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REVIEWS OF Alivation Health IN Nebraska

Michael Gill

regardless of not having any med changes for years, they keep shortening the length of time to come back.....if not, they refuse to refill. It has gone from once every six months, to once every three, and now once every 8 weeks. They hold you hostage to get more money

scudderfield llc

Outstanding facility, staff and atmosphere. Dr Duffy is the best in mental health. My life is undoubtedly BETTER because of him. I'm grateful to have him take care of me. Thank You Dr Duff

Todd Warburton

YasmeenC 17

I've only ever been seen downstairs with Allison and she was beyond my expectations. Timely, professional and courteous. Not just her, but all staff as well. Smiles and hello's around every corner. The fact that their PC department takes same day walk-ins is extraordinary, next level care. 10/10 recommend.

Shawnee Novak

This place is unbelievable!! I’ve gone to Premier Psychiatric Group for many years and they were life savers!! And now that Alivation is here it’s really gone downhill fast. All the good helpful providers have all moved elsewhere. The switch you from Dr to Dr constantly. They never return your calls. They push you to do tests that make no difference in your care either way. They kept pushing me to pay the $50 copay to do the genetic testing so I finally did. Thinking reading and learning the results would be neat but they don’t even tell you the results other than say “ya, your on the rights meds”. So don’t waste you time and $$. The EEG’ s they try to tell you to get a new one every 6 months for what??!! More ways to waste $ The only thing I learned from that was that I have had a concussion before. If your really seeking help with Depression/Bipolar/Anxiety I would definitely look elsewhere.

Drew W Shield

This is one of the best places around for all your health needs!!! I been coming here for years and always got top service!!!

Christopher Urbanek

Shelby Swartz

I take my son to alivation and i absolutely love the doctors there! The front desk ladies are always super sweet as well! Been going here for 2 years!

chrissy reifschneider

Being a person that sometimes MAY take longer in my personal appointments than I do at other times... seeing all these complaints in the google reviews about getting in on time, really bothers me.... because getting in a bit late ONLY shows me how much they are WILLING to work with their patients, rather than rush them in and out abruptly. The nurses and doctors I have worked with this far, have been attentive, empathetic and LISTEN TO what I have to say, instead of just throwing medications at me and expecting an overnight change...They have understood the adjustment to new medications AND have helped me by explaining to my workplace HOW these adjustments may take time, BUT that in the long run, could mean a much better "place for me" overall and enable me to get back to my "old" self. As frustrating as it is for me to go through these changes at a slower pace than I wish it would take - the staff HAS taken the time to listen to me, and been VERY understanding and NOT made me feel worse...only helped to give me a better and brighter outlook on the future and GENUINELY ARE concerned about my well being and what I am going through, and are trying their best to help me get to a manageable point in the nearest possible future

Laura Espinosa

I initially started seeing the doctors at Alivation about 3 years ago, because they were the only clinic anywhere near me who accepted my insurance and were accepting new patients. I live in Omaha and have been traveling to Lincoln for doctor's visits every one to two months. After every visit, I would immediately pick up my medications from their pharmacy located in their lobby. Everything had been fine up until a few months ago. I got a new insurance policy, did not understand all of it, which is my fault. However, Alivation had been overcharging me for my visits! Instead of offering me a check, they offered to let me use the money I had already paid towards future visits. Life happens, people make mistakes, so I went along with it. Last month I went in for a visit only to find out whomever I had spoken with in scheduling HAD NOT SCHEDULED MY APPOINTMENT. Instead of trying to squeeze me in, when all I needed was a doctor's visit to refill my medications, Alivation turned me away. Luckily for me, I had refills at the pharmacy, so I didn't have to go through withdrawals. Also, I'm pretty sure it's illegal to have refills of Adderall, but that's another story. I scheduled another appointment and was unable to go, because I'm a poor college student who works and my work schedule did not allow for it. I called today to schedule another appointment and was told that because I didn't make my last appointment, I was not allowed to schedule an appointment, I would need to come in during their walk-in hours. I was told, "...this policy is in place to help with accountability." I've missed a few appointments within the last few years, but not enough to warrant this. What is Alivation doing to combat their own lack of accountability in regards to overcharging me and turning away a sick client because of poor scheduling practice? THE ANSWER IS NOTHING. In conclusion, this place has gone downhill as of 2018. I thought Alivation was worthy of my money and time, but I was wrong. I am going to find a psychiatrist in Omaha and be done with this. I am also really confused as to why a doctor's office would have such poor customer service. I have worked in customer service driven fields, some of which only paid minimum wage, and I would never treat people this way. Also, is it not counter productive to be rude to the mentally ill? Two thumbs down.

Green Tacy

Can you give a minus score? This place will destroy you. They push test's then don't even use results Of the test when prescribing medications. Your provider will change more often than your moods. They will charge you for offices visits to provide you with your own medical record's. They will spend more time arguing with you than protecting other client's files. I strongly suggest you check the credibility of the staff. Check often because the staff is always changing. You will not be warned about the changes so people with anxiety should SEEK HELP ELSE WHERE. everyone who cares about themselves should SEEK HELP ELSE WHERE!!!! SAVE YOURSELF!

Sherri Cades

EVERYONE is so nice and helpful and knowledgable. They will help you with whatever you need. Very supportive, call you by name, walk in and Jamie already has you checked in. Never hurry you or make you feel like they dont have time for you. Dr Duffy is the kindest, compassionate and caring doctor. He truly cares about you and wants to do the best for you!. Just a great place! I would recommend their services to everyone

Duron Gareth

Excellent care at every appointment! This center has the medical equipment and resources needed to thoroughly diagnose and accurately treat various types of mental health conditions. I had serious issues with other places playing “the guessing game” with my medications, but with attentive evaluation, DNA and EEG testing, clear diagnoses and medication treatment was easy. Both my daughter and I are grateful for the always polite staff members and knowledgeable physicians.

test test

Mary Hofferber NP is the worst!!!

