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REVIEWS OF Kalispell Regional Medical Center IN Montana

Bonnie Longknife

Drove 5 hrs to Kalispel to find help for our son. Dr. Seifarth took care of us and we are so grateful. The staff in the Emergency room and on the pediatric floor new childrens hospital were first rate. Thank you everyone. We would drive 5 hrs again to be seen by Dr. Seifarth.

Frank Walter

What a great place for major surgery. Great doctors nurses and aids made me feel at ease the moment they started to talk. I had Espohagectomy and was released after 10 days. Dr. Wilkinson and Federico performed a 6 hr operation which went smooth and I’m back home now. If you know anyone with esophagus cancer I highly recommend this professional and talented team.

Emily Johnson

I'll never go here again. I tested positive for strep throat. After waiting an hour in the store for them to send in a prescription, I got a rude lady at the front desk at the er who told me to stop yelling. I can't yell right now even if I wanted to. Instead, they just are not gonna call it in at all. Called the main office and told them what happened and they offered to connect me back to the er.

Ayla Johnson

This has been the most horrific company I have ever worked for. Not only do they treat their employees as nothing but a butt in a seat, but they have the worst upper management I’ve ever dealt with in my 50 years in the medical field. The physicians are allowed to choose who they see for patients (heads up if you’re overweight), the supervisors do less work than the regular staff, they pay unfair wages - don’t bring any experience with you, you’ll make less than someone that has never worked in the medical field. And don’t forget, they give $100,000 ANNUAL BONUSES for their doctors, and you’ll get a taxed $25 gift card - after being denied a 4% annual raise because they “can’t afford it.” Anyone that has a right mind would travel else where for care know that $.50 bandaid they gave you, you’ll be charged $500 and the billing department is completely incompetent. RUN RUN RUN

Toby Estman

The ER staff was very quick to assist me and helped me be as comfortable as possible. I was taken care of very quickly and I wasn't in the hospital very long. Thank you for the wonderful service.

Tonia Addison-Hall

The nurses were all kind and caring, but I can't say the same for the emergency room doctor. Not only did he not know what he was talking about (danger here!), he had an absolutely horrible bedside manner. I knew better than to go here but I was referred.. I won't go here again unless I'm dying and have no choice! Go ANYWHERE else but this horribly corrupt hospital! (Look up the $8mil fine they owe for corruption!)

anastasia Incashola

Went into the ER 2 times and both times were forgotten about and ended up spending 1/2 a day there. It is very frustrating when you wait for 2 hours and don't see a damn doctor!

Rhonda Carstensen

We wetwere the ER for 4 hours for an ear infection.I understand treating patience according to the severity of their problem but we weren't offered any info about the wait.

Leisha Armstrong

My daughter was seen in the ED for a laceration. She was treated in the hallway. I feel they charged way too much for their services. She did not need any imaging or labs. I feel there needs to be more justification for the amount that they charged. They really did not even examine her for concussion. They just asked if she had loss of consciousness. I am a nurse so I can watch for worsening signs. I am not very happy. You can not tell me for the services they provided warranted over $1000.00 in charges to suture her forehead.

Hazel Flack-Barley

Awful ER. Just terrible. Unorganized. Outdated equipment. But they clearly splurged on the flooring. Staff is overworked and there are clearly not enough of them. Why check in 17 people and leave them in the waiting room if you have no rooms to see them in. Older lady was "discharged" and left by the bathroom with no idea where her family was or how to contact them. Hour later still sitting there still no clue what is going on. Also who requires a paitent to carry around a blood pressure cuff? Worst experience ever.

James Page

Friendly knowledgeable staff.

Jason Pickering

I had a diabetic scare with my son. He was placed in the ICU unit. The staff were extremely nice and professional, constantly checked on my son and constantly asked if i was ok or needed anything. Nice experience with the staff and medical help they gave to my son. Thankful.

Blake Cantor

I had a major heart attack that "turned out my lights". The ER staff saved my life. I remember losing consciousness and when I came to, I was in the intermediate cardiac unit. Exactly one week to the day of my heart attack, I had bypass surgery. The surgeon and my cardiologist did a fantastic job. I have nothing negative to say.

Alexis Lyons

I used to work here and I have been a patient. In all honesty, I wouldn't recommend this to anybody. I have an occluded renal vein that they had 100% overlooked because the ER doctor that night obviously wanted nothing to do with me. I had a surgery here and the nursing staff was impatient and rude to me in the short time they had me. As an employee I was treated as a clueless child since I was only 17. There are some fantastic staff members and managers, but I experienced more bad than good unfortunately.

Lisa Smith

I had great care from the GI department, both in office visits and in outpatient procedures. Their patient accounting department lacks something to be desired. Very rude to me. Make sure you keep detailed records when dealing with them.

