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REVIEWS OF Bryan Medical Center East Campus IN Nebraska

Darla Christensen

Blake Hendrickson

Enjoyed amazing service on 3 different occasions. Highly recommended!

Amy Kienzler

Beadie McCord

Marilyn Hegert

Very friendly service, just what I expected. Explained everything and answered all my questions.

Chip Moeller

Great people work there but they are vastly under staffed and the worst part is this hospital has insane billing practices. Very evil for a supposed place of healing. 4 robo calls and now a 'merchant collection agency notice' even though I've been paying more per month than a damn bank would require. I HATE BRYAN EAST FOR THEIR GREED.

Riha Farhan

Rachel Miller

Staff in the ER were rude, insensitive, and not helpful. Left my call light waaay out of reach. I will go the extra distance to avoid this terrible place.

Darren Behm

Excellent care!

elizabeth steinhauer

Went to the ER yesterday and received the worst treatment personally and medically in my life. Trust me I do have bad health and have been to all the hospitals in Lincoln. I could barely walk because of extreme abdominal pain and was violently vomiting and had to walk to my room where I was ignored. When a nurse or a doctor came into the room they were rude and seem to be inconvenienced with the whole situation which they did not treat and sent me home still vomiting and had me walk to the waiting room and wait for my ride and saying hope your ride shows soon. Well guess what went home for 7 hours and couldn't take the pain anymore and went to the ER at St. Elizabeth where I was admitted for an UTI and DKA I will need to stay for at least 24 for my labs to be accurate from the DKA to make sure I'm not having other complications the the lab results can be miss read do to DKA. The way I look at it, they almost killed me or let me die! Too bad you can't give negative stars -5 stars!

Rebecca Martinez

The specialty clinic I go to every month is great. The ER can be good depending on the doctors there that day. I've had some good and some bad, but the nurses are always great.

Rhonda Mallam

A family member was admitted in extremely critical condition. He has been in ICU all week and had 2 surgery's. I have been a nurse for 40 years and have worked critical care. Nurses tend to be hypercritical, that being said, I have been so pleased with the excellent and high level of care he has received. The ICU nurses and his physicians have been stellar .He has had 5 specialties overseeing his care and they have addressed every single problem immediately. The communication between the drs and nurses has been excellent and the communication and teaching by the nurses to our family has lacked nothing. Kudos to your staff.

kylee stuart

Cecilia Mata

Bob Bennie

Our daughter just had her baby at Bryan East. Dr. Martin and all of the staff on the 4th floor, tower B were fantastic. Totally first class facility and service. My son in law was calling it the Ritz Carlton! Our family was truly blessed by the folks at Bryan! Thank you.

Jessica Weyer

Very nice hospital. Awesome staff that made birth and having a NICU baby as comfortable as possible. Delicious food!

Mavis Fleming

Gerald Gulland

The nurses and staff of 7east are out of this world. They could not have been more professional while still deeply caring for the patient. There are not enough stars to even think about rating them Wonderful!!!

Kelsey Schraer

Still waiting after 2 hours for the emergency room. Staff are being rude as hell!!! Ended up leaving after another half hour.

