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coocoo mountain

I was taken to there E.R. by ambulance with 5 broken ribs. The pain was excruciating to say the least. After being there for approximately two hours I finally get seen by a doctor who is very stingy with his pain medication took it from a 10 to a 9 and 1/2 did cats cans did x-rays refuse to give me more pain management which is absolutely absurd later for another 2 hours two and a half hours sorry ended up leaving on my own two feet cuz I can be miserable at home without a $5,000 bill absolutely absurd you can't get adequate pain medication because they're afraid of being sued absolutely pathetic. Do not come to this hospital if you want adequate care this place is horrible they don't care they leave you in there in pain and could care less about it. I use to be a medic and also have worked in a hospital. Trust me when I say don't come to this hospital.

Ron Curtis

Excellent care, only place I will choose to go. Been to the other one(deaconess) and not again.

Greg Hines

Caroline Dostellio

I was seen and treated in the ER on 10/01 around 1:30 am. I was part of a tour that was just staying over-night . They treated me promptly and prescribed meds that were filled in the pharmacy right there. We were able to continue the tour without any delay. The people working that night were excellent and very professional. I am very grateful and I hope you recognize them for their excellent customer service.

Robert Eklund

Is there a -⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Rating?? For one they have treated my brother in law with absolutely no respect while in the ICU. No pain meds in over 7 hours. While they need to be dispersed every FOUR hours. Nurses are absolute horrible. Do they actually care or are they there for just a check?? Two I was in there for a dislocated shoulder waiting in the wait room for over 30 minutes. They gave me NO sling to support my shoulder and AGAIN no pain meds. Do they get more money for NOT giving people the pain meds they need?? This place needs to be checked on. What is going on here??

Reva Vance

Such a caring facility make the passing of my mom easier with the comfort they have to me and my daughter through this difficult time ! Margaret wood's daughter reva vance


good care and will definitely "get you fixed", but the debt collection techniques they use are rather aggressive, so folks on budgets should consider Billings Clinic or Riverstone so you can fix your broken arm or leg without having to cut off another arm or leg to give to them!

L. Aurora

Frontdesk staffs are nice but the PA did not seem to be very professional since he did not prescribed me anything. Instead, he told me if it gets worse I should visit again. I had to go to another clinic just 2 days later as the condition got worse. Doctor at the other place was surprised that I didn't get prescribed antibiotics then. So I had to spend another 150 dollars to see another doctor just to get prescription. Also, the PA couldn't be sure what was the case I got till I mentioned something. I felt like I diagnosed myself... I do like that I didn't have to wait for a long time to see a doctor, but I wish he would have prescribed me something for that visit...

Andy Larson

I called in advance to ask if my insurance was in network with them. The answer I was given was yes. I asked my insurer the same question and got the same answer. Got the bill from a nurse practicioner who had let her credentials with my insurer expire the DAY before my visit. I got an out of network bill and have been fighting with them for a year and 2 months now. They will not get payment until the bill reflects what I was told. That they accepted my insurance. I will never be back there again as long as I live.

Cora Burtchett

Heidi Russell

My father's care at St. Vincent was the best! He was flown from Sheridan Memorial to St. Vincent and we (his three daughters) didn't get there until 4 in the morning. We were able to go right into his room and stay with him. I can not say enough about the wonderful care he received from his nurses, doctors, therapists, housekeeping and all the rest of the staff that I didn't get to meet but was instrumental in helping with my father's health issues. Thank you St. Vincent!

Travis Wiksten

Cody Willis

Great place, very kind and courteous. I believe they have the best doctors in town. I would choice them first before ever even thinking about Billings Clinic.

Christopher Lee

Becks Fenning

April Hassett

Mallow Minaj

The staff has been pretty good with my mom, but they are rude to me and my family and slow to react to anything asked about our situation. They have no accommodations for people who are 5 hours away from home. Worst nursing staff I’ve experienced in my life

Lorene Johnson

My Doctor is amazing. Thorough and I trust her completely. I cant say that about alot of Drs. And this review is on her. Dr Thomas is by far the best Dr I've ever had the pleasure of working with.

Robert Wraith

My mother's care here had been exceptional. From the ER, to surgery, to ongoing recovery care on a post surgical wing, excellent care and awesome staff.

Tavonne Dillon

Marina Contreraz

I have given birth here twice now, and both times were exceptional! The nurses in L&D are amazing and always made sure I was comfortable and taken care of. Especially Emily, she was a nurse that stood out to me from the first time I was there. Great staff and great environment.

Jen mill

It would be nice to score each department individually. Tonight my dad died there. He was on 3-Tower. In my professional and personal opinion the worst hospital floor I have experienced. I am a registered nurse so yes my opinion is also one with professional merit. I want to start by saying the care and the staff on ICU is phenomenal. They are prompt, attentive, and personable. We couldn't have asked for more from them. We had some good staff on 3-Tower and we had some very poor care on that floor. Tonight my dad coded. During a code the room becomes flooded with staff attempting to preserve life. These people come from many different departments and as such there is also an abundance of them. As the core team was working on him 2 nurses who appeared to be extra were outside his room talking and giggling. I don't have any idea what was amusing to them or what they were talking about. I can tell you that as my mom and I watched the other team members working on my dad we were not impressed at all with these two GIRLS. They were wearing black scrubs indicating that they are nurses. I'm ashamed of the nursing establishment for the representation of these 2 individuals. Unfortunately I did not get their names otherwise I would be a writing a formal complaint.

Tammie Holman

Justene Marie

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