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REVIEWS OF Southeast Hospital IN Missouri

Margaret Webb

Excellence in care for my husband from the nursing to unit workers and resp.

Tim Lovewell

I was at the hospital in April of this year. I was having problems with my arm and got a referral by my doctor for this appointment. Today I got a bill for the physicians and one for the hospital visit($200 for the nurse to walk me from one end of the hall to a room). I called to dispute these 2 bills from the same appointment. They informed me that I needed to call and dispute it with my insurance(who covers doctors referrals). My insurance informed me that because I didn’t do the survey they not only didn’t even attempt to run my insurance, but also told my insurance that they were not my primary insurance provider. I am infuriated that a hospital would go to such lengths because they didn’t get their survey completed! I’m certainly more then happy to never go back after figuring out that bit of information and I don’t recommend anyone else to go there either. Honestly, if the hospital won’t process anything because you don’t complete a survey, then what other extent would they go through that they aren’t telling anyone. Stay away from southeast at all cost!

Amy Ellinghouse

We recently brought my son to the ER after a basketball injury. The ER staff was prompt and very attentive. Everyone from the registration staff, to the medical staff treated us with courtesy and respect.

Lindsey Probst

I just recieved a bill from a collections agency for womens health services I had two years ago at the hospital while insured. I never recieved a notification from the hospital of the outstanding balance. They said they sent me one notification by mail four months after the service. Furthermore, I had to dispute my labor and delivery bill because they didnt have my insurance on file.

April Craft

Clean and cute guys

Angie finney

I went to the hospital and was treated poorly. The Dr on call, said that he seen my lab report and stated I did in fact need to have surgery, which I came in to get done. But he refused to even treat me. Worst experience at a hospital. He didn't do anything for me. Just sent me home.

Tony Nickens

Had back surgery there 14 years ago. Staff was completely professional and courteous. As with most hospitals food sucked.

Lora Burns

Was there with my daughter this past week on 5th floor. Day shift staff were very kind and care was great. Night shift staff were not as helpful. Pain meds often late or never given. My daughter went without meds for hours past their due time. Such a shame. This hospital used to have such incredibly awesome nursing staff. Over the past two years the care has really declined. Med Telemetry floor has horrible nursing care and VERY rude staff. Refuse to be admitted there.

Ashlee Williams

Chris Buyan

It is so sad, when you have to take your terminal Ill son to the hospital, you go to visit him at 9 am and find him laying naked, soaking wet in a bed full of urine, he cannot feed himself and his breakfast is sitting there, cold, as if it had been there quite awhile. This is South East Hosp. In Cape that I am talking about. I did complain to the supervisor, and left a message on his DR's answering machine. Needless to say, this breaks my heart that he was disrespected and abused in this way. My concern is not just for my son that cannot get up and walk out of there, but for the many other patients that depend on their care.

Tara Niederkorn

matt mcclane

The billing department is full of idiots and doesn't know how to properly bill an insurance company. I've been dealing with them for over 6 months now and they refuse to listen to me when I give them an address to send it to! It's ridiculous how long I've been going through this process.

Ty Zach

Had our first child and it was a very good experience. Knowledgeable, kind, and caring would sum it up.

DD Star

At least their level of care is better than their food.

Steve Peak

Chris Thomas

Staff is very compassionate about the patient care. Emergency Room was very busy upon arrival took almost 5 hours upon being seen by doctor. Other than that the level of care has been 5 star.

Mindy Meadors

Caring staff and quick in the ER

David Demeree

I applied for a job at the hospital. Was hired and told I had to have physical for job. Went to physical and asked if I would have to pay anything (since I usually use the VA). Was told NO. I have received 2 bills for the physical. I have tried to resolve this issue but no one seems to be willing to fix it.

Larry Tucker

Thank you for such good care of my mother. A little confusion in the emergency room after all the tests and said they found no life threatening issues and so the nurse saying that they were releasing her, and we began to ask questions and she didnt have any answers. We told her the doctor hasn't even came back in to talk with us yet but she continued to take the IV needle out. She said she will tell the doctor. The emergency room doctor came back in and we talked to him and the he said he would order some more test after talking to him about stroke like symptoms and he would keep her overnight for observation. Upon going to her room 490, she was met by some of the most caring nurses and assistants and everyone. But the doctor, Dr. Bucannon. What an asset to that hospital! He took care of my mother as though it was his mother. He was the most considerate and thorough doctor. He made us feel so assured that my mom was given the highest possible care. Thank you Mr. Buchannon. And the ladies on that floor. They were wonderful. May I address this to whoever in authority over Southeast, we have met some of your best, please keep them, pay them to keep them. We here in southeast missouri are blessed to have such a facility. Some issues need addressing as in any other health facility. Remember, the first impression of any facility is made by your team and the patients they come in contact with the first time they meet them. You have some good help, pay them and so that you can keep them. As with any facility there will be those who are there for a check only. That needs to be addressed. We have such a fine facility for all. Address the problems and talk to your Doctors like Dr. Buchannon and seek to make that the standard. Again, after the ER, just wonderful. 4th floor, Neurology, Thank you, you were wonderful. Keep up that loving caring spirit you all have, and might I not forget those who took care of her meals, thank you. Southeast authorities, pay your help comparible at least and keep these precious pearls. Again, thank you!