Tea Ilic

Like many have said, every since family health joined alivation health. Its gone downhill for me and many. I used to feel welcome and enjoyed going to checkups or random needs. Now I dislike it very much.. I dont feel welcome. I feel like a number. I paid to sit in a room for a hour while waiting to be seen for something that took 5 minutes. This has happened many times. Billing is extremely rude and misundersranding. Instead of looking at previous records they insist theyre right. Ive had many uncomfortable problems. Its not easy finding a doctor you are comfortable with. Hard finding new places to fo to as well.

Kimmie Jones

Dr. Duffy is the best mental health professional in this state. Lincoln is lucky to have him. Dr Duffy listens and treats every patient with the newest, most effective treatments possible. If something is not working well he's not affraid to recommend trying something completely different. For me, medication wasn't working to treat my anxiety and depression, he recommended Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS). The TMS therapy worked amazing for my anxiety and depression. Unfortunately, I've had an insurance change and my new insurer does not pay for that treatment so I've had to use medication only to control the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Dr Beals is now managing my care and he has been great. Very knowledgeable and understanding. He seems to really want to know how I'm doing and if my symptoms are being managed. If they're not, he'll make a change and then follow up sooner just to make sure all is going well and I'm doing better.

Breanna Sahs

Megan Dedic

I have always found Dr Duffy and his staff to be very attentive to my needs. They always remember my face and I am always treated with dignity and respect. Dr Duffy is an amazing doctor, always up on current treatments and medications. I’ve noticed recently in the media talk about a new therapy for depression, which Dr Duffy has been offering for atleast 4 years. I recommend him highly to anyone who is struggling with mental health issues. I came to him in a very dark time and he saved my life. Can’t say enough good things!

David Privett

Their only priority is profit . . . not the patient's welfare, and they will go out of their way to make an extra buck however they can. This place is a factory, and Dr. Duffy will up-sell you on all sorts of "state-of-the-art" brain scans and swab tests (they'll even charge you $50 to put a swab in an envelope and send it), and the results are worthless. The smartest decision I ever made was getting my child OUT of this office. Just wish I had done it sooner. Moved my daughter to a professional who actually treated her the old-fashioned way: took time to actually talk and build a rapport with her. Far better results! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE do yourself a favor, and look elsewhere for your psychiatric care!

Devin Lottman

I love this place!!! Dr Duffy and his staff are incredible. From basic medication all the way to TMS, they do it all. If medication is not your thing, they have plenty of other options to take care of your needs. Definitely recommend Alivation Health!!!

Bunny Bee

Complete rip off. I’ve been with this group since it was Premier Psychiatric Group which was so much better than what it is now (Alivation). I suggested my daughter come here and instead of them not telling us what insurance didn’t cover continued to have her come every 2 weeks for nonsense reasons. The pharmacy is very rude, we had to wait for a prior authorization and the lady said “I’m waiting on 50 others your not the only one.” After calling every 5-7 days to check on the auth which exactly a month later it finally went through and they couldn’t even call and let me know. Oh, and due to all the visits my daughter ended up owing over $600.00 in charges. Sadly, I did the right thing and paid it off. Please don’t go to these people they just want to push meds and take your money!!!

Hannah Just

Taylor Angele

Tammy Wallman

Samantha Prokop

Blaine Robbins

good care, friendly staff

Sara Lipscomb

I've been coming to this facility for almost 4 years. Since the change to Alivation Health, you can see the growng that the company is taking, the strides they are making and the lives they are changing. My son and I owe so much positive change to this facility. The pharmacy is incredible, they work with you and your insurance company directly, making sure you get what you need. The gals in the check in desk upstairs are some of the best parts of it as well. You will always have a loyal patient in me! Keep it up!

Taylor Hall

Jamie Patterson

Kristine Kapustka

I have had more success with Alivation than any other treatment providers. The atmosphere is positive, and they have been very sensitive to me and my needs.

Preethy Brown

I have been going to this facility for about a year now and am switching healthcare providers as soon as possible. Here, they put me with a different doctor at each appointment so I felt like I had to explain my depressive symptoms over and over again to strangers. It did not create an environment for me to build a good relationship with one doctor. During my time at Alivation, I have been through 7 or 8 different medications for my depression. I had terrible side effects for some and others I had serious allergic reactions to. I felt like they never tried to connect similarities between medications that I had allergic reactions to so that it wouldn’t happen again with the next med. At each appointment it seemed like they just randomly picked a new medication for me to try without looking into how it may or may not help my mental illness. I don’t feel as though they got to know me and my appointments always felt rushed. They were constantly pushing expensive testing on me and when I finally did a genetic test and an EEG, it didn’t make a difference on how they were picking medication for me because the meds they picked were still not helpful. I used their pharmacy each time and the 2 ladies that work there were always rude and not friendly. I would go up and tell them that my doctor had sent a Rx up for me to get and they always acted like it was a huge inconvenience for them. PLEASE do not waste your time at Allivation Health!! Good mental health-care is so important and I did not feel taken care of here.

Alyse Maxwell

They do not answer their phones. Very hard to get ahold of.

Ryley Johnson

Calvin Holley

Amber Mandery

I've been going for a few months now and my health has improved more than I can say. The staff is exceptional and really make you feel comfortable.

McKenna Keenan

Missy Lile

Great integrative care. You can get all your needs met, medical, psych, therapy, etc and they have services to offer that you cannot find anywhere else in the state. They have a whole team of providers ready to assist, starting with very friendly reception people to check you in, then providers, and full circle with billing or patient services to answer your questions at any time! Love it here <3 Expert knowledge and treatment services.

jill vansetten

I have went to family practice for 15 years. I agree with many of the other reviews, ever since they moved they are constantly dropping the ball! I was going out of town and they never called in my perception so I had to pick it up in Texas between flights. Another time they faxed the wrong labs. And I could go on. It’s just sad to see how much they have changed.

Bret Lutz

The reception staff is very rude and unprofessional. The nursing staff doesn’t like to return calls either.

