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REVIEWS OF Providence St. Patrick Hospital - Missoula IN Montana

Inanna Warka

The doctors and nurses were very rude and cold.

Christina Martin

We waited forever to get seen then they stuck us in a back room and left us for over 2 hours just waiting to get results then even though I had concerns for my fiance's health they refused to admit him

Heidi gonzales

Wonderful staff!!! My granddaughter was born there today. They treated my daughter and granddaughter wonderfully!!! Thank u so very much!!!

Trez R

Janice Whitmore

Everyone at this hospital took care of Gary with such kindness. The nurses and doctors not only took good care of Gary, they were thoughtful of me also.

Liz Bermingham

In October we were visiting our son in Missoula from Chicago when I started having severe stomach pains. Showed up at St Patrick’s hospital ER and was immediately seen by the ER doctor. After a CT scan it was determined I had diverticulitis and an abscess on my intestine. I was admitted and was immediately put on antibiotics and that evening had a drain inserted to try and drain the abscess. They were hoping to stabilize me so I could get back to Chicago. After 3 days the doctors on the silver team determined the infection was getting worse so they made the decision to operate. Unfortunately the abscess had burst and blew a small hole in the colon and I had to have a colostomy. The doctors, nurses and aides were fabulous!! They managed my pain perfectly and were attentive to my every need. I was in room 508 for 10 days and loved the big picture window that allowed me the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking Montana skies. In a month I am going to have my colostomy reversed at our hospital back in Chicago and pray that my experience here will be as positive as the one in St Pat’s in Missoula

Courtney Jean

Had a lumbar spine puncture in radiology earlier this week. I don't remember any names of nursing staff or the doctor who performed the procedure. But it went great. The nursing staff was incredible before and after the procedure. So accommodating. Kept asking if I needed food or water, extra pillows or new warm blankets. And I could tell they genuinely cared about my well being. They were so kind and comforting. They made the entire experience much less stressful. Really wonderful staff!

John Book

Unbelievable -- you get a bill from the hospital, sure, but you also get a separate bill from the doctor who treated you! Does not this doctor work for the hospital and get paid by that hospital? Of course he does. It's a sham so these greedy doctors can get paid twice. This should be completely outlawed!

C Angelly

I went to the emergency room in a great deal of discomfort on March 6, 2014. The first thing that comes out of staff's mouth is, are you coming off any drugs as if I was a drug addict. Then the nurse injected me with valium to calm me down. I immediately got sick and my eyes crossed & threw up. My husband left the ER for a while. The next thing I know he is walking me out the door. He later told me that they discharged me and left me in a wheel chair in the waiting room which I don't remember It is now 3 days later and I'm still trying to remember certain things that happened there. Some of it is coming back in bits & pieces. I'll never go there again..

Sheila Clubb

We had just arrived from WA State & my Husband had forgotten to pack the needles that go with his insulin pens he needs 4 times a day. All pharmacies were closed in the area so we went to the ER. What a wonderful group of professionals! In only a few short minutes we were given enough needles to last until the next day. Thank you.

Samuel Rubino

The doctors, nurses, and technicians at St. Patrick's hospital are second to none. I was admitted for some breathing issues and stayed for three days. I can tell you that their care and treatment was the best I have ever received. They made sure that I was completely healthy before allowing me to go home, which gave me a lot of peace of mind when I finally did leave. They were encouraging throughout, friendly, and attentive. Truly an excellent hospital experience.

Matt Wright

Horrible, horrible, substandard level of care. My wife just walked out in the middle of an exam at the ER due to the ER doc's condesincding, unhelpful, and aweful.


These people really are just doctors dressed up for Halloween. Their facilities are terrible, the staff uncaring, and just plain rude and their "doctors" have no idea what they are talking about on any subject and are extremely rude and condescending.. I literally have to google the opinions of thousands of other doctors and medical journals for them because they are completely wrong on every subject and they still insist they are right. I don't even believe these people even went to medical school because they literally don't know about basic medical practices or conditions, let alone how to treat them. This place is nothing but a scam pretending to be a hospital.

Genevieve King

I have been admitted to the hospital more than my fair share of times over the years for reason ranging from thyroid surgery to kidney stones to knee surgery, most recently for an emergency appendectomy. Every time I’ve had such wonderful experiences with every single staff member from the information desk, to radiology, to intake, billing department, nurses, anesthesiology, doctors and surgeons. Every single staff member has been extremely friendly, helpful, competent and genuinely warm. Outside of one isolated incident with an inexperienced nurse who pushed a medication too fast causing me to experience chest wall rigidity, a deadly condition, my stays at St. Pats have been wonderful. Nurses at pre-op even gave my daughter $5 cash to go get tacos across the street when I wasn’t able to connect to my banking app to transfer money to her right before I went in for surgery! They are further from me than Community but I will never go anywhere else.