Vee Technologies

Robert Friedrich

Some how my review was removed so here it is again. Southeast made me wait 45 mins with a high heart rate but charged me for a bunch of test for my heart. Hospital said they are standard for patients that come in with a heart complaint. I guess the 45,min wait is standard too. When I complained they said I only waited 2 mins and acted like I was trying to get out of my bill. The funny thing is I paid my bill in full I just don't like pour service or lies.

Christina Willmore

Floetta Sanders

Thank you so much to the surgical staff my husband had surgery yesterday and our special needs daughter was with me not only was Dr. Foley and staff great with my husband but y'all was so awesome with our daughter you did not talk down to her you talk to her and that meant so much to us thank you for that

Brigitte Thiele

April Fitzgerald

Mom Pratt

My mother is currently in the hospital awaiting surgery. Kim PCT, on 5th floor surgical took great care and compassion taking care of her. I am so grateful to know there are those who treat the patients as gently as if they were family. Thank you Kim!

Christina Wilson

Doctors there do not listen to their patients they do not care what they are telling them such as "THATS NOT MY FILM" before and during a biopsy that was done by a chris Connelly. He would not listen to anything they had to say except an xray, ct, and a petscan are all false...that petscan do not show cancer...this is what he was awful experience and will not go back nor recomend to no one.....

mike rowland

I had a procedure done a couple years ago, I found the staff report and responses. I'm scheduled for another procedure in a couple weeks. I've already gone through the pre-op, and found them as attentive and nice as before. I don't understand all these negative reviews because this certainly was not my experience

Nina Mattingly

The people handling me were rude. They were not helping with my more important problems and instead just gave me drugs to pass out to shut me up. My monitor was beeping and I was screaming in pain and no help came to my room. I was left alone and I was scared.

Brandie Eldridge

Madison Turner

I'm currently here with my fiancé. We are going on night 2 of being here and the amount of kindness from the staff has be remarkable. I usually do not leave reviews but this place has just blew me away with their caring staff. It's clean, comfortable, and a happy environment. What better place to be when you're trying to feel better?

Sue Edgerton

Was a patient for 2 wks. Very nice doctors & staff. Very helpful. ER, not so much. Waited 1.5 hrs to get in to be seen. Wrong diagnosis even though I told them what the problem was. Everyone was professional but was kept there overnight & not treated for my problems!

Linda Seekford

Went to hospital i believe in Jan. With severe pain in my side. Dr made me and my niece wait 6 hrs to be seen. Last patient in the emergency room. Came in and my niece tried to tell him what was wrong and he told her to sit down and shut up. Told me he wasnt doing pain management. No testing no exam. Gave me a little tiny 5.00 shot sent me on my way. I came back in Feb. Almost died with septic shock and severe blood infection. Lost 82% of my kidney function. The staff did great the second time I came there. Saved my life. I hope the hospital investigates that dr that didnt help me in Jan.

Lisa DBuxton

Staff was very friendly, most professional experience I've seen in years.

Cheryl Sullivan

I was in the ER recently and my experience was the best. The moment I arrived, the staff was friendly, accommodating, professional and efficient. From the person at the front desk, the security guard, the RN Tonya and of course Dr. Umfleet. Thank you all for your care and concern for my health. SoutheastHEALTH is my choice for healthcare!

Joy Cline

Bad manors, bad sanitizing, father in law stayed for 2 weeks barely anything got done I had to do most of their work. So if I could I would give a 0.

Kang Park

The hospital did not billed me for a service done two years. This year I was billed. If they billed me in time or filed the claim properly, my insurance would pay 80% of the bill because I already met my deductible two years ago. Now they explain it was due to their computer error and they reduced the amount of the bill to one half, but still more than my coinsurance of 20%. Irresponsible.

