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REVIEWS OF Shodair Children's Hospital IN Montana

Leedle Jr

They don’t call ya back even when your sister is in their. Terrible staff

Izaac Gomez

The staff were super nice. I was there twice for two months each. In a unit with all teenagers, be prepared for drama. The food was not good, but it is getting better.

Rose Fraley

Annie Leen

Good place with amazing people!!!!!!Family member was there last spring and had a good social worker on acute unit. It's hard when teenagers need this level of help but glad she was able to help us through this time and really cares

Marianne Pester

Serves uncooked pork. They don't care about their clients. They are very rude and are just pushing children through the system. They over medicate often with the wrong meds and wrong diagnosis. This is a money scam. It is ridiculous expensive for little to no benefit. I wish the staff actually cared about the children, but take away a child's phone privileges as soon as they get there. It feels like a punishment for mental illness.

Jaclyn Haven

Tyler Smith


Crystal Warsinski

Some services are better than others. I think they have had a lot of staff changes. Staff changes have been for the better.

Crystal Walt

Staff was very nice while my son was with them, but I can say they did not live up to their motto when it came to involving parents and making sure parents where informed. I could not get the therapists and physicist to call me back!

Saprina Bates

As a parent this place is a nightmare ! Donot choose this hospital for your children

Emeliah Sequoia

I’m not trying to be dramatic, but I think I need to tell anyone who is wanting to send their child to this place how it really works. I was send to shodair for a suicide attempt 3 months ago, after staying 9 days in the hospital I was send there. I was put in a room with cameras all along the ceiling, and it was honestly so uncomfortable for me and my mom (my mom drove me). From the shodair website, it makes it look professional and comfortable for the patients, but once you go in you are lead to a different branch that is honestly hell. While there I was verbally and physically assaulted by other patients, while the staff watched, forced to continue medication that was obviously not working for me, and treated poorly by the staff. The thing that bothered me the most is the staffs failure to prevent self harm on patients, this little girl that was in the room next to be used her toothbrush to dig into her skin until she eventually came close to dying. Even though there were cameras in the room and she was constantly being supervised, the staff failed to do their job and it almost cost that girl her life. It was so bad that my parents had to pull me out as soon as possible, it was all just a waist of time and honestly it gave me some more issues to deal with.

Nick Keys

Staff are nice. Not sure how helpful the stay really is for most people, but it was a good environment. Be prepared to gain weight.

Jc Mckeag

I rate this because my friend there. I want her to be in good hands. She is my life so i need it protected.

Justin Lloyd

Conner Anderson

If you want to get rid of your kid for a while and have absolutely no soul, this is the place to go. If you are a decent human being that actually wants their child to heal, then stay very far away from this place. Almost no actual therapy occurs here, and medications are often distributed based solely on making the children easier to handle, even if this means that they are unable to stay conscious for more than two hours a day. I find it disgusting that victims of abuse and neglect are "Treated" in an environment that vastly prioritizes money and ease of care over that actual patients well being. The kids who are unlucky enough to be put in this "hospital" almost invariably come out worse then they went in. The majority of the children who stay here return very quickly with the same problems as their last stay, which is unsurprising given that Shodair makes quite a bit of money for every "repeat customer". The systematic dehumanization of these poor kids is horrifying, and WILL lead to irreparable damage to your child's soul. If your care in even the slightest way about your child's well being, find someplace else.

Rick Bel

I was looked directly in the eyes and lied to by Dr. Ford and 3 other people and in less than 20 minutes found myself in handcuffs being escorted to st.petes for a psych evaluation. These folks are terrified of their job and the people that come to see them for testing..... I can't recommend shodair for any service they provide. After a lengthy phone battle all of my bills from that day were abated ....indicating that s hodair knew full well their "doctors" were absolutely wrong. They actually tried to charge me over 1100.00 for "treatment" that I did not request, couldn't refuse, or sign myself out of. I still have not hurt myself, anyone else, or been a threat to the public in any way...... exactly the conclusion they jumped to in less than 20 minutes after I walked through their doors.

Chris Johnson

Bobby Danger

Donald Geddes

Good respectful staff talk to you good place

Aleigha R-D

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