Amy V

My experience with Bryan over the last few years have not been good. These were the major things for me. I went to the emergency room for dehydration from being sick. I was pregnant and the doctor I saw told me to take sudafed . When I told him no I should not take it since it is a class C drug. He said it is? And then proceeded to Google it. I gave birth at Bryan had complications. I was eventually moved to the next floor. I told the nurses something was wrong I was having intense labor pains. They told me I was fine and it was normal. I told them no it wasn't, this is my 5th I know what's normal for me. They brushed me off. I over flowed 3 pad pads and eventually stood up gushed on the floor and my husband had to catch me because I was passing out. The nurse said they didn't know what was going on. My husband yelled for them to do something and they said they were not trained on what to do. They said they had to wait for a doctor. My doctor finally came and yelled at the nurses for not calling sooner. My uterus had fill back up with blood clots and I was bleeding out. I lost a lot of blood and then next morning passed out when I tried to sit up. I hit the nurse call bottom as I passed out. The nurse acted like nothing was wrong. My blood pressure and heart rate were extremely low. My daughter had a ruptured appendix. There was old bodily fluids dried on the floor in the emergency room (not the first time the floors have been like this). The nurse said not to worry it will eventually get cleaned. She did not know how old it was. I was grossed out to say the least. Surgery went smooth, and the staff in the pediatric ward were extremely nice during the day. The night nurse on the other hand couldn't give my daughter the right dosage if her meds and I had to argue with her about it. I had a D&C in January. The nurses were in a hurry to leave since I was the only patient there. They rushed me out the door even though I told them I was having issues and could not empty my bladder. I spent 12 hours in pain not able to pee. Recently went to the other major hospital in Lincoln and the staff were great and the place was clean. I will be going there for my next delivery and any emergency room visits. They have a 24 hour OBGYN there for emergencies and there staff is trained in what to do.

Cynthia Newsome

Sasha Funk

Seriously THE BEST hospital. The NICU staff and doctors are beyond amazing.

Kevin McGree

The staff here is wonderful, and it's a fantastic facility.

Victoria Gonzalez

The staff and service here are WONDERFUL


Staff unpleasant and food they tried to feed me after my accident was from the previous day very poor care

Deraak Crow

The staff here at Brayn are always friendly helpful and understanding of their patients. Iv been too other hospitals and i will always use this hospital. Thank you to the Bryan staff.

Yuriy Konovalchuk

Had my twins delivered there and because of the nurse's carelessness and neglect both babies and my wife almost lost their lives instead of coming in and checking on her when nurse call light came on she instead chose to sit and the nurses station and talk to people when my wife was there on bed rest with a high risk pregnancy her name is Jennifer and she works in the woman's and children's tower I had a conversation with her supervisor about the whole situation and nothing at all was done about it she still works there I suggest going to a different hospital if you don't want to put your kids at risk

Melissa Brandt

every now and then

I would love to recommend a nurse she is nice and wonderful nurse kristin she could help me with every thing and was kind

Chelsea Horstman


Dude,,, this Hospital should not be ER...!!

Brad Williams

Full spectrum of medical care is available at this location. Upon entering great volunteer staff meets you ready to aid in getting to your destination.

C Schroeder

My mother has gone into this ER atleast twice in the last three months. The first time she was dehydrated is what i told them because of her being so incoherent, we told them she was not at all like this usually. They acted as if they couldnt hear a dam word we were telling them. After a bunch of blood work that I understood is important but dam find someone who knows how to get blood out of a 78 yr old dehydrated woman or atleast dont keep trying if you are a idiot and cant. My mom had black bruising from this. Also after what four in a half hours they finally gave her fluids and gues what?? She came out of her state of being incoherent! They were also told of prior visit due to this but again had her go another four hours to the point they dam near killed her because they administered the wrong med and her heart spiked to over 200 beats per min. My Sis overheard the Doc telling the nurse she got it wrong in which the nurse was i gues chuckling over it. Wth is wrong with them in that ER??? Last night they gave her a CT scan after idk two or three hrs of waiting to figure out what was going on. They are incompetent in that ER. Last time i will let her go there.

Michael Martin

Went to the ER with my fiance. Couldn't find one thing to complain about. Service was fast and friendly. Facilities were prestine. Go here!


The team I had for my spinal tap was great. From the admissions desk to the MD, everyone was sweet and accommodating.