Rob Bauer

The billing department did not deal with me honestly. I can't see myself ever using this hospital again.

Bruce Hartmann

I was having back issues while on vacation here at Glacier Park. Needed to be seen to get pain relief. When I arrived at the the Hospital I was see the immediately by concerned hospital employees including Dr. Johnson. A few hours later I was on my way feeling much better.

Sakura Yurisolga

Has a very sad answering service who is ill trained, and refuses to do anything about it. Some extra training may be needed so that people can get the extra help they need. Not call your doctor tomorrow when you work.

Jennifer Johnstone

I found out three months after my appointment that you get a 15% discount if you pay in full within 30 days. It does not say this anywhere on the bill! My check cleared in 10 days. They offered no help and pretty much said ‘too bad’, that I should have known. When I inquired as to why it’s not on the bill I was told that they do tell people that call in and ask (Which isn’t true because my family member has called regarding their bill before and they never said anything). I can’t even imagine how much money they are keeping from people that don’t know this policy. Hospital visits are expensive enough- any discount would certainly help. The only reason they are getting two stars is because the doctor I see there is awesome (and he deserves 5 stars). Side note (different visit)- the ICU doctors are horrible. One completely ignored me and the other one wouldn’t answer any of my questions and snapped at me. I sent a review into the hospital and they never contacted me. Apparently this is acceptable behavior for their doctors.

Michael Gilmore

I absolutely loved this hospital I went into the ER with pain in my hip after testing it was found I had a sepsis infection in the hip joint,once they affirmed the infection it was probably less than 2 hrs before I was in the operating room,then recovery, two days later I was taken back into the operating room to clean things up and 3 days later I was going home,the nurse's were great very caring, gave me all the popsicles I wanted bottom line is I would feel comfortable with my closet loved one being cared for here

Susan Way

They were attentive from the time we pulled up to the hospital. Never left me for long. Explained everything to me before & as they were doing it. Received many comy measures. Everything was clean. Had nutritional menus on board. The staff was very understanding, knowledgeable & kind. Thank you Kalispell Hospital for being the kind of hospital we sometimes only hear about!

MattandBrenda Fowler

They where absolutely awesome taking care of my daughter.

Muffin Ray

I am very content with the care given to me throughout my illness in the last year and a half, from my Johns Hopkins trained Doctor to the inpatient 16 hour gourmet food menu! Go try the canned peas at Dartmouth Hitchcock! Seriously, I’ve been well taken care of, no complaints.


Horrible slow uncaring service and when we complained they sent the police in to calm us down which did the opposite. When people have broken bones and there is nobody in the waiting room i would expect compassion not 2 front desk ladies more concerned with their food than patients. We walked out went to north valley and got in immeadiatly with superior service. Never again. I will drive to North Valley every time

Larry Abell

Worst emergency room you have ever encountered . Took my fiance in for extreme water retension , painful cough from her lung and fatigued. Basically put her on IV for an hour an sent her home. Telling her regular doctor she was just a drug addict,,,, Regular doctor seeing her condition 2 days later, ordered an echo scan of her heart which showed serious malfunction of miatra heart valve, leaking into her lung. Congestive heart failure This emergency room wrote my fiance off as a drug addict rather then try to follow up on what should have been obvious signs of congestive heart failure . I would have to be drug into this hospital unconcious to accept care from this incompetent care unit

Tiffany Stumpf

The doctors here in this hospital are rejects from all around the world! Beware!!! These doctors are a JOKE. My mother is ILL and what do they do? Turn us away EVERYTIME and tell us to come back if it gets worse. Well guess what its worse!!!!! And what does the doctor say? Its "Normal" for a patient to have fuild dripping out of a surgery wound that has been closed for two months, no that's not normal. He asked who did my mothers last surgery and tried to tell us we were wrong. "No hes a wound doctor he would not have done this" ummmm yes we know the doctor hes the only one who helps us and yes he did take us in the OR to fix her. Now it's getting worse by the minute and you won't even get my mothers pain under control. You wont give her drugs to go home with. WE DONT WANT THE DRUGS we want her to have pain control so when we go home she can work on it herself with her own medication. If anything happens to my mother I WILL BE HOLDING Kalispell Regional responsible. I'm DONE WITH YOUR NEGLIGENT STAFF.

Jessie Pomeroy

I get shots for my breathing here in the infusion clinic and everyone has been so friendly all the way to the maintenance staff.

Heather Baker

Our family plus 2 others were in a very serious car crash. We are not from MT as we were there on vacation. There were 4 of us who started off in ICU (post surgeries) with the majority us requiring significant medical care. The staff and surgeons and doctors all across the board were even amazing. That includes cna’s, nurses - everyone. We received incredible care and could not be more grateful!

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