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REVIEWS OF North Valley Hospital IN Montana

Shawn Upson

Great place they make you feel comfortable

Choyce LLC

They have a great little gourmet restaurant here

Alissa Militello

I will NEVER use this hospital or it's services again. Please encourage your departments to communicate with each other. Please work on providing more flexible payment plans for your patients. Please get your billing department organized.

Marc Amati

Duschka Fowler-Dunning

We had an excellent experience at NVH from the nurse and doctor to the specialist and billing staff. My boyfriend had a dislocated hip and they brought in a specialist from Kalispell who got the hip back in. They were friendly, helpful, educational and very attentive to us the whole time we were there. I highly recommend them. This is before the bills have arrived, so I have no reference to that aspect.

Tricia freeland goetz

Corey Stevens

You never want to be here, but when you have to visit a hospital, it's a pleasure when the staff is a pleasure! I've had to frequent here due to an auto accident, and every visit, I've gone to a different area, but always had a exceptional experience. The staff are incredibly friendly, courteous, and swift to proceed with what needs to be done without feeling like your being rushed in and out like a number. From the emergency room to the labs, all the workers were skilled and helpful, and I felt like I mattered more than any other there!

Lindsay Bowen

Literally the best in-patient and out-patient experience I have ever had in a hospital. I'm extremely confident in the care I have received during my treatment. The care for my family and myself at the Birth Center at North Valley Hospital is unmatched. I could not have anticipated the level of empathetic care, attention to detail and friendliness that I was going to receive. My expectations have been far exceeded. You really feel like a member of the family by the time you leave. Also, if anyone is looking for the most exceptional and incredible midwife care, you must choose Jeanne M. Tremper-baker. I couldn't have done it without her, she is the best coach and ally you could have during pregnancy and childbirth. I love the North Valley Birth Center, the staff and Jeanne Temper, Glacier Maternity and the staff!

John Donohoe

Since I had to have the misfortune of getting sick really fast this was the Hospital to be close to. The nurses are great the Doctor who laid back but knew his stuff. I have RSD and it is not on the list of I know what that is But they were all very ģentle and kind. I was throwing up for hours but they got it stopped with the fewest pokings ever. Thanks all

Ailee Moseley

Jacob Click

Trippingout 613

Great staff. Really clean and nice. Easy parking close to the door. Hope to never have to return though!

Brian Clark

Catherine Bernhardt

Adam Hayward

Gillian King

Attentive and compassionate. The nurses made jokes with me to distract from the pain of my outpatient procedure. Highly recommended

Carole Campbell

Best hospital care nicest people great doctors I can't think of anything negative

Morgan Shaw

Not only was the the staff in the birthing center absolutely wonderful. But the meals were delivered quickly and with care. And super yummy.

m lourabi

Je vous le diconsseil fortement cette hôpital c'est très cher 70dollar rien que pour une consultation, et en plus ils mon arnaque avec une fausse date sur la facture je les est contacter par mail et téléphone ils mon jamais rectifier l'erreur c'est vrais qu'ils sont accueillent eg tout mais il te poignarde derrière le dos.

Sam Dykstra

My family and I are from Lowell Michigan and were on vacation out west when my 7 year old son became very ill. We were staying at Glacier NP at this leg of our trip and went to the clinic in the park to see what they thought about his condition. It was there that the attending doc referred us to North Valley for further treatment and testing. ALL of the people at the hospital from the front desk receptionist, to RN’s, and the doctors were the nicest, most kind and caring folks I’ve ever ran into in a hospital setting. They really did their best to make our short stay as comfortable as possible. I hope that nobody reading this ever needs the services provided in a hospital, but if you do, this is the one to be at!! Thank you all!

Rachael Prescott

The service I received was great. I was brought into the hospital because of something that someone did to me and I don't really feel like sharing that personal information on the internet, but this hospital visit would have been unnecessary if people weren't so evil. I was there for about 2 hours and the nurse did such a fantastic job taking care of me and telling me my options. The issue I have is with EPIC, the billing company. A doctor who was not covered by my insurance attended to my situation. No one told me this would be an out of patient doctor. Every time I have been to the ER they always let me know whether or not a doctor I am seeing is covered under insurance, this hospital however did not. (This MALE doctor saw me for 20 minutes and charged me $900). (The nurse and treatment I received, which was given by her, was covered by insurance) I spent 1 year trying to negotiate these unreasonable charges and every time was told it would be taken care of only to get a phone call a month later asking me to pay. Between my health insurance, EPIC, and the hospital billing I have had a countless amount of phone calls attempting to fix these unreasonable charges. The last one was in January when they threatened to send me to collections. I never heard back from anyone again after our last conversation, nor did they return my phone calls, and I thought it was settled. Well my assumption was wrong. This week I received a letter from a collection company. (In the bill I did notice the charges were brought down to $599) I asked the collection company what they recommend and was told once it goes to collections it either gets paid or goes against my credit. Well NorthValley billing and EPIC, guess what, I do nonprofit work. I barely make enough to afford rent other bills and food! This situation is asinine and what a shame that you'r job is to help people. American Health Care is a scam!

Айхан Рахимов

Good hospital

Madison Hannig

Honestly devastated that NVH sold to KRMC. KRMC is THE WORST possible hospital and I can already see changes happening to NVH and let me say, they aren't good changes. Really sad though, because I loved NVH when I had my baby there and now I'm hesitant to go there in fear of having the same experiences there that I did at KRMC. Thankfully we aren't here much longer, and are moving out of state so I won't have to worry about going to either of these hospitals. I was really hoping that they would stay the same when I heard that KRMC bought NVH, but obviously that didn't happen. I also feel bad for the employees. They all sound so grumpy and unfriendly now since KRMC took over. I'm not sure why, but I definitely see a difference in them too.