I want to thank all the men and women, first responders, nurses and doctors for everything you did for my dear friend last night. I suffered a stroke at 24 not to long ago and do did my good friend around the same time I did. At only the age of 24 also but last night we were spending a great time watching horror movies from the 1960's when suddenly he collapsed right before me unto the couch he started convulsing violently I dialed 911 immediately! He was having a seizure. First responders came within 5 minutes of my call by ambulance and quickly took his vitals and carried him from the couch on a stretcher into the ambulance and to the hospital. His brother a friend and I quickly followed and arrived at BRYAN MEDICAL CENTER and waited comfortably for 1 hour before we were allowed to see my dear friend laying calmly hooked up to a machine monortoring his vitals. The nurses were very helpful kind a patient with us all and never too busy to answer our questions even though it was past midnight. We stayed for about 2 and a half hours as the doctor kindly administered a favorable dose of anti seizure medication which only took another 30 minutes to complete. Shortly after some quick paperwork we were released by BRYAN MEDICAL and their staff to go home. Our night was crazy and for me it hit a bit close to home but im beyond glad on how we all were treated and how smoothly and calmly the workers at Bryan medical center treated us all in that time of worry. I'm happy to say that my dear friend went straight to bed and is feeling great today! With a new anti seizure prescription in hand we can resume our youthful life once again. Thank you so much much for everything you did for us all you at BRYAN MEDICAL! You really did a phenomenal job in your care for us! All my love, A young stroke survivor and his friends.

Richard Westling

Visiting a friend that was in the hospital. Apparently he was receiving good care.

Kevin Knudson

Thanks for the wonderful care given to my family over the years. Always first class.

Victoria McPherson

The nurses and doctors are wonderful

Lathan Sullivan

Great ER doctors

Ginjer Jennings

I dont think they read or care. I went in with blood pressure way roo high from pain and no i do Not have high blood pressure but i was treared terribibly and tald talked down to . i did not buy an aneryersm at Younkers. I did not put the cartel in charge of pain medz. I have always followed the rules. But you sir are inhuman and make it hard.

April Eden

Great staff for food an for friends who had to make a pit stop an have a hernia fixed

Diana Grubb

floyd disman

dan dan

rude stuff, long waiting time sometimes 3 hours in ER.

Matt Schiefelbein

This review is for the ER. Staff was professional and courteous and did everything they could to answer my questions and diagnose my problem.

Ronda Arroyo

This is where my doctor has been the last 16+ years. Nice to be located near the hospital and can have testing done downstairs. Could have more handicapped parking spaces.

chris thiel

Doctors and staff are great. Billing is horrible. Had to take 5 weeks off work because of cancer diagnosis. Told them payments would take a bit. As soon as I made my 2nd payment, got sent to collections anyways. If I was poorer, these people write off all kinds of treatments. Unfortunately I work so they have no sympathy

Sarah Linden

Had a sharp pain on my lower left side. They had me drink a bunch of water for the ultrasound and wait 3 hours without using the restroom only to tell me the ultrasound nurse was too busy to give me an ultrasound. I waited another half hour and decided to leave rather than pee my pants. Also, the nurse was unfriendly and unpersonable. She also left me the last two hours and I had to call another nurse to find out how much longer it would be.

Demian Estrada

Breanna Kuszak

My daughter had her tonsils and adenoids out and they were super great there :)

Abd Tumeh

Norma Cordero

my friend said better than home

Elizabeth Volker

No communication in ER between departments or nurses. The nursing staff was very rude. We waited for over 1.5 hrs for our CBC lab results and had to go ask the nursing staff at the nursing station 3 times for updates. First time they said they would page our nurse, the next, the nurses acted like they couldn’t see my husband and then told our nurse our results were back, 30 mins later when we still had not seen our nurse went to the nursing station and another nurse said she wasn’t our nurse and then just looked at us annoyed. We were there for over 4 hrs and it wasn’t very busy.

Omar Moreno

Maternity ward is amazing. Staff is top-notch and extremely friendly. The facility is very well equipped for mother, father, and visitors. They do an excellent job at keeping everyone feeling comfortable. It is a very well ran hospital. We're definitely coming back for our next baby!

Nicholas Talerico

I would never recommand anyone to this hospital period. Staff member pulled a hippa law and company still has there employee there, 2 staff member are known for drama and false claims, 3 very poor management and I would recommend this place to be shut down period.