Richard Suttle

Vicki Dawson

Awesome staff, thorough care, respectful. Excellent care.

Cheryl Middleton

My brother was very ill and was admitted here. He was in ICU several days. The doctor was wonderful and spent a lot of time in visiting my brother and speaking to us. The chaplains were right there every time I requested to see one, and they came right away, and gave my brother and myself immeasurable comfort. I am an RN in California, and I was highly impressed with the level of care in this hospital. I know how busy nurses are, and they were in the room very frequently, and gave beautiful and compassionate care. As sad as it was to lose my brother, I felt very fortunate to have him cared for at this hospital.

Carl Daenzer

Expensive. Don't go here begging for help with anything. They do what's best for their pocket book, not your health. 5

Tony Petrali

Would not recommend this hospital,. My husband Tony went in for surgery about 3 week's ago. Even though he is high risk for bleeding due to taking warffrin he was sent home about 2 hours after the surgery. Less than 48 hours later he was back because of enternal bleeding, had emergency surgery to fix it. He is still there because they can not get the bleeding to stop for more than a day or two. Seems like something is not right about this.

Team Meads

I have to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Doctors, Nurses, and staff at SAINT PATRICKS HOSPITAL. I experienced the worst day of my life loosing my mother and everyone was sooo compassionate taking care of the surviving family members as well as a peaceful passing. Thank you.

Debbie Fischer

They don't turn any body away .that need medical they have respect people for there needs. Help him if they can .they do there best

Folie Fortuna

Elizabeth Youmans

Only place I will go for my emergency, surgical and heart health.

Hat Thomas

That staff were nice enough, but before I was even allowed back in the emergency room area, my personal belongings - a backpack and my pocket knife - were taken from me and locked away. While I could understand such a policy in, say, Seattle or Chicago, this struck me as more of a personal, individualized thing to do in a small, relatively low-crime college town like Missoula. I have been to the other hospital across town, Community, and no such precautions were taken nor necessary. Nor were they necessary at St. Patrick's. There is indeed a large homeless population here, which is why I was put in that category, I'm certain. And that makes it even worse. They assume everyone who walks in the door is a potential troublemaker, as it is just two blocks from the homeless shelter, and in my mind, that cannot but guarantee to affect one's level of care. It's disgusting, truly, the assumptions people make about poor people in general. But to carry that over to medical care to the point that it becomes policy is damn near criminal. There isn't a point in all of Missoula to which police cannot arrive in just a few minutes. And while there are plenty of nutjobs in the homeless community - I've seen it first-hand - very few are violent, and fewer still capable of much damage. It's overkill, taking people's belongings, and it engenders a level of distrust between patient and care provider that is not only unnecessary but counterproductive.

henry feistner

Over a hour and half wait at the emergency room and my wife is still waiting........ waste of time at this hackspitable. Dont go here!

Angela Totel

My husband was brought to the ICU here after a rollover car accident. He was treated exceptionally well by the entire staff. Not only were they extremely professional, but also compassionate and insightful. The nurses were amazing, particularly Amy and Hope. I've been to several other hospitals with loved ones being treated. This hospital was hands down, the best on all accounts. Dr. Mack and Dr. Salmans were top notch. We were in the best possible hands. They saved my husbands life. I am forever grateful.

Magnet Games


Hamed Habibzadeh

This is very good and comfortable hospital and it has a very very good doctors for surgery specially dr.varun k. kapoor jee. On Saturday 7-4-2015 he operated my leg verey good and verey successfully. Thank you very very very much doctor varun k. kapoor! Best regards: Hamed habibzadeh

Jason Ericksen

Had a total knee replacement. Every single staff member I met from admissions to the recovery nurses to the maintenance people had a smile and absolutely a joy to talk to.


I recently had neck surgery and was admitted into the pre-op area of the hospital. The intake personnel as well as the nurses in pre-op could not have been kinder, more considerate and knowledgable. Once in the recovery room I had another great nurse that was very attentive and did all that she could to assist in getting my pain under control. Post-op was no disappointment either. The nurse made sure I was comfortable, monitored my pain level and assisted me in getting ready to discharge to home, when I felt comfortable. I worked in a hospital for 20+ years prior to moving to MT and I have never been cared for by a team of professionals that truely had the needs of the patient as their primary goal.