Kathy Hanson

If I could put a fraction of a star I would. All I can say is RUDE RUDE RUDE.

Kyle Knox

Great Staff! Best cafe of any hospital I have ever been to.

Matt McLelland

We live in Tennessee and were visiting Glacier / Whitefish earlier this month and had an medical emergency that required an ER visit. My wife is an MD and knows good medical care - the staff at this hospital was fast, efficient, and incredibly helpful. Can't say enough good things about this place - although you really don't want to have to experience an ER visit unless you have to :-)

Rich Terrett

Very positive experience. Nothing negative at all to say, a total professional surgical team. The negative reviews did make me a little leary, but nothing but positive results with me. By far the best hospital I have ever received care at.

Rafe Allardyce

The birthing center has the most incredible nurses I've ever encountered. My family is so lucky to have chose to have our daughter here.

Robin Robinson

Lol very silly situation

Shandra Jaquith


Way better than the kalispell hospital

Jaymie H

The techs that did my CT scan and ultrasound were great. But after I called to see if there was a report (they said it would take 24 hours - it took 4 days) the people I've talked to on the phone in the imaging department have just been plain rude. I get that they're busy, but they don't have to give me attitude. Very frustrating. It's not that hard to be nice.

Jess Buss

The care I received was top-notch. The billing, on the other hand, has literally degraded my quality of life. Here's what happened to me. Out of the blue, I get a collections notice for a bill I didn't even know existed. The billing company (Epic) didn't talk to the hospital (North Valley) and sent me to collections (Mountain Land Collections). I received the collections notice on December 15. In tears, I called the collections agency. The company taking me to collections didn't ring a bell, but with the date of service, I was able to deduce that it was North Valley. I had already received a bill from North Valley for that DOS and figured there was some sort of mishap. Turns out, there were two bills - one for facility and one for physician. The collections agency told me that I had until January 19 to pay the bill without having anything reported to the credit agencies. I called North Valley, who sent me to their billing service - Epic Physician Services (or something like that). Epic had no record of me. Went back to the hospital, someone from the hospital called Epic, they found me, and deduced that they were unable to bill me because they didn't have my address (even though this was provided to North Valley on the date of service and had not changed - they blamed some botched data dump between systems). The genuinely helpful billing manager at North Valley was able to negotiate with Epic to get everything back from collections, billed me directly, and everything was paid and cleared by January 20. Around February 1, I see that I have one account in collections on my credit report. They indicate that I was brought to collections in August - though I was not notified until December. I called Mountain Land Collections and they indicated that they reported the collections notice to the credit agencies on December 31 and pulled it back on January 15. I asked for a document from Mountain Land Collections indicating that I was wrongfully brought to collections, but apparently they don't do that sort of helpful, professional thing. I'm trying to buy a house - this does not help me. I have had a completely blemish-free credit report right up until the year I'm going to the bank for the biggest loan of my life, for somebody else's mistake. And, frankly, I blame North Valley for their choice in physician billing software. I can't pay a bill I don't know exists. I sought service from North Valley, not from Epic Physician Services, and rely on North Valley to make good business decisions about how my account will be handled.

Dustin Dupree

Great people

No Name

Great nursing staff!

Sabrie Foley

Great emergency room staff! Dr. Brockie, nurse Lard and the CT tech Amy, were kind and took their time with treating my daughter and answering questions. Thanks for being awesome in a not great situation.

Jed Shamp

Beware of the breastfeeding money grabbers! They lied to me and made me stay up all night in the hospital breastfeeding my baby, even though I hadn't slept for 2 days after giving birth naturally. They claimed that if I didn't do it, my baby would get brain damage from jaundice. I later found out from another doctor that it's not true; they just wanted to make me into a breastfeeding mom; bottle feeding would have worked much better at washing out the jaundice being that my breast milk wasn't in yet. When I refused to do it their way anymore, they sent a social worker on me. I explained my situation to the social worker, and she was immediately convinced that I was in the right. Our cost: Having my baby on the hospital jaundice light box for one night: $1000. Rented the light box for my baby at home: $70/day. My baby recovered from his jaundice nicely at home within 5 days. He is a beautiful, healthy 2 year old now, but I still can't stop crying every time I think about the horrible experience I had at the North Valley Hospital.

Brayden Green

The baby delivery part is great. The rest of the hospital is a joke, no communication between doctors and nurses.

Don Trump

Pregnant moms beware. Avoid this hospital and go to kalispell. They won't let you leave and the nurses are horrible and liars and one nurse is sooo rude. They are CPS call crazy. My wife and kid have been in there for a week and a half. They said now that they can't have no visitors. Which is bullsh****. My other children want to go see there mom. But the administrator won't allow them. It almost feels like you would need to get a attorney to get out. If you do go BEST OF LUCK!!!!!!!

The McGinnis FilAm Kids

Worst hospital i encountered in my life. They told me to go to Glacier medical clinic to check my highblood pressure and i was there they asked me what check up they should be done. Then after Some basic check up they told me to go back northvalley. After all the wasting time here comes the stupid bills! That hospital is perfect for small town for patients that has mild case of health problem.


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