RO Khidro

It’s not emergency room but it’s waiting room. Went with my son who has a broken feet last night. When I got to the ER there were literally no human being in the waiting room so we were the first. I filled out the little form and sat with my son. After 15 minutes other people started to come in. The nurses let 4 other people in before us none of those patients has an urgent need. We waited for about 1 hour then left to go to another place. I was expecting to get a phone call from them after we left to let us know that is our turn but it seemed that our turn has not come yet.Never got a phone call. I left even without telling them. Worst place I have ever been. I wish I could use zero star.

Valerie Hartwig

Our daughter recently lost a baby at this facility. She received wonderful care from the overnight nurses on the Labor/Delivery floor. She was moved to the pediatric floor after the delivery to prepare to go home. The nurse Barb on the floor is in serious need of sensitivity training. she treated our children as well as myself as if we were making a big deal out of nothing.I overheard a phone conversation by her she told the person on the other end " Oh yea, they are all teary and bleary eyed". It was very insensitive no matter who she was referring too . Just because one can be a nurse doesn't mean they should be. Compassion and a heart for the hurting should be a prerequisite Our daughter was told picture would be taken. It was never mentioned again and the baby had deteriorated too much as time went on to get pictures. Our daughter was devastated by the circumstances and Barb made her heartache even worse. I have made this facility aware of our concern and pray it is addressed and not swept under the rug.

Go Big Red

Two months ago, I went to ER due to stomach pain and they gave me something to kill the pain but it didn’t works and guess what!! After I drank the medication I got itchy and I start getting swelling on my face and later on my hand too, I talked with nurse right away and told her the might be allergy reaction she left me to ask the doctor, the doctor took forever to come and check me and he said no is not allergy reaction, I didn’t like that after a few moments I ask the nurse to see another doctor and the same doctor came again and told me the same so I thought he might be right. After that they gave me the prescription and let me leave. When I went home I felt the symptoms goes worst I start getting rash and felt very cold my and Increased of my heart beat then I start to feel that I’m gonna passed out so suddenly called my friend to pick me up to the ER again and they finally believe that I got an allergic reaction due to the drink moderation , and I spent half day on ER with getting four shots in vein plus IV. I’m not going there any more......

R Korbelik

James Sassman

Was hospitalized for deep vain thrombosis and pulmonary embolisms. Within 24 hours the swelling on my left leg was reduced by 50%. Many tests were performed by professionals who were on time, efficient, and caring! Meals were proper temperature, delicious, balanced and fresh! Nurses and staff physicians were caring and always professional. Other physicians called in for their professional credentials treated my presenting conditions and discovered other medical conditions that needed treatment. Thank all the staff for the great care!

Ron Hill

I had to have some minor surgery here. All went well,but I was glad to get back to Madonna!

