will just keep happening.

Karen Anderson

Dr. Robert J Schwab is #1in my book! I've been a patient for many years. I put my health in is medical advice. He would be hard to replace him. He dose care about his patients


Great hospital and staff

Lindsey McCann

Literally saved my life with precision and urgency.

Kantanan Garfield

My mother in law was there a couple times. Room here is not as spacious, modern and clean as Lakeside. The staffs are ok. Not as friendly as those at Lakeside .

Yoselin Cruz

the ER is horrible. the staff at the front desk were rude and talking with an attitude to people who had an accent but were nice to people who didnt. i waited almost two hours to get called although i am pregnant and was experiencing severe dizziness. there was only one nurse taking vitals even though there was about 15-20 people in the ER. when i finally did get called i explained my conditions to atleast 5 different nurses which i felt was unnecessary as only one of them stayed with me throughout the whole visit. do not come to this ER unless you have plenty of time to waste.

Margaret Martinez

Worst hospital ever! I wish i could give it 0 stars. I had my son there recently and the nurses were super rude and acted like they hated their jobs. No one seemed happy or positive. One made a comment that there were too many babies being born that more women needed to take contraceptives. Each nurse was bitter and meaner than the next. I couldn't believe some of the things they were saying, especially to a woman having her baby. This was suppose to be a happy day for me and they made it terrible. After my c section i asked to use a breast pump and the nurses told me pumps were reserved for nicu babies so having to be there 3 days for the c section i slowly lost my supply. Even though the nicu was empty. One of the nurses even said to me oh honey give it up already ur body isnt making milk give him formula. I couldn't believe a nurse would say something like that to me bc i had no problem breastfeeding my previous 2 i just needed a pump which they refused to let me use. Also the breast feeding coaches were never available and somehow always left early or left to other facilities before i could ever meet with one. Then... they almost let us leave without signing the birth papers/social security paperwork, and they left the sticky tabs and cords on my sons chest/stomach. i had to remind them we hadnt done any paperwork and if they could clip the cords on my son. And on top of that my son was born with a slight level of jandice they assured me the levels were low enough that we could take him home after my manditory 3 day stay. I took him to his first week check up with Dr Asher at Boys town and he said the jandice levels hadnt gone down and called cps on us. I have never ever had cps called and needless to say the case was immediately closed but the humiliation and embarrassment when i did nothing wrong. Lol what a joke. I would never reccommended Dr Asher as a pediatrician and never Bergan Mercy for delivery, they r rude and unprofessional. I got blamed for him being born with jandice. I hate Bergan Mercy and i wouldnt reccommend it to my worst enemy. I made a formal complaint but i doubt it went anywhere. The whole CHI system likes to keep their malpractices and bad reviews hidden. If u care about your health you will go anywhere else bc nobody there cares. Terrible place.i think i would rather die then go there again.

Katie Belmont

Vee Bill

Josh Kimmel

worst Hospital in the world my fiance gave birth to our daughter a few months ago and the hospital didn't even notify the Social Security office of our child's birth so she hasn't even been issued a social security number and she's 5 months old. The hospital tried to lie and said oh we did notify them we just spelt the last name wrong, so not only did they screw up the social security number they also screwed up the birth certificate we have to go get a new one because they misspelled her name supposedly. Not only that they also gave us an entirely different birth worksheet , we received another woman's paperwork with her social security number her husband social security number their address and their phone numbers we did not receive any of our paperwork because they most likely gave it to somebody else horrible f****** Hospital they need to be shut down. That is a direct violation of the HIPAA laws and we're going to f****** Sue.

mike lynn

Ashley Cap

Had our first child here. Staff was amazing! We even got a queen bed so daddy could sleep with us. Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Brenda Barns

Dont go to Bergan Mercy Worst hospital ever staff are rude the doctors dont know how to do their job i wonder how they even recieved a degree in the medical field!!

Aya Hank

Went to the cafeteria to get a Ruben and the new guy that’s there would not clean the grill off He was just going to put my bread on top of what he just made And told me because I asked him to clean that area I am not allowed to get nothing to eat I don’t want no burger residue on my bread mix in with my Ruben like no that’s nasty Asked where the manager was and they act like they can’t find him I hope that Tommy hurry back

Kevin Lane

Nikishia Monroe

They treated me like they didn’t care how I feel I was in so much pain!!!!!

