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REVIEWS OF Bryan Medical Center West Campus IN Nebraska

Sawyer Hanson

Dave Campbell

Getting bullet removed from side of my head


Very rude and disrespectful and very little help. Been there twice this week and was given 3 different diagnosises by 3 different staff. How in the world am I supposed to know what to do to help heal myself. One doctor tells me 3 days rest, another tells me 1-3 weeks in the hospital otherwise I might not even live and a nurse recommends I i go to Omaha when I get out and go to ai nother hospital

Brenda Johnson

Doctor's and Nurses were wonder with my mother.

Xing cheng Chen

My son is doing surgery here. The people in the hospital are very friendly. I don't know why the evaluation is so bad. But I like this hospital.

Megan Buss

This hospital is a joke with the exception of maybe 1 or 2 staff members while I was physically there. It's a run around we waited over 24 hours for any information on our family member. They are rude and not helpful at all there is no follow through. They say were going to do something and then 3 days later it is not done. I am HIGHLY unsatisfied with the care my family member has been given. I wouldn't bring my worst enemy here! It's a sickening feeling when you have to leave your parents in such a place where you're constantly wondering if they are being taken care of. Advocate advocate advocate and evem then something may not be done. Good luck to anyone who has to come here.

Brian Botsford

Obtuse staff

Selene sanchez

They take for ever to get to you, they don't tell you the results of the test they do UNTIL you ask. They just move you from room to room UNTIL they find you a room to actually stay in. Some of the nurses seem scared like they don't know what they are talking about, they can't even explain what's happening.

Kathy Underwood

Shanan Fuhrman

Samantha Renschler

The staff in the specialty clinic is the absolute worst medical staff I've had to deal with. I've been in there twice in the past week and each time they were nothing but rude! Would never recommend them to anyone!!!!

Sandy Larson

I had my gall bladder taken out here. I had just moved to Lincoln and my son was out of town. So I went through this experience alone. I was very well taken care of here. I felt like the staff was attentive and compassionate.

Dakota Peterson

Absolute worst hospital I have ever been to. Went to the ER with Pneumonia. Waited in the waiting room for an hour and then waited in a room without being seen for 2 hours. It was another 2 hours before I even left. I never received any bills from Bryan because they had been sending them to the wrong address and receiving them returned and rather than call and get a correct address they sent them to collections immediately. I then did not receive any calls from the collections agency until 3 months after the had received the debt telling me if I did not pay it in full today they would report it to my credit. Absolutely terrible service all the way around.

Bill Wilcox

Bryce Zach

Staff was very nice and helpful.

Ian Newlin

Probably as good as you're likely to get at a regional hospital. If you want to get a higher level of care with coordinated care on complex cases you'll have to go to a national level organization like mayo or md anderson. The people at Bryan are good and mean well. Make sure you advocate for yourself or your loved one and if something seems strange don't be afraid to ask questions, and if you don't like the quality of the answer ask someone else to clarify.

chelsea korth

I was admitted for a few days and everyone that took care of me was very professional and kind

Terri Wolfe

Sue Shigley

Kevin Knudson

Great hospital. Thanks for serving Lincoln...


Bryan Health is a great place to be! I've been seen here, my wife has had two of our children here, my family goes here,and my dad went here when he had his stroke also. Their was one time that I ran into a doctor in the Emergency Department, that was rude. But who knows he could have just been having a bad day. I'm not going to jump the gun, and bad mouth Bryan Health as a whole because of it. Dont listen to all the other bad reviews. Go try it for yourself. You will not be disappointed. Hopefully you dont need To go to the hospital, but if you do, choose Bryan Health.

Shelley Wallace

Jason Erickson

Horrible people don't care about anything. Dr don't rely messages nurses make excuses. Long wait times it takes 20 -30 minutes before they get to a call light. No accountability for their actions

D&C Brown

Awesome nurses Thanks

Breanna Kuszak

So great there!!!!! We went to another place and they said my husbands condition wasn't serious enough to be seen I pulled out of here and went here to Bryan and they seen him within 5 minutes and he has 2 DVT's and they are currently sending him in for an MRI on his brain because they think he had a stroke as well! The staff there was very friendly and each and every dr there talked with us and gave my daughter a sticker and talked to her about her baby and asked how she was!!! Love it there!!!

jaclyn jones

Twice my mother has been here. Once for emergency mild traumatic brain injury and the other today for scheduled back surgery. Each time every employee or volunteer I encountered was great. Who knows why some have a great experience while others don't? I am just thankful they helped my mother both times.

Vanessa Medina

When I arrived I had very little vision left in my left eye, I had shortness of breath, was very shaky, nauseous and had a pounding headache. Waited in the waiting room for 3 hours and counting. Still have yet to be seen.

Matt Fenclm3

Phyllis Purdy

the best treatment ever, great staff

Daryl Phillips

Brianna Boender

when calling the office I got transferred to about 10 different people all very unhelpful and unfriendly. very disapppointed with this place and definitely don’t recommend.