Horrible place. I was LOUDLY begging for help with the pain in my stomach. Severe enough that there is blood in my stool and the Emergency department at this very hospital think the pain is severe enough to give me 2mg of dilauded everytime i am in this pain. 7 times in the last two months. After laying by the wheelchairs sweating so badly there was a puddle of it that i was laying in, and retching profusely doctors from down the corridor came and asked me what was the matter. A nurse then tried to place me in the quiet room which is 15 degrees hotter than anywhere else in the world. Security staff then told me to quiet my YELLS for help i was disturbing others and i could not lay on the floor. Security staff then told me i could wait outside. I gladly did. After sitting in the grass retching and gagging so badly i could hardly breath for 15 minutes a nurse came and told me i could go back. I was in a room still YELLING LOUDLY that i was in severe pain a nurse then came with an attitude and told me that i was disturbing others and the ONLY reason i was brought back was because i was yelling on the street that i was going to kill myself. BOLDFACE LIE and i told him so. He told me if i could not quiet down I could just leave. After all of this I thought this was my only option. Does the guy with a sprained ankle get 2mg diluaded? Does the woman that fell of the curb and bumped her hip get diluaded? The nurse told me after the 1st mg of diluaded we had to wait because it is strong enough to stop my heart. Im in pain and im yelling "my stomach hurts please help me i cant handle it please help". Some real tuff guys with the police backing you up. If any of you ever see me and want to go on a mutual hike into the Bob Marshall i would encourage that. You put your gloves on this morning like you were going to remove me and i promise that would not have been enough. I cant believe the people that are making money from this business would allow anyone to be treated or spoken to this way. I DONT CARE IF ME OR ANYONE IN MY FAMILY IS DYING I WILL NOT RETURN TO THIS HOSPITAL. YOU HELP PEOPLE YOU FEEL LIKE YOU SHOULD HELP. INSTEAD OF EVERYONE.

Jeffrey Riehle

Had a serious pain. Went threw the emergency room the first acceptance lady before the doctor was a complete bi*ch. Not to mention slow service. - my experience


Cat Trahan

You made the horrible hospital list..along with your abusive ER doctor......... Doctor was kind of abusive and unconcerned . dishonest with me.. Intimidating... I have ptsd and he completely manipulated mlo and profiled. Nursing staff great and sympathetic.... I was traveling alone with my dog and injured my knee on a hike..this doctor had no compassion ...reminded me of what we hear from police today.."just doing my job" and nothing more..never asked about my mefical history. Im world traveled and mouthy..if he abused me just think what hes doing to patients who are afraid to speak up...Fire Doctor Gregory Hameed Kazemi.. Not conducive to good patient care.. Fire Gregory Kazemi...... You still allow this joke of a doctor to abuse patients... We see this across the country now and are compiling a list of hospitals and doctors like this who abuse patients and abuse their power...

shannon dalton

So far everything is very smooth and easy, especially at this time. Just adding a pic of me looking out the day surgery waiting room court yard window at a dog tied to a tree. Barking and barking. kind of funny right now, as no medical personnel can go all n all so far Good

Haiden Cramer

St Patrick Hospital is a great hospital. Great nurses and staff!

C Zavala

Horrible only since community hospital has changed ownership and mystPatrick's painand spine doc twice now vented tome about how he felt they wont merge with st pats the way it used to be.he vented this to me two appts ina row not realizing healready vented to me the1st.time he mentioned that he was biased and also refused to send me for advice to a community surgeon by recommendations from our local bone and joint. Sadly i loved community and have been treated rudely by 3 ppl now at st Patricks now recently.I had preferred st pats until myyrs of doctors there have acted differently since new changes going on between the thospitals.patients should not have tolisten todrScott inpain and spine vent such things nor go through what i have with sadly more than1 provider at st pats so I've now been working on converting to all community docs orprivate care docs toavoid thepolitics and fell it's keeping me fromgetting care

Linlee Nelson

I will go nowhere else for my medical. They've helped us when we were short on cash, and their doctors are excellent.

Michael Nevas

14k for three hours in the hospital. Not for the uninsured

Prince Jeans

The people are great.

Michelle Andrews

They are awful. They don't care about anything but money. They don't care about anyone. They are the best Missoula has. Good luck.