Kaitlyn Harris

AP 100

sara hampson

Had a horrible experience here except for my RN Kurt. I came through the emergency room violently vomiting and doubled over crying in pain from my side, while I watched every person in the waiting room chillin and talking(just making an assumption that they were much less urgent) go in for two hours while I waited like that. After finally getting into the ER around 8pm they couldn’t get me into an actual room until 11am the next day. Each day they have told me they will run a test or start a medicine and every single time it is pushed back another 8 hours or until the next day or we ask the nurse why they haven’t started and they usually say oh I had no idea no one told me. There is absolutely no communication within this hospital. Ik every hospital has this but I’ve never seen it to this extent it is absolutely ridiculous. Finally after a week of pretty much just sitting i had my operation and was assured by my doctor I’d be able to leave the next morning. Now sitting here at 1pm and my nurses have told me they had no order to discharge and none of the doctors have cleared me. I just feel bad I ha to sit here and waste whereas another patient was probably waiting in the ER to get a room I had no reason to be in. Just know anything that “will take about 15 minutes” here is automatically converted into 5 hours. Anyways thank god for my RN Kurt at least.

J. B. Jolie Mason

Love the new team approach

Erin Jones

Johnny Simpson

My brother is currently on the third floor. Nursing care has been above average. Night shift not as good as day shift. Since admission the doctors have been very...He has not been seen by his neurologist In over 36 hours. My sister has been given an approximate time to expect him 3 separate times. He or his associate has never shown. My brother has a large blood clot on his brain which is inoperable. It is like they have thrown him to the wolves. We were told two days ago that he may have only hours to live. Imagine my surprise when my brother called me the next morning. I have been at Southeast myself multiple times. I have always chosen them for my healthcare. Never again !!! This will be forwarded to JCAHO and the hospital administrator. My state and federal congress person. Total incompetence.

Beauty Starts In The Heart

A few years ago, my mother passed away at this hospital. There are some workers that are doing a very good job and are compassionate towards their patients. But, there are some unsavory individuals that are just about the money and not the care or compassion part. My mother was not monitored, as she should have been and she went into a coma. She never came out and she had to be taken off life support.

Aaron Chapman

What a joke!

Rhonda/Rodney Tweedy

The Doctors, nurses and staff were extremely nice. My complaint is that I had a test at 8 o'clock in the morning. I was told I had to stay until the results were back. At 6 P.M. they finally sent a "staff" Dr in that had absolutely nothing to do with my case in to tell me to go home. He said it would be another 2 hours before the cardiologist would read the test. So, 10 hours later and the hadn't had time to read my test? This is a heart test. I was admitted with chest pain. Shouldn't those results be just a little bit important? Needless to say the Dr did not bother to call me that night nor did he call the next day. I finally gave up and called back and naturally the Dr wasn't there. So now I have to wait yet another day for results that should have been available within a few hours. What has happened to this hospital? Southeast used to be the best around. I'm pretty sure it's safe to say I won't be going back there.

Haley Maxwell

K. S.

My father is admitted to the hospital for last two months, rooms hygiene and infection control is very poor. I think staff should get training about infection cantrol. My father has to ring the bell for several times before anyone comes in the room to attend him. Once I entered the room and he was throwing up alone in the room and the call bell was on. He could have aspirate.

James Staufenbiel

Katherine Fultz

The nursing staff is wonderful, they deserve five stars. But the accounts and billing department is completely incompetent. They don't send paper bills, and instead send your account straight to collections. This has been going on for over a year, and has happened with at least 4 bills. Each time it happens I've called them to check that my address is correct (since I don't receive any paper bills from them!), but they don't pick up and never return my messages. This is infuriating, and destroying my credit score. I'd love to pay my bills, if only I knew what they were!

Scott Purtee

Southeast Hospital is by far my favorite hospital I've been to. I want to thank Dr Richmond and his amazing staff and everyone else that I met during my procedure. Everyone was so friendly and caring. They really made me feel like everything was going to be ok.

Agnes Paul

I had a total Thyroidectomy on April 18th with an overnight observation stay. It was something that I had feared and dreaded. But everyone was so good to me in the surgery suite and back on the 5th floor surgery unit. Nobody really likes being in the hospital and someone with a negative attitude can always find something to complain about. But my experience was very comforting and everyone I came in contact with was totally professional and careing. I don't want to thank by name, because I might miss someone. I would highly recommend this hospital. Thank you.