Joseph Smith

I had colon cancer surgery here, and it was a nightmare. The surgery went well, and I had to be intubated as a I had a bronchial spasm during surgery. The recovery staff were awesome, except for the fact only one of them knew how to run the overhead lift. Several times I had nurses, and one time a respiratory therapist, grab my legs and try to swing them over the side of the bed. I had surgery on my abdomen, how am I supposed to raise my legs? I hope they trained all of those nurses on how to use the lift, as I had to have a ventral hernia repaired because of their improper technique in trying to move me. To add insult to injury, the air mattress deflated, and it was deflated for 3 days before they even attempted to find a replacement (a food service person helped me find a new bed, if that tells you about the level of care in this dump). I wouldn't take my dog to this place.

Levi Vickers

Nurse was great but the doctor automatically assumed that we smoked weed all cause his pupils were dilated. Doctor was a real dick and needs to be a little more polite if this hospital wants to have a better review.

Brandon Stark

Absolute worst hospital I have ever been to in my life. They deserve 0 stars. Very very rude doctors and nurses, take anger out on patients, slow as could be and made no sort of initiative to even act like there trying or even care about anyone's wellbeing. Very unprofessional, they abuse there power and patients as well as treat you less than them, they had to of gotten there degrees out of a cracker jack box and seem absolutelty miserable and not very educated in there career choice. for people having a job to help and care for others they are an absolute joke and dont even try to make an effort like they care. I would rather take my chances than ever step foot back in there. Blows my mind, awful people. Consider yourself warned! Place is a joke

Amanda Steinhour

I slipped on ice and had a trimalleolar fracture on Christmas morning 2017 that required surgery the next morning and a two day stay. For one, I never even saw my surgeon the day i had surgery or at any point after. I saw him for a brief moment the day before just to tell me he'd do the surgery the next day. I had lots of questions but the nurses gave me vague responses and wouldn't tell me when my surgeon would be in. The hospital billed me for so much junk that was just astronomical. Strictly because the surgeon and his staff didn't take any effort to contact me after surgery or see me at all, I didn't keep my follow appointment and found a specialist here in omaha. The hospital or surgeon didn't even send me a "we missed you for your appt" card. the nurses woke me constantly 3-4-5-6 am to poke my finger and draw blood, the night nurse would tell me the cafeteria was always closed and she could only provide me with jello. So i was often hungry because THEY WAKE YOU UP ALL NIGHT AND THEN CAN"T FEED YOU. ANYWAY after this terrible experience I learn they are somehow out of network for me and now i have this large bill i can't even afford for marginal care. I wish to God I had my fiance drive me to Omaha.

Ronnie Billington

Chad Vandarwarka

a total waste of time said I needed an MRI I did not need one next to make sure they did not screw up I got to have a EKG

Ilario Bravo

Never received any attention during my first visit. Now I'm back for a second time, let's see what it brings now.

Sarah Hanke

I went to KU Med with all my MRI and had an appt. with Dr. Arnold. Don't know what the problem or problems were but I felt rushed and he seemed knife happy with my body. Thank not I was just checking him out and my spinal problems and what he thought I needed to do. Way too much surgery way too fast. I told him I was getting a second opinion before I made a final decision and he did not like that. I think he's a great neurosurgeron but I think he was more interested in $$ signs than me, the important patient. Oh well, you live and learn. Maybe you have a better encounter than me. Time can only tell.

lee dan

I was rolled into the ER on a gurney and taken directly to a room. I won't make a comments on the attitudes directed towards me. My concerns are with the lack of care and courtesy I was given. I submitted myself suspecting a heat stroke, knowing well my body was not full of the proper nutrients from food, only water. I tried to explain my case, the living situation I have been in an entire week prior, and all of the symptoms I've suffered, talking only to myself as the one nurse in my room at a time worked around me carrying on with little concern for what I had to say. They ran a few usual test, including an apparently necessary chest xray before returning in twenty minutes to tell me that based on my lab results I should feel just fine. I inquired about an iv, being as that's all I expected from this visit which they denied me. I told them I have been drinking water but not eating and was told very directly that "we don't care if you eat, we care if you drink" I hadn't eaten in a week. Seems relevant. I am inclined to believe that it had much to with the way that I look, being as I am employed & covered on my own health insurance, that lead to my visit being poorly cared for. Long hair, multiple piercings, a sleeve tattoo. And the scabs on my arms from donating blood locally that lead to me being treated as less than human scum (as every human being deserves respect and care, especially at their weakest moments) and not given the proper care. One way or another I'm sure not all visit are so poor on behalf of the patient. I however felt rejected, insignificant and unworthy of attention at this center and I refuse to return or recommend Bryan West to anyone suffering

Alex Alhamy

One star is to much for this hospital. It's like barn very bad attitude. It takes long time until they see you. They treat you like products not like a human

Kimberly Hayes

Terrible hospital staff has no respect and doesn't treat people well don't have your child here