Hal Ready

Trust is a big thing for me. Dr. Duffy will gain your trust then pawn you off to someone else. In the few years I went to Alivation Health I had been sent to four others after Dr. Duffy. Its hard to gain enough trust to open up and share your feelings when you continue to see new people, Dr, Duffy let me down.

Casey Lansdown

Thank you so much to Dr. Duffy and Missy for the excellent care you are giving my son. We were at our wits end and tired of dealing with doctors that just "guessed" what to do with no research involved. Alivation Health is highly recommend by me!

Christine Newell

I love this place. Everyone is so nice. A big shout out to Chelsea W. for being so supportive and helping me when I have needed it.

Lilith Rosewood

Best psychiatric office I've been to. The visits don't take too long so I can just come in before work (works great with my schedule). They offer a lot of newer methods (DNA swab, TMS/EMT) and I'm very excited to be a part of it :)

Gacha_beana_ rose

Love the staff there all really nice when your having a bad day and you come here they make you feel better the front deck lady's the drs and the lady's who do the medicine

Kathryn Thompson

Staff is rude, prices are ridiculous.

Jessica Vodvarka

I told the gal that I needed just the one med, the rest can wait since I was completely out and you cannot go cold turkey on anti depressants. It took them 30 minuets ( was told about 15 minuets) that it needs a prior auth. Now I do RX prior auths all the time and at work and I know the deal, but it take about a minute to know if needs one or not! So they get 2 others ready and then tell me about the 1 I needed! This is beyond unprofessional and pathetic. Will NEVER use them again

Brandon Dierwechter

One star gives them far more credit than they deserve. Nothing was accomplished, they pushed these procedures on me when they even said they weren’t necessary. So I get pushed off to these sales people that explain the cost. I didn’t want to decide right then and there, so I get a follow up appointment for 2 weeks later. Follow up on...??? This Grant guy that deals with insurance or billing or something has sleazeball written all over his face. He told me that they can easily just do the procedures and send me the bill without ever telling me what it’s gonna cost. We’re talking like 1500$. That’s a big deal. Trying to pressure someone that’s already in a fragile state of mind into making a big money decision on the spot. I got up and said I wasn’t coming back and he just shrugged and said OK like I didn’t even matter. This is a healthcare facility, but they don’t care about my health at all. Money is the bottom line to these clowns. At least I learned all this in one visit.

Elizabeth Hast

If it was possible to give zero stars I would. I am a military spouse and we recently moved to the area. This place is all about the money NOT about caring for patients. The staff is rude, not helpful, and extremely unreasonable. I got my lab results and they asked me to come in and discuss them. This made me incredibly anxious and worried. I get to my appointment and am told everything is fine and the results look great. I asked for a referral to a dermatologist. I explained I have seen one my entire life. My grandfather and mother have had melanoma and I have had several moles removed that tested negative for skin cancer. I was told I didn’t need a dermatologist and they could monitor my skin. They don’t care about patients or their needs. Avoid this place at all costs!!!!!

Haley Duffy

Eli Dolson

Seriously don’t go here if you have another option. Poorly run and staff is not customer friendly.

Marion Austin

Although there are a LOT of nutjobs that go here (for real, you’d have to see it to believe it), the staff has always been friendly and helpful. Jenn in reception is awesome!! Rochelle in patient services is so helpful and VERY good at her job!! Dr duffy and his crew are very very good, using genetic testing, EEG’s, and TMS therapy, you are at the cutting edge of technology with mental health. If you don’t mind sitting in a waiting room full of circus freaks, I would recommend!!

Stephanie Cummings

This is the WORST place I have ever been too. For every appointment it is at LEAST a 2.5 hr WAIT. Not even including the time with the doctor/therapist! The people LIE constantly in order to just “keep you calm in the moment and not deal with you”. I have horrible panic attacks and PTSD - But that doesn’t mean I don’t have school full time at the University as well as a part-time job! Time is something I can’t spare! I had an appointment at 7:45am and I worked at 11:00am. I thought this would be PLENTY OF TIME to get me in and out and on time for work. An hour passes and I go ask them how much longer it would be, and they tell me 5 more min, or right away! ANOTHER HOUR PASSED. And I was starting to get frustrated especially because I had an appointment! They still hadn’t even taken me back to see the doctor. a half hour later I finally get a room. (Mind you I’m not even a new patient at this point) I stayed in that room for another hour to just get told that they don’t have an available therapist for 6-10weeks and they can’t get me in. They also have been giving me pills that have been giving me horrible panic attacks nearly every day after they took me off pills from my primary doctor that worked for me with no side affects (these were so bad to where I called 911 once). When I told them about the panic attacks they had the NERVE to say that “You’re just iron deficient” and not change my meds. I looked at the time and I didn’t get out till 11:30am. I was scared to lose my job because this isn’t the first time they had done this to me! Everytime I went I waited there anywhere from 2.5hrs to 4hrs. If you like to wait and are about that waiting life because you think its because they’re listening to you - Then good on you because they only spent 10min with me everytime I was there. Please for the love of time do NOT go here. If you are busy then you better clear your entire day for one appointment - Because I assure you, it will take you all day. Wish there was a negative star button!

Jessica Rand

They are ok

Krysten Winslow

My son has been seen here in primary care and i would recommend to anyone wanting good quality care and wanting to get all appointments done in one day! They have behavioral health, pharmacy on site and primary care and always adding new technology. It was so convenient when my son had strep to get added on the same morning they fit us in and then we were able to run upstairs and grab his medications all in the same place! We have seen a couple of the primary care doctors and they all did amazing and gave the best care!

Danielle Smith

My family has been with Family Practice every since we had our last two kids, 14 years ago now. They were wonderful then! Now since they’ve merged with Alivation Health EVERYTHING IS TERRIBLE! I decided to sign up for the medical portal and noticed they had WRONG medical history on my son! Ugh! How do you mess this up. And they are pocket robbers with suggesting my son to have an EEG when he only had 1 symptom of a concussion, which was a very minor one... $1000 later, my son is just fine, he’s passed every test at school! But they still want to put him on this $800 machine! This place is terrible!!!