Brian Remington

It has been a while but I would not be here today if not for the great Doctors here at saint Pat's. I was pushed into ER on a wheel chair. They took me right in few minutes later I had 6 nurses and 3 Doctors over me trying to save my life. I had Phnomina the Doctors told me I would not have made another night. I spent a week in ICU and another week upstairs healing and learning how to get up get around again. It's hard for me to not think of the great staff 10 years ago. I remember them almost every week Thank You St Patrick's staff for everything


Best care ever! All around the absolute best hospital in our region

Kaylie Kourim

Toll Bridge

Donald Iarussi MFA

this is the worst hospital i have ever come across, i have not ever been treated and diagnosed at this hospital.. The most arrogant md's i ahve ever come across. I had eye surgery and was left with my left eye disfigured, I t was painful, a waste of time, my left eye is worse now than before surgery. Please go to a larger city to get treated look at the reviews below "Great Stuff"? what does that mean? Top Notch? lol I do not think so. if you are from a small town. You probably think treatment is good because you do not know any better. I lived in Houston, Austin, NYC and i swear to you. This p[lace never treated, diagnosed and healed any of my health problems

Robin Bracken

MacKenzie Schlapman

I went there in labor and saw Dr.Givler who told me that if I didn't agree to a c section after she'd said I could vaginally birth, that I couldn't have any medication. I complained of extreme pain after my surgery and she refused to examine me and instead called CPS on me stating that I wasn't bonding with my baby. Before I left I was vomiting liters of fluid and on the ride home passing out. I told her before I left that I would go get a second opinion at another hospital and she called them saying she'd had to call CPS to get us to leave. Thankfully, the hospital examined me there or I might be dead. My intestines had completely shut down, a very common response from a major abdominal surgery. I was also informed by a lawyer that she has a current lawsuit for bowel obstruction in another woman. I wouldn't ever recommend this doctor or hospital. Both are dangerous and don't respect bodily autonomy nor do they abide by their Hippocratic Oath, first do no harm.

clyde l

Just had our baby here. Fantastic all around, great nurses doctors techs and facilities. I'm not a people person, been here for several nights, they go the extra mile to make you extremely comfortable. Thank you everyone at St Patrick's hospital.

Bobbi B

Surgical Arts Centre

Great Hospital--- when we are unable to use our Surgical Facility, St. Patrick Hospital is our #1 choice.

joe munson

Had a gall bladder operation. Before I went under,my Doctor and another Doctor switched schedules, so my Doctor could take the week-end off and go skiing. Long story short, the "another" Doctor didn't even have me on his case load! Spent an extra day in the hospital that I should NOT have!

courtney pfau

Bobbie Ketelhut

Incredible staff, so caring and meaningful in their every thoughtful move. The icu nurses took care of the mourning family as much as the patient. Thank you!

L Drake

They charged My Father $14,910.06 for 2 days in the hospital. Medicare paid all but 20%. My Father wrote a check for the full 20% $1,364.00 Well guess what? I got the same bill with the same charges in the mail yesterday with a new balance of $145.33. I called billing and was told once they applied everything there still was a balance?? NOT My Problem!! Maybe if billing did their job right there wouldn't be a balance still!? Our Health System is broke, Patient Beware!!

David Serrania

This review is for anyone who is maybe in there mid 30's or younger looking for help from their local hospital! I have needed to go to St. pats twice in the last year, and both times my fiance and I have been treated with the Utmost disrespect by there unprofessional staff! We were ignored both times when we got there by the extremely rude front desk worker. The second time my fiance was having chest pain and numb arm (first thought is heart attack) when we got there we were told to control her breathing and to wait in the waiting room.... 2 episodes and 1hr later were being brought to the E.R. room by someone staffed who did not want to be at work that day. Another 30mins. go by before we even see a doctor. The doctor came in and was very concerned at first (the man from registration came in at the same time to let us know our insurance hadn't gone through, at that exact moment our doctors attitude had completely changed (unaware of the fact that insurance or not the bill will not be an issue) regardless, due to family history or heart attacks at a very young age, we had every reason to be concerned and to be treated like we ment nothing after finding out our health insurance didn't clear is completely unacceptable, to ask for help and not get it is unacceptable. This hospital is a joke. To be looked at like we are there for drugs when she had already made it clear she wanted none of that to begin with. The compassion this place has when people need it the most is not there. St. Pats patients mean nothing more to them other than a pharmasutical sales pitch, and a paycheck. Go to Community Hospital that's were the real doctors are. EAD


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