Katie Wallis

I have had three overnight stays at Southeast Hospital in Cape. Each time, not only was I taken care of well, but my the staff always was considerate of family staying with me. During each visit I was listened to and my needs were always met. They made the transition home as easy as possible.

lexie Bragg

Debra Paul

My family member was a patient here and we had a very poor experience with the wound care nurses (two older ladies, one all in white and the other a bit older with short gray hair and rather homely). They were both very unpleasant, treated my loved one as less than a person, would not listen when I tried to inform them of previous and current treatments. The gray headed nurse told me, "you need to be quiet and let us do our job" and the other stated, "I've been doing this almost as long as you've been alive". They were unnecessarily rough when removing dressings and positioning my mother, causing her much pain. Additionally, they discussed other patients in our presence as well as made derogatory comments about Dr. Keck. We did complain to our physician who stated they have many complaints regarding the wound care nurses at Southeast, but due to longevity, it is nearly impossible to fire them.

Justin Thurman

A leading hospital in the area. I guess I should have high praises of here because I was born here.

Melody Killgore

Southeast Missouri Hospital in Cape Girardeau is a total JOKE!!!! Do not go there. I have had Gracie teeth scheduled for a MONTH!!! Yesterday we went and did a physical for her surgery. Less then 24 hours before they called and said no one has got it prequalified with my insurance!!!! I was like you have had a month, when everyone was looking at her info yesterday pulling her up on the computer. No one saw that big mistake. What are y’all doing over there who is in charge of this. We’ve rented a hotel room, took off work, people are coming from out of town. No one has filed with my insurance!!!! They were like we are working on it now and hopefully have it done before tomorrow. I was like so we still take off work drive up there get Gracie ready, only to SEE if the paper work went through. I told them they dropped the ball. If it wasn’t for her Dr not working any where else we would not use this hospital. Seriously if you have options don’t go there!!! They were like we believe your insurance will pay for the surgery. I was like so if they don’t we file for bankruptcy and live in a box, that is such a stupid comment. Don’t make excuses do your job and get me qualified before the end of the day.l!!! I will tell everyone and every review website of this HUGE over sight, what else are you over looking!!! Update the snakes called me back and said they would not be covering the bill if Insurance won’t pay. So I told them I would never use there hospital and I will not pay for the pre op physical. They were like I’m sorry you fell through the cracks. I said I don’t care about falling through he cracks I’m mad u did nothing to fix it. Someone already told me we were the only insured dental patient tomorrow. So enjoy making our dr mad for loosing an insured patient and enjoy making zero dollars on everyone else. We will go to St. Louis if we have to.

Bob Stone

This visit for outpatient lab work. All staff was pleasant and courteous

Roberta Bohnsack

at S.E.Hospital ICU..with Gala Hammon..Harold Tarrants ..Adam Tarrants..Jerod Tarrants...Barbie Tarrants..Matthew & Jenny Tarrants...Marina Tarrants..Kristy Hollis...Sheila Bell..Diane Irwin...Shannon Tarrants..Tammy & Jimmy Draper...Vicky Booth...visiting my nephew Trey Tarrants

Jessica Haynes

Waiting for over 6hrs and 5 people have gone ahead of us after being told we were 3rd in line.

Rikki Ammon

Dianna Reed

Great hospital! Staff was wonderful, very kind and very helpful! Very clean, and food was actually good!

Loretta Smith

Alex Bettinger

My mother was admitted to Southeast Hospital because of the type of insurance she has with her job. The entire process from start to where we are now has been a complete joke. This hospital is TERRIBLE! If you are ok with throwing money at a group of mediocre doctors, then by all means, waste it here. But if you want your loved ones to be taken care of and get better, DO NOT GO HERE! Do not trust your loved one with this facility. Pay for St.Francis or go to STL.

joann falcon

Thank you thank you for the excellent care given my granddaughter. If it wasn't for the expertise of Doctor Paul Robison and his immediate treatment for pneumothorax she wouldn't be here. Thank to the staff of nurses and radiology. Radiology you have priority to getting the exrays read and the doctor being alerted. All the nurses we're kind and gave excellent supportive care. Thank you

Vanita Coleman

I was here in December and the Doctors, Nurses And Hospital Staff treated Me with the Best of care. My Husband has had surgery here yesterday and We will be spending a few days again here at Southeast Hospital. They are the very best care givers and Surgery Team along with all Hospital Staff is very polite. We will always use this Hospital! This is the cleanest and most sanitized Hospital My Husband And I have ever been in. There are hand sanitizers hanging at each room entrance and inside the rooms, I see them hanging all over the Hospital. The cleaning staff are always disinfecting the rooms, doors, floors, beds. The Nurses And Nurses Aides have taken over the top care of My Husband while staying here and super nice to Me while I stayed with Him, always asked Me if I needed anything. We feel comfortable, safe, and Very Medically Pleased. I’ve stayed in several other Hospitals and they Do Not compare to this one! This is Number One! All need to experience a good Hospital that’s kinda like being at Home.

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