Anne Winkel

Alivation health provides exceptional care in every department. They work hard to make the entire experience about the patient. From billing, scheduling, to working with your insurance company, it is clear that they work hard to provide you with the best care. They provide flexible scheduling and have a great pharmacy who is great at finding discounts for different meds! They truly are a patient’s advocate.


Tanya Encalada

Rebecca Wehling

Was taken very seriously and treated very well. They took diagnosing my mental health very seriously and helped me establish a plan of action

Jenifer Simp

I wish Google had negative star buttons. I have been with Dr Weiss for 13 or more years, he is a wonderful caring man, great doctor. His move to allivation has been his destruction. This office has completely restructured his staff (our family). The new staff is incompetent and uncaring. Start with point copay is 30, they have been charging 50 since Jan of this year, since I called them to the carpet on it...(they promise to fix it and not send me to collections I will update that if it happens).... Kristi saw my daughter she was having belly pain and very fatigued....kristi focused on low d3 scolded her for missing work and sent her on her way....2 trips to express care and 3 ER visits later her gallbladder is removed and she is on meds for h-pylori...way to over look the belly husband went for med refill saw Mary. She was very rude looked him over refilled his med, only didn't tell him what she noted which was that the refill was for one month and that she felt he should be seen by Weiss as she was not comfortable prescribing for his condition (copd) so he went without meds waiting to get in for a 6 month refill at the last minute...i have a thyroid condition...i took the blood tests couldn't make my followup as I was at the hospital with my sick daughter, called to remake the appt to find my pa is no longer there, left a message with Alex the nurse On Thursday to get a refill to last until I can be seen, she never called back. I called today Monday out of meds they want me to see Kristi tomorrow afternoon, can't help me with meds 3ven though I've been out since sat, and Kristi misdiagnosed my daughter can I trust This? The new staff is rude and unwilling to solve or work to solve any issue. It used to be before the merge I could get fit in or get a note to my doctor and I could get enough meds called in to last. I never went without meds in the past. I am busy with eight kids at home...i do my best to schedule things and I watch my money....they now want twice as many appointments they overcharge and now are almost 45 min from my home....i am looking for a new Pcp suggestions are welcome. I know my leaving is a small insignificant dent in the allivation pocketbook, but the hole this leaves in my heart and the heart of my family cannot be repaired. We loved Dr Weiss and his feels like we just lost a favorite uncle...UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE. These crooks were charging my insurance under premier psychiatric group as psych services. This co pay was higher then medical. We never saw anyone but medical. So we have been trying to solve this for a year. Office manager says its insurance fault, insurance says its alivations fault. Office manager promises to solve it, today we get a letter from collection. The reality is alivation owes me for my overpayments, i owe them nothing. I will fight this through every avenue there is. Just because i am low income and have a huge family gives this corporation no right to take advantage of me. I will not be silent or ran over.

Jennifer Lengel

When Family Practice moved into Alivation Health, their quality of service and care went down dramatically. Now, all they want is to charge you more and more money. My son has been treated there since he was born preemie, and now I couldn't even call to verify dosage of a supplement he was already recommended without being told I would have to pay for an appointment to get that information. And God forbid you shed a tear because you feel like no one is actually listening to you (the complaint I had at that time was later correctly diagnosed by a different doctor's office), because then all they want to do is refer you upstairs to mental health. Just got done transferring my entire family out of there. To be fair, there are a couple of nurses there that were always fantastic to my kids, so that part was usually pleasant.

Heather Fusco

The staff has been friendly and patient with me. I’ve had a year long recovery and I’m amazed with the DNA technology that Dr Duffy could prescribe the medication that best works with my body chemistry. I feel better than I have in my entire life and I’m 41.

Erin L

I struggled with depression for years and Dr. Duffy has been wonderful. He’s taken the time to explain options and alternatives if I didn’t like a suggestion. To everyone who complains about additional services they offer, just say you’re not interested. They don’t force them on you. I’m not sure how people can blame doctors for side effects. Everyone reacts to medicine differently. If something doesn’t work, the team at Alivation will continue to work with you until you’re where you want to be. Of course you have to go in every several months, even if you’ve been taking the same prescription for a long time. They have to check in if they’re going to be able to renew it. The front desk staff can be difficult to work with and I don’t know about the office that merged with Premier Psychiatric but I can say with absolute certainty that Dr. Duffy looks out for his patients and you will be taken care of you are a patient. I wouldn’t go anywhere else.

Desiree Denise

Just don’t.

Marcy Kyle

They make fun of my slow speech because I am disabled mentally and then cut off my medication and caused me a seizure. I was given many medications then stopped breathing under the care of duffy. I am now stuck on an anti seizure medication keppra by my psychian and suffer memory problems. Thanks for putting me on unsafe mixtures of medications and it being easy to access narcotics . Drug Lord Duffy.

Julie Tuttle

This IS A BUSINESS NOT A HEALTH CARE CLINIC!! The doctors are more interested in making money to pay for this fancy new facility and line their pockets instead of actually helping their patients. Dr. Duffy is constantly trying to up-sell patients to pay for genetic testing and EEGs, both of which he was not honest about the out of pocket cost (I was told the genetic testing was $50 and it ended up being $300). So I switched to Dr. Beals, whom I was trusting of when I first started. But after several months of constantly trying to treat any side effects of my base medication with other medications, I've reached my limit. I have a diagnosis of adult ADHD, and the medication prescribed caused side effects...for which he kept prescribing more medications instead of a different type of ADHD med without those side effects. Not to mention, the EEG also read that this med was not effective for me, but he chose to keep using it, so I would have to come in every month for a follow up appointment, so he could push more meds, and another bill. Not good practice!! Also, do not use the online bill pay option, as they will LOSE YOUR PAYMENT. If I could give 0 stars I would because they don't provide care...they just want the monthly appointments and monthly payments to keep coming in.