hatchet ninjalette

Arrived at Bryan East ER at 6:10 PM tonight with my 9 yr old daughter whom had just broken her L hand, seeking prompt medical attention.. Her fingers and palm also had lacerations and bleeding.. Registration process was within 15 min and she registered her pain at a 9-10, crying in pain.. The nurse that registered us informed us that their rooms were full and we would be seen as quickly as possible.. I was escorted to the waiting room where we waited until 8:33 and we left untreated.. My better half took it upon himself to call around to other ERs after I notified him, via text, there were people waiting since 3.. 5 HRS possible wait time for a child in severe pain!! He called ahead to CHI Health and the wait time was less than an hour.. There she was registered and seen within an hour.. The entire visit was under 2 hours and that was xrays and treatment.. My experience at Bryan was less than appealing.. Starting off there were around 8 other patients in the waiting room and they were waiting for over 5 HRS.. I know this because there were SEVERAL disgruntled patients that voiced opinions.. One of which was an elderly woman upset asking staff around 7 "how is this an emergency room?".. You couldn't miss her husband, whom was throwing up uncontrollably in the ER entrance tunnel.. God bless him and her!! Around 710 another elderly woman approached the counter asking "i've been here since 3, when will I be seen?" She informed the nurse of severe leg pain and swelling that had gone on all day, she couldnt reach her primary.. She even informed the nurse she was hungry and asked, "is there somewhere i can get something to eat in here?" The nurse pointed to the vending machines around the corner and mentioned there was coffee.. Between both times there was a very upset father, whom was waiting for his toddler daughter to be seen.. He asked several times between the time I got there at 610 and 8 to speak to a supervisor.. He had been waiting since 3 as well.. He left the ER speaking to a 3rd "nurse manager" that gave him his requested print out of his wait time over 5 hrs as he walked out untreated.. The ER bathroom was a health hazard, throw up all over the toilet and floor.. I reported this to a staff member around 7, never did i see housekeeping go in and attend before we left.. I decided to get my daughter something cold to put on her hand from the vending machine, even the machine ate my money.. I took it upon myself to copy down the patient rights phone number, which I will be contacting.. NOBODY should have to wait over 5 hrs, in severe pain to be seen.. I understand the rooms were full, trauma, staffing, severity, but I dont agree with this.. I worked in the medical field for 11 yrs as a CNA and I just feel this is patient neglect, violation of medical treatment.. I feel like the nurses that were gathered behind the admission desk could be out consoling patients.. Yes, there were 4 sitting down and gathered in the back away from the main desk.. I feel like they should explain at registration the wait time, not just they are full.. Where is the empathy?? Where is the compassion?? I know all to well how the medical field works.. 5 hrs plus is not acceptable wait time, that is torture when you are in pain.. To not even acknowledge or check on patients that have been waiting for 5 hrs and let them get to the point of frustration, is just poor customer service and neglect.. If seeking emergency medical attention, please avoid this ER

Gordon French

Recently had occasion to utilize the facilities of the ER and then spent 2 nights on 3rd floor of the Cardiac wing. My entire experience, from entering the ER to discharge was nothing less than what it should have been. Everyone was attentive and quick to respond to my needs which I tried to keep to a minimum. Smiling, sympathetic and punctual responses as well as an evident sincere concern were evident throughout my stay. Thank you Bryan East.

Kishan Patel

It’s not emergency room but it’s waiting room I’m there today for my baby bout 7:15pm i wat wait for 2hr but still we didn’t get any call so, pls guys don’t go there for ER.

Evan Dake

Came in a few days ago for stomach pain, left with a bill and continued stomach pain, said it was a virus. Now I need to go spend money on people who can actually do their jobs at a gastroenterologist. Thanks Brian! The doctors I can trust

queen shivi

Samantha Rieschick

The staff and service here are WONDERFUL. I have now been unlucky enough to have stayed at this facility twice....both visits required an emergency room visit and an inpatient stay. From nurses to surgeons to non-clinical staff, I felt that I was well taken care of. The rooms were comfortable, clean, and (in my cases) private. The food was respectable, and at the end of my stay, a staff member always came by to check on the quality of care I received. If I ever have future issues (hopefully not!), I would not hesitate to come back for care.

Brian Bale

My brother and sister in law just had there child delivered here and their experience has be wonderful!

Sommer Kastl

We have visited the ER here and been admitted into pediatrics way too many times in the past year and a half. First to praise our most familiar area of the hospital. Pediatric floor. Heidi and Zach are such awesome RTs and people. My daughter just loves them. When her breathing gets scary she is comforted being greeted by the familiar faces of her caregiver's here. Erica is the most outstanding night nurse and the we have enjoyed all of our day nurses as well. "Dan the IV man" (I made that name for him bc he's so awesome at IVs) did an awesome job with our baby's IV in December. We obviously don't like to have to deal with having our kids need Hospital care but it's our life and we appreciate having great care and enjoy seeing the friendly faces we are all too familiar with.

Nathan Collins

Great place!

Harith Sabih

It’s real have good teams

Kimberly Hayes

Terrible hospital I delivers my daughter here the labor nurses let her scratch herself face each time they took her for shots she came back with scratches on her face back and neck the lack of courtesy amd respect here is unbelievable I don't recommend this hospital St Elizabeth's is the way to go not only this they spelled my daughters name wrong she came out happy and healthy they disreaped me and my child and deserve to be reported to the better business burue not only this they may have a law suit coming. Zero stars for Bryant ease don't deliver here , especially if u don't have private insurance because they will treat u accordingly.