Amber Meyer

My sister and brother in law were sent there for head trauma from a car accident. The doctors they had were awful. The dr. didn't want to "over do" the pain meds and let the body heal but after the nurse seen how much pain she was in never relented and finally convinced the dr. to increase the pain meds. She had her first good night of sleep. The nursing staff has been pretty good, but that doctor, wow. And there are so many more instances, but you get the point. Go to Omaha if you have a choice.

hanna frempong

Misty Horton

Had a DNE surgery performed here 6-13-11 they were wonderful! they explained things to me very well, very friendly staff, very quick! Im very happy with them

Jane Marie

The first time I was admitted to this hospital it was due to an imbalance in my mood. I spoke to the ER doctor about some issues and he suggested an MRI. After three days of pleading I was given an MRI. THE WRONG KIND OF MRI for my condition...but they still found "a growth". I was released with nothing more than a referral to a doctor that cannot see me for two months. No one read my MRI for me, released the information from the MRI to me OR even explained it's results in any definitive way. Two weeks later my husband brought me into the ER due to headaches, dizziness, vomiting between 5-25 times a day, double vision, confusion, and disorientation (all symptoms of a pituitary growth). Bryan LGH West ran some simple blood tests (not enough to properly check my endocrine health), gave me an IV (i guess they thought I was dehydrated), and a temporary drug for nausea. The nurse who gave me the IV made me bleed profusely did not do a good job cleaning the blood up. She dropped a bloody sponge and let it sit on the floor. When I mentioned it she picked it up but left a blood spot on the floor. After a bit they said they could do no more because they "don't do that here". When I asked about what can be done about the disorientation and/or severe memory loss and headaches I was told that I would simply have to "learn to deal with it" and follow up with a specialist. My doctor was also quick to state that he could not give me any narcotics or "sign off on your disability". He also conjectured that I have psychiatric problems more than once despite the fact that pituitary tumors are known to lead to mood changes due to hormone fluctuations. The nurse who removed my IV yanked it out and left the part that was in my arm precariously sitting on a table without a tray leaving blood on the floor, the mattress of the hospital bed (not the sheets, the mattress) and the table where it sat. They did not even send me off with a prescription to help my constant vomiting. My discharge papers told me to follow up with a neurologist. When I called to set up the appointment the receptionist informed me that the hospital never sent the paperwork to refer me, I would have to speak to my general practitioner for a referral but as I do not have a general practitioner I would have been unable to see the neurologist. I had to go back to the hospital and ask them to fax the proper paperwork over as they forgot. While in the waiting room the fire alarm went off but I noticed that no one was heading for an exit. I asked if I should be alarmed and they said that everything was fine. I stated that I find it odd that a hospitals fire alarm is broken they became rude. A security guard came by with a gun and gave it to the Police officer who was patrolling the ER. I overheard that I patrolling police officer left it on the nurses station in the Psyche ward. We waited for sometime for the nurses to get back to us about our referral for 20 minutes after they said they would fax it and will tell us when they had conformation of the fax but they never came. Upon my arrival they almost instantaneously asked me if I had insurance. I can't help but think this is the reason for the lack of quality in my care.

3peat jonez

Instead of giving it a star can I just take the stars it has. Worst service ever they neglect an ignore their patients an when they finally have to give their clients some attention they abuse them. They dope their clients up for weeks straight to ignore them. With the exception of maybe one or two staff the rest are rude an have na manners what so ever.

David Herring

Terrible wife went in for a broken that was discovered by xrays dr first said it’s a sprained ankle wife got upset and said we’re gonna go have a second opinion and lone behold the dr showed up five hours later terrible experience

Janelle Jackson

I work here.

Vicki Eastman

I had surgery there and found the staff to be exceptionally caring and attentive. They follow professional standards yes, but treat that very human side of us.

Charles M Ath-Spence

i say they do well when I can’t pay bills, did my surgery well too

Jenna Ward

Kristina Karsten

Gary Walter

Had a good experience in the ED. Helpful staff, good customer service, and good care.

Guadalupe Martinez

Brenda Renner

My teenage daughter was taken to the emergency room by a friend last Saturday because of severe abdominal pain, and I left to meet her there. Upon my arrival I told the nurses that my daughter was there and I wanted to go to where she was. It took over 25 minutes!! I was going nuts! When I FINALLY go to her, her friend was there, and the nurses that were with her kept telling her that I was there. Why could I not have been escorted sooner!?!? They had received all of the insurance info with our address, phone numbers, primary doctors, etc. when she got there. Upon release, she was given a prescription, with an outdated address, I told them and they said it would take 24 hours to update our new information! Seriously? Was it not put into the computer upon check-in? And because of the outdated info that apparently had not been updated yet, we missed calls for another prescription. So when they were unable to contact us through an old phone number, they mailed the script to our old address!! Seriously? I found all of this out through our primary care doctor today that had gotten the records. Very disappointed in their ability to update information, and getting parents to their kids in a timely fashion. Fortunately, she was diagnosed and is on the road to recovery.

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