Sam Hem

I went over and over to try to get medicine to help me with my depression, but all of the medicines they tried gave me horrible side effects. Eventually they gave me one that they said had no side effects, but while taking it I became incredibly weak and my heart always beat hard and fast. Once I stopped taking the medicine of my own accord, I went back to normal. We asked her about it, and she insisted the medicine had no side effects...for about a minute. Then the doctor finally admitted that she had lied to me and what I had been experiencing were side effects. I stopped going there after that and I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.


I’ve been to the regular medical office two times and the actual visits were relatively uneventful. However, I received a bill in the mail EIGHT months after I had been to the office. The bill had an address on it that I haven’t lived at for over five years so I have no idea where they got that. My insurance had paid them in the same month I went and I didn’t receive this bill until eight months later saying it was extremely overdue and going to collections soon. I had interest charges listed for each month even though I was never sent any bill or contacted in any way. My insurance was in network and always covers regular doctor visits with just a $30 copay which I paid at time of service. The provider I saw was only a PA not even a real doctor so I have no idea why they are charging over $200 a visit to see her. When we contacted them they literally said “I don’t know” in response to every question, about why no bills were sent and how they got that old address. Please please please do not go to this office as they clearly have very incompetent staff, horrible organization of records and will overcharge you. I’ll be praying for all the patients who have already seen them and will be getting their final notice (AKA FIRST) bills EIGHT months later as well.

Nancy Patoka

I'm not sure who is writing the 5* reviews, because the average review of this practice has magically gone from 1.5 to 3* average in just 2 months. I'm here to tell the truth. This practice is about money and ONLY money. They hold you hostage for your medication. They give you enough only to make it to the day of your next appt. They take 3 days to have a nurse return phone calls. They try to sell you brain stimulation like you're buying a used car. If they weren't the only game in town for ketamine, I'd leave now. But I'm holding out in hopes of being better. I've shown proof of financial hardship, but I'm way far away from a price I could afford. I'll leave this place as soon as I can... if I'm still alive.

Eric Kissinger

I have been going to Alivation Health for nearly 9 years. Thanks to Dr. Walter Duffy and Dr. Megan Basnett my health has never been better. My gifted doctors and incredibly kind Alivation support staff provide me with a sense of gratitude. I would recommend Alivation Health to anyone.

Kayla Shea

Great place love it. High tech state of the art

jess q

Really impartial, a neurologist I visited thought the eegs they do are useless, so that is an opinion I found interesting. Big facility - patients are more like numbers based on my visiting experience, however, the constantly changing staff is generally very kind. From the medical/science research perspective I am not qualified to give an opinion, they could be awesome.

tia frazier

Tanner King

Always incredibly friendly and professional. The ladies at the front desk always put a smile on my face and seem to love their jobs. All the staff that I've had the privilege of meeting have all been super friendly and really want to help.

Jake Brazil

Same experience as a lot of the other reviews regarding degraded quality of care after the facility became "Alivation Health." In my opinion, the nefarious tactics that these individuals utilize to maximize their insurance recoverables is incredibly negligent. If you're serious about your health I suggest looking elsewhere for treatment, as these practitioners are merely concerned with financial gain.

Breanne Chandler

Best experience I have had....and I have been to a lot of doctors. The staff is so helpful and Dr. Duffy takes his time to explain treatment options and your progress. I have been very impressed. Their intergrated health model treats the whole person. I have had great results with my Med management and TMS treatment. It's worth a try.

Shan Roth

Great place ! Great idea too putting all your basic health care needs in one building...mental health on main floor with pharmacy and your general health doctors etc on the bottom floor. Handicap accessible with an elevator and very friendly and helpful staff. They have a great team of people that are very intelligent . I have read other reviews and have heard what it was like when it was called premiere psych. But I myself have been looking for five years now for a good doctor that has more up to date knowledge of things and a great bedside manner and I finally found that at Alivation. As we all know anything medical is expensive but this place gives you the option to try the newest of meds testing etc it does not mean you have to all you have to do is say no or you cannot afford it they understand . And yes it takes a while to find the right medicines to work for you and even then it might be a life long search and they know when you should be checked for other underlying medical conditions . It's all a process they are intelligent and innovative not all knowing . And I agree the pharmacy is a little overworked it needs to be bigger and more staff as it has gained so many more customers since it started. I love the staff there too .

Alpha - Prophetic

We should appreciate life and each other more than we do these days...

Jerica Rodriguez

Dr. Duffy is a wonderful doctor and has helped me so much this year. I feel like my symptoms have been somewhat challenging but him and his staff have not gave up on me. I’m always treated with such respect and never feel embarrassed to be seen. Jackie is so sweet and always tries to get all the details so she can relay everything to Dr. Duffy appropriately. She’s so kind and compassionate. Same goes for Jordan. He can put a smile on your face with just his positive attitude. I’m giving 4 stars because billing can kind of be a pain. It seems like after calling and asking a ton of questions and then getting ahold of insurance myself they are a little more understanding and a little less rude. Maria is one person in billing who has been nice to me and helpful. As far as whoever sets up pre authorizations for insurance billing and gives information to patients on TMS, Ketamine, genetic testing they could be a little more thorough. Nothing they have told me has been accurate thus far which has bit me in the butt and put me in a little more debt than what I had intended. I’ve also noticed the pharmacy charges me more for medications than what my insurance app says they should be.. kind of odd. Through it all though this office really is amazing and only lacks slightly in a couple areas that I think could be fixed easily if the right person is doing the job. Also, Sophia and Jamie at the front desk, you ladies are absolutely amazing. It takes a very special person to do all the things you ladies do in a day and know you are very appreciated. Nothing is more comforting than being treated with kindness the second you walk through the door.

Dan Kunzman

A lot of negative reviews speak volumes. Daughter carefully chose in network. They referred her to another provider outside the network but in the clinic. $900 later they're so rude and unwilling to to even talk to us. Be wary of this operation. Update: returned payment with a terse "bill sent in error".