Stef Zielke

I went in to asking to get tested for ADHD. The doctor seeing me told me that adults cant get ADHD and made me feel ridiculous. After a round of testing my blood pressure and other things. They pushed me to see a specialist to get tested. That specialist was scheduled out 2 months. After making an appointment, they called to cancel a week before my apt. Terrible place. Very disorganized and filled with idiot who can't/won't listen to patients

M. F.

Banana Pickles

Mammogram department is very nice and take excellent care in services they provide. All the Staff, Nurses Doctors in all the mammogram and ultra sound departments are very patient, pleasant to work with very professional and very caring. I felt very comfortable here and very well taken care off. Thank you.

Umapada Manna

If you are having complex disease like Leukemia, don't go there. They will screw you and you will see your family member is dying in-front of your eye and you are helpless. My wife had leukemia, they started treatment with lots of lack of knowledge. e.g.: After chemotherapy patient's WBC is low. I asked, can we donate WBC, Doctor simply told me, no its not possible, Until I discover when I decided to move to another hospital in a very very critical condition, where they told we need to donate WBC to control her infection. Either bergan mercy's doctor don't know about that(which is less possibility) or they don't let their customer( customer !) go other places. Some doctor used to say, 'I am the best !', when you will ask why is this happening to patient, answer is 'I don't know !' ( really !). Also there is a lack of communication between different depts. This is my own experience...Go to a better hospital, if Initial treatment is good that helps a lot !

stormy dashner

my mom was just in and feeling poorly when someone brought in a red n brown wire hair dauchshund named max tyty that made her feel great ty this kind of care realy helps

tywaun muhammad

There ok..

Richard Lancaster

James Walsh

You can see why the rankings are either 5 or 1. The high end staff, e.g. Physicians, Nurses, are pretty good. However, the Front Desk, Secondary Medical, Security, miscellaneous Support Staff are really poor. We all know, good help is hard to find. But, I had to move out of earshot on so many occasions just so I couldn't hear the unprofessional conversations of the support employees. Sex, drugs, confidential patient information (what a joke on HIPPA) I'm glad I don't have to go through an audit and try to justify these people. It's probably no better at other hospital systems in Omaha because they have to hire from the same pool. I just know I would drive a long way NOT to be admitted at Bergan.


I was just there a few days ago and it was the most HORRIBLE EXPERIENCE ever!!! First, I came across the most horrific scum on this planet in the ER his name is "Pete" he is a nurse and what a horrendous human being. If I was his Supervisor, I would fire him. There was an older lady across from me. This "Pete" threw a robe at her and told her it's time for you to man up don't you think". I was in shocked and I asked another nurse he is not very nice and she said "He is like that". Who hires these individuals??? Seriously?? Absolutely, no empathy. Pete I hope you read this post and pray that you never find yourself in a vulnerable situation but what you put out to the world is what you will get. I will pray that someone will read this and do something.

Lori Jensen

My Daughter was in their ER for an allergic reaction. She was inappropriately treated. They did a Cat Scan of her neck instead of giving her appropriate medications! BEWARE!!!!!

Tina Tippery

I took my mom here recently.and she was in a wheelchair and they couldn't even wheel her back they just came out and called her back. And there was four people who could of helped unprofessional.

Chaunci Sharpe

Amazing Physicians, all the staff listen. Thanks Bergen Mercy


The front desk nurse are horrible and they shouldve had asked person real ID and sign their name before mailing their bills to pay their owe!!!!

Rick Mahnn

Awng Sut

I will never go there again. Had two experiences, first, they forgot to record the payment I made on my profile and I had to call my insurance company because of out of pocket amount and the hospital as well at least 8 times. The worst part is the customer service. How come Bergan Mercy hired the people who don't even want to serve? Second time, went to ER last five months ago, they said they filed the claim and my insurance company declined it. But when I talked to insurance company they said they don't see the claim they made. This is 8th time I had to call today, still they say they will file it again. I wanted them to talk with my insurance company and find the solution as soon as possible coz I have to move out of state soon, they denied it. Then, I went to the hospital (ER), the receiptionist said they don't have Finance Dep there and she handed me out a paper which has a CHI customer service number and the address of Financial Counselor, Anne Mills. I asked the receiptionist that if I go to this address, will I see her for sure. Then she called a number and replied that she is not there and I better call the customer service. Please Bergan Mercy at least check your employees whether they are working or not. It has been 5 months and I am still receiving the bill from Bergan Mercy of more than $1600 which I am not supposed to pay. This is so stressfull. I am a student and can't even focus on my study sometimes because of this. Honestly with Bergan Mercy, I suffer more when I try to settle the bill than my sickness. Conclusion, please, Nebraskan DO NOT GO THERE.

Dawn Otto

Doctor Dilacio, nurses and housekeeping,dietary,lab techs were all wonderful. 5 days. The food was really good. Can't say enough about the great care they gave me. Grateful.