Leona Blumenthal

The staff was extra friendly, it was clean, a bit confusing (like a rat maze), and they take care of everyone!

Elias Eedo

My mom had 2 appointments one at 1:30 PM and the other one at 2:30. I went with my mom down there and they told me the first one has been cancelled with no notice to me. We were there for more than 2.5 hours and no one know why we were there. I took off of work and prepared for those appointments and no one knew what they were doing. no matter what happen to me I will not choose to be there for any medical services. Worst services and messiest health place on the planet. they easily can mess up everything on you and count you for the mistake. Upon all that, they said we have to charge you for the visit. to me, they are considered as scams. just taking money form people.

Gerardo Cordova

My mother was just there this afternoon and later tonight and I have never seen such a mess as this. 1st of all, my mother goes in with numbness on her lip which we had the feeling it was her Bell’s palsy flaring up but we couldn’t be sure so she went to this ED and they ruled her out for stroke. When they ruled out it wasn’t a stroke, they discharged her without treating her Bell’s palsy even though the symptoms were getting worse. By 10pm her whole face was numb and she went back but they sent her home and told her they “don’t treat Bell’s palsy” and this is coming from the ED RN Jordan that was In triage tonight, even though my mom was there 3 years ago with the same symptoms and was sent home on a dose of steroids and an antiviral. But it gets worse, the ED physician that saw her earlier in the day attributed her high blood pressure to smoking and heavy drinking (SHE IS NEITHER A SMOKER OR DRINKER) when I had them look into it, they realized they had mixed her and my aunts record, which not only very dangerous but a huge HIPPA violation. I hope the house supervisor Roseanne lives up to her word and escalates this like she said she would.

Lisa Bye-Harriman

At the ER and in a room but been here for 28 minutes and no one has even come into the room to make sure he is even ok. They have real attitudes here when you ask questions. Better off going all the way to Omaha and getting help. You could die here and they wouldn't even know it. Good thing I came with my brother so if he gets in real trouble someone knows!

Michelle Larabee

My daughter had twins May 8th and between the rude nurses in labor and delivery and the rude nurses in the NICU, as well as the complete lack of communication between the two areas has left my daughter in tears! And this being her and her boyfriends first baby experience, should've NEVER been like this! And please don't think they're are just being too sensitive. I've spent a lot of time up here between May 8 and today and have had to try to keep my cool when it comes to this ridiculousness! Never again will one of my girls spend time here in labor and delivery! I'm disgusted!!

Mars Troll

bad hospital,the nurses and management are rude ,they made me wait 2 hours without seeing the doctor.finally I left the hospital without medicine. please guys do not go to this hospital.

Misty Horton

I delivered my child here! The staff was wonderful and very friendly! They did a great job, in taking care of us. When my son was born he had to go into the NICU because he was having a tough time, It was very hard seeing a newborn hooked up to machines, but I put my trust into the staff at bryan lgh they did wonderful and today my little boy is a 10 month old healthy boy

Sheri Campbell

Benjamin Mills

Did great work on Friday

Karen Kuster

The emergency room experience for my Mother who has dementia was terrible! She was admitted after a fall with hip injury. She was ordered a CT of her head to check for concussion but was not ordered a CT of her hip until after 4 hours of waiting and all the while she was handled without care to her hip. After family arrived, she was ordered a hip CT which determined she in fact had a broken hip. Finally, after 6+ hours she was admitted for hip surgery. Her wedding ring went missing during the hospital stay and has yet to be found. The hospital would not take responsibility for the missing ring even after sending letters to the Hospital CEO. After your response the Hospital still has done nothing, so Bryan really doesn't value our feedback.

Catina Ramer

The wait is endlessly. Staff friendly . They take their time.

Dale Hedderick

Tosha Abbott

Just had my baby October 12th and everyone was so wonderful!! Absolutely loved my doctor and the nurses were so helpful!! Also the students were definitely on top of things and were giving it there all!!! Thank you for everything!!