Katherine Goertzen

If I could leave a review without a star I would. These people are CROOKS. I used to love going to see dr. Weiss before his whole staff got fired and wouldn't help me with my problems. Not to mention the fact that I was getting billed for the psych services and paying for that instead of just seeing a dr. Check your accounts people! You've been overcharged guaranteed and I've been fighting this bs for over a year now. 10/10 DO NOT RECOMMEND

Shelley Moore

Staff are friendly and very helpful. The Dr's and all professional staff kept working with me until they found something that worked.

Tarrah Cotter

Went to get an eval on my son. He was asked 30 to 40 question by an intake person. Then sent to the Dr. Duffy and Dr Hahn both of which confirmed what pharmacy we used but asked him no additional question. They did not explain medication or diagnoses. Essentially, they took the word of a 17 year old as a diagnosis and never sought to use their education to create a diagnosis. Then we were sent to set up EEG and Genetic testing, at no point were we asked if we wanted these service, nor was anything explained at any point. When I turned down the additional services, they were done speaking to us. This place felt like a patient mill looking for more money out of the patients pocket but no concern about patient care. If your just looking to get medications refilled and to be heared along like cattle this this is the place for you.

Trey Martinez

My experience at Alivation was discouraging, to say the least. This place is a corporate money making machine that, on the day of my first appointment, made me feel like I just took a tour through Willy Wonka's factory--though, not as exciting. I started downstairs at primary care, and I really did like the primary care provider assigned to me, Miranda Pollman, DNP, APRN she was very kind, caring, and actually listened to me. After I met with her, I was directed upstairs where I was to do my initial evaluation with Brain/Behavioral Health (it turned out being with Dr. Pollman who I had downstairs which I was stoked about cause she was easy to talk to and I could tell she was very knowledgable). She took me back and we chatted about what was going on, my concerns, etc. She then "passed me off" to another woman who came in the room, and sat at the computer and prescribed me my medications after very little talking, then she got up and left and never saw her again. The next to enter the room was Duffy. Said maybe two words to me, typed a couple things up on the computer and then told me to follow him. He led me down the hall, around a corner to a printer where his prescription printed, at which time he looked at me quizzically and asked why my preferred pharmacy was CVS, and before I could even really answer (it's close and convenient to my home) he goes "you know we have a pharmacy, yeah you can just use our pharmacy." I knew this guy owned and ran the whole shebang so I kinda just stood there, intimidated, and nodded like "uh, okay sure." That's when I knew. He then led me to yet another person in an office who sat me down and talked to me about Genomind. This is a product/company that collects a cheek swab to be sent off and analyzed so that they may prescribe you medication that fits and works best for you specific to your genes. Great idea, right? Well they also use your information for a lot of research, etc, which if you're okay with that then sure, but it's yet another strike against Alivation (the test is $4,350 before insurance, and still left me having to pay $350). So after that stop I was led to ANOTHER office down the hall, where I met a very nice woman whose job was to collect my cheek swab, have me sign things, and send it off. Again, without time to even realize what was happening. They make you feel like all of this is super exciting and cutting edge and a wonderful resource, etc. Only to realize later on that I was right in the palm of their hands. Finally my tour popped me out at the gift shop--the built in pharmacy where I waited far too long and was not given the friendliest service by any means. Forgot to mention that they have almost all their patients do an EEG "to make sure the meds are doing what they're supposed to." Total BS, it's for their research, and so that they can squeeze even more money out of you and your insurance. After that day, I never went back. This place reeks of corruption, and your personal interest is no where near the top of Duffy's list. Save yourself and your wallet, find a provider who cares about you and creates an actual personal connection with you.

Sam Sullivan

Excellent. They offer many integrated techniques and treatments. Great quality of care.

Misty Dawn

Came to this clinic for 10 years for medication management (even before the move and eventual name change). After being on the same RX and dose for over a year, they still insisted on me re-arranging my schedule to come in every 90 days. Knowing how tight my work schedule is, they refused to work with me right around Thanksgiving. So Heather cut off my meds, which seems brilliant considering suddenly stopping your antidepressants makes people suicidal. Seems very obvious they ONLY CARE ABOUT THE MONEY. Don't bother using their medical clinic downstairs either. Dr. Weiss screwed me around for 6 months on a diagnosis he technically never made, only to put me on the same med I was already on in the RX form instead of OTC. $$$$ is their concern.


After 7 months of visits I quit going . Most of my appointments consisted of them pushing another medication on me . Their slogan is "Next Level you" After 7 months I didn't take a single step forward , much less to another level!!! After leaving I Contacted Dr. Duffy several times via email about my frustrations of not getting any better , and not a single response back from him nor his staff . Don't come here.

Justine Amalia LaViolette

A lot of reviews say the doctors push tests, medications, and other expensive procedures on them. They gave me ZERO pressure when I declined some of the suggested options for me. All the staff I've encountered are super friendly and caring, wanting you to get the best treatment they can provide. And the people saying "it's a business, not a health care clinic." If you don't like it, you don't have to keep going there. That's why we have options.

Will Duffy

Alivation is an excellent company that expands from Behavioral Health, Primary Care, Neurology, Pharmacy, Research, and more! They are leading experts in medical device treatments, and have more experience than anyone else in the region. Not only that, but the culture he is amazing as well. They use up-to-date, innovative, business practices and software, and with a dedicated IT and HR team, our technology and people are the finest around.


Front desk staff is so rude. Have to wait for 15 to 20 minutes just to talk to someone to setup an appointment over the phone. It’s hard to keep the same provider because they always quit. I would not recommend coming here.

austin gubbels

I called in to try and set up yet another appointment to give dr Walter my money I called at 5:16 was then put on hold for 14 minutes and told to leave a message! This is my last straw and would never recommend this place all they want is your money they dont care about your health!

Zach Connell

This is the worst drug dealer in town. My wife has had nothing but awful experiences going to this place over the last several years. The only reason she continues to go is that she needs to get her medication. 1. There is a revolving door of (typically rude, disinterested, condescending) psychiatrists. She rarely (if every) sees the same psychiatrist multiple times in a row. There is no patient rapport that is developed and no individualized patient care. The entire purpose is to get patients in and out as quickly as possible so they can continue to make money. 2. Despite not changing her medication plan and her overall mental health improving, they have gone from requiring her to come in every 6 months to every 3 months and now every 8 weeks. They have also started requiring her to have (expensive) EEG scans every 6 months. I can only assume that this is all in an effort to squeeze every last dime out of our pockets. Look, if you need drugs, you can come here and they will prescribe them to you, but do not come here under the pretense that you will be receiving legitimate health care. This is just a really expensive drug dealer.