A-Jay Bee

6/13/2019 ~ 2215 The difference between the 3rd floor and 4th floor is overwhelming - The 3rd floor was clean - The transfer process (between floors) was disorganized. The only thing missing was the circus music. - What started out as being impressed, ended up being disappointing and on the cusp of being disgusted. - The 4th floor (429) gave me the sense of being unclean and unkempt - Between the bad smell and room 428’s consistent hacking throughout the night, it was a long and arduous night - I’ve been to urban Veterans Administration (VA) Hospitals that were in better condition and staffed than your third floor. - Your nurses on the third floor (the two who checked us in) seemed unsure and did not give me a sense of competence. That is my perception... and perception is reality in a customer-centric environment. - I would not return to your hospital based on my experience on your fourth floor.

Michael Goodin

Back in CHI-Bergen Mercy for 5 bypass surgery. I don't know how the care could have been better! Nurses have a special place already secured in heaven!

Berenice Martinez

The worst hospital in Omaha, I went to the emergency room to get my appendix taken out ,they took forever to help me and when I finally was helped they put me in a room waiting for hours for a doctor to be available. They ended up telling me I had a stomach infection which I didn't and gave me some stupid pills that made things worst... I was in an out of the emergency room because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with me, what kind of hospital is that. oh but to send me a huge bill they didn't have a problem with that. They don't have any sympathy for you, or even ask for your permission for any procedures. The nurses are so mean, and don't even know how to do their job. I spoke to do main doctor and all he did was send me some flowers, NEVER EVER GOING BACK THERE. UGH

Emily Chance

I have a stomach ulcer and esophagitis and I feel like I cant breathe pain I had to call 911 they gave me a drink and sent me home after 20 mins and gave me the same meds worst hospital I've ever been too

Michelle Watts

I have a disorder with my automomic nervous system which causes my blood pressure and pulse to skyrocket. It also causes physical pain. Took me years to get a diagnosis from a cardiologist that specializes in it. This little Dr. came in, did his wrap up, and looked at me like I was crazy when I asked for pain relief. Mind you, my heart has been beating out of my chest for 2 days. It's bloody painful. Told me to take Tylenol. Ive never left the hosptal after a flare up with my Sinus Tachycardia Dysautonomia in pain. Always has pain management. I wasn't asking for codone or anything...just some pain relief. This Doctor knows nothing about the disorder, told me I didn't know what I was talking about when I said it's common for the heart to hurt after rapid prolonged beating. It's a muscle that can ache. He told me, "it's a very special kind of muscle and that wasn't necessarily the case. It took me 7 years to get diagnosed, eventually finding a specislist (in Seattle where I moved from) to listen and diagnose me. I dealt with cocky little know it all (know nothings) for years who treated me like I was a liar and it was all in my head. This Dr. Ahn is the worst kind of jerk who thinks because he has M.D., he knows more than me about heart pain!! The girl who has been through hell for years. .

Brittany Bailey

I had my son here, was not a good birth experience to say the least.

Babylotion Babylotion

Worst hospital ever Dr. Swarez is a joke for a doctor his nurse is very rude !!!

Tammie Adams

Staff here are very rude time I will go to UNMC!!!

Christine Jandrain

splashbrothers zander

I had a sister who was admitted recently. She ended up passing away but the staff from nurses to doctors were spectacular. They were kind and gentle to my parents and spoke in realistic terms concerning my sister. Their approach in treatment and care for my sister was top notch. She was in ICU from the time she arrived and was wonderfully cared for. I will always have good things to say about the care my sister received and their approach with my parents and myself.

Tyneesha Harris

Andrea Johnson

Horrible nurse very rude rolling her eyes sighing on the phone when i asked for pain meds she told me it wasn't time for my oxycotin if she would have had the right patient she would of known i was on only iv meds mind you she was training a new employee who witnessed this it was so upsetting o have worked in nursing for 30 years i have never made my patients feel un cared for shame on this nurse and you all picked her to be the lead nurse bad for business it's really sad no compassion people before you take a job. In health care remember someone could treat your loved one laying in the bed being treated that way I must say i wil never go back to this nightmare at Creighton hospital sorry sometimes you gotta hear the facts period

Clay Seaman

The staff are fantastic and we are so lucky we have such great healthcare facilities in our area.

Joshua Helenhouse

Been here three days worst place ever. I transferred in from VA because they where full. Took 6 hours to get on antibiotics when I got here. And like pulling teeth to get anything for pain. If you get food it's cooled my peaches had mold on them. And chicken was still frozen in my salad the Doctor tells us straight up he will treat what me for what he knows but will not try to figure anything out. Ouch. STAY AWAY from Dr Burgdda and this hospital if you can help it.


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