Marie Barnett

Alyson Johnson

Amazing, Great staff who care, comfortable, great doctor's took time to figure out how too help me. They got me in fixed me up and got me out. The whole time they had a nurse keep checking up on me. It was very comforting, and they helped me quick and easy, Yet took the time too make sure everything else was fine.

Carissa Millard

The nursing staff and doctors at Bryan East were amazing! They truly care about their patients and do their very best to make you feel at home! My husband had a pretty lengthy stay and I felt like he was left in the very best hands when I had to leave to go back for work. Highly recommend this hospital to anyone!

Bonnie Will

I just had to have 2 emergency surgeries with regard to my gallbladder. I am 58 years old and the only room available was in the pediatric ward. Everyone from the reception staff to admitting to nurses to doctors to the sanitation crew to room service were top notch. I'm actually thankful Mary lanning hospital was unable to do these complex surgical procedures. Everyone should get 10 stars. Cheryl, who was a daytime nurse taking of me for 2 days was EXCEPTIONAL. Thank you to all.

ahmed ali

Tw 0601

Pamela Windle

Dheyab Yazidi

Preissler Preissler

I was very nervous to have my heart ablation done due to suffering with chronic illness my whole life, medical procedures have to be done a little different with me. The staff at Bryan not only listened but did everything I asked and needed. My procedure and stay went 100 times better than I expected.

Cindy Klepper

I was in last night at the specialty clinic. The nurses were great and made the experience so comfortable! Carolyn was amazing and she stayed with me 2 1/2 hours after the clinic closed so I could get all the bags of IV I needed!

Bryan Hodges

Cara Gannon

So busy they keep taking people back who have a cough before someone with legit injury

Jeff DeBrie

Kevin Mcmurry

Went to the Bryan East ER when I couldn't get in to see my family doctor about a spontaneous concern. Staff is completely professional and Dr. Bonin is thorough and personable. Even with a more extensive test I was out of there in less than two hours with a complete diagnoses and treatment plan. In the future I will not hesitate to seek medical help at Bryan East

Kalissa Austin

Took my daughter to the ER here with stomach pain. They have her some pain medication and sent home papers saying gasorstamic issues without running any test besides labs. The following business day took her to our family doctor and he said that they just guessed and sent you home since no test were done and the labs he got from them were fine. He had an altra sound done and her gallbladder was twice the size and she went into surgery asap. She did have the surgery there and the staff and nurses were great in the plaza but I will never return to this ER again.

Gerald wade

Being from out of town, trying to find your way around the outside of the buildings is a pain in the butt.

Osama Alkaaby

Good service and great stuff in this hospital!

Sabra Rodriguez

Everyone was amazing! My nurses were so sweet and put up with me being an emotional mess for my first surgery. My radiologist was an exceptional lady and helped at calming me down. The anesthesiologist was absolutely great. He came in and reassured me that they were going to take care of me. As soon as I got to the OR he jumped up and gave me a relaxer due to me being a wreck. All of the staff in the OR made me feel at ease and were very sweet to me. This facility made my first surgery a great experience, and I'm so greatful for all the work they did.

Michelle Thompson

Sincere medical care

Ari smoketreez Marley

staff r nice and caring of a person's needs

Fahad Naif

Imagine a big famous hospital like this cannot help the patient with price estimate for ER!!! I called them to see how much it would cost me but they told we will response to you after one business day. Do they really think that someone calling for ER can wait for a day just to get response!!!! And guess what the owner don’t reply to the comments like the one I wrote but he/she do reply to those who saying fancy words to their services.

Danai Tamburai

Friendly staff. The Doctor was Very compassionate. I felt well cared for.

Cassie Hessheimer

I'd give this hospital a 0 star rating if I could! Worst hospital in Lincoln ne!!! They can never find there patients!!! Horrible customer service and all around bad hospital I would drive 20 mins to the next hospital even if I was dieing!

Kieara Winters

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