Donna Connely

We love Alivation Health. Beginning with the front desk staff, Jamie has gone above and beyond in her service to my family at the roughest of times. Kudos to you, Jamie! Next, I study traumatic brain injury and embrace the book, "Change your brain, change your life " by Daniel Amen, MD, (read it) so it makes perfect sense to me to have an EEG done in order to discern what is happening in the brain-which directly impacts mood and behavior! Especially since two of my children have been in significant car accidents and have had serious head blows. We hear alot about TBI and brain injuries, but what is being done about it? In my view, Alivation is finally doing something about it with their EEGs. In a perfect world the EEG would be a standard treatment! I also study DNA information and nutrition , so once more, I fully support the DNA assessment offered at Alivation to understand which meds work the best. We are all unique individuals and there is no cookie cutter answer, so thank you Alivation and Dr. Duffy for being on the cutting edge and forefront, of helping the world and decreasing human suffering in Nebraska! We have been treated with unconditional positive regard by Dr. Duffy and All of the Alivation Health.

caden reents

Calls never get returned nor do you ever see the same provider. Medications are miss dosed or incorrect instructions when called into pharmacy. Rude and unhelpful staff.

Terri Burchess

Since Family Practice merged with Premier Psychiatric and became Alivation it has lost its family feeling. I still like my family doctor and PA's but the rest of the office is horrible to work with. I was never a fan of Premier and now they have ruined my experience with the doctor I have had for years. I wish the merge had never happened. You are now just a number and profit center for them.

Hannah C.

I have gone here for about 2 years but I am not coming back. I have experienced the same thing that another reviewer shared - they have been making me come back more and more frequently to refill the same prescription I've been on for years. I have had at least 5 different doctors in 2 years so each time the doctor has no idea who I am or what my health needs are. Many of my appointments have been a doctor staring at a screen not making eye contact with me and rarely talking. At other health care providers, I feel like we are a team making decisions about my health together, but here I just feel like a number being used to make money. I have used their pharmacy a few times. Once after my appointment I went to the counter to refill and they said they'd have it out in a few minutes. 15 minutes later I walk up and they have shut down the register and locked the window - completely forgot about me. After that, I asked that they send my meds to my door. A few days before I ran out of my meds, I called to make sure they were coming and they said they didn't have me down for delivery. They shipped them for me and I ended up having to miss a day of my meds because of their error. I have also had doctors send the wrong dosages to my pharmacy several times. Also, at nearly every visit a doctor suggests a new drug or test even if I have been feeling fine. They are constantly pushing more and more products on me to make money. Overall, I have had the WORST experience here. I would not recommend this place to everyone. Alivation Health is a glorified drug dealer.

Luke Fiala

Dr. Duffy has helped me, to live life in a positive and confident state. I am looking forward to continue on this path and attain my goals.


Andrew Gardner

grandma 5 123

They can hardly ever get things right went in for appointment to get kids pills refilled and the only called in 2 out of 6 and so i left a voicemail needing all refills and went to pharmacy for them to only have 1 more filled. Whats funny was they even increased a pill and it wasnt sent to the pharmacy to fill. Every time i or the school calls them its like a week before we get a response back

James Wilson

scheduling is pretty easy once you get them on the phone. i suggest calling them direct.

Courtney Masek

Keith Stueven

Lyndsey Brokaw

To call this place a slum business would be giving it too much respect. After multiple attempts to continue treatment at this ridiculous excuse for a psychiatrist for my son, I now have decided anything would be better than thos company. PLEASE take your loved ones elsewhere, 20 minute waiting times just to set up an appointment, they have such a high turn over in doctors it is impossible to establish any sort of patient doctor relationship, this place has been a joke from the beginning, incorrect billing, unprofessional office assistants, it is not only irresponsible but a huge disgrace to the entire mental health community. Definately bottom of the barrel care to say the least.

Jessica McCarthy

This office has moved. I made an appointment yesterday for 8:00 this morning and was never informed the office had relocated. There is no sign at the current location notating the office has moved. After searching online, I finally found a new address. By the time I would be able to get to the new location, I would be 15 minutes late. I was on the phone with reception as I was headed to the new location and I was informed they can no longer see me and I need to reschedule. I'm a working mother of 4 and rearranging my morning schedule is not easy! This is a huge inconvenience and the office was less than willing to accommodate me at all. Very disappointed in the lack of customer service. All of this for an issue that is already resolved that I only need a referral for due to insurance.

Kady L


Long horror story..Just after a bit watch for up sales..D.N.A. & all the other NEW stuff they are doing & trying! Don't make a decision that day & think about it! Just ask to make sure who you are seeing & their job description. May have problems like me with getting your medications from your pharmacy but they have one now!! Hope you the best & good luck! Mike Kurkowski

Erich Strack

Corporate Healthcare at its worst. My primary care physician of 20+ years closed his private practice to merge into this monstrosity. He was the best physician I have ever dealt with. Unfortunately, the corporate culture of this mega-cash craving facility ruined everything I loved about Family Practice Specialists. Live persons helping you became a clunky and frustrating automated phone tree. When I asked my Dr. about some of the policies, I was told that he had no control over them and that I needed to complain to someone else within the organization. my personal physician no longer makes the decisions about my care? Correct. I would be subjected to cookie-cutter decisions that may or may not be in my best interest. No thank you. I found a new physician who has staff that is available to me via phone without having to press a bunch of numbers and jump through hoops. I was sad about leaving the care of my physician because he was so good and his wife was always nice to me when we'd see each other. Unfortunately, bigger is not better. This merger and the fact that he was not making all the decisions for my care ruined my trust in his new organization.

Matt Himmelberg

Pathetic organization. Doctor says one thing. Pharmacy says the next. I have currently left three voicemails with Dr.Duffy’s nurse about a simple questions I have. My guess is they are too busy pushing patients in and out of their doors to call me back. About on-par with this organization.

Zia Hossaini

I am writing this note for you if you are searching this page for help. You are doing the same thing that I did few months ago. You're probably like me. I was confused, unhappy, felt pain in my stomach, just wanted to be alone not knowing what I wanted to do, and worried for my future, until I decided to get help. I searched and found Dr. Duffy. The moment I entered the office, from the way that the receptionist treated me, I knew I was in the right place. If you want to see light at the end of the tunnel, if you want become the person that you want to be, if you want your pain and anxiety to leave you and find happiness again, Dr. Duffy and his wonderful staff will provide you excellent treatment. They utilize state-of-the art equipment and programs, and thanks to them, I have happiness in my life again. I am living my normal life with good friends and family around me. I love myself. Do it, don't be afraid to take the first step to get help. The most important part is your commitment to finish the program, if you just come for a few times it may not work. In that case, don’t blame the doctor and treatment, and also don’t blame yourself, because not being able to finish your treatment is part of your illness. Push yourself and finish the whole treatment. You will be OK again. God bless you.


Yes, this is the place to go if you just want to get your meds and get out. Some of us with serious mental health problems don't mind that, sometimes it's all we need. It's too bad the pharmacy is relocating though.

Delia Scheffler

Their staff upstairs is great. I like the idea of the tests they do that can indicate what mental health disorders you have and also what medications will work for you. I see Heather Nielsen. She is very knowledgeable and is genuinely interested in my well-being. The new primary care offices downstairs are ridiculous. Unfortunately, they did not have their business together before deciding to bring in patients and my wait was insanely long (and I saw no other patients there). The provider I saw was Mary Hofferber. She is undoubtedly the rudest person I have dealt with in all the years I've had endometriosis and fibromyalgia (17+ years). I usually NEVER do reviews, but she was so awful, I feel compelled to warn others. I was so offended by her approach, her lack of suggestions and her assumptions that I got up and walked out. She lacks good "bedside manners" and never once did I feel like she was trying to help or even just do her job. As much as I like the upstairs staff, I have to give it 1 star because of that visit being so dreadful. UPDATE: I have since begun seeing a new provider in the family practice part of the building who I really like upon first impression. Allison was professional, kind and seemed to genuinely care. I love Alivation and Dr. Duffy's vision of all in one care. I like knowing all of my providers are on the same page. I will update my review to 5 stars! Thank you Dr. Duffy and the wonderful staff!


Always have a great experience!

Alicia Cooper


If you like waiting years and spending lots of money to get your problem solved, then this is the place for you. After 2 brain scans, a DNA test and over a year of trial and error, the "professionals" here still haven't figured out how to help me.

Veng IsBff

Doctors only care about your money. They put me on benzos for 6 years straight. I tried EVERY SINGLE SSRI in their arsenal along with antipsychotics and SNRIs. Its trail and error "itll take 90 days for this to be in your system. so I want to see you back next month for your money" Dr.duffy hands his most problematic patients to new drs because he gave up on me and cant figure out what's wrong after 6 years of trial and error now I'm back on the same Loop of medications they started me off with 6 years ago. I recommend going anywhere else all they want is your money the doctors don't help you and they have no idea what they're doing.

Andrew Push

Their online portal not user friendly and they charged me $200 a visit to fill out a form.

Jon Kroesche

I will never darken their doorstep again. Our visit was basically $335.59 down the drain. After trying several doctors and treatments, we decided to schedule an appointment with a psychiatrist for our son, hoping to get more specialized help for his ADHD. We had received a referral from our son’s OT to Dr. Duffy (with the disclaimer that some people liked him and others did not). We arrived at the time of our appointment and filled out the required paperwork, all the standard first visit questions. After waiting 45 minutes past our scheduled time, I asked the person at the front desk about the reason for our wait. She said she would check on things, and within a few minutes we were called to go back. We didn’t meet with Dr. Duffy at first, but a Dr. Waris. As he was entering our son’s initial information into their system, another person from the office came into the room and interrupted us, asking for help with a computer problem. Dr. Waris left us sitting there as he helped his coworker in another room for several minutes. This was completely unprofessional behavior, both on the part of the coworker and Dr. Waris. When he returned, I informed him that I was not happy with the service we had received so far and that our time was valuable as well, to which I received a rather weak apology. Before coming to Alivation we had, via our pediatrician, completed a genetic test that looked at medicines that would be compatible for our son. We brought this with us for the doctor to use in our initial visit. After looking at the results of the test, Dr. Ware asked if our son struggled with anxiety, to which we said, “No.” He then went on to recommend an antipsychotic drug, not generally used for ADHD, to help with anxiety. Hadn’t we just told him our son didn’t struggle with this? Then Dr. Duffy arrived, and he also looked over the genetic test we had brought. After briefly reviewing the information, he wrote a prescription for a medication we were already using, with the only change was to raise the dosage to 3 mg (from 1) and a recommendation to take it at a different time of day. We walked away completely dissatisfied with our visit. When we left a message with our pediatrician letting her know of the recommendation for the change in dosage, she called us back personally to let us know that she would not have referred us to this office, as most of her patients leave there dissatisfied and with more problems than they arrived. I also called their accounting department to discuss the visit and to inform them I wasn’t pleased with the service we had received. After several days, calls, and messages, I was finally able to talk to the person in charge of the accounting department. She was unwilling to budge. So now we have received a bill for that visit of $335.59. I’m letting you know readers this is what our experience was and we will not be back. Avoid this place, look elsewhere!

Devin Choate

terry harms

Jim Leland

Not impressed.

Maria Schilling

Ricky Bennett

Staff always nice polite does thier job had Dr duffy for years off and on im back to loving life Alivation health meets all my needs recommend this place to anyone thanks Alivation health......

kyle mcdonald

this place should close soon corporate health care at its worst

Tee Math

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